Music to the Ears

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It seems like just yesterday I was telling you that “summer hours” were over, and I’d try to post more regularly. I did manage to do that during the cold months, but summer—and summer hours—seem to have returned already. Tell you what: starting next week we’ll do things a bit differently. You won’t notice so much (No, it’s not the much ballyhooed Web site redesign.), but I think it’ll work better for us all. I’m going to prepare five cartoons that will preload during the week, regardless of what I happen to be doing first thing in the morning. Perhaps I will make a comment, or perhaps I won’t, but I am going to try and check in more regularly during the day and comment on your comments more than I do now. To be honest, coming up with something trivial but interesting to write every morning is the hard part of this task; this way, you can help. I think it sounds like fun. We’re always working to improve your Arlo & Janis experience!