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Yesterday it was Milk Duds, and today it is popcorn. I sure hope they’re going Dutch! I’m running late; I have to go draw new cartoons now.

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  1. emeritus minnesota biologist on 15 Jan 2015 at 8:48 am #

    Pretty sunrise at OF site. No predictions for this morning yet. Peace, emb

    emeritus minnesota biologist on 15 Jan 2015 at 8:55 am #

    Dave, Thanks. Didn’t realize they were viewing a different comic. I presume the drawing was a deliberate gotcha.

    Peace, emb

    PS. Will there be any living readers who remember WWII when the current episode of 9CL is done? Do any dailies still carry the strip?

  2. Jackie, your day can only get better!

    Ghost, hope all is well.

    Jimmy, I will clean the junk drawer today in your honor. Kind of excited. I never know what I’ll find in there.

  3. Don’t know if Jimmy is watching shows on HGTV, but all of them make it seem so easy to remodel or buy a new house. My issue with the shows is that I think they tend to exaggerate the fussiness of the people looking. A few shows, the question is not which house they will buy, but how long the couple will be together after the show airs.

  4. Jackie, on your question from a day or so back, no, I am not Jeanne Robertson. She has a couple of inches and a few years on me, and she, back in her younger days, had brown hair where mine is (or was) red. Still, thank you for the complement!

    Rufus. When I was a little girl we lived in Augusta Ga, and one of our neighbors was a sergeant and a cook at the Army base (Fort Gordon). His name was Rufus G. Lynch, and one of the best men I have ever known.

    Trucker, I have had to learn to text as all three of my kids seem to prefer that over actually calling and talking.

    Ghost Sweetie, on your Observation #28, the problem comes in when your phone talks back to you! 🙂

  5. Love this cartoon. Poor Gene, like the dog chasing the car and not sure what to do once he catches it!

    Just to keep you non Facebookers in the know, our fan group is up to 590 members, up over 100 members since our mention here on the official blog. Thanks!

  6. Back from Tulsa and got the two skin cancers taken off my face and other than that, dermatologist gave two thumbs up. I made her laugh by telling her that Mike called her his hot doctor and was looking for body parts to have her cut off. Her husband is an orthopod in same clinic as my female doctor I am seeing tomorrow at 8 a.m.

    Told you all I was taking this seriously. Yesterday shocked the dentist no end by telling him I thought at 70 I wasn’t going to be a centerfold, so it was a little late to cap the two front teeth and have perfect teeth. Not sure about other improvements right now. There was an 85 year old in waiting room of dermatological clinic and she told me “Honey, you are going to step on those pants legs and trip, they are falling off you.”

    I told her I realized that but didn’t find it out until I was dressed and leaving house. Still funny, so they go into the give away pile on sofa which is growing. I am with A and J about giving it all away actually.

    Love, Jackie

  7. How to tell you’re old-I woke up a few minutes ago, fed the cats and thought that it was 5 am until just now when I looked at the time down in the corner of the screen. Oh well. It has been very overcast and drizzling rain for several days.

  8. Jerry, I do that all the time. Rarely sleep straight 8 hr., but need 9-10, so usually nap in the afternoon, 1-2+ hr. A late nap at 46+ N in Dec.-Jan means I wake up in the dark, confused. Has actually happened both ways, wake before sunup, and get ready to fix supper. Peace, emb.

  9. Then I’m in trouble, Jean dear. My phone does sometimes talk back to me. In fact, I just asked Siri, “What is the meaning of life?” The answer was, “All evidence to date suggests it’s chocolate.”

    Based on the pointless and insipid dialogue in 9CL, I’ve decided it’s really just an excuse for drawing salacious pictures.

  10. Sand, that WAS INTERESTING! I love food, will eat almost anything, almost. But some of those are unbelievable. Peruvian? Although it is good to know as an ex-Houstonian who can never get enough Vietnamese that a trip to Washington state will yield more than one satisfaction, all the pho I can eat, bun and spring rolls,but still some of those results are totally weird!

    Although I had the only duck tamales I ever ate in Utah within site of the arches, it was the photo of Bobby Flay embracing the chef that was a tipoff. But great food is to be had in any state. No Cuban? I am so looking forward to Cuban again in March and I am not flying to Cuba for it nor drifting on a boat, just going to Tampa and points south.

    I found the Cambodian food I ate not as good as Vietnamese but then it was a long way from a source of fresh herbs unless they grew their own.

    So, tomorrow while I am in Tulsa I need to hit an oriental market for bags of bean sprouts and herbs. My recently promoted “staff” can cook and is having fun with all the stuff I buy and bring in. And I keep feeling like Martha Stewart has come to work for me, which is just fine. I like that, in fact I love that.

    Ghost, how is your mom? You are being awfully quiet lately and I worry.

    Love, Jackie

  11. On 9 CL I concluded long ago that the only thing that would stop the endless saga of WWII porn was for the papers to drop Brooke or we all go “kill” Martine and Bill too to be safe.

    I am no prude but are children so inured with television porn now that they don’t notice this stuff? Repeat, I am no porn prude exactly, well not much anyway, but I cannot imagine how Martine performing oral sex a la Bill Clinton made it past the censors. Or is anything now allowed?

    This from the woman who just bought Charlotte’s Web for her grandson and decided I’d watch it again for me. I’d rather watch/read something really well done than poor plot, poor dialogue and mediocre drawing.

    However, I did buy Tom Cruise in Top Gun for myself and I will not tell Mike’s joke about me and cruises, not in good taste. Next project is to find out if we own a DVD player and how to work it.
    How many blondes does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    Love, Jackie

  12. Jackie, if you’re buying DVD’s, the best deals I’ve found locally are at the Barnes and Noble store. Just go and look through their sale racks. If it is something that is not popular within a narrow segment of their customers, it will be marked down till it sells. I have gotten Blu-Ray discs of Ray Harryhausen movies for under $10, the complete Mr. Bean tv series for around $20, etc. Oh, and the complete Rumpole of the Bailey for around $50 (it started out at $99).

  13. Jackie, “Maybe she and Bill will kill each other.” Bill cannot be killed. He marries Julie’s mother, who is early-pregnant with Julie, courtesy of the German officer/opera singer.

    Peace, emb

  14. EMB, I KNOW that but maybe it is Bill’s “evil twin” in the insane asylum, a look alike, and Edda can’t be sure it is really him because she knew him so briefly that his face isn’t what she does remember. And the real Bill has been killed by Martine and someone substituted in his place and the tombstone that Julia finds what seems like eons ago is where the REAL Bill really is but she is pregnant and needs a husband FAST.

    Well, that is how soap operas go and my plot is no more implausible and far fetched than Brooke’s nor more ridiculous. Elephants have died sooner than this arc will ever end. If there was ever a cartoon that needed a story board, 9 CL is it. I don’t think anyone remembers or much cares anymore!

    It’s like a Christmas fruitcake that keeps being regifted.

    Love, Jackie

  15. Mark, I knew who Mr. Bean was because of his Olympic appearance with Queen Elizabeth.

    Watching that clip, they should have had him marry Alice Tinker in the Vicar of Didley, good match up.

    All of the episodes of Rumpole of the Bailey? Oh my! I have been referred to more than once as She Who Must Be Obeyed. I own a Toby Jug that is the spitting image of Rumpole, but the funny part of it is that the jug dates back to way before there even was a Rumpole.

    Going to bed early I hope. I have an 8 a.m. appointment in Tulsa, maybe I should not bother to go to sleep but just stay up.

    Love, Jackie

  16. My point, exactly! Who is under that tombstone? Hence the ridiculous plot line I made up to explain it all. Or it could take a turn like all the ridiculous soap operas on t.v. and just explain it was all a dream and nothing really happened after Bill got wounded in the head at Normandy.

    Heck, they could all be a dream, even Roger, no one ever got born.

    Sorry your day was so bad Mindy. I hope you are paid well as I’d not want to do your job. But then none of us ever are paid well enough anyway for all the dirty work women do.

    Love, Jackie

  17. Pogo my possum is out munching cat kibble. He is a good looking possum, very young. The baker’s rack the kibble is on is level with my desk top, hence the good view. He just shoved the bowl off onto the porch. Kathud.

  18. Just went back to the site above and worked my way to where Bill slugs the Brit. colonel. I’d forgotten the details, and also the mysterious grave. Hmm. emb

  19. Ghost Sweetie, Denise is right-the answer to the ultimate question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is 42. And, if McEldowney is just drawing 9CL as an excuse for porn, is his supposedly very Christian play he wrote atonement?

    Ruth Anne, I always know where my towel is!

    Mark, McEldowney’s version of War and Peace? It wouldn’t surprise me. Then again, maybe he forgot where the plot was going, too.

    Jackie, I haven’t seen possums or raccoons eating the outside cats’ kibble lately, but there is a big orange cat that looks like Garfield that has been coming up and eating a bit every day or so.

    Indy Mindy, breathe in, breathe out, move on.

  20. Trapper Jean, and then again maybe Brooke is doing 9CL the way Donald Westlake wrote the Parker crime novels. He just sat down and started writing without a preconceived plot. Westlake told a friend, “If I don’t know what’s going to happen, neither will the reader.”.

  21. Busy day. Jackie, my Mom is doing remarkably well; nothing much to report there, right now. Thanks for asking. Also, I was going to wait until closer to your Redneck Riviera trip, but since you mentioned it now, I’ll tell you that a trip over to Pensacola to eat at Tu-Do Vietnamese Restaurant will be worth the drive. I’ll try to remind you before you go.

    Lady Mindy, perhaps Martine is buried in that cow pasture. We can only hope. (Sorry you had a sucky day, but remember…Karma owes you one for helping that lady.)

    As far as McEldowney’s work, I’m sure his wife and all his sycophants are telling him he’s doing just fine with 9CL and Pibgorn, and they (and his ego) are the only ones he listens to. (Pibgorn has even less plotting than 9CL but, thankfully, also usually has less dialogue.)

    Jean dear and Denise Marie: You were correct, Mmes. I asked Siri again, and she did indeed confirm that the answer is “42”. (I didn’t make that up,)

    Debbe 😉

  22. Jackie, be sure to stop a Dave’s Catfish in Pace and, to answer your question, one, if she screws it in tight. What? The light bulb! The light bulb!

  23. I had a light bulb joke, but upon reflection, I decided it would not be too bright to post it and didn’t.

    Hint: The punch line is “You can unscrew a light bulb.”

  24. Good morning Villagers…..

    Call me….’blond’, but I don’t get the answer “42” and why can’t you leave home without carrying a towel? 🙂

    Mark, I asked my BIL about the correct title of the book, and he told me the same. He has the book and said he would bring it to me when he makes a trip to his house. Yes, little Kyler reminds him of Little Red Chief….he loves the part where the kidnappers have to pay the father to take his child back.

    When I got home yesterday, I was taking my boots off by the door and had my slippers close by, Kyler picked up my slippers and tried to put them on my feet…..he is a hugger and a kisser too…..but, into everything, but he’s learning. He needs to be around other children and not two 60ish year old men who are being put through potty training. He has gone through two babysitters so far….does that tell you anything?

    The vet only had a 1:30 opening and I didn’t know if I could be home by 1:00 to take care of Kyler….so Hampton has a 3:00 appointment today. She was more active yesterday…to my relief.

    Jackie…what a way to wake up to…..your dog peeing on your leg and foot, you are so positive….I think I would have gone back to bed….after another shower though.

    GR 😉

    ya’ll have a blessed day…..and it’s PAYDAY 🙂

  25. Unless I’ve missed his posting, we haven’t heard from John in Richmond for a while, sending a prayer his way…………………………..Amen

  26. Debbe: don’t bother with the movie – read the books or watch the TV version that was done for the BBC and shown on PBS, if you can find it. The radio version was also good – my introduction to Douglas Adams, another creative person gone too young.

    On the subject of animal hair (a couple of days back), see today’s

    And as long as we’re making references that may be obscure to some, are there any Firesign Theater fans in the Village?

  27. Debbe, that would be Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Yes, definitely read the book, or watch the 1981 BBC version.

    I think the answer to the blonde joke is one-she holds the bulb and the world turns around her.

    Mark, I’ve not read those books, so I can’t say. I think McEldowney just gets so wrapped up in his own artwork that he forgets where he’s going, if he ever had a map.

    Ghost Sweetie, I know that joke. 😉

  28. oh hey, thank you I’m here. I wanted to mention a couple days ago about I think Jackie and GR6 talking about grocery stores remodeling. The Kroger “Marketplace” near me took out furniture and put in clothes and in so doing apparently some Harvard educated store designer totally rearranged where everything is on the canned, dry, box middle shelves, and it’s INSANE and illogical and the craziest was I saw some suits actually taking out all the ice cream, tossing it in baskets while it was thawing a little just so they could slightly move the brands and stuff up and down the freezer row a little. …. …. …. .. With my wife gone, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go into a Hobby Lobby or Michael’s again without crying. …. … The first year will be really hard, time for the yellow rumped warblers, time for the chickadees, the thistle feeder, the first robin. .. and I’ll be by myself at the Texas gubernatorial inauguration Tuesday, we would always stop on the way home at “Must Be Heaven” in Brenham for pie.

  29. Jean dear, I suspected you would. 😉

    John, as I’ve said, remember the joy, forget the sadness. And as I also said, don’t let grief do weird things to you. It did to me.

    Still praying for you.

  30. John, every day I try to face another challenge and not just crawl back into bed in my pajamas but I think today I’m going to lose. I have managed to catch a virus or flu which isn’t hard for me to do, they usually catch me and I still don’t have flu shot. I am miserable, going to eat something so I can take my insulin and meds and call the pharmacy to see if I have a Z pack on file still. Yeah, two doctors write me Z packs to be used at my discretion.

    Ghost is right, try and find things that are happy, things you can laugh at, memories that are funny or make you smile. Last night I sat here and watched the Village People who I had NEVER seen, then another guilty pleasure, listened to ABBA for awhile and yes, it made me laugh.

    Yesterday I got the newspapers in mail with my mom’s and Mike’s obituaries and despite fact I wrote them, they were so hard to read. I was married to one of the best looking men who ever lived and one of the most beloved, a hard thing to lose, certainly irreplaceable. You may feel the same about your wife I am sure. But I love people and men are people so if someone makes you happy to be around them, don’t avoid them.

    I made the comment I didn’t think I could ever go in certain restaurants or places again and my daughter (who has a psychology degree) said you can’t do that, you and dad and grandmother ate everywhere, traveled everywhere. You can’t just sit home and avoid where you went or what you did. So, I am trying.

    But I still haven’t walked into the Boat Palace in the back yard.

    Love, Jackie

  31. Information on 42 was absolutely incredible. I should have paid more attention to those mathematician friends who stood at the blackboards posting math challenges at each other and slapping their sides in glee.

    I woke up this morning thinking about the television show “Lost” which I watched infrequently and could seldom follow for it’s intricate plots. Thinking maybe life really is like that show, it is all happening in the opening and closing of an eyelid. Checked to see if I had a fever to go with the cold hands and feet and if I was actually still alive?

    Started a yellow legal notepad list of recommended restaurants for me to visit. Tore off the page that listed all the things I had to do for mom’s and Mike’s funerals and put it in trash.
    Kept the list with songs I was considering for music for services. I am a list maker and always have been.

    Feeling miserable and snotty ended my idea of going to Tulsa on Saturday to the symphony, that and having no earthly idea anyone who’d enjoy going with me outside of the residents of the Village. I hate today’s radio shows on commercial radio so listen to NPR when I can and am buying CD’s for vehicles. Need to get out the owner’s manual and learn to operate the radio and CD, heck I used to teach little old ladies how when I sold Lincolns!

    Next project, set up Siruis radio or something like it as we seem to own one and membership.
    I will have to rent a young child to teach me about tech today.

    Love, Jackie

  32. That is like the boat designer’s joke by the late, great Phil Bolger, (Thing Master and Commander) “Boat designers take a vow of poverty, like joining a religious order” and another designer friend added “But without the vow of celibacy”.

    Love, Jackie

  33. Jackie
    When on line go to MPR classics
    They also have a “current” station

    Re: 9CL like Life – it is the trip not the destination. Was it Calvin or Hobbs that
    said it was not a race to see who got to the end first?

    As for Pibgorn we used to have “The Couch” very much like the “Village”
    We even got to meet each other while traveling.

    “May you be in heaven a half hour before the Devil knows you are gone”


  34. Denise, having your towel is especially important when you exit the tub or shower. Just ask Janis. If she didn’t have hers then, Arlo would probably cause her to be “late for work” five days a week. 😉

    Just noticed something on that map…the way the red spreads from Idaho roughly across the US to the northeast. I’ve been reading the “Breakers” series of novels, a pretty fair dystopian tale which begins with a manufactured virus that kills off over 99% of the world population. It was nicknamed “The Panhandler” because the initial outbreak occurred in the panhandle of Idaho.

    Hope life doesn’t imitate art in this case.

  35. John in Richmond, with time, bitter can become bittersweet; with enough time, sweet. Spoken from experience and the passage of half a lifetime.

  36. Ghost, hope it’s not Captain Trips, either. (The Stand by Stephen King). At least we know it’s not the zombie virus of John Ringo’s books since nobody is ripping their clothes off and then trying to eat the people around them!

  37. Alas, no update on Gene today. Like the protagonist in “The Pit and the Pendulum,” he is aware of movement… closer and closer. As Poe relates:

    ” …within three inches of my bosom! I struggled violently, furiously, to free my left arm.”

    Sounds like Gene’s situation, all right… except I suppose it would be his right arm. I bet his Telltale Heart is beating loudly! 😉

  38. I was excited when I learned you could listen to music on youtube and still write, read and type on computer. Duh! Dumb blonde for sure.

    Since I am getting ready to start writing again I will enjoy that. No, not the sex scandalous southern girl memoirs a la Blanche Devorioux but a series of articles about sailboats and the Everglades Challenge down in Florida which I am planning on attending in March.I have an assignment now to do it.

    I am like the talking dog, it is remarkable that I do it at all, much less well. If I ever run out of monohull sailboats to write about I could learn a new category like kayaks or Hobies.

    Love, Jackie

  39. Jackie, be sure to let us know how to find your boating articles when they are posted. i’m sure some here would enjoy reading them. (Me, for instance.)

    And if you change your mind about writing the “sex scandalous southern girl memoirs”, let me know where to find those as well. 😉

  40. Legal Washington cultivators report pot shops are over-supplied with their product. By like 80%. Wasn’t growing cannabis supposed to be a no-fail, get-rich-quick strategy? Hahahahahahah!

  41. GR6, there is a reason it is nicknamed “weed,” it is fast growing and easily spread. 😉 Guess you could classify this as another pot bust. 😉

  42. Anyone know the shelf-life of ganja? Will they have to have clearance sales? Inventory reduce sales? Start having January “Green Sales”?

  43. The retro cartoon of Susan getting closer and closer to Gene reminded me of something that happened to me a few years ago. Administration had “volunteered” management to attend a last-minute-requested photo op, ah, critical information communication stop on our campus by our local Congress-critter. (At least they didn’t make us stand behind him, prop-like, as POTUS seems wont to do.)

    It was wintertime and so-spur-of-the-moment that the large meeting room at our annex had only had time to heat up to about 60 degrees, so it was definitely chilly in there, even with the addition of all the hot air coming from the podium. The room was also short of chairs so, gentleman that I am, I moved to the back wall of the room and leaned against it, doing my best to help hold it up, where I was joined by one of my fellow managers.

    She was new with the organization, and I was just getting to know her. The next thing I knew, she was pressing against my left side rather closely, in an attempt, I assumed, to conserve body heat. Unlike Gene, I knew it wasn’t my imagination…she was soon leaning against me hard enough that I had to lean back toward her to maintain my balance. (Not that I minded, not being one to let a good lean go to waste when the leaner was pneumatic and pulchritudinous, and smelled really nice to boot.)

    When the wind-up Congress-critter finally ran down and the meeting ended, we stood up straight and I looked down at her. She smiled knowingly up at me, and I smiled back. I never did figure out exactly what was going on there. Although I’d probably have asked her out if she’d not been married.

  44. GR6, what is the possibility that the “weed” surplus is a direct result of eliminating the predators from the loop? Over production was necessary to meet demand when law enforcement was actively chasing producers. Now it all lands on the store shelf.

  45. sand, could be, although I understand one of the explanations offered for the surplus in stores is that many people seem to still be utilizing their sources from pre-legalization days. For sentimental reasons, I’m sure. And, oh yeah, because they don’t have to pay state tax on that product. Who’d have ever thought recreational marijuana users wouldn’t be good citizens and cheerfully pony up the government’s cut of the proceeds?

  46. And on top of that, I believe that Federal law still forbids banks from allowing credit/debit card/checking transactions to pot sellers, so the shops are basically cash-only operations. The state tax people’s heads must be on the verge of exploding.

    “When something sounds too good to be true…”

  47. Good evening all, I am up, help left after they made sure I took my blood sugar and insulin and ate something. She cooked lunch for me, I crawled back in bed and she planted bulbs.She found some bulbs in one bed and I told her those were Charlie’s daffodils. Charlie is a fox hound and one year he got tired of waiting for me to ever plant anything, dug a hole and buried a bad of daffodils after opening them.

    I get curiouser and curiouser as Alice used to say, Ghost what were you doing in that place of higher learning? Teaching English? I know what your coworker was doing.

    Got my AARP magazine today. Do you by any chance look anything like Kevin Costner? That beard photo you sent of the model for facial hair had a beard that looked a lot like the one Kevin is sporting on cover of AARP. He is 11 years younger than I but I would risk being accused of stealing from the cradle.Which is what Mike always said I did, he being two years my junior.

    Love, Jackie

  48. Do free lance pot dealers take checks and credit cards? Here in Oklahoma they say all our paper money tests positive for drugs. The joke about people paying large amounts of cash is that it will smell like it has been buried in a can in the back yard.

    When I was out paying for a coup[le thousand worth of fried chicken, in cash, in the parking lot, the owner who is a preacher suddenly realized we looked like a drug deal going on. I told him not to worry, the police would confiscate the “evidence” and eat it all while searching for the hidden drugs.

    Love, Jackie

  49. Just tried to get Urban Spoon to pull up best seafood restaurants in Mississippi and not one anywhere near the coast came up! The ones in Vicksburg, Natchez, Columbia, inland locations I have just about eaten in them all (or not but know) Are there no places reopened yet actually on water?

    Trying Alabama next. Love, Jackie

  50. Jackie, “campus” may also mean “a large, usually suburban, landscaped business or industrial site”.

    Is this the Kevin Costner photo you saw?

    No, I don’t have the “neck beard” part of his facial foliage; mine doesn’t have that much dark in it (didn’t when I was in my 30’s); and I wouldn’t say I look too much like him. But I don’t look like George Takei, either.

    Have I mentioned that my favorite “modern” Western movie is “Silverado”?

  51. Yep, that’s it. Great Costner photo. I really have always liked Kevin Costner and I used to joke it was in his contract that he got to have a boat in every movie of some sort, even those set in Western locales. Still great facial hair. I have been known to actually watch Waterworld because of Costner. Of course, it helps that most of the men I know either love or hate Waterworld but have all seen it.

    Forget urban Spoon, my kids “thing” I went to Coastal Living and found a great review of all Southern states coastal seafood dives, listed and giving locations. I was delighted to find out Lulus had barged that falling down building to a new location and not burned it down.

    He does awesome acting too.

    Love, Jackie

  52. Will skip OSU (I read it Sand just now) comments. Ghost, that Blowfly Menu was great! Banana pudding with lunch! One of the photos flashing by looked like it might be calamari or onion rings al fredo!

    Seriously, that one goes on the go to list for sure!

    I totally love sea food over all else, so living inland here in the great ocean of grassland and no see food is a sacrifice I try to make up for by traveling.

    Haven’t been in Biloxi Gulfport in a while, a couple years after Katrina and it was so awful I just couldn’t face it again. No casino fan here.

    Love, Jackie

  53. Obviously Baby Sister isn’t still operating out of the waterfront shack I remembered! Thanks, Ghost. So Hattiesburg has good food too?

  54. Long ago I used to have a good customer in the Pappas chain of restaurants in Houston. I can remember those kinds of waits for a table and the volume of covers they did, the money their waitstaff made. They solved the turn away problem by putting about three of their restaurants in same piece of property and would shift people to another with a shorter wait. Clever marketing.

    Love, Jackie

  55. Lulu’s is now on the north side of the Inter-Coastal Canal and just east of where the canal bridge crosses it.

    Yep. I’d recommend any of Robert’s three places in Hattieburg. And Letha’s BBQ to the west of town. I think I mentioned finding their original old-house-on-the-river-bank location when passing through Columbia MS many years ago. Some good places in the old but now gentrified part of downtown, too.

    I got myself a case of the “hongries” thinking about all that good food. I think maybe I’ll put on a pot of marinara sauce. Some chicken parm would sure hit the spot tomorrow.

    Speaking of chicken parm, another place I like in Pensacola is The New Yorker Cafe and Pizzeria. I’ve not even tried their pizza (though they look and smell delicious) because I can never resist their chicken parm…unless it’s for their Reuben sandwich.

  56. Saw that location last time I drove past. Or noticed it? I think going east we didn’t have boat finished and rushing to arrive and finish in parking lot, going west we were worn out and ready to get home. I will not be dragging boats this year, just me.

    Weight Watchers no longer meets in our town! Full of obese people but chapter has disappeared, see previous beginning of statement.

    I guess I will have to sign up for the one 25 miles south or 25 miles north. Let’s see: south I will be in town with wellness center and pool, north I will be in town with Walmart?

    Do you do chicken parmesan with flattened cutlets or with whole bone in chicken pieces? I like cutlets pounded thin, Mike always liked bone in. Ruebens should be declared a National Treasure, especially if they cure their own pastrami.

    I am drinking a Diet Coke and had hummus and whole wheat pita chips, natural roasted almonds and a couple slices of bacon honey ham which I shared with ten lb. dog on my desk. I am getting hungry but going to bed with stuffy nose and aches and pains! And dog.

    Love, Jackie

  57. I could never abide Diet Coke, but I do now drink Coke Zero and like it. I think I could have kicked heroin more easily than I gave up “real” Cokes

  58. Debbe 😉 Back in the day, when I was working a hotel front desk shift at nights and working on my flight instructor ticket in the daytime, I also did some relief bartending. We had a good selection of oldies on the house juke box, and on nights when it was late and I was tired and the tips hadn’t been that good, I’d go over and play this song, written by a former Army chopper pilot and sung by a lady from Oklahoma. It seemed to always thin out the crowd, as most of the couples got up and left to go somewhere else, to do something else, I supposed.

    Oh, and Happy Pay Day, hon.

  59. This house is full of good healthy food and I am fighting a tendency to not eat at all. Know I admitted to having gone through periods of anorexia in past, which seems strange, given that I love food, restaurants, eating out, eating in, cooking. Love to read cookbooks, recipes, restaurant reviews, blogs, all about food.

    Would love your cutlets I know, Ghost. Is your mallet the stainless steel one with a round disk like face and a smooth surface? honestly, I like the chicken and sauce and can skip the pasta part, which is not to say I don’t love pasta too. Do you make fresh pasta? I miss being able to buy fresh pasta and I never mastered running the dough through the wringer!

    My “staff” cooked pork chops and brown rice for me today in a slow cooker. Tasty but looked awful, even she said that. I did not let out a peep that she had used premium thick cut grilling pork chops in the slow cooker. She is having a good time and I am eating.

    Love, Jackie

  60. Yep, stainless steel, smooth on one side and “hobnailed” on the other. Used to make my own pasta, need to get another machine and do that again. No comparison between fresh and dried.

    All new staff takes a little training.

    And then there was the C&W “My Wife Done Left Me in My Pickup Truck and Tooken My Dog with Her, and I Sure Am Gonna Miss That Dog” type of beer-drinkin’ juke box music that was good for bar business. 🙂

  61. You should be ashamed Ghost!I started listening to that and ended up with Waylon Jennings and “Are You Sure Hank Done It This A Way?” Natural progression.

    I always enjoyed the “Perfect Country and Western Song”. How about “Prop Me Up Against the Jukebox?” Or “I’ve Got Friends in Low Places?” OK, I am an old time country and western junkie but I remember when Allan Jackson won for best new artist and George Strait a fresh faced new artist as well, now they are senior citizens.

    Favorite “Trashy Women” and “She Never Cried When Ole Yellow Died”.

    And to think I thought I’d go to Tulsa Symphony tomorrow before I caught this virus?

    Love, Jackie

  62. My nominee for Best Ever Name for a C&W Song: “I Don’t Want a Mansion Down in the Valley, I Just a Shack Up in the Hills.”

    Don’t forget Ray Price. The man could sell a song.

  63. Back in the 60s & 70s “hemp” grew wild as a “weed” in ditches and fence rows
    (and might still) in southern MN – it was cultivated for rope during WWII.

    All food is “genetically engineered” It just has been done over multiple generations
    (animal & vegetable not human) as most of you know.

    Jackie – I can listen to the stream and enjoy the “Village” at the same time.
    I just open a new window on my Mac – must be the same on a PC.
    This is Only For You ==

  64. Jackie, Anthony’s Steak and Seafood 1217 Washington Ave, Ocean Springs, Miss. The outside is interesting because of the huge oak trees (you can see a picture on their website), the food is excellent and it probably has the best view of the water, boats, etc. that I’ve ever seen. It is a little pricey, but in my opinion well worth it. I’ve been there three times.

  65. Loved Ray Price, Ghost, actually saw him perform with Houston Symphony! See, two licks with one cow.

    That might not be a country expression you’ve heard before? Or it may have been with one tongue but that didn’t sound right somehow.

  66. Two licks with one cow is a variant one “Lick the calf over” which was used regularly by my Granny who raised me and others I grew up around.

  67. Wore size 8 bottoms and a large top, had Texas big hair, REALLY long fingernails, wore really high heels and often very short skirts! Or skirts that were long but not many buttons. And never left the house without full makeup.

    Then I got really bad lupus/RA and everything went to double toothpicks and back. Just was looking at some old photos of me for encouragement, both the good and the bad.

    On a positive note, has anyone seen the new Kirstie Alley as a result of Jenny Craig? News today. Sure looks like more than a 50# loss to me. That was encouragement but not enough for me to shell out for Jenny Craig food.

    Unless you are Honey Boo Boo’s trashy mama you are going to aim for Kirstie Alley’s trashy woman look!

    Love, Jackie

  68. Bernadette Peters is melodious but that dress and body were mesmerizing! Then I went on to watch her sing and dance to “All That Jazz”. I love her. Also Old Bear’s song. So beautiful.
    I love women with those strong, perfect voices, trained for broadway, opera, not just bubblegum fluff and mouthing lyrics.

  69. Louise Tucker is a trained mezzo soprano – she did only 2 albums 1982 & 1983.
    Since then she has done only opera

    I fell in love with her voice back then – on the album jacket she looks like a lady you would not want to mess with.

    Off to the arms of Morpheus.


  70. My big hair was never that big!

    I got distracted too, went to Dame Judi Dench singing Sondheim in A Little Night Music and then her singing Cabaret which I did not realize she had originated. I guess because I have only seen her recently on PBS I didn’t realize she was a singer.

    Somehow I got to Chicago and Cell Block Tango and All That Jazz, I will end up staying up all night watching musical numbers!

    Love, Jackie

  71. Good morning Villagers….

    Got a secret to tell you all…..when I wake up, I wake up depressed. I just do.

    I grab my coffee, check…..and come here…..and then I begin to smile.

    Thanks… I said, you all are fam damily.

    love to all…..

    Jerry, if I didn’t know better, I would think you were buying that surplus in Washington….and yes, I would like to hear the rest of the story 🙂

    GR 😉 I do love that song

    Gall and Ruth Ann 🙂 thank you

  72. I am a little late to the party (some of us get to sleep at night, unlike Debbe and some others in this village) but wanted to share a hemp story or two.

    Old Bear: Speaking of “hemp”, our property was used in WWII to grow rope hemp as well. The ditch on two sides of the yard still has some of it crop up from time to time. We were able to train our youngest daughter (now 36 years old) quite well on recognizing the stuff. Also, when I was a student at Indiana University in the mid to late 1960’s some students planted weed in the flower beds around the State Police post in Bloomington, Indiana. It grew well for several years before being discovered and removed, if I remember correctly.

  73. Some of us have trouble sleeping SAM, thus nocturnal visits or early morning. I am going to try to get back to sleep though. Debbe, I relate to depression and opening the door to the Village for a visit, hard to leave too.

    SAM, there is an ornamental plant often grown in Victorian gardens whose name escapes me right now but it bears a striking resemblance to hemp and perhaps it was? Often used as a large tall plant in middle of ornamental, structured flower beds with graduated smaller flowers working out toward edges, Victorian design style.

    Anyway, when I sold silk flowers the Chinese made a foliage plant that was supposed to be this plant but which those who would recognize it swore was actually hemp foliage. We never sold many of them so I have no idea why the Chinese manufacturers kept making the thing or why our buyers even placed orders?

    Love, Jackie

  74. Think I mentioned when I was an ag student in the early 60’s we had a student in ag classes from a wealthy Mexican family who just did not fit the mold for a farmer, horticulturalist, animal industry or any other type of ag industry. He always joked that his family had sent him to America to learn modern crop production to return home and improve their main product, which apparently was marijuana and cocaine at the time.

    He wasn’t joking.

    Love, Jackie

  75. GR, “Help Me Make It Though the Night” is a great favorite and I didn’t say so. I ended up looking for Kris doing it himself in that gravely voice.

  76. Ghost before the days of diet anything I had a heavy Coke habit, more than 20 a day usually nonstop, when I first became anorexic because I’d drink Coke and skip eating most of the time.
    Do you know how many empty calories that is? Anyway, one of my friends told me he had the perfect guy for me as his family began Coke. Which turned out to be true more or less and thus began a long off and on relationship that ended badly of course. I still have the Coke habit!

  77. Jackie, I believe that very sexy and glamorous photo of Bernadette Peters was from “Pennies from Heaven”. The pneumatic and pulchritudinous Ms. Peters does indeed do cheesecake good. Real good.

  78. As a 15 year-old I was fascinated by all those fairies wearing mostly body paint. But it was on PBS and was the Royal Shakespeare Company doing it, so my mom said it was “cultural” and told us to watch it while she and Dad were out…

  79. Ron: that is a good version of Midsummer Night’s Dream and Dame Judi’s costume, or lack of it, is quite interesting. Hard to beat the 1939 version with Mickey Rooney as Puck and Cagney as Bottom, however.

  80. No mustard, no ketchup, no ajiki, no soy sauce, no sriracha sauce, no wasabi…

    Reminds me, must make a pot of marinara sauce or a pot of chili…or both.

  81. Here’s a bit of trivia from IMDB about that production:

    During filming of Oberon and Titania against a raining backdrop, one of the young men operating the hoses (to simulate rain) was so distracted by the nearly nude beauty of Judi Dench that he lost track of his hose, which blasted Ms. Dench and Ian Richardson into the adjacent lake, from which they had to be rescued by the crew.

    I just recalled just how much my little brother was fascinated by what bounced and how much there was bouncing when the fairies ran about the screen. 🙂

  82. Ruth Anne et al.: We had an Old Vic LP with Mendelssohn’s incidental music. Two whole LPs. Stanley Holloway was Bottom. Moira Shearer? as Titania, xxx Helpman? as Oberon. Heard it lots of times. Holloway was excellent, as he was of course as Mr. Dolittle in MFL.

    Peace, emb

  83. Guess those dreams I was having so horribly may be like those Lost plots. Just took my blood sugar which was 42. No insulin for me and maybe I need a big glass of orange juice instead of this Diet Coke. Or maybe a REAL Coke.

    Am eating a pimento and cheese on WW sandwich with the Coke but probably need a sliced orange or a glass of OJ. I have both now. In fact, I could be rescued many times over provided I am awake and alive.

    Jerry, I want you to tell me how you attended a car show where I assume you were showing one and you had died the previous month.

    I thought Judi Dench was most attractive wearing body paint. I do love Shakespeare and also opera and ballet, so have seen more than one version of the plot. But I had been floored when Texas had English interpretations of opera along with the language being sung in.

    Then I swear I went to a Shakespearean presentation where they used same thing to “translate” the language to Texan. I may have made that story up but they do use it now to translate Southern dialect on the reality shows into English.

    Love, Jackie

  84. When I started doing window displays seriously and studying it, I became a fan of a dying art form. One of most brillant I ever saw was here in Tulsa at Miss Jackson’s, a very Rodeo Drive kind of place. They had entire floors of windows covered in colored fall leaves and the wood nymphs and fairies were rising from the forest floors through the leaves and the mannequins were totally covered in fall leaves and nothing else! Body parts coming out of ground!

    Neimans did one along same lines once using hundreds of thousands of monarch butterflies because I sold them some of the monarchs.

  85. Added two delicious oranges to lunch and am up to 97 now. Of course, I never know if I am to now take the insulin or not? Good question for specialist whom I am seeing this month.

  86. Remembered Hair also, Sand. Now I can’t remember why we were all “shocked” but I also do remember being shocked at a big screen closeup of a giant nude breast (ok give me awhile and I will remember whose it was and movie) in wide screen cinemascope in the earlier 1960’s. I actually didn’t know what it was when it first came on screen across entire screen.

  87. Jackie, I’m glad you got your blood sugar up quickly! And also glad you’ll be seeing a specialist soon. If you don’t have an appetite for regular meals, perhaps frequent nibbles would be more appealing.

  88. Denise, that is what I am trying to do actually. I have some kind of virus/nose running and fell asleep but it wasn’t for so long I thought. Plus I am learning to check blood sugars before I fall asleep and just as soon as I wake up. I won’t fall asleep if it is falling actually. Who out here has plunging blood sugars or has had? I am testing so often now the insurance company will think I am addicted to poking myself!

    I know, whole grains and a small amount of protein to hold sugars more constant. I went and bought Glucerna snack cookies/granola bars and shakes too, plus an assortment of protein bars and drinks I can use.

  89. Sand, it was Ursula Andress’ breast in “The Blue Max”. The oranges restored the blood sugars to my brain cells. In 1966 and I did not know that was considered one of top 100 war films of all times. I just remembered the breast!

  90. Ok guys. I’ll keep it as short as possible but for you to understand I have to tell you some history. Along the way I won’t give my last name but chances are that someone will realize that they know me. Shortly after I moved to Pensacola in ’85 I happened across a car show and asked someone if there was a club involved. Thus I met Robert Beck who was a wonderful friend for many years. I joined the Panhandle Cruisers and over the years held every office in the club. Yes I do have a 1972 something. We enjoyed having a place where we could gather every Saturday night, talk and look at everybody’s cars. It wasn’t limited to the club and grew to be a pretty big deal. After a few years of moving around we found a shopping center parking lot which included a fast food franchise and it worked well. In the early years of my involvement I volunteered to play music at these gatherings. It started out with a table, some basic equipment and cassette tapes. Eventually we had a large trailer, great equipment and I had a very large collection of cd’s. Now keep in mind that I did this for a long time, over 12 years at the shopping center alone. I played just about every style and era of music, but not just the ’50’s because they heard that everywhere else that they went. To be honest I was constantly asked to play at weddings, etc. but I rarely did that. I did play at the Strawberry Festival and such. My playing for the club was voluntary and I just did it because I enjoyed it and, frankly, I didn’t want to listen to someone else’s music. Now to back up a bit. The only name that I shared with my father was our middle name. I am not a junior. We were also not a common name like Smith or Jones. I’ll skip the details, but after moving to the next county I discovered that there was a man that lived there that was my father’s age, was also retired military and had exactly the same name AND his son was only a couple of years younger than me and had the same name as me. I never met either one although I did meet Jerry’s sister once. Since my phone was unlisted I asked her if he got calls for me and she said all the time. After all those years of playing music I decided to retire from that and club politics were not going to suit me either so when I stopped playing music I also eventually dropped out of the club and stopped going to the get togethers. Yes, eventually I saw in the obituaries that Jerry’s father died. One day a couple of years later I surprised to find my name in the obituaries. It was short but mentioned that he liked old cars. I expected a few phone calls there were none until a friend of mine in Tenn. called me and said that he had just received a call telling him that I had died. Since I had just talked to him the day before he informed tem of their error. In the meantime, as part off their monthly newsletter they included a glowing obituary of my fine years of service to the club. Well, I couldn’t pass up on that so I showed up and walked around observing the dropping jaws. I then went to the music trailer and manned the microphone. I can’t remember it all but basically I said that I wanted to thank the Panhandle Cruisers for their kind expressions of sympathy on the occasion of my having recently passed away. I knew that I hadn’t been feeling well, but My God, I had no idea it was that serious. I thought that it was only fitting that I play the following song in my honor and I played “Prop Me Up By the Jukebox”. That’s it.
    od, I had no idea it was that serious.

  91. Just looked up “The Blue Max.” Don’t recall seeing it, sure Ursula would have left a lasting brain imprint. Did notice in the still shots that she never goes anywhere without her towel. 😉

  92. Jerry – That is awesome! And excellent song selection I might add. 🙂 I would have loved to see everyone’s expressions when you came rolling in. My grandfather shared his name with three other fellows in Fort Wayne. He and the one gentleman had enough similarities that the two kept casual contact – either to give the other a head’s up if something major had happened, and be able to give directions to the other’s home. And to my knowledge, they never did ever meet each other in person. It delighted me to no end as a child to see my grandpa’s name on the list of numbers on the wall with other important numbers.

  93. My great aunt called one evening and obviously she had first tried to get my number through information. When Jerry answered she asked if he was so and so’s son and of course he said yes. She said that they had an interesting conversation for awhile.

  94. Was supposed to say he loved that Cary Grant line to Grace Kelly, in reply to do you want a thigh or a breast? that he was a breast man, “To Catch A Thief”. Might as well have a little class here.

  95. How could I not remember The Blue Max? It featured fighter planes and Ursula Andress’s breasts. She did seem rather fond of her towel, didn’t she? And I’m sure it was quite fond of her.

  96. I do remember that it was based on the Red Baron tales, just as Snoopy fought from his dog house. But I do remember the aerodynamics and stunt flying even today. That was not long after my days hanging around air show stunt pilots and crop dusters, a similar breed.

  97. Oh, Jackie…the Cheyenne Social Club. One of my favorites, too. Where should I start? Perhaps with the observation that being a frontier doctor had some benefits I had not considered before I saw that movie. (One of my all-female staff members loves that movie, too. She and I often exchange observations about the “spicy” parts.)

    I wonder if Doc Adams on Gunsmoke got the same deal when he “attended to” Miss Kitty’s saloon girls. (Miss Kitty was a madam, right?)

  98. Do not forget the doctoring in “The Reivers” and the smell that reminds the old doctor of the brothels.

    Man, it is wonderful to have friends who remember and liked the same things you do!

    Ghost, that all female staff keeps intriguing me.

  99. Thank you Jerry, it is on my big legal yellow note pad! I will be going back to Red Neck Riviera in May as well for the Florida 120 which will have a cancer fund raiser in Mike’s honor, so any I don’t get to on first trip I plan to hit on second go round. I will print out directions and information closer to departure, so keep suggesting places for me.

  100. Somehow that would not bother me if you were, Ghost. I think you’d have a classy escort service if you did. You just simply strike me as the selective sort! Very upscale and uptown.

  101. Incidental intelligence [CIA definition]: The high today was +32 to 33F in some places, a January thaw. Also, this comment was on the weather channel: “The most recent low temperature is above the average high for this date.” Low last night was probably about +20 F. I’ve not yet looked at the last 1-2 hours’ posts. Peace, emb

  102. #$%^#!!! This is why I am not asleep with my achy body! I got blood sugars up to 162 with rescue food, then took my insulin at a much reduced rate and here I am back at 59 again.

    So I go make myself dinner and try to bring up the sugars before taking any insulin. This is a pretty new experience for me after years of higher readings, to suddenly be crashing. My endocrinologist appointment is next week I think. I need to go have blood drawn this week for him.

  103. I always enjoyed Gunsmoke. When I was in eighth grade, I had a very emotional English teacher who was very easily upset – even to the point of tears sometime. We all liked her, but some of the boys tended to push her buttons. She was an older lady, so maybe she was going through “the change” at the time. Anyway, somehow the conversation got on the subject of Gunsmoke and someone mentioned Miss Kitty, referring to her as Matt Dillon’s girlfriend. Good ol’ Mrs. L. began to bluster and burst out, “Well, everybody knows that Miss Kitty is nothing but a PROSTITUTE!” All of us were quite taken aback – and no one had anything else to say about Gunsmoke in that class! Frankly, I had never even considered that before, but knew it was true as soon as she said it!

  104. The weeping lady painting [TIP BlogSpot] is “Apres la faute.” = after the mistake / misunderstanding / ??. Couldn’t find a translation as “fight.” Related to “il faut que” = it is necessary [and such].

  105. TruckerRon – He totally nailed it. What cracked me up is how every time someone was watching, he was straight up, all business officer. As soon as the coast was clear … girl power! ? He made my day. And considering the week I had, I needed that video.

  106. Jerry in Fl — Thank you very much for the amazing story that we requested! My goodness, the twists and turns, the ins and outs and I guess, the “backstory”. You were most kindhearted to go over all that, to amuse your friends in the Village, and you know what? We really are amused! And some of us need amusing to distract us and cheer us up.

    I don’t have any story to equal that, but having so many guys with the exact same name is really remarkable! Thanks again for revealing the story and entertaining the Villagers.

  107. I did a little research, and according to the InterWebNet, the cost of female companionship in the West in the 1870s and 1880s ranged from twenty-five cents to one dollar, depending on category. Interestingly, American women commanded the one dollar fee and a Frenchwoman only 75 cents. (Sorry, Martine.)

    Typically, saloon girls like Miss Kitty’s would pay her half of their fee, plus five to twenty dollars per week for room and board. So the girl had to stay busy to make ends meet…so to speak. And yes, the consensus is that Miss Kitty was indeed just a well-dressed trollop with a heart, or something, of gold.

    I also learned what a Hurdy Gurdy girl was.

  108. You are very welcome. I had no idea that anyone would be interested. I may have friends that I’ve been out of touch with for a long time who still think that I’m dead. No creditors, lawyers, or police after me thankfully. Elvis is much better looking and someday I’ll manage to post a picture. He is really a handsome, dignified and very photogenic dude. A large portrait of him is my wallpaper. That’s my screen with the icons, is that right?

  109. Jerry – Yes, that is your wallpaper. And as to pictures here, as we do not have an upload option, your picture would first have to be online somewhere. Then you can highlight the address bar and copy the url and paste it here. If you have relatives or friends who you would like to share pictures with, Picasa isn’t a bad service. You can make up dummy a email account and information to protect your privacy.

  110. Good morning Villagers….

    When I first logged in here, and read down to Jerry’s post….and saw the length 🙂, I’m going to need a fresh cup of coffee…..thanks Jerry for an entertaining post, I’m so glad you enjoyed those days…sounds like fun…loved the part where you said you didn’t want to hear anyone else’s music….you sound like me….I want my music and I want it played.

    So, I’ve been on the website….Lord, help me…… BIL said it was going to take 2 months for his Anthem insurance to ‘kick’ in. I don’t have that kind of time….I need vision coverage.

    Mark…thanks for the new link to the cat comic strip.

    GR 😉


    and oh, I watched the movie “Tom Horn” again….also did some whiki research on it. Don’t know. But I sure do miss Steve McQueen and Paul Newman.

  111. I’m catching up on yesterday because I didn’t get a chance to come read anything. Husband finally got the word that his car had been declared totaled by the insurance company (remember the wreck the day before Christmas) so we went car looking. He settled on a 2013 Nissan Altima that had been a Hertz rental car. Very nice and well-kept up. Since we were in Marietta we went by and had lunch with our son, so all in all it was a very nice day.

    Jerry, interesting story of your death! The closest I can come is a story from my high school days: I lived in Alpharetta, which was barely a stone’s throw from Roswell. A girl that lived in Roswell and I shared the same last name, and our first names were very close-her Jenny to my Jeanie. People who knew both our families were always telling my mom what I had been up to, only to find out it was her, not me, and I’m sure her mom got the same thing. I finally met Jenny, but not until we were both young marrieds and our husbands worked for the same bank. Even better, we were both blue-eyed redheads, but she was a good 6 inches shorter than me.

    On country music-I had the great pleasure of seeing Confederate Railroad in concert a couple of years ago, and they are still going strong. Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox and Friends In Low Places are also two of my favorites.

  112. Good morning all and thank you Jimmy for making me laugh, I needed that! Sharing slice of buttered whole wheat bread, whole grain bread with 10# dog on desk, worse than a cat!

    My favorite REALLY strange event was when I was an officer in our floral association and they asked for all who had birthdays that month to stand. Four of the ten of us at table for board members stood up, me and three male friends, all gay. Well, that wasn’t unusual, I was used to standing on stages with three gay friends and me, I called it Mae West and her chorus boys. We all joked about it and I called myself the token middle aged overweight woman. It was an exclusive club.

    But this was peculiar because we all had the exact same birthday on same day same month same year. I know I have told this one before but I do not think I will ever top it because we all came from the Mississippi Delta and small towns right off Mississippi River. Mike kept saying it was a lost space ship and they kicked out the pods to lighten the cargo loads and conserve fuel.

    Sometimes I miss that period of my life. I was showing photos to my gardener/house keeper and it blew her mind. We ain’t talking FTD baby’s breath and daisy baskets here folks! Our specialties were six foot arrangements of pure art forms and complexity. Of course, that isn’t exactly salable, you just do it for yourself and competitions.

    Love, Jackie

  113. About today’s cartoon and the used cat litter, how many of us garden? We have moles and voles and other critters that eat gardens here. One of my neighbors used to take my used cat litter and spread it around his garden to keep out the marauders. He swore it worked but I had same thought, that you’d step in some. He said he screened it and used the litter part, not the poop. Of course, I use clumping now so they just keep using it until I have to add some more so I never toss out the solids and litter like I used to.

    I try not to read TDS very often although some there seem nice but others don’t. I was explaining to my gardener/housekeeper how wonderful all of you are and all the people on my boating groups who support me and are friends. She could not believe our group sites weren’t full of “evil mean people” as she calls them. I said, no not at all, wonderful people, the boat people who come here annually all began as internet friends before they ever met me.

    This does seem a little incredible, given today’s world and some of the comments I see elsewhere. People do make cruel, heartless and nasty remarks, hidden by the anonymity of the net I suppose. But it is inside them, not us, and that is what matters.

    Love, Jackie

  114. Jackie

    You mentioned birthdays in common. My wife and I share the same birthday though i’m a year older. Drove our kids nuts, they thought all couples HAD to share a birthday.

  115. When I had my second daughter, one of my nurses mentioned there was another baby born the same day with the same last name as ours (not a common name – we were the only ones in our local phone book, but this particular hospital serviced a lot of the surrounding towns in our area.) I did not think much about it until I took my daughter in for her first check up and weigh-in at the pediatrician’s office. They took her name, and birthdate, and then proceeded to verify my name and address, which did not match. I was confused until we figured out that the other person whose baby was born the same day as mine, also gave her daughter the same first name as my daughter’s! Fortunately, the middle names were different, so from then on I had to use the entire name so as not to get their files mixed up.

  116. Mike’s was Martin Luther Kings, which made it easy to remember until they moved it to make a long weekend I think.

    Not a bad person to share a birthday with in my opinion.

  117. My oldest daughter was born during a hurricane and the hospital was sending all the patients home that were mobile. Right! Send a new born and ill mother out into a storm. My mother tells of Mike carrying me in his arms and wading through flood waters, something I do not remember but I was truly sick, another story.

    Anyway, daughter swears she was switched at birth and sent home with the wrong parents, the efforts to identify babies were not really very good in those days, so anything is possible. I have offered to pay for a DNA test but she doesn’t want to take us up on that. I guess she figures better the devil you know.

    Man, this music is sad! “Memory” is playing in background and “Unchained Melody” just got through playing. If this keeps up I will be crying again!

    Love, Jackie

  118. 10# dog does not care for under 400 calories diet dinners. Not sure I like this one. You know how they keep calorie count low? Not much food!

    Read comments over on TDS. My! We do seem to have the MENSA group over here, don’t we?

    Desperate dog is eating the low sodium seasoned rice and baked fish, leaving me the supposedly apple dessert.

  119. First Jackie states we are not mean evil persons, followed up with the implication we are MENSA types. I think Mark Manson had this group in mind when he said: “…we’re all a little screwed up in our own special snowflake kind of way.” 😉

  120. Sand, that was a joke I thought (?) meaning we had all the higher IQ’s over here if the TDS group couldn’t understand today’s cat cartoon and Arlo slipping on ice as he poured/sprinkled used cat litter on the ice, then Janis stepped in Luddie’s contribution. A very clear cartoon with few words required, in fact an EXCELLENT cartoon where the drawings told the plot.

    Honestly, I went to one MENSA meeting, if I have the right acronym for the group and decided that group was just too weird for me. I am way too short to qualify for the Towering Texan group, at 5 feet 2 inches if I stretch and tease my hair.

    I agree with Jimmy Buffett, “fruitcakes in the crosswalks, fuitcakes in the street, there’s a little bit of fruitcake in everyone you meet”. Some of us got taken out of the cosmic ovens before we were quite done!

    Jimmy, pay attention to the Village and not TDS because we seem to all get your work!

    Love, Jackie

  121. Yeah, that is group! One of my shrinks recommended me to it since apparently I qualified but I went to a Houston meeting and that was long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away.

  122. I like that quote, Sand. At first reading I thought it was Charles you were quoting but I still liked it. The flu/sneezing/blowing keeps my eyes blurry.

  123. Jackie: I just ran across this quote in Food Network Magazine, and I thought you and some others might find the information useful. “A recent study found that eating reheated pasta leads to a much lower spike in blood sugar than eating just-cooked noodles. After reheating, the pasta becomes a resistant starch, meaning it releases less sugar and keeps you fuller longer.”

    Speaking of pasta, I recently saw a video of an “expert” chef claiming that rather than putting the meat sauce on top of the pasta, the correct method would be to add the pasta to the sauce. Ah, well, OK then.

    If I felt the need, I could probably qualify for MENSA membership, not because I’m particularly intelligent but because I have a knack for doing well on tests. And if I did succeed, that and $5 would get me a cup of Starbucks coffee.

  124. Jackie, got the joke, I am just a sucker for swinging at curve balls. 😉

    As to those with Thick Dendrites Syndrome, I let the slow balls drift across the with no attempt to swing. 😉

    Now you know why they kept me in left field and expected only a good on base average.

  125. I just went outside to meet my new plumber and electrician and I missed all this. Wow!

    Plumber is single, age of my kids, a biker and kayak-er. I like him already. Doesn’t build boats but likes to make sawdust, he started as a cabinet man working as contractor for military bases.

    Think we will get along. My dogsitter found him. God takes care of idiots like me.

    He knows I am mostly blonde.God, not the contractor!

    Love, Jackie

  126. Ghost, I happen to agree with the expert, but both the sauce and the pasta need to be prepared correctly. I think of the pasta as a sponge that soaks in all of the seasoning, but if it is sticky or watery it really doesn’t soak it in. If the sauce isn’t seasoned correctly then the Pasta doesn’t taste good either. But if you like it separately, that is your prerogative. I would never presume that there is a “correct” way.

  127. Ghost, I had heard that about pasta from the Little General, my youngest daughter. She dumps the pasta into sauces and stirs it all around.

    “The Way We were” is playing now. Dang! All this “romantic music” play list is going to get me yet.

    I would love to compare cooking implements and essentials between daughter’s kitchen and yours Ghost. I know you told me you own capers spoons. She has every specialized whisk that has ever been made, ditto knifes, all organized by sizes and types.

    She has still not forgiven me for burning butter in bottom of her saute’ pan or maybe that was an omelet pan I ruined?

    Is Captain Morgan’s bar-b-que like the Jack Daniels one? I am not sure you can buy it ready made, however. I still love to cook with Jack Daniels. Mike used to get annoyed when I’d use a $100 bottle of cognac to splash into something.

    Ghost, the reason I have such a reputation for intelligence is the same facility at taking tests.
    Just can’t do math at all. I think the words are from reading though, not true knowledge skills. Well, I guess knowledge would come from reading?

    Love, Jackie

  128. Jackie wote of meeting her new plumber: “He knows I am mostly blonde.” Then she added: “God, not the contractor!” My head almost spun a full 360°. 😉

  129. Well, God takes care of blonde idiots was what I was inferring, as I do not even know where my water comes into this house which was originally built back in 1960’s and has been modified and added onto for another 50 plus years!

    I can’t even change light bulbs either or get to the bulbs unless they are in plain out open.

    Shame I don’t look like I once did, I could ask sweetly and have volunteers!

    Love, Jackie

  130. Oh, yeah, Steve, the expert also said save the pasta water when you drain it; don’t rinse the pasta; add back one ladle of the pasta water when you mix the pasta into the sauce; and garnish with grated cheese and drizzle with olive oil. I’ll try it next time and see if it makes a difference.

    Speaking of kitchen appliances/utensils/gadgets, every toaster I’ve ever used has a “High” setting that will reduce a slice of bread to a bread slice-shaped lump of charcoal. When would you use that setting?

  131. Same advice I have gotten on pasta, Ghost. I was usually forbidden to boil pasta because mine never turned out right. It is like changing the light bulbs, I will have to eat bad pasta in the dark.

  132. Jackie, just get the new LED bulbs with the long life span. If they last as long as advertised, your adult grandchildren will change them for you!

    As for cooking pasta, get a wooden spoon to stir it with. When you think it is getting done spoon up a few strands and press them between the edge of the spoon and the cooking pot. If they cut easily, they’re done, at least to my taste.

  133. two above “When would you use that setting?” when you have a commercially prepared thick thing, like a Pillsbury toaster strudel. …. … … way up above about rental cars ….. …. when will I learn? I’m in a hurry, schlepping suitcases around, jump in the rental car and not realize til I’m well away it REEKS and is thoroughly coated inside with cigarette smoke

  134. What? No tossing a noodle on the wall to see if it sticks? Just made spaghetti sauce tonight. Will have spaghetti tomorrow – always better the next day. Tonight was hamburgers.

    I also loved Arlo’s hat-hair. Today’s strip took me a second, but in my defense, I’ve been trying for a week now to stay on the healthy side of the fence. I slept for six-hours, woke up to field a call, and slept for another five.

    All is well in the home universe. The tree is finally down, and kitty bed (and kitty) is back in the proper place in front of the fireplace.

  135. Use a wooden fork to stir pasta. I fixed salads and spaghetti for our evening meal.

    GR6, homemade charcoal is the perfect filter for homemade liquior. Have that on good authority only.

  136. My Father-in-law was the son of an Italian immigrant who rolled his eyes when an Italian Chef on Chopped was lecturing the contestant on how difficult it was to make pasta. MY FIL said words to the effect “There are 60 million Italians who make pasta every night, because it is easy and tastes good. There is nothing to it!” He then proceeded to give me step by step instructions, which were exactly the same as what the Italian Chef had instructed in an earlier show. Seasoning the water is key step that many rushed cooks forget. Seasoning period is often underused.

  137. Thanks, John. Come to think of it, the only things I’ve every stuck in a toaster are bread, bagels and leftover waffles. Well, there was that one time when I was eight, involving a table knife, but my father made me vow to never speak of that.

  138. Jackie, there’s a good reason for your daughter to refuse the DNA test: she might find out that she really is your daughter.

    Ghost, if you put the sauce on top of the pasta, you’ll have pasta with sauce on top. If you dump the pasta into the sauce and stir it, the two get properly mixed. And, in many restaurants, they put some sauce into a saute pan, add the pasta and mix it there at the last second so that the pasta doesn’t get overcooked and mushy.

  139. Guys, I am in need of some help down in south Florida in Homestead area for a cat rescue. I know you all will believe I will do just about anything.

    Does anyone here have a good contact with a south Florida cat rescue group or a trusted veterinarian I could contact?

    The plan is that I am to drive my pet sitter down ASAP and bring the cats back to Oklahoma to take care of up here, so we can’t exactly go through the ASPCA.

    This falls in about the same cat-egory as me stealing the Newfoundland from the drug dealers.

    Love, Jackie

  140. ‘a “High” setting that will reduce a slice of bread to a bread slice-shaped lump of charcoal”.’ My toaster oven is opposite. Have to turn it past Dark to get a well-toasted English or Ezekiel 4:9 slice.

    DNA tests: According something I read, approx. 1 in 10 American wives have a strong reason not to have at least one of their offspring’s DNA read.

    Reminds one of the classic Laugh-In still of Dan Rowan, ‘his kids’, and their ‘neighbor’, Dick Martin. Martin and the kids all have very large make-up freckles, Martin with a big, signature grin. May have mentioned this before.

  141. No possibility of that one, EMB but the “switched at birth” theory was possible. This is same reputable hospital that gave me hepatitis and puerperal fever and almost killed me with the baby, baby was fine, I spent a month in quarantine.

  142. sideburns, I have homemade meat sauce in the freezer and pasta in the pantry, so I will try that technique tomorrow night. Even though my pasta always seems to come out al dente. Oh, and I do have a sauté pan. Or two. Or three.

    Jackie, let me see if I have this straight. You are driving from Oklahoma to Deepest South Florida to hijack some cats. Oh, wait…I’m the one that said to use “rescuing” instead of “stealing”, wasn’t I?

  143. That’s about the short story, Ghost. If I had lost an additional 100# I would mention that Google maps has me going thru Hattiesburg, MS on the trip.

  144. Jackie: Please don’t go running off to rescue cats before you follow through on all those doctor appointments and get your blood sugar back under control. There are a lot of people and critters already in your life who need you.

    Love, Ruth Anne

  145. Ruth Anne, I don’t have any doctor’s appointments until the following week, so I figure I can do a round trip to Florida for the cats and back here in time for the first ones, plus I will have someone along to watch over me who is also a diabetic. Let’s all leap into the saute’ pan together, upscale version of out of the frying pan into the fire.

    Although I’d need to do a detour by hospital lab to north to get the blood work drawn for the endocrinologist I guess.

    We will see. Catnapping isn’t much of a crime probably in Florida.

    Love, Jackie

  146. Just checked Google maps which gives me alternative routes in case we are pursued with the cats? We will be so close to the Keys (well, I knew that from rescuing a boat from the Everglades National Park and my husband and his partner) we might as well go down there and rustle a few chickens. Now that will get you arrested!

    And they are NOT Ernest Hemingway’s six toed cats which would get you arrested too.

  147. At the support site for us ICD-enhanced folks, I discovered I share my birthdate with a fellow former trucker. My wife almost shares that birthday, off by one day and four years. Daughters #2 & #3 missed sharing a birthday by one day and seven years.

  148. Goodnight all, and yes, I understood today’s A and J (Monday) and can’t wait to see what TDS has to say, if they get it.

    Stephan Pastis had poutine in today’s strip. OK, I have eaten poutine and it wasn’t nearly as bad as he makes it sound although I’d never order it again. They actually make a version of it in south Texas at a barbque joint that calls the dish “Slicks”. Which I have eaten as well, the slicks were better than the poutine

    Love, Jackie

  149. I ate my first giant soft pretzel this year and I had not eaten a funnel cake either until 2014.

    And I have never eaten a chili cheese fry but then, I ate my first corn dog at my grandson’s birthday party this year. There are still things yet to be experienced and eaten. But chili cheese fries don’t sound like they can have a healthy version!

    Somehow so many things people love like that escaped me. I am hardly a snob, I loved giant turkey legs at Renaissance Faires and New Orleans style shaved ice, ate street food in Mexico.
    Probably it was calories that kept me from eating some things?

    Oh, and kettle popcorn, tried that last year with the Mormons at Halloween. Who’d have guessed the Mormons would have a giant Halloween festival?

    Good night again, Jackie

  150. Good morning Villagers….

    Been busy on the health net… is mind boggling. And my doctor and hospital are not listed in the coverages…..

    But a big thank you Mark…..checked into the vision link, and my eye doctor is listed. Now to ‘see’ (no pun intended) if cataract surgery is included….yup, I do believe I have one coming on in my left eye…….

    Now on Hampton, my cat, my long haired slate gray with green eyes baby….she has a skin disorder and we spray Zymox on the area twice a day. She got two shots, and was a very good patient my husband said.

    Got to go….and you’re right, no one here but us chickens, huh Jerry 🙂

    ya’ll have a good Monday

    GR 😉

  151. Jackie…I’m with Ruth….take care of yourself, and see Mark’s link….and how in the world did you get involved in a cat rescue in Florida?

  152. TR wrote: “Daughters #2 & #3 missed sharing a birthday by one day and seven years.” Strict vacation schedule? 😉

    Loon and I share a joint Amazon account. Is always fun to see the recommendations we can generate. Taste in music and reading is so different that eHarmony would say our thirty-six marriage in incompatible.

  153. emb – the Rowan and Martin thing, I remember that was like the first “adult” thing I understood when I was a little kid. …. …. ..fries with stuff on them, I’ve seen fries with gravy called “wet fries” which I always thought was a nasty name

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