Café Arlo & Janis

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Have I shown you this little drawing? I thought I had, but I couldn’t find any evidence of it searching the blog archives. Anyway, I have always liked this vignette. I don’t know why; probably because I like to waste time in cozy cafés myself. I can’t remember what I had in mind when I drew it. Perhaps it was intended for coffee-cup art. There must have been some purpose, because I seldom draw for my own amusement. Whatever the project, it was never realized. I like this scene so much, I’ve drawn several versions: a larger version, a warm-weather version, a less somber, more frivolous version. OK, so maybe I do draw for my own amusement now and then. There is even one mirror-image version, with Gene seated on the left and Arlo and Janis on the right. This leads me to think the purpose of that particular piece was coffee-cup art, for that would have put Arlo and Janis front and center for right-handed coffee drinkers. I’m thinking I might work a version into the new Web site. Remember when the Worldwide Web was new? It was perceived as a gathering place, often a metaphorical café. I have always liked that, too.