Redoing the Redux

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As promised, here’s the earlier version of the Sunday A&J comic from last November, that reran here yesterday. It wasn’t quite as old as I remembered; it was from 1993. I included the two bonus panels at the top, which are designed to be disposable, because I wanted you to see the store shopping bag. In the recent version of the strip, you’ll notice a cardboard box. In the strip from 2014, most of us would conclude Janis purchased the skirt online, and it had been delivered. I think that’s probably the single biggest difference in the strips, drawn 21 years apart. There’s something else that sticks out, something that bedeviled me for many years. In the older strip, Arlo and Janis are roughly the same height. By most reckoning, this would put Janis on the tall side or Arlo on the short side or a little of both. It just seemed to be that way. For no particular reason other than creating visual contrast (think “Mutt & Jeff”), I consciously reminded myself for years to make Arlo a little taller than Janis. Now, it comes kind of naturally, but it took awhile. I now think of Arlo as average in height and Janis perhaps a little taller than average. But not much. There, have I written enough for today?