Roaring Forties

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A lot has happened since we visited last. A Super Bowl was played. Harper Lee is publishing the sequel to “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Friends in the Midwest and Northeast are being buried in snow still. There are new pictures of Fidel Castro. It’s been a busy few days. Speaking of Harper Lee, I lived in Monroeville, Alabama, and worked as a reporter for the weekly “Monroe Journal” when I was a young man. Monroeville is where Harper Lee was born and raised. She would fictionalize it as “Maycomb” in her famous novel. In my day, the book and Ms. Lee were not the industry they would become, but the town was very proud of its Favorite Daughter, who was living in New York City at that time. The only bookstore in town was a religious bookstore on the town square. As a matter of course, it had for sale autographed copies of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” available to anyone with a few dollars. Did I buy one in my almost two years in Monroeville? No, of course not!