The Stuff of Dreams

It’s fun to do something like this, from 2007. I think we can all agree we see a lot of Arlo and Janis sitting on the sofa. A&J is a dialog-driven strip, which is not to say, I hope, that it is wordy, but much of the vital characterization comes from verbal interchange. Still, this can create graphic sameness, and just varying the scene for the sake of relieving visual boredom can be a challenge, especially on deadline where *ahem* I sometimes find myself. Anyway, that’s what I like about the above example: it involves Arlo and Janis with their morning coffee, having a mundane husband-and-wife conversation about dreaming. Or is Arlo still dreaming? I should be this creative more often. I know.

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  1. And the dialogue-driven A&J is most welcome! But so is the visually creative—I really love it! Like today’s A&J about the telephone in the restaurant. Why *did* so many mai·tre d’s have noodle necks?

  2. Good retro today Jimmy. And I bet you like the kind of strip that turns your imagination loose to run wild. It reminds me of that classic Chuck Jones cartoon with Daffy Duck trying to complete a storyline while he and the background go through multiple changes. And that one ends with Bugs Bunny appearing as the animator who is having fun with his rival.

  3. I wonder, is Janis in the first panel supposed to be Loweezy from Snuffy Smith or Mammy Yokum from L’il Abner? My vote’s for Mammy Yokum because of the corncob pipe she’s smoking.

  4. I have always enjoyed the imaginative strips, I especially remember the one where Janis was a torch singer and Arlo ass the grasshopper. Been gone for a while, any word on the book that was supposed to be a premium for the Parsonage fundraiser?

  5. @DJJG7

    The difference between an alligator and a crocodile is the former, you’ll see later, the latter, after awhile.

  6. I dream of running down halls ala early Doctor Who. And generally there is a restaurant
    somewhere along the way.
    Then there are those like the above.

  7. Mark in TTown

    Here is a challenge. In the 1950s there was a program (Twilight Zone?)
    where a woman was offered a million dollars ($20+ million today) by the Devil.
    But someone must die – that was the conundrum. Finally she was told it would
    be someone she didn’t know – she agreed. There was squealing brakes –
    The person she did not “know” was her husband.

    This was early Television – basically radio with pictures.

    Does anyone else remember that?

  8. Before my time. I am just old enough to have faint memories of watching the westerns of the late 1950’s. I was old enough to better enjoy The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits and the like when they came along.

    That sounds like something from the Lights Out type of program. It was gone before I came along, but they had an LP done by Oboler recreating the show and I had it. Spooky stuff.

  9. A local church just tried that (Ghost – 8:35pm) earlier this month for a veteran’s 100th. Last I heard, he actually received 75 cards – the church membership is small. Perhaps there were some later deliveries.

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