Male Bonding Does Not Involve Duct Tape

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Someone requested more of the “Vince” strips. I did get sort of distracted after I began this story arc. After beginning it, I was reminded looking through the old stuff that Vince was something of a recurring character in the spring of 1993, a sounding board for Janis. All the arcs are similar in nature, so I have abandoned chronological order and for the rest of the week will offer what I call “The Best of Vince.”

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  1. Debbe 😉 Wow. Having one’s car egged in the parking lot of a hen house…what are the odds? 🙂

    The gag about the people’s cats seeing them naked made me think of some of the things Ludwig must have seen around Casa Day, especially in the bedroom. In fact, I believe that’s been the subject of several A&J cartoons. 😉

  2. Reposted from 0810, before JJ switched comics:

    -2F on the cheap thermometer attached by suction cups to a triple pane window. But they predict possible above freezing this weekend: +34 or so. That’s when it will get messy. About 4? on the ground now.
    GR6: . . . I believe that’s been the subject of several A&J cartoons.
    Don’t recall all 3/4 panels, but think I remember Janis shutting Ludwig out of the bedroom and saying, ‘He stares!’

  3. Wow, I go off for a few minutes and miss a whole new post and the conversation on the pros and cons of mushroom soup-which I do happen to like, by the way.

    Ghost Sweetie, your kitchen is WAYYY more organized than mine. And I have to admit, I have only two soup pots. I do, however, own a Kitchenaid stand mixer, two tube pans, two bundt pans, and half a dozen standard baking sheets. I also have three full-sized baking sheets. They all live on a shelf in the garage as I have no under-the-stove storage. Why is that, you ask? Because this is my stove:—60-inW-6-Burners-1-Standard-Width-Oven-1-Bakers-Width-Oven-24-in-Manual-Griddle-and-Broiler-c181p21489.html?gclid=CO2oibS_icICFSIV7AodwQQAMg

  4. Jean dear 😉 My first thought at seeing the photo of your stove (somehow, that word seems inadequate; “food preparation center”, perhaps?) was, “Wouldn’t one be concerned that a burglar might just roll your FPC out the door and be off with it?”.

    Then, of course, I recalled that you live on a mountain, which might cause the miscreants a certain number of problems, not the least of which would be starting down your driveway with it and not being able to stop. Also, I suspect they would have to bring four gorillas and a Super Duty pickup with them, rendering them rather conspicuous, especially on top of a north Georgia mountain.

    Of course, I’m actually just jealous that you have a “stove” that could cook most anything and commute to boot. What kind of mileage does that thing get? 🙂

  5. Have stove, will travel. Jean must be a hit when she pulls into the RV park with that stove hitched to the rear of the Winnie. If she starts serving biscuits and beans we might have to call her Mrs. Wishbone. 😉

  6. About telling your kids about walking to school in the snow, when my daughter was in her teens she and I went to a gallery showing. Turns out owner was one of my old boy friends and prominent primitive painting/art expert. She said why didn’t I marry him, since obviously he remembered me but I hadn’t remembered him? I said it was because I thought he was going to be a social worker and I didn’t want to stay poor!

    One of his employees wanted to know if I had really known him as a kid? I said yes, why? They wanted to know if he had really had to hoe and pick cotton because the rows got longer and the sacks heavier with every telling!

    Love, Jackie

  7. Jean did you have to put fire protection in walls behind the stove when you built/installed it? That and the fact I never got to build my dream house was reason I never got one.

    My dream house, by the way, is a 3/4 scale model of Beauvoir in Biloxi, MS. I still own the plans as they were never built and were ours, not architects. I doubt daughter will ever build it as she likes more grandiose designs!

    Beauvoir is my favorite Southern home. I hated that Katrina took it out but glad it has been rebuilt.

    Love, Jackie

  8. Wow, what a stove – it would fill up a third of my kitchen! Very nice! I’ve got my two daughters, sons-in-law, and 8 grandchildren coming to stay next week for Thanksgiving; that is when I begin to wish for more pots and pans, a larger stove, and a larger fridge! But, since it’s only two of us for the majority of the time, we just make-do and manage to get everybody fed somehow! 😉

  9. Granny Carol, that is true! It might actually fill my office, if not my present kitchen. My dream house has a full wood fireplace in kitchen, fireplace in master bedroom, a separate bedroom sitting room with fireplace, big double hall from front porch, formal dining and formal living room, a real wine cellar, entire upstairs for children’s/guest bedrooms, children’s family room. Without looking I can’t say about bathrooms and laundry but I remember it had construction that involved hurricane proof pier foundations and steel superstructure, bottom floor/garage had fold up sides to let the water go UNDER the house and working doors and windows like original plantations to bolt down.

    Well, that’s a little trip down Memory Lane I haven’t made in a long, long time! I have been leaving Jimmy’s Sunday cartoon about Arlo thinking that he didn’t know how his life would turn out when he was young. That is to remind me we never know how things are going to end up, not even from one day to next.

    All because of a stove I had forgotten I ever coveted!

    Love, Jackie

  10. During my recent travels in Alabama I saw no fields of corn, zero, zip, nada. Plenty of cotton though. Are they paying not to grow corn now? Re the Frank Lloyd Wright house in Florence I found it extremely interesting because the inside is very very much like the house my wife’s father built in Tallahassee the same year, 1939. The main difference is that the quality of the Tallahassee house was much better. Wright only did the designing and his work was known for not translating well into practical buildings. I asked my wife and she said that the house was built to her mother’s directions and yes she had studied Wright’s work. We heard a rumor that there was a Wright house in Pensacola in a certain area so we did a search. We found an extremely likely candidate. I can’t believe that it isn’t but officially there is no Wright home in Pensacola. Some day when I’m in Pensacola I’m going to knock on the door and see what I can find out.

  11. Oh yes, the Wright house in Alabama is mostly a reconstruction because the home had been condemned and was going to be torn down until the city had it rebuilt and turned into a museum.

  12. Oh yes, the Wright house in Alabama is mostly a reconstruction because the home had been condemned and was going to be torn down until the city had it rebuilt and turned into a museum.

  13. Oh yes, the Wright house in Alabama is mostly a reconstruction because the home had been condemned and was going to be torn down until the city had it rebuilt and turned into a museum.

  14. Oh yes, the Wright house in Alabama is mostly a reconstruction because the home had been condemned and was going to be torn down until the city had it rebuilt and turned into a museum.

  15. Oh yes, the Wright house in Alabama is mostly a reconstruction because the home had been condemned and was going to be torn down until the city had it rebuilt and turned into a museum.

  16. Oh yes, the Wright house in Alabama is mostly a reconstruction because the home had been condemned and was going to be torn down until the city had it rebuilt and turned into a museum. Posting not working, clicked on submit several times.

  17. Jerry – I’ve never seen a Wright house. I’ve seen the White House, briefly, before some guy tried to jump the fence … way back in ….. hold on, a sec, 1992. Wright doesn’t hold as much fascination with me as Victorian and Gothic Revival – although, art nouveau is quite beautiful too. I do like Wright’s ideas about blending with nature. If you have seen the latest adaption of The Lord Of The Rings, Rivendell would be perfect – in the proper climate. Rivendell would not be ideal in Buffalo.

    Trapper Jean – Your stove wouldn’t even FIT in my kitchen. Not jealous though. I use one burner of mine every few weeks, and still don’t quite trust the oven. I didn’t use any of it the first six weeks here!

    And I have never had a rum ball. Sounds like an awful lot of effort for very little reward.

  18. Mindy from Indy, Rivendell would be perfect for Hawaii with all its open spaces. However, it obviously is in a climate with changing seasons since you see autumn leaves at various times. Architecture of Rohan would be more in keeping with Buffalo.

  19. Mark in TTown – I think one would have to change fictional universes and head to Hoth from Star Wars to find appropriate architecture for Buffalo.

  20. Jackie – your dream home would be beautiful. Have you ever seen the Biltmore House (if that can be called a “house”) in Asheville? Your multiple fireplaces made me think of it.

  21. Granny Carol, if you get the chance snag a backroom tour of Biltmore. Jean’s stove would make do as the coffee warmer. It is a house with a large attached hotel and live-in quarters to serve all. Just the room of table linens is massive.

  22. Yep, seen it and my mom has bragged all my life about my grandfather who was a decorator for it. Truth is, my grandfather and his brothers were more like house painters there in Asheville and probably did get hired to paint and scrape the paint off it! The only place I saw him use the word “decorator” was when they all moved to Georgia for awhile before WWII.

    After I was traipsing down memory lane about my beautiful house that never got built (do NOT make me think about what the plans cost to not build!) I got to thinking about all those fireplaces that burned wood. Who the heck would haul all that wood upstairs to those huge things? If I am counting right that was six wood burning fireplaces, all of them upstairs!

    Nowadays I can’t even haul groceries from car to kitchen on a flat level surface.

    Love, Jackie

  23. About people living in Frank Lloyd Wright homes, one of my “trailer neighbors” and her boys moved into the one up in Bartlesville, OK and am not sure if they are still in it or not. That was when I decided not to pass judgment on anyone just because they lived in a trailer. A decision that has proved true over and over about preconceived notions.

    Really hadn’t known people living in trailers until I moved here to OK. There was this tiny trailer that sat on hill opposite me here, beautiful music came from it daily, piano. Elegant young woman and two well mannered boys who were being home schooled and played piano daily. I recognize Junior League country club and this was hardly where I expected to find it or a small baby grand in a two room shack.

    Turned out she had married the tennis pro from her country club and things had gone downhill, as they did for many of us. She somehow got to move into the Lloyd home in Bartlesville where there is a wonderful music festival, Mostly Mozart, who I think owns the house?

    The two room trailer burned down, a new rock and log house got built by a neighbor on land. I miss the Mozart and piano.

    Love, Jackie

  24. I’d miss the Mozart and piano too. My mom’s neighborhood has changed considerably since grandparents bought this property in the 1950’s. Now in summertime at night you are more likely to hear rap, at window-rattling volumes. Our next-door neighbors like to cook out and party late on summer weekends. I started raising windows and cranking up my Spotify playlist in self-defense and to raise cultural awareness.

  25. Jackie, I had a wise father who instilled practicality in me at a young age: “Never build a two-story house, because when you get old, you may not be able to go up and down the stairs.” He set that example and, at age 34, I made sure to only consider one story homes when we built. Now, 24 years later, I am very glad to have everything one one level – plus one of my granddaughters uses a wheelchair and I have tried to make everything as accessible as possible for her as she grows older. Stairs and wood burning fireplaces are for the young and able!

    Sandcastler, I never had the back room tour, but I have been to the Biltmore a few times over the years. I am impressed every time. We did have a pretty complete tour and my most recent visit was in 2011 – I believe they had opened up a bit more of it than I had remembered from previous visits. We even paid for valet parking this last time because my mother-in-law was with us – it was worth every penny!

  26. Granny, I think the newest models are being called manufactured housing! Or is there an even newer name?

    Believe me, I am surrounded by them. The brick house my office window looks at has one “inside” the outside structure because they encase them in a more permanent structure. That happened with a lot of the older “single wides” in this neighborhood.

    Love, Jackie

  27. Just got a good laugh from this joke: A few decades ago we had Johnny Cash, Bob Hope and Steve Jobs. Now we have no Cash, no Hope and no Jobs. Please don’t let Kevin Bacon die.’
    Bill Murray (September 21 1950-)

  28. Just discovered that the parish seat of Tensas Parish, LA where I was raised was originally named “Lick Skillet” before the name was changed!

    Also that falling off of river boats into the Mississippi River was a common cause of death in the 1800’s, along with river boats sinking.

    And that the owner of Beauvoir where Jefferson Davis lived after the Civil War was given to him by Mrs. Dorsey, a native of my home parish Tensas, whose fortunes came from the cotton farms of her husband there.

    The things you can learn while searching genealogy sites on internet!

    Love, Jackie

  29. …and gocomics isn’t working again.

    And I’m sure the snow-buried locales would be more than willing to donate to the south to redistribute the weight. 🙂

  30. Good morning Villagers….

    Yup, GR 😉 , what are the odds 🙂 The best part was when I told The Boss about the car being egged in the hen house parking lot, his response “You mean someone went into my hen house and took my eggs…..” then he added “maybe they weren’t my eggs” I just looked at him and restrained myself from laughing….what teenager would go out and pay $2.50 per dozen eggs when there is a hen house with 65,000 eggs in it……..and everyone knows where the key is and has been for 20 years. I had a couple of keys made, I have one, The Boss has one, and we have a new hiding place….but who will let the teens in on Sunday when I don’t work. Not me!!

    Jean….I’ve got to ask, why does your stove have wheels on it?

    Mark, cute joke.

    And good morning Jerry, and yes, lots to learn here and puzzle over.

    Granny Carol….Ian and I lived in a trailer, then I got married and we bought a double wide, which are now called ‘modular homes’. We see a lot of them out here in the country.

    Unfortunately these modular homes depreciate in value…..but the property taxes don’t and I HATE paying property taxes…..especially when they pay school superintendents a 6 digit salary. What justifies paying a school superintendent a 6 digit salary??? That’s my rant for the day……

    It’s Friday….and it’s payday…..a 7 day payday 🙂 (Think new tires on the Izuzu, Debbe, next Tuesday, $130 per tire….arrrggghhhh…..these gravel roads just tear the hell out of tires…if it’s not gravel, it’s half mud and gravel….) I joke about this section of the county is the stepchild of the county….we don’t get much gravel laid….a lot of scraping though…my tax dollars at work.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day


  31. and has changed its background format…..they just don’t get it.

    Indy Mindy….gonna rain all weekend…the high down here in SIN tomorrow will be 55 degrees, according to

  32. letting car warm up…speaking of duct tape, do you know it comes in various colors too? Also, on the market is Gorilla tape….have a roll of it at work, may bring it home and tape Kyler to the wall tonight….he was a pistol last night.

  33. Good morning Debbe. You are in the knowledgeable minority who say duct tape. Duck tape is a brand name but duct tape is what it is. Stay warm. I’m getting back under the blanket for a little while.

  34. It’s an old Southern truism that anything can be fixed with one of two things…if it’s supposed to move and doesn’t, WD40; if it moves and is not supposed to, duct tape.

  35. GR6, you left out bailing wire. Now the Holy Trifecta is complete. 😉

    Evan, thanks for the affirmation.

    Have to mention that manila file folders can be pressed into service as an emergency gasket material. Not recommended for high pressure hydraulic or aircraft use. Lesson learned Vietnam.

  36. You all are funny this morning!

    I am a long time Red Green fan, he was more of a duck tape user than Tim Taylor. Has anyone seen the duck/duct tape creations for the competition? Or the duck tape boat? Or the prom dress?
    And tuxedo?

    Love, Jackie

  37. The reason Duck tape comes in colors was it gained popularity with people crafting with it. For awhile giant Duck tape hair flowers were fashionable with young tweens/teens, hence the colors.

  38. Wish that duct tape or WD-40 would fix me! In the hospital for a systemic infection. Fever of 104.5 Wednesday night. Admitted through the ER, two IVs of vancomyicin later the fever is starting to beak. Culture is positive, but don’t have the antibiotic specificity yet. Have I mentioned that I hate being in the hospital?

  39. David, get thee self well and out of hospital er soon; ye hear laddie.

    GR6, I have used a forty plus year old radio call sign for a password. 😉

  40. Wayne, thanks for contributing. Red was the first wizard of duct tape. As to his keep your stick on the ice phrase, he was wrong. If your not cross checking, high sticking, and tripping, you’re in a sissy league.

  41. David, get well, you hear? I hate hospitals and refuse to go until they begin to say I am passing point where I can be treated, so be cooperative!

    Usually I tell my veterinarian I wish he’d just treat me with the cats and dogs. He has a lot of common sense.

    Love, Jackie

  42. Jackie, yes, we did have to do some work to get the fire marshal to ok the inspection for the stove. There is a six-inch clearance on either side, and the wall and cabinets are tiled, as is the floor under the stove. We also have a heavy-duty exhaust fan over the stove that is vented out the back wall.

    Ghost, the stove was delivered in a semi with a lift gate, and unloaded with several hand-trucks…and a couple of gorillas. 🙂 Now that it’s in place it will never be moved again. No, it does not have wheels. They were taken off and standard legs put in place.

    When we built our house we chose a plan that has kitchen, dining area, living room, and master suite all on one floor so I don’t *have* to climb stairs if I don’t want to. There is an upstairs with two bedrooms and a bathroom, and a basement apartment. Our son has the upstairs, and at various times our daughters and my sister have lived in the apartment. Some days I feel like I’m running a not-for-profit B&B.

  43. When we do camp, which is not often any more, I have a camp kitchen frame from Cabelas, complete with sink and propane stove top.|/pc/104795280/c/581015880/sc/104248980/Cabelas-Standard-Camp-Kitchen/746444.uts?destination=%2Fcatalog%2Fbrowse%2Fcamp-kitchens%2F_%2FN-1116241%2FNs-CATEGORY_SEQ_104248980%3FWTz_l%3DUnknown%253Bcat581015880%26errorno%3D3&WTz_l=Unknown%3Bcat581015880%3Bcat104248980

  44. Wow, can’t believe I haven’t walked in here in over a week. Missed ya’ll!
    Been a hectic couple of weeks what with hosting a gathering for nearly 300 folks then spending a few hours in the ER to learn that I recently suffered a “silent stroke”. Considering a stroke is what has taken almost every male member of my family I guess I’m not surprised but it sure didn’t do my lovely wife any good to hear that news.

    Jean, that is an impressive cooking station. With the holiday cooking approaching with the speed of a Japanese bullet train it makes me a wee tad, okay, a whole lot, jealous!

  45. RN wife worked in hospitals a total of 19-20 years, not counting her work at CU/NYH School of Nursing, where students got much > floor time > they do now. Was resistant to going there when she began symptoms of her final illness, but had willingly gone there for various procedures in her 30s-mid 70s.

    I have generally gone there +/- willingly, and do so now. Volunteering weekly for > 9 yrs. has probably helped. It is familiar territory, and I often wake up to familiar faces.

  46. So then, sand, you’re saying only your former company/platoon mates will be able to hack you? And if you start chasing cars, I’d definitely recommend cutting back on the veterinary grade amoxicillin.

    Dang, Bryan, you and David are going to make the Village’s group health insurance premiums go up. 🙂 Hope you’re doing well, though.

    Jean dear, I’m not sure if your “B&B” has enough beds, but it clearly has the means to cook a heck of a breakfast. 🙂

  47. Jean dear, I checked out the Standard and Deluxe Camp Kitchens. Cool! They wouldn’t fit into my Bug Out Bag, but they would fold up and go into my Bug Out Vehicle. Just because a Zombie Apocalypse breaks out, one should not have to slum it in the woods. Will be also be handy when Chinese hackers shut down the entire US electrical grid.

  48. Ghost, I just can’t resist. Size 2 Giada spits out all the food and drink she is filmed putting in her mouth into a bucket, rather than swallow any.

    Ultimate diet.

  49. I think it does, at least an eating disorder of some kind. I wonder if she chews it or just spits out instantly? It also says she has a “mouth double” but that might be hard to find. I remember when Martha Stewart hired a hand double for her cooking show.

    Love, Jackie

  50. Giada has a “mouth double”? Where the heck did they find another female with 40 teeth?

    I got this picture in my mind…

    Giada: “Um-um! This is so good!”
    Director: “Cut!”
    Giada: “PTUI!”

  51. I read the article, including Giada’s rep’s statement denying that she spits it out, that “she absolutely eats her own food while filming,” and that “Giada tapes sometimes three episodes in one day, and they do multiple takes on a close-up of her eating.” I don’t buy it. I can understand them having to do multiple takes of the food prep, but why do they have to do multiple takes of her putting it into her mouth? Does she have a dribble problem or something?

  52. GR6:

    Almost certain that’s St. Patrick’s RC cathedral behind Giada. Architecture is right [but might be ~ other cathedrals in Europe], but that old skyscraper in the background looks ~ one in the upper 50s, east of 5th, in Manhattan, too.

    36 teeth? That would be unusual. Most OW monkeys and apes, including us, normally have 32 as adults. I had only 30; upper wisdom molars never showed up. Embryological hiccup, I guess. Don’t think I am thereby any shorter on wisdom [or irritability] < most other geezers.

  53. emb, actually the toothy lady in the first picture I posted is Kimberly Guilfoyle of Fox News. She is based in NYC and that undoubtedly is St. Pat’s in the background. The other toothy lady, with the pool is the background, is Giada.

    Note that I resisted using “toothsome” rather than “toothy”.

  54. GR6, that would be an excellent sequel to “Ground Hog Day.” Former airforce wickedweasel pilot is forced to relive seeking out bargains on Black Friday. Parking lot encounters, line jumping, elbow flaying comedy. Only to awake to do it again. Talk PTSD inducing.

  55. Actually, sand, I don’t think it’s ‘shopped. If you’ve ever seen Giada on TV, you’d notice that either her head is too large for her body, or her body is too small for her head, likely the latter. Assuming, of course, your gaze didn’t stop before it got to her head.

  56. Toddler swinging off my knee and arm to watch vintage train videos, including some by Edison, historic but not as colorful.

    Daughter has 19 coming for TG, one is a vegan (newly) and another is gluten free (newly), She is not pleased.

    Back to the trains.

    Love, Jackie

  57. sand, check App Store for an app called “Mouthy”. Allows you to type in text and have it read back in Siri’s voice. You can make her say some pretty bad things about herself. And some other stuff.

  58. Don’t get me started about Liberty Mutual commercials. If I hear that girl whine about losing her car she named “Brad” one more time, I may put some .40 caliber holes in my TV screen.

  59. Not that I rally care, but it is pretty much standard practice to spit out food between takes. Not so much someone is a bad eater, as if something else in production needs reworked (angle, lighting,etc.) The eater would become full and not show the same enthusiasm towards the food.

    There was WAY more to my day, but after 15 hours and another 4am wake up….
    I should be in bed.

  60. So, Jackie, do the new vegan person and the new gluten-avoiding person expect your daughter to prepare separate meals for them, rather than just eating around whatever foods they won’t or can’t eat?

  61. Good Morning Villlagers…

    I’m with Jackie, you guys are nuts…..

    Bryan and David…..take your meds and get well soon….prayers……………………Amen.

    Overslept……which is good, didn’t need my Gorlilla tape as Kyler was a no show. I was relieved as I was overly tired.

    GR 😉 I always loved that song….may sing it to the ‘girls’ while I walk a few aisles today. Going to let the boys do some packing today…..oh, and my eyes are hazel.

    Ya’ll have a blessed Caterday….

    (Good morning, Jerry)

  62. David in Austin, sure hope you are on the mend. Debbe, enjoyed the article on hazel eyes – mine are too. Off to work this morning – 23 degrees when I got up this morning – brrr!

  63. “…for the rest of the week will offer what I call ‘The Best of Vince.’”

    Saturday is the last day of the week, and the cartoon has remained the same. Very short “best of” resume there, Vince. 😉

    Just kidding, JJ. 🙂




    The dénouement that I recall (the apogee of my distress over the subplot) was Janis sitting on the famed family sofa alone. In the next panel, a thought balloon appears. “I wonder what Vince is doing?” she thinks.

    It was only the second panel, and I pretty well fell into the Slough of Despond. We were on the Expressway to a “Very Special Episode of Arlo and Janis” and all that would entail.

    But there were 3 more developments.

    In the next panel, a look of unmitigated horror comes over Janis’ face. And in the final panel, she is with Arlo and Gene, and all are laughing.

    What was the 3rd development? VINCE NEVER APPEARED AGAIN.

    My gratitude for how this turned out has been expressed before, and I reiterate it here. JJ did not “go there” as a number of other strips have. Instead, my existence is festooned with strips cut from the paper and I own several copies of “Beaucoup Arlo and Janis.”

    The road not taken, indeed, has made all the difference. Thank you, Brother Jimmy.

  64. I note for the record that I had a lot more white space between lines of my Spoiler Alert above, so that the Wandering Eye would not catch a glimpse of something anyway, but the commentary software for the site efficiently compressed my comment and did away with the buffers. Still and all, I hope nobody drove through the roadblock that later wished they had not…

  65. Sand, I recall my training actually said that a sucking chest wound is best patched with the wrapper from the standard issue bandage. Luckily, I was never in a circumstance to test, on myself or others.

    Feeling better, though systemic infection is confirmed. Trying to wrangle parole from the hospital. Hopefully I will be able to go home, even if I have to go to the dialysis center for a few days. First world problem: not getting my preferred form of lifesaving medical treatment. :/

  66. Ghost, before I forget- “Yes” they are expecting special meals. I told her when she married to move to a coast, far far away! She says they would all stay even longer.

    We love our son in law who is a lot like her dad, naturally, but even patient husband won’t spend holidays with this bunch. I find that odd since he put up with my hunting club, mudding, hugging, noisy, often outrageous family for years.

    Holidays and relatives.

    Love, Jackie

  67. David, mother in law often had these systemic infections with antibiotic resistant bugs. If they did not keep her in hospital, she had to come in twice daily for IV drips of medication, decided the hospitalizations were less inconvenient! No one was allowed to drive her, they’d pick her up in an ambulance usually if I remember correctly, but ambulance didn’t take her back? Something really weird, especially since her assisted living apartment was owned by hospital and was only a block away!

    Go figure our modern medical system? I started reading an antique book on internet by a “Swamp Doctor” in my home parish, written before the Civil War. I hadn’t gotten past the part where he had a lot of jobs like Mark Twain after running away from home, then gets offer to become what was apparently an intern to a practicing doctor and learns medicine by experience.

    This is way different than today but I quit when my vision stopped on me due to allergies and late hours.

    All y’all like me, reading obituaries from the 1800’s and earlier 1900’s makes you realize you didn’t even want to catch a cold back then!

    Love, Jackie

  68. Jackie, in olden days, attorneys became attorneys by “reading law” with a practicing attorney, or so I’ve been told. Seem to remember that was how Abraham Lincoln became a lawyer. Also, up until about 1900, going to a hospital actually *decreased* your odds of survival.

    Early morning call from my Mom, who had awakened “feeling bad”. An investigation revealed she had gone to sleep last night without eating or taking her night meds, *and* had not taken her morning meds or eaten breakfast today. Dispensed meds and fed her, and now she feels fine. Gentle lecture regarding important of food and meds, and have set my phone to remind me to call her at med times. Just a minor event in the life of a care-giver. 🙂

  69. OK, Jackie, you got me the other day. With the addition of the Emerson-designed Kershaw knife I received for my birthday, I now have on me, or within easy reach, four folding knives…two from Spyderco, one from Gerber and the Kershaw. Not that I particularly worry that “guns don’t always work”, but even with a permit to carry, there are places where I cannot legally go armed. Such as the post office.

    If I made my living as a mugger, that’s where I’d hang out waiting for victims. The facility has no security to speak of, especially after hours, and lawbreakers, who by definition pay no attention to the law, can be reasonably sure honest and law-abiding people are not armed. (Of course, it would be hilarious if one mugger tried to mug another mugger.) But I figure even the most persistent mugger, if he gets close enough to me, would be put off his feed by a spurting artery or a, oh, I don’t know, perhaps a sucking chest wound. Or the righteous fear of being given such, anyway.

    Plus knives are immensely useful tools for dealing with modern everyday life. You can open envelopes, cut packing tape on packages, and even free your purchases from the @&$*!# blister pack armor they often come encased in.

  70. For radiator hose leaks: Google “silicon rescue tape”. It’s inexpensive and worked for two weeks for me (until my SIL was available to replace the hose). One caution: Be sure you can wrap the tape around the hose at the leak before opening the package… once the tape is exposed to air it starts hardening.

  71. Forgot I hadn’t actually read the day’s new strip and went over. Got part way down TDS and a fight was breaking out!

    They must regard us as boring. May they continue to dwell “over there.”

    Ghost, mom and I just finished eating breakfast, despite how bad I feel this morning. Even the 10# Rottweiler wasn’t too fond of the smoked link beef sausage substituted for the bacon today! I did remember to take all my meds except the ones daughter and husband forgot to pick up for me at Wally World pharmacy. Half the time I end up taking morning meds at night!

    David, you get well, you hear? And all the rest of the Village, don’t cut any arteries while cooking TG dinner. I laughed about Ghost saying our insurance policy for the Village was going to go up because of all us. I don’t think we could actually qualify for anything but a group policy with really good coverage!

    Love you all, Jackie

  72. Since I had to make a medical house call at breakfast time, I did a brunch a bit ago. It was worth waiting for…3-egg omelet with diced smoked ham and Swiss cheese, with whole wheat toast and tomato juice. Of course, that means a green salad for lunch, but it was worth that, too.

  73. It is pouring down rain here and porch is flooded, as rock mason still has to cut out the driveway and install the “cattle guard” style ditch to catch water running down drive.

    We will probably have leftover Chinese takeout from last night!

    Mama has a big container of egg drop soup to eat. I bet my Chinese chef sent it gratis, they are always doing stuff like that.
    I need to take him a big jar of honey for TG GIFT. He takes it for his allergies.

    Lordy, my allergies are horrible. I bet he knows something I don’t. I gave up the local unpasteurized honey for diabetes.

    How are we all doing Thanksgiving? Inquiring minds………..

    Love, Jackie

  74. Holidays haven’t been the same for us since we lost my sister last year. My Thanksgiving meal last year was eaten in a hospital dining room, not knowing she had less than a week to live. My brother-in-law did prepare a Christmas meal for my Mom and me last year, in my sister’s memory, and that was really all the celebrating we did.

    I need to check to see if he is planning to cook for Thanksgiving, or if he is going out of town to visit with his family. (He has two brothers who are not doing well, healthwise.) Alternately, I will prepare a turkey breast and some trimmings for my Mom and myself.

    I know that some people dread having to be with family at Thanksgiving, but I wish I could be with all of mine this year.

  75. Ghost Rider 6 ‘. . .. Jackie, in olden days, attorneys became attorneys by “reading law” with a practicing attorney, or so I’ve been told.’

    In G&S’s ‘HMS Pinafore’, Sir Joseph Porter, First Lord of the Admiralty, sings of his rise to that station despite no acquaintance with seafaring. En route, he became a lawyer by first starting as ‘an office boy for an attorney’s firm.’ Later, ‘of legal knowledge I acquired such a grip that they took me into the partnership.’ Basically, he ‘read law.’

    Somebody, in a recent post, said he [I think] could not understand why any supt. of schools should get a 6-figure salary. Neither can I.

    I don’t know if the term ‘earn’ was used. Personally, I don’t think anyone ‘earns’ a 6-figure annual income, much less a 7 or 8-figure one. I’m willing to concede that short-lived careers [e.g., pugilist, which I abhor, or some movie stardoms, which I avoid] should have an age factor put in, but otherwise, nobody is worth that much to society. I also have little idea how all this could be put into effect in a free society [but wonder how free some ‘free’ societies are]. Peace, emb

  76. I was checking on today’s televised football games (the start of Kansas at Oklahoma is in a weather delay, so Jackie is not kidding about the rain), when some company’s commercial offered me the “opportunity” to invest in silver. They are flogging it as a wonderful investment, since according to them silver is currently selling at below its “production cost”.

    Wait, what? Wouldn’t that be the definition of “totally worthless”, sort of like “not worth the paper it’s printed on”? Yeah, gimme some of that.

  77. Mike and I are both only children and we are down to just my mom. We will stay here because of the cancer treatment but also because Mike can’t stand the pain from bouncing on rough roads in car. Even with the morphine patch.

    I still have a couple of frozen turkeys we need to eat up, so I am going to haul one out today to begin defrosting. It may take until Wednesday to thaw one.

    Mike hauled a couple bags of sweet potatoes from Aldi’s yesterday, so definitely sweet potatoes and cornbread stuffing and green beans with bacon and bacon fat and more bacon fat. I have about 50# of shelled pecans, so definitely pecan pie. Maybe apple pie too, it is Mike’s favorite, and there is a case of apples in laundry room as well.

    Monday is Mike’s last radiation treatment from this series, so hopefully he’ll feel well on Thursday. Hope everyone does, including me.

    Love, Jackie

    I have one living aunt and Mike has none. He has one living cousin and I have a pack of first and seconds.

    Understanding exactly what you mean, Ghost.

  78. emb 11:54 I often thought the same about the millions people like Letterman, Leno, etc make, well, the networks make so much money from the commercial revenue, they in essence do “earn” what they make. I mean, I think it’s a crazy waste of money all around, but hey, if it works for them. About a free society, just heard on Fox we’re like down to twenty on the freedom index, under Malta and Uruguay, it seems they don’t have an IRS harassing political opposition or government investigation of churches preaching non-politically correct scripture. ….. ….. … way up where people were talking about off camera food spitting – Mel Blanc in his autobiography “That’s Not All Folks” said he really did crunch carrots when doing Bugs Bunny, hated carrots and kept a bucket next to him….. …. … .. Zicam does work for me in greatly reducing colds, no sore throat, runny eyes, fever or tired sick feeling Just am curious though, how much snot can a human body produce before it starts using up muscle?

  79. Jackie 12:07 going through that now with wife, very painful in the car, we have a Volvo SUV, she has a sleeping bag in back with an extra piece of foam doubled over in it, she’s usually alright sitting in front as long as she can twist and turn, it seems after months of juggling methadone and morphine she has a pretty good handle on it. The worst is never knowing outcomes of the treatment. Several cancer areas in her body, so they change what cancer they treat it like, up, down, back, forth, good days, bad days, close to getting into two clinical trials, nixed at last minute, on second combo of chemo now. Lost a lot of weight, but you could see her out in the yard and not think anything was wrong

  80. If only we were all so wise as to always be right about the length of life vs. quality of life issue. Some would probably have thought me crazy to recommend radiation therapy for my Mom at her age. But I didn’t give whit whether it added a single day to her life, as long as those days she had were as pain-free and comfortable for her as possible. So far, praise the Lord, that seems to have been a good call.

  81. Jackie, one of my church members in Tennessee had reached the no close relative point, nor did his wife have anybody close. Rather than go to a solitary holiday at Thanksgiving, they started inviting others who didn’t have family either to have Thanksgiving with them. He and a friend would deep fry a couple of turkeys, and the guests would bring the other items with them. The times my ex and I spent with them was the best Thanksgiving we had during our marriage, being the closest to my family experience.

  82. I got my fixation device off yesterday and am cleared to return to work Monday. Might be working Thanksgiving since I no longer have any vacation time and don’t want to lose that day’s pay. Don’t mind as no plans for that day anyway.

  83. The Knights of Columbus work with our Catholic Church as well as Lutheran, Apostolic, and Methodist churches to have a Thanksgiving Day Luncheon for people that otherwise might be alone. It’s free and starts at noon, so it is possible to volunteer and still be with family later in the day.

    I have attended a few funeral luncheons and the last time that I went, several others that I thought would be there did not attend, so it was kind of awkward to find a place to sit as I did not know anybody. However for folks attending this Luncheon, it might be a great way to get human contact on a potentially depressing day

  84. Abrupt change of topic. You would think that if someone were murdered and burned in your living room fireplace in the 1924-1926 period you could find a newspaper article about it!

    I have been searching old archives and I even know the man’s name, but no luck!

    Used to hate to have to mop the floor where his body was burned, it never went away until we put plywood floors down after we tore the old fireplace out of house. Funny thing is I thought this occurred back in 1800’s, not in 1900’s.

    Going to search some more!

    Love, Jackie

  85. Jackie: . . .. We will probably have leftover Chinese takeout from last night! . . .. How are we all doing Thanksgiving? Inquiring minds. . ..

    A number of churches [but not all who could easily manage it] rotate a TG midday dinner. Can’t remember which one it is next week, but will find out at UMC tomorrow. Wife [I’ve mentioned this before, I’m sure] and I used to wait table or even manage the DR at some off these, but now I’m just a guest. They’re free, and there is rarely any churchy pressure. I generally write a check if I can find someone authorized to take it. Could have mailed one earlier, but I’ve mislaid [geezer style] the flyer that was in the UMC bulletin a few weeks back. Not just poor folks; see a number of retired faculty or widowed spouses there.

  86. Last name was Cardwell, no known first name. Died in Tensas Parish, Louisiana most likely date 1924-1926 on Newlight Plantation (which is also a village name during that period)

    New Light or Newlight, spelled both ways. Closest town is Newellton, LA

    Newspaper was Tensas Gazette, close by newspapers in that period were the Franklin Sun. Monroe, Louisiana and Natchez, Mississippi papers also reported on that area.

    You seem to be a whiz on finding stuff!

    My aunt says she was too small to remember much but says there may have been a cover up of death. Motive was robbery, victim had sold cotton crops and had large sum of money in cash.

    Love, Jackie

  87. Our families were never large either. We’re down to 2 nephews and their wives in DC on my side; Bob has a sister, her daughter and daughter’s husband in Savannah. There are assorted cousins but none that are holiday close. We usually go to Savannah but are staying home this year and doing a smallish meal for just us. We bought half a turkey breast and a couple of thighs; we’ll have oyster dressing, some sort of frozen veg, cranberry orange relish, and sour orange pie (like key lime but made with orange/lemon juice mixture).

    Not neglecting family entirely this season. We’re going to Richmond Hill (just south of Savannah) in a couple of weeks for a special event at Ft. MacAlister State Park where Bob’s sister is a park naturalist. Every December they have a “muster” and re-enactment of the Civil War battle that occurred there; this year it happens to fall on the actual date. It was after the fort fell that Sherman wired Lincoln with the message that for Christmas he was presenting him the city of Savannah. This is the 150th anniversary so it promises to be a big deal.

    And then we’ll be back up there for Christmas.

  88. I use a PowerPoint slide show on the TV monitors in the high school library where I work to promote coming events (games, concerts, etc.) and other announcements. This month I’ve been adding quotes related to gratitude, taken from a lovely little book called Saying Grace: Blessings for the Family Table. I’ll share a few here over the next few days, starting with this one that seems especially appropriate –

    Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves,
    For we shall never cease to be amused.
    ~ Anonymous

  89. emb needs enlightening. I presume it’s about sports in a league of some sort, but why 11 and 0. I know there are 11 men / team on a football field, and 0 is no score in most games. If a game is called / weather, does an 11 pt. spread become a win? I thought if a baseball game is called, > so many innings completed = a win. Anyway, tell me.

  90. RE Thanksgiving: I wanted to spend the holiday with my SO. My daughter is coming to join us. We will be having dinner at Cracker Barrel (!), but with his daughter and family and her in-laws. I think there will be about 12 of us. So it should be festive!
    I am hoping our daughters will bond. They know each other. But, since there is 100+ miles between them, there isn’t much opportunity for them to get to know each other well. I am looking forward to this extended family time together.

  91. Dear Galliglo, my very best wishes for a friendly and successful dinner. I hope the daughters will get better acquainted and enjoy the sociability. Our family has gone to a restaurant several times in the past few years, an inexpensive but large family oriented place, and I’ve been impressed with how pleasant and efficient the staff is. They have to work on a day they’d prefer to be home with their own families, I dare say; they could be a bit grouchy, but they’re smiling and joking.

  92. Jackie, I’ve tried twice to put in a link I found. Name was given as J. Wallace Cardwell, here is the content of the post.

    Looking for family of J. Wallace Cardwell who died in Tensas Parish, LA, in 1924. He had managed a plantation near New Light for my grandfather. The night before he was to have gone to Sumner, MS, to visit family and friends ar Christmas time, he died of a heart attack, or of an attack combined with falling into an open fire.
    Any contacts appreciated.

    Gordon Smith

    This was on

  93. EMB, my guess is 11 wins and zero losses. That would likely put a team into the championship playoff.

    As a side note, Arkansas’ obliteration of Ole Miss today makes the entire SEC West division bowl eligible. I think that is a record. The Razorbacks are showing substantial improvement with two wins over ranked SEC opponents. Another regular season win and a bowl win would be a very respectable season. Wooooo pig soouie!

  94. Mark I have bookmarked/saved both sites. You are a fantastic researcher and that is the right Cardwell! Do you do this stuff professionally? You should, you are so good.

    That is indeed my ghost who haunts our old family home!

    Like Cinderella, I scrubbed a lot of floors in that old house and they are thick cypress and pine, just laid tight together. The place his body burned was on the living room floor until 1970’s, burned deep into the wood. My mom forgets I cleaned and scrubbed and painted or vanished those floors.

    Anyway, the paint would not stick on that part of floor no matter how you put it on, so finally they took out fireplaces and covered the floor in square tiles over plywood.

    The heart attack and falling into fire was a cover up obviously, as all the cash disappeared as well.

    You should become a professional genealogy researcher!

    Love you, Jackie

  95. You are very welcome, Jackie. Done for the fun of the chase, not as a profession. I’ve had a gift for finding things over the years, from lost keys to the best grocery prices, and the internet has simplified a lot of the looking. A lot of the time it just pays to be doggedly persistent. That body outline would not have been something I would be comfortable living with, brr.

  96. No one would sleep in that room or even stay for long. And we sure would have trouble keeping “help” as they were afraid, even if we hadn’t been too poor to hire any!

    This is ghost I met in about 1961 standing in door way in dark suit, tie, white shirt, looked very “old fashioned”. I was sitting in room three rooms away reading, looked up to see him standing there. Being polite Southern girl I greeted him and asked if he were there to see my grandmother? Asked if I could help him?

    Vanished just like that! Through a pack of a dozen deer hounds sleeping on porch.

    Now I know who I saw. Thank you, Mark.

    Love, Jackie

  97. Jackie, I wonder if this is him?

    Date of death matches with what is shown in the earlier post, where it says he died around Christmastime. Also, the cemetery is in Mississippi, where the questioner said he was going to see family and friends.

    You might try this website if you are looking for other relatives, etc. It helped me find a lot about my paternal grandfather and his children.

  98. Good morning Villagers….

    Ruth Anne…that’s me!!!! 🙂 Looking forward to the quotes. Also beside my computer, is a little book I presented to my husband when we first married…”Life’s Little Treasure Book On Love”. Like this one: “Never give an anniversary gift that has to be plugged in!”

    Maybe later I’ll post the whole “Important List”, if anyone is interested.

    Off today….probably be a couch potato….too much family drama unfolded the past couple of days…..on the husband’s side…his nephew (who also works at the hen houses) broke up with Kyler’s mother…sent her packing. She called me last night. I’m pretty upset, because of the break-up, and because Andrew is bipolar, does not take meds, and he’ll likely not show up for work tomorrow…..and mostly because I won’t see Kyler and even Brooklynne Rose.

    I’m glad it’s going to rain today…fits my mood.

    GR 😉 you’ve been MIA…is your Mother OK?

  99. All three kids will be home for Thanksgiving this year, plus my sister, Husband’s nephew and two friends of our younger daughter, so we will be nine for dinner. We have had 25 for dinner, so this is an easy year. Still, I am thankful they will all be home. Today and tomorrow will be finalizing the menu, which never changes much from turkey, dressing, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, and cranberry sauce. Tuesday will be shopping, and Wednesday will be making pumpkin pies and pecan pies, and brining the turkey. Thursday will be all-out chaos, and Friday will be the bliss of leftover turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce!

    Speaking of pecan pies, I ran across a recipe the other day that substitutes the Karo syrup with half honey and half Lyle’s Golden Syrup. Has anybody else (Ghost, Jackie, Debbe?) seen this? I haven’t tried it, but I confess to being curious.

    For those of you who are sick, no matter how serious, or have relatives who are ailing, I hope you are all well and healthy soon!

  100. Jean…that’s sounds like a better substitute…never made pecan pies….but my sister makes a wicked chocolate pecan pie…..which I do intend to have her make me one…she owes me, took her two trays of eggs….that’s sixty doubles my baby sister got!!

  101. Ok, I don’t know why the link isn’t working. Maybe because it’s raining here today. Anyhow, go to YouTube and type in Dancing At The Movies. It’s the first video in the queue. Highly entertaining!

    Oh, and Ghost Sweetie, you may not have been snagged by a decent (or indecent) woman, but I’ll bet my egg money any number of them have set their caps at you over the years. 😉

  102. Jean….copied and pasted your link w/o the hyphen….I reconigized so many movies…even the Seven Brides for the Seven Brother…if I’m correct.

    I loved dancing….when I lived in Corpus, every night clubbing was an event. They were fiiliming the moviie with Gene Hackman and Matt Dillon named “Target. Any-whoo, one Wednesday evening we hit this club and it so happened some of the cast producers/workers were there. I had one lady from the movie cres approach me and ask if I had ever considered dancing professionally. Said no, and thanked her….she said I moved with the music….yes, I miss my dancing, can’t do it like I use too.

    Jean’sl link:

  103. Gal…are you and your SO meeting the kids at the restaurant? Maybe (just talking out loud here…) you misunderstand and the two of you end up at another Cracker Barrel? OOps! Oh well, why not everyone just stay where they are, eat and we’ll get together later. Maybe. 🙂
    The girls would have to talk to each other and you could still enjoy your date.

  104. Sandcastler….I was hoping someone else knew the hidden meaning too…….just didn’t get it. But I do know I’ve been in a mall where there was a Hooters 🙂

  105. Meaning of today’s strip: the phone screen is too doggone small to catch all the action of a football game. So Arlo went to where he could watch a big-screen tv while Janis shops.

  106. Good morning Debbe. Enjoy your days off. Always liked Mellencamp better than Springsteen. Have you bought The Endless River yet? Got mine through Amazon, arrived Friday. Have been listening to the CD in the car and watched some of the video. It’s worth buying. There are 4 versions. One is cd only, one is cd and dvd, one is cd and blu-ray disc and one is vinyl lp. The video portions are black and white, showing the band recording in the studio, fun to watch them clowning around.

  107. Sand, think of “The Jetsons” and all the futuristic cartoon features, exhibits and news stories done in the 50’s and 60’s. Why, by (*echo chamber effects*) 1999 (*end echo chamber effects*) we would be flying our anti-grav cars to work and commuting to the moon! You would be able to watch football games on your two-way wrist radio, err, TV!

    And now WE LIVE IN THAT FUTURE! Except Arlo didn’t bring his reading glasses. Wait, weren’t we supposed to have bionic eyes at this point?

  108. Here’s an Italian saying that also fits our village I believe –
    It is around the table that friends understand best the warmth of being together.

  109. Mark….vinyl lp!!! I, at one time, some 30 years ago, owned a Pioneer turntable, and Advent speakers…the amp was also Pioneer…….oh, the days of future past. I will not go into details of how they all disappeared…in one day. Not too mention the mountains of albums I had.

    Which I am so glad, Ian can get access to some oldies and goodies, like: “Someone Loan Me a Dime” by Boz Scaggs and Duanne Allman..which I now have on CD…no one could order it for me. Never heard of it 🙂


  110. Well, good Sunday morning. The sun is out and it has stopped raining. Yard is soggy, covered in leaves and half frozen foliage.
    Got feral cats fed, the bedroom cats are complaining about no “good canned food” but have kibble. Now just dogs and mama to feed!

    Mark, that is indeed my ghost and (probably) murdered Mr. Cardwell. I do belong to and FindAGrave and even had been on the Cardwell forum looking for him yesterday but I was either too tired or not as good at searching as you are! I had just dredged his name out of my aunt’s memory yesterday afternoon, Mama’s memory is almost gone. She has what is known as “Kodak Memory” according to my aunt, which allows her to remember in tiniest detail a specific day/event in past but is apparently limited to about a 6 year span in 1920’s and specific events which she repeats over and over, reliving.

    I have left Jimmy’s Sunday comic rerun “Forward to the Past” a my cover page as I think it is so applicable in my case!

    Life so seldom turns out the way we think it will, which applies to today’s Sunday current as well. Ever go back and read an old yearbook or class prophecy from when you were a kid?

    Love you all, Jackie

  111. John (Cougar) Mellencamp was always a favorite of mine, despite fact I was in my 40’s when my kids were teenagers and listened to him. Springsteen was not a favorite, Mellencamp can actually sing!

  112. What do the rules require when the ref isn’t watching where he’s going and runs unto you? I believe a slight watch where you’re going shove is in order. Re remotes, I don’t care what anyone says but it takes 2 remotes to operate our tv. One remote only requires 2 buttons to be pushed. On the other remote out of about 50 buttons I only use about 10, not counting the channel numbers.

  113. emb-glad you watched the game although we also understand why the country is chanting “Who do we hate?

    I understand why the country is chanting “Who do we hate? Florida State.

  114. Who needs a remote? Have laptop connected direct to tv. It is pre programmed for standing shows and auto searches on preselected sports teams and other viewing interests. When in conflict it displays options, then use a phone or tablet to make selection.

    Jackie, breasts and thights at Hooters are over priced; wings are the bargin.

  115. Jerry: Game? What game? I’ve not watched a TV game in at least a couple of years. Only happens when I’m at my older son’s house after church and lunch, and have decided not to nap. Today I’m home; lunch, then nap.

    I’ve been to U.FL. for a mammal mtg., but never to FL. St. U.FL. has/had? alligators on campus, unfenced. Never been to a Hooters, either, and have no plans to go.

  116. Jerry in FL, you mean a referee in ordinary clothes can run into a larger man in pads and a helmet and didn’t bounce? Haven’t seen the video so don’t know what happened. But the way things have been going for Jameis he might be touchy.

    On the remote issue, search for simplified remote. There are quite a few out there now for people who don’t want the hassle of the multiple-button variety.

  117. Debbe 😉 My Mom is doing well; thanks for asking. Since she’d had a couple of not-too-good days I did spend most of the day with her to make sure she was back on the right track. Then I had some personal paperwork to catch up. But now I’m baaa-aaack! Green eyes for me, but there was a very special blonde lady in my life with hazel eyes…a winning combination, as far as I’m concerned.

    Jean dear: I’ve never deviated from the pecan pie recipe that my Dad used for years, so I’ve never tried the substitution you mentioned. But I can’t help but think it would be good that way. And you wouldn’t lose your egg money on that bet. 🙂

    So, in Indiana, would Horton hear Hoosier Hooters?

  118. Oof! Had an early thanksgiving with dad, sister, and BIL. Ate too much, and the tryptophan is hard at work, making me sleepy. Forgot to leave room for chocolate-cherry cake and pumpkin pie. Working thanksgiving day, but if my luck holds, I will be able to sneak a quick trip up to visit grandma.

  119. I don’t often comment but today I need help. When I try to open my I Tunes, I get a message that says I need to reinstall the files for I Tunes. Can any of you tell me how to do this? I can’t seem to find out even with windows “help”. I have most of my cd collection on I Tunes. I’d really appreciate anyone’s ideas. I’m lost. Thanks.

  120. Will you guys kidnap me from the hospital for your field trip? I love “wings.” Still waiting for the substitute for my charge doctor to show so I can plead my case for early release on good behavior. :\

  121. David, if I were there I would sneak you a big plate of wings past the hospital wardens. I used to sneak beer and even carried a giant watermelon in for friend and held a watermelon party. Of course, hospital security is better nowadays. If I remember right, we put the watermelon under a dress?

    When my mother in law was hospitalized so long I would arrive to find signs posted on doors saying no unauthorized food or food brought in. They probably figured we would do that.

    Love, Jackie

  122. David, if kidnapping is not possible, we could deliver wings and cover the door while you enjoy ’em. Funny that you mention a hospital extraction. We planned and ran mock ups for such an event when I was in service of my government. Never did one since the stated reason went away.

  123. I once smuggled a full-sized jack o’lantern into a friend’s hospital room on Halloween. Smuggling in wings would be a piece of cake. Which reminds me, I also once smuggled in a cake to another friend. Along with a bottle of wine and a set of wine glasses.

  124. This is a good one: when I had massively awful hysterectomy and basic redesigning (more than anyone wanted to know) I was in a truly swanky hospital in Houston, TX populated by truly swanky socialites having babies, surgery, etc. All women.

    The food was CATERED by the most expensive socially upscale restaurants in Houston, along with real plates, silverware, linens, even fresh flowers on trays. You got a menu, you picked the restaurant and the food from the menus of each restaurant and they delivered it.

    How good was it? I don’t know, my surgery was so bad they knocked me out and I stayed out for a week! I don’t even remember a single meal! My one shot at seeing how celebrities live in a hospital and I only remember the fireworks from Six Flags! And the private nurse with the morphine shots.

    Still think it was a strange experience, the room looked like an expensive hotel room with real furniture too. Not that I saw much of it either!

    Love, Jackie

  125. After: canned ham and lima beans, canned cheese, canned burnt crackers, and a la canned pound cake; bad food is hard to come by. Oh, did I mention canned steak and potatoes with a thick layer of grease. My fondest recall of hospitals include popsicles and pain killers.

  126. One more quote for the weekend – I suspect that if the author of this one were still around he’d be giving ’em hell on both sides of the aisle.

    There is enough in the world for everyone to have plenty to live on happily and to be at peace with his neighbors.
    ~ Harry S. Truman

  127. Sand, I am not trying to be a snob……making light of bad experience I guess. Mike is in a lot of pain and I am staying close in case I have to do something for him. You feel so helpless.

    Love, Jackie

  128. When HST was president, I believe there were topsoil > we do now, and I think he was wrong then.

    There are now some 7 billion, and we are ‘mining’ much of our farmland. Good Pope Francis says it’s a matter of redistribution of wealth. We need that [WWJD? Remember the young rich man?], but it will not be enough. My guess is, for the long haul, with many changes in land use, consumption, food habits, etc., Earth can sustain a reasonably comfortable human population of 1 billion. Good luck.

    Peace, emb

  129. Blessed are the care givers…

    The one time I had surgery, in a big city hospital a two hour drive away, I was told to check in at 5:00 AM, NPO from the previous midnight. They finally took me to surgery at 3:30 PM. That was due to a shortage of anesthesiologists, a common problem, or so I’ve been told, and certainly not my surgeon’s fault. When I woke up, I discovered I was in a VIP suite, undoubtedly his way of saying, “Sorry”. (Also, he was a close friend of, and former mentor to, my local doc, who referred me.)

    I, of course, could not possibly have cared less, but it did make it much more comfortable for my sister, who stayed at the hospital with me, and I was grateful. When I went back for my post-surgery follow up, I said to him. “That certainly was a nice room I was in. Did you have anything to do with that?”

    He looked over my left shoulder and mumbled something like, “Ah…oh…I don’t know.” If I could have ever gotten that man into a high-stakes poker game, I’d be retired by now.

  130. Sorry, part of that first sentence went into cyberspace: “When HST was president, I believe there were topsoil > we do now, and I think he was wrong then.”

  131. I would be happy to have any of the MCI meals that I ate early on in the Army. We still called them C-rations even though the Army didn’t. I hated it when we stopped getting accessory packs without cigarettes, because I would trade them for fruit or a dessert. I don’t think the hospital would like me burning heat tabs in my room, though. I was around for the transition to MREs, which were not as good, just because almost everything was dehydrated. They were easier to carry, but that wasn’t that important since I was with mech infantry.

    I should add the caveat that I had the good fortune of never consuming said field rations in hostile territory. Luckily for me, ALL my field time is in training. I’ve had field rations in Alabama, Kansas,Germany, and the desert of California. I’m proud of my service, but I’ve never been under hostile fire.

    For the Fallen

    With proud thanksgiving, a mother for her children,
    England mourns for her dead across the sea.
    Flesh of her flesh they were, spirit of her spirit,
    Fallen in the cause of the free.

    Solemn the drums thrill: Death august and royal
    Sings sorrow up into immortal spheres.
    There is music in the midst of desolation
    And a glory that shines upon our tears.

    They went with songs to the battle, they were young,
    Straight of limb, true of eye, steady and aglow.
    They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted,
    They fell with their faces to the foe.

    They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
    Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
    At the going down of the sun and in the morning
    We will remember them.

    They mingle not with their laughing comrades again;
    They sit no more at familiar tables of home;
    They have no lot in our labour of the day-time;
    They sleep beyond England’s foam.

    But where our desires are and our hopes profound,
    Felt as a well-spring that is hidden from sight,
    To the innermost heart of their own land they are known
    As the stars are known to the Night;

    As the stars that shall be bright when we are dust,
    Moving in marches upon the heavenly plain,
    As the stars that are starry in the time of our darkness,
    To the end, to the end, they remain.

    Robert Laurence Binyon (1869-1943)

  132. David, there was a class of C-rats specifically packaged without the benefit packs. These were refered to as “inflights,” because they were served on C130 long hauls. I am certain at least one consumer of these later rose to being a senior manager in the airline industry. 😉

  133. David in Austin, I have not read that poem before, and it is absolutely lovely. Thank you for posting. And in this week of Thanksgiving, after Veterans’ Day, once again to all those applicable here in the Village, thank you for your service. Jackie, best wishes and prayers to Mike and you.

    I am thankful that my brother and SIL are coming to Arizona from Texas for Thanksgiving this year. Haven’t seen them in a while, and we are looking forward to it. Bought a turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin for pie (chiffon), etc today. Some fresh flowers too, that I probably paid too much for, but husband Jim says we will just have to enjoy them extra.

  134. David in Austin, the newer MREs are not dehydrated, and there is a flameless heat pack. After our tornado in 2011, we ate quite a few of the civilian style while without power/water and they were pretty good. But avoid the Chicken Ala King!

  135. You haven’t eaten till you have “C” rations heated on the exhaust manifold of a M-59 Armored Personnel Carrier. You ALWAYS have to punch a hole in the top of the can or be prepared for quite a mess in the engine compartment. Of course we learned the hard way.

  136. We kept MCIs handy at a remote location where I spent some time, in case inclement weather conditions or, you know, like combat operations breaking out, kept us from our normal source of provisions. For those of you who have never seen one, here’s a photo of the AF version of my era.

    Unlike many, I didn’t think they were all that bad (considering I didn’t *have* to eat them, of course). I didn’t even mind the Ham and…well, you know.

  137. We actually had a plan for if Russian Air Force troop carriers were inbound to the field. We only had enough M-16s for the Security Police flight, so my men were supposed to be issued semi-auto M-1 carbines, and I was to get a full-auto M-2 carbine. Hahahahahaha! I already had the guy picked out I was going to make trade with me, on the theory that the gun that shoots the fastest get shot back at the mostest.

  138. When I was but a tiny girl my Dad was in the Army and we were stationed in Munich for a year. Daddy would trade his C-rations for Mom’s cans of beef stew and baked beans, and he always left cans of cookies, crackers, and candy for me to have for an afternoon treat. I was two years old-it was a treat, ok? 🙂 Later some MCIs found their way to our house. I thought every kid got their snacks out of little green cans. That ended when Daddy retired, and I thought my days of Army rations was over. Then I met Husband (or Boyfriend, at the time) and got a look in his hunting gear closet. That’s when I knew he was The One! He had a couple of boxes of C-rations (pretty old by then) and a box of the new-fangled MREs. He shopped at one of my favorite stores, Brigade Quartermasters.

  139. GR, they look like the ones my brother had when he served in the National Guard. He let me try one out – I don’t remember what it was, but it was palatable. Hope everyone here has a happy Thanksgiving. I will be blessed with family being with us (16 for the meal) and I truly am thankful for God’s provision daily. I know for many of you that it may be a reminder of loss, and that others (or their family members) here are going through health difficulties, so my prayers are with you all. When I went through my mother’s last illness which lasted over two years, I felt like I was just going through the motions during the holidays. In retrospect, I learned so much about finding joy in the little things, and appreciating each day as it comes, I realize it was my Mama’s last lesson in life for me. And Debbe, I would like you to post your whole list; I’d like to have a copy!

  140. Ghost, I still carry a “John Wayne” can opener from sometime in the 70s. I’ve bought reproductions for both my daughters and their husbands to carry. I can never forget a scene from Harlan Ellison’s short story “I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream.” The captured survivors were trapped in an ice cave, starving while piles of canned food surrounded them! I don’t expect to be hounded by a global sentient computer, but you never know when you may need a can opener– ask the survivors of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

  141. I learned today that my brother-in-law will be having Thanksgiving with his family, so tomorrow afternoon I will shop for the ingredients for a Thanksgiving meal for my Mom and me. I’m thinking a turkey breast with dressing and gravy; asparagus casserole (wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without my Mom’s asparagus casserole, even if I do have to make it for her this year); green bean casserole; and baked sweet potatoes. (Normally, it would be her sweet potato casserole, but that would be three casseroles, and besides, I can’t make it half as well as she does.) Cranberry sauce and dinner rolls, of course.

    Even with the loss of my sister since last Thanksgiving, we have much to be thankful for, not the least of which is that my Mom has come through her recent illness so well. I’ll set three places at the table…one for my Mom; one for me; and one for my sister and all other family members and friends I wish could be with us, but who cannot.

  142. ITunes is pretty much a mystery to me, but back when I had a bunch of stuff from Napster and LimeWire I found a website that told me exactly what to do to get it all in ITunes. I don’t remember but it must have been pretty simple if I could do it.

  143. Good morning Villagers…

    Granny Carol…I will post the entire list, thank you.

    Spent 45 minutes trying to log into this blog, GoComics did not show the strip, but comments were being made (I made one…imagine that) Had to go to Yahoo to see the strip; so I decided to try one more time…and here I am 🙂

    Sandcastler…, beer and more beer and hot wings of course….gosh that was so many moons ago.

    GR 😉 and reddish blonde at that, with hints of gray coming in on the sides.

    gotta go… to get in at least a couple of hands of solitaire….

    ya’ll have a blessed Monday…I am

  144. Binyon’s work, “For the Fallen,” is partially derived from Yom Kippur prayers.

    Requiem 3 Voices in the Wall
    9, November 1992

    See them walking halting to the wall,
    Hope pinned on their faces, faces drawn and white.
    They come for healing, for surcease from doubt and grief.
    Standing in the dark reflection, see them fight,
    See them wrestle with emotion see them lose,
    See the years-old layers shatter in the hard reflected light,
    That pours from all the names written on the wall

    See the strongest of them stand and start to sway,
    Watch their vision cycle swiftly back across the years,
    See the faithful drop down on their knees to pray,
    See the strong ones as they crumble and their eyes brim full of tears,
    See them asking for forgiveness; see them trying not to falter,
    See them choking on their memories and remembering their fears,
    In the presence of the names written on the wall.

    Hear the popping of the flag in the wind,
    The muted driving anthem that all of them fought under,
    How it drove them forward unsuspecting,
    Programmed from their birthrights not to wonder,
    Whether cause was righteous, or if it was a blunder,
    That wrote the many thousand names written on the wall

    See their trembling fingers touch the stone,
    As they find an ancient agony, a single graven name,
    Of a child or friend or lover taken from them out of time,
    See their twitching faces as they try to fix the blame,
    For the loss that changed their lives and fates,
    The answer echoes back again,
    Silence from the names in stone written on the wall.

    See survivors who are left to carry on alone,
    Children come to find a father they have never known,
    Parents, seeking children, lost a lifetime’s years ago,
    Finding solace gazing at the somber reach of stone,
    Thinking of the pasts that might have been,
    Thinking of the varied futures that they might have known,
    Asking, seeking answers from the names graved in the wall.

    The things they leave behind them tell a story all their own,
    Single roses, ribbons, medals, photos dimmed and cracked by age.
    Letters washed with teardrops, speaking volumes ‘cross the decades,
    Scream like jets of sleepless nights, of loneliness, of rage,
    Tell of dislocation, empty days, going on alone,
    A generation’s saga on a single wrinkled page,
    But no answer issues from the names upon the wall.

    See them leaning on each other as they leave,
    See the changes in their faces as they leave the shouting stone.
    Tourists come by busloads, taking pictures for their albums,
    And the victims of the conflict come in pairs or come alone.
    To remember those who stayed behind, who failed to come away,
    A million different reasons, pilgrims coming one-by-one,
    Hear the voices of them all calling softly from the wall,

    “Please remember us,
    There is no other answer hidden here”

  145. emb 7:30 pm “redistribution of wealth. We need that” would this be an elected board to decide what percent of what I earn I can keep, or would it be a set dollar amount ?
    …. … about the nice hospital suites – we paid for one of those when my wife had a heart valve done, had an extra living room and couch bed for a family member to sleep on and she wanted someone there, the Scrabble set was pathetic, so I donated a nice new deluxe set to the place. …..

  146. John/Richmond:

    Note that I wrote, “We need that [WWJD? Remember the young rich man?], but it will not be enough. My guess is, for the long haul, with many changes in land use, consumption, food habits, etc., Earth can sustain a reasonably comfortable human population of 1 billion. Good luck.”

    It is usually easier to describe the way the world needs to than to know how to achieve the necessary changes peacefully. There may be no way. There may be no way; that’s the rock. And I don’t believe we can make them un-peacefully. That’s the hard place. That’s why I said “Good luck.”

    But, as the supposedly Chinese sage said, “If we don’t change direction, we will end up where we are headed.” We are headed for catastrophe, a mix of various economic, social, international, and ecological disasters. I may not be here when it hits. Neither may my kids, now in their 50s. But my grandkids will. Peace, emb

  147. Jean dear, I have it but have never added it to my computerized recipe collection. Never needed it until now. 🙂 I’ll do that this evening and post it.

    From comments on TDS (concerning a comment that is not currently there), it appears someone’s post got moderated away. Not surprisingly, it was someone I had begun to suspect late last week was an incipient troll. I also somewhat doubted the person’s gender was actually that suggest by the name used.

    I’m still trying to imagine what one would have to say to get banished from TDS.

  148. Mother Earth does indeed have a way of dealing with problems. What we seem to forget, in our hubris, is that She may deal with them in ways not beneficial to humankind. Or for that matter, even in ways that *includes* humankind.

    Cue the Four Horsemen? I hope not. But like emb, I’m not terribly sanguine, either.

  149. Two corrections: “It is usually easier to describe the way the world needs to change than to know . . ..”

    Also, my earlier “correction” wasn’t one. Let’s try again. “When HST was president, I believe there were topsoil > we do now, and I think HST was wrong then.”

  150. Dear eMb, I’m not understanding your comment about HST and topsoil. What does the “>” mean in this context?

    As for The Dark Side today, when I opened GoComics, I had no problems with the site. And I must say that all the people making comments were very pleasant and civilized.

  151. Jean, I think emb meant to say there was more topsoil when HST was president than we have now. > meaning greater than in a mathematical sense.

    Do I have it right, professor?

  152. Charlotte, Mark, et al.: Yes, = more than, but they also apparently mean omit the enclosed when copying to M. Word.

    Here’s the sentence in words: “When HST was president, I believe there were less than 4 billion people in the world, we had more topsoil than we do now, and I think HST was wrong then.”

    Peace, emb

  153. Well, I just proved it. The first sentence above would not print the symbols. I will substitute @ and #.

    Charlotte, Mark, et al.: Yes, @ = less than and # = more than, but they also apparently mean omit the enclosed when copying to M. Word.

    Hope @ and # don’t have editorial meanings in M. Word.

  154. Yes, GR6, I see which comment was removed on TDS. I too was wondering about who that person really was! I don’t remember if it was today or yesterday that Janis was referred to as that “b***h”! That was NOT nice!

  155. Yep, Gal, I sort of saw that coming. Perhaps due to recent experience here?

    That was the remark that caught my attention, too. And I didn’t remember previously seeing the name used on TDS, although I don’t read comments over there regularly enough to be an expert on who comments.

    The commenter used a female-sounding name; made some rather crude remarks; and took a decidedly pro-sex stance…to the point I remember thinking, “That sounds like the bizarro-world Lilyblack.”

  156. All human history attests,
    That happiness for men –
    The happy sinner! – since Eve ate apples,
    Much depends on dinner.

    ~ George Gordon, Lord Byron

  157. We are OK guys. Today was Mike’s last radiation treatment and we have a 10 day space before we will see chemo doctor, so hopefully he will begin to feel a little better. The tumor being radiated is in his spine at shoulders and embedded in disc bones, so real danger of total paralysis. The radiation doctor says we won’t know for several; weeks how successful it was but was optimistic.

    He is very nauseated and can’t/won’t eat from the pain medications. That was how last chemo attempt went downhill.

    I seldom read TDS but I saw that female(?) commenter and instantly thought of “you know who” as they say in Harry Potter.

    That was when I said I got as far as middle of comments and a fight was breaking out. It wasn’t anyone I had ever seen, there are a few of you over “there” and you know each other, plus I see some that used to be here too and aren’t.

    Has anyone like Ghost or Debbe (Spent Hen) thought of putting a note over there that it is safe to come back here?

    Love to all,


  158. About rude, nasty comments about Janis, I took all those very personally, since Janis is the character I identify with. Not only do I like her, I feel like so often she is my mirror.

  159. GR6:

    Good comment on deer as meat on the table. Lots of that around here, and some will eat less next year / low deer population this fall. Unfortunate that no editor caught this. “. . . tends to last he and his wife an entire year.”

    Lord Byron could not have known that a better translation [NRSV] of Gen:3.6 says, “and she also gave to her husband, who was with her, and he ate.” BOTH heard the talking, legged serpent. Not that the writer didn’t try to focus this legend on the woman. Gen 3:17 begins, “Because you have listened to the voice of your wife [when did they get married?], . . ..”

    With exceptions and some irony here and there, the Bible and the NT are male-centered collections.

  160. Jackie, not what I’d call a great report on Mike, but one thing I’ve learned over the past year is that in health issues, it’s usually relative…it can just about always be worse.

    Perhaps I can post something on TDS about their moderated troll and relate it to our departed troll. That might attract some of our former Villagers back over here. Of course, if others start coming over here, I’ll have to start being nicer. 🙂 Actually, my remarks about them have always revolved around a handful of them, the ones that probably are not all that well thought of over there. And it’s not like the Village is a suburb of Area 51.

    And yes, emb, apparently”proofreaders” are extinct, and “copy editors” are barely still extant.

  161. Well, I had heard a lot of scandalous things about Lord Byron (yeah, I’m that old!) but I had no idea he had a sense of humor.

    About copy editors, I keep repeating the “Arlo” I slipped by the copy editors long, long ago. When asked by the reporter (me) who he intended to claim as clients since all the good ones had been taken, my friend replied: “Just say I have designed for kings and queens, but mainly queens.”

    Which I did and the paper printed it!

    Love, Jackie

  162. About “locavore” deer hunting, where I live now there are a lot of deer hunters and in Louisiana the parish where I am from has only two industries, large scale corporate cotton and corn farming and deer hunting leases. You can actually earn more from a good leasing program than from farming with less equipment to maintain. So, I was raised with deer hunting and hunters and by them, so I thought I couldn’t be surprised.

    Daughter on preservation/historic board got a new neighbor next door in most historic single street/homes in entire historic district.
    And guess what has been hanging out on the deck in plain view for entire week? Two deer carcasses, hung so they are plainly visible from her windows and the street.

    Mayor, city council, historic board are all stunned to discover this is not prohibited in the city! And believe me, there isn’t an area more “city” than this!

    I grew up 20 miles out in country, so deer hanging in our back yard wasn’t going to discourage tourism. Nowadays it would encourage hunters to see “kill” there.

    She says this fall the raised decks have been festooned with a regular display of dead animals and fowl next door, left to age I guess.

    Love, Jackie

  163. A Native American grace –

    Now that I am about to eat, O Great Spirit,
    Give my thanks to the beasts and birds
    Whom you have provided for my hunger;
    And pray deliver my sorrow
    That living things must make a sacrifice
    for my comfort and well-being.
    Let the feather of corn spring up in its time
    And let it not wither but make full grains
    For the fires of our cooking pots,
    Now that I am about to eat.

    And one from The Canticle of the Creatures by St. Francis of Assisi –

    Praised be my Lord for our
    Mother the Earth, which
    Sustains us and keeps us and
    Brings forth diverse fruits,
    And flowers of many colors –
    And grass.

  164. Copy editors: I am copy editor for my UMC and also for the hospital where I volunteer. I get very little work there, despite continual examples where they could use it. As I’ve demonstrated before, I could use it here. We all need it.

    Some might hold that Jesus would not have needed it, but some biblical scholars say he was probably illiterate, being poor and education being costly. He was a bright kid, though, and we all know of bright kids who have taught themselves to read and write. He apparently didn’t know Earth was round; the only people who did then were some Greek nerds, not even hoi polloi. Those who wrote about the ‘ascension’ seemed not to know.

    I thought cheezburger was about cats.

    Peace, emb

  165. Will catch up on comments tomorrow, must had to bed. However, I must share. My musical neighbor seems to have shelved his mediocre, guitar-accompanied cover of “Let It Be” for the moment, and has switched back to the late-summer staple, “Imagine” on piano. He’s a *bit* rusty. Mind you, this person is still light-years beyond my own musical talent, but heavy is the hand on the chords. I really, REALLY want him to succeed, if only so I don’t have to keep hearing “Imagine all the people, living in harmo.. {off-key notes}” [SLAM SLAM SLAM of chords, resetting for next attempt] “Imagine there’s no heaven….” over and over and over again. And I am well aware this pales in the light of all of the incredibly serious illness, but sincerely hope everyone makes a swift and successful recovery from all their various ailments, and a failed virtuoso is their worst tale of woe.

    And no one blew away did they?

  166. emb. I seriously doubt Jesus was illiterate since he is noted as reading the scroll during a temple service. And writing in the dust with his finger.

  167. Dear eMb, Thank you for the explanation, it certainly looked as if something was missing, and it was! And the math symbols are a mystery to me. I didn’t take many math courses in school, and in college, none. Chris was very good at math and if anything was beyond me, he would do it.
    Jackie, I love your story about the “queens”. Lord Byron could probably tell a few also. He lived quite a scandalous life and shocked a lot of people. His long poem “Don Juan” is very funny in places, naughty too. Maybe I’ll look it over after Thanksgiving, I could use a good laugh.

  168. Is anyone else failing to have their info be automatically entered on the Leave a Reply form? Apparently the latest version of my browser doesn’t do something the same as the previous one… and both allow(ed) cookies.

  169. Symply Fargone, I’ve been wondering what has become of you! You’re only peeking? You come right back and stay a while, please.

    Trucker Ron, several episodes of my “cookies” disappearing for no reason I could see, happened a few weeks ago, hasn’t happened for a while. My information on this site and on GoComics and on Facebook, others too, all vanished and I had to type them in again. Pain in the neck. Hope you make out okay.

  170. Symply! Come on in and sit a spell, won’t you?

    Ghost, thanks! I do love collecting recipes, and you’ve put up some good ones.

    I did see a reference on TDS this morning to a rather nasty comment made by someone, but the comment itself was missing. It’s good to know that someone over there is making the attempt to keep things a bit nicer over there.

    I hope everyone in The Village and their various relatives has a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

  171. Good morning Villagers….

    On TDS, there was a poster who was very mean, and one comment she/he made was way too below the belt. I am glad she/he is gone.

    So Jackie, I couldn’t fool you with the name “Spent Hen”? This morning I feel like it, I have allergies also and they are worse in the morning. My husband bought me some Musinex and cough syrup. I take a couple of generic Benedryl before bedtime each night. Take care of yourself because you need to take care of Mike. I’m glad your daughter is there with you.

    GR 😉 they say that the only two surviving things after a nuclear holocaust will be cockroaches and Keith Richards. 🙂

    And Simply, where have you Fargone at?

    New tires today, new tires today, new tires today….broke tomorrow, broke tomorrow broke tomorrow……….., I love my Izuzu Rodeo Sport…but I’ve never have taken the top off, she has a roll bar in it too…..maybe some day

    ya’ll have a blessed day

    ….emb, they have links on the top of the page to other pics of celebrities, dogs, memes (what ever that is).

  172. Important List

    . The most destructive habit. Worry

    . The greatest Joy. Giving

    . The greatest loss. Loss of Self-Respect

    . The most satisfying work. Helping Others

    . The ugliest personality trait. Selfishness

    . The most endangered species. Dedicated Leaders

    . Our greatest natural resource. Our Youth

    . The greatest ‘shot in the arm’. Encouragement

    . The greatest problem to overcome. Fear

    . The most effective sleeping pill. Peace of Mind

    . The most crippling failure disease. Excuses

    . The most powerful force in life. Love

    . The most dangerous pariah. A Gossiper

    . The world’s most incredible computer. The Brain

    . The worst thing to be without. Hope

    . The deadliest weapon. The Tongue

    . The two most power-filled words. “I Can”

    . The greatest asset. Faith

    . The most worthless emotion. Self Pity

    . The most beautiful attire. A Smile

    . The most prized possession. Integrity

    . The most powerful channel of communication. Prayer

    . The most contagious spirit. Enthusiasm

    . The most important thing in life. God

    author unknown

  173. I don’t understand why people riot when the legal system doesn’t produce the result they desire. It seems to me that people’s protests and the rioting are based on their feelings and preconceptions, not the legal evidence. In Ferguson, Missouri, the 12 people that heard the available evidence have said the policeman should not be tried for criminal action. Because of that there were cars and businesses burned or otherwise destroyed. How much of that property was owned by blacks, or how many of the people at risk were black?

    It is clear that as a society we still have much to do addressing race equality. I grew up in a racist South, where there was no equality. Since then there have been HUGE strides. Many of those changes were initiated with peaceful protests. More were the result of hard work and perseverance. None of the gains were ever achieved with riots.

    I don’t know the skin color of anyone here in the village, I don’t care. I am European/Amerind genetically and I live, have worked, and worship with people of many colors. Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Europeans are living together successfully. I hope that the current unrest doesn’t somehow undermine that progress.

    There is obviously an issue between police and young black men. I don’t know why that is– I’m an old, sick man and I don’t have any experience on the current streets. I can say that the young black men I do know are polite and productive members of society. The police officers I know of all colors are hardworking, honest, law enforcers. There is a disconnect somewhere, but it is beyond me. My supposition is that there are some bad kids and some bad cops. I have to trust our system to deal with those problems as they occur. It doesn’t seem like armed insurrection is yet required to regain the people’s rights.

  174. Symply went under the knife again! Fargone disk material keeps on trying to become a nerve so I was bedridden again, Hoping this one works….have been following every now and again….the concert business is going better than it was, in other words been losing money more slowly. Hoping that all are well here and thanks, I think it was Galliglo, for reminding me I had internet friends I had been neglecting. Happy Tuesday Villagers.

  175. Fargone, glad to see you again but sorry about the surgery. Hope you recover but come on over and we will share a crying towel with you anytime.

    Wouldn’t look at Yahoo yet for fear of the news but Mark’s comment told me all I needed to know and Mike will get up in a few hours and turn on Fox and I’ll hear some more. Such a tragedy. And I mean a tragedy for all, not just a few.

    Funny, I never think of what color, race, sexual persuasion or anything when I write to you all, just “friends”. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to see the world?

    Although if I were Mindy and someone were practicing “Imagine” that badly it might cause some annoyance!

    Later friends, love Jackie

  176. Jackie – If a bad rendition of “Imagine” was the worst of the world’s troubles, I would gladly hear it forever. Stay warm and safe all!

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