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It seems like just yesterday I was telling you that “summer hours” were over, and I’d try to post more regularly. I did manage to do that during the cold months, but summer—and summer hours—seem to have returned already. Tell you what: starting next week we’ll do things a bit differently. You won’t notice so much (No, it’s not the much ballyhooed Web site redesign.), but I think it’ll work better for us all. I’m going to prepare five cartoons that will preload during the week, regardless of what I happen to be doing first thing in the morning. Perhaps I will make a comment, or perhaps I won’t, but I am going to try and check in more regularly during the day and comment on your comments more than I do now. To be honest, coming up with something trivial but interesting to write every morning is the hard part of this task; this way, you can help. I think it sounds like fun. We’re always working to improve your Arlo & Janis experience!

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  1. I’d like to see a Facebook Like button. It seems I want to share the cartoons often. As for keeping up, I have a little program that checks the RSS feed every 10 minutes. If there’s a new post, it just opens my browser to the page.

  2. I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve looked in the back seat to make sure my teenager was still in the car! LOL

    Glad to see you whenever you’re here, JJ!

  3. However you want to do it, Jimmy…it’s your blog. As far as us helping with your daily lead-in comments, well, we’re all about “something trivial but interesting” here. If you don’t believe that, just look at our comments.

  4. I hate to repeat my self, but I want to give a big kudo to JJ for today’s strip and its call back to the classic “There’s something about a peak”. As a long-time reader, I got a big laugh out of it; I imagine the newer readers are scratching their heads.

  5. Hope all our friends in the Midwest are OK today, especially those in chicken/egg farms where the buildings aren’t very sturdy. I have been worrying about you all.

    We all learned what a “derecho” was awhile back here in Oklahoma. We had one hit, the sirens went off, we hit the above ground shelter, came out and everything was laying flat on the ground. Trees, gardens, all knocked flat. We’ve had more than one since but the weather people still have to explain them.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  6. If you really, really want to see “Something about a peek”, go to the archives section at the bottom of the blog, click on March 2008, and find Jimmy’s post for 3-24-2008. Within those comments will be a link to that cartoon.

    If you get to the old cartoon, be sure to read Jimmy’s comment. See? It’s not just me.

  7. ^°^°^°^°^°^ rolls his eyes. Good old GR6, always eyes on the target.

    Jimmy, nice to see back in the nut house. Is not how often you post, rather that the quality of your postings inspire this troup to wallow about in the shallow end.

  8. Your site, your cartoons, your rules, Jimmy.
    Whatever schedule you set, that’s what we adapt to.
    And just to let you know, there’s always a pleasurable excitement that runs through the site when you comment on our comments.

  9. I have two British friends who are “words masters”. Both are boat designers of some note.
    They love doggerel, puns, plays on words. Word jokes, double entendre, all fun with words.

    Jimmy is their equal and he can draw things really well beyond boats!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  10. JJ, I was going to say something pithy or wise but I really don’t think I can say it better than the sandcastler did. As you could tell by the activity the last few days we are content to “wallow” even when you aren’t standing lifeguard.

  11. Holy Moly! I just went over to Gocomics for my daily ‘toons with lunch and damn near spewed burrito all over my monitor. Jimmy, that was fantastic! Janis should never give up that secret.

    Thank you for the tremendous laughter!

  12. JJ I love your comments when ever they come. I don’t post often but I do read frequently. BTW does anyone have recipes for the lifestyle change called “diet”? Lost 5lbs in about 2.5 weeks, attending a special VA program called Move. Getting serious, or is that “dead serious” considering the consequences of not doing so?

  13. Thanks Norm, my vocabulary deteriorates by the day, And night! I find myself sitting and saying “Alright, it looks like this and you use it for this and it is kept here. So WHAT is this thing/word you are trying to remember?”

    Love, Jackie Monies

  14. What, in the name of the seven lost deities, was that noise, sandcastler? It’s like they were trying to make music but got struck by a static generator while in the act of tuning their instruments.

  15. Bryan, there was appropriate disclosure posted with the link. Not saying it is my musical taste. But you opened the door with ‘spewing burrito’. 😉

  16. No amount of disclosure would be enough of a warning for that. 😉
    It’s not my fault that Jimmy put up such a hilarious image which I happened to view just as the first bite of lunch passed my teeth.
    I wonder if, when he posts today’s daily on this blog in a few years, will he title it “Revenge of the Peeked” or “Peeks Revenge”?? Either way I am sure I’ll laugh again and, if the timing is right, again “spew burrito”.

  17. Back in the day when I sold cars (Lincolns) we kept them locked and used a keyed lock up on windows. We weren’t supposed to open them casually and every night we had to walk the lot to make sure they were all locked. They often weren’t. Anyway, one of our “had to dos” was to look in back seat to make sure no one was hiding behind seats, especially in the Mercury minivans. Since we had to test drive only certain cars on the test “line” and go through the fires of hell to extract a specific vehicle out of about a thousand available in inventory, I never knew how a thief was supposed to know which one to hide in.

    But apparently hiding in the back was a common way to steal yourself a car after you disposed of the idiot salesman who drove you off the lot. There were a lot of safety checks in place that were supposed to keep us from being dumped and the cars taken.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  18. Oh Ghost, what a memory you have! I had a customer who had either breast cancer or breast reduction, I forget which. I met her in hallway of hospital and asked her how her surgery had turned out?. She yanked up her t-shirt a la Janis and said, “Look aren’t they beautiful? And I don’t need a bra now!”

    I think I said something noncommittal like “Well, that’s fantastic!” But I learned to never ask anyone again about their breast surgery! Especially in public hallways.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  19. ursen, if I could get serious for a moment (and yes, I do know how to do that), congratulations on realizing the benefits of controlled weight loss. May I recommend that you investigate Weight Watchers? It’s not gimmicky; it’s not as complicated or hard to comply with as some other plans would like you to believe; and it will work for you if you give it half a chance. You still eat pretty much whatever you like, but under what is basically a phased-in portion control plan.

    Case in point: On her birthday in 2007, my sister began the WW program, with a goal of losing 100 pounds by her next birthday. She reached that goal, precisely. She then proceeded to lose another 40 pounds to reach her WW goal weight; became a WW Lifetime Member and a WW class leader; and maintained her goal weight right up until the ill-fated surgery last year which she did not survive.

    On the wall of my office is a framed picture and article from the local newspaper from 2008 about her weight loss. She got me to enroll in Weight Watchers a few months before her surgery, and her hope was that I would reach my goal weight; become a Lifetime Member; and also be a class leader. I am nearing my goal (slowed but not stopped by the stresses caused by her death), and it serves as a reminder of my determination to honor her memory by doing that.

    Anyway, long story short, it is definitely a viable option for most people, and I hope you will look into it.

  20. ^°^°^°^°^°^°^ rides herd on an odd bunch. Most days are an education in the unwanted, then once in a blue moon we hit on something good.

  21. Jackie, your story about your customer reminds me of a problem that arose for me several years back when breast augmentation began to become common in the hinterlands (outside of Hollywood and Las Vegas). When seeing a female I hadn’t seen recently who had obvious gone from like a 32AA to a 36C, what was the proper etiquette, I wondered. Should I mention the change, and risk being considered a chauvinist and a boor? Or should I not mention it, and risk insulting someone who had likely not gone to the trouble and expense of that procedure just to have the results ignored?

    What I settled on was to give the lady’s chestular region an obviously long, slow look; then look her in the face and smile; and wait for her response, if any. That would give her the option of not responding at all, if that was her preference; or to give me a little side-to-side modeling display, if that was her desire. But yeah, you guessed it, there came the day when my then-hair stylist hiked up her sweater and gave me an up-close-and-personal look at hers. As a former boss once said about another lady who’d had some enhancement work done, “She was proud of them things.”

    Hey, this “staying on topic” thing is surprisingly easy today.

  22. sandcastler, if Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po and Tinky Winky (a/k/a The Teletubbies) were playing percussion and electronic instruments while being flayed alive with dull knives, it might…might!..approach the weirdness level of that track from the Julie Dstroy’s Lipgloss N’ Chaos Album.

    Mind you, I’m not saying that Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po and Tinky Winky being flayed alive with dull knives would necessarily be a bad thing…

  23. GR6 thanks for the tip. This program, MOVE, I am on is a freebie which includes the services of a licensed dietician, and includes a lot of peer support (military geezers). In addition it is connected with my primary care provider and all my VA care. WW sounds wonderful, and if MOVE fails me I will definitely look into it. And yes some VA care is very good, the medical center I use is a long drive, but is a LOT better than the one 15 mins from me.

  24. Whatever you decide, ursen, good luck. If you go WW, you can pay by the meeting, but if you pay by the month, the membership includes an (to me) invaluable smart phone/tablet app for planning and tracking your use of the program.

    I have had no experience with the VA medical system (which is a good thing, of course), but I hope those of you who are using it are having good results.

  25. Debbe 😉 I am glad to hear that Junior and Cogburn are alive and well. I know you said you were going to stop naming the roosters, but if you change your mind about naming the third one, I have a suggestion.

    Years ago, the Mobile TRACON (radar approach control) used a locally designated and entirely unofficial intersection (an electronically defined waypoint which is given a name) that wasn’t on the published approach plates used for instrument landings at Bates Field. Both the TRACON and the pilots called it…of course…”No-Name Intersection”.

    So, you could call the rooster “No-Name”, if you like. Wouldn’t be exactly like naming him.

  26. Oops, there we go again. Apparently the topics are now chestular implants, dieting, Teletubbies, rooster names and instrument landings at Lower Alabama airfields.

  27. Well, it’s been a long time since I recall anyone calling this blog “dull”, anyway. Although there may be a few sticks-in-the-mud who do. 🙂

  28. I THINK I can integrate large breasts, TeleTubbies and religion, all in one? Am I only one watching British humor on PBS?

    The fantastically funny, off-color “Vicar of Dibley” ran late, late at night because of its content. Main character was Dawn French, stand up comedian, VERY large breasted and Rubenesque. She played the Reverend Boadicea Geraldine Granger and her verger was Alice, a very dimwitted village “old maid” who adored the TeleTubbies. Hence my familiarity with them as they are the stupidest children’s show I have ever NOT seen.

    Anyway, there is a wedding sequence where Alice marries the lord of the manor’s son very much against the lord’s wishes and they have a TeleTubby wedding, complete with wedding dress that lights up and other bizarre décor.

    You are forgiven if you have not seen this, as it is terribly off color and often vulgar send up of British village life and the Anglican church. But it won all the British awards similar to our Emmys/ For many, many, many years.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  29. Good evening, Villagers. Not much into boob jokes since I barely have any. I will recommend to Janis elastic necks.

    Still don’t have a clue where the three joke snakes came form in yesterday’s daily, but apparently Arlo is in the dark, too

  30. Earth to Lily…come in, Lily. The “snakes” came out of her bodice, to surprise Arlo while he was looking down into it. As he has a track record of doing.

    You were kidding about not getting it, right?

  31. Completely missed the “peek/peak” joke on today’s real-time this morning. Then again, it was 4am when I read it, so maybe I was still dozing.

    Debbe- I wasn’t worried about today’s rain. The worst bands either hit Indy and south or hit Lafayette and make a beeline to Fort Wayne to the north. And of course the roof at the store still leaks. Beginning to think I was supposed to be born an Aquarius.

    Jackie – I have seen and am a fan of “The Vicar.” I am a bigger fan of British humor than American. British humor seems (to me) to have a stronger linguistic influence whereas American is more physical; my inner nerd sides with the language.

    Question: Do I have to wear my arm floaties when wallowing?

  32. Nope. I have not a clue where one would put *three* joke snakes. One per cup, maybe. Not that I have ever had a bra that you could stuff one of those things in. Not that anybody would want to look down my top. Nevermind, I don’t want anybody to. It makes me nervous to get stared at by men

  33. Lilyblack, I thought they came out of the flower pot. But Ghost has other ideas apparently involving Janis’ blouse. My own favorite gardening strip showed Arlo holding the hose and watering here, there and everywhere. In the last panel he says “When they ask you to just dig a hole, watch out!”.

  34. It’s one of those things where comic/cartoon physics (or physiques) don’t have to follow the same rules that we are generally required to follow (gravity, mass, momentum, etc.) How many times has Wile E Coyote been squashed? Or Roadrunner magically transported? Bugs’ Bunny has exploded how many of Elmer Fudd’s hunting rifles with his finger? Or poor Tom, frequently being thrown about by Jerry or friends. Arlo is lucky that it wasn’t an anvil falling from the sky! I guess it would have been less surprising if Janis was more like Jessica, from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”

  35. Neither do I, but it reads like some of our Village neighbors do. Maybe one of them will split for us dullards.

    As I pointed out here many times, > a handful = wasteful.

  36. Mark, I was reading fast thru article and thinking, “This reminds me of Miss Congeniality” which is one of my favorite movies with Sandra Bullock. Then I looked at side bar headlines and it says “yodeling and sledge hammering, surprising talents of….” and I go yep, sure does!

    Forty seven. A stage full of pulchritude!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  37. David, might UT offer a course in cartoon/comic physics? Given how often we experience it there must be a vast body of knowledge. And speaking of Wiley Coyote, how has ACME survived selling so many defective products?

  38. Back when I was young/younger I had a friend who specialized in breast reduction surgery.
    Both my younger daughter and I were considering it until she saw the incision drawings for how it was accomplished and that changed her mind. You know Lily, it is really hard to get anything to fit right with REALLY big appendages, especially if you are short and stubby to begin with. And they get in the way of everything! And they are uncomfortable! And heavy.

    I actually don’t understand the ones who get breast enhancement so they look like they have balloons on their chests? And what about those bottoms that don’t look real?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  39. Sand, I’m pretty sure the state agriculture & mechanical college offers such a course. As to Acme, my guess is they have really good lawyers or Wile E Coyote has trouble getting a lawyer at all. Even bloodsuckers have some standards.

  40. Once upon a time I used to do a lot of life sized foam core cartoon characters to be used in window displays of shops. One of the most popular and recognizable is Betty Boop. A good display item for Valentine’s especially with merchandise that uses her image.

    The thing is, I have NEVER seen a Betty Boop cartoon! Not a single strip.

    When Teleflora wire service used Garfield once I did so many Garfields I was afraid Jim Davis would come after me for patent infringement.

    The tricky part of doing this type of “ballooned cartoons” is you have to paint and draw both sides of the character so it looks good when seen front/back.

    Sorry, I gave up this talent not long after A&J became popular/got drawn so I never did any of Janis. I have done Jessica Rabbit and a Vargas mermaid that created a little “scandal” as a back to school display. (Not in same display- sorry, separate windows)

    Some one was heard to sniff, “That may be back to school here in Houston, but it isn’t where I live!”

    Love, Jackie Monies

  41. Wow. I looked at the individual photos of the Miss Alabama hopefuls, and I honestly could not decide which of them was the prettiest young lady.

    Lady Mindy, it’s important to remember that wallowing is always free-form in the Village. 😉

    Lily, if you insist on being literal-minded about it, just assume the salvo came from right cup, cleavage, left cup…1, 2, 3. 🙂

    sand, this just in…W. E. Coyote has reportedly retained the personal injury firm of Buzzard, Vulture & Bottomfeeder, PLLC.

  42. Loved the Roadrunner/Coyote song! Used to love seeing the roadrunners out on the empty highways in west Texas and New Mexico. Rarely see them up here in Oklahoma.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  43. Ghost, I couldn’t make a choice from a picture either. I would have to talk to them. But if you find the link to the rib-eating contest they took part in, Ms. Ip looks pretty cute holding the bone in her mouth with a dab of sauce on her nose.

  44. Mark, be sure to ask them their plan for world peace when you talk to them.

    Jackie, I recently had the opportunity to inspect the result of a breast reduction procedure. (Don’t ask.) I was actually very impressed with the outcome. As for any surgical procedure, much depends on the skill of the surgeon.

    And the overly large, too round, unnatural-looking cheapy breast augmentations sitting too high on the chest wall? I have a friend who manages a plastic surgery clinic, and she tells me they are known in the trade as “bolt-on boobs”.

  45. Ew,I have my own boobs and I certainly don’t want them bigger. I have to listen to my more generously endowed friends griping about bras cutting into their backs and backaches. I certainly don’t want mine bigger. That might attract men and, bleagh!

  46. Debbe 😉 Finally had time to listen to “Creep”. I tried to access it on Spotify so I could listen to it through stereo earphones, but I couldn’t find her version of it. Radiohead does it pretty well.

    Remember, hon, “Illegitimi non carborundum.”

  47. sandcastler™: And speaking of Wiley Coyote, how has ACME survived selling so many defective products?

    (yeah, back on topic) 😉 Obviously, before any claim could even be filed, the claimant had completely healed and was fully functional – not even a limp or compromised range of motion. After a couple of tries, and the judge throwing claims out and making Wile E. Coyote pay legal fees for frivolous lawsuits, he wisely quit trying.

  48. Alabama has ALWAYS been known for producing a good crop of beauty contestants. I had a friend whose daughter had rooms full of trophies but she was smart and got some tough degrees to back up her looks. For those who think these girls are dummies, forget that. I knew a lot who used their looks to get scholarships and educations and get out of poverty.

    I know today this might not happen very much but I did know girls/women back in the 60’s who escaped the South’s cotton patches through beauty pageants.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  49. Monica Lewinsky is back in the news again. My only thought about Washington interns is that I knew several who went to Washington that way, this would have been in Kennedy or Johnson administrations I guess. None of them ended up with presidential affairs (although according to some recent books Kennedy liked interns too) But they did all end up involved in affairs with bureau officials who were older guys and usually heads of their agencies. I remember being appalled, mainly at idea of older and married men. Wasn’t romantic at all, not then, not now.

    This has nothing to do with beauty pageantry or seeking world peace.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  50. I had the impression that Janis hid the compressed springs on the ground between her knees or thighs nearby. Note that she’s kneeling with some space there (implied from shadow in panel 2), unlike most kneeling which has the knees together. There’d be more room for the flying things’ take-offs, too. I don’t believe they could escape even a loose neckline.

    Am not a fan of too-large, too-hemispherical, too-high enhancements. Better to have a genuine figure, be it small, medium, or large. If too large, I’d certainly support (no pun intended) using a reduction process for comfort.

  51. c x-p: Amen.

    “That may be back to school here in Houston, but it isn’t where I live!” Reminds me of Darius Milhaud’s “Music for Boston.” A web search might give you the scoop.

    In the ’60s, there was a song, “Jennifer 44D.” u-tube?

    I know a woman who, when she was 40 or so, was diagnosed with breast cancer, or maybe it was a benign tumor. Anyway, the surgeon just had to remove a large tumor. She had them do reduction surgery on the other side, which solved the overly endowed problem. Retired now, still feisty, decades later.

    Lily: Some of us would find you > attractive > most others. Fear not, I’m not on the prowl.

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