“I’ve seen that movie!”

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Today we have a very old A&J cartoon, from August of 1987. They don’t get much older than that. There were a lot of sequels and knock-offs inspired by the 1982 movie “Porky’s” about the time this was drawn. I don’t have much time this morning. I have to draw new cartoons! I will try to post something Friday. Did you enjoy the material from the “wild art” file last week? If you did, there might be a few more lurking about.

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  1. Good morning, Villagers. A nice cool and overcast morning with a spectacular sunrise. Another eight miles and I am already over forty for the week. Mark, I already have a very old tee that says “It’s a Cheerleader thing, you wouldn’t understand.” I wear it when I assist the sponsor of the girls (yes, they are all girls) up at the High School.

  2. Loved all the wild art. I still say you have your tee shirt designs already drawn and ready.

    Janis has truly improved with age. Wish I had!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  3. Everybody has their morning rituals and loves. Mine is my puppy woofing and gamboling about. And the smell of strawberries and bananas when I make my smoothie. And the surge of energy I get when I pass my second mile of my run. I love the idea of a cabin in the mountains, but I don’t really want to be in one.
    JJ, I liked the “Wild Art,” sure, especially the last one. I copied the way you drew Janis. But I am not gonna get enthusiastic about tees till I hear there is gonna be an XS.

  4. Jackie,
    That reminds me of my favorite saying from my favorite baseball player from my second favorite sports team. (Auburn is #1.)
    “You better be careful if you don’t know where you’re going because you might not get there!” Yogi Berra

  5. JJ: If you read the last several days’ posts, you will know how well received those were, esp. “Arlo at the Tiller.” Maybe you’ve done that already.

    Peace, emb

  6. I have friend I consider young (younger than me!) who is just now publishing his first book, “Jagular- Adventures in a $300 Boat”. He is excellent writer and funny, self deprecating and charmingly humble. Anyway, his favorite saying and mantra is “You don’t have to be prepared as long as you are willing to accept the consequences.”

    Sort of upscaled Yogi!

    Love, Jackie

  7. Jackie that reminds me of two friends who were exchanging banter about a third’s upcoming airplane ride in the first’s airplane. The second pointed out that Tres (the first) often looks to the side when he is talking to his passenger. Tres pointed out that at that point, the airplane was on automatic pilot. The second riposted, ” you! If you were flying me, I would want you looking out front all of the time!.” That’s me. If I went in somebody’s boat (per impossibile) I would want them prepared for anything! I’m not a strong swimmer. :p

  8. Lilyblack, I have been thinking of you this morning. I have a big pot of lima beans on stove with BOTH bacon and a big old ham bone with meat still on it. You would enjoy the fresh beets from garden perhaps or the creamed corn (fresh) or the multi-colored green beans (purples, yellows, greens, mottled, etc) or maybe the fresh greens. But it all has bacon in it!

    I keep saying I have no idea how anyone could be Jewish in the south, much less keep Kosher. I have a friend in NC who told me the last time she bought a Kosher roasting chicken it cost $15 and I believe her. Heck, you couldn’t even be a vegan, there’d be a bone poking out just as you swallowed the black eyed peas!

    Rest of y’all come visit for dinner.

    Love, Jackie

  9. Actually, Munchkin, in Visual Flight Rules conditions you would want your pilot to keep his/her head on a swivel. If something bad is going to come your way while flying, it may well be coming from your 8 o’clock through 4 o’clock position, not just your 12 o’clock.

    Of course, it’s possible something bad could be coming from your 5 o’clock through your 7 o’clock, but that’s when you have to trust that the other pilot has his/her head on a swivel.

  10. That WAS a funny movie or so we thought at the time. If I could have unmuted my sound I might think so still.

    I forgot the sticks of butter in the corn. Goody, the local grocery has them on sale for $2.98 per lb., a good price. Real unsalted butter from real cows.

    Gave up sorting the greens and threw in some of it all, which is how mom picked them. She’d be out there right now except it is raining slowly here.

    The garden has been amazing actually and entertains mom. It has produced lots of beans, gallons and gallons, snow peas, cucumbers, squash, beets, mustard, turnips, chard, spinach and a few potatoes. More than that, it is visually beautiful and has already inspired a few people to copy it. That is all you can ask.

    Love, Jackie

  11. Seen on Facebook today, from my daughter Amy; she and her husband were at a conference in Kentucky, now driving to Atlanta to see their two boys at Emory — “Bacon at every meal and gas under $3 … I must be in the South!”

  12. Jackie: Regarding “creamed corn (fresh)”…

    “M*A*S*H: A War for All Seasons (#9.6)” (1980)
    Capt. B.J. Hunnicut: In a few minutes we’re going to be decobbing corn, thanks to you and your khaki thumb.
    Father Mulcahy: Don’t I know it. All week I’ve been dreaming of getting butter on my cheeks, juice on my shirt, and a niblet wedged between two molars.
    [walks up to the table]
    Father Mulcahy: Where is the corn?
    Cpl. Igor Straminsky: You’re looking at it. The mushy stuff.
    Father Mulcahy: You… You creamed it!
    [on the verge of tears]
    Father Mulcahy: You… you ninny!
    Cpl. Igor Straminsky: [everybody yells at Igor] I was just trying to be helpful. Next Fourth of July you can eat it on the cob for all I care.

  13. Re gasoline prices: A quick look at my GasBuddy app shows a station about two miles from here selling Regular for $2.709 per gallon.

    Remember the bad old days, when any one of about six of today’s news headlines would have had it selling for more than twice that? And still rising?

  14. Yes, and our energy stocks are probably falling like a rock down a drilling hole! I won’t even look.

    Thinking about VFR, I remember flying planes in the 1960’s where we went down roads just like following a map in a car. I know I never took/passed the instruments courses, although it was hard to escape using some! In fact, landing on a blacktop road was considered a good plan for engine failure and I had more than one plane do that out in remote swamps, better than the other choices.

    Not me landing on blacktop, other people in front of me! I was in car watching them and hoping they had brakes.

    Love, Jackie

  15. Heh, a part of that conversation was that when the pilot had flown his Cessna 210 to Oregon he had put the autopilot on and taken a nap in the cockpit. The only time I have slept on airplanes is when I had a full load of alprazolam and alcohol on board. Mostly I stay awake to hold the airplane up by grabbing my seat arms 😛

  16. Jackie, I can fly IFR, which in my case means I’m instrument rated, but for a lot of non-IFR pilots I’ve known means “I Follow Roads”.

    There was once a fine-looking female flight instructor, about whom it was told that she and her husband were on a cross-country trip in their new Cessna 414, a cabin-class twin-engine aircraft (part of the seating of which was a full-width couch across the rear of the cabin), when they decided to let the auto-pilot fly the plane while they retired to said couch for some purpose or other. The flight was in clear, VFR conditions, but they were using radar flight-following, meaning an ATC controller was monitoring their position for traffic and emergency purposes but was not responsible for vectoring them along their flight path.

    When they returned to the cockpit and put their radio headsets back on, the first thing they heard was a worried-sounding controller calling them, as he had been for about 20 minutes. She plead radio problems and apologized, and the next day decided it might be prudent to order a long cord for her headset.

  17. “. . . hold the airplane up by grabbing my seat arms.” Reminds me of mother-in-law in the back seat ‘pumping the brakes’ while wife was driving the car. Father-in-law was riding shotgun, and was not worried. I was in the back w/ MIL.

    This, in turn, reminds me of 3 parents who were sure they knew why we were marrying 6-7 weeks earlier > we’d tentatively planned. My dad had no such doubts or just didn’t care. First child arrived almost 3 years later. All three were planned. Wife wanted 4, I wanted 2. We compromised; we were pretty good at that. Fortunately, we lived thousands of miles from both sets, most of the time.

  18. I loved the boat pix yesterday, Jackie, but the very last one that was supposed to show you at the concert (in the rain, I guess) did not appear. Did the rest of you get that one? Any tips for me to get it?

  19. I am probably that ghostly figure in the rain, sitting in front of my photographer/designer friend. By the time I got out into yard I didn’t want to walk in front of “stage” and just sat to side.

    When we got out of “big boat business” I was pretty disillusioned and swore I was off boats for life. It was the impossibly small boats and big adventures these guys embrace with such joyful cheer that sucked me back in. And you have to love them, they are so impossibly nice themselves.

    You have to laugh at someone who’d paint “Oh, sxxt” in big letters on the bottom of his boat or come running to shore carrying his rudder that fell off his boat during the race, while dressed in a tux “formal wear” tee shirt, laughing hysterically at losing the race.

    I’m telling you, there’s so much tongue in cheek at events like these, their teeth must ache.

    Love, Jackie

  20. Not surprised, Jackie. After seeing the photos of some of those boats, it would be nearly impossible to think that most of those folks take themselves seriously.

    BTW, what’s the story on the green hulled boat with the large varnished superstructure, the one that appeared to be a seriously scaled-up Duck? I found that one interesting.

  21. That boat is “Dianne’s Rose”, a very elegant shanty boat that came down from Canada. It is like a floating cabin but can be used on land enroute to water as a camper. It has been featured in several national boating magazines and is actually gorgeous. I spent $40 in raffle tickets to win the plans for it and gave it to my good friend to build for his wife (who doesn’t much like boats)

    The story behind it is Dianne didn’t like tippy boats. That one as built would cost around $30,000 to buy but shanty boats can run into $60-70,000 which more or less defies the “shanty” part.

    Unless you meant the elegant green hull boat with a similar cabin atop the hull, which also came down from British Columbia. If so, I will link to a story on it!


    There actually were some fantastic wooden boats built mostly by people like Roy who are professional woodworkers and do the boats as hobbies (like my Mike) But the off the wall ones amuse me and make me laugh. Mike doesn’t really do amusing but has lowered himself to cute once in awhile!

    Love, Jackie

  22. Might add we have a lot of retired/ex-military, pilots, submariners,
    all branches and motorcyclists. Some still fly and ride. Some of the most intriguing weird boats come from engineers, like the proa that had an upright airplane style sail- proas are actually Polynesian in origin and probably best loved by engineers!

    The joke about our friend Jim Michalak’s “square boats” is that you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to build or sail one but it helps that the designer is. Which is what Jim used to be, for Boeing.

    These guys have kept me from growing old these last few years.

    By the way, the famous boat designer, Phil Bolger, whose boats were used in “Master and Commander” and I think “Pirate’s of the Caribbean” actually invented the square boats pretty much with the “Brick” and the “Tortoise” among others. He often didn’t take himself very seriously either!

    Love, Jackie

  23. The governor of NY used the word “frightening” several times in a press conference confirming an Ebola case in NYC. First the media decides we are a Nation of Wussies, and that we find almost everything that happens in life chilling, frightening or terrifying, and now apparently so does the government.

    What is really frightening is that the politicians immediately began patting each other on their backs over what a good job they have all done in dealing with this “crisis”. Just like they did in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

  24. Ghost they don’t want us to worry about Ebola, they want us to worry about climate change, or, as it used to be called, “weather.” :p

    And I don’t care how much fun you guys 😀 have with boats and airplanes, I prefer the solid ground. I was on the “Crystal Serenity” this last summer, that’s as small a boat as I want to get on. I didn’t even like the lifeboat drill. And no airplanes at all, thank you very much

  25. Umhmmn- one of my boat designing friends down in Florida who specializes in inexpensive small sails for small boats has a wife who doesn’t want to be on anything smaller than a condominium at sea. By the way, he is involved with a project to put sails back on the Haitian fishing fleet to try and restore their industry or at least food supply. Missionary project. He is retired college prof.

    Funny thing is a lot of these guys have doctor before their names but not as in medical. Seems to attract more collegiate doctorial sorts or ministry types, as in clergy. My mom, who is impressed by titles, was stunned to find out some of these grungy guys headed up a glut of grad school programs.

    Excuse me being positive on a fun subject, we are all a little down tonight. I am going to medicate my animals and take my gardening file on wild flowers and perennials to bed with me and the cats!

    But Lily, we do have several male nurses and PA’s among us!

    Love, Jackie

  26. Jackie, I don’t care if you have Professors of Internal Medicine and Surgery. I am staying right here and opening another bottle. I can take anything except cold wind, rain, and no booze!
    Ghost, you pilots are members of a secret society i am not a member of. I’ll take another drink and go to my nice, safe, dry, unaerie bed 😛

  27. Munchkin, there have been times (several of them, in fact) I’ve gotten home late, fallen into bed, and sworn my mattress was flying…in circles.

    I just noted that several on The Dark Side stated today that pumpkins could be used as jack o’lanterns and then made into soup and pies and bread. I believe we discussed that here last year or the year before…they are two different kinds of pumpkins, and the jack o’lantern variety is not good to eat. One person did get it right toward the end. One of us, perhaps?

  28. My son will be staying in Florida. He got a promotion, was flown to Las Vegas for training for two weeks, flew home at company expense, called today and resigned. The best part is that he will be living close to Gainesville, where I go every month anyway.

  29. Pie pumpkins and large squash, as in butternut, are what you cook with. The huge ones taste awful, jack o’ lanterns, not the small “right” ones. I love all kinds of winter squash, cooked any way you can think of.

    I am worried about Mindy from Indy again, and I worry about Debbe every time I see an egg! Since I left an empty carton on counter (thinking of seed starting) I think of her right now every time I go thru the kitchen and see that empty carton.

    Those were small eggs, less than perfect yolks in color, probably laid by small young hens. See I am learning again!

    I still want some chickens in yard. I saw a large patch of grass with about 100 free range chickens roaming around on trip this weekend. I asked Mike how many chickens he had when he was a boy and sold eggs?

    He said 8. They laid 6 eggs per day and it took two days to get a dozen. I expressed shock and he said, “Well, I only had one customer and she wanted a dozen every two days.”

    That is hilarious.

    Love, Jackie

  30. Back in the early 70s one of my uncles, who had learned to fly small planes as a teenager and had since joined the Army, was sent to Texas to learn to fly helicopters. He said that even though they were instructed NOT to do it, they all would drop down and follow the road long enough to find a road sign when they got lost. He somehow managed to get good enough at flying that he was sent to Viet Nam where he flew rescue ships.

    Ghost, I also remember a scene a bit later in that movie where Otto Pilot got a bit deflated, and the stewardess had to…umm…help reinflate him. 😉

    I love to fly, but don’t get to often enough. sigh..

    I also love sailing, but don’t get to do that often enough either. The funny part is, I live practically next to Lake Lanier*, which is great for sailing, but it also has a reputation for accidents, which I do not want to be a part of.


  31. One tradition that I have observed since I was a kid is making pepitas out of the pumpkin guts you scoop out of your Jack O’Lantern. One of my favorite Hallowe’en treats! Recipe on request 😛

  32. My son in law is a master pumpkin carver, uses scalpels (medical training, remember?) and does dimensional, 3-D effects that amaze me. But pumpkin seeds roasted are his favorites.

  33. Jackie – I’m here. It’s just been one of *those* weeks. My big shipment of goods is “supposed” to arrive around 10:30am. It finally showed up at 4pm. Yeah. I came in at 5am, I really wanted to wait until late afternoon for a delivery. I’m down by two crew members, and one of the guys from another store, who I had scheduled for some odd shifts, was let go today. With some scrambling, I got it all covered.

    Re planes and boats – I can fly and I can float, but commercial flying is the pits, and my most vivid memory of boating is the terrible case of chiggers I got from that old, crusty canoe. (I fully sympathize with Arlo after that stint in the tree.) Give me my Herbie any day.

    OMG! How can anyone type with the Android system?! It keeps adding extra spaces after an auto-correct, and heaven help me if I use a word with an apostrophe in it. And don’t even get me started on self correcting a word and a whole NEW word pops up starting with the first corrected letter I type! My iTouch has spoiled me.

    example: This is me typing without correcting the auto-correct. I’very almosteoporosis given up using this silly thing for anything buthat Facebook or surfing the internet. This is so frustrating .

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