The Mall Cops

The Mall Cops

I like “The Mall Cops,” a series that ran ten years ago. I thought it was clever, and if you hang around here much, you know that’s high praise for me coming from myself. Let me set the stage: you will remember that in the winter of 2009, we were at the beginning of The Great Recession. Home foreclosures and store closings were a common thing. Everyone was nervous and uncertain, even those among us lucky enough to not be directly affected. One thing we could do for the nation, we were told, was to “go shopping.” Enter, the mall cops! This is the beginning of a six-day sequence, but I’m not going to post the others here. However, you don’t have to miss a thing: follow this link, and you can binge read all six comic strips right now.

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  1. I did not recognize the series by the first strip, but the strips with the mall cops, I do. We had an aspiring cartoonist in my class at Purdue who kind of copied the style of Doonesbury. We had heard that the Purdue Police were using video surveillance at football games and this cartoonist was directly behind my roommate and I as we narrated what the cops might be seeing if they saw us. The next week his cartoon’s were our conversation nearly verbatim. We were kind of honored as much of the campus loved that week’s strips. However he could have drawn my roommate and I a little better as we came off as doofuses. I guess he was going for satire…I hope!

  2. I usually can come up with an at least somewhat reasonable theory as to the origin of obscure or archaic words or phrases, but although I’ve heard it all my life, one for “none of your beeswax” for “none of your business” escapes me. Ideas? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

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