Red on Black, Friend of Jack

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We seem to be making progress. I see yesterday’s comments still are with us, although older comments are nowhere to be found. I have learned they’re out there somewhere, and when I have time I’m going to look for them. Until then, I think we can manage, don’t you? Remember Freecell? Of course you do. You probably remember paying AOL to go online. As for today’s comic strip, it admittedly was one of the last drawn during an uninspired week. However, I can say it is based on a true story. Remember the olive trees? I made a big deal out of planting them last spring. Both of them are dead. They did not survive an uncommonly harsh Zone 8 winter. I remain convinced they’d have survived 9 out of 10 winters here, and if they’d had a few years’ to grow prior to this year, who knows? However, luck was against us.

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  1. How odd you say that. “one of the last drawn during an uninspired week” We don’t have olive trees, but when I saw todays, it truly hit home, my wife can really relate to the defeat/despair of things that should come back not coming back

    For years I have consoled myself with the undeniable fact the cartoons I don’t like will be the cartoons my readers love. I’m good with that. What do I know?! — JJ

  2. Hey Johnson, butts. Flavors of cabbage and melted sphincter. Together at last.

    Good work, keep your chin up champ, we love it.

    PB & Janis from West Dakota

  3. We suffered the same fate a few years ago with a lime tree. It did well, even producing some fruit for a couple of years, but then a cold winter got it. We are still waiting to see how a couple of palm trees we have had for years made it through this past winter.

  4. I can’t help but feel today’s retro was posted as a type of back-handed homage to what you are currently going through, Jimmy.
    I like it!

  5. Today’s current strip compels me into gardening pedagogy mode. The key to growing perennials, especially trees, in a hardiness zone below the recommended is micro climate. Planting in a good location can add a zone or more to one’s normal USDA zone. Plant warm climate trees like citrus (or olive) in a southern exposure near masonry walls. A corner with eastern and northern protection is ideal as long as it still gets full sun for much of the day. The protection decreases quickly as the distance from the brick or stone increases. In my environment any effect is pretty well lost after about 10 feet.

    That’s interesting! Thanks. — JJ

  6. I too like today’s strip. Well, not like, exactly, because it’s so sad. But it sure does have that Jimmy’s-peeking-into-my-life feeling.

  7. Doesn’t everyone play Freecell?

    @sideburns: since previous comments are floating around somewhere in space, can you tell me again what operating system to use instead of XP? I “was” going to make a note of it…

  8. Linux. My recommendation if you’re new to it is some form of Ubuntu, because it’s very easy to learn. In Linux, there are a number of different “Desktop Environments,” also known as DEs. The default for Ubuntu is Unity. You can also get it with KDE, Xfce or LDXE, in versions known as Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Lubuntu, although “under the hood,” they’re all Ubuntu. In all cases, you can download .iso images that can be burned to a DVD (too big now for a CD) or flash drive and boot into it to try it out without needing to install it. And, if you’re still not sure, you can set up a dual-boot system so that you can either go back to XP if needed, or at least have full access to all of your old files.

    Oh, I almost forgot to mention: it’s free.

  9. I agree, Ubuntu Linux. It does pretty much everything Windows does and it’s free. It took me a while to get used to the Unity desktop, but I kind of like it now. Browser, office tools, email, image editing, and music and video tools are all part of the basic package. My last Windows machine died about a month ago and I haven’t replaced it. Oh – and there is a freecell game in the solitaire app.

  10. sideburns and Anonymous:

    I plan to go with Ubuntu, too, or Zorin (which is based on Ubuntu). Bill Blinn’s podcast this past weekend on Techbyter Worldwide had a great spot about it.

    My question, though, is this: Because I don’t visit porn and other questionable sites, along with not clicking on links in emails, is switching from XP necessarily vital?

  11. sideburns, Jack et al: The machine I was considering continuing to use past the XP EOL is a Dell Mini 10 with an Atom Z530 processor at 1.6 MHz; Intel US15W chipset; and 1024 MB of (non-expandable) memory. (I know, but it’s cute and portable and handy to keep in my car as a backup.) Is your feeling that some version of Ubuntu would be a viable option to run on it?

    And Rick, good question.

  12. GR6:


    How old is your Mini?

    My tower is about seven, and my laptop is about nine.

    Both run XP, and both are running fine.

  13. Rick, I actually ordered a Mini 9, but the very next day Dell DC’d the Mini 9 and shipped me a Mini 10 instead. This would have been in the summer of 2009, as I recall. I also have a Dell 15.6″ laptop which is even older and, other than being slow by today’s standards, also is working fine.

  14. My understanding — and I know I’m going to catch hell for this — is that Unix and Linux and Linseed and all those other “free form” operating systems have virtually no graphics to help navigate across the realm and that it requires almost a programmer/hacker to set things up and make them work. I may or may not be wrong about the level of expertise required, I’m just sayin’…but I’m really not in the mood for anyone to try to kill the messenger.

  15. Rick and GR6, even if you don’t visit iffy sites, the various sites are going to be set up to run on the new software. The more obsolete XP becomes, the harder it will be to access the internet with it. The windows 8 does have a compatibility setting that will help some older programs run on it so you don’t have to toss everything you have, but most of my game programs that I bought for XP won’t run on the windows 8 machine. I saved my old hard drive though, and am thinking of installing it into my new pc just for running the older software. Any of you tech-savvy people, should I do that, or not?

  16. Mindy, why so defensive, hon? No one here has killed you yet, have they? 🙂

    Well, if worse comes to worse, I can always…

    1. Use my netbook as a portable DVD/audio player.

    2. Use it as a paper weight.

    3. Use it as an exhibit in my own Computer Museum.

    Debbe 😉

  17. Ghost, Unity is something of a resource hog, and KDE can eat a lot too; I’d go with either Xubuntu or Lubuntu because they’re both very lightweight.

    Mindy, the basic graphics system for Linux, often called X-Windows, goes back to 1984, and It Just Works. You install Linux, boot, and it comes up with a GUI, just as Windows and OSX do. As an example, I bought a new monitor last week because my old one was on its last legs. I shut down, swapped monitors, booted and Linux recognized it and reconfigured itself for the new configuration without my having to do anything except shift a few icons to a more convenient location. There was a time when Linux/Unix/BSD were, as a friend likes to say, a way to keep gurus employed, but that was over 20 years ago. Now, it’s even easier to use than Windows is because you don’t need any anti-virus, anti-malware or anti-spyware programs. And, in over a decade of using Linux as my only OS, I’ve never needed to defrag because Linux almost never gets fragmented enough to notice.

  18. Good morning Villagers….

    Terry, thanks for the info on that article and slowly, I’m getting over this “congestion disease”.

    Gal….I didn’t mean to ‘infer’ anything derogatory about the learning of hens…this city girl has learned a lot in the last two years of employment at the poultry house. I do love my job. I don’t have to dress up, no make-up, just old jeans and sweatshirts with turtle necks for the winter, and same old jeans and T-shirts for the summer. Which reminds me, I need to go shopping at St. Vinnie’s (St. Vincent’s) for some “new jeans”. They only cost about $2!!!

    I’m going to have to have Ian read the above comments regarding replacing my XP, if my old Dell can handle it. I mentioned that XP would no longer be serviced by MS after 4/08, he said he knew that. I said “you did”…..he responded “why wouldn’t I?” He said I had nothing to worry about. Smarta$$, but that’s my boy. I’ll pull a few tears on him so he will read the above comments….mother’s tears always work.

    It’s done nothing but rain here for the past 48 hours….and it’s still going to rain all day today. Beats snow 🙂

    Gotta go….

    GR 😉 as always! My playlist should be “Who’ll Stop the Rain”

    Ya’ll have a blessed day.


    Oh, and I play solitaire in the morning too….wakes up my reflexes 🙂

    DJJG….May have to check out Snoopy’s Candy Town …where can I find it?

  19. As sideburns said, Linux at one time did have issues with graphics and sound, but all of that has been ironed out and everything works great. Linux works well on older hardware, but to eliminate any doubts you can boot from CD-ROM or USB (if your BIOS supports it) just to try it out.

  20. Debbe 😉 Old Carnac the Magnificent bit from Johnny Carson…

    A: “Gladys Knight & The Pips.”
    Q: “Name a female pop singer and a chicken disease.”

    So I hope you didn’t catch the pips from “the girls”. Also, another classic for you…

    As a friend who worked in an ER once told me, “All bleeding eventually stops.” I suppose that applies to rain, also.

  21. And in the meanwhile, sand, gravity always wins.

    Homer Simpson, after falling out of Bart’s tree house: “Stupid gravity.”

  22. Newton had the better take on it. If we’re talking the Sandra Bullock version, I suppose Homer should have said, “Stupid Gravity.”

    Speaking of late night TV show hosts, I see in the news that Letterman is retiring. He was once amusing in an acerbic sort of way, but since his heart surgery, not so much. Now I find him to be mostly just acerbic. And grouchy. And mean.

  23. I love Frecell, but sometimes I cheat and reboot my computer when I am stuck instead of taking my loss like a woman. 🙂 There, I said, it, and I am glad. Glad, I tell you!

  24. Lily, I’m not too big on games, but I used to play FreeCell a bit. Whenever I was tempted to cheat, I asked myself, “Self, do you realize you are only cheating yourself?” That kept me from doing it. Usually. 🙂

    Kind of reminds me of this from “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”:

    Ted: “Dude, are you sure we should be doing this?”

    Bill: “Ted, you and I have witnessed many things, but nothing as bodacious as what just happened. Besides, we told ourselves to listen to this guy.”

    Ted: “What if we were lying?”

    Bill: “Why would we lie to ourselves?”

  25. Thanks, Radgrad.

    Yeah, it amazes me how often I used to learn a new word and then immediately see it in print several times in the next few days.

  26. GR6,
    Ted: “Dude, are you sure we should be doing this?”
    Vietnam crew chief: “This bird is the most expensive beer cooler ever made. Hain’t half bad as a mobile deer stand and makes a great lady hauler. Besides we where taught to improvise. 😉 “

  27. I was at my 88 yrs old mother’s when she got a call from Pee-tah who had a strong Indian accent. He had impotent inflammation about Windows. My mother doesn’t hear anyway and gave me the phone. I listened a few seconds and told him that there was no computer of any kind at that residence. That didn’t even slow him down so I said OK. One more time. There is no computer in this house, not even a lap top. You understand? He was saying something as I hung up. I could have done that without even talking to him but I try to be polite and experience tells me that they just call back.

  28. Does anyone remember the 727, a former airline plane that was being converted to carry cargo, that vanished in 2003? It was sitting at an airport in Angola when it was boarded by two mechanics who did not know how to fly it. Shortly after that, without radio contact, it was seen to take off and has not been seen since. There was also an airplane, named Stardust, that disappeared in 1947 and was found in the Andes 53 years later. And I believe that more than one plane was found buried deeply in ice in recent years.

  29. I know. I’m weak. But the thought of giving in just gets to me sometimes. I could take the ding in my stats, but its that awful “Sorry!: screen that makes me reach for the “LOg off” button. I will try and be a better person, honest! 🙁

  30. Jerry in Fla, You have to wonder sometimes what those telemarketers, or scammers, think they are doing. Guess they are looking for somebody dumber than they are!

    You are kidding about the airplanes, right?

    Lilyblack, you are doing okay. Computers can be so annoying.

    Glad to see you are back, Shelly.

  31. Ruth Anne, thanks for the link. I remember now I had seen a previous story about that, with pictures taken by the expedition that found the crash site.

  32. Oh, great, Shelly! Russell can be the Master and Commander of the boat when he finishes it.

    Lily, I’m sure you’re a perfectly good person just the way you are. Although I’ve always thought there’s much to be said for giving in. 😉

    Debbe 😉

  33. Oh dear. I just posted a comment, but it has fallen into Moderation. I shouldn’t have put two links in it I suppose. Given the recent troubles I hope the comment makes it into the Village.

  34. Good morning Villagers….

    Wish I could have been on that midnight train to Georgia yesterday morning….drama and male hormones at 7 in the morning don’t make for a great start in my day. 5 men and me….maybe I should start a reality show 🙂

    GR 😉 I’ve been vaccinated for pips 🙂

    Jean…love Chicken Run, haven’t seen it in years….makes me want to put a bandana on one of my roosters, yeah, a red one!

    So, I was telling my son about Linux….his reply…”Mom, it’s over your head!”

    Lily, never played Freecell, tried the “Spider” solitaire….too much losing for me.

    Shelly, Russell Crowe in your backyard…..tell him I’ve got a boat that needs launching 🙂

    Can’t remember the name of the movie, but it had Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr in it, and they flew a plane….pretty funny movie.

    Going in, gotta go….

    Ya’ll have a blessed Caturday


  35. Mindy, are you expressing joy or anger?

    Debbe, Linux was Lucy Van der Pelt’s little brother. How tall did grow too that he is now over your head?

  36. I enjoy the cat pictures that are posted here frequently. Yesterday the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey posted an owl picture that rivals the curmudgeonly kitty ones. Unfortunately it is only on Facebook, at least for now, but for those who indulge in FB it’s worth a look. The Center, located in Maitland, Florida, is definitely worth a visit if you’re ever in this neck of the woods. (Yes, we do have some woods left!)

  37. Debbe- I am STILL laughing at poor Major Tom.

    In other news, getting moved to a different location for work. It is a fair piece slower than my old store, and honestly, right now that is a HUGE relief. Last week I had the worst day I’ve ever had that didn’t involve immediate loss or bloodshed. Spent the whole day fighting tears and screams, and really have no idea why. Between mother’s legal mess, my sister and the legal complexities with her, and my non-existent life outside my job, I think a break is in order. My employees took the news worse than I did. My assistant burst into tears (more than once), and the rest panicked. It’s not a demotion (no pay cut or anything), this store has just burned through several long time employees and has no real staff of its own. Besides, after experiencing the trade show on Thursday, I believe I am going to look into a different part of the company – I want to work on the nuts and bolts of the process, not drive the machine.

  38. Lady Mindy, do not neglect your own mental health. In the four months since my sister died, I’ve found that it does not take anything in particular to bring on a sudden and bad case of the blues (or worse). Around a former shop, we used to say “a change is as good as a rest”, which is true to some extent, but don’t count on that being the entire solution for you. If you haven’t already, find someone to talk to. That’s been my salvation. Hugs.

  39. GR6, you are a good guy…

    And Lady Mindy, I agree with Ghost. You have had just too much in the last few months. You do not have to be strong ALL the time. Take a deep breath… and talk to someone. It will relieve the burden. Prayers and hugs…

  40. Lilyblack, I like to play the mahjohng tile-matching games instead. But when I get an impossible deal, sometimes I just quit the game midway. I’m losing anyway, why fight it out to the bitter end? After all, you play games for enjoyment. When it quits being fun, its time to give it a rest and come back another time. Hope you are having a good weather weekend.
    Yesterday it poured like a cow ****ing on a flat rock, today was sunny and not too cool. Must be spring finally, pollen on every outdoor surface and the dogwoods and redbuds are blooming. Even mom’s rosebush has a couple of buds opening.

  41. Good morning Villagers…..

    ….and a food morning Mindy…hope this morning is a better beginning for you.

    Ruth Ann…glad you enjoy the cat pics….some are pretty funny. I saved my favorite ones and they are my screen saver and desktop pic.

    Jean, I’ve watched a few of the Simon the Cat videos….good art work and insight.

    Anon…I read Peanuts every morning, Linux,,,great play on words. I just read some of the comments over there, and April 4th’s strip was the introduction of Woodstock (he wasn’t given the name until a year later), some of the comments complained that the birds were blue….the colorist went back and painted all the birds yellow! I Wiki’d Woodstock and got educated!!

    Indy Mindy….sage advice from GR. The other day at work, things weren’t going well with the packer, two feeding augers were out….and I was very frustrated from that morning’s drama here at home. I found myself praying out loud, alone, in the packing room. Ian popped his head in and asked “who you talking to?” I said “I’m praying, leave me alone!” And he did, I continued, and it helped. It is times like those that is when He wants us to reach out to Him.

    Sand…a laptop…I’ve considered it, my son has one, and got it through Rent-a-Center….he decided if he was going to get one, he was going to get the best one. And he is paying for it still. I told him he was going to be paying for it twice over from there.

    Mark and eMb….it is trying really hard to become spring here. 35 degrees now, with a high of 60ish. Rains have swollen the river and creeks….with more rain to come. I can actally smell the mold out here in the country.

    GR 😉 thanks for the cartoon….puffer fish, too funny. Good advice you gave Indy Mindy.

    So it finally comes down to UConn and Kentucky……should be a good game Monday.


  42. Lady Mindy, sending hugs! Husband is still dealing with the probate process for his mothers’ estate. Seems that within the last year or so, some of the laws have changed and while her will is properly written, the changes are dragging things out. Thankfully he found a good lawyer who is helping him around some of the problems. Unfortunately, the worst problem is a sister who just wants “her share” of the money from the estate.

  43. Debbe, I really like the way Richard Parry plays on Pink Floyd’s albums. Did not like the replacement they used on the first non-Roger Waters tour.

  44. ELO for EOL…can ya tell what direction I’m heading into….

    Jackson Browne…back when….he collaborated with a lot of headlines, wrote quite a many songs sung by others…He and early Elton Jon (let me stress, Early Elton John) wrote a lot of the songs on “Brick Road….or am I wrong here Mark?

  45. Sorry Debbe, never was into Jackson Browne or Elton John much. Listened to them on radio but never bought any of their music.

  46. Debbe – That was the song that Kris delivered to Johnny by helicopter. He had been trying to get Johnny to listen to his songs for some time, giving him copies on cassettes (remember them?) and Johnny would just throw them in the lake at his house. If I remember right this one went in the lake too, but Johnny picked up on it later.

  47. Good morning Villagers….

    Radgrad…thanks for the background story. I have some of The Highwaymen music…good tunes there.

    TR…I remember going to the theater to see the movie “It’s a mad, mad, mad world”. I always enjoyed Mickey Rooney. Never knew he was married 8 times. How many times was Elizabeth Taylor married?

    More rain today…..

    Back to work today….gotta shake this ‘mood’

    GR 😉

    Ya’ll have a blessed day….

  48. Re: Mickey Rooney – sad loss. Got to see him live on stage in the musical tribute to Vaudville “Sugar Babies” back when I was in college (although the “tribute to Sally Rand” part seems to have been the most memorable for me…). 🙂

  49. Debbe and Radgard, those in Nashville claim KK wrote his best music before he started his acting career. In those day he was sweeping floors in RCA’s studio and flying helicopters out to the offshore rigs. Was during the tig weeks that he wrote his music.

  50. Mickey Rooney: He was 9 years my elder, so was doing teen roles when I was a kid. I don’t remember seeing him then, but decades later, in a team-taught freshman honors course, saw him as Puck in a ’30s [I think] film rendition of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream.

    Again, today’s TIP is a [good] rerun, but the blogspot is new, at least to me. It’s really Cupid and Psyche, Cupid looking like he’s had a very good time. Psyche looks quite content, too, and is presumably sleeping. Enlarged the picture, and yes, he is modestly covered. You’d think those big wings would be a problem, but they might have protectd his back from her fingernails. Painting also follows a common 18th-19th century convention: women have lighter skin than men, everybody of course being Caucasian.

    Does Cupid have a Rooney-like expression on his face?

  51. Thanks, Mark. I do enjoy FreeCell and have not a clue how to play MahJongg, though my mother used to have a game every Wednesday for her ho rid friends. All I remember is “Pong!”

    Mindy, that is sad. I hope you get a rest and let your nerves unwind. When I was undergoing rehab (long story) my counselor told me that most things happen at random, even criminal assault, and I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. It could have been somebody else. I have got to the place that I am glad it wasn’t anybody else, I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. I survived, she might not have.

  52. Debbe –
    I’ve never seen anything of Kris writing for Elton, even in his earliest days. Bernie Taupin was Elton’s almost exclusive songwriter from the late 60’s into the 80’s and then again beginning in, I believe, the late 90’s.
    I could see the two of them teaming up because some of Kris’ lyrics would have fit well with Elton’s singing style.
    If I’m wrong (not outside the realm of possibility) let me know.

  53. Yesterday afternoon, I received the following text message on my smart phone (verbatim):

    (Cardholder Services Alert. Achieve Direct Deposit Failed. Call: 602 365 XXXX.)

    A friend received an identical message on her phone yesterday evening. Needless to say, neither of us called the number. I feel sure this is a “phishing” scheme, whereby if you call the number they will try to get you to give them account and password info so your “direct deposit” will be “completed”. I’m also sure none of you here would fall for that, although you may have friends or relatives who might. (Note that this went out a couple of days after many, many Americans would be having their Social Security payments direct deposited to their bank accounts on the 3rd of the month.)

    Pass the word if you know someone who might be vulnerable to this type of scam. If they are concerned about the validity of any message related to their bank accounts, they should call only their financial institution.

  54. emb – The Midsummer Night’s Dream you saw was from 1935 and is probably my favorite version. Hard to beat the very young Mickey Rooney as Puck and James Cagney as Bottom; the cast also includes Olivia de Haviland, Dick Powell, Joe E. Brown, and a lot of other names that for most of us fall into the “oh, him!” category. Definitely worth watching even if you think you’re not a Shakespeare fan.

    There’s a 1968 version that’s more funky than good. Check it out if you get a chance – it has Diana Rigg as Helena, Helen Mirren as Hermia, and a quite scantily-clad Judi Densch as Titania.

  55. Lilyblack, I don’t know how to play the game of Mah-Jong either, just like the tile-matching games which use the Mah-Jong tile sets. Some of them have really spectacular effects. Anyway, I just like looking at them rather than the standard card decks.

    Do a search for a site called All Star Puzzles. They have a large assortment of different types, most everything you might find in the different puzzle magazines, plus some that work best on computers.

  56. Here is a nice treat for the bird watchers and nature lovers among us, and especially eMb — a pair of Ravens, yes, actual Ravens, nesting at Wellesley College, near Boston. These birds are not usually seen around here; farther North, yes. I have never seen a Raven in my life! Here is a link to a videocamera.

  57. I don’t know how true it is, but I’ve read that Mickey Rooney had to play Puck while sitting on a tricycle because he’d broken his leg. If so, that’s why you only see him from the waist up.

  58. GR6: Social Security direct deposits at various times of the month, so there would seem to be less reason for concern at any specific dates. That being said, your warning is still worthy at any time for anyone. Thanks.

  59. Ghost, I do use a photo-deposit app on my phone, so thanks for the warning! If I get such a message I will call my bank direct and check with them.

    And it was indeed a dark and stormy night.

  60. Yes, Jean, I can’t help but wonder if we won’t all be vehemently cursing the Inter-Web-Net one day for how easy it has made it for others to steal from us.

    All Social Security benefit payments used to be made on the 3rd of each month. Since May of 1997, benefits are paid on the second, third and fourth Wednesdays of each month…except that beneficiaries already being paid on the 3rd of the month continued to receive them on that date. I don’t have the numbers to prove it, but I would expect that many more payments are made on the 3rd than on the other days of the month. Another interesting factoid, made available here at A&J for no charge. 🙂

  61. Ruth Anne: ‘and James Cagney as Bottom.’ Jimmy Cagney was an earlier alum [but not a graduate] of my HS, Stuyvesant, in Manhattan. Some years after I graduated [’47], SHS awarded him an honorary diploma. We have a 2 or 3 LP set [but no player now] of the complete ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’, with Stanley Holloway as Bottom. He is superb, as good as he was as Mr. Dolittle in ‘My Fair Lady.’ ‘Wiv a little bit o’ luck, . . ..’

    Charlotte: Thanks for the raven webcam, . Ravens are relatively common in the conifer and mixed conifer/hardwood forests on N. MN, but are rarely seen in town unless a severe winter drives most of the local crows S. I didn’t see any this past long winter, but they may have been around.

  62. Of course, many but certainly not all of those retiring prior to May of 1997 (at retirement age or earlier if due to disability) would not still be around to draw their SS benefits now. But there seem to still be a lot of octogenarians, nonagenarians and even centenarians around, so who knows?

  63. Dear Debbe,

    You can find Snoopy’s Candy Town on the app store. It is on my wife’s iPad, though I cannot remember how we came across it—and it was a little frustrating at first. But now it is nice to while away spare time. The characters are really beautifully done. And we have not succumbed even once to paying money for anything on it.

  64. Then where do you keep your nest egg, Loon?

    Only game I have is Angry Birds on my iPad. It’s surprising how much tension one can relieve by blowing up cartoon pigs. So far, I’ve successfully resisted the temptation to start assigning names to the pigs.

  65. Good morning Villagers..

    Bryan…. thanks for reminding me….I was referring to Jackson Brown collaborating with Elton John… the time I couldn’t remember Bernie’s last name either as one of John’s songwriters. And yes, I feel John’s best music was from that era, late 60’s and 70’s,

    ….welcome back Loon, missed your one liners 🙂

    GR 😉 “Then where do you keep your nest egg, Loon?” love your wit and of course, your charm. you are such a slut puppy.

    Speaking of pigs….Mark (not you) did you ever attend one of Pink Floyd’s concerts where they have the inflated pig flying over? Never had the chance to see them live.

    DJJG….I’ll have to ask my son what an app store is, I have a plain and simple flip cell phone, and don’t want to give it up for these new phones, even tho I’m available for a free upgrade. Plus it means another two year contract with Verizon.

    My son and nephew took the long way back home Sunday (back road cruising) and the river was rushing over the road. My nephew showed me the rushing river on his phone….I do admit, those phones could be tempting. Oh, they did have the common sense to turn around and take the highway.

    So today is April 8th, EOL for XP….feel like I’m having unprotected sex on the internet now 🙂
    But my son reminded me that for a long time I was operating on a bootleg XP until I got copyrighted.

    Lilyblack….just what is a “ho rid friend”, inquiring minds want to know 🙂

    Ya’ll have a blessed day……

  66. Good morning and food morning, and welcome to Mindy’s Soap Box.

    “Critics” are giving hell to the parents of the child that became ill on the sailboat [a 38-foot masthead rigged sloop, I do believe] which resulted in the Navy [GO NAVY!] coming to the rescue…and the sloop subsequently being sunk according to latest reports. “They shouldn’t have had a child on a boat like that!” Horse hockey, in the words of me sainted grandmother. Had it occurred on a hiking or camping trip, no one would have said a word. But it was on a sailboat and therefore the parents are uncaring and abusive. More horse hockey. Where is it written that children should be kept off the water until they reach 90+ years? No one seems to pay heed to the fact that the now sunken sailboat was also the HOME of the family of four.

    I now surrender control of the soap box to the next fanatical heretic in line. Ghost? John saw pokies last night. Three pair. Oh, my, three pair takes a full house?

  67. Mindy – agreed, and well said! There is also an assumption at they must be rich…in my experience, they are most likely anything BUT, and that boat was their home. When she was scuttled, they probably lost most of what they owned.

  68. Debbe, my mother’s friends were horrid because they smoked and drank in the middle of the day and insulted one another continuously and loudly. I was a young teenager and I hid when they came over.

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