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Well, I’m embarrassed. I was giving you bad information yesterday. If you sign up for a free account, you can select up to 20 favorite comic strips. Your favorite comics will be delivered one per day via email and selected at random from your favorites list. You do not get unlimited favorites, and they are not delivered on one page, as I implied. You can get unlimited favorites delivered every day on one page, but that would be a premium account, meaning it costs money. Having said that, I think it’s about a buck a month.

I did, on your behalf, pass along complaints about difficulty accessing the service, and I recieved a very nice and informative email from Maggie Spano at Universal Uclick. She generally addressed potential problems, and she even addressed some of you individually. The letter’s kind of long and involved, so I’m posting Maggie’s letter here. Thanks, Maggie! I hope this helps someone.

Since the comic strips running in newspapers this week are addressing the foibles of Gene, I thought I’d unearth the above classic from 1997.