My Daddy

As part of the First Army’s 3rd Armored Division, my father and his buddies in the 23rd Armored Engineering Battalion bridge the River Seine in France in the summer of 1944, near where Orly International Airport is today. Soldiers of the 23rd went on to bridge the Marne River east of Paris, the Meuse in Belgium and the Rhine in Germany, among others. They fought for weeks in the Battle of the Hürtgen Forest, the single longest battle in U.S. Army history. During one of the coldest winters in local memory, the combat engineers fought in the Battle of the Bulge as armored infantry. They dynamited holes in the Siegfried Line, Germany’s western wall of defense, and removed thousands of mines. The 3rd Armored Division overran the German towns of Paderborn and Nordhausen, capturing the V-2 rockets manufactured there and preserving the technology for America. They also discovered and freed a nearby concentration camp where inmate slaves were being worked to death in the underground rocket plants. In the spring of 1945, the 3rd Armored Division, the “Spearhead Division,” was deep in Germany and about to meet Soviet troops coming from the east. My father and his buddies were preparing to bridge the Mulde River when they were ordered to stand down. The war had ended. My father survived this experience and came home in the fall of that year. He did not tell me these things. I learned them through my own research, much of it conducted after his death in 1992. And I wonder, how does someone walk away from something like that and go back to a normal life. I guess I should know, he never really did.
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  1. JJ: Thanks for the insight.

    I’ve been viewing many videos of WWII lately, to refresh and fill out my understanding of the events of my childhood and youth [I was 15 when hostilities ended]. Sobering. In light of Tuesday’s Electoral College win, they are not encouraging.

    I will not be here in 2032, but would not be surprised if today’s TIP BlogSpot were right on target, unless the bldg had already been successfully targeted. You youngsters who may still be around, remember that emb told you so. Poor departed Dear Leader.

    Note, that URL works for any particular date’s current TIP. Almost left out that ‘.


  2. Nice summary, JJ. Have you found enough information to write a volume? I bet quite a few would be interested, especially the relatives of others of that division.

    There already is a volume out there entitled “Spearhead in the West.” It was published—in Germany, I think—at the end of the war as an in-house history of the 3rd Armored’s contribution to the allied cause. It was my father’s college yearbook, I suppose. It is acknowledged to be a credible and objective account in a genre of history writing that often includes a lot of puffery and home-team cheering. By the way, Elvis was a member of the 3rd Armored Division, but that was later. — JJ

  3. Jimmy, I appreciate your sharing this with us. Parents who have been in war, any war, rarely share the full range of their experiences with their children. I think they’re afraid that if they did, then we would have to live with those experiences every day for the rest of our lives, as they did.

    I salute all our vets today, and pray all today’s service members get to be active veterans. Thank you all.

    Mindy, I’m sorry the job sucks.

    Jerry’s baaaaaack, baby! 🙂 So is Ghost, and from the past, no less. 1955? That means….no…I know who my Daddy was!

  4. Wrote my essay on my MIA father and posted on wrong page. Cannot repost it. Mark, if you read this, please repost here on correct dany, I can’t.

    Like Jimmy I researched my dad at age 50 and met the so young Jack, forever young. I did intend a book, then 911 occurred and my book died along with so many. But I can never forget him and his squadron flying broken shot up planes patched with scronged parts going out to meet death daily while playing like so many kids knowing they would never be old men.

    Of course they were old men when they told me the stories but they were still young and alive in their minds, still in North Africa and Italy, still with my dad and the ones who never came back.

    Thank you. Thanks for the memories.

  5. Thinking of your Daddy today, too, Jimmy.

    Thinking of your Daddy today, too, Jackie.

    Thinking of all the parents today who have served, living and not living.

  6. Interesting name change Hal gave you, Jackie. Here’s your comment:

    Jackie Moerflynies on 11 Nov 2016 at 12:05 pm #

    I am reminded of the years my father was MIA. my earliest years until I was seven when his remains were found and he was officially declared dead. My grandmother never gave up hope, she would try to locate any Jack Hodgson she heard about in a newspaper. My whole life.
    My father is still in Italy in the military cemetery there.
    That is why I had to vote, for all who died that we and others remain able to do so. That and all the long lines who registered on the day I did, standing behind ropes, protected by Marshall’s and deputies armed with shotguns. I stood behind no ropes nor lines or paid a price to be able to vote.
    Thank you all for paying for me. Freedom isn’t free.

  7. Happy Belated (yesterday) 241st Birthday to the United States Marine Corps. You don’t look a day over 200.

    “On this day in 1775, in Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the very first U.S. Marine made his mark on the dotted line, laid the pen down, turned and looked behind him at the second guy in line and said, ‘Things were different in the old Corps.’”* (Thanks to Tamara Keel)

    *You may need to be/have been a Marine to get this. Or possibly not.

  8. If I felt “unsafe”, I suspect I would legally acquire a firearm and learn to use it safely and effectively for purposes of self-defense. Oh, wait…

  9. My father served in the South Pacific in WWII. He was at all the major battles; Midway, Coral Sea and more. Eventually their luck ran out and his ship was torpedoed and sunk off the coast of Savo Island. One of the only stories he ever told was about being done handing up life jackets and taking his turn to get in the water – all the sailors took off their shoes and left them neatly lined up along the fantail as though they were expecting to come back for them. The ship was low enough in the water by then for him to just step off. Like your father, Jimmy, he rarely spoke of those experiences. I was watching the movie “Midway” one day; he came into the room during one of the attack scenes and turned right around again and left. He later told me that those sounds from the movie were real and when you heard them on a ship you knew something was going to happen and it wasn’t going to be good. Just the sounds brought back bad memories. I wish to this day I could have gotten his story. I will also have to do some research.

  10. FYI:

    That is from the Strib, Twin Cities. We’ve had frosts here, but don’t believe the high has been below 32F yet. This is extraordinary. I believe tomorrow is the 2nd wk. of our local 9-day whitetail deer season [dates and regs. vary in this long N/S state]. Hunters often have snow to track wounded deer in: not this year. Flat-out, none, though we’ve had a little on the ground, usually gone by mid-afternoon.

    Jet stream is supposed to move over from Siberia by early next year, push cold weather S from Canada. We’ll see. White Christmas? Likely. Maybe even for TG, but I hope not. Have to drive S to Deerwood T or W before.


  11. My dad was a truck driver during WWII–in France and Germany. Came out of it with a bad back… two surgeries. He had some stories about basic training and Stateside… but never about his war experiences. .. I thank all who served, in whatever capacity.

  12. Speaking of daddies. mine was conservative, but in the old sense; don’t spend money that you don’t have, don’t try to impress others with a new car and a bigger house and BE HONEST and don’t steal. That’s why I object to those who identify themselves as a conservative today. For the most part they are not but I can forgive those who have believed the lies and think that it means something good. Allow me to explain why people are upset and actually crying, not because they are “spoiled” or childish, but because millions of people have paid with their lives not so that we can use crude language in public, steal money from the public through fraud, make fun of the handicapped, etc etc. You get the idea. People are worried about their children’s future, your children’s future, our country’s future and most importantly the future of the world. It’s fantastic to love your country, but it isn’t a vice to be concerned about millions of innocent children who don’t know where their tent will be set up tomorrow, what they will eat or why the rest of their family is dead. Ships full of European Jews were not allowed to land in this country during WWII and we read about it and shake our heads. We read about Viet Nam, LBJ and Nixon and say what were people thinking? If there are history books years from now this period of time will be seen as a very low point in the history of this country. You can be part of the solution or part of the problem. Don’t bend your head and pretend to pray while you chant “lock her up”.

  13. Jerry:

    Doubt we agree on everything, but well said. Conservative, liberal, religious, socialist, communist, Marxist, and other terms have become meaningless. So have many non-political terms: I order a pizza with artichokes and sardines and the server says, ‘perfect.’ Awesome, unique, convince vs. persuade, . . . : if we use words carelessly, we cannot communicate. Of course [which anything seldom is], certain code words have precise meanings, but the code enables pols to deny that’s what they meant. Rant over.


  14. The above is why we cannot have even more liberality. Don’t forget the tens of thousands sent to ‘Nam by LBJ, the horrific economic effects of Carter [18% interest rates!]{yet I respect Mr. Carter personally}, and the absurd reelection of Clinton after the impeachment.

    Troll-like comments are not appreciated. If I have offended by replying, I apologize.

    A person’s personal actions, good or bad, do not necessarily indicate anything about how s/he can lead. Same applies to skin color, gender, and all other non-leadership traits.

    Disclaimer: I did not vote for Mr. T., nor for Mrs. C.

    Can we leave the politics alone, now?

  15. I am not a troll and I did not characterize anyone no matter how they voted. I understood the discussion to be about patriotism. If you are interested, however, I joined approximately 250,000,000 of my fellow Americans in not voting for Trump. If you are interested only in those who actually voted I was in the majority there also. Jackie, check your email.

  16. BTW you may want to read the third line of your comment and compare it to the fifth line. I agree that what is right is right. Although he was the best president in many years Clinton should have been impeached.

  17. emb, I knew that, but like most people I just say “impeach” to refer to actually throwing them out of office. Thanks for pointing that out though.

  18. Jerry, so, which “conservative” president was in charge when “Ships full of European Jews were not allowed to land in this country during WWII and we read about it and shake our heads.”

    “It was enough to make a body ashamed of the human race.” – Mark Twain

  19. Thanks Mark. My father was of course awarded the Purple Heart as well as the Air Medal. I have always been proud of his service. I cry at parades, marches, the American flag, air shows and any semblance of patriotic exhibitions.
    The first time the shuttle landed in Houston I cried as she came into Ellington.

    When she exploded with a crew of my friends and customers I just kept on crying as I designed their flowers. I never got to design flowers for my father’s grave but every military funeral I did as though it was his. In a way it was.

  20. Yes, Jerry, I noted my 3rd and 5th lines. Clinton had some leadership abilities, no doubt, although I think we might differ as to the direction of said leadership at various times.

    Let me say this peacefully: Your posting of 1:04 this morning specifically denigrated the Republican presidents of the past 45 years; no such mention of any Democratic presidents’ shortcomings was made. That is why I think this was political rather than patriotic.

    I believe I will leave now until we Villagers get back on subject…almost anything but politics. Have a good month.

  21. Debbe 😉 Doc Brown was kind enough to let me stay in his home while I was in 1955, which was very fortunate, as trying to pay for food and lodgings with Series 2013 $20 bills with over-sized pictures of Andy Jackson that looked cut from an old encyclopedia would have undoubtedly have gotten the Secret Service called on me. (I’m not sure who they would have called had I showed them a debit card.)

    A couple of times, I had to use Doc’s convertible to go pick up parts for him. Believe me, I drove very carefully, as I didn’t want to have to explain to a traffic cop why my driver’s license was plastic, had my photo on it, and was supposedly valid for 65 years. Anyway, on one trip I heard this song on the car’s radio and didn’t recall ever hearing it, so I made a note to look it up if/when I got back to the future.

  22. Man, you are good Ghost, really good. I said no way was thar song from 1955, I was sure it was later around 1959.and you couldn’t have heard it then, proof-you weren’t there at all. Wish I had met you that year, those were my Lolita years when the white shorts and black tee photo was taken. You’d have liked me but what would I have thought of you? You would have been another older man intrigued by the too old to be thirteen woman child.

    Here’s a song I truly loved and still love. If I could I’d go back to this time and live it again but so differently. Wish we got do overs in life.

    Good night if anyone is out there.

  23. FDR, who was widely denounced as a leftist socialist and is today accused of arranging Pearl Harbor. There are things that can be said of every president. We just usually don’t do it while they are still in office. There have been some exceptions which I was mentioning. Have a good life.

  24. Good morning Villagers…..

    GM Old Bear. Love your ‘cat’ house, all that furry heat keeps ’em warm.

    Glad to see your return GR 😉

    I come here seeking solitude and comfort. Please let’s make peace. I am depressed enough the way it is.

    Jackie, how in the world did Hal change your last name….why I can’t even pronounce it.

    Too cold to go in and knock chicken poop off. Will be warmer tomorrow.

    Made chili yesterday using ground turkey….dang good stuff.

    Going to do some house cleaning today….maybe 🙂

    I love this Village

    ….Jerry, please come back…I’ll miss your little quips, and how is Tippy

  25. Jimmy, that’s quite an impressive group of accomplishments for a young man. It is interesting to imagine your father carrying all that experience upon return to a peaceful life, while knowing how much he’d done and endured to make the return and the peace possible. I recall the strips that touched on WWII as some of your very best.

  26. I well remember that video of Cher performing on the battleship, Jackie. Or, perhaps more accurately, I remember the costume she wore in it. I never had a Lolita complex but I’ll bet you were worth a second look in 1955. As you would be now, too, of course 🙂

    Debbe 😉 I’m happy you decided to start drawing your SS payments, and I hope it will help improve your financial security. (It certainly won’t make you rich, though.) Some will insist you should have waited, so you could draw more per month, but this way you will draw it for more months. Hang in there, hon. (Glad you mentioned making chili. As per previous discussions here, I think today will be an excellent one to dig out one of my slow-cookers and my recipe collection, and make something yummy for dinner. Now to decide what to cook.)

    Sideburns, I was saddened to hear of Gully’s passing. I remember your story about the origin of his name.

  27. My father-in-law was in the thickest of the fighting during the Battle of the Bulge. Because he was the company clerk, the only weapon he said that he had was his typewriter. I don’t know how he survived. He never talked about what he saw during the fighting.

    My dad was not in combat because we dropped the bombs while he was on Okinawa with the Army Corps of Engineers, preparing to be part of the invasion force. Instead, he became part of the occupational force in and around Nagasaki. He never talked about the absolute devastation and the walking dead that he saw.

  28. GR 😉 here’s one you don’t hear too often:

    …try using ground turkey in your chili….mine tasted damn good….think I’ll have a bowl soon after I start cleaning this house…been ‘abused’ (the house) for too long. Husband does a good job, but in the last couple of weeks he’s not been feeling well. When he applied for SSI, he got it immediately…no appeals, and that is scary.

  29. Wonderful tribute, Jimmy. Thanks for sharing. You Veterans Day posts have all been memorable. The one that spoke most to me was Arlo telling Gene that he’d won the lottery.

  30. I give up….need a dumpster to start tossing out the junk, like my Old Dell, a useless water cooler, one 28 year old son 🙂 …. just kidding.

    Going to hit the recliner for a while. Husband fixing chicken fettuccine.

    Rick, you are most certainly welcome….there are forums for that BS

    Beautiful day here in SIN

    Hey…where’s Jackie???

    Mark, do you know????

  31. Thanks to your daddy and mine and all the other dads who left all their loved ones to go so far away to keep us and the rest of the world safe. Luckily, at 93, my dad is still alive (and kicking). It has only been in the last 15 years that he has somewhat opened up about his service in Italy. He didn’t want to talk while Mom was still alive, as he never wanted her to know that he wasn’t always safe.

  32. Good morning. Jackie is home in bed with the Adventure Dog getting ready or not to have knee replacement in two weeks.

    As a political service to our country I have been posting photos of a variety of cats in my Endless Kitty Buffet out in yard and advising everyone follow Abe Lincolns advice to pet a cat. Facebook needs cat and food photos right now.

  33. Thanks, Rick. I have my own religious and political beliefs and I like to keep them to myself. I, like Debbe, do not consider this a political or religious forum.
    God bless us every one. God bless the USA.

  34. The best political news of all is that this Presidential election cycle is over, done, fini, and the next campaign won’t start for…oh, wait, it probably already has, hasn’t it? 🙁

    Jackie, are you really still undecided about what to do about your knees? Not my place to tell you what to do, but if it were Ghost, I’m pretty sure he would prefer to deal with some temporary immobility rather than being permanently invalided.

  35. Debbe 😉 If Ian is a typical 28-year-old bachelor, he probably couldn’t tell the inside of the dumpster from his room. 😀

    By the way, did you know that those dumpsters were invented by George Dempster, and that their trade name is/was the Dempster-Dumpster?

  36. Jackie got clearance from endocrinologist and rheumatologist so far. Big one is cardiologist. Shrink will ok it. I am doing this but don’t want to.

    Should have done face-lift. May sell a boat for one?

    Hey, the DeLorean took me to wrong year or I can’t do math. I looked good by 1957 not 1955.

  37. One thing that is depressing me is fast I have two knees to do so looking at a year according to orthopedist for knees, then another year to do two shoulders and hands if not more. That is her best case scenario to allow for recovery with no complications.

    Damn, there go the best years of my youth! At least what’s left of it.

  38. Again, Jackie, think about what it will be like if you don’t get those things fixed. And perhaps that tall, dark, mysterious visiting nurse will show up to look after you.

    A physician I know had a face lift at age 60. His reasoning was it made him look 45, and he would be 75 before he looked 60 again. He’s 85 now and looks damned good.

    1955, 1957; jail-bait either way, no? 🙂

  39. An absolutely gorgeous mid-fall afternoon in the Deep South today. Bullet got a bath, which he appreciated. I believe I finally have a handle on all his features.

  40. Thanks for the update on your clearances, Jackie. Do keep us posted; we care. I admit I am putting off my second knee as long as the synthetic joint fluid (“chicken juice”) is giving me good relief. But my masseuse asked me last week, if you know you’re going to have to do it and it hurts, why are you putting it off? I’m going on a choral tour to Europe in May; won’t have time before that, but may well decide to have it done afterward.

    To quote the t-shirt: Getting old is not for sissies.

  41. 88% chocolate is just right. Buy mine at BUMC, fair-traded, small farmers, etc. Church sells chocolate, coffee, tea, and BUMC sells more fair-trade stuff than any other MN UMC, regardless of # members. We are a midsized UMC, large enough to justify one pastor, and secy.-bookkeeper, lay pastoral asst. of some sort, organist, choir director, and janitor, all part-time. Everybody else [lay leader, S.S. mgr. + teachers, copy editor, two women’s orgs, trustees, committee chairs + members, etc.] = volunteers. Several other UMCs, esp. in the Cities and Rochester, are much larger, w/ multiple pastors & such. No UMC mega-churches in USA, to my knowledge.

    Not a word in there about religion, just food and organization. Nihil obstat.

    Pax vobiscum.

  42. When I jones for chocolate, it’s in the form of Hershey’s Kisses. I don’t know what the percentage of cocoa in them is, but I know they are good, as one would expect from the fact that they have been around for over a hundred years. Letting three of them melt in my mouth (one at a time) will satisfy my craving.

  43. About the visiting nurse. My surgery is scheduled for November 30 right after Thanksgiving. Does he have plans for roasting a turkey with someone already? It might be nice to meet me when I am not drugged on pain meds nor screaming in pain and cursing my knee.

    Frankly, I would love to have someone who won’t let me wimp out. You can put up with five women, I can’t possibly be as bad as five combined. Almost couldn’t type that, I hesitated. I might be.

  44. “But my masseuse asked me last week, if you know you’re going to have to do it and it hurts, why are you putting it off?” from NK in AZ.
    Oh my gosh, that makes so much sense! I like to get bad stuff over and get to the good stuff. Also makes sense to me to have a surgery sooner when recovery prospects are better than later when I might be less able to bounce back. Or can’t bounce back at all, can’t have surgery, and end up feeling miserable. I hope I remember this when I need it!

  45. I had a good friend many years ago in Texas who committed suicide that way, very very slowly. She needed knee surgery and was in multiple diet groups with me. Instead she just ate more and continued to gain weight until she could no longer walk and she went on to walker, then scooter, then power chair.

    She continued to gain and gain until she was bed ridden in a hospital bed on first floor of their home and could no longer get out of bed or even turn over. She ended up being lifted with a mechanical lift to even move her. Obviously she died prematurely.

    I know this is extreme and obviously it was mental but I think of her often.

  46. Yikes, Jackie. What a story, and a lesson for all of us to take the best care of ourselves that we can, physically, mentally, and emotionally, so that we can also take care of others. The saying is: Love your neighbor as yourself. You have to love yourself also.

  47. Than you for sharing that with us. I have never talked with a WWII vet who wants to give the details…they’ll tell a little bit, but not everything. So imagine my surprise the last time I talked with my Uncle Delbert. We were sitting in his livingroom and suddenly he started telling me about his experience in the Battle of the Bulge. I was holding my breath…I didn’t want to say anything and break the moment. I learned more from him in 10 minutes than I ever did in 30+ years. He died a few months later.

  48. Just ate leftover roast from Ghosts family recipe, along with healthier cauliflower au gratin, pan sautéed plaintains. There are leftovers. My workmen eat meals here often. Sometimes they are odder than others.

    Tomorrow it’s some other precooked roast, probably pork, lemon garlic cauliflower or leftover au gratin, probably a kale dish. Because I need to use up a couple bunches of kale. And leftover green and yellow squash will morph into a squash sour cream baked squash side.

    Let’s talk food for awhile. Only thing that’s possibly better than sex or the two together.

    How did your chili turn out Ghost? And did the Georgia Dogs beat the Auburn Wareagles? And do we think Lewis Grizzard watched the game from a premium seat?

  49. Jackie: ‘. . . sex or the two together.’ Just how does that work? I am/was more inclined to give 100% attention to each, but not at the same time.

    Correction: 100% to food, or to food and conversation, no TV. Maybe MPR classical softly in the background. Conversation, of course, might include topics not suitable here.


  50. Surely you saw the movie Tom Jones? Sexiest scene of gluttonous eating ever filmed. Or licking chocolate or whipped cream or other consumables off body parts, going back to Greeks, Romans and before for all we know?

    I could go on fairly lengthfully but others might contribute perhaps.

    Now that I think about it the baccanals celebrated sex and food with a name for such a feast.

    Me, I love to cook passionately with males but men like that are hard to find. First, they need to know how to cook, second they need to have great coordination and a sense of whimsy, never taking themselves or the dishes they are working on too lightly, nor too seriously.

    And yes, I think like this and talk like this in person. Doesn’t everyone? Just off the cuff?

    Otherwise I will go back to Abraham Lincoln and cats to get us in a genial mood.

  51. Two unbeaten top 10 college teams went down today. Don’t count your chickens. Right Debbe? BTW the movie about the USS Indianapolis has finally been released. Go see what brave men did for freedom.

  52. Jackie, sadly I do have plans for Thanksgiving, and also my plate is going to be pretty full until after the first of the year. On the bright side, I have had some experience with drugged/screaming/cursing females, and it has never been a problem for me. Oh, and I can cook, too. 🙂

    Perhaps we can figure out an alternate method of me not letting you wimp out. And remember, I survived Bat-Guano Crazy Lady, so…

  53. Yep, Georgia beat Auburn 13-7. I hope Lewis had a good seat. There were a number of other upsets and near-upsets today.

    Didn’t do chili this time; decided to slow-cook a roast with Yukon Gold potatoes, baby carrots and mushrooms. I’ll put it on before I go to bed tonight.

  54. Debbe 😉 Sunday night, Doc Brown wanted us to watch a show on his TV*…an episode of General Electric Theater, hosted by a middle-aged actor named Ronald Reagan. You know, many people seem to think there were few or no African-Americans on TV until the 70s, but the episode (and it was a good one) was “Winner by Decision”, starring Harry Belafonte, Ethel Waters, and Diahann Carroll.

    On the way back to Doc Brown’s house from a trip to the electric supply store the next morning, I heard this very pretty song on the AM radio in his convertible.

    *Doc mentioned that on Saturday night he had watched a Western show that was new that season. He said he liked it (because he’d always wanted to live in the Old West), but he was afraid “Gunsmoke” wouldn’t last past its first season.

  55. Need a measurement from you Ghost. Not what you are thinking. I imagine you have long fingers and thumbs. Who brought that one up anyway?

    This is serious actually. I need the measurements of your parents and sister’s urns from cemetery and a description of monument and colors. A photo would be nice is you could conceal whatever you want to.

    What I am looking for is measurements and proportions so I can design cemetery memorials. I have a gracious plenty of silk flowers purchased, they can be any size and will be all around oval garden styles in pinks, lavenderso and creams, roses, hydrangeas, magnolias, garden flowers in garden club symmetry. Identical or complimentary?

    Want to get this done and not leave until last minute.

  56. I can certainly postpone my surgery since it is elective, something I was considering anyway. I have not been exercising as I should have nor eating right. When I get depressed I do things like that. Eat badly.

    Frankly, I was one rushing surgery, not surgeon.

    Have heard from Allstate representative who seems to think they are repairing Trigger who is down in Tupelo still. I need some local knowledge about Ford dealers and body shops in area. So, I am thinking I will drive down there to access situation. Still assuming uninsured driver and that my insurance will end up paying it, not hit and run culprit.

  57. I just finished cooking an acorn squash in the microwave, and now it’s in the fridge. Tomorrow, I’m going to an open house with a BBQ, and I’m going to brush it with sesame oil, season it with pumpkin pie spice and put it on the grill to reheat and get some grill marks. Along with that I’m going to have a small steak seasoned with za’atar. I don’t think I’m going to need any sweets, and it’s a good thing.

  58. Sounds really good. I bought two acorn squash to cook, along with a butternut. Did you cut and seed acorn and out in a steamer bag? Or just poke some holes and stuck in whole to seed later?

  59. Good morning Villagers…..

    Good grief, it’s a balmy 24 degrees out on my front porch!!!!

    Jerry, made me smile…but Canada is colder than SIN, and with no fat on me I’d look like an icicle 🙂

    Chocolate…I love me some dark chocolate. They say dark chocolate is actually healthy for you….will research and keep you posted

    Thinking about knocking off some chicken poop, but that won’t happen until it warms up about noon…need to get at least a couple two or three hours in on Friday’s paycheck. Fortunately, it will be warming up into the sixties the next week….Amen.

    Until then, I’ll go over to the ‘homestead’ and wash those windows on the French doors….wonder how cold it is in there.


    GR 😉 funny that you should bring up Ronald Reagan. Watched a docu on him last night, interesting and learned a few things too. Didn’t realize he was married to Jayne Mansfield. Also, didn’t realize he made so many movies…and he was a pretty good actor.


  60. Good morning Villagers. I had a friend tighten down the fasteners on our tin roof, then paint it yesterday, and wouldn’t ya know Murphy’s Law we got a hard frost last night before it could dry properly. It still has to be better than it was.

  61. Smigz…follow Gunsmoke on TV land every day….ever watched when it originally aired. And he wears that same shirt in every episode….peach colored.

  62. Boy, you almost had me checking wiki Debbe!

    Don’t know why I bother with a night gown? I wake up and most of me isn’t in it. Wish I were skinny . If you quit hefting ten tons of eggs daily maybe you can gain a little.

    Tried to copy my Abraham Lincoln and cats pmeost for Villagers not on Facebook. Until such time as we return to a happier state I am practicing cat-astropic therapy on my friends with non political posts of cats, inspiredo by Lincoln.

  63. I am hating all the obituaries. That is not aimed at you Mark. Just a comment.

    I intend to only date younger men and even that isn’t much protection unless they have taken really good care of themselves. Of course most my age and older are in cemeteries, nursing homes or really bad shape!

    Have found two of my old boy friends who look good and are alive. One has had at least seven wives, the other four. That brings their mental capacities into question but then that was always in question.

  64. There were instructions on a label stuck to the side of the squash, Jackie, and I followed them. I split it, cleaned out the hollow, put both halves in a microwave safe dish with 1/4 cup of water and zapped it for 12 minutes.

  65. Going to run over to the hen house, temps are 55 degrees…don’t know how long I’ll stay. Need to grab the fly spray too….seems I’ve ‘inherited’ a few fleas…..gonna spray furniture and get to the vet and get spray for animals….nasty vermin….and why were they allowed on the Ark???

    And, Jackie, what does Lincoln have to do with cats?

  66. Lincoln was famous for his love of cats even during his lifetime. He fed Tabby on the formal White House dinner table with a gold fork. Mrs. Lincoln objected and he said it had been good enough for Mr. Buchanan so it would do for Tabby. Lots of anecdotes and Lincoln cat stories exist.

    Lincoln suffered badly from depression and found solace in petting cats. He was quite loving and kind to cats all his life. The same cannot be said for Mrs. Lincoln who was known to Lincolns staff as the hellion cat.

    Google Lincoln and cats.

  67. PBS had a music series in the early 1970s that included an episode with Leon Russell. I was living in the garage apartment* behind my parents’ house at the time and decided to watch it with them since their TV was better than mine. I figured that they would like the short program with Cat Stevens that ran first, wasn’t sure what they would think of Russell. Turned out that my mother, especially, really liked him!

    * The apartment had originally been fixed up for my grandmother, who lived there with us from the time I was about 5. During my junior year in college, she reached the point of needing more attention so she was moved into my bedroom and I got the apartment. Worked out well for everyone – I used it during the 1970 summer break, my brother used it after his divorce while I was away the next school year, and I moved back in when I graduated. I stayed there for a year before getting my own place which allowed me to save up a nice chunk of money to get me started.

  68. What Trucker? You mean Washington didn’t chop down that cherry tree nor skip the coin across the river and maybe he did tell a lie?

    All pre-Internet perpetuation.

  69. Oh Ghost, at least give me that Lincoln loved cats! It is documented by contemporaries in their diaries and letters.
    He ranks right along with Doctor Johnson and Mark Twain, Voltaire as cat lovers.

    Yes, photos are faked but the photo he had taken of Fido his Springfield dog went for more than $30,000. That isn’t faked.

    Don’t you admire Lincoln?

  70. Probably the chicken livers did it. Those nasty things are are near-toxic waste as far as I’m concerned. Well, maybe she’ll see this in the morning.

    Debbe 😉 Doc typically watched only one TV show per night and on Mondays that was The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show. We watched “The Musical Version” episode, the one at the end of which Gracie explained why her father had a sign on the front of his photography studio that read “Shoe Repair”, and why he put a camera inside of a cantaloupe. I was disappointed, though, to see that it did not end with George saying, “Say good night, Gracie,” and Gracie saying, “Goodnight, Gracie,” but it was still funny.

    Earlier that evening, Doc and I had stopped at a drive-in restaurant for hamburgers, fries, and milk shakes (all of them delicious), and this song was playing on their outdoor PA system.

    (Oddly, Li’l Smigz), there did not seem to be a radio in Doc’s house.)

  71. Good golly Miss Molly, you were back in the days I began dating and dancing. We went over hips and between legs but not over shoulders and back as I recall. I actually went to a dance he played for.

    As Jimmy Buffet said, what happened to the saxophones and brass?

    You haven’t said but why back to 1955?

  72. and ;the lyrics

    “Well if I could I surely would
    stand on the rock where Moses stood
    pharaoh’s army got drownded
    o Mary don’t you weep
    O Mary don’t you weep, don’t you mourn
    o Mary don’t you weep, don’t you mourn
    pharaoh’s army got drownded
    o Mary don’t you weep
    Well Mary wore three links and chains
    on every link was Jesus’ name
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    Well one of these nights bout 12 o’clock
    this old world is gonna rock
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    Well Moses stood on the Red Sea shore
    smote’ the water with a two by four
    pharaoh’s army got drownded
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    (O Mary don’t you weep, don’t you mourn)
    (o Mary don’t you weep, don’t you mourn)
    (pharaoh’s army got drownded)
    (o Mary don’t you weep)
    Well old Mr. Satan he got mad
    missed that soul that he thought he had
    pharaoh’s army got drownded
    o Mary don’t you weep
    Brothers and sisters don’t you cry
    there’ll be good times by and by
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    Solo, try it out!
    (O Mary don’t you weep, don’t you mourn)
    (o Mary don’t you weep, don’t you mourn)
    (pharaoh’s army got drownded)
    (o Mary don’t you weep), hey!
    God gave Noah the rainbow sign
    – no more water but fire next time –
    pharaoh’s army got drownded
    o Mary don’t you weep
    O Mary don’t you weep, don’t you mourn
    o Mary don’t you weep, don’t you mourn
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    (o Mary don’t you weep, don’t you mourn)
    (pharaoh’s army got drownded)
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    O Mary don’t you weep, don’t you mourn
    o Mary don’t you weep, don’t you mourn
    pharaoh’s army got drownded
    oh, Mary don’t you…
    (O Mary don’t you weep, don’t you mourn)
    (o Mary don’t you weep, don’t you mourn)
    (pharaoh’s army got drownded)
    (o Mary don’t you weep)?

  73. TruckerR, I find 70% cocoa to be a very sweet treat. I do like 85% and 90% as well but they are a bit harder to get. I also have tried 99% which is quite intense. I can only eat a few squares at a time. It goes nice with a black coffee follower.

  74. Gary, the highest % I’ve found in local stores was 90%. I find that anything below 70% is too sweet for me anymore. Interesting how our tastes adjust to favor what my daughters find incredibly bitter.

  75. Have worked on cleaning kitchen, washing dishes, unfurling surfaces and cooking. Tonight was leftover zucchini and yellow squash turned into a (gasp) squash casserole, garlic lemon cauliflower a nd sautéed kale, mustard and bok choy greens, plus leftover pork loin.

    Everyone gets a buffet plate of leftovers tomorrow and I cook something fresh and perishable for dinner. Triage in the fridge on vegetables and fruits. Probably stir fry with brown mushrooms and snow peas, peppers, onions and who knows?

  76. Walmart has good selections of dark and gourmet chocolates, usually in different location than more common candy.

    My candy shop had upscale European and American candy you scooped and weighed. Now you can buy versions in gas stations and discount stores. Not sure any cheaper though? Just easier to find.

    Anyone here eat gummy rats?

  77. No, but I’ve had woodchuck, muskrat, fox and grey sq., fox [horrid], coon, opossum, cat, deer, whale [would no longer eat that, nor primate of any sort], various game birds. Best of those mammals are deer, muskrat, and opossum. Have not found any bird or fish that I don’t like. Also various mollusks and crustaceans. Peace,

  78. Have been running Chinese laundry, sorting clothes and jewelry and hanging it up, cleaning kitchen and doing everything except staying off knees. Now both knees hurt. Just fantastic. Not that they haven’t hurt badly before, it’s just I have been in a remission that seems to have ended. I am going to bed, both tired and depressed.

    Think I am going back to cooking but not eating my own cooking. I have gained weight. Think I will return to the iced tea diet, stop the Diet Cokes (bad) and go on anti-inflammatory diet that both endocrinologist and rheumatologist recommend. It is proven to work for both diabetes and autoimmune diseases.

    There is so much to do in next two weeks that I will be exhausted by time I check into hospital for surgery.

  79. Ghost, this note is to you. Please send the information I need to make the two memorial pieces for your sister and parents. The flowers are in huge sacks in living room.

    I need to at least make flowers for my mom too and hopefully for other family in Louisiana. It looks like I need to go to Tupelo about Trigger and it isn’t that far from Jackson on to Monroe and graves. Well, I may be trying for too many memorials. I have about six immediate family in one cemetery alone.

    But yours and my mama’s are being done, have everything bought. I turn into a “kitchen witch” and design them on table, that is what professional florists call housewife do it yourselfers.

  80. Jimmy,
    My father like yours was with Patton in the “Bulge” and froze his feet, was sent to England for a couple of weeks, then back to the Engineers. He survived it or I wouldn’t have been born. Talked very little about it. After he passed we discovered letters he wrote back to Mom.
    Not much about the fighting, but the cold and wet socks. All the soldiers then wanted was dry socks. He should have applied for service connection disability but never sent it in. Before he passed on Veterans Day 2003 he was awarded a Bronze Star.

  81. Ah, ha…good morning Villagers 🙂

    Slept like a baby last night…must have been the chicken livers 🙂 Since it was a beautiful day, we decided to take a cruise and did something we’ve not done in years…went out to eat. Just the three of us. And yes, we drank responsibly. It’s the first time I ever put a $ in a jukebox to play only two songs…I remember when it was 5 songs for a dollar….inflation…tells you how long it’s been since I’ve been in a bar…..and I don’t really miss it.

    Temps this week will allow us to get some work done at the hen house….sixties.

    Oh, Jackie, sorry about the double post…I’ll post it later.

    Happy Monday one and all

  82. Odd bit of trivia:

    According to the Internet, Natalie Schafer (“Lovey Howell on Gilligan’s Island) would lose weight by exclusively eating premium ice cream for a few days. Anyone want to try it and report their success or failure? I’m tempted!

  83. TruckerRon, that’s wonderful news!

    Llee, those exchanges made my morning!

    Jimmy, I’ve been thinking about my Dad’s service during WWII and his Mom’s role in it. He was her first child, 17 years old, and she had to sign papers giving permission for him to enlist since he was underage. Her husband had died three years earlier, she had two other younger children, and was struggling to raise them alone (although the jobs my Dad had helped). Now he wanted to enlist and fight for her adopted country; and he might return home injured and unable to work or care for himself, or not return at all. I don’t think I ever appreciated how heroic a sacrifice that was for her. Thank you, Gramma.

  84. Doesn’t work Trucker, I have been on that diet! When I was delivering flowers and running the roads on Houston freeways back in early to late 80s I memorized the location of every premium high fat $5 and up ice cream cone in town and drove around town living on binge ice cream and diet Tabs.

    Caffeine in huge quantities and 22% and higher fat content ice cream, what could be wrong with that? In a chocolate and nut dipped waffle cone for extra nut-trition.

    Good morning Debbe. Fried chicken livers and gravy, I would still be sick with gastric reflux. I eat them wh r n I am feeling suicidal. At least bars in Indiana serve food with the cigarette smoke.

  85. Finally eating brunch. Big bowl of mixed fresh fruit drizzled with warmed organic raw honey with a whole grain oat English muffin with extra protein (that’s what package said) with natural honey butter.

    Of course, show me 22% butter fat all natural ice cream and I am a goner. Why I never buy Ben and Jerry’s. Just give me a spoon for the carton.

    Dropped the seven pounds of retained fluid over weekend so situation not so bad.

  86. Did the revolution arrive while I was doing laundry and taking dogs and cats to vets? We have an enormous fat skunk living at neighbors and eating at Kitty Buffet. I am vaccinating everything before I have surgery.

    Little Ghost has become everyone’s favorite. Trula adores him, he is so adorable. The baby was playing with him this afternoon. He came with a virus and it has recurred, so he went to vets too.

  87. Love your cats Mindy. You definitely practice cat-astropic therapy all the time. I told my vet how I was countering hateful and depressing posts with endless cat photos and cat anecdotes, suggesting everyone pet their cats and adopt some if they were cat less.

    He has known me for 22 years and spayed and neutered at least 100 animals for me, he knows I am serious but he laughed his head off at that. He says he would go travel with me if he didn’t have four kids in college and a wife who’d divorce him.

    Anyway pet a cat everyone. It lowers blood pressure.

  88. Debbe 😉 On Tuesday, I watched The Red Skelton Show with Doc. Red’s guests included Connie Russell, a dishy, leggy, and shapely singer/actress; and Jamie Farr, who would later show up on something called M*A*S*H. The main sketch had Red playing Cookie the Sailor, and as always, he was funny, funny, funny.

    After the show, we launched Operation Back to the Future. I can’t say too much about it, as some of the statutes of limitations may not have run even now, but it involved a suitcase version of Doc’s flux capacitor; “borrowing” a Checker Cab; a quick trip to the Hanford Reactor Site; and sneaking on site to charge a new battery Doc had built, with Doc playing the part of a scatter-brained taxi driver, if one can imagine that.

    On the way, I heard this song while driving on an Oregon back road in the middle of the night:

    Now, I’ll be gone a while. I need to take the cab to 1985 to have a few words with myself.

  89. Ask your parents about anything you can think of. Tell your kids
    the same.
    Almost every day there is something I want to ask Mom Or Dad
    certainly every week. Some esoteric, some family, some feelings (though Mom
    usually said what she was thinking)
    Talking will bring memories and other discussions. Use a recorder and don’t spend
    too much time at any one so they get bored or tired.
    Go over pictures and get names!

    You are a child – 5 cents each 6 for a quarter (“Put another nickle in the Nickelodeon”)

  90. Don’t think this will work but it is item


    The other soaps are
    Smells like Naval Supremacy
    Smells like Productivity
    Smells like Victory
    Smells like Accomplishment

  91. One you need for your ready kit
    Fire Lighting Kit # 35243


  92. I did enjoy my three days in Canada recently. I was wearing my St. Louis Blues jacket and several people commented on it. I told them that I was actually from Florida although we actually have pro hockey there which, I said, is kind of like playing football in Canada. They laughed politely. Nice folks.

  93. Ok, Ghost I take it you are lost in the 50s when you were born and moving to 80s when you were an adult. Tell us, can you actually go home again or just look homeward, angel?
    Jerry I have begun dreaming about my mother. The dreams are not dreams of reality but of an alternative life and place. Like that TV show Lost. Makes no more sense than it did. Decaying houses are always in dreams.

  94. Good morning Villagers…

    Jerry, Jerry, Jerry… glad you are still here..your quips make me laugh. Colorado had already legalized weed, but not CA…which surprised me, I would have thought they would have been one of the first ones to legalize it.

    Only stayed about an hour at the hen house…cold in there. The Boss told Ian he wanted to speak to us….Ian said he’d go in and help today. He’s whining about the two of us just working out in the hen house….asked him if he wanted to eat 🙂

    GM, Old Bear. I am a child at heart, but in a 63 year old body. A nickel???

    Jackie, here’s that link I promised you….love the chemistry between these two:

    Jackie….I think Freud would have a field day analyzing your dreams. I don’t recall mine, but there are times too I dream about Mom, and theymake no sense and about 15 minutes later I don’t recall the details, just that I dreamed about her.

    And Ian gets a gold star…..his room is cleaned, and all laundry done and put away!!!!!!


    Hey, Sandcastler, how’s Toronto?

  95. GR 😉 just love your reading about your travels and the adventures you are having. Yesterday, as I was channel surfing I came upon an infomercial on Red Skelton. I watched him every week as a young girl…sure don’t make clowns like him anymore. Did you know he was from Vincennes, IN? We Hoosiers take pride in that…

    …I once had one of these 🙂

  96. About the SS and computers. Did you know the VA system and SS have 30 old computer systems and only add on the new things every 10 years or so. Not a very efficient way to go about business.

  97. When I was in gubmint we had no computers and no calculators. They issued us yellow lead pencils and yellow legal pads and we wrote and calculated with that.

    I had a secretary who took dictation as well as typed but because I was a woman they loaned her out all the time as it was assumed I could type if I just would.. I wouldn’t.

    Our typing pool was all male except for one loan woman.

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