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Today’s classic A&J is brought to you in black and white and in between. Looks pretty cool, doesn’t it? All right, bear with me, please. I know you’re fed up with it by now. I’m not even going to post a link, because the video has become ubiquitous. However, I did want to say something about the “cat saves little boy from dog attack” incident. I just want to say, this was not overly dramatized or made to be something more than it was. If you saw images of the lad’s stitched up bites, you know the attack was in earnest. Living in a part of the country where dog attacks, even fatal dog attacks, are not exactly rare, I can say the boy was in mortal danger. His mother arrived not long after the cat; it is possible she could have saved her son’s life, but the cat did get there firstest with the mostest, and by fending off the dog there is no doubt he saved the boy from further serious injury. Way to go, cat!