The Golden Years

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This old A&J from five years ago reminds me: I need to make an appointment with my dermatologist for a look/see. Which further reminds me, I need to get a dermatologist. I’m afraid of what I’ll hear; when I think of the hours I spent lying on a blanket in the broiling sun, I marvel I’m still around. Of course, for most of us guys the object was to drink beer all day and be around scantily clad women, who were the serious sun worshippers. Now, I get my vitamin D in reasonable doses, working in the garden, messing about with boats and always covering up responsibly—as do the women around me. I don’t drink beer all day anymore, either. *sigh*

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  1. JJ – I also sigh at the realization that I don’t (can’t) drink beer all day. However, I find that now I can appreciate drinking one or two much finer beers, and as for scantily clad women…. well, if they want to dress that way, I’ll still look at them.

  2. My doctor said I had a vitamin D deficiency ! I’m 56, don’t have to take any medicine for anything yet. I went for an earwax blow and he gives me the whole checkup. My cholesterol was slightly right above the perfect level, so he gives me a scrip. I didn’t get it and instead take a spoon of some flax chia thing every day, (it worked for my wife). and I know from giving blood, that cholesterol levels can change a lot day by day. He gave me a scrip for massive doses of vitamin D, I didn’t get that either. A coworker told me there’s some new Vitamin D test, so everybody’s being told they have a deficiency. My favorite panel above is #3, like the self-assured unveiling?

  3. OK, here’s a deep philosophical question. Which is sexier? A pair of fully opaque garments of relatively thick material which leave more than 95% of a shapely female body bare? (Remember, I did the math.) Or clothing that covers well over half of said female body but is relatively thin and has been suddenly rendered clingy and semi-transparent?

    I’ve never previously criticized the artwork here, but I have to say that today’s cartoon (6/24/14) was just two small details shy of being spectacular. But as someone once said of Aubrey Hepburn, “She just missed being beautiful. But the way she missed it was spectacular.”

  4. I walk outside 5 days a week for about 50 minutes total. I was shocked when the Doctor put me on Vitamin D. I am on cholesterol medicine, so I assume that might have been why. However the Doctor or his aide claimed that Michigan sunshine did not produce enough Vitamin D, which I assume is suspect.

    I also went on additional calcium, as did my wife. I believe that Doctors were given new thresholds and so many people ended up being asked to supplement both Vitamin D and calcium. My wife read where a new study said that women of her age where being asked to take more calcium but that it was recommended that they quit. She quit and has had 2 or 3 blood draws with no comment from her Doctor.

  5. Mister Ghost, you would love the pool atop the Vegas hotel I am staying at. GT 95% of the females are mostly uncovered. Can be dangerous to the delicate bits during the hot days.

  6. I am spectacularly Vitamin D deficient. People with autoimmune diseases almost all are. Either we don’t make it or absorb it, whatever. D is essential for everything, heart, body, brain, it is most important of all apparently. I have lupus, RA and eight other forms of autoimmune disease, to point I thought the diagnosis of mixed connective tissue just was a lump sum. Turns out it was another autoimmune disease!

    Those with sun prompted diseases like lupus cannot go out enough to get D naturally and yes, I am supposed to take 50,000 units twice a week. The rest of you don’t need that so forget it!

    Northern places like Sweden, Norway and Michigan, Minnesota are lacking in the right kind of sunlight which if I weren’t in such a hurry I would remember but I bet there is a scientist here that can explain it!

    I can tell you the exact day I discovered my spectacular lack of autoimmune whatever’s – I was in Biloxi, Ms at a fraternity
    weekend during rush week. Wearing very little, bright sun, beach and high intensity sunbeams (is that IUD’s or is that birth control?) Anyway, I ended up home in hospital and nearly died`
    many times over next several years and spent a third of my time hospitalized before I got diagnosed.

    And yet no one ever really sorted it all out until I was 50 and it all came together in a rush of illness with no intermissions.

    So, sunlight, Vitamin D have complicated consequences. But skin cancer is still the most serious I think.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  7. Thanks Ghost, I knew about that report. But the autoimmune specialists and cardiologists are still prescribing the prescription strength potassium and Vitamin D, along with my endo guy. The levels I take a extremely high and without them my tests go toward the 0 range. Interestingly, potassium and D are all they worry about, as I am not allowed any over the counter meds or supplements or vitamins?

    On caskets (does that go with above?) several years ago my mom went off on prearranging her funeral. So, I go to funeral home our family uses in Louisiana and talk to them, pick out coffin, locate good florist, this isn’t hard for me as a retired florist, we took road trips and sightseeing trips for such things.

    Then mom refused to go look at coffin or talk about what I’d arranged!

    But my aunt’s funeral used the EXACT same coffin I picked out which would not be unusual except it is a man’s coffin and they told me so. I said, don’t care, it is solid wood, looks like dark mahogany or cherry, very tasteful.

    My cousin said same thing, he hated all the women’s caskets and ended up picking the wooden man’s casket. But VERY beautiful like a fine piece of furniture.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  8. Regarding vitamins: Many of the new studies show that vitamin supplements are not properly absorbed by our bodies. It seems that our bodies cannot process the artificial ones in the absence of the substances that occur in the natural sources. One of the few exceptions, so far, seems to be vitamin D. And my personal blood work shows that the supplemental vitamin D that I have been taking is being absorbed. Your mileage may vary!

  9. Seems funny that the conversation wound around to the ‘neutraceuticals’ things (vitamins, in this case) and how they are (or are not) being absorbed properly by our aging bodies, but we fail to mention how well our bodies absorb the other non-beneficial things (beer and good, rich food in this case). Ah yes, I saw the better side of 40 a few decades ago. I am in total agreement with TruckerRon, “Your mileage may vary!”

  10. Fortunately, Jackie, my Mom is far from being the Queen of De Nile.

    One of my uncles by marriage was the oldest of six brothers, and due to family circumstances, he had basically raised his five younger brothers from young ages. All five went on to become very well off financially, and when my uncle passed, they put him away in the largest mahogany casket I’ve ever seen. It was absolutely beautiful, but it required 10 pallbearers at the cemetery.

    I know some may view that as an unnecessary expenditure of resources, but I see it as one of their signs of respect for his memory. Besides, it was their money.

  11. Wow, I feel really stupid, I just now learned there are men and women’s caskets? Reminds me of a Frasier, where Martin picked out women’s eyeglass frames and didn’t know it and no one would tell him.

  12. More than 27,000 days…in spite of several very severe sunburns (very fair skin) during earlier decades. There! I knitted two recent topics together!

    Although I am a scientist, I am not up on northern sunlight’s spectrum. Would it be a reasonable assumption that the angle at which sunlight impinges upon the earth’s atmosphere can affect just which wave lengths of light get through more effectively and which do not? If anyone out there knows, do tell. Perhaps Google knows….

  13. Another note on vitamin D – mine was low, of course, and my doctor prescribed the short mega dose prescription supplement to take (which I couldn’t finish because it made me sick) and also told me something I’d never heard. I explained that I consumed dairy every day and also got plenty of sun exposure. He said that being in the sun does not supply vitamin D. The sun only activates the vitamin D that your body has taken in. I never heard anyone say that before but it makes sense to me. I believe that many of us have low vitamin D because we have a malabsorption problem and we are not utilizing the vitamin D we consume. This also goes along with autoimmune conditions, which is prevalent in my family.

  14. c x-p et al.:

    There is pretty good info at
    on vitamin D and sunlight.

    The skin, in the presence of sunlight, secretes calciferol, one of three forms of ‘vitamin’ D. The skin has no ducts and secretes calciferol directly into the blood stream in the skin’s capillaries, just as the thyroid secretes thyroxin into its capillaries. Calciferol is thus a hormone, as are thyroxin, testosterone, adrenalin, and others. Your skin is your largest endocrine gland. Calciferol promotes deposition of Calcium into growing AND into mature bones. Commercial milk contains both Ca and ‘vitamin’ D. You never outgrow your need for milk [if you are lucky enough to retain your ability to digest it after childhood].

    Melanin, a pigment most Caucasians [outside of India] have only small concentrations of, absorbs sunlight and thus decreases the skin’s efficiency at synthesizing calciferol. Natural selection has thus favored a lessening of pigment density in many human populations that have migrated into cold climates. A black child in Glasgow is thus more susceptible to rickets than his equally bundled up white playmate, whose ruddy cheeks are producing enough calciferol to get him through winter. The white child is more susceptible to skin cancer, but the devil is in the details. You need calciferol to build strong bones while you are growing up, before reproductive age. Skin cancer, among others, gets more likely with age, by which time most people have already had any kids they are going to. There will be a quiz . . .. emb

  15. I stopped by the funeral chapel this afternoon to pick up the paperwork on my Mom’s prearrangements. Unlike yesterday afternoon, there was a visitation in progress. I realize and am OK with the fact that some people do not have (and/or cannot afford) “dress up” clothes to wear to church or to the funeral home. But surely young women (and some not-so-young women) have something they could wear to those places that doesn’t make them look like hookers.

    I suppose one could make a case that I am hopelessly old-fashioned and am getting more so every day.

  16. Some studies show that SPF sunblock is up to 98% effective in blocking production of Vitamin D in the skin…. might need those supplements if you are consistent with the sunblock.

    Sunscreen is mentioned about halfway down.

    Institute of Medicine (US) Committee to Review Dietary Reference Intakes for Vitamin D and Calcium (2011). “8, Implications and Special Concerns”. In Ross AC, Taylor CL, Yaktine AL, Del Valle HB.

  17. (This is not about sunning, but it does fit the general topic of David Bowie.)

    The stages of life are three, three are the stages.

    In the first, I sometimes felt the effects of too much exercise.

    In the second, I worried about not exercising enough.

    Now, the stage of all exercise being too much holds court.

  18. Ghost: No, you are right on. I love to see skin as much as the next guy, but a wake is not the right place. Especially if it also involves piercings.

  19. Ghost – I agree that much of what is considered fashionable by younger women these days is, at the least, questionable by my standards. Their shoes do make the future look secure for podiatrists and chiropractors. However, we should perhaps consider the possibility that they were dressed to honor the “profession” of the dear departed:-)

  20. Ruth Anne, I had that same thought. 🙂 There were an awful lot of them them there, all dressed like Pavement Princesses.

    Call girl goes to see her doctor, tells him she’s too sick to work. He gives her a prescription. “Are you sure this will make me better?” she asks.

    “Certainly, my dear,” he tells her. “Take these as directed, and you’ll be back on your back in no time.”

  21. emb, about ten years ago, I attended a très élégant nuptial ceremony at the largest Baptist church in downtown Mobile. As the last of the six well-tanned bride’s maids in their sleeveless, strapless, near-backless gowns took her place at the front of the sanctuary, I heard a gentleman behind me commenting to another something to the effect of how rare it was to see that many young ladies of that age group without visible tattoos or other-than-ear piercings.

  22. Just got home from hospital/rehab/nursing home trilogy facility.
    Mike is doing better and actually got up and walked with aid of walker and young physical therapist. Good news!

    Found him being implored by young speech and swallowing therapist to not go off the thickening gloop to prevent aspiration. He did anyway over her sincere pleas. I told her not to worry, I didn’t think he was going to be eating chicken fried steak and fried okra under any circumstances.

    This is same facility that took care of his mom for months, so I know already the food is lousy and tastes awful, so I figure we will end up providing “safe” food like puddings, jellos, soft foods from home that are on his approved list and he will not aspirate hopefully.

    This is becoming tiring fast and daughter has only been home in Illinois for a few days.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  23. Fast question, are our Indiana friends safe? I came home, looked at storms hitting Oklahoma and then saw an area south of Indianapolis had tornado today. Are Debbe and Mindy OK?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  24. About sunlight, there are certain hours I am not supposed to leave my house or go outside, whereas there are certain hours early in morning and late afternoon when suns rays hit at different angle that are a little better. Ditto months of year like winter are better and further north I go, the better I fare with sunlight diseases like lupus, also cooler climates. Rainy days are the best!

    I do follow a Vitamin D rich diet as well as potassium but my doc said I’d have to eat a dump truck load of bananas to benefit! Some of my doctors have senses of humor. I asked about using large umbrella on riding mower to mow grass. He said I needed to wear an outfit with just slits for eyes that covered my hands and entire body to feet. I said if I wore that I’d be shot as a terrorist around here!

    He then suggested a movable duck blind with the holes/slits for the gun barrels, said I could pick it up and move it with me as I moved! What I did for a long time was use those 12 foot square pop up shade tents and move them from spot to spot so I could still garden some.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  25. Ghost, I also get shocked at what people wear to churches and/or funeral services which are after all a holy ceremony. And weddings are sacred/holy as well.

    I am not embarrassed by bodies but it does show a lack of respect.

    The rest of you can disagree with me if you like but I have always found men to be attracted/find appealing beautiful women who wear refined clothing that covers a large percentage of flesh. The secret is to know where to show the flesh you show! And how.

    Less is not more or more less. Well, you know what I mean!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  26. Yes, Jackie, your meaning is clear! I imagine our male villagers have plenty to say on this subject.

    I am just amazed that you’ve been able to do so much vigorous activity in your life — the florist business, travelling, sailing — with the health problems you’ve described. You have immense courage!

    Very glad your husband is improving at such a good pace. He must be one tough hombre!

  27. Jackie – Present! (And yay for Mike!) All we had was a brief period of light rain yesterday. Hoping Debbe is okay too. I had the weather channel on all day, but I am ashamed to say, my knowledge of Sothern Indiana geography is wretched. Remind me to tell you all a story about that some time. Off to work.

    Hope EVERYONE made it through the day okay.

  28. Good morning Villagers…..

    Ladies, I believe class acts (such as us) has gone by the wayside. I went to a visitation of a very young friend of mine and she was a beautician….my goodness, you’d thought they (the visitors paying their condolences) were dressing for a night out on the town.

    Went into work yesterday…but NOT going in today…..gonna go see Mom.

    The tornado that hit Indianapolis was on the north side is what I thought said. But we still haven’t heard from Indy Mindy.

    I posted yesterday, but it was on the wrong retro…it was my usual afternoon jibberish.

    I take a multivitamin for over fifty, when I remember. I also read that a vitamin B complex keeps mosquitoes away…..hmmm. I just keep telling myself, if I’d known I was going to live this long (22,228 days) I’d have taken better care of myself 🙂

    Miss Charlotte…Jackie is a true inspiration, is she not? Good news about Mike, Jackie.

    ya’ll have a blessed day

  29. Hey, Indy Mindy,……good to see your post. Southern Indiana geography…..rolling hills, flat farm land, and I’m just a little north of Jasper and a little south of Loogootee. Out in the country… it. But the humidity is killing me. Are you in Kokomo?

  30. (This post has nothing in common with the other posts. Both Arlo and Janis use computers, though. I will consider that to be the port of valid entry.)

    I have yet to upgrade my computer’s OS. I keep saying that, as soon as I have time, I will install Ubuntu.

    Anyone else still running XP and not having any problems?

  31. Rick:

    Me… son installed Ad Block and Firefox awhile back, before the XP end of life. My old Dell is probably 10 years old…the only problem I have is sometimes it takes awhile for it to connect to the internet….she is an oldie, but a goody.

  32. well, funerals are for the living, people aren’t showing off to the deceased, although I do agree about lessening of standards in restaurants and public in general. … … … .@Jackie Monies – I agree, I like a nicely dressed woman, the “here’s my rear end in your face” thing just doesn’t do it fo me; about getting tired fast – I’m staying home more with wife on chemo, she’s “OK” but just can’t do everything, I’m needing to make cancer nutritious meals do all house and yard work etc. ; but she was able to go with me when we found the one barbecue joint in Houston that had the Oklahoma Original Pie Shop pies – they’re big ! and in open loose wrappers, they must ship them down frozen to get fried up on the spot.

  33. @VM,

    I wonder Symply why you come here sometimes(not asking or desiring you to leave), you are not too Fargone happy with our off topic posts yet your negativity shines throughout with your snippy retorts….you rarely comment about JJ or his work and seem to be happiest when you put someone down as not up to your level of commentary…I assume you are not stalking someone here, you do not seem to be friendly with anyone here(well maybe GR6)…you do make me giggle occasionally(sarcastically) but overall I wonder why you haunt people you do not seem to like or approve of, seems odd to this guy…jest wonderin’.

  34. Jackie, good to hear that Mike is improving, but please remember to take care of yourself, too!

    I’ve never been much of a sun worshiper, having very fair skin, and these days I go out even less because the humidity makes it hard for me to breathe. (Sidebar-I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis about 15 years ago, and on Prednisone for 12 years. Off the meds now, but some trace of the problem lingers, making it hard for me to breathe sometimes. High humidity doesn’t help.) I used to envy girls with lovely golden tans, but I see them now and their skin looks like leather and I’m glad I couldn’t lay out. I take vitamin D and drink lots of milk, and the sun does get his chance at my skin when I walk my dog, so it isn’t all bad.

    David in Austin, Bowie wasn’t called the Thin White Duke for nothing.;-) By the way, did you know his real name is David Jones? He changed his last name to Bowie to avoid any confusion with Davey Jones of The Monkees.

  35. Today’s strip certainly has got the flip phone/smart phone debate going. Currently I am using a rather battered flip phone that is several years old. It pulls 2 bars at my place when others get 0, but it is definitely wearing out physically. The provider that we have, I won’t say the name, but the initials are AT&T, only has 3 sub par flip phones to replace mine. I can get a free smartphone, refurb, but it would add $40 a month to our current plan. Then we get into the question Android or Iphone? Owning a Kindle Fire HDX which can do most things a smart phone can do muddies the waters further. I look forward to seeing this debate, flip phone or smart phone, continue today.

  36. Charlotte, I ALWAYS joke that had I known I’d live so long I’d have taken better care of myself but one of my many specialists says he doesn’t think it would have mattered. Actually, I quit smoking at 22, quit drinking at 28 and never did drugs, so I guess I did as best I could! I have been on some kind of diet my entire life but that is another story.

    Given that I was told I might not live to see 22 back in my teens, I am always amazed to have made it to really old age. I just never thought of myself as old along the way and just kept going.

    Perhaps it is my ancestors. The women all seem to be really survivors and live to be 80-100? Mostly still going strong. My aunt that just passed away at 87 was still working part time in dental office for her son.

    Long live survivors!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  37. Symply, I too noticed VM only snips and snaps. I started to say something but she might want to snap me for sure!

    Our conversation levels are not sophisticated nor well thought out to her standards and we are just too darn sincere, not clever or witty.

    Remember, I read and lurked for a couple years, and I remember.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  38. Today is National Vitiligo Day, which is a disease where the pigment of the skin changes. Michael Jackson, who died 4 years ago apparently had this disease too. A local TV reporter in Detroit, Lee Thomas. wears makeup to hide his, but did write a book about it a few years ago let Detroit see him without make up.

  39. On way back to rehab center after I locate/don’t locate list of stuff Mike wants. I have to be truthful and say it hurts so badly to see him like this and I suspect anyone else who is going through something similar in this group feels the same.

    Arlo and Janis and this group are like a life line to laughing and smiling and I thank you all including JJ for that.

    Love, Jackie Monies

    P.S. I have old cheapo flip phone and Mike and daughter have the expensive phones that do everything. If they KNOW how to do everything, that is! I drop phones a lot on hard floors and concrete and mine survive. Except when daughter’s dog bit through the cover and the ATT guys said “How BIG is that dog?”

  40. My flip phone has been dropped on the pavement many times and still works as well as ever. Of course, I could run over it and it would still work as well as ever. I was surprised today to see a picture of my house on the front page of the local fishwrapper in a story about zoning. It really had nothing to do with me though. Fewer but stronger earthquakes. What does it mean?

  41. More earthquake damage but occurring less often? 🙂

    My $700 smart phone does everything superbly, except for providing clear and intelligible telephone calls. My cheapo flip phone fills that gap, however.

  42. The earthquakes have moved to Oklahoma. Had one yesterday, another today. My husband used to joke about California that we would end up with oceanfront property in Oklahoma.

    We may yet!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  43. Vitiligo hits dark skinned/black people badly. My best friend had it and she said her twin (deceased) did too. So does lupus. It is confusing to people that dark skinned people cannot be in sun.

    Michael Jackson also had lupus. I have two Caucasian friends who have it, along with either RA or another of the autoimmune diseases. Both are florists. We used to joke that there was something about florists that made them have no immune system but I just think they are often women who have higher incidence.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  44. Went and read about Arkansas earthquakes. I remember my grandmother talking about a great earthquake in Arkansas. She wasn’t born until 1898, so I was trying to guess which it was? We lived in north Louisiana and she was probably in central LA during that time.

    Since I live near the McAlester, OK ammo dump and they blow up ordinances, it is hard to tell if we are being shaken by earthquake or the government. Or is it the same, no matter where shake comes from?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  45. ursen, here is what I upgraded to in December:

    I like it a lot, because I can do most of what I need to with it. I actually got mine thru Amazon because at the time, it was only $25 instead of the carrier’s price of $99.99. Got a protective case thru A as well. Carrying cases are a little harder, but if it will fit a Samsung Galaxy III it will probably fit this. It is big enough to make a good E-reader too.

  46. VM, didn’t you use the blog for research on your thesis? How did that turn out? It’s nice that you missed us and came back.

    JJ- so funny, new and old. Thank you!

  47. David, every place is earthquake country if you wait long enough. On health issues, I just learned, yesterday, that I have a kidney stone sitting in my bladder, but they’re not going to try to help me pass it. It seems that 3 centimeters is a tad too large for that. Surgery will be required, but not hospitalization. I’ll keep you all posted, if I remember.

  48. On topic here…on TDS…did anyone read them…fired up, they are; but one stood out. Gonna save you the trouble…but to get the full effect you should read/scan thru them.

    My one good out loud today

    katzenbooks45! said, about 5 hours ago

    “Two tin cans and a string was good enough back in my day! And get off my lawn!”

  49. …and, GR ;), I live in the yellow zone of the Madrid Fault line….and have actually experienced “the earth moved” twice in my 22,228 days of life 😉


  50. Sideburns…you have my sympathy….passing a kidney stone is like giving birth, be glad they’re removing it surgically…don’t they sometimes blast them with laser? Think pain meds.

  51. Debbie, I’m not allowed to take most pain meds because they’re also blood thinners, and mine’s too thin already. (chronic low platelet count) And as far as earthquakes go, I’ve lost count, but I have vivid memories of both the Whittier Narrows Quake and (even more) the Northridge Quake, along with its month or so of aftershocks.

  52. Debbe, yes they are very painful. 5 and counting. There are two basic methods to break them up. One is putting you in a tub of water and using ultrasonic waves targeted at the spot. The other is passing an instrument to fragment it through the urethra via catheter and doing it endoscopically.

  53. Llee: I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed before now that your screen name is a link. I clicked – and I was blown away by your art! I actually got a lump in my throat. I am in awe…

  54. Aww, thanks Galliglo! I’m very glad you like it. 🙂 I haven’t had the link for long, still trying to figure out how to work the website thing. A lot of learning curves. But again0 glad you enjoyed it!

    Wait, you did enjoy it right…. didn’t get a lump in the throat because of gagging over bad work…right?

    🙂 Have a great day everyone.

  55. Debbe – Yes, Kokomo. Only sub-tropical in summer though. The humidity is awful. Still no A/C at work during the day. Finally decided to look you up.

    Flip phone v Smart phone: There is another option people often forget: the middle guy. My phone has a pull out keyboard (I have given up the notion of not texting.), and I *could* add limited smart functions, and add an app or two, but isn’t touch screen. I have a touch screen Tracphone for the places Verizon doesn’t work (My old hometown) and I frequently hang up on people by mistake. The arguement for a “smart phone” is gps. Sorry, I rarely don’t know where I’m going, and if I don’t, I’ll look beforehand or get a map: maps don’t need charged to work. I can also go without Internet for a few hours too. Nothing that major in my life. I understand the applications, but I’m betting more people could survive without than they think.

    Earthquakes – Wabash Valley Fault System. The lower Great Lakes region can rock too! I’ve been in four “earthquakes,” but only felt the first two (Ohio); both times, we were having spaghetti for dinner. The third I slept through, and the fourth, walking into work.

  56. I’m far from being a tech geek, but this a very quick list of the handy uses for my smart phone I’ve found. And (I suspect) like many, prior to getting a smart phone, I didn’t think I’d find one very useful. (BTW, I do not Facebook, Tweet or use any other form of social media. Perhaps one day, but not yet.)

    1. Email (business and personal) without being tied to a computer
    2. Texting (business and personal)
    3. Calendar and scheduling on the go
    4. Checking weather (forecasts and radar) on the go
    5. Reminders and alerts
    6. Clock and alarm clock
    7. Banking services on the go
    8. Camera
    9. Listening to music
    10. GPS Navigation (A printed map won’t give me spoken turn-by-turn driving instructions.)
    11. e-reader
    12. Accessing Cloud data storage on the go
    13. Word processing on the go
    14. Internet searches on the go
    15. Shopping lists
    16. Accessing this blog on the go
    17. And, oh yeah, making and receiving phone calls

  57. GPS: Mrs. Garmin [our device has the voice of a woman with an agreeable Brit accent] once was telling us, ‘Turn right; turn right’ as we approached a corner in in L. Harriet Park, Mpls. where a road teed in from the left. There were no right turns up ahead, either. Another time, wife was driving and we were trying to make sense of the GPS and wife drove into the ditch into a steel mailbox support. $5,000+ damage and a loner car for the rest of a trip to Chicagoland and back. Have not used it since.

    Quakes: Think I experienced one in an expected place. We were on a [splendid] Smithsonian tour of Athens, Delphi, and some Aegean islands. I was in our hotel room lying down for a nap but not yet asleep when I felt the rumble of a truck in the yard outside our window. Turns out there was no yard there, and no place a large vehicle could have been anywhere nearby. We were on Santorini. That volcanic remnant is loaded with quake monitors, and records quakes most days, but that was the only one I felt. Maybe I’ve mentioned this before.

  58. Ghost – You are busier than I am. I rarely check my email; I have facebook and twitter, but do a quick scroll through to read about everyone’s day and am done. I hate lists. I can write them if forced, but if I ever look at it again, it’s six weeks later to pitch it. My monthly “meeting” notes generally consist of a number or two and lots of doodles. Work emails out 99.9% of the info I need. If I read/have the darn email, don’t expect me to write it down again! (This drives my bosses insane.) I do have orders written out, but my one assistant mainly does that. She is manic about lists, checklists, and notes. Me, not so much – if I have something outside of the usual I need done, or an issue needs addressed in my absence is as about as far as I go. We both think the other insane. I know what I need to get done, and I do it. Retail is all about routine, not many appoinents. And strangely enough, the alarm clock on my phone doesn’t work correctly. I use my iTouch. I *could* do everything but 11, 12, and 13 with my phone, but I choose not to. And, as I use my phone mainly as a phone (!!!), smartphones are just too big for me to hold comfortably for long periods of time.

  59. David in Austin:

    Perhaps being with the kites helps to explain his miserable lip synching.

    Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane, the most one-way and dead-end of all streets.

    And you have reminded me of two little items I wrote about 40 years ago:

    First one:

    The Past

    The past is
    Let it stay
    in the hidden alcoves
    of the mind until
    It arouses
    Savor briefly its narcotic
    Then force it down

    Second one:

    The Apparitions’ Litany

    My life is filled
    with ghosts
    I’ll not see again.
    Eyed shadows in cars,
    hallway walking dead,
    good friends.

  60. Lady Mindy, I agree the worst thing my smart phone does is be a phone. That’s why I put it at the bottom of my list. 🙂

    I realize most of the things I use my smart phone would have no utility for many others. And on the other hand, there are likely many that have can’t-live-without uses for their smart phones I’d look at and say, “Meh.”

  61. For all the kidney stone sufferers here, my sympathy. I am about only member of family who doesn’t have them. Large consumption of tinted tea and a half a lemon/lime per glass!

    My husband still has the 6 cm. one they found last week, waiting to get stronger for surgery. My housekeepers husband is in VA in ICU with similar (just removed) and complications. Daughter had on honeymoon in the Keys, other daughter came to family reunion and got a $5,000 emergency room bill. Son in laws have, mother in law had, ditto father in law.

    Some of my cats have had them. They are awful, painful and make people pass out. (Not the cats, the stones)

    I would volunteer to have another baby before a kidney stone!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  62. Jackie, I had an ER nurse say the same thing to me, about better to have a baby than a kidney stone. Mine have all passed on their own, about all the ER offers is pain meds and a large bill. I drink lots of water and other liquid, especially in the summer, since I was told that dehydration can help cause them to form. Sort of like the start of a pearl in an oyster, a seed of unpassed mineral stays in the kidney, and then begins to accumulate more of the same.

  63. Ouch — I feel SO bad for all the kidney stone sufferers here. Thank goodness I’ve never had any (knock on wood. I’m reminded to drink plenty of water!) My son-in-law in Buffalo had a sudden attack while shopping at the supermarket. He curled up on the floor, in great pain. That one passed, and he got up and finished shopping! But that wasn’t the end of the story; there were others, he had surgery; is okay now.
    Dear Ghost, I have wondered how you manage to post so much in the course of a day; now I know. I guess I had pictured you sitting at the computer, ’cause that’s where I do my reading and typing. My very quiet lifestyle does not require a smartphone.
    And, dear Jackie Monies, I sure hope that all goes well for your husband’s kidney stone and other problems tool

  64. Dear eMb, quite an unusual story, that the inaccurate gps made your wife crash the car! What an awful thing to happen! I bet there are husbands who’d never let their wife live down such a thing, but I can see that you are the sort who would understand and sympathize. Your earthquake story from Santorini is a good one. I’ve never felt a quake, altho they are possible in NH.

  65. Charlotte:

    GPS inaccuracy just applies to the ‘Turn right’ incident at Lake Harriet. I suspect some of the park’s roads are just not in Mrs. Garmin’s mental map.

    The second incident was more complex. I cannot remember what the issue was, but she leaned over to point out something to me while I was attempting to use the GPS. Basically, I distracted her. But her loss of control may have had deeper roots. This was in Sept. ’10, and she was probably in the early stages of the acute leukemia that killed her just after Christmas ’10. Her coordination and alertness gradually worsened over that autumn, but it was 16 Dec. before I succeeded in persuading her to go to Urgent Care. Nurses, like physicians can be stubborn about taking care of themselves.

  66. P.S. We were both generally good about not embarrassing the other in public, and not riding the other hard at home. I know I lucked out and I believe she thought she’d done all right.

    I’ve written newspaper articles about it, and an acceptance speech for a posthumous alumni award at a college gala. In a bittersweet way, I was the luckiest honoree there. The other awardees could not boast about their own accomplishments, but only thank their profs and such. I got to boast about my wife, which was not hard to do: summa cum laude, various roles in organizations and church, and Eulalie McKechney Shinn [the Mayor’s wife] in ‘The Music Man’. I had fun, as did my invited guests and many in the audience.

    Example: wife already had a BSN ’53 from Cornell NY Hosp. Sch. of Nursing, but got a second local BA ’70 with a double major in biology and English, and an English MA, ’73. She took some of my courses. At a faculty wives’ gathering, one wife said to the group that she knew all [wife] had to do to get an A from [emb]. Mistake! ‘I got an A from your husband, too.’ Tough girl to match wits with.

    Thanks, emb.

  67. Dear eMb, so very sad, that you had so little time left together after her diagnosis. You have spoken of this before, that you and she did have time to make plans, and to say goodbye, I guess? She must have been a remarkable woman, to have accomplished so much! No wonder you miss her and think of her many times every day, I imagine.

  68. EMB, that “truck rumble” you heard is the only thing I’ve ever heard that sounds like a flight of B-52s dropping their loads. “Rolling Thunder” doesn’t begin to describe it.

  69. Good morning Villagers…

    …Indy Mindy, no A/C!?! I empathize with you…I joke with Boss man about putting in a requisition for an A/C unit for the packing room. The only relief we get is when we pull in a skid of eggs to wrap in the cooler and ‘park’ them. Then when I come out, it takes a couple of minutes for my glasses to unfog….while trying to park the hydraulic lift under another skid of eggs!!

    Jean, I am fair complected also….but when I lived in Corpus some35 years ago, I thought I was bullet proof. I am very fortunate that I don’t have the tell tale sign of melanoma. I do have my family physician check out my moles and freckles if I see any change though.

    I still have a flip phone and will until my mother will no longer need hers. She is on my family plan….we don’t use our cells much. Bad connections, no local towers….and too high of a monthly bill…..we use our land line more.

    Gal…thanks for pointing out Llee’s link….they are beautiful pencil drawings…and a fine talent you have there Llee.

    Gotta go……….

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

    GR 😉

  70. Debbe:

    I used to use Firefox, but I switched to Chrome years ago, and I finally deleted Firefox from my computer.

    I also run Malwarebytes at least weekly, along with keeping AVG up to date.

    I think, though, that the two most important steps I take are to delete suspicious emails and spam without opening them and to avoid sites that no one should ever visit for any reason.

  71. Good advice all, Rick. Curious as to what horror stories had come to light about users continuing to use Windows XP since Microsoft ended support for it (28% of those visiting the InterWebNet at that time, according to one source), I did a bit of googling. I could not find a single news article related to XP dated after MS pulled the pin on XP.

    Not that I’m advocating that anyone should be unconcerned about continuing to use XP, or that I don’t think there may be problems in the future, but for some reason the phrase “Y2K” kept running through my mind.

    Debbe 😉

  72. To those struggling with cell phone costs: Be sure to check out the alternatives. I switched carriers, added a phone for my youngest child, added 500 texts/month to the plan, and am still saving $30 per month.

    Like some have posted, we’re sticking with flip phones. We use our laptops and home computer for the fancier stuff.

  73. sideburns: Is that you in today’s [Thur.] TIP comic?

    That flight of B52s would have been quite a distance. It was not a loud sound, just a non-existent truck in the non-existent yard outside my room, with accompanying minor vibes I could feel. Less than a minute.

    In the lagoon where the mt. used to be, there are two steaming islands that have arisen since the calamitous blast in the second millennium BCE. I’m sure there are websites, and frequent photos in travel ads and such, almost all taken from a high pt. in Ia, a village at the north end of Santorini’s main island, with a blue-domed home in the foreground.

  74. I see Arlo is unfamiliar with knowing when to end the conversation. May explain why Janis no longer talks to him.

    TR, we find ourselves using different screens differently. Computers for real work, tablets for email, reading, and general information, and smartphones for staying linked while on the go.

  75. Debbe, back when I was foolish enough to try to tan I always ended up looking like a lobster-bright red! I had a friend I often wonder about, though. She had a rather sallow complexion and would use a mixture of baby oil and Mercurochrome as a tanning lotion. Even in her early 20s her skin was beginning to look leatherish.

    I had a flip phone and was quite happy with it until it died. Husband said it was time for me to upgrade, so he brought me an iPhone he had at work that one of the salesmen had returned. Husband was able to fix whatever problem the phone had developed, and it has worked well for me for several years. It is easier to text with since I don’t have to hit keys several times each to get to the letter I need. 😉 I don’t use the Internet features since that would add to the bill, so my smart phone is rather dumb. It works well as a phone, though!

  76. Wow, Jean dear, that brought back old memories of high school, helping “girls who tanned” apply a baby oil-iodine mixture. Perhaps that’s why today I find the scent of iodine slightly arousing. 😉

  77. Today’s strip- I am married to Arlo! I think I have thought that for a LONG long time and that is why I love the strip so much.

    Even Ludwig, he has Ludwig and talks to him just like Arlo. He sails, I garden.

    On gardens, Mike promised to rebuild my back yard raised bed gardens for my birthday (but cut off back angles so he could circle yard pulling a boat) He had become ill by then but I went and bought lumber so handiman could build frames and fill it with the compost I had been saving for three years.

    Handiman quit in a fit and I finally hired two carpenters. They didn’t do dirt, so I hired a yard lady who is pretty good and hard working. Then I bought truck load of garden soil which she is filling garden beds with, along with manure, compost.

    These are going to end up as late summer or fall garden beds. But that is OK with me. Practicality is not the exact reason for these beds.

    I am reminded of my husband’s comment about my gardens long ago when we were young, “You could invest in vegetable futures cheaper.”

    Love, Jackie Monies

  78. Just sent stone mason off to buy new wheelbarrow for himself and a new one for yard lady. Yesterday I bought a new lightweight weedeater for her, along with weedeater gloves and other necessities.

    Yard is looking better but I am beginning to feel like Downton Abbey with “staff”. Staff is expensive!

    This is not because I don’t or won’t work, but now I cannot. Goal is to fill as much space as I can with rock paths, concrete, wooden decks and walks, enabling me to get around better and not fall.

    My late mother in law commented when I started doing this that should future purchasers of house want the lawn back they could tear out decks. I told her I lived on a lake! No one wants lawns!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  79. Jackie, looks like if Mike doesn’t hurry home, you may “break the bank” in his absence. 🙂

    Bet he won’t mind when he gets there, though.

  80. Not sure about that unless they make him keep walking with a walker! He has been miraculously healthy and active and having to use one has upset him I think. Know.

    But he did start putting them in for me as the joint diseases worsened.

    The workmen are utilizing them to haul rocks from back lot to front yard right now. The rock company dumped first truck load into my back yard. We changed rock companies.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  81. Totally off topic now- just read an interview with Debra Messinger the actress and a professional blogger. They were discussing the fact internet, social media, lets people hide behind “names” and these people can say hurtful and cruel things, make rude comments.

    This ties in with what we were talking about recently I think. It is reason I have always signed my real name. I feel if I have an opinion or say something, then I am as accountable as if you were speaking to me face to face.

    Not a criticism of group here, who are polite, but I think about stuff on comments I occasionally do read elsewhere and wonder if the person would say that if they stood before someone?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  82. My name has been changed to protect the innocent (and the guilty). 🙂

    But no, your point is well-taken, Jackie. I would be very surprised if I’ve ever posted anything here that I would not have attached my real name to. Believe it or not.

  83. Actually I have been fascinated and curious as how you arrived at Ghost Rider 6 as a “name”. Was it your name as a pilot, like “Maverick” or “Goose” or “Iceman”?

    OK, so I have a thing about Tom Cruise and Top Gun! And pilots.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  84. Llee, could you post a link to your artwork so that those challenged by technology like me could see it? I love pencil, pen and ink, lithography, just about anything in black and white. Which I think is harder than using color, personal opinion.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  85. Jackie, if you look closely at our names above our posts you’ll see that some of them are not black but have some other color. On my screen they are what I perceive as olive-green. Those names are actually links to websites. Mine is to a little blog; Llee’s is to her artwork at the Deviant Art website. Clicking on them takes you to those websites (and away from A&J!); you may want to right-click in order to open them in a new tab or window.

  86. Jackie, my eyes don’t see a difference in color, but if you look at their names, there is a dashed line underneath. Hover over their name and you should get the pointy finger that lets you know it is clickable.

  87. TruckerRon- well, well! Read first page of your blog. You are a good and thoughtful writer! Now I have another friend to read, especially if I get insomnia back and roam around in the dark, like a house ghost.

    You guys will have me checking out all the names to see where they lead. More treasure hunting.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  88. Llee, beautiful botanicals and birds, two of most favorite things.
    Colored pencil is wonderful too, forget what I said about black and white!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  89. Sandcastler, I noticed you have yours trademarked. Are you by any chance one of the beautiful artists who do the huge sand sculptures on beaches? I knew a kayaker in South Texas who did that, entered competitions and taught said skills. I consider these beautiful ephemeral works of art.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  90. My designs are algorithmic thoughts wrought in a silicon chip set. Their beauty,while not directly visual, allow others to see beauty in data. Loon is the one who creates both strategic and visually pleasing works. She builds from my foundation. 😉

  91. I get home from work yesterday, only to discover a large cement truck blocking my path right before the entrance to my parking lot. Okay, the road around my apartment complex needs severe help. However, this means turning around and going all the way around the complex to get to my parking space. (Imagine being on Boardwalk in Monopoly and having to turn around and go all the way back to pass Go. thisclose to home.)
    Anyhow, after a crappy night of sleep that ended at 2:30a, I leave for work only to discover BOTH exits to the parking lot almost completely blocked. I threaded my way through the maze of heavy machinery, buckets, cones, and whatever junk they were using to protect all of the various patches of fresh cement – in the gloom and fog, at ten of six in the morning, on way too little sleep.

    They are back again today. Note to self: leave early for work tomorrow. I’d go point out the error of their ways, but they are outside working with cement in this weather and it’s just too hot for all of that.

  92. eMb – You’ve bragged about her before and every time you do, I feel sad for not knowing her.

    sandcastler™ – I don’t remember you mentioning your profession, but oddly enough, it’s what I expected from your screen name.

    Jackie – How much does “nocturnal garden gnome” offer? I think I want to go live in your backyard.

    Debbe – The downfall of corporate business will be the sudden and permanent loss of climate control.

  93. Mindy, going the wrong way will get you a ticket. But, since you live on Boardwalk, guessing a ticket is only a minor irritant. Here’s hoping the repairs are more permanent than those done here in Bayou City.

  94. Lady Mindy, I suspect few of us could find the simple act of trying to get to work so fraught with misadventures as do you. 🙂

    Just remembered it’s been a while since you gave a “hair report”. What’s “the mop” up to these days?

  95. Thanks, Jackie. I hope the art makes you smile. 🙂 Your garden sounds nice already and will be great when you’re done. Indy Mindy might have a good idea there…

  96. sandcastler™ – This lease can’t end soon enough. Suppose I *should* start packing.

    Ghost – The “mop” is having a blast with the humidity. It’s too short to pull all the way up, yet long enough to be really annoying. It’s getting to be that time again – cut or grin and bear it. If they don’t get that air at work fixed soon – it’s curtains for the mop.

    Jerry in FL – Cantore says there is something that might possibly bear watching in the next few days. How do you handle such precision forecasts? Battery levels still good?

  97. Dear Mindy from Indy, Please take great care when navigating this road construction site! We Villagers are very fond of you and want you to be safe. Driving through all this, in the half dark, while sleep deprived … well, you obviously know it’s dangerous. Hope the dump trucks finish up and go away soon.

  98. When I moved here 20 years ago I did my Houston style landscape with about 50 azaleas, dogwoods, rhododendrons, lilies, iris, mass plantings of tulips. It was pretty spectacular. The cars slowed down and looked, although we weren’t sure if they were admiring gardens or casing for robberies.

    Oh and the giant hostas that got rustled! Everyone says who digs up hostas? But they were huge.

    Anyway, drought, neglect and poisons in all the flash flood waters ended up destroying that. So when the rock walls get done we clean up what might be left, then I plant more hardy things like weeping willows, day lilies, liriope, more cypress trees, more crepe myrtles, knockout roses, simple stuff. Wildflowers too.

    I have been watching what survives in the Oklahoma severe weather and that’s going to be what I plant, ignoring the pleas from the plants in the nursery.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  99. Charlotte – Don’t worry about me: Herbie, my trusty car, knows the way. (And it really wasn’t too long a stretch. More annoyed I was late for work after being up and about so long before I left.) Although I wonder how some of those huge SUVs got out this morning. There sure wasn’t much room.

    Hosta rustling? What a shady deal.

    And Llee? I call dibs on the hammock and the pirate tree house.

  100. EMB
    I have a relative in NC who is quite the joker. He and his lady friend (both in their 90’s) have nicknamed the GPS voice Hyacinth.

    mike in 96
    Both my name and where I live.
    Google 96 South Carolina (big city)

    We had a small earthquake (4 something) centered about 15 miles from us. Wife and I were in bed asleep. It woke both of us up I ran outside looking for the aircraft wreckage. It was that loud and shook us up pretty good.

    OK enough chatting for this year, back to lurking.

  101. I hope to never be in a REAL earthquake, so far they have just been rumbling or a little shaking, although the one when I was in elevator scared me to death, I was afraid we’d be trapped. The huge one in Mexico City was still having aftershocks when I got sent down there on job and I was afraid the whole time I was there. The buildings were still collapsing, they had police yellow tape everywhere, they were still tearing down stuff looking for I think bodies. My Mexican coordinator said to just don’t go into buildings and stay in streets away from buildings.

    I did no sightseeing, just went to work and back to hotel. Oh wait, I never sightsee when I work anyway!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  102. mike in 96 – I went. I googled. My sleep-deprived brain overloaded. The zip! The history. Being so close to a “96” number in the last census. And a great year to graduate. Must come visit.

    And what a way to wake up!

    Okay, I’m babbling. Bedtime.

    Come back soon mike!

  103. Re earthquakes, a word to the wise: A number of years ago my insurance agent explained to me that, like flood insurance, earthquake coverage is not included as part of homeowner policies. About ten years ago, when I took and passed a state test for insurance agent, it still was the case, and I suppose that it still is. (I am not an insurance agent; I have never been an insurance agent; and I have no plans to ever be an insurance agent…long story, don’t bother to ask.) The good news, at least then, was that you could get a rider for earthquake coverage at very low rates, since the actuaries didn’t consider a quake a high probability.

  104. GR6:

    Odd that you would mention earthquake insurance.

    Because Lancaster is near a fault, we have had some shaking over the past thirty years.

    Last week, I added it to my house insurance, and it cost a whopping $80.

    Not exactly a lot for a very real threat, I think.

    By the way, I purchased an umbrella policy a few years ago to extend all of my coverages to a million – one of the best decisions I ever made.

  105. Miny/Indy:

    ‘eMb – You’ve bragged about her before and every time you do, I feel sad for not knowing her.’

    I hear that a lot. From the people that did know her, I still get comments [e.g., when I volunteer weekly at the hospital] like ‘Best boss I ever had.’ Wife was head nurse [there’s a fancier term now] on a med-surg floor for a dozen years or more. I’ve a lot to be grateful for.

  106. So maybe I should add some earthquake insurance to homeowners policy which is due right now anyway? Hope the fact Oklahoma seems to be leading nation hasn’t made them up it. When I renewed and they rewrote last year the tornadoes in Oklahoma and Arkansas, along with wildfires, had caused huge increases.

    Right about the umbrella policies too.

    The one type policy I have absolutely needed and cannot buy where I live is flood insurance. Hence the huge expense I have gone to and continue (ie. the rock walls and ditches) to handle the flash flooding into my creek and across my front yard. I am an ignorant city slicker who had no idea you could not buy flood insurance everywhere in America if you wanted it!

    So, deep ditches and big rocks and lots of concrete and maybe I can go back to sleeping at night when it thunders.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  107. Jackie, we live in hurricane land, buy our flood insurance from FEMA. Reason we use FEMA is because nobody down here will write flood policies. Besides, anything happens, we get a niffty new trailer. 😉

  108. Someone told me that when Camille hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast in 1969, many businesses had no coverage for wind hazard (probably because of the cost) but did have fire coverage. An amazing number of those businesses “caught fire” during or right after the storm, seriously blurring the determination as to the primary cause of the loss. In 2005 (Katrina), most homeowners had wind hazard coverage but many had no flood insurance, being, as they thought, too far inland to be flooded. Wrong. Lots of court cases resulted, to determine whether the totally missing homes blew away before they washed away.

    And no extra charge for the formaldehyde fumes coming from the trailer paneling, sand. 🙂

  109. I am driving down to see agent anyway so will have the flood insurance conversation again. I tried contacting FEMA before, called government flood insurance # at 1-800. It seems that Pittsburg County Oklahoma which has flood areas all over it (not from lake but from creeks and rivers like mine) would not comply with government requirements to get it. Does that surprise me?

    When Camille hit we were in Hawaii. We came back, went to coast and I cried for two months straight, couldn’t bear to go back. Mike’s family had a camp but it was about two blocks inland from beach. Nothing was left except concrete slab and a pair of binoculars.

    I used to watch the ocean liners/tankers/etc. go by my backyard on the Mississippi levee and worry about the levees breaking. We never thought it would be the little levees out in suburbs that would break and flood New Orleans. My house by the big levee was high and dry and did not flood. Amazing.

    Love, Jackie MOnies

  110. There we were in Memphis watching the TV reports for Camille… We were stunned when the remnants of Camille came straight up the Mississippi Valley and gave us record flooding. That’s when I learned that driving a car at normal speeds into a foot of standing water was a very stupid idea. The engine did not flood, but I certainly impacted my steering wheel.

  111. Regarding the conversation concerning screen names: My gentleman friend, who formerly wrote a far-ranging blog, gave me the name. Really rather simple…
    I live in Gallia County in Ohio – first name Gloria, sometimes known as Glo. So –
    Gallia = Galli
    Gloria = glo
    I rather like it!

  112. I’ve know several Gloria’s, Gal, but none who went by “Glo”. I like that.

    If I’m not mistaken, more people died in Pennsylvania from flooding caused by the remnant low of Camille than the total number of folks it killed in Mississippi. Never underestimate the seriousness of flood waters.

  113. Good morning Villagers….

    Jackie, you wear me out after reading all the things going on in landscaping your yard….I know one thing, you won’t be able to say: “get off my lawn” 🙂

    Indy Mindy, I love your sense of humor….it does keep us from going insane…at least mine does. It’s warped sometimes….had an egg fight yesterday in the packing room…..I lost. Ding dong, the Boss is gone 🙂

    Can’t post two links at a time so here is today’s groan…I mean grin:

    I thought of you, EmB, when I saw those paintings…… 🙂

  114. Rick…thanks for the info on Chrome…..I’ll ask my son about it, and he runs that Malwearbytes on my computer too….I too automatically delete all spam and never open any emails if I don’t know who they are.

    Websites….not too many I visit…., GoComis, Lolcats and of course U tube…and the Drudge Report….like I don’t get enough depressing news at night when my husband channel surfs the news stations

    …”bubble headed bleach blonde, comes on at five…..she can tell you about a plane crash with a gleam in her eye…….”

  115. Debbe:

    In case you upgrade to Windows 7 or 8, I suggest you also consider using Internet Explorer.

    Although it is not as easy to use as Chrome, it’s winning the security war right now.

    It’s supposed to be safer than either Chrome or Firefox.

    Apple’s OS and browser are still the safest, but that safety is chalked up to its small share of the market.

    Scammers and hackers usually go after the large schools of fish.

  116. Rick, my IPS also provides virus protection. Our telephone company is a small co-op, and they separate my spam from some of the emails I get. Thanks for the advice…. 🙂 Ian, my son, says my computer is so old, it wouldn’t be able to handle Windows 7 or 8…so here I sit. 🙂

  117. Really, Lady Mindy? Volleyball porn? 🙂

    Oh, well, after some of the eye candy pics I’ve posted, I suppose I can’t say much.

  118. After catching up this morning my head is a spin. Insanity, yard work on steroids, volleyball porn, pet psychic, music, more music, learning GR6 is not a night flyer, viruses and old computers, and bubble head blondes.

  119. Could be worse, sand. I just made the mistake of going over to The Dark Side. I then made the even worse mistake of reading the comments. I think…I…I…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……

  120. GR6, I handle Apple products more often than I visit the dark realm. Now I have reason to believe someone and her niece recently visited their wild side. But, as Mindy would plead, that is a story for another day.

  121. The thesis worked out great. I wish I could have waited, it would have been even more fantastic. I never thought I’d say it, but I miss Moldy Mindy and her menagerie, especially with the addition of Shelly for spice. I wonder how that’s working out for John?

  122. Speaking of New Orleans, I have fond memories of a stroll through the French Quarter with a street musician singing Dock of the Bay. This was several years before Katrina. Haven’t been back since then.

    Ghost, I do see the connection, but honestly you remind me more of Jimmy Stewart than Tom Cruise. And thank you, Indy Mindy, for the eye candy! I can see now what I will be watching later today. Imho, the last truly good movie Tom made.

    Debbe, I haven’t heard Isis in years. I don’t really care much for Dylan. There’s just something about the tone of his voice that hurts my ears. 🙂

    About my name-I originally signed on as Jean From Dahlonega, Ga, but shortly thereafter I made a comment that JJ posted an answer to. Someone commented on that, and JJ said “She trapped me!”, and I was forever after known as Trapper Jean!

    And yes, even in the North Georgia mountains we have earthquakes.

  123. Van Morrison in a coat and tie? I remember the 60’s! The bands played in coats and ties then and the women singers wore evening gowns. And perfect hair that may have been wigs.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  124. Just read today’s A & J. I think Arlo and Janis are walking down memory lane along with us.

    Seeing all those earnest 60’s faces in the audience on “Gloria” with the short haircuts, coats, ties, girls looking like Jackie before she was O– made me sort of teary.

    Heard from a 60’s friend yesterday, a PhD I had helped tutor in English so he made it thru his freshman year. We all came from such a poor area, it still is, the poorest and least populated parish in Louisiana. But some good people emerged.

    Ran into someone similar in Houston years ago. He had a proper rather British accent, a three piece expensive suit and a Rolex watch. Turns out he’d become a Rhodes scholar and gotten advanced degrees after military on veteran’s benefits. One of twenty children and a sharecroppers son! Grew up about two miles down the road from me.

    I get teary thinking about stuff like that, what desire and commitment can do.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  125. About hackers wanting bigger fish: because I moderate several popular boating forums, I had everyone’s names and e-mail addresses in my contacts. Thousands and thousands. Plus I would add people from groups that interested me involving boating to give me a wider base of contacts for publicizing the various boating events and bump attendance.

    Woke up one morning to find friends in England, Australia and New Zealand, as well as America wanting to make sure we really were OK and not being held in jail in Spain! All my contacts must have gotten that message asking for money to be wired!

    But worse than that, they emptied all my e-mails that weren’t erased and emptied my contacts files which I was never able to retrieve. Emptied all my files with notes and replies from people I had kept to use for future magazine articles too. A lot lost.

    So, they can use more than your social security number, your bank account and PayPal and credit card information. They want your friends too.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  126. Jackie 😉 Not really a Tom Cruise wannabee. (Besides, I’m a lot taller than he is.) But yes, that move was cool. And the aerial cinematography was breathtaking.

    Jean dear 😉 Personality-wise, I probably am more Jimmy Stewart-esque. But I do talk faster than he did. 🙂

    I believe it’s been mentioned, but one of my favorite Jimmy Stewart movies was “Cheyenne Social Club”, with Henry Fonda. And Elaine Devry was, ah, outstanding in SSC as one of the “ladies”. 😉

  127. Jackie, that happened to a friend of mine; all of her contacts got emails claiming she’d been mugged in London and needed money for hospital expenses. Everybody who got it laughed and deleted it because they knew full well what she’d have done to anybody stupid enough to try and mug her. (No, she’s not a martial artist, she just knows how to defend herself and doesn’t take any shyte from anybody, especially muggers.)

  128. Loved “Cheyenne Social Club” and “Top Gun” was tremendous flight movie. It influenced a lot of young guys but I know Ghost was influenced by Steve Canyon!

    My youngest daughter was dating/going with a Tom Cruise wannabee who actually had goal of serving in all branches of military and had been in three already. He was in California in flight school (?) and riding his motorcycle on freeway when earthquake hit, big one. He survived but was injured.

    Then he and all the Good Samaritans who were helping were hit by another driver who was either panicked or in road rage. Boyfriend was then killed, along with several of the rescuers. It was absolutely awful!

    So, while I love “Top Gun” I have trouble watching it because I see Murphy I guess.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  129. Another alternative sh*t spelling, derived from the alternative spelling of fish, ghoti: gh as in rough, o as in women, ti as in action*. Therefore, shot is your dirty word. Trouble is, it’s also a real word, thus leading to confusion.

    *This may not be the word used when I first heard this, but I cannot recall the original now

    “Don’t write dirty words on walls if you can’t spell”, from Tom Lehrer’s “Be prepared” [the Boy Scouts’ marching song].

  130. Steve, you must be very proud of your wife Marianne. She appears to be a really good writer/author to have won so many awards as an apparent new faith writer.

    A friend of mine mentioned joining a writer’s group where almost all members were women and most specifically romance writers, so I know the field must be crowded. To win the top award is significant.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  131. Jackie, this may sound like closing the barn door after the horse is gone, but you ought to get a stand-alone hard drive to back up your information on. They aren’t that expensive anymore and since they aren’t connected directly to the net should be safer from hackers. I heard an ad on local radio this morning that made me think of your gardening. They were advertising a contractor that would install artificial turf at your home. So you could have real flowers and fake grass!

  132. Used to go out to New Mexico and El Paso when I worked there and see all the sprayed green yards. If I could get rid of the neighbor’s weeds that wash/blow into yard I’d be even happier.

    One problem in living in rural no rules subdivision is ===No Rules applies to neighbors. So, we have people who just let yards and lots grow up. People are probably saying that about me. I looked out front today and I swear I saw 10 ft. tall Johnson grass in front where they piled up the dug out dirt piles!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  133. I see and hear loons when we travel to Canada and Great Lakes.
    But I see what looks like loons out on lake here too. I wonder if they winter/summer here on migrations?

    Beautiful cardinal out on garden bench in front of office window.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  134. Yard of my cousin in Tucson is all cacti; stunted-looking little desert trees of some kind; small boulders; and gravel. Pretty well maintains itself, I suppose.

  135. Jackie: ‘I wonder if they winter/summer here on migrations?’
    I cannot remember where ‘here’ is.

    Map 72 in the 2008 Peterson Field Guide to the Birds of N.A. [which is too big to be a standard size field guide] shows the Common Loon’s breeding and winter ranges in this hemisphere s. to northern Mexico. [Same sp. occurs across Eurasia, but I have no map.] They breed from the e. and w. [but not north] coasts of Greenland across Labrador and Newfoundland and Canada [except for the n’most Arctic islands] through AK except for the Arctic coast and s. through most of Can. into n. WA, ID, and ne. MT, the n. Great Lakes states [CL is MN’s state bird] into ne. NY and New England n. of MA. Non-breeding adults [dingier plumage] may spend summers farther s.

    They winter along the west coast Aleutians to Mex., parts of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and the Atl. and Gulf again all the way to the end of the map in Mex. They also winter near inland waters in all 3 Pacific states and widely in the se. US, up to se. KS, s. IL, sw. IN, w. KY, GA, the Carolinas except for the Appalachians, into sw. VA.

    Of course, they will be seen briefly elsewhere when migrating in fall and spring. Only the adult plumage is worth writing home about. Juveniles and winter adults are dingy.

    A closely related bird, the Yellow-Billed Loon [much like CL except for the bill] breeds along the Arctic coasts of AK and Can. and farther into Canada’s Arctic islands. It winters mainly in the Aleutians and coastal AK, but casually s. to coastal s. CA. and coastal GA and TX.

  136. Jackie…in reading the chronicles of your past life (you seem to have touched down on about every continent)….have you ever visited Mozambique? I enjoy reading your stories…thanks for sharing them with us.

    And still praying for an everyday improvement in Mike’s recovery.


    and you never did let us know if you had a king size bed to fit all your dogs, cats…and most important of all…Mike 😉

  137. GR 😉 my front “yard’ consist of ‘grazing” for my husband’s nephew’s three horses….a few Black Eyed Susanne’s (my favorite)….and gravel road dust….I still plan on getting BES’s going down my drive-way to the main drag…the Alfordsville 500…idiots want to drive at least 50 mph down this road….

    I’m about 3 miles north of this little community…love it.

    Indy Mindy…have you ever heard of Santa Claus, IN? They have built a theme park there that used to be listed in the top ten amusement parks in the US…they have this humongous, wooden roller coaster…never been there, and have no plans to go….they do supply drinks and sunscreen though.

    And yes, I do love to watch the “Cheyenne Social Club”….more than once 🙂 Then there’s the movie “Shenandoah”….great movie…


  138. Debbe, Mike was a traveling salesman almost entire time we have been married. Dogs had a routine, when he came home every few weeks they would hear the door late at night and jump off the bed or chairs! They knew he got his bed back. The cats, not so much.

    When he left they looked for the red suitcase to depart from the suitcase rack/stand and they immediately jumped back in bed.
    They had a definite pecking order of who got to sleep where, as some would sleep in arm chairs or on floor.

    I had one named “Shorty” a female tri-colored blue heeler who thought Mike was a boyfriend who only came around periodically.
    She bite him several times. Shorty was named for the dog in the “Texas Trilogy” specifically the “Texasville” novel by Larry McMurty and belonged to Duane, the hero (?) She had bitten everyone in town but as I remember the book, Duane named all his blue heelers Shorty.

    That is one enormously funny book if you get a chance to read it.
    Nails Texas and Texans.

    Love, Jackie Monies (a displaced Texan)

  139. “Part of the trick of being happy is a refusal to allow oneself to become too nostalgic for the heady triumphs of one’s youth”

    Larry McMurty “Roads: Driving America’s Great Highways”

    Couldn’t find the quote about Shorty, the heeler, but found a lot of great quotes from McMurty. Now that was/is an amazing man!
    I am going to have to take my library card down and see what we have of his in town. You know him from “The Last Picture Show” and “Lonesome Dove” and “Terms of Endearment” and about 80 other books or movies.

    On subject of Paul Newman, the movie “Hud” is McMurty’s “Horseman, Pass Me By”.

    McMurty is who always stopped me from trying to write a book. Not only is he so darned good, he was never able to return home to Archer City, Texas for about 30 years because he made everyone so mad.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  140. Thanks Jackie, I will pass along your good wishes to Marianne. The “awards” to her writing are not monetary or not necessarily from her peers, but from the occasional fan that will let her know that her work meant something in their lives.

    We walk to the local Coney Island restaurant about a mile from our house. We live a few blocks south of 12 Mile road and noticed how hard it is for folks to grow grass. There is this one guy though that was outside with his shop vac. As we walked past his front “yard” we noticed a distinct Brady Bunch look. Apparently the seedlings in the spring and the leaves in the fall get stuck in his artificial turf so he has to bring out his shop vac!

  141. Trying to connect several topics here! GR6, I live in Tucson with a front yard pretty much as you describe it, but including a very large, beautiful (in the eye of the beholder, I suppose) saguaro cactus. Back yard has a fountain and a small patch of green grass. Anyone coming to Tucson, let me know here and we’ll figure how to get in touch. Re NK in AZ, my initials are NK, for Nancy Kirk. My letterboxing trail name is NK Bells. Any other letterboxers in the village? And re Larry McMurty, I believe he does or did live here, quite close to a good friend of mine—after he got run out of Texas, perhaps?

  142. Debbe:

    Good point about the ISP. Mine does the same.

    Also, I run CCleaner and SpyBot every so often, too.

    If you decided to use download those programs (if you haven’t already), be careful.

    There are quite a few sites out there that will try to trick you into downloading the program from them.

    Presto. Your computer has picked up some crapware if not malware.

  143. Debbe – I’ve heard of both (It’s called Holiday World.), but never been there. I’ve never been to Indiana Beach either, even though I’ve had a couple opportunities to go. In fact, the one occasion, I kick myself to this day for not going. My high school best friend, her husband, her three kids (my godbabies), two of her cousins (both of which I had baby-sat when they were little, and bestie’s parents were all on their way to Indiana Beach and stopped to deliver something to me and have lunch. Goddaughter begged me to skip work that day and join them (different job at the time). I said no, I felt obligated to work. (I don’t know that I’ve ever played hooky from work actually.) It would be the last family day my friend’s dad had before he found out about his terminal cancer. I missed so much that day.

    Well, crap. Didn’t mean to be such a downer on a Friday night. Here’s an incredibly shy guy with a surprise (You might need a tissue.)

  144. Nancy, my cousin doesn’t have a saguaro in her yard, but she belongs to a hiking club (which can only be awesome out there), and she showed me a picture she made of a granddaddy one she came across on a hike. As you say, hard to call it “beautiful”, but it was very, very impressive.

  145. Yup. My favorite Darwin Award went to the guy some years back who shot one with a shotgun, it fell over on him, and did him in. They literally weigh tons. Hard not to say he had it coming, isn’t it?!

  146. That’s the nice thing about living on top of a mountain-little or no yard! Hardly any grass to mow and all the flowers are just sort of scattered around with no formal beds!

    Jackie, maybe this was really written for Larry McMurtry-

    Yes, Ghost honey, by the time Jimmy Stewart finished a sentence people had forgotten how it started.;-)

  147. You guys are getting me hooked on Youtube! First I had to listen to all the different versions of “The Rose”.

    Then because Ghost mentioned “Ghost Riders in the Sky”, I had to listen to EVERY version of that I could find. I decided Duane Eddy did best version, followed by The Outlaws.

    Up until now I don’t think I knew Burl Ives was first to record it, and I only remember Frankie Lane. Of course, we didn’t even have a radio until I was a teenager, nor a record player, but I did hear music when I was an older teen. (My grandmother who raised me only approved religious hymns and really morbid ballads from the late 1800’s where people froze in the snow or died on a barroom floor)

    Where is Lilyblack when you need her? She only liked religious church music.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  148. Good morning Villagers….

    Yup, Jackie, U Tube can be addicting…found many songs that I’d forgotten about and/or hadn’t heard in years.

    Nancy (NK) what does SITREP mean? I mentioned a week ago that maybe Lily had gone on a marathon, she does those quite often I believe, but it’s been a marathon since she has posted.

    Lily’s last post was something about the House of Lords….then Jerry came back with a lyric from “A Day In the Life” by the Beatles…then I added a lyric…and then that was it. I hope that was not a reason for her to quit posting. We (and I know Jerry wouldn’t) were not making fun of her, just having fun……

    Ya’ll have a blessed day..

    GR 😉

  149. I had mentioned I loved the movie “Shenandoah”, here’s a link to some of the quotes in the movie. Two of my favorites is when Jimmy Stewart says ‘grace’….and his answer to ‘Sam’s’ request to marry his daughter.

    I loaned this movie out, and it still hasn’t come ‘home’……I should have adopted my principle of “don’t loan albums out’… to.’don’t loan movies out’

    Oh, and Happy Caturday…………….


  150. Debbe 😉 “SITREP” is military-speak for “Situation Report”, i.e., “What’s going on where you are?” Lily said she hangs with a military discussion group, so I figure she knows that. Does seem strange she dropped off the grid so abruptly and completely.

  151. SITREP re Saturday’s cartoon, JJ has been peering through our shutters, again. Our big black cat has a floppy ear that folds over during bathing. Usually pops back in place with a head shake.

  152. I see by the old calendar on the wall…well, you know how the rest of that goes. Jimmy has spoken to his preference for brevity of speech and dialog in his cartoons. (Unlike another cartoon I could mention, where sentences are often so long and convoluted that one forgets their points by the time one finishes reading them. Of course, it hardly matters, as the plot there moves so slowly that one has usually already forgotten the context of the conversation, anyway.) But I believe that A&J cartoons such as today’s, which are completely silent, are fairly rare. Although I seem to recall a couple of them, which also involved Ludwig.

    Interestingly, Jimmy somewhat violates his own “brevity rule” yesterday, when Arlo mentions the backseat of his car. But of course, that was a good violation. 😉

  153. I agree that Jimmy’s brief dialogue forces him to be a better artist. He has to tell the story with his drawing, not words.

    Which said, I began looking at other strips, not just those known as “talking head” strips, which we will all agree don’t really draw much or well. “Garfield” I discovered will use the EXACT drawings in more than one frame, change the face a tiny bit or a small bit of action or maybe the dialogue. I found strip after strip that was same frames, slightly reworked. Sure saves on effort!

    I’d call those “talking torso’s”.

    About the slowest strip in the west, keeps reminding me of the line on “The Golden Girls”: How long were you on that deserted island? Well, it’s one week later in Apt. 3-G.

    The current “action” is so slow I have forgotten why it began and have no idea where it is going. Let’s see, a couple years ago the grandmother cheated on grandfather before marriage but she married him anyway, pregnant with another man’s child. Gasp!
    Could it be that now grandfather is having his turn at same plot line? Who wants to bet? We may find out in a year or so.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  154. GR6, that was a great song! In my case I got to reflect on how blessed I’ve been to be married over 3 decades and far, far away from the tumultuous dating scene. Bliss (and even the struggles of marriage) beat dating drama hands down!

  155. TR, our three plus decades of marital adventures has taught me: patience, restraint, voyages with a loved one can bring the unexpected, plus she is always right. 😉

  156. Big thanks to Debbe, I found the dialogue to Shenandoah absolutely intriguing. Thanks to Mark, I found the Ghost Riders in Scotland just as so. Where else but here would I find stuff like this? It is the diversity that is so great!

    We aren’t showing off knowledge, just sharing what we find interesting or funny or fascinating. That’s what makes this more fun than real life. Real life can be kind of draggy sometimes.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  157. Jackie, are you saying life in here is not real? OMG, I have been sucked, unexpectedly, into a Turning Machine. All of you seemed so adult like, nothing resembling a thirteen year old. I feel so stupid.

  158. I meant MY real life, taking care of cooking breakfast for mom when I don’t eat breakfast. Taking clothes to nursing home/rehab for third time because no one seems to make up their minds about what he has to wear. Changing sheets because I can’t get cats and dogs to groomer, so hair everywhere. That kind of REAL LIFE.

    You all make that bearable for me, the mundane and time consuming stuff we all do.

    “Into each life a little hair must fall.” I forget author of that quote.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  159. Sand:

    Did you mean Turing?

    That’s all right. I wrote Neptune when I meant Uranus in a column I published recently. That’s what comes of no longer having an in house copy editor.

  160. Good catch emb. Siri is too quick some days, always trying to guess where I’ve been or am heading. Turing was a true genius. Too bad he was treated so shabbily for his sexuality. I fear the world missed out on much due to his early and tragic death.

  161. TR, thanks for a hearty chuckle. As for those ‘silver threads’ we have been blessed with, I think of each as a sign of self improvement. Once the tapestry is complete you have earned the privilege to speak your piece in peace.

  162. Jackie and Nancy, you are welcome..reading those quotes this morning made me want to watch the movie……and I DON”T know where it is……but, it was fun. Each quote brought back to my image of that particular moment in the movie….especially when Jimmy set fire to the train!

    ya’ll have a pleasant evening…..My husband has supper ready for me….God, I love him…he does take good care of me…..despite…both of our ‘defects’………………………but, isn’t that what true love is….reference quote from the movie…ya gotta like them, then ya fall in love with them….

  163. I’m with the giraffe that looks like a chicken.

    You think you know your pet – my cat, Blacklight, watched an entire episode of “The Joy of Painting.” She rarely watches tv, and even then only for a couple minutes if something catches her attention. The whole episode kept her captivated. She doesn’t even look at ME that adoringly!

  164. Oh, yes, Lady Mindy. I well remember the “jiggle”. Speaking of jiggle, am I the only one who has noticed that sundress season is not only upon us but is in full flower?

    And am I also the only who, when viewing Alro and Janis chillin’ on the Cobra at the top of the blog, imagines how much more interesting Janis would look if she were facing our POV?

  165. Grey hair doesn’t seem prevalent in my family tree, or so I want to think. My own still-all-there thatch has mostly reverted to my childhood blonde, though….

    Good catch on the different giraffes, eMb.

  166. Ghost, sorry, part of the fun is figuring out the dialect. Repeated listening helps but some of the expressions are a mystery to me yet, though I’ve listened many times since I first heard it. Skean dhu, (phonetic spelling) is the short knife you see Scots wearing tucked into the top of their socks when wearing the kilt. Screwtop= beer bottle, ashtray made oot o curling stane=ashtray made out of a curling stone (ouch). Gave him lolly wi’ a salmon off the wall= beat the **** out of him with a mounted fish. Hope that helps.

  167. One thing (out of many) I miss about Texas, great Vietnamese food easily available. In Houston, Austin, Dallas and I am sure by now in San Antonio and other places.

    After leaving rehab/nursing home I missed my turn to freeway and went down a couple blocks, said what the heck this is close by Texas standards and drove on to my favorite tiny hole in the wall Vietnamese restaurant. To the best of my knowledge we only have three in Tulsa but OKC has more.

    This place is so tiny you usually miss it or think it closed. But the food is fresh, if limited and Ghost plus others would love the wait staff- a beautiful lithe Vietnamese beauty who tonight was serving in white micro shorts and a hot pink sheer blouse. And high heeled sandals.

    Funny thing is I think I have been going there 20 years and she has looked like a teenager as long as that! Daughter of cooks/owners, entire family works there.

    Goodnight, I am done in but full of bun and summer and spring rolls. With a big dollop of fish sauce.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  168. Went back and read all the silver foxes and hair. I have to tell you about this very sexy roommate I had, well, she had a lot of sex and was one of those girls who dance out on football fields!
    She had an absolute obsession with gray hair and men with full heads of gray hair. She would spot one and figure out some way to get to talk to him and sometimes one thing led to another I think.

    Something for you gray haired ones to think about tonight- that there are these young women with such obsessions. I imagine a gray beard would double the effect?

    My gray haired love has very, very little hair left what with the chemo. The nurse came in tonight and asked if he wanted to be shaved? He said no, he thought he’d grow a beard.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  169. Jackie: “She would spot one and figure out some way to get to talk to him and sometimes one thing led to another I think.

    “Something for you gray haired ones to think about tonight: that there are these young women with such obsessions. I imagine a gray beard would double the effect?”

    My hair is present enough on top that I could do a comb-over, but I long ago nixed that; I simply shave the dome and buzz-cut the fringe. I do have a beard, trim it every 6-8 weeks. If you don’t like its length, wait. Lots of women love me, but nothing is going to lead to anything.

  170. Gonna Symply disappear again for a few days with the grand kids(4 of 8; the girls) to Bryant Pond for a week at the lake….seems like just yesterday ‘Kenzie was a baby and now she is turning 16 in September…too Fargone fast these kids grow…if I play my health cards right I could be a great grandfather(no rush!!!!!) someday! Have a great 4th and vote for a centrist at your next election or even better a statesman/woman if you can find one, we need them more than politicians! Did I just espouse my political beliefs and so off topic mea culpa VM!

  171. Mark in TTown definitely wins this round, and I had no problem at all understanding the lyrics, thank you! Great song!

    Jackie, now I’m jealous. We have a pretty good Thai restaurant not too far from us, but no Vietnamese one.

    When I married Husband his hair was black, but now it’s all gray, and that’s okay with me. It’s a bit thinner than it was 23 years ago, but no bald spot. Neither did he have a beard when we married, but about 18 years ago he decided to see how he’d look with one, and has had one ever since.

  172. Thanks for the reminder, Jackie, that I am way past due to visit my favorite Vietnamese eatery for a humongous bowl of pho bo. Spring rolls are great there, too. Waitresses are cute, but seemingly not in a class with the one you described. Not to stereotype, but I’ve noticed that many Asian women appear to age exceedingly slowly.

    My full-head of hair is now salt-and-pepper enough to (I suppose) be called “gray”. And oddly enough, just last weekend I decided to let my beard grow out on my chin, to go with my mustache. I guess the look I’m going for is “Van Dyke without the point”. (I think it’s called a “circular beard”.) It’s already grown out enough to tell that it’s going to make me look even more dashing. 🙂 So thanks for the heads-up to be on the lookout for younger women with a gray hair/beard fetish.

  173. Morning JJ and Villagers.

    Debbe, think you get an honorable mention for posting the longest link to date. Wherever did you scrape that from?

    An aside and apology. I blamed Siri for my Turing/Turning goof of yesterday. Actual blame should have gone to Ginger. She is the new keyboard app I am using in place of the stock Google one I have relied on for so long.

    Today’s third frame,
    My marriage to save,
    Comments I must refrain,
    And like a gentleman behave. 😉

  174. GR6: Thanks for the ghost link. I had not read that arc. Great!
    Loon: I think Jimmy DOES read our comments! Good acknowledgement to your ever-appreciated presence.

    And to all you men bragging about a full head of hear: As Debbe and Jean can attest, there is something VERY sexy about a bald head!

  175. What a beautiful start to a Sunday, the mission video and classical guitar music. And yes, I know it is 11 a.m. but I am just getting up. The dogs have been barking for hours and I refused to admit it was day. The cats get this aloof look and say “Hey, that wasn’t me!”

    They however, would like their litter box emptied and some fresh put in. Dogs have owners, cats have staff.

    Funny, this is first place I visit now and the last, daily.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  176. I KNOW I have mentioned that we usually have a contest for the “Saltiest Salt” annually when my boaters congregate in the back yard. Most are between 55-80, male and have both gray hair and beards. They often let beard get longer for this purpose and even the hair.

    Portapotty deliveryman was late one year with potties and he asked my husband if it was a family reunion of Amish? Yard was full of gray hair and beards.

    I have to confess that indeed I do remember my roommate once a year when I have a couple hundred gray bearded ambulatory men milling about. She didn’t know where to look!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  177. Well, I was going to point out that Loon made the strip today–but of course I wasn’t fast enough to be the first. Fun, anyhow! And a plethora of Sean Connery’s–my goodness. YAY!

  178. Rereading Jimmy’s comments about needing a dermatologist: ours is a beautiful female, blonde and named of all things Dr. Lovelace!

    Mike keeps mentioning he needs to go see about the facial skin cancers that need cutting off. We keep telling him that until he gets done with chemotherapy we don’t think she will want to cut anything off.

    He says it wouldn’t hurt to have them looked at?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  179. Jackie, I once compared this blog to the bar on “Cheers”, and you once commented that you “love this bar and grill”. If that is the case, I propose we post a sign I once saw in a bar…

    Gentleman: No Shirt, No Service
    Ladies: No Shirt, Free Drinks

  180. I have about the same percentage of black and grey in my hair and beard as Sean Connery but I have more hair on the top of my head. I also don’t have the accent. 🙂

    Jackie, it often takes a disaster like getting hacked or a disk crash to wake people up to the need for backups (and multiple backups). I have problems with my kids because they don’t want the backups running during their prime time on their computer, nor do they want it happening during the middle of the night since their computers are in their bedrooms and the disk accesses make enough noise to wake them.

  181. Watching neighbors clean out their do- it-yourself pool for the beginning of their “season”, an event I always dread. It is a rental house and has been for years and years. Right now I’d have a hard time saying how many are living there! Numbers change a lot, increasing existentially during summer months.

    Turns out one of the males was once married to my yard lady, so I have been told their activities are not too legal. Sigh!

    In this part of Oklahoma, winter and fall are best months, when peace and quiet reigns the colder it gets.

    The yard lady is a hard worker, so I hope the ex-husband doesn’t scare her off.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  182. SF 11:27PM “vote for a centrist at your next election or even better a statesman/woman if you can find one, we need them more than politicians!” We’ll keep voting as right as possible, since they all get watered down, once they’re in and unfortunatly, you do have to be a politician to get elected in the first place, that is, one wrong word, one misstep that the opposition blows up and you’re out. .. emb – about shaving the dome, my wife wanted to do that to me. She’s all bald from her chemo and I’m getting pretty thin on top, I’m always getting it short on the sides, so I don’t have a silly ring of hair. I was shaving her irritating stubble off and she said she’d do my top, hey! hang on, it’s going to be gone in a year or two anyway OK?

  183. Just back from seeing Jersey Boys. Excellent movie, Clint Eastwood is a directing genius.

    GR6, from what I hear tell, those rules don’t apply at certain pools in Vegas. 😉

  184. TR: I love Prince Valiant—beautiful drawing. I heard once the only reason most if not all of us are still getting it in our Sunday papers is that it’s part of a package with other comics the paper wants, so they have to print it. I hope they never can get rid of it!

  185. Ghost:

    As far as I can tell from the photo you posted, Connery didn’t shave his pate, or hadn’t for 4-5 days before the photo. His eyebrows are black [naturally?] and >symmetrical > mine. So is his nose. Mine veers to the left, possibly from a mugging in ’45. 99.44% of my hairs are white. Nobody has ever said I looked like him, not in my hearing at least. Did he have a bass voice?

  186. Part of the “#FreeTheNipple movement”? Ooh Kay…

    I guess with a digital camera and an iron-on printer, you could make your own TaTa t-shirts.

  187. All the gray hair and beards got me watching Kris Kristopherson videos on Youtube. One of my absolute favorite songwriter/singers who coincidently has gray hair and beard. It is absolutely impossible to believe he is 78 years old now. He wrote such beautiful music and the lyrics are fantastic. I had forgotten about the marriage to Rita Coolridge and the songs they did together.

    And darn it, by the time he was flying for Petroleum Helicopters out of Lafayette, LA I was married and gone! Now I bet he was really interesting to know when he was young?

    It must be strange to hear your music recorded over and over and over by so many different voices.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  188. #FreeTheNipple is driving our local Targets crazy. Groups of young mothers show up and nurse while shopping. Texas Free Rangers 😉

  189. Thanks David. I like the way Jimmy did the expressions and body language of Venus and the gnome. Looks like two teenagers caught making out and trying to look uninterested in each other.

  190. I have tried to post a link to the earliest version of this site ( I think) and it doesn’t show up. So I will try something different. enter the same website/index517-18.htm

  191. John, I’ve seen a number of Democrats lately claiming that our current President is a centrist. Speaking as a Moderate, I don’t agree, but I’m not about to argue about it, either.

  192. Good morning Villagers….

    Ta ta tops….please, give me a break. Goes to show ya, imagination is going by the wayside.

    Sandcastler…I just googled ‘pic of Sean Connery’, and clicked on it, clicked on the one pic….and a slew of Connery’s came up….lucky me!!!!! And a good wake up for Jean and Gloria, too 🙂

    Emb….Sean Connery could read New York’s yellow pages to me and I would never get bored 🙂

    Curiosity took me to look and read up on the story arc of the ghost in A&J…this one particular strip almost made me spit out my coffee:

    TR….that was absolutely beautifully done….what talent. I saved it so little Brooklynne can see it.

    I can’t believe I got my husband to watch “Ice Age: The Continental Davide” last night…he actually enjoyed it….I love ‘Scrat’….

    Gary….work on that accent 🙂

    Jackie….you should U tube the group “The Highway Men” they are all in the group…good songs too.

    It worked for me too, Mark….bookmarked it.

    and as ususal GR 😉 I just may make that one photo you posted my screen desktop! Be funny to see my husband’s expression when he opens up the computer!!!!!

    Ya’ll have a blessed Monday…’s going to be 90 degrees with abundant sweat….I mean musk…ladies don’t sweat….we emit ‘musk’ 🙂

  193. Debbe 😉 I’ve always thought of “plethora” as being “more than one needs, but not necessarily more than one wants”. 🙂

    And I believe the old Southern expression is “Horses sweat, men perspire, and ladies glow.”

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