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The teasing is over. The new A&J line of clothing (AKA, tee shirts) is in production and almost ready for unveiling. I hope it can go on sale early next week, the first of December. Until then, you can help us. I know I have asked you to speculate about this sort of thing in the past, but it isn’t speculation now. It’s happening. If you think you might be interested in owning a shirt, let us know. I’ll tell you how in a moment, but first you’ll want to know something about the shirts.
The shirts are being printed in a ridiculously humble shop in north Mississippi. Artisans screen print each one by hand. I designed the artwork and have been involved personally in preproduction. There are two designs: one based upon the iconic car logo and another based on Ludwig, the cat. (I was there when they began to roll off; I think they look good.) Each will be available in two styles: short or long sleeve. The car-shirt colors are: natural, sport grey, military green, charcoal grey and Carolina blue. The cat-shirt colors are: sand, black, pink, red and gold. For today, use your imagination. I know there is more to consider, but I’m trying to keep this short. I’ll deliver specifics as Thanksgiving week evolves. Right now, it will benefit all of us, including customers, if you can help gauge demand. You would not be ordering! You would not be committing to anything, and (ahem) neither would we. There’s no money involved! We just hope you will help us establish a rough idea of what’s ahead, especially with Christmas so near.
I know you haven’t actually seen the shirt. I haven’t discussed price. If you want to wait a day or so for the full details to write, that’s fine. But we’re friends here, and if you’re pretty sure you might want shirts, go to the top of this page and hit the “email” link and drop us a line, or just comment below—but not both, please. Tell us what sounds good to you. Include sizes if possible. Really, folks! This is a seriously local operation. Thank you! — JJ

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  1. GR6, don’t go to that link with the intent of leaving a comment. Go to that link, and near the top above the graphic is a link that says “You still can e-mail me at:“.

    The portion of that statement that is the email address is clickable and should open your default email program with a blank email already addressed to Jimmy.

  2. I was in the middle of a somewhat long and brilliant comment on political opinions when my comment disappeared. I don’t think that this is interference by the NSC (No Such Cartoonist) because it has happened before and sometimes what I had typed will appear in addition to whatever else I added. Anyway, I’m experiencing a spell of a chronic stomach problem and must run.

  3. Nope, clicking on the email link on the “email page” or in Jimmy’s reply gives me the same response…nada. Problem must be on my end, though, if that is working for others.

    Definitely the car design, probably two each of long sleeve and short sleeve, size XL. (OK, I like tee shirts, so sue me.) I’ll withhold judgment on the Ludwig shirts until I see the design. Humm, I wonder if any of my clothing would coordinate with “military green”. 🙂

    I like the description of the tee shirt production shop you selected. It sounds like something Arlo might operate, except without the drama.

  4. Quick question on sizing. Are the sizes American standard or the snugger international sizing?

    I think American standard, but I will get a definitive technical answer on that. I’m learning as I go! They are not the clingy fit the younger folks prefer these days. I intend to cover all this before week’s end, but the shirts are 6.0 oz. 100% cotton from Gildan, a good basic shirt. — JJ

  5. The car for sure, probably in Carolina Blue. Not sure if I’m M or L and can’t decide short or long sleeve yet, either. Would love a nightshirt, but that’s for another print run, I expect.

    It’s just the beginning! Seriously, we’re interested in your ideas. Thanks! — JJ

  6. For myself and for gifts, I would expect that I would order a half dozen or so. Likely one of the grey colors for the car logo, but possibly a few red or gold cat shirts, depending. Mostly would be XL, with one or two M. Thanks!

  7. Here’s a link to Gildan’s shirts page, click on the t-shirt you are interested in and you will see the color selection. That should help everybody with their choices.

  8. I’m interested in a Ludwig shirt myself, in L or XL. A sizing/fitting chart would be great to have with things so I get something the right size. I have mediums that are very loose and XLs that are pretty tight, all because of brand sizing differences.

  9. Probably one of each, both medium – at this point I’m thinking car in blue short sleeve and cat in black long sleeve, but the other colors sound interesting so I might change my mind once I see how they look. Ooooooo now I’m getting excited!

  10. Go to the bottom of the Gildan’s page and there is a link to click for size chart that shows the measurements they go by.

    You’re doing good work, Mark! See you Saturday. 🙂

  11. Thanks for the long sleeve option. Most T-shirt places only offer design in standard short sleeves, so I have lots of those but not so many for the winter months. I’ll be getting a Large I expect.

  12. Mark, thanks for the link to the size chart – it will be very helpful! It did not display well in my browser (Firefox), but I copied the image and pasted it in my image software (Photoshop) and it was perfect (chortling and wringing hands with a sly smile). Don’t know if the grandkids will give me time to shop before next week, but if Jimmy doesn’t have the ordering ready before December that will work out just fine.

  13. I’m interested in a long-sleeve shirt, but I won’t know which I’ll prefer until I see them. Also, since this is for myself, I probably won’t have the budget for it until after the new year.

  14. You’re welcome Jimmy! You are doing great work and I am glad to be able to help support it. I won’t be in Auburn this weekend as I am not really a football fan.

  15. Ludwig/sand/short sleeve 3xl x1, Car/natural/short sleeve 3xl x1. If the xxx large tall that Gildan sells is available I would switch the Ludwig to a long sleeve. My arms are so long that if the tall size is not available the short sleeve is a safer bet. Thanks

    Mark, I will look into tall sizes. I did notice on the Gildan site that they are available. That’s what this discussion/headcount is all about. — JJ

  16. I have run over 230+ races and have gotten a t-shirt at nearly every race. I have stored them in cases in my basement and now that I have sold the house, they are in storage. I would like to keep them, but it will depend on the new house. We place an offer on a new one, but heard the feared “There are 2 other offers” Time is going to get short, so we should know by 3:00PM.

    The realtor will call me this afternoon. If they accept our offer, I plan to send my wife a text that reads: Habermus Papem. If it’s bad news, then I guess it’s back to the drawing board.

  17. Oops, looked at the site again. The long sleeve only go to 2xl, no talls. But the short sleeves are talls, which is great news for me anyway. And for any woman looking to use it for a sleep shirt.

  18. I’m wary of the limited sizes on the shirt site. They go only to XL with nothing larger, it seems. If larger can be had, I’m interested in two Ludwig, one short-sleeved, the other long-.

    Sleeping attire model could be of great interest if/when made available.

  19. Steve: Congrats!

    JJ: Currently on a train to DC. We have a roomette, which is comfy, but it’s a little too bouncy to do much surfing and looking at shirt specs. You’ll hear from us tomorrow 🙂

  20. Congratulations, Steve. Now comes the hard part, getting ready to move, followed by unpacking and asking, “where the **** did I put that?”.

    Have fun Ruth Anne. I enjoyed my train trip last year. Wish I could have done the roomette. And yes, it bounced so much I wondered why the diner didn’t have covered coffee cups.

  21. Steve: YAYAYAY on the house!!
    Symply, glad to have you back in the nick of time after being Fargone for so long.
    To all you lurkers: what fun to hear from you about t-shirts!!

  22. OK – I’m in! Not sure of color… short sleeve car… XL… may have to get a Luddie also, but we’ll see…

    Symply – great to hear from you! Don’t be a stranger.

  23. Steve, wonderful that the house is yours! Please tell us more about it when you come back down to earth.

    Symply, it’s been much too long! Welcome back and visit more often.

  24. Thanks, Mark/TT.

    Hope Steve & family live many safe years in the new abode! {But do recheck your Latin.} The packing/unpacking is the major reason we haven’t moved and won’t unless medically necessary.

  25. I just turned house into giant closet and giving away van loads. I just told my new minion to take her choices of my scarves and accessories before calling my daughters should I pass away. I could not face moving.

  26. Incognito days postponed ’til tomorrow.

    JJ: When I wrote your email address, didn’t mention sleeves. Short: mostly wear them days I go to the gym, + in summer.

    Peace, emb

  27. Good morning Jimmy

    You said the T shirts are 100 percent cotton…..are they pre-shrunk?

    Count me in for a Ludwig, in black, long sleeve, medium size please

    When I clicked on the company’s page, and then clicked on the size chart, it did not come in clear, it almost looked like Chinese or something.

    Thank you.

  28. Good morning Villagers…..

    Hope Indy Mindy pops in to see the new post is up, as I’m sure she’ll want a Luddie too.

    We get a Christmas bonus each year, and that should cover the T shirt and my hair cut….

    OH, and Jimmy, is Ludwig still going to be purple?

    Ya’ll have a blessed day………..

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