The Arlo & Janis Summer Art Show and Sale

The Arlo & Janis Summer Art Show and Sale

Speaking of space, the above cartoon appeared June 13, 2019, just last month. Why, you might ask, does it look so awful? Sadly, that’s the way a lot of cartoon originals appear these days, before they are completed digitally. Many cartoons don’t exist at all in the traditional sense. They are produced entirely on a computer. Fear not! Intact cartoon drawings may be becoming rare, but they are not extinct. With that, I give you “The Arlo & Janis Summer Art Show and Sale!” For one week, you can purchase original A&J art, or you are free to browse through the 25 offerings. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Excellent! Thanks for offering these, Jimmy! That reminds me (and pardon me if it is an uncomfortable question), was the ‘After Dark’ collection still on the way at some point? Just curious!

  2. Mark: “it’s not that Ludwig wants to watch, it’s that a cat abhors a closed door as nature abhors a vacuum.” Maybe so, but if the bed was active, there was at least a head peering at us, or it [all our successive cats were neutered] jumped up to join us. In an earlier cartoon, after ushering Ludwig out, believe Janis said, “He stares!”


    • emb, I recall George Carlin doing a routine something like that, but with the family dog instead. With the punch line being the dog asking, “man, does’nt that hurt your back?”

  3. Just went over to the gallery to enjoy the art work. It was really nice to see that, rather than disappearing, purchased items are marked “Sold Out.” I don’t often have time to come to the site, so in the past by the time I noticed a sale most of it was over. This time I get to see all of them! Thanks

  4. Shopify keeps telling me “there are no shipping methods available for your cart or address”. I live in WA, does this mean that the art has sold or is something else going on? I want A&J!

  5. I need to fix that now! I made some changes, because buyers were being charged for shipping when they shouldn’t have been. Obviously, I messed something up! Give me a few minutes. And thanks!

  6. CAT = Four footed furry feline that wants to be on the other side of the door.
    I Luddie was like ours, he would want out >just after < as italics
    see if it works

  7. Old Bear: Let’s see if I can use quotation marks in place of less than / greater than symbols to demonstrate what you wanted to do

    If Luddie was like ours, he would want out “italics” just after “/italics” Janis got back in bed.

    Now with the actual symbols:

    If Luddie was like ours, he would want out just after Janis got back in bed.

  8. Hmmm… that didn’t work. Because I used the word “italics” instead of just the letter “i”:

    If Luddie was like ours, he would want out “i” just after “/i” Janis got back in bed.
    Now with the actual symbols:
    If Luddie was like ours, he would want out just after Janis got back in bed.

  9. Discovered on the InterWebNet: Intact comments from back in the day when giants walked the Village, and the comments were a treasure-trove of, well, semi-treasures.

    I wonder whatever became of “Virgin Mindy”, about whom I believe I once commented, “Her snark is worse than her bite.” I kinda miss her, whoever she was.

  10. Went back and read Ghost’s archival comments from the Village. How different it was!

    The orphans are gone or morphed so dramatically due to one tragedy or another. Reading the old posts showed wit and humor and affection and warmth.

    Rather than cheer me I came out of the circus tent sadder than I went in. Where are the clowns? Send in the clowns..

  11. On a current topic , let’s see if I can post something that won’t trigger an automatic censor. Re a cat’s interest in physical things, we had a reason to research a cat’s interest in ” pleasuring himself”. Using the proper lingo you will find on You tube an informative chat re cat behavior in this regard. One thing that I didn’t see addressed was whether there had been any similar behavior noted in female cats. I think that I have seen such although I was reluctant to intrude on Miss Cilla’s personal space.

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