Unreal Estate

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Speaking of comments, I’ve noticed that this site has one thing in common with most other sites that attract regular visitors. Several posters will drop in early to comment directly on the day’s material or to make a new observation. This continues, but the discussion eventually evolves into a running conversation among regulars. This isn’t to imply criticism. That’s just the way it goes, and I’m ok with that. One thing that is different about this site, and I’m not the first one to make this observation, is that repeat posters, as a rule, come to josh and visit, not to argue and insult one another. I appreciate that and hope everyone enjoys the time they spend here, regardless of how much that is.

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  1. JJ, I am OUTRAGED! that you would would imply that I would not argue or insult others who do not wholeheartedly agree with my obviously sane and logic life positions!!!! Ditto, ditto, ditto and a few harumphs.

    Just joshing you, JJ!

  2. What me, the big breast faction vs. the less endowed faction? Insult? Who really cares except maybe Ghost?

    Sorry Ghost, that isn’t really intended as an insult! We will have to be more cautious, as we are being read.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  3. As some in here have seen I am not this Josh that Jimmy speaks of. Nor is Loon’s real name Visit. I learn a lot from this crew of characters, amongst which not all music is music.

  4. While I do visit the site on a daily basis, I usually don’t comment, or in fact, even read the comments (I am ashamed to say that), but as our daily Gannett outlet does not choose to carry the strip, this is the only way I can keep up. I will strive to do better in the comment area.

  5. Criteria of a great beach real estate, per sandcastler. Within walking distance of a great: breakfast place, pizza joint, fried fish shack, and a beach with plenty of exposure.

  6. When we lived in Hawaii we had great beach condo. If you went out on balcony and peered intently between the high rises you could see a Cunard ocean liner as it passed from one side to another but not both ends at same time. Narrow window of opportunity.

    Ghost, and other pilots, I worked next door in the FAA building, convenient unless someone was threatening to bomb us (regular occurrence Threats, not actual bombings) The Ala Wai canal and the marina were most scenic sights, along with shopping center.

    Beaches and scantily clad women not far away but not walking distance.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  7. “Gustnado” another new vocabulary word, along with “derecho” that we here in the great Heartland of America had already learned. I see one hit Cocoa Beach, FL and I am sorry for all the bad things happening to everyone weatherwise.

    I moved to Oklahoma 20 years ago, knowing very little about the weather, here or anywhere. Since we have better weather forecasters and equipment up in Tulsa and OKC than the weather channel, I have learned to listen to them and learn from them. I have been told that Alabama has outstanding weathermen too, especially one highly revered one whom everyone believes when he says dive for the shelter.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  8. James Spann. I knew my brain would kick in with help from Google. They say when he interrupts Oprah you better be heading for the shelter!

    I am worried about the hens and Cogburn. Are you guys OK? My aunt in Terre Haute says it is bad four miles from her but she is fine because she is south of TH. She said flooding was bad and people were being told to stay off roads just short distances away.

    Mindy, Debbe I worry about you two girls and the rest of the flock.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  9. Not the white sands of Alabama, Mississippi or Florida (Texas sand is notoriously not white) but I am working on plans for my annual “Boatstock” event in my backyard and the beach down the street on one of largest lakes in America. I just got confirmation that Kelly McGuire (“Blame It On Buffett”) will come play for me again. I know, I know, there are those here who don’t like water and boats.

    That’s not necessarily a requirement to have a good time at my annual camping in my yard which is far from a serious boating regatta. Anyway, I thought I would mention it here as I am in the almost exact geographic center of America, on a large body of water, lots of boats, boat music, wide variety of age groups, dogs welcome (we had a prairie dog too once) Whole thing is open and free.

    I started this because I wanted to meet my internet friends five years ago. Since I consider you all friends, I thought I’d mention it here. It’s in October over Columbus Day weekend, which is Indian Summer in Oklahoma and usually our best weather.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  10. From The Big Bang Theory:

    Sheldon: …do you know where the phrase jibber-jabber comes from?

    Penny: Oh, my God, you’re about to jibber-jabber about jibber-jabber.

  11. Civility is high on the list here, that’s why I read most of the comments. Now sometimes sanity may take a beating, but me, myself and I don’t mind, we find that normal.

  12. I never miss the comic and JJ’s comment underneath, but I only click over to the comment page when I want to read comments about something on that homepage. On those days I start out looking for that topic, but eventually get bored with the inside jokes from the regulars. I’m not complaining, you guys carry on. It’s just not very interesting to those who don’t have time to read them very often. I’m sure I miss things I’d be interested in reading. Like I said, not complaining, just bummed out. My thing, not yours.

  13. @ Jackie re yesterday’s comment on roadrunners. Twice in the past couple of weeks I have seen birds that I am fairly sure were roadrunners. If so it would be the first time I’ve heard of them at my elevation (7500ft). I couldn’t be sure because both birds were in the distance and darting through the scrub but they’re a pretty distinctive animal and I can’t think of anything else that would resemble them.
    It is hotter and drier up here than in years/decades past so they may be migrating up the mountains.

  14. I’m in and out of this page, depending on time available, but I notice that I haven’t seen anything from Mindy and John lately. Have they dropped out? Died? Gotten tired of it?

  15. Bryan, their foot movements are distinctive too, which is why the cartooning of the Roadrunner impresses me (WHEN THEY SLOW HIM DOWN) I had some customers in Falfurrias, TX who had tamed one and had it out on property as a pet.

    The guitar music on the Roadrunner video was fantastic at replicating the gait of the bird.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  16. JJ, forgot to mention the family from Pass Christian that was competing on American Ninja Warrior. Two sons & dad. I didn’t write the names down, so of course I’ve forgotten. Unfortunately, none of them made it through the elimination.

  17. Bird watching on the road- in Texas hill country you see a lot of pheasant, quail, roadrunners. We were out around Ballinger, Texas on a lonely country road when suddenly an entire flock of peacocks fly out in front of truck, scaring the pants off us. Turns out some ranch had a bunch that had gone wild and regularly dived at the stray car or truck coming by.


    Love, Jackie Monies

  18. Jackie – not just Texas. I live in Glendora, CA and we have a small flock of peacocks living
    a few blocks north of us. We also have a large flock of green parrots that fly by on a daily
    basis. Turns out they escaped from a tourist attraction in Pasadena in the 1930’s.

    And a condo is the only way to vacation. Unless you can find a house to rent…even better.

  19. Was just milling about Barnes & Noble website. On a whim, I typed in Arlo and Janis. Our fearless leader’s book is selling for a cool $123.63. Wow!

  20. As long as your laptop didn’t toss its cookies, Lady Mindy. And I wonder if anyone has tried to pawn a copy of The Book yet.

    I have heard reports of feral emu in southern states, allegedly as the result of failed emu ranching ventures turning their stock loose.

    And Debbe! 😉 Congratulations! Fifteen years, eh? That’s like a century in Hollywood years, right?

    And be glad you are not working in an emu house. Have you seen the size of those eggs?

  21. Husband with lung cancer keeps losing his, lost 5 more pounds today. This is not good.
    You guys are my link to sanity through combined insanity. If that makes sense.

    We are all too subdued today. The jungle is too quiet!

    Ghost, did you see the photos of Loni Anderson at the WKRP reunion? She has aged well!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  22. “I couldn’t be sure because both birds were in the distance and darting through the scrub but they’re a pretty distinctive animal and I can’t think of anything else that would resemble them.
    It is hotter and drier up here than in years/decades past so they may be migrating up the mountains.”

    Biologists are typically leery of accepting sight records, but birds in general and roadrunners in particular, are often distinctive, and I’d have no trouble recording that as a valid record for them at 7,000′ in your area.

    Peacocks and whatnot: In ’50 or so, I saw a peahen in Watkin’s Glen at the south end of L. Seneca [one Finger Lake west of L. Cayuga in western NY] and was informed by Dr. Loren Petry, a favorite botany prof, longtime Cornell faculty member, and amateur birder, that they’d been raised in the area, and escapes were common. I don’t know if there is a breeding population. Coyotes are now common in the Northeast; peafowl may, in a word, be sitting ducks for them. To see exotic fowl in great variety, visit the woods in England. During British Empire times, English gentry brought back and released most of the many pheasants native to India. We have just the one widespread introduced Ring-Necked pheasant, though there may be local populations here of others I don’t know about.

  23. Cavalry private: It’s quite out there, Sarge.

    Cavalry sergeant: Yeah, too quiet. I don’t like it.

    No, Jackie. I haven’t seen Lonnie lately. But I will make a point to look. She was certainly spectacular in her younger day. And, as I recall, the first movie star (and perhaps the only one) to admit having a breast reduction. (I don’t know why I remembered that.)

  24. Well, they still looked pretty good peeking out of that dress she had on today in the reunion pics.

    Darn, I wish I’d learn how to link stuff! People try to teach me over the net. I need someone looking at my hands on the keyboard and saying “Now press that one, not that one dummy!”

    Love, Jackie Monies

  25. Good evening, Villagers! Good news! I accompanied The Man In My Life to the opthalmologist today, and he is just a few “lines” off 20/20, so yay. He is going tp have YAG laser surgery in a few weeks and should be perfect. He will have the other cataract done in August

  26. Well, I put the laptop to bed and switched back to my iTouch. It’s a 2nd gen, and every now and then, I can’t post pictures to Facebook. Today’s picture was a doozy. It was a photo of a piece of today’s mail – a gift card from Target … congratulating me on my engagement. Reading the fine print on the back of the gift card, it is ONLY valid with a purchase AND a printout of my Target wedding registry! If I ever find the culprit….(and there many suspects)

    sandcastler™ – LOL!

  27. About parrots of which we had a couple that my grandmother and mom finally killed but not intentionally, I grew up around parrots that we brought from Venezuela to various relatives.
    I carried some in a hatbox and I know now it was wrong but in the 1950’s no one knew to have a conscious about such things.

    When my stepdad died the minister asked if there were any hymns with meaning to Brother McCarty? I was crying and I said “Yes, to sing Jesus Paid It All For Me.” The minister asked why and I said because he sang it with his parrots. The minister didn’t get it clearly as I was still crying and he said “Yes, Sister Buelah did love that song.” I said “No! Not parents, parrots, he sang it with the parrots and Sister Buelah taught it to them!”

    So, they sang it and when the hymn opened the entire church burst into laughter. Everyone there had heard those parrots sing that hymn!

    It’s been too quiet and somber today. We all need to laugh.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  28. Tom, I have a friend who used to live in Arcadia. He had parrots nesting in his back yard and told me that they’d escaped, years ago, from Santa Anita Race Track. One afternoon, when I visited him, there were four peacocks in his front yard and he told me that they lived at the Arboretum but roamed around the area because they weren’t kept in cages. BTW, for those of you who’ve never seen one close up, they really do have that idiotic expression that you see in cartoons.

  29. Jackie, I’d like to be able to say something that would help lessen the load you bear with your husband’s illness. I don’t know if I can, though. My wife is a hero, dealing with both my chronic kidney failure and my more recent, acute, injury that put me in a wheelchair. Speaking as the person that needs care, the care-giver makes all the difference. Having someone there, to help share the load and the emotional burden that chronic and potentially fatal disease impose makes an unbearable condition at least tolerable. From me, for your husband, thank you.

  30. Mindy, better they are congratulating on the forth coming marriage than the coming birth of a child. This is clearly another example of an algorithm scanning your purchases and assuming. May have been the sexy undies or revealing teddy, then again it could be the his and her booster cable set. Never trust an algorithm to do your shopping.

  31. This may or may not serve as a parrot related laugh, Jackie, but it sure burst my sides when it happened.
    About 30 years ago I lived with a woman who had a parrot of some sort (I don’t know – pretty, lots of colors, wicked bite when it wanted to). It pretty much had free reign of our house, as did our cats, but the bird roosted in a round cage that was raised about 2 feet from the floor, the top sat at about six feet. It was 2.5 -3 foot in diameter.
    I have no idea who owned this bird before my girlfriend but it really only “said” two things: “Help me! Help me!” and it would whimper like a hurt puppy. Rather disturbing!
    One day the parrot was making even more than it’s usual ruckus, yelling “help me” over and over again. I went to the den to see the bird hanging on the outside of it’s cage with one cat atop the cage and two others sitting below it. The bird was in absolutely no danger because the cats had all gotten their tails bitten or been snapped by the wings and had learned to keep a safe distance. The scene was, nonetheless, still hysterical.
    A few months later the woman up and decides to run off to Jamaica or some such and, just before she left she freed the bird. Just shoved it out the door to fend for itself. I know it survived for at least a few months because the cops kept getting reports of someone in the neighborhood yelling for help but they could never find anyone in trouble. I doubt they ever thought to look to the tops of the pine trees.

    Be well, Jackie.

  32. I just realized I can relate to today’s retro – my wife and I are going to Vegas for a week beginning next Wed., partly for some meetings and classes, partly just to get away from town. We rented a time-share property for the entire week for about $250. Basically a small apartment at a resort and well away from the Strip. Way better than any hotel, or at least any we could afford. Our first vacation since my battles with cancer and pulmonary embolisms and we are both really looking forward to it even if it will be 100F in the shade.

  33. My crazy boating friends leave this week to sail the 200 miles of the Texas coast in their little sandbox boats, raising money for Livestrong and ending cancer. They made it over their goal of $10,000 and I just got a couple checks sent to me to contribute to the Texas 200 Ducks, so that will put it a little bit higher.

    The Texas 200 group has a facebook page and are in their ninth year of doing this. It is an endurance race and has often been called a Texas rodeo on the water, for want of a better description. The goal is to make it to the end. Some years that is harder to do than others.

    These are not your yacht club types. My favorite line was my own: “Axe? What axe? Nobody carries an axe on a sailboat!”

    Love, Jackie Monies

  34. OK, gotta tell my favorite parrot joke…

    One night a burglar broke into a house after seeing its occupants leave. As he was walking through the house in the dark, he heard what sounded like the voice of a very old woman saying, “Shame on you! I see you, and Jesus sees you!”

    Startled, the burglar shines his flashlight all around until he sees a large cage with a parrot in it. Relieved, the burglar starts toward the stairs but then sees an enormous Doberman with bared teeth waiting at the top.

    Just then the parrot screams, “Attack, Jesus!”

  35. The university in Melbourne FL had peacocks running wild. Interesting birds, but raucous. I saw them more than once on trips through the area.

  36. My step-grandma’s parrots yelled out “Pap-pa! Close the door! It’s cold in here!” No one actually taught them that one on purpose.

    One of our neighbors in Venezuela had a large macaw that sang opera in what I assume was Italian.

    Is there a Jimmy Buffet parrot song? I know we are all called Parrotheads.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  37. sandcastler™ – That was a few years ago. I got formula, coupons, the whole lot. I don’t know what kind of purchases I could have made that would have triggered either.

  38. My next door neighbor is a bird rehab specialist, she get pet birds that have been abused or turned into shelters, that sort of thing. Before she got her own above ground tornado shelter I would have her use mine, since I usually wasn’t here.

    One storm I was here with my assorted dogs and cats and she ran over with her small dogs in cage and a baby green parrot she was raising on bottle or whatever they eat. She kept it in a baby sling on her chest for warmth.

    Well, the tornado sirens went on forever and I looked over just before my “Big Dog” Newfoundland inhaled what he thought was a green taco.

    She has rehabilitated some pitiful birds and takes loving care of them. We had planned to rehab my mom’s parrots but she finally killed them before we got the chance.

    Because I have a small stream running through my property and trees my yard is often like a bird sanctuary anyway.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  39. Jackie – My cousin is a vet and is one of three (I believe) vets in Indiana qualified to perform surgery on avian patients. Her home and surrounding property really IS a bird sanctuary. Her place is the closest I’ve ever been to a live bald eagle. Her daughters were home-schooled, probably for the best, besides being ridiculously smart (they were excited to learn advanced calculus in “middle school”!), their stories about freezers of dead rats, and bat-house building lessons would have had the public schools in a tizzy!

    When my cousin (and her niece) got married in Austin, the bulk of the wedding attendees went bar-hopping. My aunt and I joined the vet and her family downtown to go bat watching. We actually went under the bridge to watch. The ammonia stench on the return trip to the hotel was intense, but totally worth it. And *I* was the lucky party to receive a direct hit of bat guano; mercifully I was wearing a two-piece top.

  40. When we first came to N. MN in ’58, bald eagles and ospreys were rare. Among other courses, I taught Ornithology on and off from then until retiring in ’94. Eagle and osprey recovery progressed noticeably once DDT was banned. Locally, eagles seem to be the more common of the two. The closest I’ve been to a bald eagle outside of the Bronx Zoo, maybe even closer than that, was while I was driving north on nearby paved 2-lane roads. One flew up out of a right side road ditch; presumably it had been working on a roadkill. Another simply looked at the car from a similar ditch as I drove by, on a different trip. It is common for both ospreys and eagle to nest within sight of roads around here.

    BTW, the osprey, Pandion haliaetus, may be the most widespread sp. of bird (not counting exotics introduced by people, such as house sparrows, Passer domesticus, none of which falls “without your Father”*). All continents, probably excepting Antarctica, wherever there is suitable fresh or salt water and people permit them. Locally, I’ve seen them catch fish, carry sizable fish overland to their nests, and get relieved of their catch by parasitic bald eagles, Haliaeetus leucocephalus. *The wording is different in different translations.

  41. “Bugs, I don’t consider animals and spiders I consider bugs.” “Creeping things”, I presume, which arrived, along with cattle and humans (male and female, no rib bit), on day 6, in the first but newer creation story, Gen. 1:1-2:4a.

  42. On one of my husband’s forays into the Everglades with his intrepid partner from Oregon, Andrew ran the boat into a piling or something wooden that an osprey had built her nest on. She got really mad, even though they apologized and left hurriedly. Mike swears that this osprey was waiting for them when they departed the next mornings, having recognized the boat and Andrew and followed him squawking and making menacing dives toward the boat.

    She did not do this to any other boat.

    This same Andrew opened a can of tuna on one of these trips, only to be attacked by a flock of sea gulls like something from the “Birds”.

    The kind of boating we do in small beachable skiffs and dinghies allows close contact with wildlife, especially birds.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  43. When I get a desire to ride a roller coaster, I get into an aerobatic airplane and do stalls, spins, loops and rolls until the desire passes. Some how seems the safer thing to do.

  44. Dang, TR, you didn’t say she was topless. Though apparently that’s a popular form of political protest in Europe. Some women really know how to make a political statement, don’t they? Although I suppose some of them have weightier arguments than others. But of course they should all feel free to put them forward. And make their points.

    OK, I’ll stop now.

    Since there was a wax statue of the President there, shouldn’t there have also been a wax effigy of a Secret Service agent to wrestle her to the ground? I would have helped, if I’d been there.

  45. Notice how Ghost says “I’ll stop now” and gets 2 more zingers in. 😉

    Trucker – YES! I’ll do it. Might have to watch once or twice first, but yeah.

  46. Good morning Villagers….

    Speaking of birds, sitting here and listening to the first morning tweets of the birds outside. The derecho did not slam us here in the southern part of IN, but it did bring cooler weather. Northern IN got hit pretty hard though….I see Indy Mindy survived.

    Sorta in a funk right now, have been all week….going on my 27th straight day…not off until Sunday….and yes, GR 😉 I’m glad they’re not emus.

    Got inspected yesterday…don’t know results yet.

    Belmont tomorrow 🙂 looking forward to a good race.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

  47. Today: Remember.
    Today: 70th anniversary of D-Day. I can add nothing to that statement.
    Today: 65th anniversary of publication of “1984” – “The novel’s all-seeing leader, known as ‘Big Brother,’ became a universal symbol for intrusive government and oppressive bureaucracy.”
    To that, I could add much.

  48. Good morning, Villagers. Off to run this morning.

    Ghost, I will never get into a little bitty plane again after a semi-friend took me up in a Cessna 210 and dived at a water tower to read it. I still have nightmares.

    TR, not while I still have a gun to fight off anyone who would put me onto a roller coaster.Adrenaline junkies indeed. I used up all my adrenaline when I had my trouble

  49. But Lily, obviously he missed the water tower. Seriously, in my book, any pilot who unintentionally scares his passengers is a crappy pilot. And one who scares them intentionally is a crappy human being.

    Debbe 😉 Sympathy. When I was in the AF, I worked as few as 4 days per week, and as many as 7 days a week, depending on our staffing. Four days a week was nice. Seven days a week sucked.

  50. Rick-

    Though not as momentous as the other events you noted…

    Today: 36th anniversary of first date with the future Mrs. Wonder Wombat.

  51. The woman who attacked the Putin effigy was not topless- the picture shows that she was wearing a black bar across her breastal areas.

  52. Who bothers knocking the stem off? Sweet peppers from the garden are best consumed straight off the plant, nibbling from the bottom until the only thing left is stem and seeds.
    If I’m going to cook the peppers, it had better be with copious amounts of onion and a tender selection of skirt steak. Slice everything up, toss it all on a warm soft tortilla with sour cream, pico de gallo (salsa fresca), some queso blanco, and maybe guacamole. Pure deliciousness!

  53. Symply got an email form Mindy of the triad who wishes to give a shout out to the village with a particular mention to Debbe “tell Debbe I miss her and food morning!”, apparently life has taken them to busier doings but they wish everyone the Fargone best. The triad I am told and Shelly as well are in and out doing the lurking thing, much as I have done lately since my back has improved and I am out and about more and more….did I mention the Rascals and Felix Cavaliere for a Christmas special this Dec?!? back to lurkmode…..

  54. David, that sounds tasty!
    Trucker- wow. That is a TALL roller coaster. Not sure I have the courage for that. But GR that plane ride sounds super!

    And they’re putting the coaster on I Drive???? Where? That traffic is enough to count as a thrill ride on its own. Including the times when it breaks down and no one can move in any direction.Unless it has been improved in the last few years…. doubtful. They’d have to tear down buildings to widen street!

    Reading more about it, mention is made of the nearby “Eye” under construction, similar to the one in London. Visions of the roller coaster tower being thrown (by a hurricane?) into the Eye started popping up in my imagination….. careful with that you’ll poke someone’s eye out…… mote/beam in an eye ……all sorts of stuff came to mind.

    Sorry, babbling again. Y’all have a good day! 🙂

  55. One more link in honor of the day.


    It is clear that it is too easy for “us” as people and a country to forget our history and the sacrifices mad, not just by soldiers, but farmers, factory-workers, craftsmen, tradesmen, and all the others. There is a reason that they were called “The Greatest Generation.” Some of the readers here may well be in that group, more of us are their children– the baby boomers. What have we done with the world they left for us?

  56. Trucker, thanks but no, not any more.

    I think the pictures are reversed, as the “Kill Putin” the woman wrote on her chest is backwards. Or, she was looking in a mirror when she wrote the message.

    Interesting that JJ shows Arlo and Janis having grilled veggies today, as the featured recipe from Food Network is Giada’s grilled veggie platter. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/giada-de-laurentiis/grilled-vegetables-recipe.html

    There’s a small zoo here in Dahlonega, and over the years there have been all sorts of stories about ostriches, peacocks, and emus getting away and going feral. One day I was driving home from the store and had something that looked an awful lot like an emu run across the road in front of me, so maybe the stories are true.

  57. This one is courtesy of one of my Dutch friends, who always has funny quotes for a signature:

    Monte: And then we went to the bar, where we had some really tasty poutine.

    Mortimer: How can you order that in good conscience?

    Monte: Uh, what do you mean?

    Mortimer: Think of the Russian citizens, Monte. Not cool.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  58. My husband says Barbara Eden is the most truly beautiful woman he has ever seen. Once upon a life he had a job as wine sommelier at the Kahala Hilton where all the celebrities stayed in those days. He said he was always disappointed in movie and television stars because they did not look in person at all like they look when made up and costumed.

    Except Barbara Eden. He said she was just ethereally beautiful and glowed. He still thinks so.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  59. Once upon another life, Mike (the sick husband) was recruited by Disney, as was his entire graduating class from the University of Hawaii hotel and restaurant school. We went to Orlando that first year they got park open to give them a look, as everyone had already turned them down I think. Anyway, we had park to ourselves, there is no one in our photos except us the park employees and characters. We turned them down again, there was no where to live, shop, totally undeveloped.

    Skip forward about 20 or so years, I had a chance to work for Disney. We were looking at houses we couldn’t afford, sitting in traffic jams going no where, nightmares. I had a panic attack in traffic, said “Get off at the first exit! I don’t want mouse ears on my business card this bad!”

    And the pay was half what I was making. Pooh on the Mouse.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  60. Proceed on, I am going back to bed. We didn’t get blown away nor washed either by line of storms. Hope everyone else fares as well today.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  61. Speaking of bird sightings, although of the non-exotic nature:

    I was driving yesterday when I encountered the stereotypically cute sight of a mother duck and her little flock of ducklings wattling behind her. After the requisite “Awww” it struck me that said family of ducks were walking along a major highway during rush hour. Being in the middle of suburban sprawl, I have no idea from where they came or where they were going. I hope the little guys made it home safely.

  62. Wow, after all these years, Jeannie finally got a belly button. Yes, Barbara Eden was and is a dish.

    Yes, Lily, that is a rather, ah, explicit portrayal of Edda. Thanks for thinking of me. 😉

    Hi, Jean dear. I’d been wondering about you. You’ve been making yourself scarce around here lately.

    Jackie, are the two on the left not Veronica and Betty. If so, they seem to have put on a little weight since high school. But then, who hasn’t?

  63. Lily, Ms. Platrow is pretty, but unfortunately she also seems to be somewhat of an idiot, based on some of her public pronouncements.

  64. Is it time yet to make a new “observation”, as Jimmy put it?

    What I like least about women’s professional tennis: that it seems to have become more of a “grunting and shrieking contest” than an athletic event.

    What I like most about women’s professional tennis: pokies. (Bet you didn’t see that coming.)

    Seriously, any of you tennis fans or players of the female persuasion out there…does making loud grunting and shrieking noises when one hits the tennis ball serve any purpose? Other than distracting one’s opponent and annoying the spectators?

    Lily, you play don’t you? Are you a shrieker? 🙂

  65. Yep, our league will be starting up next week. I don’t shriek, except when people scare me, but when I am returning a hard volley I sometimes grunt. Not consistently and not loudly. But I guess that’s why they get paid the big bucks

  66. Yay, Lily. I really think the shrieking is both unnecessary and poor sportsmanship.

    ursen, another quick testimonial for Weight Watchers…I had gotten lax about compliance; had aggravated an old knee injury which temporarily eliminated my 5K’s per day; and had gained some weight recently. Three weeks ago, I got back within the diet guidelines, and as of today have lost 6.2 pounds, by way of the diet only. (A two pound per week loss is considered ideal by WW.) As I said, it does work. And pretty painlessly.

  67. In the Pearls Before Swine cartoon, there is a third female who is red headed. It has been a long, long time since I saw an Archie cartoon but weren’t there THREE females? A brunette, a blonde AND a red head?

    And can’t that kid draw? No question but I liked the comment “It’s a dying art form.”

    Love, Jackie Monies

  68. Ghost, I have a male friend/acquaintance who went on WW after his wife passed away. He got really fit and turned into a great looking guy. He was already terrifically sweet and nice, found a new love, a new life, a new place to live, new hobbies. I will give WW the credit for the changes in his life. He did love his first wife, so it was not her fault but he did find second happiness and that is a happy ending.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  69. Jackie: I can think of lots of good reasons not to work for the Mouse. However, as one who was born and grew up in pre-Disney Orlando, your description of the area as “no where to live, shop, totally undeveloped” tells me you didn’t get a very accurate introduction. OK, others complained about the shopping in those days but you don’t strike me as the excessive, conspicuous consumption type. And we do have lots of opportunities for water sports!

    As for I-Drive – other than going to the Easy Spirit store at the outlet mall once or twice a year, we avoid it (and all the theme parks) like the plague!

  70. Jackie M-

    The red head is Cheryl Blossom- introduced in the 1980’s as yet another rival for Archie’s affections. Not as popular as V&B. (Although at second glance, she does look a bit like Josie Jones of Josie and the Pussycats.)

  71. Jackie-
    I visited the Orlando Mouse Factory not too long after your visit; within the first year of it’s opening. Crowds weren’t too bad, were able to ride what we wanted, but rides broke down. Find my previous story of the drunken pirates and braying a$$.
    Never been to Florida since unless I happened into the panhandle during my hitchhiking ’round the country days.

  72. Mark, we don’t use the intercom to announce patients, and there is a *very* strict rule about identifying them by their diagnosis. That is an offence punishable by a bad fifteen minutes in the office of The Boss In My Life.

  73. Yep, that’s the foolproof way to do it, Lily. I’m on the same track, headed for my fighting weight of 195. (I’m a little taller than you are.)

    Mark, the doctor’s response to that would likely have been, “You’ll have to be a little more specific than that.”

    “…hitchhiking ’round the country days”, Jackie? Why am I not surprised by that? 🙂

  74. yeah, about Gwyneth Paltrow, being pretty can’t make up for being an airhead; I’ve always had a thing for her mother Blythe Danner

  75. Debbie, your post this morning claims that it was written at 4:30 AM. If that’s Eastern Time, that makes it only 1:30 AM here on the Left Coast, about half an hour or so before I went to bed, and almost two hours before I really got to sleep. It’s not that I’m a night owl, it’s just that I’m finding it very hard to get to sleep, although once I’m asleep I stay that way for between six to eight hours, meaning that it’s not that unusual for me to be waking up at or after Noon. So it goes.

  76. No, no Ghost. That was Byran that was hitchhiking.

    During some of my “sales days” when I was trying to teach salesmen how to make a sale and get to an appointment, I FELT like running away and hitchhiking! At one point I had the entire southern half of U.S. to cover, from Florida to California and it enabled me to just about work around the clock. The time differences are great enough.

    When they figured out I could sell eskimoes iceboxes and have an appointment to do it, the head of company started giving failing salesmen a choice- you turned your territory over to me and let me run it and just go where I said. That or be fired.

    My husband said my reputation proceeded me, as some chose to be fired!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  77. Add to the list of ’60s-’70s TV beauties, IMHO, Judy Carne of “Laugh-In” and Connie Booth, the maid in “Fawlty Towers”. Booth also made the very notable “Romance With a Double Bass” with her first husband, John Cleese (the owner in FT).

    Ghost would highly enjoy the RWaDB, I have absolutely no doubt.

  78. And speaking of The Mouse, I saw the other day that, while Disney might now own Star Wars and will issue toys based on the movies, they have no plans to issue Princess Leia toys. So much of their business plan is based on Princesses, and yet they will ignore one of the best and most popular (not to mention the most kick-a$$) princesses of all. I am sorely disappointed in The Mouse.

  79. Movie in which the hero is a cartoonist: “Secondhand Lions” with Robert Duval, Michael Caine, Kyra Sedgwick and Haley Joel Osment.

    http://en.wikipedia.or/wiki/Secondhand_Lions The cartoons drawn by the adult Walter were done by Berkeley Breathed of “Bloom County” for the comic strip based on his life with his elderly uncles.

    I’ve always loved this movie, largely because it is set in West Texas and is pretty accurate in many ways. Not many movies where the hero grows up to be a cartoonist.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  80. Jackie– Second Hand Lions was filmed in Pflugerville, near Austin. The house was modified, but is still there. A couple of other locations, the store with the fight and the gas station are both buildings that still exist from years ago.

  81. Among my favorite scenes was the one of the yacht in the cattle pond/water hole. If anyone had told me Michael Caine could be convincing as a Texan or Robert Duval’s brother, I would have said NO WAY!

    I say we all watch it to understand the forces that shape a good cartoonist.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  82. Sideburns:

    Debbe often posts around 4:30 am; it seems that she has to get up real early to get to the henhouse for her day’s work. But she is definitely not on Eastern time. That’s what I’m on myself, VERY Eastern (just look at the map.) I seem to recall that Debbe is in Indiana somewhere, that would be Central time.

  83. But Indiana doesn’t go on the same time zones as the rest of the world, as I recall. She is near my aunt in southern Indiana and I believe it is one hour later there than Oklahoma on Central time. I always forget and my aunt who is about 90 is already in bed!

    Debbe is going to work about the time my morning insomnia kicks in and I think about her!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  84. When the original “Star Wars” came out in the 1970’s, my two girls had EVERYTHING they made related to the movie. Not just Princess Leia but all the characters. We had Jedi and Ewoks and Stormtroopers endlessly scattered all over the house.

    They outgrew them and we either gave them away or had a garage sale? Now I wish we had them all back, the prices are staggering on those original toys!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  85. If memory serves, IN is on eastern time, except for the area around Gary, which goes on central time because of the proximity to Chicago.

    Add Adrienne Barbeau and my all-time favorite, Jamie Lee Curtis, to the list of attractive women….

  86. Something you probably all know already-the day that Walt Disney flew over central Florida and said right there, that’s where I want to build it was 11-22-63. I guess that’s one guy that we can take off the suspect list.

  87. Good morning Villagers…….

    ……food morning Mindy and clan, if you’re lurking.

    Thanks, Simply, for the forwarding message from her. Sure do miss her too, my sparring partner 🙂

    Sideburns and all, I’m in southwest central IN….about an hours drive from Evansville, which is on another time zone during the winter…..all these spring forwards and fall backs really confuse me. Right now, it is 5:08. And Sideburns, I’d give anything to sleep all the way through 6 or 8 hours. I’m lucky if I get about 6…they say, the older you get the less you sleep…..

    Jackie, Terre Haute is about an hour and a half drive to the north from me, we are on the same time zone. My niece attends college there.

    Miss Charlotte….I go to sleep early, in the recliner, wake up and go to bed around 10, and and wide awake around 4ish. I’ve been in this sleep pattern for a couple of years….but I enjoy this quiet time in the morning. I’m all by myself….here….and I look forward to reading and posting with all of you great people. Great support group.

    Well, Boss man showed up, with a thumbs up….grinning…..so, I think the inspection went well.

    Ian brought Junior the Rooster into the packing room yesterday and let him strut around. He’s one laid back rooster.

    Loved yesterday’s Peanuts’ strip. We watched a couple of docu’s last night on the invasion. I remember the movie “Saving Private Ryan”, the opening scenes were horrific.

    But, the movie “Secondhand Lions” is one of my favorites with two of my favorite actors. Excellent movie…..my favorite scene was when they were skeet shooting the corn cobs 🙂 I enjoyed Sedgewick in her weekly police show…and right now I cannot remember the name of it. She always had a chocolate Ding Dong in her desk drawer.

    Well, need to check out the race…seems CC drew the second post. Ian and I both are working today.


    Happy Caterday everyone……and Brooklynne Rose is here for the weekend. 🙂

  88. Yes. Indiana is on Eastern time. We used to be one of the last holdouts against daylight savings time, but the state opted to “follow the herd” and follow the Eastern time zone, despite actually being part of Central. (I’m still annoyed about this, btw.) If memory serves, there are actually TWO parts of the state that opted not to play along, the far north-west and far south-west. Which is even dumber in my opinion. The whole “point” of changing was so people outside the state knew what time it was in Indiana.

    Debbe – Hope you get that day off soon! And people say *I* work too much

  89. Good morning Debbe! I am up for the 4:30 a.m. severe storm warnings. It looks like it won’t be too bad, the lines have tightened and gotten narrower, so it will pass faster.

    Kyra Sedgwick was in “The Closer”. I miss her but the current cast is good too, which says a lot for ensemble acting. It is now “Major Crimes”.

    Will try to get some sleep. Husband was up being sick so I will go check on him. Talked to one of the guys from Arizona (fireman) who is sailing one of the little boats along Texas coast this week. He says Mike’s name is on the size of his boat in honor. I wish Mike were in the boat with him. Since my friend is about 6’5″ that would be a tight squeeze!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  90. To me, the disadvantages of Daylight Savings Time more than cancel out the advantages, so that it does nothing really useful other than perhaps allow those in government who feel government must always be “doing something” to say they have done something.

  91. And the opposite of “adequate sufficiency” would be what? “Inadequate sufficiency”? Or “adequate insufficiency”? And would “inadequate insufficiency” be another way of saying “adequate sufficiency”?

    OK, now I have a headache.

  92. There is a major safety advantage to DST: later hours of daylight mean less driving in the dark for old people like me. E.g., after a summer concert that starts at 7 pm, it’s not really dark yet when I drive home. My eyesight is adequate for night driving, now that I’ve traded my cataracts for high quality plastic [two of the most interesting operations I’ve experienced], but old people lose contrast, so night driving is still stressful. With cataracts, it’s downright dangerous.

  93. Ghost: Some things are not worth reasoning about, just there to be enjoyed. He’s a neat cartoonist, though I liked his earlier series, ‘The neighborhood’, > I do ‘Ballard Street’.

  94. Good morning, Villagers.

    You need less sleep as you age? The Man In My Life gets about ten hours. He is always still asleep when The Boss Of My Life and I leave to go make rounds. He is 65

  95. Bill in Paducah-

    I knew about the “guest artist” and most people figured it was Watterson, but I had not seen Pastis’s blog. Thanks for sharing it! An interesting insight to the whole process.

  96. Lily, drop must have severed your optic nerves and the resulting surgery was bungled. Doctor accidentally reconnected some anal nerves, hence the crappy view. 😉

  97. You know what? I suspect JJ would have a similar reaction to Stephan Pastis. I think that cartoonists like each other, respect each other and enjoy each other’s work.

    It isn’t that large a field and they get to see each other pretty seldom I’d suspect, as it is a solitary profession.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  98. I had not seen the later articles about The Mouse and the Princess Leia toys. Good for them!

    Trucker, I have seen similar videos, so I was looking for the thing that didn’t fit.

    I don’t necessarily like Daylight Savings, but I understand why a lot of people do. Kids aren’t waiting for buses in the dark (do kids still ride buses to school?) so that isn’t a problem, and people have more daylight to do stuff when they get home from work. That’s okay. What really bugs me is the Government trying to convince me that “Oh, you’ll have more daylight ours this way!” No, I won’t. The daylight hours just start and end later in the day. I refer you all once again to the Blanket Story: Only the Government would have you believe that by cutting a strip off the top of the blanket and sewing it onto the bottom of the blanket you will then have a longer blanket.

  99. Lily, I have to be near exhaustion to sleep longer than 6 hours per night. When I was in my twenties, I could easily sleep 9 or 10 hours if I had no reason to get up sooner. If I ever reach 65, I’ll give you an update. 🙂

    Granted, the extra daylight in the evenings may be an advantage for some. But that “extra” daylight has to come from somewhere, and it seems to me that less daylight in the mornings would disadvantage others.

  100. Several years ago I accidently sent an e-mail to a boat designer who is about as famous as you can get in our little world of wooden boat builders, meaning he is held in total awe by the people who go to wooden boat shows and is written about in boating magazines, along with writing books himself.

    I was a middle-aged woman starting to write for boating (pretty rare form) and no one had heard of me. Turns out he had read the one or two things I’d written and liked them. But I had no way of knowing this and would definitely NEVER have written him on purpose.

    When I suddenly got this e-mail my heart almost stopped. All I could think of was to write back and apologize. Which I did.

    He is now a wonderful friend and will be coming here again to my “Boatstock” event. It turns out that celebrities are often real people who like to be treated that way.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  101. Good cartoon? Mythtickle by Justin Thompson. Sometimes bad puns, but good art, and well thought out. On gocomics, only check it out if ya wanna get addicted to it.

  102. “Only the Government would have you believe that by cutting a strip off the top of the blanket and sewing it onto the bottom of the blanket you will then have a longer blanket.”

    Well worded, but I don’t think ‘the Government’ argues that, though I’m sure one can find a quote that can be so construed. If it had the power, a Government could decree that all opening, closing, meeting, and events hours be moved, but monitoring that would be horrendous and more intrusive than simply turning clocks forward or back.

    Because many of us retire and rise +/- by clock time, DST provides an extra hour of daylight when we are up and about. During WWII, we had ‘War Time’: DST instead of standard and double DST instead of DST. I was a preteen and teen, and I loved it. Sounds like Lily might agree.

  103. Jean, I find the schoolbus issue very confusing. I encounter them every morning: in our neighborhood, on the streets, and lined up at various schools. I need add, we have three overlapping school districts within two miles of our house. However, Starbucks is full of parents who drop their kids and then uptake their caffeine. My guess is some little darlings can’t or won’t comform to ridership or, they are controlled by helicoptering parents. All of this is good for gasoline sales, traffic congestion, and Starbucks’ profits!

  104. My granddaughter in Houston walks to school with her dad. If I understand correctly she lives too close to be bused or driven. I believe anyone driving children to school have to be issued permits? otherwise children are bused from further away. If I understand rationale, the kids from immediate neighborhood must ride bikes or walk. The congestion is bad at the schools and they try to control it as best they can. I don’t believe you can just decide to drive a child instead of a bus or walking.

    Heck, when I was a kid there was almost no control, students came and went, rode the bus, caught a ride, left campus. That can’t happen in today’ world.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  105. emb: I always heard that as “Only the white man would have you believe that by cutting a strip off the top of the blanket and sewing it onto the bottom of the blanket you will then have a longer blanket.”

  106. Debbie, I have no way of knowing your age, but I can assure you that at 64, I still feel it if I don’t get enough sleep, with six hours being the bare minimum. Last night was rather bad, as you can tell by the posting time; less that 20 minutes after I woke up. And EMB, I agree with you that getting my cataracts removed changed night driving from a nerve-wracking experience back into something I could enjoy. Considering that I also have adjustable augmented hearing (My new hearing aids came in late last month.) I like to tell people that I’m a bionic man or, when I’m at my SF club, a bionic fan.

  107. I realize that this is completely off any regular topic here, but this is D-Day weekend, and Jimmy has frequently had comics about Arlo’s father, WWII, and Memorial Day.

    In that light, I offer a brief piece of nonfiction that I wrote this past March.

    I titled it “Empty Helmet.”

    A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I walked through a consignment/craft store in Logan, and seeing a WWII-era Army helmet hanging upside down by its leather straps took me back 52 years.

    I grew up on James Road here in Lancaster, and I don’t know of any father in our neighborhood who had not been in WWII or Korea. Not all fathers fought, but all served. Seeing men in Lancaster who were disfigured or crippled by war was a common sight, and we all took it as a matter of course. We were taught that they were men deserving of great respect.

    One of the fathers on my block saw Hell, and he came back with shell shock. He was usually okay, but sonic booms were hard on him. However, as he said on occasion, he came back. The real heroes did not.

    I always thought about that whenever I was at my friend’s house on Clayton. An Army helmet hung upside down by its leather straps underneath the carport. His mom planted flowers in it. His dad didn’t come back from Korea.

  108. NK, “Adequate sufficiency” fits the Villages repetitive redundant lifestyle. 😉

    Debbe, I sleep just fine for my age. Of course should you like to monitor my sleep, Loon is out of town starting Monday. Always willing to contribute to scientific knowledge. 🙂

  109. sandcastler™ …did you and GR come from the same egg 🙂

    You’re both are such ‘daags’ 🙂 ….anyone recall the movie “Snatch”, with Brad Pitt….the second time I watched it, I had to put on the subtitles…….well, slut puppies is much cuter.

    So, NK….where would “responsible decadency” fall….I do my best to be responsible when decadent 🙂

    OK…Belmont preliminary is on…..hum…..CC, could he be in a tight race with Wicked Strong, or would “Riding with Curlin” be a contender????

    …back in a while with my “Debbe’s picks”……

  110. Rick, that is so very beautiful. I have visited Lancaster many times, had a friend from boarding school from there. Pennsylvania is a state where the sacrifices for freedom are all around you.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  111. OK…let’s see if I can come up with at last 2 out of the four fiinishers…

    I’m a sucker at heart ( 😉 ya’ know who are….

    California Chrome, Wicked Strong, Tonalist and Commander Curve…

    It would be so cool to see CC win…been a long time, and he comes from such humble backgrounds…and so do his owners. The jockey, remember War Emblem? Stumbled, stuttered, or whatever, out of the gates, and the jockey has carried that ‘curse’ since then….would be good to see a triumph….

  112. Rick, my sister met a man in his 30’s yesterday who thought that D Day meant “National Doughnut Day.” It was only after she prompted him with hints about 70 years ago, Normandy, WWII that he realized how wrong he was. “Oh,” he said, “I guess I don’t know much about history, do I?”

  113. Debbe 😉 This is a bit we used to recite when I was young, and I mean very young…

    “And they’re off and running! Its Toupee going on ahead, Long Underwear has fallen
    down behind, and Toothpaste is being squeezed on the rail.”

    Somehow, I want to think it was related to a Spike Jones song. When I have time, I’ll look it up.

    “Riders up!”

  114. Many years ago on Armed Forces Network in Germany, someone penciled on the Veterans Day programing schedule to run a VD film. Guess what the viewers were shown? A veneral disease training film!

  115. Huh, fir once I’m interested to follow a musical link and it’s a Wiki article

    Is that the one that goes “Well, it’s over hill and over dale,we’re always on the dusty trail?”

  116. Lily, do you mean the WWI marching song the US Army adopted as its official song, “The Caisson Song”?

    Over hill over dell we will hit the dusty trail
    As the caissons go rolling along.
    Up and down, in and out,
    Countermarch and right about,
    And our caissons go rolling along.
    For it’s hi-hi-hee in the Field Artillery,
    Shout out the number loud and strong.
    Till our final ride, It will always be our pride
    To keep those caissons a rolling along.
    (Keep them rolling – keep them rolling)
    Keep those caissons a rolling along.

    Of course, any Air Force pilot can tell you there’s rarely any dust at 35,000 feet. 🙂

  117. Sorry Debbe. I have a cousin married to an ex-professional race handicapper and gambler.
    He won several trifecta’s in his career and I know that is hard to do.

    He got out of that career and into one that is a surer thing, weather related property damage.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  118. And any Army grunt can tell you the oxygen is very thin at 35,000ft. Either way you’re choking. One is at a slow low crawl, the other way it at 35,000ft counting miles per second. 😉

  119. It’s raining!!!! I know, no big deal for most folks but ya’ll have heard me grumbling about this never ending drought for years and the second rain in two weeks, after more dry months than I care to think about, is just down-right exciting.
    I apologize and now return you to your regularly scheduled festivities. I’m going to pour a beer, sit out on the porch and enjoy the humidity.

  120. Bryan, are you in California? My cousin out there said he was really glad he was no longer trying to farm when I talked to him a couple weeks ago.

    Oklahoma alternates drought with fire and brimstone and flash flooding.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  121. I’m sorry I was such a know-it-all about Indiana’s time zone; I should have kept my mouth shut! On the plus side, this did bring out lots of fascinating info about the Villagers’ sleeping habits, and their lack of sleep, some of them. Some of you guys wake up so early !! And you don’t really want to. Me, I sleep very late: 8, 9, sometimes even 10 o’clock. I keep intending to get up earlier, but good intentions …

    Lilyblack, I agree about those comic strips you mentioned. Calvin is annoying on purpose … it’s supposed to be funny; but not to me. Zits I read every day for years, till it just got to be retreads … nothing new; and I was so sick of Jeremy’s plaid shirt. And his father’s little black vest; men haven’t worn those vests for an awfully long time.

  122. While I read 9 Chickweed Lane now, when it began I found it to be stupefying boring and Edda one of the most annoying characters ever conceived. And this from a total comic freak and admirer of most well drawn comics.

    As it matured, I went back and began to read it, as he has broken a lot of ground with style and sophisticated artwork. But his plots drag on so slowly that a glacier could calve and global warming moves faster. And repartee’ is not his forte. He should let someone else write script and he draw.

    I think introducing fairly explicit sex into the daily comics was innovative, or so it would seem. It doesn’t offend me but it does some.

    I miss Bill Watterson and a lot of the older(?) cartoonists and find myself reading the reruns more than I do the new strips.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  123. The storm only lasted about 2 hours but I had forgotten how pleasing is the sight, sound, smell and aye, even feel, of a good thunderstorm. I had to go out and walk the mesas once it ended.

    I’m in New Mexico, Jackie. I live at 7500 feet on the side of some beautiful mountains At least they were till forest fires, bark beetles and drought wiped out most of the pine forests. Well, still beautiful, just much different than they were a mere 15 years ago.

  124. Jackie, I miss Chester Gould, Al Capp, Gahan Wilson, Charles Addams and Gary Larson, among others.

    Bryan, we just had a good thunderstorm here. It always smells so good after, and gets pleasantly cool compared to the 90 plus day temps.

  125. I thought that it was a George Jones song. I don’t think that anyone could beat The Far Side. Who knew that cows could be so funny?

  126. Good morning Villagers…..

    OK, so at least I had one of the four win 🙂

    Phone just rang…it was the teens at the henhouse…seems a repaired belt is still not moving, and it is a bottom., same one that’s been down for four days…aaaggghhhh!!!!!

    Andrew rear ended a car as he was leaving town to ‘rush’ his daughter to her ball game (his ex called and said it wasn’t at 11, but at 10)….thankfully neither was hurt (but now, he has no vehicle). He came back to the henhouse, he and Ian repaired the belt, and little Brooklynne took all the eggs of the bottom and put them on other lines. She said that was hard….I grinned, yup, I said, Auntie has been doing it for at least a couple of days!

    (Brooklynne asked me yesterday what she could call me, she didn’t want to call me Debbe, so I said “Auntie”…..she liked that.)

    Told the teens, take the pin out so the roller does not move….too much slack, could be torn…right now my dears….I don’t give a …..just don’t let it hit the pit!

    Going into to see Mom……



  127. I volunteer at the hospital and often see former students. My problem is trying to break them of calling me ‘Doctor’ in a hospital.

  128. From WWl on the men in my family came home, for which I am forever grateful.

    The two Spike Jones records that got played the most often in our house was The Race Is On and Rindercella and the Pransom Hince. In later years my grandfather found Wes Harrison and his vocal sound effects. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e38Ltx1bfUA

    Ghost dear, very little shocks or embarrasses me these days. 😉 Oh, and when I was a little girl and all the other little girls were singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star I was singing the Caisson Song and reciting cadence calls. There was always a steady stream of Daddy’s Army buddies through our house that thought it was cute to hear me recite them.

    My problem with school buses was that when my kids were in elementary school we lived on a dirt road out in the country with no street lights. I had to drive them to the bus stop-which was nearly a mile from our house- and wait with them until the bus came. This meant I was regularly late for work and my boss, being from New York and living in a subdivision, didn’t understand why I couldn’t just leave them at the stop. After I hit him over the head with a clue-by-four he quit arguing and agreed I could stay a half hour late to finish my paperwork.

  129. Jean dear, some of those cadence calls were R-rated, at best, but I sure you’d have never sung any of those, would you? 😉

    I just saw Giada on TV, and she undeniably looks less pneumatic, for whatever reason. Her chestular area definitely lacks a certain je ne sais quoi.

  130. I remember my grandad playing Vaughn Monroe’s “Sound off” and laughing and laughing. “The captain rides in a jeep (you’re right), the sergeant rides in a truck (you’re right), the general rides in a limosine, but we’re just out of luck.

  131. Ghost, I remember when Giada first appeared with her cooking show I read a not so favorable I think article about her. Something about her clothing, costumes, chef’s coats being designed by her husband (?) with the intent to “push her assets” into prominence.

    The article dealt with whether she was actually much of a cook or if it was more sex being sold? I got impression her assets were assisted!

    My husband loved her and always watched her, to my annoyance. He also liked her very large mouth biting down on the one taste she took!

    Have to go Google if she was married to a fashion designer?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  132. Yes! My senior citizen mind actually remembered something fairly accurately! She is indeed married to a fashion designer and Wiki says when she first appeared people wrote Food Network complaining they had hired an actress who pretended to cook! Etc-etc-etc.

    The photos I just googled, she still looked most busty but it was a collage of shots.

    I quit watching Food Network a long time ago about the time I found out the bizarre character on Iron Chef was an actor. Seriously, I quit for same reason I quit watching the Weather Channel, I was actually interested in the food and the weather, not the “entertainment” they went to, ditto home and garden shows. Somewhere along the way they lost me.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  133. Mark, I grew up reading Pogo by Walt Kelly and Lil Abner by Al Capp. I loved them and loved the “word play”, the political satire, the characters. Pogo was my particular favorite.

    The “bite” of these guys was pretty sharp. Reading back just now on Walt Kelly, I remembered when he attacked MacCarthy and some of his other political themes. I haven’t read them since they appeared, yet they suddenly came back to me. That is a cartoonist whose work influenced everyone.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  134. I’ve never read him, so he didn’t influence me. 😛 The only thing I know about pogo is the quote “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Which I don’t agree with, at all. I have met The Enemy and they nearly killed me

  135. So did I Lily but it did not determine who I am, not now or ever. If so, then they win. It is something I rarely think about or discuss, because I have moved on. It did allow me the opportunity to do something with my life that made things better for women and children, changed laws, changed policies.

    All because I lived. I view it that I won in the end.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  136. Jackie, a quote from a guy I read on line: “I’ve been watching Giada’s show on TV for years, and I still can’t boil water.”

    Too much eye candy spoils the broth.

  137. Lilyblack, the context of that quote was a storyline dealing with pollution and the damage we do to ourselves. It was true in the 1970’s and it is still true.
    Jackie, Pogo is one on my favorites too. There were so many good ones that it’s hard to make a list without it getting too long. I think Al Capp was the first comic strip artist to deliberately retire himself and the strip together.

  138. Jackie, it took me over a year in therapy to learn that. I mean really learn it so that I believed it. But I still believe they are The Enemy and not a bunch of polluters.

  139. Lily, I do feel sorry for you. I hope it does not continue to haunt you forever. Somehow, someway I hope you find peace. I cannot honestly say I know how I did it but it can be done. Someday I hope you can realize that not everyone is The Enemy. You see, I felt that everyone I met was a friend. Then like you I met the enemy and that was taken away from me. It took a long time and a lot of therapy but it was me that found my peace, not from therapy but from within. It is funny, thinking about the fear and distrust, I cannot tell you when or how it disappeared.

    But because of me the world became a little safer place for all of us and that is something to take pride in. Good and bad has consequences that reach farther than we know.

    Walt Kelly wasn’t speaking of polluters but in general the good and bad that exists in all mankind.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  140. I hope that will change for you, Lily, as it did for me. I had an entire sex and an entire race to fear and hate. Your pain is so out there that I wish I could help. But you can only be a victim if you continue to be a victim. We don’t choose to become a victim but you can choose to stop being one. And then you are free.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  141. Well, Jackie, I am no longer seeing my therapist, as I feel perfectly happy. I have no desire whatever to date and never really have. I don’t want children and don’t want to marry, so I see my situation as perfectly rational. I don’t fear men except to be cautious around them and to avoid them except in a professional setting. And that gets “hairy” enough, on occasion!

  142. Back to the comics, while reading about the Rueben’s and the recipients, I started thinking about all the “story strips” that used to exist, “Terry and the Pirates” and “Steve Canyon” by Milton Caniff were always favorites of mine. “Prince Valiant” beautifully drawn, “L’il Abner” (although that one might be a comic rather than story strip)

    I realized that with the exception of family strips like Lynn Johnston’s that follow a more or less continuing plot, these are all gone.

    If you have never done this, it is interesting reading and looking at the past winners and their strips.

    I do feel JJ deserves a Rueben but then I don’t get to vote!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  143. Trucker, weren’t those beautifully drawn? I used to read “Prince Valiant” and knew every character, every member of his family’s names. I think I knew all the twists of the plots back forever!

    There were strips I didn’t much like, like “Alley Oop”. But I loved “Brenda Starr” and the Mystery Man. I once dyed my long hair Brenda Starr red.

    Thanks for letting me know it could still be found, PV. I have been reading Pogo strips online and they are as funny now as they were then in my humble opinion.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  144. Jackie, I am humbled at your life experiences and your wisdom. Lucky me, I’ve had a happy life with nothing bad happening to me or my family. Extremely fortunate compared to many, or most, people.

    My late husband and I had a special fondness for Pogo Possum and his creator, Walt Kelly. We bought the books of collected comic strips and still have them, rather tattered and battered. I just leafed through a couple trying to find a few lines of dialogue to quote here, but can’t extract any from context! Anyway, Pogo and his friends live down South in the Swamp … the Okefenokee I think? They row and drift around in boats a lot, and use fish poles. Albert Alligator is one character; Miss Mamzell Hepzibah is a tres chic skunk; Porky Pine is gloomy but lovable (kind of like emb here). Southern accents abound; for the nice animals … the slimy Northern politicians try to take advantage of them, but the swamp dwellers triumph in the end. Senator Joe McCarthy is one of the really slimy ones who get skewered by Walt Kelly.

  145. Walt Kelly was a Disney animator early in his career, and his drawings show a lot of the artistry of Snow White, and Pinocchio, especially; I hate to say “cute” but extremely appealing. If you could look at the strips you would see what I mean.

  146. There are a lot of the strips on the internet I found, including some Youtube ones. There is a choral group doing “Deck the Halls With Boston Charlie”.

    Dare I say Berkley Breathed whom I love was influenced? Portnoy and the other animals on “Bloom County” sure looked awfully Walt Kelly-ish, but not as “cute”.

    I was just reading the “Prince Valiant” synopsis and I had somehow totally forgotten the movie with young Robert Wagner playing the title role. And I actually saw that movie, I believe it is one he’d like to live down?

    Looking at the cartoons from the “early years” set in Southern swamps and hillbilly villages, then the next generation that came along in the 1970’s also Southern in characters, I can see where JJ’s editors were coming from when they panicked at the thought of grits.

    I love finding people who share a love of the art of the comics!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  147. Jackie, the same publisher is also doing a Prince Valiant run, starting with the first strips from 1937 along with many other old continuity strips. (The other kind of strips are called gag-a-day, so I’ve read in books on comic strips.)

  148. One more quick post and then I really am done for tonight. Jackie, you mentioned both Pogo and Li’l Abner. Isn’t it funny that these two “Southern” strips were drawn by Northerners? Walt Kelly was from Connecticut and Al Capp was from Brooklyn.

  149. Dear Jackie, I too am happy sharing a love of comics. I like your observations on JJ’s editors, etc. Oh, thanks for reminding me of Brenda Starr … I used to enjoy her back in the 1940’s, then the strip wasn’t in any papers that we saw. When we got our computer and could read any strip we wanted, online, I loved Brenda for she was SO outrageous! Remember the endless motorcycle trip through Asia with Sage and the creepy strange man? Where were they getting the gasoline? I felt quite bereft when she walked out of our lives at the end.

  150. I agree about Brenda Starr, Charlotte. In recent years I read her on my computer every day along with A&J and my other favorites, until she quit, dang it! I’d love to find archives or collections. Also of Steve Canyon.

  151. Good morning Villagers…

    it is now 5:44 Debbe Standard Time 🙂

    GR 😉 I wish…….

    Going in early, and I just couldn’t stay away from the hen house yesterday…went in for about two hours….do not like coming into the unexpected…..the one teen never showed up yesterday, and the other teen had his father come in……I walked the lines to make sure I had no blocks this am…..

    I have empathy for you both, Lily and Jackie….been there…and I am a survivor. And always will be.

    Have a blessed day….

    today’s grin: https://i.chzbgr.com/maxW500/8211525888/hF1F7B939/

  152. No, Ghost Honey, I didn’t learn the R-rated versions of the cadence calls. My mom was there to make sure of that. 😉

    Jackie, Iron Chef was never meant to be a serious cooking show. The original series was started in Japan as a competition type show. I enjoy both the original version and the American version, but the one I truly want to see is the first American special that ran in the early 2000’s with William Shatner as the Chairman. Talk about over the top!

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