Midnight Confusions

April 30, 2011

This, from ten years ago this month. I honestly cannot tell you whether what I’m about to relate had anything to do with the idea for this strip, but I have to admit the possibility. When I was a boy, the British comic strip “Andy Capp” by Reg Smythe was becoming quite popular in the United States. The strip has been around a while now, but when it was introduced, in the day when Andy still smoked, the strip was quite ribald and different compared to its peers in post-war colonial newspapers, and we were allowed to laugh at his anti-social antics, because he was, after all, a foreigner. I remember one gag in particular, although I read it as a very young boy. Andy blunders home to a dark bedroom, tipsy no doubt, and crawls into bed. His wife Flo, from her side of the bed, asks, “Is that you, Andy?” He replies in the affirmative and then adds: “That was a funny kind of question.” Not even I can tell you what makes for comic strip humor, but I do know I never forgot that one.

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  1. I remember that Capp comic too. But Jimmy, you have far and away out performed all the comics I’ve read over my 70 years. I identify with so many, like the one here today. We are close in age and amazingly close in viewpoints and actions with a spouse. They do seem to get better as they age, don’t you think? I look forward to the next 10 years now that Viagra and Cialis are around. I wasn’t looking forward to trying to find powdered black rhino horn.

  2. This one should be paired with the strip where Janis asks, “Why do men always throw their shoes when they’re getting undressed?”

  3. Re 4-20-21 retro cartoon: I know a joke with the punchline “Is that you, Bubba?” I could not even begin to clean it up enough to tell it here.

  4. Does Arlo have a past, too?

    I don’t recall any strips that indicate that he does – at least not like the kind of past that Janis seems to have.

    • Sometimes you make more than you can eat, either because you plan to enjoy the BBQ for the next day or two, or because the smallest package of what you want to cook is more than you can eat in one sitting. As an example, if you’re barbecuing beef ribs, and live alone, one package of either long or short ribs is more than most people can finish in just one meal.

      • I don’t live alone. I live with my wife and 3 adult-size daughters. They can easily eat more good ribs or pulled pork than I can afford to fix. Had we had sons, it’d probably be worse!

  5. Last night I was Jackie Monies when I went to bed, as I was at breakfast this morning. Came back at 1.45 PM as Mark in TTown.

    Ghost says he is no longer haunted. My phone and both tablets still switch regularly.

    I eat two pork ribs or three ounces of brisket or pulled pork. A plate would feed me a long time.

  6. From The Department of Things I Never Thought I’d See: Large sign in front of a Eufaula business establishment…

  7. I had to evict Mark earlier Trucker!

    About Ludwig and meowing cartoon, I hear Skipper and Ghost conversing loudly all the time about food.

    • Skipper: Meooooooooooow! Meooooooooooow! Meooooooooooow!
      Ghost: You have food!
      Skipper: Meooooooooooow! Meooooooooooow! Meooooooooooow!
      Ghost: You have water!
      Skipper: Meooooooooooow! Meooooooooooow! Meooooooooooow!
      Ghost: I don’t know what you want! What do you want that you don’t have?
      Skipper: Meooooooooooow! Meooooooooooow! Meooooooooooow!
      Ghost: No! It’s too late! They’re already gone!
      Skipper: Meooooooooooow! Meooooooooooow! Meooooooooooow!

  8. Just when I thought the blog had stopped changing my name/address info, this morning I was suddenly Ruth Ann. Messing with my name is one thing; messing with my gender is something else.
    Although I must say I feel quite pretty today. 😀

  9. About COVID-19 vaccination, I wish the rest of America would go get theirs too. It would make me feel better.

    Went and got my hair trimmed and styled today. I feel ao much better slowly going back to normal. All my business friends have been hurt so badly. Hair dressers very badly.

    Good news is my right knee repair is scheduled for end of July. I have approval of my oncologist and orthopedist. The left leg has healed amazingly.

    Of course I have to pass several cardiac tests and get clearance from cardiologist. I have to get PET scan and bone density tests and pass for surgery. I am starting more physical therapy for left leg healing, plus PT for the right leg in advance of the surgery.

    We are all feeling very positive about this.

  10. Glad to hear of your progress Jackie. Keep up the good work, and many thanks to Ghost for helping you through all this.

    You talked about how this pandemic has hurt so many businesses. The Walmart near me had a hair salon, nail salon and a small McDonalds along the front of the store. The McDonalds had just been remodeled with all new furniture before the lockdowns started. Now all three have shut down completely and the spaces have for rent signs on them.

  11. Re 4-24-21 real-time cartoon: Yep, sure glad that period of enforced “doing nothing” is winding down, so we can get back to our normal* voluntary “doing nothing.”
    *Not that everything will return to normal…ever.

  12. “Six mistakes mankind keeps making century after century:
    Believing that personal gain is made by crushing others;
    Worrying about things that cannot be changed or corrected;
    Insisting that a thing is impossible because we cannot accomplish it;
    Refusing to set aside trivial preferences;
    Neglecting development and refinement of the mind;
    Attempting to compel others to believe and live as we do.”
    Since the quote is from Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 BC-43 BC), it seems we would have made more progress in remedying this.

  13. Thanks, Ghost. That was great!
    Huh. I’ve had to check myself back in a few times lately, it I don’t remember that I’ve been someone else before. But today my iPad thinks I’m Ruth Anne in Winter Park. We’ll see if it will let me get back to being Nancy K in AZ.

  14. Just reading an article about whether cats love us. Of coursr they do!

    Skipper loves Ghost. I come in second. He belonged to an elderly man who had Alzheimer’s and thought he was a stray. The home care aide brought him to me years ago to adopt but he wsd always distant to me.

    Now he loves Ghost completely and loves me since Ghost lovrs me. He shows love to both of us

    Jimmy shows love between Arlo, Ludwig and Janis in the same wsy.

  15. Like most folks we haven’t been traveling for the past year, but at least I seem to be getting around on the Village devices 🙂 Odd that no one has visited me.

  16. Ruth Anne just as Ghost had gotten you on his computer after thinking problem was solved, yesterday he got a bizarre name he did not recognize with weird email.

    I clicked on my phone to see who I was and same weird name and email was on mine simultaneously! Ghost thought it was a bogus hacker. I said maybe Jimmy was working on his program again?

    Were you doing that Jimmy? It was Saturday?

    Name vanished.

  17. Everybody wish Nancy K Happy Birthday. Facebook’s little birdie told me this morning.

    Hope you are having a Happy Birthday, Nancy.

  18. Rusty in Texas, do you still want my little Wooden Duck sailboat to play with? You don’t have to take it but you can stll have if so.

    Love, Jackie

  19. I am considering selling my Arlo and Janis original strips I purchased from Jimmy here. They are all professionally framed and alike. I can send photos of ones I own.

    They will not be cheap. All excellent of course.

  20. Started my rehab today for both legs. The broken left leg is rehab but right leg is prehab for surgery. Therspist says I am in great shape on. Both legs except right knee is totally gone! Doing about 2 hours e exercise at home each day.

    I am excited about surgery.
    Even excited to go to dentist tomorrow. COVID-19 has made strange things into outings.

  21. Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys. I will fill in the blanks here (on my laptop tonight) so you’ll know it truly is Nancy K in AZ saying so. (Not a very exciting one this year. Next year is the big 8-0.)

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