Royal Pain

I gather from what has managed to seep into my news feed, somebody has gotten engaged to somebody over there. Again. I thought it might be a good time to repeat this old comic from 1996. This would have appeared the year before Diana’s death, and, if I may say, had more people adopted Arlo’s attitude, Princess Di probably would be alive today. But did we learn anything from this? Of course not.

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  1. No we did care about Di and too many in the media saw her as a target or a prize. She did change the British Monarchy for the better in that William and Harry married for love. Their Great-great Uncle gave up the throne because he wanted to marry a divorced American woman. Harry will do it and it is barely a blip….Of course he will not become King.

  2. Even more significant is Harry is marrying a divorced American actress descended from southern slaves.

    Sorry Jimmy it is significant that this a blip because once this would have been volcanic.

    Wishing the happy couple the best.

  3. I agree with Arlo. Whether celebrity or royalty or politician, we ought to respect other people’s privacy by giving them as much as we would wish in our own lives.

    And for those who wish to intrude on every minute of said celebrity’s life, may they be subjected to the same unending, harassing scrutiny. They deserve it.

    Without that kind of harassment, Princess Di would probably still be alive today.

  4. My late husband was often around celebrities. His rule was “The only time you ask them to sign anything is when you present the bill.”

    I have NO autographs. Not a one. Have never asked for one and always pretended I did not know who they were.

    By the way, Julia Roberts is kinda ugly in person.

  5. I agree Jimmy. If not such a lot seller on the Gossip pages Lady Di would very much still be around and doing marvelous works. Those crazy photographers do nothing but ruin lives

  6. I have a number of autographed books, but I bought them that way, including a brand new paperback I bought at the convention over the weekend. Never even noticed until after I’d bought it. Some of the dealers charge extra, this one didn’t. I don’t like waiting in lines to get books autographed, and I don’t like asking the authors I know when I meet them away from conventions.

  7. Speaking of autographs, there is s huge original cartoon auction going on online to raise money for the hurricane and flood victims . I am at doctors on phone.

    Mark, can you find and link here?

    There are nothing but originals and except for the famous Calvin and Hobbes final Sunday page going cheap.

  8. Llee,

    Loon is scheduling a follow up with the hand surgeon. Has swelling around the surgery site, concerns both the infectious disease physician and the physical therapist.

  9. I really liked that Booth one too. I am thinking about the Milton Canniff one which is a limited edition print but signed.

    The Kathy one with the piles of recipes is a favorite of mine so maybe?

  10. Mark: ‘It was never limited to one continent, one race or one religion.’ Right. In ancient times, it had several sources having little to do w/ ethnicity or religion. One was people that would sell children or themselves off, to avoid starvation, pay debts, or such. In many societies, slaves could work on the side and earn money to buy their freedom. Often, enslavement was the standard fate of prisoners of war or conquered civilians. Slave market scenes made good sources for porn-for-the-rich; those girls were seldom black.

    Slavery in Europe and later N. and S. America took an unusual, if not unique, turn in that the slaves were mostly blacks from W. Africa, and a whole thought system grew up that members of one ‘race’ were fit only to be slaves, that it was God’s will, and that Scripture justified it. Millions of non-black Americans* seem to still believe such, and many would throw American Indians into the same category. *Including, I believe, some emb relatives, at least deceased ones. In the ’40s, Mom’s brother, from a parish in an unnamed state, mailed her a book ‘proving’ blacks’ subhuman attributes. Sweet guy, otherwise.

    Visiting same area in the summers of ’43 and ’45, I found myself biting my 13-and 15-yr old tongue during many social gatherings of said family and their friends. Maybe mentioned this before.


  11. Enslavement arrived in America with our colonists and was not just blacks or native people. These were not the bound servants who were indentured for a certain number of years.

    The category “Bound for life” were those white, brown or black who were never to be free. I ran I to this doing genealogy prior Pand discovered we had white slaves in the colonies.

    Prior to miscegenation laws being passed there was no restrictions in early America regarding races marrying. I have native American ancestry back to Revolutionary War period and a white ancextoress who bought, then freed her father’s slave and married him. They became a notable family in the abolitionist movement.

    Darn, I need to remember to spit in that DNA sample ki!

  12. I don’t know, Jackie. Since you’re on that chemo now I wonder if that would affect the DNA results. As in, make it unreadable until you are done and the stuff’s out of your system?

  13. From one of the commercial testing sites: Will chemotherapy or radiation affect my DNA results?

    Cancer treatments do not seem to affect DNA results. However, it’s recommended that you wait a few months after treatment before collecting a sample for testing.

  14. Thanks Mark! If I spit in that sample tube right now they might think I was actually kicked off a low flying inter planetary spaceship over the Mississippi Delta in a pod and actually am a little green alien.

  15. According to the Old Farmers Almanac, all living humans are no further removed than 50th cousin. I’ve always been fascinated by other people’s fascination with other countries royalty, since it means absolutely nothing to me

  16. I knew many WWII vets that would have nothing to do with Red Cross.

    John iHT

    Many years ago I heard we are all related by only 23 generations.
    But then are we not all related to Noah?
    or is it Lucy?

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