Rearranged Marriage

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Today I’m posting a two-fer from 10 years ago. I’ve been doing a lot of this sort of thing myself lately, thinking of ways to expand my studio, which is a small downstairs room in my house that is overflowing with, well… I’m not sure what all this crap is, but suffice to say it’s “overflowing.” In 30 years of drawing Arlo & Janis I have had only one perfect studio space, the entire upstairs of a small Tudor-style house I lived in briefly in the 90s. Of course, this situation is my own doing. My lack of organizational skills and my relative indifference to clutter have turned many an adequate room into a dysfunctional fire trap. Well, if I say so myself, this year’s resolutions are holding strong, and I’m determined to transform my current workspace, albeit small. Maybe I’ll post pictures as I go!