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"You can see my belly button!"
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Are Arlo and Janis retired? Technically, no. Although home undeniably has become the focus of the strip lately, they still have comic-strip jobs, traditional jobs where they go to a brick-and-mortar office, put in a day of routine work and collect a regular paycheck. In other words, jobs that hardly exist anymore outside comic strips. Perhaps I’ll explore this area in 2016. I’ve thought a lot about it. Heaven knows, their resume needs updating.

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  1. I gather that Janis has a job, but while I can remember Arlo being shown at work every once in a while, I can’t remember the last time Janis was shown at work.

    Me, either. — JJ

  2. Longtime readers will of course realize that “My favorite bathing suit you ever wore” means “Yellow bikini*”.

    *Percentage of nakedness unknown, but likely significant

  3. When Janis was having the possible office romance with the young guy……..wouldn’t she have been in an office?

    She comes home from work, we see her dragging in her tote bag.

    Sitting at Orthopedist to find out about shoulder tear, tell her postponing knee replacement to go sail 200 miles through mud, wind and heat to raise $20,000 for American Cancer Society. That’s an extreme thing to do to avoid knee surgery.

    Need permission to go kayak and do SUP next month or at least try. Met a martial arts school owner last night, woman, ended up having dinner with her and bonding. Ortho is martial arts expert, she’ll like that, so I am looking into doing that as well for fitness, protection and attitude.

  4. Jackie, defensive hand-to-hand combat tip #1 – Punch opponent in the throat. (Kids, don’t try that at home.) Preferred attitude (the one I project when I can’t carry) is “I’ll light you up if you mess with me.”

  5. Good news I knews is I have a complete rotator tear (duh) and two bad knees, can’t have surgery for ar least year with cardiologists permission then. But I can go kayak or paddle or Sail or build boats from an orthopedists standpoint since it will just hurt but not fall off. I can accept that.

    Ortho female pilot major in reserves is martial arts and shootist. Says I should get gun training and forget martial arts, I am already way over limit on what I do to my body. Ghost, I did tell her I wasn’t falling in love with anyone again, didn’t promise to give up men totslly. Told her I was trying to become self reliant. She is for that.

  6. Careful there, Jackie. I’ve always had a thing for strong, self reliant women. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (See: Millionaire Widow Lady) (Did you get those business cards printed?)

    Yep. Remember, my first recommendation for self-defense was an Evil Death Machineโ„ข. Some problems are best dealt with at a distance.

    And buy the best training you can afford.

  7. I mentioned this earlier, but I don’t know if anybody saw it, as it turned out to be the last post on the old thread.

    Actor Alan Rickman died of cancer at age 69. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, think English stage actor, also Die Hard, Costner’s Robin Hood, and all the Harry Potter movies. Another great example of his profession gone.

  8. Regarding Alan Rickman, what a terrific actor and what a loss. Of all the wonderful roles he played, the one that stands out in my mind is that of the Spock-like character in ‘Galaxy Quest’ – a British stage actor who did Shakespeare, but who is doomed to forever be remembered for his role in a cheesy TV series (the eponymous ‘Galaxy Quest’). It was a great ensemble film, and Rickman truly threw himself into the part; his contorted facial expressions made words unnecessary.

  9. Jimmy, we certainly had that conversation during 2015 about “Dream” houses. We ended up siding with Janis and went smakker . If you do have them move, you could have them sort through stuff and that way they can find old A&J strips that they collected over the years. So you could take a week or two off and just recycle…

  10. Jackie needs a mosquito hat. Bought some in Upper P of Michigan where they are size of humming birds.

    I loved him in Galaxy Quest. Who was he in Harry Potter? I have seen some but don’t remember his character.

  11. That TIP BlogSpot by Edward Roberts Hughes is titled ‘Diana’s maidens.’ How does he know?
    BTW, thanks all for the scoop on grits/cornmeal.

    Also, though Mom grew up in Bay St. Louis [but lived in NYC four+ decades], I never heard ‘might could’ at home. Here in Bemidji, likely in my 40s or 50s, I responded to someone’s question with ‘I used to could.’ [Probably pronounced ‘yoosta could]. Surprised me as much as others. Actually, think there’s nothing ungrammatical about ‘might could’ or ‘used to could,’ but they do sound unusual.

    Peace, emb

  12. We were privileged to oce view the famous yellow bathing suit- it appeared during one of Arlo’s summer sailing fantasies- the arc also featured Jimmy Buffet serenading our favorite couple.

  13. Rickman: Anyone else remember him as the voice of Marvin the Paranoid Robot in the movie version of “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”?

  14. Debbe ๐Ÿ˜‰ The “Debbie” on TIP today…I dunno…sorta reddish-blonde hair…obviously would look great in an orange string bikini…could be, could be. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Yes, bank loan officers (the male ones, anyway) still wear ties and sit at a desk. I saw one doing so two days ago, while I was in a bank lobby waiting for a locksmith to arrive to drill the lock on a safe deposit box. (Not mine; don’t ask.) Turned out I knew the locksmith, and he let me watch him work. Now I know all about safe deposit boxes and their locks. Including how to open a box in about 15 seconds, without a key. But I’m not telling.

  16. What is this about don’t get your blood pressure elevated or heart rate elevsted? Nobody told me. Do they think all of us are on walkers and having home health daily to ask us if we had a bowl movement? Yes, that’s what they think or want I suspect.

    Just get in line, we’ll keep you breathing to advanced age, just don’t ask for a life to go with living.

    Sorry I am a tad testy. And tired. And a customer at Hobby Lobby just carried on like a screaming hysterical drama Queen at this sweet framing tech who was helping me on my nickle. I began to politely say a copy of whatever newspaper article was easily replaced but I got as far as “Excuse me sir” when he began screaming at me.

    Why do idiotic ally insignificant people do that? Attack others? I shrugged my shoulders and went and peed. Wished it had been on his foot. The poor framer was worried about me, that zip was hurt, I was worried about her. I was spending about a thousand on frames, he had spent about $40 and interrupted so he could yell at everyone. It was apparently the first time his name had been in a newspaper and they had cut off mast head.

  17. If that is his usual style, the next time he appears in a newspaper may well be in the crime section due to some less patient person punching his lights out.

    I was in a Burger King a couple of weeks ago and saw a woman blow up like that over an order that apparently was wrong. Her husband came in first and he was quiet and polite over it, accepted the manager’s explanation why they could not replace it, and took it back to his car. Then came the wife, under a full head of steam. In between the screaming, cursing and general acting out, everyone in earshot learned that the woman’s mother had come to this location and bought food for this woman and her family, spending around $30. The purchaser took the food to this woman and must not have checked the order because bigmouth ran down a long list of things that were wrong with it. Trouble is, they did not come back with the food till it was around an hour after the sale. Manager said if they had called right away or come back directly the order was found to be wrong, it would have been replaced. This woman would not accept that and continued screaming and cursing, and trying to interrupt me when the manager was bagging my order. The unhappy customer ended by throwing the bags on the counter and storming out. I pity her husband for the ride home.

  18. Most jurisdictions make “Creating a Business Disturbance” a crime. Of course, that probably gets invoked about as often as the one against “Pubic Profanity”.

    Only idiots and very small people have to raise their voices to make a point. I never raise mine.

  19. See! Hal will NOT type what I type! Insolent know it all he typed public when I typed pubic. You typed public profanity and your phone typed pubic instead. Mine keeps saying I have public areas which may or may not be true but it was not what I typed.

    We are being politically corrected.

  20. Southern women all know that honey and sugar attract more than flys. Most businesses I frequent remember me, will do anything in world I would ask and it has nothing to do with how much money I spend. There is a reason our mama’s all tell us all our lives “Be sweet.”

    They tell their sons that too. Some listen.

  21. Actually, I meant “Public”. A typo; that’s what it was. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    Freud who?

    Jackie, you need to show your phone who is the Boss.

  22. Some people insist Hal has a sense of humor.

    Came home and threw most of cats out in breezeway. Noticed Voodoo my Catahoula Curr is in sunroom laundry. She peeked over half glass door. Those blue marble eyes scare people to death. Her first name was Angel. Now she’s Voodoo Queen.

    Turned on tablet to Well Tempered Clavier. Needed that. Came home to find living room full of the new cat furniture cat boxes which are a uite lovely in fact and wood furniture, one off white, one black and one cherry. That way no matter which way my decor swings it can work somehow.

    Hal typed way hick up there, he’s showing me what he thinks.

    Tschaiskosky Sleeping Beauty playing. I have been Disneyfied, I thought someone at studio wrote, guess they wrote lyrics to his music. Why does Sirius radio have no classical stations?

  23. The one I like is when they rant and rave about a product
    And you tell them they did not guy it at our store – more ranting –
    we point out the competitions logo on the package.

    Most of the loud mouths started in the cradle – and bullied their parents.

    Thoreau was a writer
    enough said.

  24. I am going to bed. Thank you. Yes, I hit Classical and it stood for classics vinyl and I have been listening to rock from 70s to now mostly, they programmed 80s rock, country, Jimy Buffet.

    God forbid, I heard a Justin Bieber song.

  25. Good morning Villagers…

    EMB ๐Ÿ˜‰ peace, and GR ;). ….yes, orange bikini fared well on reddish/blonde hair.

    Not much of a typer today, slow, Index finger has 11 stitches in it. Lesson learned…when repairing egg belts, never put your vise grip on blue jean belt loop when auger moving, vise grips fell into moving auger. Out of reflex/reaction, I reached dowm to grab it, finger slammed into trough hanger, knew then I was in trouble…followed grips to motor amd jerked it out while it was rolling around in front of auger motor….went straight to restroom, with right hand in air and grips in left hand….told Jonathan….think I need stitches….was told they would have rather put the auger back in than me almost losing finger. Reflex actions always get me in trouble

    Yes, definite lesson learned…got a tetnus, and antiobiotic, and pain meds….amd I’m still going into work. The Boss said he would take care of everything that my insurance didn’t pay…guess what, new year, new dedictible…$500 on this plan

    Oh, and The Corp put all hen houses on lockdown. Had to swab the throats of 11 hens…that was interesting. We don’t know if it’s a test run, or if there is an actual threat of the Avian virus lurking somewhere…I just pray it’s a trial run.

    I figured GR she was your baby sister just from the way you spoke of her, love the Motown too.

    Ya’ll have better day


  26. ‘Southern women all know that honey and sugar attract more than flies.’ One wasn’t, in NO, some time ago. Will not elaborate; she may still be alive. Peace,

  27. And Sirius/XM has extra channels online only, 755 is classical pops. My favorite is Radio Classics, 148, the old time radio stuff

  28. Jimmy, in our discussions about our new home, it HAD to have 2 bathrooms, a basements, 3 bedrooms and a garage. We also wanted the Kitchen, dining room and living room to be relatively open. But my Marianne is Janis…and I wanted to blow up a few rooms.

    Regarding making a scene, my sister, wife and I stayed at a hotel that had a bad water issue inside the room. We decided to go downstairs to get an adjustment to to bill. My sister and wife went on and on to the poor girl behind the desk, who eventually said “I’ll get a manager”. They then got upset with me as I remained quiet. I just walked away and caught the manager as he made his way to us. I explained a few things about the situation and he agreed to take half off the bill. As he approached the girls, he shook his head, apologized and told them about the bill. They were more than satisfied, but my sister still wanted to know why I had remained quite. I told her “Always know who your decisionmaker is and plead your case to them. Others are just a waste of time”

  29. To paraphrase what I’ve said before, the ones you want to see naked never take off all their clothes off at a House of Waffles; the ones you don’t want to see, do.

    Excited delirium state? Her, perhaps; certainly not me.

  30. Those women who do reality TV shows and give birth to children like Honey Boo Boo are hardly what one would call Southern ladies. Ghost’s mama and sister would be.

    We call the others trash, often appended with the word white, not to discriminate but to differentiate. You can be poor without being trash, just as you can be a lady without social status. None are connected to the other nor automatically conferred.

    Good morning y’all. I am getting in my bubble bath before the water gets cold and the bubbles go away.

  31. Just read the today strip. I think I live in Janis’ dream house. Total square feet in half I live in is about equal or less than my third floor master suite in my big Houston waterfront husband dumped in one of those downturns in life. We referred to the HGTV show we were going to film as “Small rooms with low ceilings and crooked wallls” plus 37 windows, none the same size.

    This is a rebuild, still ongoing. Same issues. But danged cute. Mark and Ghost might bump their heads?

  32. 37 windows, none the same size. Sounds like someone else’s grow-the- house with the family project. Or maybe they just got a good deal on used windows from a salvage firm?

    Ghost, that clip was spooky. The old guy looked much as my dad did in the last few years of his life, except for the suit.

  33. eMb and anyone else: go to eMb’s “Dustin” link and click on the word “sex” printed in blue as a category below the comic. It goes to a total of 3 or 4 older “Dustin” strips thus described. The bottom one, Jan. 16, 2011 [if memory serves], is a real hoot!

  34. Oh, Debbe — I am so sorry about your hurt finger! And the index finger is the worst one, of course. You are a very brave woman. Hoping for you to heal up as fast as possible.

  35. Sorry Jackie, I am a bit behind reading the here. I thought you might have difficulty crossing the border with Dickens. I would have assumed some kind of quarantine might have been required. If you make it to upper state NY (say the Ogdensburg area), I might be able to meet you part way.

  36. Debbe: Hope they succeed in containing the flu to that one farm.

    Less important but still sad:

    “JASON RECKER and WYATT STAYNER . . . . farmer Steve Kalb said this afternoon the birds were raised on a farm run by he and his father, Dan.” “. . . by he”? Really?

    Recker and Stayner are paid to write, no? That’s a grade school English flub. The paper has a copy editor, or should. Peace, emb

  37. Dickens has been to every state or province in Canada, some more than once. You have current papers done by a Certified US Federal veterinarian within so many days of entering Canada and they can’t expire on you while you are there. I’ve never had mine expire but some people live in Canada seasonally and I always get instructions from my vet who is one of a small group of approved vets in Oklahoma. That’s why he was so mad at me for liberating the cats and transporting them without papers. He has forgiven me and neutered two rescues for me today. His wife had best hold on to him. He would like to travel.

    Put a long post together explaining the history of my house which began as a one room boat shed and bathroom in 1960s and has evolved to a street to street complex. I gutted it in late 1990s and took it down to foundation and some studs. It matches now but it was three different lots and I tore it almost all down Personally with a wrecking bar and sledge. Very soothing.

    That must be in moderation I guess.

  38. Debbe, I took it as encouraging that your hen house is outside the radius from the infected houses in which they are testing. My thinking is that if no other infected flocks are found in that radius, your house would be at no greater odds for exposure than any others (i.e., from migratory birds). Meanwhile, hugs and prayers, hon.

  39. We will give all the moral support we can dear Debbe.

    Don’t let that finger get infected. Get some latex (or non latex)
    gloves – keep it covered. Chicken dust is insidious.

  40. TR, Lynda Carter may well have been the perfect choice to portray Wonder Woman on TV. Even though I would have never wished WW any harm, I’d have been sorely tempted to fire some rounds at her whenever I could, just to watch her using her bracelets to deflect the bullets. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    But the photo of Ms. Carter in that lovely pink creation outdid the one of her in her WW costume in two respects. (Hint: Sounds like “hokies”.)

  41. Debbe, I put up an appeal on my Facebook page under my name for prayers for you. This is not my norm, I don’t say post Amen for anyone. I did ask for prayer and a pass over for you and the girls. And that of course is the meaning of passover, a miracle from the Almighty that saved the Jewish people. Not saying you have Kosher flock but asking for your miracle darling. I love and respect you completely without reservation.

  42. Jimmy Buffet, on this Partying Day in History:

    1996: Jamaican authorities fire upon the seaplane of music star Jimmy Buffet after mistaking it for a drug traffickerโ€™s aircraft. Buffet, well-known for promoting a partying lifestyle, is unhurt in the incident.

    And, perhaps somewhat ironically considering the above, on this anti-Partying Day in History:

    1920: Prohibition, which prohibits the sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcoholic beverages, goes into effect.

  43. Good morning Villagers…

    Jackie, thanks you for the prayers, and I am a firm believer in the power of prayer. I am blessed to have a boss who is good standing with the Lord, he is very strong in his faith.

    The Boss and Jonathan have set up barricades at all entrances to both hen houses. Before I even cross the bridge over the creek onto the parking lot, my car and tires are decontaminated, there are only three parties allowed on my hen house property…Jonathan, The Boss and me; the feed truck and the truck that picks up eggs…..all vehicles are sprayed down before entering property. Which should be interesting come Sunday as temps will be in the teens and like 2 degrees that night.

    This strain is not the same as the one that affected the poultry business in 2015, it is a highly pathogenic strain, H7N8. Every poultry business within a 6 mile radius is under quarantine. My hen house is 6.2 as the crow flies. I pray they keep it contained on that turkey farm.

    Emb….yes, not only do they write that way, they talk that way. I cringe every time I hear “they was”….the teens are the worse, I’ve asked them “do you pay attention to your English teacher?” And, yes, I do correct them in mid sentence….idgets!!!

    Old Bear….I have large latex gloves at hen house that will fit fine over my re-bandaged finger. I have waterproof bandages and an antibiotic ointment that I will put on before I leave for work.

    Miss Charlotte….brave, sometimes….stupid reactions….many times. I’ve definitely learned a lesson this time….I don’t care what falls into a moving auger, it’ll stay there, even if it’s a feather.

    GR ๐Ÿ˜‰ Our hens have been swabbed twice….once on Thursday, and then the Boss had to get out and start swabbing at both houses very early yesterday (6ish) morning. The Corp said to keep the weekend help out of the houses.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day….it’s Caturday too ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. JJ you’ve done it again. Last night we were at a birthday dinner for my DIL ( who will be celebrating another birthday in about 2 weeks) and we updated everyone on the move. Still a garage full of boxes, but fridge is installed and today the garbage disposal. Someone asked “Anything left to install?” And I said “Oh the hot tub” “Your getting a hot tub?”

    With that comment, cue the eye roll from my wife.

  45. Terry, as you may know, “lilyblack” (or some incarnation thereof) has returned to The Dark Side, where “she” is “fomenting dissension among the ranks” (never difficult to do over there) by once again pushing her “sex is icky” meme.

  46. Debbe I have mobilized prayers for the girls as best I can so you’re getting more than one faith. I noticed one of my friends who is Hindu, they have many. Let’s take all gods we can get going. I love you.

  47. We all do realize ours is not the only God nor historically has been? These are the kinds of things that have gotten me in trouble with others all my life. Spellcheck capitalized gods and changed it to a singular, so he believes, if not me, in a one true god.

    Hope this doesn’t make it impossible to go out with any of you? I am not interested in marriage so religion shouldn’t be an issue.

  48. Jackie, your beliefs are your beliefs, and my beliefs are my beliefs. I am neither inclined to attempt to change or influence your beliefs, nor to allow you to change or influence my beliefs. And as you say, it’s not like we’re trying to decide how to raise the kids. ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Despite what I said about New Year’s resolutions, I did sorta kinda make one…to try to end the year looking more like a member of SEAL Team 6 than Meal Team 6.

  50. My brother normally comes to visit my mom on Saturdays. But he won’t be by today. He and his family are attending a funeral. The brother of his son’s girlfriend was murdered last Friday. My nephew came within an hour of being there at the time of the shooting himself. You can pick your own acquaintances but you never know about the people your roommates bring in. Tuscaloosa has had a bad week. There were two killed in this incident and two more have been killed in separate incidents this week. That’s nearly half the number murdered in the entire county last year.

  51. Another Southern term that I appreciate JJ using is “used to didn’t.” As in: “I used to didn’t have to wear glasses to read a book.” I’m afraid most of these terms are fading away, and now we’re subjected to ones like “totes” and “whatevs.”

  52. More later. Out in parking lot of vets with newly neutral Sylvester.
    I remembered what got moderated, it was about those videos of the elderly men and the artificially enhanced women who were on the old and preserved list too. Someone had sent me a similar one earlier. You know I am not gonna do that!

  53. About religious tolerance. Truly tolerant people are also respectful of believers. We are also respectful of ALL believers which doesn’t go down well with those who believe THEIRS is the only true one and everyone else is going to whatever hell they believe in.

    I am Anglican or Epuscopalian. I kissed my Southern Baptist granny goodbye in her coffin and pinned her roses on her suit, whispered in her ear, “Hell’s full of Episcopalians.”

    That’s what granny told me. I don’t think you’re going to whisper that in my ear, Ghost!

  54. My belief:

    People can believe in whatever god (or God) they please. I only judge them by their behavior. Those who believe their god wants them to kill or abuse their neighbors (and do so!) are all going to hell.

  55. If we truly believe we would be compassionate pacifists for I believe no almighty being talks to us and says “Go, kill in my name.” And yes, we engage in warfare often because that is what someone is saying all the way back to beginning of time, but it isn’t true nor right.

    And look at it this way, James Carville and Mary Matalin have co’habit ed for years and she has not killed him. I am not thar good a person. He’d be dead by now but I knew better than sleep with the enemy or the Mouth of the South.

  56. Theology [and I did not initiate the above posts on faith]:

    Three core passages [not that there are only three], IMO:

    Micah 6:8, James 2:18, Luke 10:25-28.
    a. They are all three basic to the best way of life. And,
    b. None assume any systematic belief other than that Elohim exists. None are monotheistic [except by inference and context], polytheistic, trinitarian; none say anything re heaven, hell, purgatory, limbo, sheol, or even an afterlife, or anything about miracles, virgin births, resurrection, ascensions, sexual orientation, gender ID, annunciations, visions, and such, or the validity of scripture in re things scientists investigate.

    Yeah, I know I’ve cited the first two before.

    Peace, emb

  57. My goodness, all this talk of going to Hell! Folks just don’t know how much effort it takes to get there, as one has to go contrary to the desires of God:

    I Timothy 2:3 This is good, and pleases God our Savior, 4 who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.

    2 Peter 3:9 The Lord is not slow in keeping His promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

    I am just not dedicated enough. I gave up and gave in. ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. Jackie, the only thing I’m accustomed to whispering into women’s ears is “sweet nothings”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I believe I’ve mentioned that even Carville’s wife calls him “Snakehead”.

  59. Mark I just laughed out loud at you and I am still laughing. That is too funny.

    If all the preachers are right then there is an afterlife of eternal damnaction but I quit listening a LONG time ago. Me and Jerry Lee.

    Going to look for my $5 Off coupons from $$$General to stock up cat food by the case. Working on fluid consumption, I have given up Diet Coke again and trying to up my water and weak tea.

  60. I would post some of my photos here but don’t know how, maybe new minions can teach me. Right after my favorite which is “People my age are so much older than me” is my next favorite “Age may have slowed me down but it didn’t shut my mouth” and coming in at number three, “If I have not said anything to offend you this year, it’s only the second week of 2016.”

    Ghost, you can keep your gun on but no boots with spurs. I think I stole that one.

    That’s pretty liberal, your quote I mean.

  61. The current plot is familiar to me as we also said many times that we would move to a smaller house at some point. Instead we decided to build a bigger house on a larger property. We also bought rental property as if we had time or the inclination to worry about such. Oh well, FYI, my mother is in the hospital and she seems to be willing herself to die, as she is 90 but has no particular health problem. I will be out of touch for at least the next few days.

  62. Bless you Jerry for being there for your mother. She probably is. I do not know what zone will be like at 90 but my mom lived until the last module which I hope to do. Your mom may be depressed and wanting to die. Believe it or not I understand.

  63. That worked, but now I cannot get the normally drawn strip [not the same one drawn better] that first came up when used Metacrawler to get today’s comic. I wrote the site a comment/question, and they posted it as of tomorrow, 17 Jan., 0142 hrs. Strange.

    Peace, emb

  64. This sophisticated and refined woman has been on line ordering camping equipmentioned from that bastion of good taste REI sporting goods. Let’s see, the cot tent arrived yesterday, I got a one woman version. Tonight I got a self inflating camp pad, a windburner stove, a space blanket, mosquito netting for boat cockpit, a compression pillow, a sun and rain shelter to fit over a picnic table called a screen room, a folding picnic table with benches attached, a pop tent small instant and a second one that is bigger and three season with a screen vestibule, a camp kicked setup that folds into a carrying bag to hold a Coleman two burner stove.

    Monday I put newest minions to looking for some stuff I know I own and see what condition it is in and if I need to replace it. There are a couple different types of camping involved here but right now I am preparing for Florida and some sleeping on my tint sailboat which is open cockpit camping, some beach camping which is normally not improved campsites but more what we call stealth camping and third is camping in authorized park facilities.

    There is always my numerous memberships in a lot of motel chains to take baths and sleep in a kingsiced bed. I have all aspects of this trip sold as magazine articles from the beginning which is now. I solicited opinions about gear from some really experienced boaters so I will be hauling and packing and getting together even more gear. This has nothing to do with economy but having an adventure at my age and alone. Not planning on being alone, I am wanting to con net wit people. I am not looking for Walden but I am searching for some remnants of the old Florida before they paved it over, white sand beaches, some isolation along Mississippi and Alabama, Florida panhandle

  65. Mark, I put a couple more of my favorite insolent woman mantras up on Facebook. You know don’t have to go camping when I come to alabama, there are lots of interesting things in and around Tuscraloosa. My spelling worsens.

    Ghost whatever are you doing with that? I bought all sorts of bug screens and protection should you want to bug out of course.

  66. Good morning Villagers…..

    Unfortunately, S IN has become the top news on……more turkey farms have been culled. My hen house is border line Martin County and Dubois County. We are definitely on quarantine. When Jonathan came out to let me cross the bridge (barricaded with official signs), I pulled forward, and then he disinfected my car and had to do the same when I left. We had a teen come to work outside to clean all the fan louvres and pick up feathers and trash. The little $hit breached the hen house twice. He was told twice not to enter the hen house. I’m not used to locking the door from the inside. Jonathan told him to not to come back in. I had just walked in from the hen house into the packing room to see him darting into the cooler, phone was ringing so I had to answer it. Hung up, looked into packing room, and what he did was come in through the outside cooler door where the truck backs up to load eggs. I told Jonathan we had another breach….he doesn’t know what to do, whether to tell the Boss or not. He text Evan and said “don’t come back”….I feel the Boss should know. Stupid idgets…they just don’t get it.

    The Corp. in Dubois is dead serious about this…they are giving the Boss $100 for each hen house employee to buy new shoes to be worn only in the hen houses….got mine yesterday. Unfortunately, I had already started wearing my ‘good’ tennis shoes from the Hampton days. So, they were $75 pm sale for $49.99 ๐Ÿ™‚ , I’ve even lost weight in my feet so I’ll be able to put in my ‘gelling’ insoles…….maybe I can find a shoe sale buy one and get one for half price.

    Re: Faith….Hebrews Chapter 11.1, my husband calls Hebrews Chapter 11 “The Hall of Faith”.

    Ya’ll have a blessed Lord’s Day….

  67. Jerry, when I read your post, it brought back the memory of my Mom. I sat with her on Wednesday….Saturday, she died. She held my hand that Wednesday, all the while asking “Why hasn’t God taken me home. I am so tired of this, I just want to go” and she did three days later. Prayers will be with you…..

  68. -26 F now, hi expected today -6, lo tonight -23, hi Mon. -1. Hey, that’s a warming trend!

    Last coupla wks in Jan. are, on average, the coldest. That’s when -40 and even -50 used to be common. Don’t think we’ve officially hit -30 this winter.

    Stay warm, emb

  69. THE SKY IS BLUE AND THE SUN IS ORANGE !!!Auburn has knocked off the mighty Kentucky Wildcats for the first time since 2000! WAR EAGLE !!! IT’S GREAT TO BE AN AUBURN TIGER !!!

    God bless us every one.

  70. Jerry and Debbie: I’m reminded of our last conversation with Bob’s grandmother. She complained that life wasn’t any fun anymore and we shouldn’t have to hang around if we couldn’t have fun. Her body hung on, though her memory did not, for several more years. I was the one who took the call from the doctor asking whether her life should be artificially maintained or she should be allowed to go (Bob wasn’t home and his parents were on the road home from south Florida, pre-cellphones); the memory of her words made that decision much easier.

  71. domaucan1, and Tuscaloosa’s Deontay Wilder held onto the WBC Heavyweight title. Put the Polish contender down for the win in the 9th round.

  72. You realize I don’t have a clue what Mark and Doum are talking about but they are happy, happy and that makes me happy because that is what friends are for.

    Go War Eagles! Go WBF and Whoever! Mark, you watch boxing?

  73. Cletus Boleware, a local arm-wrestler, won two out of three of his matches at the Suds & Buds Bar & Grill last night.

    Watching what so far appears to be a football clinic being put on by the Carolina Panthers.

  74. Jackie, only this fighter, because he is one of the local folks. I think what Domaucan1 was talking about was the Auburn basketball team winning against the odds.

  75. Sideburns, awesome. I recognized the music, can’t put with composer but I have to send that one out.

    For 48 years I have slept through sporting events if a bed was available or gone into office. I am happy others enjoy it although I think athletes get paid too much and it fosters an attitude of entitlement among young men who are good at it in teens. So few reach the super star status and when it falls apart they rarely have other resources.

    Although I had a stimulating conversation about the Houston ballet with a star football player from Tulane. Wait, that was Tulane.

  76. Loved Brother Dave. Because of him talking about laying a rose on Jack Daniel ‘s grave I went, in 1972, to do just that. Well, also influenced by their ads in New Yorker magazine. I’d do anything that magazine said. It’s how I knew about barbecue from Calvin Trillin and the coon dog cemetery in Alabama.

    Anyway, following things Brother Dave said got momentous adventures and that was one. Of course Disney bought it so it’s all Disneyfied now. Hate that.

  77. Mark: That raises the question of who really runs the country. Sorry, cannot go further without transgressing into politics, but might suggest that, when the transfer is complete, there will no longer be politics, except in-house. Also, as Polly Adler said in her book title, “A house is not a home.”

    Peace, emb

  78. Every notice how much Chinese military equipment looks like that of the US? It’s like they just found all the plans in a computer, or something.

  79. LOVED Ghost Chickens and laughed hysterically, Debbe. We are hoping and praying for a happy outcome for your girls—in spite of ijits like that teen!!!

  80. This was in the weekly AWAD mail, # 707, which just came. Peace, emb

    ‘A lot of politicians on the Sunday morning talk shows use โ€œreticenceโ€ incorrectly, as meaning โ€œreluctantโ€ — โ€œthe senator is reticent to sign that bill.โ€ Drives me crazy.’ [An AWAD blogger, not me.]

  81. ‘Ghost Rider 6 on 17 Jan 2016 at 7:05 pm # Just who the hell does Delaware North think they are, anywayโ€ฆChina?’

    No, they are a private capitalist co., probably a corp. They perhaps feel, as many in the top 2% do, that only capitalists, not govts, should own things. Govt. is bad and should only exist to provide them, and maybe others when not too busy, police protection. Also, when they can get away with it, subsidies, because of cheap foreign labor [which they themselves use when it pays]. It gets the money for subsidies for those of us unable to get away with not paying a fair share of taxes. But only govt. is evil.

    Some of us feel that it is govt’s job to represent us, however awkwardly it does that, and to have title to the names of the things that Delaware North et al. ‘doesnโ€™t own, didnโ€™t build and didnโ€™t pay for.’ The fed. govt. should hold title to those things because we own those things, and the fed. govt works [or should] for us. The FBI probably has me on a list somewhere. Peace,

  82. Here are two of the cats my wife and I had. The one on the left is Bama, on the right is Lucy. Both were rescues. At his peak, Bama weighed over 16 pounds. A woman who worked in downtown Nashville had found him wandering the streets as a kitten and took him home. She already had a dog and a cat, but Bama wanted to be boss, so she took him to a vet to see if he could help find a home. Ilene and I were at the vet’s office to see if he could help us find a cat, so Bama became our number 1 cat in 1996. In 1997 we decided Bama needed company and Ilene found a cat rescue who had kittens for adoption. The foster family had named the mother cat Desilu and the four kittens, Ricky, Fred, Lucy and Ethel. Where Bama never met a stranger, Lucy never really got that friendly.

  83. Thank you Mindy from Indy. At one time, we had 5. 4 were adopted rescues and one Abyssinian was bought from a breeder. The three oldest lived between 15 and 16 years. Ilene still has three, two we got when we were together and one she found wandering in the yard there, and one dog.

  84. Her stomach, which made the name even more appropriate. I thought she looked like a #2 domino with black back and the white spots underneath. When we were trying to name her, I blurted out “Domino”, and it stuck.

  85. Mark, your pets are all beautiful, and well cared for, I can see. The two grey cats in the last photo are especially handsome, and so dignified looking.

  86. Working on getting my boat building for Texas 200 cancer fleet going. I have two being built in Atlanta and I am building two, along with my personal one down in Texas in March.

    Since I need six “loaner” boats I need to get a head count tomorrow or I’ll end up holding a second build workshop to build the other two.

    Tomorrow I have to call on a cottage that sleeps a bunch like up to 8 people with kitchen, etc. I figure I will turn this into a big slumber party, another friend is dragging his competition grill to cook for us. No experience needed, the director of the boat school at Farley Boat Works is leading build. March 21 to April 3 at Farley in Port Aransas, TX which is across from Corpus Christi. No cost to come, I need free labor for boats and one day to two weeks accepted.

  87. Pulled into a parking lot early this morning, noticed three guys standing by a parked car, conversing. Suddenly appeared that the car had caught fire. Then realized one guy was puffing on a “vap”, and that’s how they look in chilly weather. Then realized I had never before seen anyone puffing on a “vap” in real life. Probably most people around here cannot afford them.

  88. Debbe ๐Ÿ˜‰ More Motown in memory of my sister…

    To get the teens to mind you, perhaps you should do what certain members of my all-female staff do when I displease them…threaten me with an impromptu bilateral orchiectomy. Gets my attention. Of course, with your current weather conditions there, they might would just freeze and drop off of their own accord.

    Stay warm, hon.

  89. emb, focused she is, dignified she is not. But a great watchdog, does not bark unless something there to bark about. Very playful too. She was one of a litter somebody found dumped alongside the road in TN so no idea what mix of breeds she is. Looks like possible hound/terrier mix.

  90. Dang, I am back on Antipodean time, force of habit. Got up and unpacked more of my shopping excesses. It’s awfully red in here, my Valentines, not Christmas. Got a sign for myself that said “Be with a guy who ruins your lipstick, not your mascara.”

    Put it in my makeup closet which contains little makeup but is beautiful. Sink is behind mirrored armoire inside doors. No one can find it. Mostly I brush teeth there.

  91. Good morning Villagers….

    Ruth Ann, thanks for sharing your story about Bob’s grandmother, and there’s a lot of truth to what she said…if life isn’t fun anymore…..I hope Jerry gets to read it. It may comfort him as it did me.

    Now, on that “Ghost Chickens….I don’t know how the singer kept a straight face…think I may have to rewatch it just to put me in the mood. The Boss had to get out the night before and also last night to disinfect the egg pick up truck….log out time on the eggs….11:48 pm. I’m glad it put smiles and laughter on you guys.

    I called Jonathan yesterday morning and told him I would park at the barricade and walk…just so he wouldn’t have to get the hose out and disinfect my car. He said he was hoping I would say that. But, I said, you will have to come and help me pack my ‘stuff’ and make sure I don’t hit any slick spots….the way my luck has been going.

    Finger doing rather well…..packed 10 cases of eggs yesterday, what I can’t figure out is why there are no eggs on the bottom belts. We have two different hatch dates on our girls, one batch is two weeks older. The will be 20 weeks old on the 21st of January……

    Ian called yesterday, and yes I got a lecture from his regarding augers…..he has taken on another part time job. Said he was doing his homework, homework I said…..yeah, I’m studying the city’s bus routes….thatsa my boy. I’m so proud of his new found independence.

    GR;) dang if I didn’t have to look up that castration word ๐Ÿ™‚

    Gotta get ready…winds chills here today….minus 14 degrees.

    zip, zippity do dah I go….

  92. IndyMindy (4:40 am) Our local Paper (Pharos Tribune) had a completely different (and less controversial) cartoon. Further inspection reveals the Johnson signature is dated 1/19 instead of 1/18. May be we will get the same one tomorrow.

  93. Re the 18 January A&J, just emailed the following to two blind-copy groups:
    ‘All [a.f.d.], especially those of you in Bemidji, where there is no Monday Bemidji Pioneer:

    Jimmy Johnson [creator of Arlo and Janis], is a master at getting away with naughty, and also has a good memory. He must have been peeking in our window sometime before late 2010, or in previous decades.
    Peace, emb

  94. Debbe ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yeah, I know you would have liked my sister, and she, you. It’s a somewhat trite but nonetheless accurate description…she was a “people person”. And yes, she liked to dance.

  95. Debbe ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yeah, I know you would have liked my sister, and she, you. It’s a somewhat trite but nonetheless accurate description…she was a “people person”. And yes, she liked to dance.

  96. I hope sandcastlerโ„ข didn’t get snowbound. As I recall, one of his last posts concerned Loon and him going to the Great North Woods, or some suchlike place.

  97. Todayโ€™s real-time (Janisโ€™s โ€œweight lossโ€) cartoon reminds me of an episode I believe I have previously related here. Hmm. (No, Iโ€™m not implying that our life experiences ever show up on A&J. That would be crazy talk. ๐Ÿ™‚ Besides, JJ would be welcome to any of my stories, free gratis.)

    This was about the 26-year-old high-functioning alcoholic I tripped and fell into in my nineteenth summer. At some point during our first encounter, I found myself with her in a darkened swimming pool, the two of straddling a raft with me behind her. โ€œFeel where Iโ€™ve lost some weight,โ€ she suggested.

    I already had my arms around her waist, so I slid my hands around her bare midriff. (Of course she was wearing a bikini. What did you think?) She sighed, grasped my wrists with her hands, and slid my hands upward several inches. โ€œOh,โ€ I thought, โ€œnow I get it.โ€ Well, I guess we all have the right to occasionally be young and dumb when we are in fact young.

  98. Very similar to an experience during the last wk. of my married life. We were both grateful. Also relates to the M 18 Jan cartoon, and to my favorite [ordinary events] maxim, which by now you all remember. Peace, emb

  99. Just setting here at hospital digesting a cup of their clam chowder which was thankfully low sodium, low fat and not too creamy. My standards for cuisine have definitely changed, I am in coffee shop.
    Got up this morning, my camouflage pajamas are off the shoulder with cut out parts on sleeves, so my neck showed. The right side l [ked like Mama June’s entire face on Honey BooBoo. I have never seen the show. I have to walk through grocery stores that line their aisles with this stuff.

    So, I called cardiologist, they got me in immediately and got an ultrasound done. Best guess is something like an encapsulated fluid sac from surgery and they drain it. Other than that he says I look sensational, hugged and kissed me twice and is giving me clearance to leave February 1 unless there’s something bad in there. He says the plastic surgeon I picked is one of his best friends and did all the work on his wife, say he sent me. Which he did, I got referral from his assistant. He says I’m beautiful now but a little work on neck and lower face will take off 20 years.

    I’m for that. The camouflage pj’s were an impulse, on sale. Leggings with fitted off shoulder stretch top, good buy.

  100. He loves me in truth, likes my salty Southern lady personal and brash attitude. He is not between wives, says to go have a good time with someone that deserves me, I have spent my life taking care of others. We agree I am not interested in marriage. He’s a huge fan of my life changes, he did a lot of same which encouraged me..we’ve been friends since he saved me the first time.

  101. Yes, Mark, I know. That still doesn’t prove that Janis is in the picture. The suit might just be pinned up against a wall for the picture. Of course, judging by Janis’ expression, it’s a picture of her wearing the suit, but the phrasing is still a tad ambiguous.

  102. Debbe, Glen Fry and Eagles sang Seven Bridges..It was written by Steve Young and recorded by him and his group earlier, in fact they played that version on Sirius and discussed it as part of tribute tonight to Glen Fry. He died from rheumatoid arthritis and colitis, complications of an impaired autoimmune system. They discussed this also and how he managed his illness since the early 80s to go on playing music. My favorite group of all time. My oldest won four front row seats to the Hell Freezes Over tour, ending up not using half the tickets.
    Declared it impossible I could like them.

    His death saddens me more than Bowies.

  103. Mark
    Gazelle looks like our Petunia
    How do you all get a picture of “the talking end”?
    All I get is the South end of a North bound cat

    My mother always said it happens in threes

  104. That was death of celebrities happens in threes.

    JJ we need that edit button

    Saw a program that posited that we are conditioned to see faces,
    even in inanimate objects. I know I do. Don’t remember if they gave reason.

  105. Good morning Villagers….

    The only thing constant in life is changes….and my bank has decided to ‘update’ their online services….I have been trying the last half hour to get logged in, new password, go to my email to get verification code…went back to bank website…said verification invalid, I closed my browser..something about cookies….opened new browser to log into email….good grief, it went on and on…finally got in.

    Jackie, you are right, but for some reason they listed it being wrote by Glen Frey.

    gotta go…..

    Old Bear…… cute ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll use that one on the Boss today, he needs a laugh with all this spraying off trucks coming into ‘red zone’…with freezing temps. I walked into the building yesterday from the bridge….in disposable clear plastic boots. Dang, and it was cold.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day….we are supposed to be ‘blessed with 1 to 3 inches of snow by mid morning tomorrow….yaaaaahhhhhh ๐Ÿ™‚

  106. GR ๐Ÿ˜‰ danced to that one too…love the Supremes.

    This was played at our wedding, just right before I walked down the aisle to Fernando Ortaga’s song “Don’t Take Me Far From Home.”….all insturmental. But I thought the song was appropriate to play before the “march down the aisle”

    I love Timothy Schmit’s voice:

  107. Old Bear, I’ve always heard that too….they come in three’s…..

    Mark…remember Mott the Hoople? The drummer, Dale Griffin, also died….at 67.

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  111. She is a respected expert in the marine conservation field and has authored multiple chapters on the sustainable use of ocean resources, focusing on ecosystem-based management for the oceans, Pacific fisheries, and other ocean and coastal law and policy topics. Prior to joining Ocean Conservancy, Janis was senior regional counsel and policy advisor for Oceana and the staff attorney for the Alaska office of Earthjustice.

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