Tourist Invasion

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The cartoons this week are from 1994, the first year of A&J digitalization, 20 years ago. I’ve been using this “new” method of storing and transferring my artwork for well over half the time I’ve been drawing the strip. My, my. I intended to skip the above strip, to move this little beach narrative along, but I decided to rerun it for you, as this year is also another significant anniversary. More than a handful of readers might actually get this one this time around.

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  1. Even if today’s classic had been posted on 6/6, chances are good the Operation Overlord would have gone over the head of many.

  2. John and I (and therefore Ginger) had ancestors at Omaha Beach (as did Shelly). John’s were a few miles further inland and got there first. The local D-Day celebration (not a formal community affair which says a lot) was spectacular. The police were called only twice. Those officers came back when they got off duty and brought co-workers and families so the third call to the police was basically ignored. As were the fourth, fifth and sixth, after which the State Police was called but two of their number were present. What I was going to say before I was distracted by fingers tracing my spine — stop! dammit! — (can I say that?) was that Ike was a politician, not a combat soldier, so he should have brought Patton in sooner.

    Happy Canada Day, ay! Another reason to celebrate celebrating!

    Bye bye.

  3. Gee now I’ve got Peyton Manning’s snap count stuck in my head….Guess I should have steak tonight.

    Actually, I may have to cook up everything in the fridge. We lost power at 3:30 AM last night and still no word as to when it will come back on. I the 23 years that we lived in Royal Oak, I can count on one hand how many times the power went off for more than an hour. 2 years ago, it went out twice (for several days) in 2 weeks. That time the Electric workers were going house to house as the issue was particularly pesky. This time it was due to high winds, so hopefully they can get it fixed this afternoon. Fingers crossed as it is supposed to get up to 88Β° today.

  4. On topic, on today’s current cartoon. I have a clock that does bird calls on the hour, gift of daughter, have owned for 20 years. Every TIME those birds “ring” my 93 year old mom goes “What’s that? What’s that?”

    Has done so for 20 years! For 20 years I say, “It’s a bird mom.”

    “Where? Where’s the bird?”

    Love, Jackie Monies

  5. Actually, it was a lot more than just Omaha Beach. The US also landed at Utah Beach to the west and the Canadians and British landed at Gold, Juno, and Sword beaches to the east of Omaha. But before that, the US dropped two divisions of paratroopers behind Utah and the British dropped their paratroopers behind their beaches. I could say a lot more but let’s leave it at that.

  6. Steve, good luck with fridge and maybe freezer. With Mike in hospital/rehab in Tulsa we haven’t cooked much lately but seem to keep fridge packed. Opened fridge yesterday morning to find everything hot and melted. Thank God that helper/housekeeper had made it to work, so threw it all away. I hate doing that but we figured it had been out a couple days?

    Helper defrosted and cleaned and plugged back in and it worked!
    A miracle!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  7. I missed the “Overlord” connection mainly because I have heard D-Day so often, I keep forgetting it *had* a codename.

    And it finally happened: the geniuses with the cement mixer completely blocked me from my parking spot. You could get in from one side, but not all the way around and navigating the slalom course of a carport was rough. One of the geniuses watched me pull in the far drive, yet did nothing to warn or stop me from proceeding. You could see the surprise when I wriggler my way back out again without hitting anything.

    cxp, I ended up working thirds last night on very, very little sleep. Caught the weather update as I was running out the door. Was HOPING for a whopper of a storm to knock the power out for a few hours so I could lock the doors and catch a nap. No such luck. It was dark green rain (to use a Janis-ism), but that’s about as bad as it got. However, it *did* rain hard enough to wash all the crusties off the sidewalks and my Herbie-mobile, so I guess its … wait for it

    … a wash. Ha!

    Debbe – That curflunkle is a bit mean-spirited, even for Angus. Maybe Angus has a distant cousin haunting your chicken runs.

    Jerry! How’s Florida? And you keep breaking my heart – no weather updates.

    Jackie – I do not have an automatic defrost fridge. I can break down the freezer compartment, defost the coils completely and have it back together in only a few hours.

  8. There is an entire blog built around the concept of CIDU (Comics I Don’t Understand). Yet very seldom does anyone here ask for help with understanding an A&J cartoon. (They often do over on TDS, though.) So do the comic-strip-impaired not hang out here? Or do they just occasionally sneak over to CICU? πŸ™‚

  9. Food afternoon Mindy and Gang….. πŸ™‚

    Did you see that small plane landing in San Antonio?????? Spectacular!!!! Watched it live…

    GR πŸ˜‰ But there’s something to be said about B B King…..


  10. Debbe πŸ˜‰ That was a 1974 Beech Bonanza (A36) registered out of Baytown TX. (That’s right, a 40-year-old airplane. Take care of them, and they will last a long, long time.) The pilot did a good job, but it wasn’t nearly as dramatic as it may have looked. A landing is a landing, gear down or not. N136EL will fly again, perhaps for another 40 years.

  11. Dear Jackie Monies, I too have a clock with bird songs on the hour, a gift from a daughter. It’s a source of innocent merriment, for the songs never line up with the right bird picture. If anyone is surprised, I say “it’s the bird clock”. Would this help with your mother?
    Oh, gee, that’s awful, losing all the food in your refrigerator. I’m sorry it happened and hope it doesn’t happen again.
    Steve in Royal Oak, how are you doing with your power outage and maybe thawing food in refrig?

  12. Charlotte, the songs on my bird clock do not line up either! Blamed it on myself, not knowing how to reset them. When something starts chirping, my husband says “That’s the six o’clock bird” (or whatever time it is) since it usually is obviously not right bird call.

    Yes, I tell mom “that’s the bird clock” but then she wants to know when I got it.

    And yes, I am sure I will miss all the things that drive me crazy now. It is funny, I was always good about calling and talking to aunts, mother in law, mom, even when they often drove me nuts.
    But I miss the ones who are gone, especially the ones who traveled a lot with us.

    Did I mention my husband would have made a wonderful tour guide because he was so patient with the elderly relatives, all of whom were widowed?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  13. About understanding A and J: I had not until now read the Comics I Don’t Understand, although I knew of its’ existence. From that sampling of comments and the ones over on The Dark Side, I have decided this group is made up of a lot of Mensa members. This one, not the other two.

    Everyone here seems to get JJ’s humor, and yes, it is often subtle, often requires a broad frame of knowledge, maybe more than the other groups possess?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  14. Ah Canada Day. I was in an open field this afternoon in Ottawa. A fair was set up and a number of stages battling to drown out each other. I was helping set up the music for our martial arts demo.

    We have had a number of days of straight sun. Today is cloudy, windy with threats of showers. And a tornado advisory. They we taking some of the tents down before they blew away and ended up in Kansas.

    The demo finished before anything bad happened.

  15. Because the Invasion has been mentioned, I will now state this:

    I had no idea that Arthur C. Clarke was involved with the Days’ vacation trips to the beach.

  16. If I go out on porch right now, we may end up in Kansas as well.
    Even daughter is worried, says those big trees are whipping around out there. The rotations are just south of us, along with hail and heavy, heavy rain, flash flooding.

    Got insurance questions answered and paid except part about whether flood insurance can actually be bought in this section of the county!

    Hope everyone is OK in Indiana.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  17. So far, no touch downs but flash flooding warning until after midnight. The massive ditch project is coming along and onto last stage mason says, so we can hope it works. I am gonna bet the officials here in our little “tip of the county” didn’t do paperwork for flood insurance. When Allstate says they need to research more, that means they don’t know!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  18. Dear Jackie, I hope you get safely through these threatening storms! Good that you’ve taken care of those pesky insurance issues, and we’ll see if the masonry stands up okay. Wish you could send photos of your yard construction … all the Villagers are eager to see the results.

    Don’t “blame” your bird clock lineup on yourself. There are instructions on the back near the battery compartment, but they’re hard to follow. I have simply given up and let it do as it pleases.

  19. Charlotte, I have a nice Allstate agent/owner who breeds and shows coon dogs (which just got allowed at Westminister) called “Treeing Walker Hounds” as opposed to running ones I think. He is very nice and helpful and told me he had never had a single claim on earthquakes and told me where the fault lines ran in Oklahoma. So hopefully, we won’t have one under the lake and suddenly drain it!

    We were discussing my restoration of the “dry creek” back to drain water, where the previous owners had filled in creek with soil to get more yard, which then washed into lake. He said, “I bet everyone in subdivision is directing their water onto you too.”

    Which is exactly what happens in these rural developments. There are no restrictions and people do as they please. And insurance agents know this.

    Daughter finally sees need for spending $$$ on project now that she is here all the time.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  20. First storm of the tropical season is going to apparently become an Atlantic hurricane. One doesn’t make a trend, but perhaps this will be another East Coast storm year rather than a Gulf Coast one.

  21. Jackie, you might want to keep in mind the fact that your insurance agent was only able to tell you about the known fault lines in Oklahoma. Remember, the Northridge Earthquake was on a previously unknown fault.

  22. Good morning Villagers…

    What wake up calls…..from Pink Floyd to Led Zepplin..thanks guys, all been bookmarked πŸ™‚

    Storms brought in much needed, cooler temps…high today 79, down to 58 tonight, gonna open up the windows.

    Good thing I copied the link that was posted in “our recommendations”….anyone remember this one: GR πŸ˜‰ ?

    Thanks for helping me out there, Indy Mindy….that is a good song by Bono/U2, but I was looking for a Genesis tune, and I found it this morn. Persistence pays off. It was “You’re No Son of Mine”.

    oops can’t post two links in same comment…

  23. Ghost – I’m going to say false to your question. I remember a strip where Arlo sings “song titles” in the shower, spaced by bah bahs and dum de dums, but he didn’t specifically sing that one.

  24. Ghost. you may have mentioned liking older women as a boy-child? I may have mentioned the cute little neighborhood boy who waited for the bus with me and was always shivering in the winter? Then he’d beg me to let him get under my coat with me?
    His shivering ears seemed to be about chest high.

    Thought about him the other day when I was in town for my aunt’s funeral. Funny the things you remember about people.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  25. Realized I had not seen that series either and then figured out why. That was about time I moved from Houston to Oklahoma and lost most contact with computers, cell phones and Houston newspapers! We are catching up here somewhat now.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  26. Mark in TTown, No, I never knew there are dog and cat clocks … when you told us, I laughed out loud, the idea was so funny. Since they don’t sing … the barks and meows must sound really peculiar!

  27. Chest high, eh, Jackie? πŸ˜‰ If that young lad was that persuasive, he probably went on to hold a high elected office.

    FA, I suppose any day could be “Flash the Cartoonist Day” if the occupant(s) so desired.

  28. Lady Mindy, after a conversation (if one could call it that) with Angus, I determined that he is not aware that you are no longer at your old store. (Don’t worry, I didn’t tell him otherwise.) This could be related to the fact that he recently (somehow) discovered 151 proof rum. Also, he was trying to talk like pirate, which, believe me, was not a pretty sight.

  29. Testing: Nobody has posted for almost 5 weekday evening hours. Odd.

    Heard some good h.s. brass [a quintet] at the Presb. Ch. at noon. We have a summer W noon church musicians series, half hour [+] recital followed by an inexpensive or free will lunch. Some of us are as interested in the quality and variety of the food as we are in the music. There’s also a free will basket for the Area Ch. Mus. group, which supports 1 [or more?] scholarships. First trombone today was a newly graduated recipient of one.

  30. EMB, I am sitting here listening to fireworks next door and all around me. About this time of year I pray for rain and that my house doesn’t get set afire by errant rockets. Giant marathon of amateur fireworks until they shoot them all up and the stands fold and go away for awhile.

    Dogs and cats do not care for fireworks, so I will go comfort them with a blanket to hide under.

    It still pales compared to Chinese New Year in Hawaii, which I would actually take the cats across the island from Waikiki and go hide out at husband’s office at Sea Life Park which was quieter.

    I figured everyone was out of town?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  31. eMb, wish I could have heard that group; that’s the kind of music that I like best. Trombone is especially appealing. Also very fond of woodwind groups, love the bassoon, cor anglais too … and orchestral music of course. You say you have a fine bass voice; another favorite. You must have heard Ezio Pinza, at least on records. Maybe even in person; you may have lived in NYC at the time he was starring in “South Pacific”.

    Yes, it’s distinctly odd there have been so few posts! Could be weather related?

  32. Great weather brings out my wife’s desire to go places and do things. Me, I’d be a homebody nowadays if I could after logging a few hundred thousand miles several times over. Then there’s catching up on all the shows I missed on the road… I’m currently in the 7th season of the Doctor Who reboot and glad my daughters are building up a DVD library with the Doctor and a few other good SF series I missed out on.

  33. You’re all dead. The challenge was Mickey and the password was Mouse. 1940’s Germans knew nothing about Mickey Mouse. Even the guys on our side who were not the brightest wouldn’t forget it though. Weather prediction-Arthur will cause high surf, rain and wind going up the east coast. Long term-it will not be as quiet in the Gulf this year as it has been recently.

  34. Anyone remember back in the day when, if Jimmy went two consecutive weekdays without a new post, some would start panicking and wondering if he’d had a heart attack? Not so much anymore.

    You have one little cardiac episode, and you never live it down. Hopefully. πŸ™‚

  35. Jerry – At first, I had no idea what the first part of your post was referencing. I scrolled back through and found your “Mickey” post. I’m guessing this was a quick way of figuring out if you were speaking with an ally or not in WWII.

    You are calling for a busy hurrican season, or just big consequences from the few we get?

  36. Good morning Villagers….

    and a big thank you Jean…awesome talent there…so do (did) you like Genesis? Great performances and concerts listed on the right of links to their videos…..

    This is just great, the packer at the other hen house just called and she is sick…running on a skeleton crew the way it is. Trying to keep Andrew and Ian free for ‘mishaps’, like the one yesterday, another stinking auger came out. They had to replace gear boxes, motors….as I’ve said before….I want an exorcism!!!!

    Gotta go….gonna be a long day, but hey….wait….it’s PAYDAY!!!!


    ya’ll have a blessed day

  37. Debbe, you’re welcome! Yes, I’ve always liked Genesis, but I like Phil Collins better than I did Peter Gabriel. I’ve never gotten to see them in concert, but I have seen Phil once and Mike Rutherford with his band Mike and the Mechanics twice.

    While we’re on the subject of musical instruments, while I agree that a sax is good, it’s hard to beat a well-played clarinet!

  38. Charlotte:

    Yes, wife and I saw South Pacific on Broadway summer of ’53 after I returned from overseas duty. Unfortunately, Pinza was no longer there, and probably others of the original cast had also left. They may all have been in London.

    In spring ’53 I rode to London with another officer who had a ticket to SP, with Pinza and perhaps most of the original cast. Tickets were sold out, but I’d noticed another theatre, probably on The Strand, where Maurice Chevalier was on a ‘farewell’ tour [I’m not sure it was his last], and count myself lucky to have seen that.

    In ’52, in Paris, I’d seen the Folies Bergere, which is where Chevalier started out. He was not there, but I saw a lot else.

    Fireworks: I hate them. Fortunately, this ‘townhome community’ is not close to many homes where they will be common. We had planned on our first dog being a doghouse dog. Brought her home just about now [in the ’70s], and the fireworks made her an inside dog. She was neurotic; I’ve mentioned here before that you would know why if you’d met her previous owner.

  39. Totally off subject unless cats, music and A & J counts!

    Sometime not long ago there was a strip where Arlo was talking to Ludwig about not knowing his daddy or his brothers and sisters (Luddie) and not having anybody to love. Then Luddie kissed/licked Arlo and Arlo said “You silver tongued devil!”

    First, Ghost, do you remember that one? Anyone else? And second, could this be a reference from JJ to a song/album by Kris Kristopherson by same name?

    Stumbled over that one last night listening to youtube along with the neighbor’s fireworks. Asked my youngest daughter how I had managed to miss the entire 70’s period for music and movies?

    She said I was busy watching Sesame Street, Disney movies and listening to kiddie records. Totally true, one born in 71, another in 75.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  40. Trapper, you got me too with Pete Fountain and then looked down and saw music from Al Hirt on same page. Living in the Quarter we were in middle of clubs, landlady dated Fountain’s brother who kept electricity working in all the old buildings. She was “old New Orleans money” along with some new Texas money.

    We were surrounded by all these people daily and nightly. Husband says he is convinced we somehow knew Jimmy Buffet and don’t remember him. But New Orleans was music back then and I remember so many great musicians.

    People like Fats Domino played for dances back then!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  41. I tried to watch that number — I enjoyed the music, Candy is a saxy lady and easy on the eyes — but whoever edited it should take a few tranquilizers! I’ve never enjoyed frenetic camera work, with the typical shot lasting less than 5 seconds and most of them with the camera in motion.

  42. At least, TR, they didn’t utilize the highly-annoying, motion sickness-inducing, herky-jerky “handheld camera” technique some movies and TV shows do. (I’m looking at you, NYPD Blue.) Whose real-life POV is like that, unless maybe if they are having a stroke?

  43. Everyone is going to display the US Flag tomorrow, right? What’s that you say? You don’t have a US Flag, and it’s too much trouble to get one and display it?

    Fortunately, transporting troops, horses and artillery pieces across the freezing waters of the Delaware River by boat the night of December 25, 1776, wasn’t “too much trouble” for the Continental Army.

  44. Good for you, TR. That would be the ideal, but I realize not everyone has the location or resources to do that.

    Ah, Mark, am I the only one that finds that a bit weird? Identifying with your pets is one thing, but looking like them? Or them looking like you? Really?

    But, heck, I even find dressing small animals in human clothes silly rather than amusing. But, whatever blows your skirt up.

  45. Dear eMb, sorry that you missed Pinza, but good that you saw M. Chevalier; I never saw either one. I loved Some Enchanted Evening so much, I probably wore out the record (shellac, 78 rpm, natch). No, I don’t remember you writing before about your dog; care to elaborate? I greatly object to the loud bangs of fireworks, too, and will flee, if possible. The skyrockets are very beautiful, if the sound is off, on TV, or far away.

    Dear Jackie, that remark about TV you watched in the ’70s is cute. A lot of us can relate to that! May your holiday be as quiet as possible … maybe it will rain?

  46. Flags:

    Flags are an outward sign, either of patriotism or something else. I neither put out a flag on particular holidays nor permanently. I also criticize, in general, neither those who do nor those who don’t. [There is a place for one at every front door in this townhome community. It also has three large flags on poles at appropriate sites.]

    On the other hand, I recycle, conserve one way and another, live nowhere near as high on the hog as I could, try not to waste resources on junk, and contribute to worthy causes. My attitude on patriotism is much like that of the writer of the Epistle of James on faith–Js., ch. 2, esp. Js.2:18.

    I have a large flag, never unfolded, given to my mother at Dad’s funeral in ’58 [he served in the Spanish-American War]. I will try to remember to give it to the local post of the American Legion. Thanks for the reminder. Peace, emb

  47. Mark in TTown, okay, those are some scary photos.

    I saw a picture today that made me think of something I’ve never realized-if you live in a subdivision/neighborhood/townhome community please remember there might be veterans living there who might not like fireworks. Fireworks and PTSD don’t mix.

    From Jeff Foxworthy: You might be a redneck if you think the Declaration of Independence is somebody’s divorce papers!

    Happy Independence Day!

  48. Please do that, emb. I’m sure that either an American Legion or a Veterans of Foreign Wars post would be honored to have your father’s flag entrusted to them.

  49. Testing again. I’m at Dunn Bros., enjoying 16 oz. of the real stuff [I should have asked for ‘small’ 12 oz.],that I get free when I buy a # of decaf. I won’t fall asleep on the way home.

    They have only one kind of decaf at a time, but it changes. This time it’s Trilladora, from Colombia. I’ve not found any I didn’t like.

    I did give the Legion the flag on the way down. Peace, emb.

  50. Louie Zamperini, a true American hero, died yesterday at age 97. If you don’t know his story, it would be worth your while to look it up. I had the good fortune last year to discover and read his biography, “Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption” by Laura Hillenbrand. And later this year, there will be a movie released based on the book, one produced by the Coen brothers, no less.

  51. Jackie – I *just saw* that “silver-tongued” strip. I forget the date. I want to say it’s between Nov. – Mar.

    I really want to comment about the current temperature, but I don’t want Mother Nature to think I’m complaining (Really, I’m not.) I’ll just stay under my blankets and stay happy.

  52. If you celebrate the 4th by plugging in the Christmas lights, then you might be Jeff Foxworthy. Unfortunately I know plenty of people who attend church every Sunday and have a permanent flag on the front porch. Some of them, not all, are neither Christians nor patriots in my opinion. I go with what’s inside and their attitude toward their fellow man.

  53. Ironically, given the subject of yesterday’s (7-3-14) A&J cartoon, the first two people to comment this holiday morning are on their way to work. And early, too. Have a good day anyway, ladies.

    I see that reporters from The Weather Channel are standing out in the wind and rain at locations on the East Coast this morning, reporting that it is windy and rainy. They must fear that otherwise we might doubt that hurricanes actually produce wind and rain.

  54. Today’s live A and J is hilarious! Given recent comments like mine about the amateur fireworks displays, totally appropriate!

    Ghost, I was watching the news from Weather Channel last night for first time in months while at hospital with Mike. Wolfe Blitz or whatever his name is was being blown off a pier in NC. I said same thing, “Why do those idiots have to do that? ”

    It’s that Dan Rather at the beach in the 60’s thing. Set a precedent and it becomes a tradition if you wait long enough.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  55. I am with Jerry on the “what’s in the heart” part, or what’s with the actions and how they treat their fellow man, their country, our world. I was raised in the Bible belt and know all too well what he says is true.

    Because I was a “wild child” and loved Rock-n-Roll, still do, I actually had a sermon preached about me, which made me mad at the time but makes me laugh now. Our newest boat (which resides in raw materials out in boat shop for now) is named “Footloose” for the Kevin Bacon movie which has a lot of personal meaning to me.

    I had told my New Zealand designer/friend about organizing first prom at my Bible Belt high school and hiring band, having a “dance”- gasp!! He thought this funny coincidence too and named the boat’s design “Footloose” in my honor. Now that is fun!

    Keep the youtube links coming, I love them guys and they cheer me up a lot.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  56. Hi, Jackie. That was probably Jim (“Macho Man”) Cantore you saw being blown around. You may remember that one of my all-female staff often mocks him as getting an inappropriate and unnatural thrill from high winds. She also calls him the “Wind Humper”. Of course, I have no idea what she means by that.

    And yes, I blame Dan (“What’s the frequency, Kenneth”) Rather.

  57. The best are people who leave flags up forever until they’re ratty and it’s hooray for the pink, gray and aqua. There’s a service some people pay for in my neighborhood, for holidays you get 2-3 flags on poles in your front yard. set up and retrieval, so you don’t need to be bothered with it. I almost feel bad because I’m on a corner and two other houses have three lined up in the yard. What enrages me is commercial flags on the flagpole, .. aah the United States of America, in the state of McDonalds. I’ve written letters to some of the corporations and have gotten some quizzical responses. I put the Texas flag out for state holidays, not many people seem to do that. I even hung the US flag upside down when obamacare passed

  58. Thanks, Jean dear. It got a lot better about the 2:35 point.

    And at the end, the young lady kneeling beside him at stage right was wearing black panties. πŸ˜‰

  59. Interesting point about the lack of comments, especially in the evenings. I’ve been unable to get here for a few days and was afraid I wouldn’t have time to catch up completely, but it didn’t take that long after all.

  60. Ghost, what makes “my sermon” interesting is that it is so similar to the story on “Footloose.” I played/listened/danced to rock n roll music and got others to do so. I smoked, drank, wore my clothes too tight/short/skimpy and had an attitude the main stream community didn’t like. Like believing in equality, women having rights, that Communists weren’t going to take over America along with the Pope and the Jewish people in some sort of apocalypse. And I expressed these views loudly and irreverently.

    So, I got a sermon preached about the devil in a red dress dancing their souls to hell, brief synopsis of plot. My granny was a member of this church, along with my other relatives, so I got a full report. I was not there unfortunately.

    I relate to the famous line by Jerry Lee Lewis, “If I’m going to hell, I’m doing it playing the piano.”

    Love, Jackie Monies

  61. Jackie: You are not going to hell. You are in Elohim’s hands, and you will still be. I don’t think you can beat that.

  62. @ Emeritus Minnesota Biologist. If you have a coffin flag it should never be unfolded. It was taken from the coffin, reverently folded never to fly again. I have my dad’s (WWII US Navy) in a display case in my living room and my father in law’s (Korea US Army) in the bedroom. I am a genuine Vietnam era 4-F. Enlisted when I got the letter and was sent home, so I don’t say anything about those who didn’t serve. We don’t always know why except in the case of the current occupant of a particular house in DC who didn’t because of his communist principles. Greetings from San Antonio, TX Military City USA. Have a great fourth and don’t get sunburned.

  63. It’s out of my hands. If what you say is true [about flags, that is], the Legion will just keep it folded. Personally, I find that wasteful. It’s been folded and in a drawer since ’58. If it is not on display, I see nothing reverent or patriotic about keeping it out of sight in a drawer. I don’t remember the flag ritual from Dad’s funeral; I inferred it may have been from that because he’s the only ‘recent’ veteran [S/A War] from either mine or wife’s family that we would likely have inherited a flag from. Her dad and uncles were all to young for WWI, too old for WWII. I served during the Korean War [but not in Korea], but am not dead yet, and my kids know I do not want the flag ritual at my funeral.

  64. Good July 4th, as husband got out of hospital today. I have been “staying available” all day in case he needs help with stuff, which means don’t leave front part of house. He wanted real food after a month in hospital on IV’s and imitation food which I found fascinating, if not appetizing. They mold it to look like pork chops, grapes, peaches, etc. Weird!

    So, he got chicken and dumplings for lunch and chicken marsala and wild rice, squash for dinner. Not fancy but real anyway after what he has been on. We are going to have Independence Day meals tomorrow with hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, deviled eggs, watermelon, cookies, cupcakes, that sort of stuff. I know he can’t eat some of it but our kids and grandson can.

    He says he wants his wife back, the one who cooked and kept kitchen clean. There are about 40 miniature trains and all the tracks on table right now!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  65. About military coffin flags, I have my dads of course, still folded.

    But there are two groups I know of that are flying the flags. One is a cemetery in Tulsa which is still doing I believe. They labeled each flag/flag pole with name of the veteran whose flag it is.

    Another is a small town in Louisiana where I grew up that does a similar thing, accept donated flags and fly them in huge display at certain holidays. I believe they also label each flag with name of deceased veteran.

    I guess I did not realize this was improper use of the flags and I will look on net and see if they are doing this still. Our town here in Oklahoma puts out flags but they are not coffin flags but were bought by merchants.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  66. One last comment—- I have a suggestion for Jimmy that will bring in instant sales of a book and related merchandise.

    Just pull all the Ludwig cartoons and publish them as a book and do it in time sequence as they appeared in strip. Leave out all the rest and market book to cat nuts like myself. You have only to look at the internet to know there are a ton of cat-aholics out there.

    I say this because I have been plowing through years of the strip looking for that darned Luddie one where he licks Arlo and Arlo calls him a silver tongued devil. I haven’t found it but there are the best cat cartoons in A and J that I have ever seen! They are pure genius and funny as anything I have ever seen.

    Jimmy knows cats!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  67. I note that some of you plugged in your

    I note that some of you plugged in your Christmas lights today. If any rifles are fired at my funeral I’m leaving.

    Christmas lights today.

  68. Welcome home Mike!

    GR, that is cool looking even when not flying. πŸ™‚ Wonder how many it will seat? It looked like only one but then the over-the-shoulder camera shot makes me think again. Ah well, life is full of fun stuff, like planes and trains, family and friends.

  69. Found the article on the Floral Haven Cemetery flag display ceremony from last year. This year was the 42nd year they have put up over 3000 flags, each one dedicated to a deceased veteran and yes, they are coffin flags donated by families.

    Even though this does appear to be improper, it seems to bring the families joy and satisfaction. This is an immensely popular event and I have driven through the cemetery and the displays in past. It is most impressive, as are the miles and miles of flags on the highway in Louisiana.

    Both organizations are supported by veterans and VFW groups who treat the flags with respect. They are cleaned and stored again between each display.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  70. Good morning Villagers…..

    Jackie…that is great news that Mike is home…’s a U Tube dedicated to you both:

    It’s from Leon and Mary Russell’s “Wedding Album”….which I had at one time.

    Thank you for the well wishes, GR πŸ˜‰ Just another clucking day at the hen house, but if they don’t fix that sensor problem…I’m going to wear out the start button, but not before I take a sledge hammer to it……..(there’s a song there, don’t ya think?)

    Indy Mindy….hope your day went well… I came home, took a hollywood shower, had some buds and supper….and was asleep by 8…..awake at 3. Slept good though.

    Well, back to work…..

    ya’ll enjoy day 2 of your 3 day holiday

  71. Jean…thanks for the Kevin Bacon link…..I’ve always enjoyed his movies….especially “Mystic River”. Never sat down to watch “Footloose” back then. May have to put that on my “to watch” list….

    ….and I found my “Shanandoah” video……hooray!!!!!

  72. Hmmmm… trying to post a comment about flying burial flags. It won’t post, though. Usually, if it has forbidden words it will post, the poster can see it, and it has an “awaiting moderation” in the heading. I can’t get the message to post, period.

  73. Trying the message in bits:

    From the National Cemetery:

    “For those VA national cemeteries with an Avenue of Flags, families of Veterans buried in these national cemeteries may donate the burial flags of their loved ones to be flown on patriotic holidays.”

    That would seem to indicate that it is not inappropriate to fly a burial flag for special purposes, but also that it is not for general purpose, outside, use:

    “The burial flag is not suitable for outside display because of its size and fabric. It is made of cotton and can easily be damaged by weather.”

  74. Part two:

    Several sources, including the American Legion, FLAG[dot]COM, and AmericanFlagFoundation[dot]com all use similar words:

    “Q: Can a Flag that has been used to cover a casket be displayed after its original use?
    A: There are no provisions in the Flag Code to suggest otherwise. It would be a fitting tribute to the memory of the deceased veteran and their service to a grateful nation if their casket Flag were displayed.”

    My take is that it IS perfectly OK to fly a burial flag on special occasions. I personally think that the most respectful thing is to properly display in a shadow-box built for the purpose, possibly with ribbons/medals and accoutrements.
    PS– figured out the problem posting… the names of the sites, even though not given as a full web address with the prefix and punctuation still violated the multiple link prohibition. Live and learn.

  75. The discussion about burial flags has me thinking about what I want done with mine. Because of my sister’s recent death, there is a very real chance I will not have surviving family close enough for the flag to be a meaningful memento. So some type of donation may very well be the way to go.

  76. Oh, wait. That freakin’ flying tricycle thing costs three hundred ninety-five thousand dollars. (That’s right, $395,000.00!) I believe you could still buy a nice four-passenger airplane for that and still have money left over for maintenance, fuel and renting a vehicle after you fly into your destination. Plus a motorcycle.

    Debbe πŸ˜‰ I’ll be working on the song lyrics for you. πŸ™‚

  77. Apparently Oklahoma has officially concluded that oil and gas drilling has been cause of our increased to #1 status in earthquakes in United States! In newspapers yesterday?

    Doubt they will vote to suspend drilling.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  78. Jackie, I’m sure that it all depends on whether the scientists decide that these are just localized events with layers of rock collapsing far underground or it’s actually causing plates to move along a fault line. The former doesn’t pose any real danger to folks on the surface compared to the latter. I’ve been through several small quakes (less than 5.0) and they were nothing to worry about — no damage in our town except to some walls that were already cracking from poorly laid foundations.

  79. At my age I am not worried I will end up owning ocean front property in Oklahoma! I am from a family where everyone was in some form of oil exploration or drilling it seems, including most recently fracking. My stepdad was in Denmark doing seismic studies for what is North Sea fields now when Germans took Denmark in WWII. Reading his reports on hiding the information before the country was taken over was interesting.

    He staked the first oil well in the Arab states as well, did early exploration in Venezuela after war.

    It is hard for me to believe that oil is “evil”, I grew up surrounded by oil personnel and the industry.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  80. Welcome home Mike!

    I have the burial flag from my Dad’s funeral in a display case. I really hadn’t thought about what to do with it after I’m gone. hmmm…

    Debbe, haven’t watched Mystic River, but I did like Footloose, and Kevin’s bad guy in the recent R.I.P.D. Maybe not the best movie ever, but with Jeff Bridges, Ryan Reynolds, and Kevin, sort of a guilty pleasure.

    Ghost, black, yes, but panties or a leotard? πŸ˜‰

  81. Obviously, I love Footloose and I have always thought Kevin Bacon did wonderful dancing, considering I don’t think he trained as a dancer? The performance on Jimmy Fallon was amazing, as Kevin is now in his late 50’s I believe. Was that him doing gym routines? If so, he is sure in great shape!

    I had a friend whose son was autistic, she raised him alone. He was stuck in his teens, although he was much older of course. I found out he liked musicals and dance movies. I bought him Footloose which then became his favorite dance movie. I told him it was mine too.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  82. Just had a weird thought about that. Would it be totally awful to be stuck in your teens? I think teenagers go through great angst.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  83. Hmmm? Good question, Ghost. I liked late 20’s before children and maybe 40-50 decade. Know enough to not be TOTALLY stupid, perhaps? Take that back, I still made serious mistakes in both decades.

    But I still think a more mature period but able to still enjoy life and do fun stuff? Wait, isn’t that where Arlo and Janis are right now?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  84. Jackie and Ghost:

    I was born in the late ’20s, and thus am in my mid-80s. If “stuck in” means forever, I’d put up with various current age-related annoyances in exchange for immortality. Of course, I’d rather the two of us had been stuck in our late 70s. Maybe some day I’ll learn how she feels about it now.

    Peace, emb

  85. emb:

    You hit on the age old question. Everyone wants a long life, but would you want to become immortal, watching the ones that you love leave you? I have an idea of what heaven will be like and I think that we will be “stuck” in an age, but then we will never know in this lifetime. If I am somehow taken, I will try to post here at A&, but alas, I will probably get stuck in moderation.

  86. I like this unoriginal original poem… I wish I knew the author’s name:


    Any similarity to real persons,
    living or dead, is purely
    coincidental. Some
    assembly required.
    List each check separately by
    bank number.
    not included. Contents may
    settle during shipment. Use
    only as directed. No other
    warranty expressed or implied. Do not
    use while operating
    a motor vehicle or
    heavy equipment. Postage
    will be paid by
    addressee. Apply only
    to affected area. May be
    too intense for some viewers.
    See store manager for details.
    Do not disturb. All models
    over 18 years of age. For recreational use
    only. If condition persists,
    consult your physician. No user-
    serviceable parts inside. Best if
    used before date on carton.
    Subject to change
    without notification. Simulated picture.
    No postage necessary if mailed
    in the United States. Breaking seal
    constitutes your acceptance of
    this agreement. For off road use only.
    As seen on TV.
    One size fits all.
    Colors may fade.
    Slippery when wet.
    For official use only.
    Edited for television.
    Post office will not deliver
    without postage. Not responsible
    for direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential
    damages resulting from any defect, error,
    or failure to perform. At participating locations only.
    Penalty for private use. Substantial penalty
    for early withdrawal. Do not write
    below this line. Lost
    ticket pays maximum rate.
    Your canceled check is your receipt.
    Add toner. Place stamp here. Avoid contact
    with skin. Sanitized
    for your protection. Slightly
    higher west of the Mississippi.
    Employees and their families are not
    eligible. Contestants have been briefed
    on some questions before
    the show. You must
    be present to win. No passes accepted
    for this engagement. No purchase necessary.
    Keep away from
    fire or flame. Price
    does not include taxes. Prerecorded
    for this time zone.
    Reproduction strictly
    prohibited. Press here
    to open. First pull up,
    then pull down. Call before
    digging. Driver
    does not carry cash.
    Do not fold, spindle, or mutilate.
    Safety sealed for
    your protection. Actual mileage
    may vary. Do not use
    if wrapper is punctured.
    Refrigerate after opening.
    Sold by weight, not
    volume. Contains less than 1%
    alcohol. Remove before flight.
    No shirt, no shoes,
    no service. Prices may
    vary. Void
    where prohibited.

  87. When I read that EMB had his father’s flag folded and never flown it made me think. I have my father’s also and it is still folded. I think it should be flown and think I will. Maybe on his birthday.

  88. TR, does “If condition persists, consult your physician” include the call to his doctor a guy is supposed to make after four hours?

  89. “Substantial penalty for early withdrawal.” There comes a time when this is only a theoretical topic.

    Peace, emb

  90. You realize, of course, that a product warning usually becomes a warning because at least one person has taken the warned-against action.

  91. Good morning Villagers…

    Jackie, what did you think of the song “Rainbow in Your Eyes”? I don’t know, but that song came to my mind when you said Mike was home and you seem to be a loving couple.

    “Do not look in laser with remaining eye”….but what if the cat catches the laser?

    Good sleeping weather here in S IN….in the low sixties….windows wide open.

    Back to work…..later

    GR πŸ˜‰ I’ll let you U Tube “Sledgehammer”


  92. Sorry little buddy, but I liked Gilligan. Improbable, a little stupid, but at least it was funny. I cannot say the same for most programs these days…Unless I consider the Nightly News as satire and then it is hilarious.

    BTW, definitely a Marianne guy. At least that is how my wife spells it.

  93. Jackie, Kevin Bacon is indeed in his mid-50s, and no, that’s not him doing the acrobatics in the Jimmy Kimmel clip. In fact, he had a dance double for the film.

    Ghost, black leotards can be interesting, too. πŸ˜‰

  94. I get teased about the only reason I go to yoga class is the instructor. She likes wearing short skirts and thongs, who doesn’t?

  95. I don’t wear short skirts and thongs… I’d be very uncomfortable in them!

    I do enjoy going to the gym because of the lovely young women who inspire us old coots to suck in our guts and work harder.

  96. Trapper Jean: Thanks for posting that clip. I will be adding “Galaxy Quest” to my list of sounds to show the patients at the state hospital. Somehow I had forgotten that one!

  97. For about two minutes there, I sat and thought “Isn’t it weird so many of us like the same things? Movies, music, humor?”

    Nah! It isn’t strange at all. We reflect what Jimmy puts in his world because we are all here as part of that.

    Thanks for finding the Ludwig licking Arlo joke, I wasn’t far enough back. I had made it from 2014 to 2006 I think? Of course, I ended up reading ALL the strips, not just the range Mindy suggested.

    Lying in bed last night, I realized that JJ has to draw and write a strip a day for 365 days per year. For 25 years that is roughly 9,125 strips of humor. How many of us could be funny consistently for even one week or month?

    There are simply awesome strips in the archives. And because I think A & J reflects a lot of JJ’s personality you learn a lot about him when you do that.

    For instance, Arlo and Janis went on a date to hear a Kris Kristofferson concert before they were married. So, I was probably right that the Ludwig strip was a reference to Kris and “The Silver Tongued Devil” (a great song, by the way)

    Read a great article/blog by a writer who talked about Kris Kristofferson vs. Jimmy Buffet fighting it out in his mind all his life.
    Great thinking, both fabulous lyricists and talented musicians, Kris an actor, Jimmy a writer.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  98. This is for eMb; while looking up another word, I noticed “patter: to talk fast … from pater, to mumble prayers fast … from Paternoster.” From the liturgy to Gilbert and Sullivan. Well, music itself began in the church and see where it’s ended up now!

  99. TrapperJean, it’s funny you should have mentioned black leotards. Turned on the tv this afternoon and Rock Around the Clock was on. Had one dance scene where the female lead was practicing wearing black leotards. Cue Arte Johnson, Vedddy interesting!

  100. And you’re going to be confused because my first comment is In Moderation, probably because there are two links to videos. Ah well. Such is life.

    Mark in TTown, because dancers!

  101. Good morning Villagers…

    ……short night, slept well…love these cool nights, good for sleeping.

    I think it’s Monday…right…loosing track of days. Thirteen straight days and counting.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

    GR πŸ˜‰

  102. Kept telling my kids that there was a great fireworks show that you could see from our yard that was always the day AFTER the holiday. Started hearing booms, kids began to believe me and went out, decided to drive down the street to end and lake.

    Came back to report that there were hundreds of cars and hundreds of boats at our neighborhood beach and a professional fireworks display being shot 300 yards off beach. And I never could find any mention in newspaper of this event!

    This has been going on for years and I still have no idea who puts it on or funds it. It seems to be word of mouth publicity?

    I need a golf cart to travel in. Everyone else in neighborhood has one, even the young and agile drive them.

    Good morning!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  103. Debbe, when I was a florist, one of my employees described what a holiday was like for a florist to someone and I overheard her.
    She said, “The days keep getting longer and the nights keep getting shorter and then pretty soon we don’t go home at all.”

    Sounds like a good country and western song line to me. Or a chicken farmer’s lament.

    Love, Jackie Monies

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