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Depending upon the denomination of the Church of Nutrition to which you subscribe, the above strip might prove to be prophetic. Note the television cabinet. It occurred to me while looking through some old material that A&J strips from the early 90s have been under-represented on The vast majority of strips you see here come from digital files, which begin in late 1995. Or ’94. Who can keep up? The pre-digital material I have used here, which has to be retrieved from large plastic boxes and scanned by me, has tended to be older cartoons, from the 80s mostly. In the coming weeks, I’m going to mine the years immediately prior to 1995, hoping to find a trove of comic strips we haven’t seen in a long time. Those were good years. The strip was hitting its stride. The drawing was pretty good, and the gags were getting more crisp. I’m kind of excited about this.