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We seem to be making progress. I see yesterday’s comments still are with us, although older comments are nowhere to be found. I have learned they’re out there somewhere, and when I have time I’m going to look for them. Until then, I think we can manage, don’t you? Remember Freecell? Of course you do. You probably remember paying AOL to go online. As for today’s comic strip, it admittedly was one of the last drawn during an uninspired week. However, I can say it is based on a true story. Remember the olive trees? I made a big deal out of planting them last spring. Both of them are dead. They did not survive an uncommonly harsh Zone 8 winter. I remain convinced they’d have survived 9 out of 10 winters here, and if they’d had a few years’ to grow prior to this year, who knows? However, luck was against us.