Soap Dish

First things first. This not-so-old A&J comic strip is from January, 2015. There’s a controversial subject I’ve been avoiding for a long time, but I might as well bring it up today: the weather. It hasn’t rained where I live since the middle of September. Not. A. Drop. We’re in what’s called an “exceptional drought,” as bad as it gets. The next reasonable chance for rain is a week from tomorrow, according to the Weather Channel website’s “10-day Outlook” which is notoriously unreliable beyond three days out. And it’s unseasonably warm with no frost yet. I am certain that, if not for the drought, we’d still be cutting the lawn a week from Thanksgiving. There. I said it.

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  1. GR 😉 did you pass me on your return to the 80’s..ya never what those flux thingy gingies can do to a checkered taxi…why they may just put up parking lot…stop right there…it was a big yellow taxi….never mind

  2. I live in southeast Wisconsin and we have yet to drop below freezing overnight and have had no killing frosts. Most years we have had at least flurries by now if not a full snow fall. Between the unseasonably high temps and the regular rain we have gotten my grass is still growing. I may have to mow again this weekend which will be a first – I’ve never had to mow in Nov before. We had record highs last week so shorts and flip-flops are still much in evidence.

  3. Has anyone asked to see his birth certificate yet? I guess that he will release that when he finds that billion dollars he lost in 1988. Thank you Debbe. The cat was funny.

  4. “If you think that the grass is greener on the other side you can bet that the water bill is higher.”-unk. “The grass is always greener over the septic tank.”-Erma Bombeck.

  5. Getting surgery clearances and rescheduling all the missed appointments needed for surgery. It is hard being responsible for something you don’t want to do. I have concluded one cannot go through life hoping and counting on having someone to support and rescue you in times of need or questuonable behavior.

    Just like stopping an addiction or losing weight, you have to do it for yourself, not someone else

    But I am so chicken, I hate pain and pain meds and I am opening Pandoras Box and it contains seven surgeries. They come in pairs.

  6. I’m glad you’re getting those appointments scheduled, Jackie. It might be less overwhelming to look at it as one surgery at a time. Have one, see how it goes.

  7. Trying to find the historic deepest snowfall that took place around Lake Eufaula on November 14. What year? Jim Canmore and Mike Siedel mispronounced name of town and lake. I used a yardstick and measured on a deck, a glass patio table and out in yard. Fourteen inches.

  8. Nope, I hadn’t moved here by 1921. It was a freak snow storm centered on Longtown, Oklahoma which is actually where I live, not Eufaula. Snow was deeper than a q3 inch ruler and I had to get a yardstick to measure.

  9. I live in a retirement community, Rick, so lawn mowing and other gardening chores are taken care of by a professional landscaping service, and I expect the lawns to keep needing mowing all through the winter. Of course, Southern California isn’t exactly part of the Snow Belt.

  10. I have been running van ac alternating with none but no heat needed for me. The house, same thing. Off and on ac or none. We are way above normal.

    Driving 90 miles each way to doctor I noticed fall foliage has begun to turn on mountains. Going back there tomorrow for cardiologist so I can leaf peep a little more.

  11. Bought new Southern Slow Cooker cookbook and opened first page randomly. Blue crab corn chowder, a favorite of mine. Hhmmnn, that is also photo on cover. They must have the book bound to open to that.

    And why do good Southern recipes all seem to have 25 ingredients? Why do I think Southern men who cook sexy? Even Southern men from continents on the Far Side of the World? Even when I can outlook them but don’t to save their feelings?

    Have done this all my life, I still cook like I breath, it is just part of my DNA. Why don’t more people care passionately about what they eat and cook? I miss the South where if you weren’t cooking or eating you were talking about what you had eaten yesterday or what you planned to cook and the ones talking were more likely men than women.

    I miss the South and Southern men. Oklahoma is Midwest and all that denotes.

  12. Jerry, we’ve got people here to mow the lawns, pull the weeds and trim the bushes, and they’ll be doing it all winter. And I don’t worry about the sun, because I’ve always been a hat person. Right now, my regular hat is a broad-brimmed fedora, based on the one Tom Baker wore as the Fourth Doctor.

  13. Arlo helping with the dishes –

    I have read several times that fellows who pull their fair share of household chores are rewarded far more frequently than those who view such things as “woman’s work.”

  14. Good morning Villagers..

    My day started with Social Security. I did not know I could draw on my husbands SSI, so I called them…wait time at 7:15 was 6 minutes. The lady was very helpful, changed my application from drawing on my earnings to drawing on husbands…..she said an agent would be in touch with me to verify all info. I asked if there would be a time dedicated to this phone call..yes, she said. So, are you ready, it’s December 15th at 1 o’clock….

    Norm, that is an utterly ridiculous way of spending our hard earned tax money. So much money is wasted on the wasted….that’s all I’m going to say.

    Jackie, like Smigz said, take it one at a time. And I’ll be free if you need a Nancy Nurse…and I’m serious too.

    Well. two more days of 70 degree temp…and banging chicken poop.

    Mark, was that one of Jackie’s cats you posted…beautiful markings.

    Rich, thanks for reminding me of the link “Astronomy Pic of the day…..did you ever see the one titled “Eye of God”?


  15. Emb…you are most graciously welcome. Loved the video, and the little fluttering of their tail feathers. Have you ever watched “March of the Penguins”? It is narrated by Morgan Freeman..excellent documentary that show the comings and goings of the males and females and their journeys back and forth to feed their young. The exchanging of the eggs is priceless, like handling gold.

  16. Good morning. Go back to that post from me about how sexy men who cook are. That applies to how sexy men who cook and clean kitchens are. Rick is right.nothing goes unrewarded.

    Debbe the gubmint can now tell you what backlogged pile your file is in. Thanks to computers. In my day we sent a retired Klinger from MASH around with a shopping cart full of files to locate YOUR file so you could be called and that often took more than a month. Especially when your caseworker had hidden file really well.

    Like maybe you had P.O.ed him with last call. Gubmint workers are often people who tear body parts off insects.

  17. Rich, that’s a terrific site…thanks for sharing!

    Sideburns, Tom Baker is my Doctor. Every Whovian has one. 😉

    Debbe, I hope you’re wearing a mask for all that poop banging. Remember the pleurisy! My family used to raise and race pigeons, along with a few chickens. Large quantites of bird droppings have a very distinctive smell and take me right back. Another branch of the family raised rabbits on a commercial basis—smelled much worse. Other side of family had a dairy farm; cows smell like roses compared to rabbits.

    Jimmy, the current storyline has me wishing I could peek at the strips ahead. Gene and his family are sort of living out the dreams of the ’60s and ’70s, and gee, I want to see what happens!

  18. Ring, ring: Hello “This is a return call … with the info. that you requested, which you saw on TV, …”. Click.

    I never watch TV. “… as we forgive those who …”. Poor woman has to make a living. Pfft.


  19. Smigz..Ian used the last dust mask today. Will have Jonathon check out the other hen house to see if they have any left over. Don’t need a repeat of the pleurisy. You are so sweet to worry about me….love you too and one day hope to meet you along with a few others. So glad you stopped ‘lurking’ and decided to join this merry little group.

    Hey. Maybe we could have a ‘family reunion’ of some sorts..

    Sister just called and the nursing home where Dad is, is having their annual Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow evening…so it’s just us 4 daughters with Dad. So looking forward to that.

  20. Thanks for the link to the Helix Nebula photo (in the constellation Aquarius). I hadn’t heard it called the Eye of God before, but it is a really dramatic photo. M57, the ring nebula in the constellation Lyra look similar but blue.

  21. The Super Moon looked like a big orange lopsided egg yolk as I drove over the bridge tonight, hanging just over water. Quite a day today.

    Saw my cardiologist who pronounced me more beautiful and healthy than I had been in 20 years and gave me his blessing for knee replacement. Why can’t I ever meet someone like that between wives? Because he trades in for younger models is why. But I love him.

    He says I am still alive after numerous near misses and attributes it more to response and reaction than divine intervention. So he thinks I need new knees so I can keep moving fast.

    Then I got call that freezer and fridge died and everything was going south. Took me 5 minutes to pick replacement at Lowe’s and 2 hours to get it written up by which point I had lost it and walking out. I am going to bed as soon as I brush teeth.

    Lowe’s is delivering new fridge Sunday or Monday as they had to get one from another store. Is it Turkey Day that makes everyone go refrigerator shopping?

  22. Debbe, Rich, whomever:

    About dramatic astrophotos. Color differences btw. photos of similar astronomical objects may result from intrinsic differences in the objects, but may also result from differences in the photography. A given photo may be sensitive to particular wavelengths of light [e.g., ones emitted by particular elements, compounds, or ions of one or more elements] and another photo sensitive to a different set of wavelengths. In scientific articles, those are usually indicated in legends below the photos.

    Also, the nebula, molecular cloud, galaxy, or whatever, which looks like you are viewing it from relatively nearby may not be what it would actually look like to you in your spaceship from the appropriate distance. In particular, it might be much dimmer or much less colorful. We expose to get the maximum amount of detail or info, or stack multiple exposures to get the best results. Nobody is faking anything, just squeezing the maximum info out of the instruments and such.

    I am grateful for awe-inspiring astrophotography, and happy that it causes excitement and even reverence for our physical universe and whatever brought it about [it does all of that to me], but a bit leery of what some read into it.


  23. Jackie
    So if they had got their act in gear you could have saved food in fridge but
    because they(where you shopped) had their finger up where the sun does not shine
    you lost a ton of food. All your crock pot cookings?

    Did you see from other day?

    For Dickens

    Not only protects Dickens but vehicle as well.

  24. Emb

    The “this is a return call” is how they try to get around the
    Do Not Call List – just remind them that there is a $15,000.00 fine for
    deliberately calling people on that list.
    Or get the book of different responses to those calls.

  25. GM Debbe

    MBH is drawing on my SS til 70 1/2 then she has to draw her own.
    She will also have to draw IRA

    The older we get, the fewer things
    seem worth waiting in line for.
    (Mostly because we forgot why we
    were waiting in line in the first place!!)

  26. I’ve never done it, but the best way to handle callers in my opinion is to say “OK, hold on a second.” Put down the phone and walk away. I try to keep in mind that it’s some poor soul trying to make a couple of extra bucks, but when it is clearly a rip-off I can be very rude. When my mother was dying and I was at her house the phone rang at least once a day with calls from the IRS letting her know that she was about to be sued. I told them that she was dead before she was.

  27. Good morning Villagers….

    GM Old Bear.

    Thank you Emb, a little over my head though, but a good explanation of the color spectrum. As to why it’s called the ‘Eye of God’, don’t know…maybe someone was having an epiphany at that time.

    Dang the bad luck, Jackie. Both at the same time…where you able to save your savory meals you’be been working on so hard? Pray so.

    Telemarketers, sometimes I do have fun with them. Like the one time two of my friends were sitting at kitchen table having coffee. Phone rings, I answer, she identifies herself with some publishing company and I was picked to receive, at a special price reduction, this particular book, if I would answer a question correctly. “Who played Rhett Butler in ‘Gone with the Wind’””

    Rolling my eyes I answered, Clark Gable, and in her most enthusiastic voice she tells me that I am able to…stopped her dead in her hype and said….let me ask you a question. Who played Lumpy in Leave it to Beaver….I don’t know, she said. Well, I said, you lose and I don’t buy the book….goodbye

    gonna be a good day out…in the seventies….

  28. Why do we worry about Ghost so? Debbe I do too.

    Going to buy ice for big ice chest, may have to send food home with my workmen. Lowe’s says they will be here Sunday or Monday. Manager got a fridge freezer located at another town, sending truck for it.

  29. Just scored incredible clearance prices on brand new fleece winter wear for my young helpers baby girl. Thanks to global warming and 80 plus degree weather here the stores are packed with winter goods going unsold.

    My helper was going to North Carolina tonight where it will be cold and toddler had no warm clothes. Normally I give everyone food or beverages for thanksgiving but I ran down and bought a week’s worth of baby clothes, then ran back for another weeks worth for when she returns.

    This does relate to global warming and weather. Chain stores usually commit to goods a year out. If bought from China they must be paid for before container hits land and is released. If American company brand, they front the cost of goods for the chain and extend credit with a deferred due date of 60-90 days from shipping.

    How does this affect you? I just bought brand new goods at less than landed cost (usually about 35% of retail cost to you) so the chain loses money, the American manufacturer loses money but the factory in China got paid.

    And my helper was reduced to tears and the baby looked adorable and kissed me.

  30. I sympathize with everyone in the SE with the droughts and wildfires, both of which we are all too familiar with in the SW. The thing I find interesting about Jimmy’s comment is being in an ‘exceptional drought’ after only a couple of months rain-free, although that could include less-than-normal rain in the preceding months.
    In New Mexico our droughts aren’t usually labeled ‘exceptional’ until many months of little to no precipitation. almost no moisture for us Sep-Nov is just an average fall.
    It has been very warm here, too. I have yet to have a single freeze at my house when usually the first frost is in mid October and by now we’d have felt at least a few hard freezes.
    The difference between living in the high desert and the southeast.
    I do hope ya’ll get relief soon, though.

  31. Today has been high dry temperature and high winds, usually a package deal for wildfires. I saw smoke billowing down road about a mile, which may be grass from a tossed cigarette. Our neighborhood arsonist vanished without ever being arrested. We did think anyone in Oklahoma would turn in their mama when reward went over $30,000. He roamed free for several years setting dozens of fires, often on same day.

    Bryan, y’all have horrible fires when yours get going. I have been in New Mexico during fire season.

  32. Luckily my stone mason remembered I had a commercial shrimp cooler, as large as a small car. We loaded it with 20 bags of ice and contents of my fridge so I haven’t lost anything so far.

    Spent afternoon shopping sales for my helper and her baby. They have gone to North Carolina to visit her mom. I have decided Christmas will be at Thanksgiving for me and I will give everyone early gifts. We should keep Christmas in our hearts anyway.

    And my left knee is hurting so bad it is all I can do to keep going but I am. Miss you all.

  33. Good morning Villagers……

    Jackie, I pray that this morning finds you in less pain…….Amen

    Emb, yeah, that was pretty funny. You should check out his top ten pranks….it’s listed on the right. The very last one is priceless.

    Steve….. had to look Captain Renault up, came across this….too funny:

    Last day in the seventies…need to take advantage of it.

    Back on telemarketing…I just happened to be in the packing room when the phone rang….they asked for Vernon Mathies….told the man he has been dead at least 15 years….he says “Oh, Jesus”, I said “I’m not Jesus” he then retorted “well do you have his number?” I hung up on him….later I remembered Jeremiah 33.3. ( ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’) I call that verse God’s phone number. Like I said…not as quick as I use to be….


  34. I am trying to remember the “reason” most restaurants put on the sign taped to door when board of health or other entity shuts them down. It was almost always same.

    How would I know this? Because I lived in Houston home of Marvin Zindler investigative reporter who shut down the best little whorehouse and had a song written about him, “there’s slime in the ice machine”.

    He did nightly restaurant reports on TV and reported abouthat how many dead rats and cockroaches were found.

  35. Jimmy, I had to chuckle about the inspector in today’s strip. He knows Mary Lou and Gene are doing a great job but just need to jump through the official safety hoops to stay in business.

    Jackie, that’s sweet of you to send that little baby off warm to see Grandma! About the joint replacement surgery: I’ve never heard anyone who had it express any regret.

    Debbe, “Casablanca” and “African Queen” are my favorite Bogie movies. The dialogue and sets really make “Casablanca.” That reminds me, I got a copy of the book “African Queen” at my favorite used bookstore and haven’t yet read it. When winter finally sets in here, I’m going to tuck myself under an afghan with Mr. Allnutt and Rose.

    Bryan, in the area in which you live, is there a dry season and a wet season?

  36. Willmar is about an hour SSW of here. If ‘everything happens for a reason’, PETA would argue that Elohim are telling this guy he’s in the wrong business:

    We got 3” last night, it’s still snowing and drifting, and not supposed to rise above 32 F for the next few days. Astronomical and climatological winters are two different things. Forgot to buy a zucchini Wed.; will do without till we’re plowed out.

  37. Smigz, Jackie went off and bought every size 2T and 24 month winter outfit so baby is totally clothed for rest of winter. I have done this for years for my own two grandchildren. It occurred to me yesterday that I had never been thanked, much less tears shed.

    So I bought clothes for the mom too. She is both beautiful and sweet, hard working. Her dad is my stone mason, she is like him but weird thing is how much she is like me. I suspect that is what makes her have some obsessive compulsive traits, like orderly closets, cabinets, etc. But that is what I like too.

  38. I did not watch Casablanca until I met my wife when I was 25. The movie was showing at a local theater and my mother-in-law insisted that I take my future wife. Needless to say, I was hooked. My MIL and I still argue about the ending. I say it’s perfect and she wants Bogie to run off with her!

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