The Green Mountain State

Today’s oldie is from September, 2003. The road show continues. I’m somewhere in the Maine woods right now, but I’ll be in Burlington, Vermont, Saturday and Sunday for the Vermont Comic Con. The way it actually happened a few months back, I first signed up for the VCC. I read some nice things about it online, and Vermont in August sounded a lot more appealing than home in August. Then, I happened to discover that the Boston Comic Con would be two weeks earlier, so I figured I would do them both, as an experiment. As I’ve discussed briefly with you already, Boston was a qualified success. Vermont will be a different sort of venue, and I’ll give you a longer run down about it all after this weekend. Meanwhile, on with the show!
Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

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  1. First.

    And I’ve never been to Vermont, even though I went to an Army school at Ft. Devens and drove through New York and Connecticut and spent about 15 minutes in New Hampshire. I do have to get back to New England again.

  2. I got this one right away. Men tend to buy two types of shoes. Dress shoes and gym (or whatever sport) shoes. We might have a pair of slippers. The idea of buying a pair of shoes that goes with our outfit is foreign to us. Now because I was a runner, I might have 2-3 pairs of shoes that I rotated and maybe another pair to mow the lawn with, but that’s about it.

    Enjoy New England Jimmy. I have been to most of the states in the union, but not to Maine, Vermont or New Hampshire. My brother has run a marathon in every state, so he has me beat.

  3. Janis has had the shoes forever but not worn them. Arlo tries on new shoes and doesn’t take them off when he leaves the store, wearing them from moment one. Guys/girls/viva la difference 🙂

  4. Re the current new strip: Wow! Must be difficult to draw the current Janis and the “old Janis” in the same strip, but it looks great!

  5. Thanks, Steve. I see it now.
    I’m with you on the shoes. I have four pair; dress brown, dress black, running shoes, and mowing shoes. And yes, the once the running shoes are near their end of life, they are demoted to mowing shoes. 🙂

  6. Just a head’s up to you. The Louisiana ComicCon will be held in Shreveport next spring. The last time they had it here, it was a huge success. Hope you can make it.

  7. Wow! Arlo’s shoe buying reminds me of mine and also my car buying! I have bought two cars, for me, in 20 years. Both times, I called my daughter-in-law’s daddy(car sales manager), he finds me something he thinks I would like(late model, low mileage), brings the car to my house and I sign the papers on the kitchen table! Real hassle-free car shopping!

    Things here(BR,LA) are getting back to normal, except for the living arrangements. We are one big happy family and it’s a blessing in disguise to have all my grown kids and their kids here. I LOVE it! Tonite is both daughters’ 45th birthday(twins). Big pot of pasta and all the trimmings coming up. We’ll have enough for an army but we’re only 14! American-Italian families like to eat!

    God bless us every one.

    To Billinbossier: I spent a good part of my youth in Bossier/Shreveport, my mother’s birthplace and home of many relatives and my best friend. Great place. Maybe I’ll try to make the comic-con too. Keep me posted through the Village.

  8. Lee: (in response to a question on the previous page) My cousin will be receiving proton therapy at Shands. Florida Hospital Orlando recently began a similar program. It’s supposed to be much better at targeting specific cancers with fewer side effects/collateral damage.

    Question for Spellcheck – what is this Shanda you keep giving me?

  9. Good morning all from Missouri. Yes, I have been in every state except Alaska, most many, many times. Maine woods are deep and dark and ferny with mosquitoes as I remember them but that is most anywhere. I love Maine but have never been there before summer or after fall.

    I remember being shocked to find Maine had areas that resembled Deliverance but maybe they have changed and the trashy junk filled shacks have been cleaned up. Naturally I was lost out on narrow remote roads.

  10. No one wants to know about my unworn shoe collection. I will check the kitty shoe size for you Debbe. They still have tags on them unworn.

  11. Thinking of the number of shoes that I own reminds me of when I was in the 6th grade and I owned two pairs of pants (not including the suit that I wore to church). My Mom would just wash them (I think) and I would alternate them. I also wore jeans until about the second grade, but associated wearing them to being poor, so I did not start wearing jeans again until I took a job loading trucks to pay through college. Of course I wore the jeans to classes as well. Within a couple of years of graduation, the jeans wore out and I still do not own a pair of jeans. I will either wear running pants or shorts around the house. Occasionally I’ll wear some old dockers that are worn and I can’t wear to work.

    Of course Jimmy addressed the “Business casual” revolution of the 1990’s. I wore a suit to work until about 1995. I still wear one to church when I sing, but I appreciate not having to pay for the suits and to clean them However what constitutes “causal” makes my head spin. I enjoyed the movie “The Intern” that addressed this well.

  12. Jackie, I can see that being your driver would be like being in the service again…24-hour worldwide alert and “go bag” packed and ready at all times. 🙂

  13. You picked a good week to visit Maine – you’ll get all the summer weather this week: cool mornings, crisp sunny days a then loads of humidity. We live in the middle of nowhere – 13 people per square mile – and we’d be happy to buy you a drink (coffee or some other adult beverage) if you are so inclined. The biggest town we are near is Skowhegan. Enjoy your stay!

    And by the way, when I met my wife I had the three universal shoes: a brown pair, a black pair and sneakers . . . All put on and worn out of the store. Naturally . . .

  14. Everyone knows one does not wear new leather shoes home from the store. One caries them home and gives them a careful polishing for scuff protection, since they usually have none as they come from the factory.

    Thus endeth today’s display of pedanticism.

  15. My footwear has gotten simpler with time. Pair of Merrell sandals for everyday. New Balance tennis shoes for travel and the gun range, separate pairs for each; think GSR. Finally, a pair of hand sewn mocs for dress and flying; easy slip off on long flights.

  16. I have tried to eliminate the steamer trunks and the luggage trailer. That is one of reasons for the tonneau on Ford pickup. The rock climbing wall did not fit in.

    I am a lot more fun than Miss Daisy and better built than she. And much more liberal. You can interpreted liberal as you like.

  17. Ruth Anne, continuing prayers for her recovery.

    sand, thanks for sharing the Kristofferson song. I hadn’t heard that.

    Good luck with the trip, JJ, and have a blast!

    Ghost, remember the scuffing of the soles ritual: essential for dress shoes.

    Jackie, your words always move me.

  18. used to wear nothing but boots. From 9 years old to geezer hood, boots, usually cowboy boots. About 5 years ago switched to sandals, now I wear them everywhere but church up until the snow flies. Yet about 1.5 years ago due to diabetes the VA started giving me new orthopedic tennis shoes every six months with socks to go with them. I am going to have to start turning them down. They have given me one black pair and two white pairs and at this rate it will take me years to wear them out.

  19. Occasionally an idea for a cartoon pops into (in?) my head. Let me know what you think. Two stick figure people stand in front of a half-finished Mona Lisa. One of them is holding what we learn is a paint brush. The caption reads, “It’s no use. I can’t draw.”

  20. Steve, best beer joke of the day.

    Smigz, you’re welcome.

    Sidebar, we are going back out on the circuit for the next three weeks. See you in mid-September.

  21. True experience: Pulling up to the California Agricultural Inspection Station on I-15 with a load of Coors, I showed my bill of lading to the official and shouted, “Beer for California!” He waved me on, laughed, and replied, “Keep it coming!”

    We had one driver who claimed because he was Navajo he was forbidden to pull any beer loads. I have no idea whether that was true.

  22. Busy week. Thunder is at cousin’s homestead, outside. Only supposed to have one kitty per lease, working on adding her. Did not go well Monday, today seems better for her. Blacklight is gloating and reveling in being the only kitty again.

    One of my favorite customers at my old store worked for funeral home down the street. Loved his ties. When a popular, local gentleman passes whose signature color had been been pink for decades, staff made sure they all wore pink.

    Hugs and positivity for those who need it.

    Grandma’s party is Saturday.

    I’ve been outside more in the past few weeks than I have in years. Even the quality bug spray fails me – biting inscets love me. 🙁

  23. Riding down the interstates in the dark listening to Willie’s Roadhouse. George Jones singing White Lightning seems about right. Went from Oklahoma to Columbus, Ohio tonight with a stop for lunch with grandson and a tour from him of house and yard, Lego and train express that has taken over the historic mansion. He is four going on forty.

    Boat trailer is to be repaired tomorrow and first thing to do is find what it weighs. Boat needs to be in Port Townsend, WA Wooden Boat Show in two weeks. Still going through Golden, Colorado and across some pretty country.

  24. Morning Villagers….

    It was a ten hour day at the hen house, with the afternoon spent inside…inspecting and Ian repairing cages.

    Not only is the FDA coming, but the United Egg Producers decided to get their nose in on it after an inspection at The Corp’s hen house they found a wild bird INSIDE the hen house. That sent everyone scrambling.

    Going to be another long day. Don’t know if UEP will show up tomorrow, Friday or Monday…I pray it’s Monday. We need the weekend. I’ve been hollering for months now about getting crap done at my hen house….but who am I? Now it’s pay up time.

    Oh, I still have my Eastland penny loafers my husband bought me 17 years ago, and yes, they do have a penny in them. Lots of 2 1/4 inch heels (from the bridal shop) that were dyed to match dresses I would wear to weddings and such. Four pair of black heels, and a pair of black boots with a 2 1/4 heel. Haven’t had on a pair of heels for a long time though, now its teenies and the work boots I keep at the hen house.

    Going to be 89 degrees today…not looking forward to another afternoon inside the hen house.

    gotta go……

  25. Jerry and Steve, those are both terrific!

    Happy trails, sand.

    Mindy, I’m a skeeter magnet. I seem to get fewer bites when I use as few scented products as possible. They seem to go for my head a lot. Shampoo? Carbon dioxide? So sometimes I even spritz my hair with an herbal-based repellent.

  26. FWIW, I drove my truck through most of the contiguous states, plus British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Albert provinces. I never made it into Michigan (though I could see into it from I-80), Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Most of our loads bound for NYC and the New England states were dropped at our terminal in New Jersey for local drivers to handle. I think the prettiest state in the eastern US that I drove through was West Virginia.

    OTOH, in my personal travels I made it to Michigan and Massachusetts.

  27. When I worked in a department store I had several pairs of pumps of various height heels in black, white, and beige, and my favorite pair of spectator pumps in royal blue. Once I left that job and went to work in the shipping department of a company that made circuit boards the pumps went away and I bought an extra pair of running shoes. Now I have a pair of flats for when I need to look anywhere close to “dressy” and the rest of the time it’s Keds.

  28. Just took it easy yesterday. Why is it – waiting for a plane, sitting in a plane, sitting in a car when someone else is driving – one gets so tired? But we are planning to go to Homosassa Springs today.
    Hugs and prayers for all.

  29. On our last leg of rescue run, Columbus, Ohio to Cicero, NY to get Stella Maris, my Welsford wooden sailboat in time to take her to the Port Townsend, WA Wooden Boat Show.We will get there tonight and hook her up to leave in morning.

    Believe me, she is insured better this time! But we don’t plan on losing her off the trailer or burning her up. I am going home to Oklahoma and from there getting next trip underway. Still need traveling companion to far Pacific Northwest

  30. Oh my gosh, we went through Indianapolis late last night and thought of Mindy. Just went through Cleveland a few minutes ago. This is fast working trip for boat

  31. Good afternoon all – just popped in while company is out visiting.

    Just to catch up on stuff from days past.

    A grasshopper and a zombie walk into a bar-
    Bartender says:” We have got drinks named for you guys.”
    Grasshopper says: “You got drinks named Tom Collins & Harvey Wall-banger?”

    Jerry – I too read World Book from end to end. I think it was 7th grade.

    Emb: What is your feeling of premarital interdigitation?

    Tr: Heard about that study or other before that linked Diet Soda with higher
    blood sugar – also corn sweeteners.
    See if you can find a regional/local bottler that uses cane sugar – there are some arround
    I know of at least one in MN and also CT.

    A crop duster gave us (a power line crew) quite a show last week. We could hear the wheels
    clip the soy beans and tree branches – he was within 150 feet of us on some passes.

    Thanks Debbe for Amazing Grace.

    Debbie – a little late

    Around here Memorial day was for cleaning and sprucing cemetery.

    And we were talking ratio of thumb to other equipment –
    The whale has no visible thumb-
    So how does the She whale know if she is interested in a He whale?
    Check the “Tropic of Cancer” for the length of the whales “personal” equipment.

    Will be tied up with family so may not get back till Monday.

    Prayers of hope and thanksgiving.

  32. And Mindy’s answer to my FB inquiry. Melinda Wetz
    Came through this afternoon, more storms coming. Still awaiting word on my great aunt and uncle.
    I am fine.

    Thanks for the update, Mindy.

  33. So far we are ahead of storms and will hit them tomorrow.
    I do not know if boat has cockpit drains yet but plan to get cover made for it to come entire boat. You don’t want to fill cockpit with water.

    Hope Debbe and chickens are OK too.

  34. Update: All family present and accounted for. Zero fatalities and only a few minor injuries. A local Starbucks collapsed. Everyone inside took shelter in the bathrooms. The staff at Chili’s next door came to pull them out of the rubble after it was all over. First tornado was EF-3 by early estimates. A total of nine touched down today in our county.

  35. ‘Emb: What is your feeling of premarital interdigitation?’ By today’s standards [and even some in the late ’40s], Elaine and I were a strange pair. Yes, we held hands, and house mothers did not frown on that. We also smooched, petted, and such, but managed to leave it at that until married.

    ‘And we were talking ratio of thumb to other equipment [but] The whale has no visible thumb. So how does the She whale know if she is interested in a He whale?’

    Whale sex. Don’t know how much is known about which species. Have seen captive dolphins or porpoises get erections, and they seem to enjoy swimming while erect, so may enjoy the resulting current. Whales do have good hearing, and the girls may swoon over a deep bass voice. I know a lot of women like one, but I behaved.

    Seems to me I’ve read of Orca pods having a dominant male. Wiki might help.

  36. Speaking of the size of male mammal equipment, have I written here about the response of male tapirs [both New and Old World tapirs] to particular foods at the Bronx Zoo? Also, can report that male Indian elephants are about the size you’d expect. So is a bull [cattle type], as any dairy farmer or artificial inseminator can tell you.

    BTW, none of these spp. have thumbs, and [perhaps sadly,] the female has no say in the matter among many mammals. On the other hand, she may be horny as hell. Watched this in w.t. deer on ‘Salisbury Plain’ back in ’07 or so. Wrote about it in the paper.


  37. Sometimes I wonder at the things I learn here. Some times I wonder at things I already know.

    When young Mike managed the restaurant at Sea Life Park which was new tourist attraction. It was common discussion among trainers that the male porpoises would try to have sex with female trainers or the entertainers who did the tourist acts.

    I have no scientific knowledge to support this, only hearsay.

  38. About the real time arc with pond, this is exactly what is happening at my house with pond building! Except I have three liners and some connecting water sluices to bridge to each.

  39. Good morning Villagers…

    Indy Mindy I am so glad you are safe and no one was seriously injured. Don’t have time to look at pics.

    Steve, seriously 🙂 and I didn’t even mean it as a pun.

    Going to leave here in a few minutes. Couldn’t stand the 90 degree temp in the hen house, so we’re going to start early on that chicken $hit, then I’ll start packing at 8.

    Gal, thanks for the prayers….we’ll need them.

    Old Bear, you are welcome, will come back later to listen to your link.

    GR… prayers are still with you…..

    Be SAFE Jackie

  40. TMI about the dolphins etc …
    glad to hear our villagers are all safe out in the mid-west – the pictures were not pretty!
    Also thinking of our friends in Italy –

  41. Jackie is getting additional straps installed on boat to head home with her. I have to leave for Port Townsend, WA no later than September 1 so I am cutting this close but it is doable. Boat is beautiful, she has new cushions and bunks made sitting down in Port Aransas, TX which I have to pick up somehowith?

    This trip may be more round about than my normal travel but what’s different about that? Almost Canada at the east and west ends, middle America and the Gulf Coast all in single trip.

    Should I swing by and pick you up Ghost or would you prefer to meet me?

  42. BTW, the convertible is here and I’m a happy camper. It looks like the days of no hurricanes are over for Florida, but hopefully it won’t come my way.

  43. Glad you got the con rrtoblr Jerry. What colors paint, top and seatz??

    Love pickup trucks but never stopped loving sports cars and convertices. You deserve one. Evacuate if need be.

  44. Glad you’ve got Stella, Jackie. Hal did a number on you in the last post to Jerry. Congratulations on your new convertible Jerry. May you have many happy years of wind-blown hair!

  45. White exterior and white top with red leather interior on bucket seats. Go to the national park’s Old Faithful webcam and look at the top of the mountains in the far background, to the left of center in the picture, and it appears that you can see smoke from the fires.

  46. I just wanted to say Thank you. So many of your musings parallel with my own life that I sometimes wonder if you know me and my family. My husband and I are devoted fans and we truly appreciate you. I wish that I could share a picture of our pond for your amusement. Our fluffy was named Beebee. Best wishes to you and yours.

  47. Good morning Villagers….

    Thank you Smigz.

    Thanks for the belated birthday wishes Old Bear.

    Indy Mindy, couldn’t bring up the pics…

    So glad for Jackie and Jerry fulfilling their dreams…happy sailing and happy trails to you both.

    Got the new yesterday that the United Egg Producers were to be at our building next Wednesday. Los of cage repair to be done, there is to be no more than 5 hens per cage, any more than that we’re sunk. We are only allowed one error there, two….we lose our 5 star rating and The Corp will probably shut us done. They want to get rid of us anyway…the middleman…and the price of eggs right now is very unprofitable.

    So, it’s back to scraping……

    have a blessed day one and all

  48. I just woke up and read current strip. Is that a dog, Fluffy Ghost or the pond that Ludwig is looking at?

    It is early and room is dark, phone is small and I can’t tell.

  49. Jackie: ‘Is that a dog, Fluffy[‘s] Ghost, . . .?’ Since Fluffy is now only bones [Janis commented / small skull size], it must be Fluffy’s ghost. Perhaps JJ believes the 9-lives bit, Ludwig may be seeing the cat he is a reincarnation of. Billions of people believe stranger things. Peace,

  50. I read it as Fluffy’s spirit resting peacefully, Jackie. She’s content near those she loved.

    Debbe, fingers and toes crossed for next week…prayers for the best possible outcome, too.

    The current story arc touches many of us lucky enough to have had animal companions.

  51. Back on the road with sailboat again heading for z columbus, Ohio, Indianapolis, Indiana and St. Louis, Missouri. Not a good time to visit with Gallery in Florida, Mindy about blown away and Debbe scraping chicken cages.

    Maybe I can see Llee in Joplin area. Going to Tulsa.

  52. Today’s TIP BlogSpot:

    ‘. . . a true philosopher.’ I’ve been called other things. Came to the conclusion, actually while still at Cornell and later U. MI., that the best profs were those both extolled and despised, and managed to achieve that 36 years teaching at BSU. I could get a swelled head, and I love it. Right now I’m an amateur columnist and theolog, and professional procrastinator.


  53. I got quietly teary over today’s final strip in the weeklong series about Fluffy. Not because I’ve buried a pet, but rather because I have one now (a wonderful goldendoodle dog) and I know that terrible day will inevitably come. Well done JJ. How often does a “mere” comic strip strike that kind of emotional chord.

  54. Baton Rouge is recovering. Water has gone down but piles of ruined lives are still very prominent in the streets and will be for a while. Things can be replaced but at least 13 lives were lost. Rest in peace, fellow citizens. God bless us every one. God bless America. God bless Louisiana.

  55. Not sayin’ I’ve been sick or anything, but I was giving serious thought to what I wanted my last words to be. Unfortunately, the best I could come up with were already taken, by Jack Daniel: “One last drink, please.”

    I hope to rejoin the fray tomorrow.

  56. Please don’t make me have to come place one red rose on your grave Ghost. I did that for Jack Daniel’s. I also got a personal two women and a baby tour of the distillery and they mailed me a signed copper plate etching of Mrs. Bobo”s Boardinghouse by the artist. they had used for their New Yorker ad. Going down road in Illinois, bumpy and not fun.

    Please get well.

  57. Safely in Effingham, IL. You should have seen Dickens put his head down and plough down the sidewalk like the ten pounds lead dog running the Iditarod. He said “This is the motel at long last woman so pull out that credit card fast.”

    Could barely keep up with him running and he’s on bed asleep already.

  58. Zebra pants? Don’t get near Lion Country Safari. I’m up with a headache. And a bottle-of Excedrin. Was going to meet my brother yesterday, but my sil called to tell me that he was sick. By last night I was too and went to bed at 9 pm. Will check out the Hurricane center and go back to bed.

  59. Good morning Villagers…

    Emb…that calico is absolutely beautiful, the eyes have it 🙂


    I too have been teary over this week’s arc. A little over a month ago, we lost Goldee, my forever kitty. She’s buried next to Bobbee, and Calee. I am now down to two cats…and my Snowee is 12 and she’s my baby, sleeps on my left every night. She and Buddee both sit with my in my recliner when I’m home….and deep down I know that those days will come. Thanks JJ for a heartfelt story this week. We all here love our babies.

    Going in at 5:30, was going to try and work after running errands and cashing paycheck. First think I did when I got into the packing room was check the temp…93 degrees. Call The Boss, talked with him, said we would come in at 5:30. He couldn’t stress enough how critical the count of hens in the cages is, so there’s some 75,000 plus cages to be looked and count…..arrrgghhh!!!

    Happy Caturday!!!!

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