What’s In a Name?

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My grandmother, who lived with us when I was growing up, actually would ask me this. Of course, it sounded idiotic and embarrassing to me then, but now that I think back it was a more interesting and probably more accurate term than “dating.”

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  1. Curses on the poster of the MN eagle site. I’m hooked and suffering anxiety attacks whenever the egg is left alone for more than five minutes. Hatch day should be 29 Feb if emb correct about when it was laid. Eggs are laid about three days apart so may have another one soon.

  2. Sparking? Haven’t heard that for a while, just try putting an accurate definition to that. Today’s A&J certainly generated a lot of responses to where to set a thermostat, didn’t see any votes for a programmable thermostat yet, that is what I use. Need to reprogram it, haven’t reset it since it was installed 8 years ago.

  3. I had to look up “Sparking”. Urban Dictionary says this:

    Having relations which constitute an extra-marital affair, which may hold consequences such as a “really uncomfortable news conference”.

    Doesn’t really sound like “date” to me. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Well, you don’t want to ask Urban Dictionary unless you want the more vulgar usages. Near the bottom of dictionary.com’s entry is the use Granny would have had in mind, though maybe with more “spooning” than “woo” conjures up in the modern mind (but less than Urban Dictionary would probably think of if they were talking about spooning).

  5. my fifteen seconds of fame. – I was at a Houston Museum of Natural Science volunteer opportunity fair, where each of us volunteers find out about all the other happenings we may not be aware of. I got shanghaied into a mission to Mars. I wanted to have more coffee and cookies but I’m glad I went. at :54 I’m in the back middle, at 1:44 I’m standing up in the middle and on the monitor at 2:27 I’m in the top right, near the beetles and gecko while we had an emergency air leak and four minutes of air left.


    aah, dating, been with several woman, I always have to find out slowly if they’re more NPR & NYTimes (we can still be friends ) or American Spectator & Limbaugh (where do you want to go next week?)

  6. The online “free dictionary” seems to be more complete in its offerings of definitions of “spark” and includes the one I always heard, which was “to court”.

  7. That is the first time I have heard of sparking equated with an extra marital affair, usually is was indeed understood as courting or wooing. It might escalate to hugging and kissing, but that was the most it ever got to, and even that could be frowned on. At least by the grannies.

  8. 10 min. ago there was 1 egg and no incubator, but now an eagle is back, just settled in on the egg. During incubation, typically, extra blood is shunted into a bare patch on the chest, which gets hot and itchy, stimulating the adult to get that patch against the smooth, cooler egg, thus comforting the itch. Though birds commonly look uniformly covered with feathers, most of the contour feathers come in tracts with bare spaces between. Penguins and other water birds may differ. Peace, emb


  9. John,RTX: on dating, lesson well learned no matter which side. If you find a person rounded enough to discuss why NYT and AmSpec are both wrong at times and here’s why — while listening to NPR music programming over a glass of wine (or whiskey), DO NOT let her have six days to think about how nerdy you are, and fall for that athletic type that’s not as shy. Nail down a date for tomorrow night. I hadn’t figured this out before 24 years old, and missed out.

    Ursen said it too, but: I think ‘sparking’ is just parking with electricity. So the age of the person saying it is young enough that teenagers could take the car, but old enough that the hippies weren’t calling it ‘chemistry’ yet. Reading in any thing more graphic says more about the listener than the speaker.

  10. Here’s an embarrassing admission but I once looked up something on Urban Dictionary which I.had never heard of before arriving in the Village. I looked up Ghost Rider 6 and got such a shock I never looked again. I did however still speak your our zghost.

  11. For me, “sparking” when I was growing up was related to Wintergreen LifeSavers. If it is really dark, it is possible to see them spark when they are crushed between someone’s teeth. Of course, it had to be REALLY dark, and you had to be very close to the person with the LifeSaver (who incidentally, had really fresh breath). What happened after that is left to conjecture. However, sparking frequently occurred down at the lake shore, while observing the summertime submarine races…

    There is actual science behind the effect…


  12. Oh David, you just confirmed for me again how I did not understand just how big a nerd I was. I was taught the piezo (?) effect, and thought it was really cool. That’s awesome, I can’t wait to share this with friends. But… it never occurred to me to use it as a prelude to a kiss.

    I’m really glad eventually things worked out. It’s just now and then, it dawns on me, another lost opportunity. How was I so dense?

  13. It never occurred to me to use “science” to get girls interested in me. I was too busy with my labs, symphonic/marching band, choir, etc., to worry about girls as a high schooler. And a good male friend and I decided with just lie to our pushy moms about having dates and just go bowling. That changed my senior year when a certain gal from another school set her sights on me. I never felt any guilt over “dumping” Stan for Merrie!

  14. Re “sparking” in the Urban Dictionary: One must remember that UD is “crowd-sourced” and that many in that “crowd” are as bad as the worst of those to be found on TDS…and some of them are even worse than that.

    Jackie, I’m not sure I followed your comment (HAL seemed to employ some interesting sentence structure for you), but as far as I know there is no definition for “Ghost Rider 6” at UD. Which, I suppose, means I could enter one.

  15. Ghost I typed in Ghost Rider without being on site two seconds ago and it came up on Urban Dictionary but it seemed like same definition. It was about sex. I didn’t read it this time but try it. It’s a miracle I didn’t stop right there two years ago.

    I am exhausted. Had to drive long round trip to primary physician appointment, do same thing tomorrow for another. Autoimmune battalion attacking anything it can find. Makes me wish I had a son. Lady at zhobby Lobby suggested my grandson come stay with me.. I said he was 3.5 years old and just out of diapers.

  16. Oh, I see, Jackie; just “ghost rider”.

    A thoroughly puerile and ludicrous bit of fantasy (like that’s something that happens all the time) which only reinforces the opinion I expressed above regarding the worth of many of those who contribute to UD. Subtlety is not their stock in trade, is it?

    Do you not have a minion with a drivers license?

  17. TruckerRon: I get that you were responding in kind. It’s just the duplicity of putting something out there while simultaneously disavowing the content rubs me wrong. But, if Village Ordinance suggests discussion of content is verboten, I’ll just say of the competing articles: one invites comments and leaves them open for review and the other does not. Maybe it does if you Join Now, or Contribute Here, or Chase Us On This Social Site; I didn’t.

    I also enjoy noting that 40 to 30 years back, one side used solid law to declare freedoms and powers, gave them fancy new names, and tried to make it appear as if they were responsible for creating these powers from scratch. But when the opposition uses these same tools today, somehow that’s not legitimate. Kind of a goose/gander proposition to me.

    Posted With Comment. But not Content?

  18. GR6: When I saw the undercarriage picture, my first thought was “Man, that is one ugly … . I don’t remember them like that.” I didn’t realize AF jargon had a recognized acronym.

  19. Morphy, and TruckerRon, a quote from the AL.com website in a story about the discovery of a new species of trachodon in Alabama.

    “When dinosaurs roamed the planet, the southern half of Alabama was under about 300 feet of water. Although most of the fossils found in the state are the remains of ancient sea creatures, dinosaurs, like the newly discovered one, that roamed the land millions of years ago are also found here as they died, washed into the ocean, sank and embedded into the earth.”

    Obviously that water is long gone. But it is a fact that once we were underwater here. The data man-made climate change is based on goes back 200-300 years. Science says the earth is millions of years old. Statistics wouldn’t attempt to make a valid analysis with a data sample that small. Too many variables over the period of Earth’s existence.

  20. Mark: Good points. Published information and critical thinking combine to make good sense. I’ll admit that without formal study in the field, I tend to be a bit more of a hand-waver and make easy to see statements like: How many thermometers do you think there were on the entire planet 300-200 years ago? And how accurate do you think they read? And how faithful were those logs kept?

    I know all the arguments on how we can make impressive interpolations from data collected today on what the Earth was like in many historical epoch. I just like to remind people that direct observation data simply does not exist to the accuracy portrayed. Senior people are staking impressive careers on ethereal models that fall apart when the sixth significant digit varies by a single unit. Yes, Troll, that is an exaggeration used to make a point. There were no artificial satellites, with down looking sensors, measuring this kind of data even 25 years ago. The accurate information of today is being compared to guesswork, and can yield the result you want to see, so that your life has meaning. Even if that meaning is “we are destroying the Earth”.

    That level of dark self-importance just doesn’t feel healthy. Reminds me of Goth in the 80’s, grunge in 90’s, and the aught’s Emo. (I don’t know what the kids have today.) Learned people should not succumb to teenage angst.

    TL/DR Get out of the lab more. The world can be pretty fun.

  21. Ghost, I was re-viewing the thread before signing off. Smiled again. I don’t think I can see a bodybuilder or just hear an athletic type being described, without a new appreciation for the adjective ‘buff’. Cheers

  22. If all of earths history were compressed to 24 hours
    Man has been here 4 seconds (not just written history)
    Earth does not care about puny man – IT will be here long after
    we are gone.

  23. Good morning Villagers….

    I think it’s payday…it is Friday, right?

    And, yes, I remember the word sparkling……the seventies 🙂

    Ya’ll have a blessed day.

  24. So Bill did or did not spark with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky?

    Regarding yesterday’s strip about thermostats, I worked for a company that did climate controls for automotive and it was my job to sell a Dual control (for driver and one for passenger) to Chrysler for their minivans, which 25 years ago had huge volumes. So took one of the company own vans, outfitted it with a prototype and we drove it to Chrysler headquarters for all of the engineers to see and use for about a month. I encouraged them to take it home and get their wives’ opinions.

    That’s how the 1996 Chrysler redesigned minivan came with an option for Driver/passenger climate controls.

  25. I was listening to Sirius classic vinyl last night when they announced his death while I was driving home. My only thought was the Village will be upset again.

    Ghost, don’t go there about my minions. No. One has no license, one isn’t supposed to drive because of seizures and one drives so badly it freaks me out. I have fired the rest, these were the best.

    So exhausted I fell into bed and asleep minute I got home. I have no recollection.

  26. Back during the first oil bruhaha office manager set thermostat to 70
    staff were cold so turned it up – then were hot so turned it down – ad infinitum
    Manager put thermostat in his office and left the other one on wall in the outer
    office. The staff continued to turn the thermostat up and down and were content.
    That is the PC worded abbreviated version.

  27. I made the mistake of putting these in the same post yesterday, and they’re still in Moderation Heck, so I’m separating them today.

    Honestly, I would take the castle over this place. It would have to be warmer!


    I’ve never gotten to see them in concert but I do love Jethro Tull!

  28. Was Symply checking venues today and went by one of my favorite museums in the world which has had its displays scattered(mainly to the Worcester Art Museum, but other spots as well) It was one of the best places for flights of imagination of knights in shining armor and medieval clashes a child could create. Do you know Higgins Armory?


    It would be fantastic if only it had space for 500 people to sit and see a concerrt. AC/DC, Black Sabbath would bring the Gothic architectural styles to great effect. Unfortunately the rent is exorbitant, there are no chairs, nor stage nor lights and seating would be restricted to about 120, totally Fargone untenable.

    Hanover Theater? next…..

  29. “No Pants Day” in my medium-sized, Bible Belt city would be more accurately named “Mass Incarceration Day.” Or, as TR inferred, “Moon Over ______ Day”.

    Also, that practice would seem to take some of the wind out of the sails, so to speak, of the outrage a few years ago when a judge ruled it not unlawful to take “up-skirt” photos of women on public transportation.

  30. One Decorah eagle on the nest, apparently not incubating, 2nd ad. arrives, both engage in pointless rearranging of dead branches, neither seems to have distinctive facial pattern of prev. yrs’ female. First seems to mount the second and one twitters, but am guessing no mating occurred. First flies off, second looks around another 2 min., flies off. Beats me.

    http://www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles [This one comes w/ short ads.]

    Peace, emb

  31. Sadly, in the Detroit area, we had a man that drove with no pants that was ejected from his vehicle and killed when he was “distracted” by a uh em video on his phone.

    Imagine the conversation with St. Peter:

    St Peter: So what do you last remember from Earth

    Man: Uh em ah Can I invoke my 5th Amendment rights?

    I guess I shouldn’t make fun of him….

  32. Some years ago, a fairly well regarded young local businessman placed his order at a fried chicken joint and pulled around to the pickup window, where the employee at the window noticed he was driving without benefit of either pants or underwear. I never heard anything else about the story (or about him, for that matter), but I suspect alcohol may have been involved, along with the well-documented craving for grease many people get when they imbibe to excess.

    And thankfully, the fried chicken joint involved was not part of the chain that formally used “It’s finger lickin’ good” as its slogan.

  33. Mark, thank you for Kibosh but last time checked into it they mostly work to take elderly in small towns to local doctors. I wasn’t even able to use it for my mother in law from her assisted living home to doctors in same town. I live in small town, we have Kibois, but my physicians are all in Tulsa 120 miles away except for two in Tahlequah which is almost as far away. I tell you this just in case I am wrong.

  34. Well, that put the kibosh on it anyway. I know you’re a long ways out, but I didn’t know how the service operated. Just thought I’d look and see if anyone even had such a thing where you were. Hope you feel better soon.

  35. About all the rock stars and actors dying, most of us are in that demographic so we shudder. But to young people this all is meaningless. I had to explain to my latest minions who Jackie Gleadon, Art Carney and the Honeymooners were, they did recognize Lucille Ball and 3 Stooges I think.

    My favorite music is some 60 into 80s. They weren’t born yet.

  36. Mark, I saw my auto immune specialist today. He is very happy with me because to have had these diseases for over 50 years I should not be alive. Yes, I am always in pain but I refuse any possible addictive drugs and because I am trying to stay alive I question every drug now and try to add nothing new. He and zip agreed zip had a year of remission coupled with some remarkable life and health changes and that the carotid surgery had caused a flare that is getting better.

    He’s actually a big fan of mine too for the turn around but I tell him the Village was my support group. He believes attitude and mental adjustments can accomplish miracles. And resilience.

  37. Debbe is Springsteen coming near you? The announcement of Billy Joel and billboards went up today for November in Tulsa but that is when I am supposed to be going to Australia. I suspect a pair of his tickets would pay for some bungee jumping in Oz, with or without clothes.

  38. I have never “sent a drink over” to a woman in a bar (one once sent me one, but that’s a story for yet another day), but if she were wet and naked, I very likely would. Assuming, of course, she fell into the “would like to see naked” category.

  39. All the reminiscent music on Sirius as I drove today. Lots.
    I get home click on Debbes Ghost music and YouTube recommends Freddie Mercury singing Barcelona with the largest opera diva I have ever seen.

    I want to bring Freddie back to life so I can see him live. I know why I would never have seen him but I would still love to, even more than Elvis. Heresy, I know. But I love show stealing dramatics and talent, reasons I often forked out for tickets.

  40. @Mark in TTown,

    Just a Fargone bit away on that theater…..may have to pass the cost of the hall exceeds the cost of the band by 200%…..might be sorry but am Symply still seeking solutions….

    With all the talk about music here, I’m wondering what has the members of the village last seen live and what do they expect to see next….for me it was/is two local bands Jim Perry’s Sunday Blues Jam and Hot Letter tomorrow at the Cigar Bar……the two I really want to talk about is 2Cellos on Feb 24th in Connecticut and Sting and Peter Gabriel in Worcester in July.

    What do you have going on?

  41. Last thing I saw was something I sponsored in late October, the Texas tropical rock writer musician Kelly McGuire. Two days later on way home I had small stroke and haven’t done a darn thing since but I must plan on living if I am looking at Ticketmaster. Tulsa has Cains Ballroom and eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas has lots of music.

    Actually Kelly is a friend and does major tropical rock venues, I will go see him in Seattle when I am there in August. But I do a concert with him every year for my friends.

  42. Good morning Villagers…..

    SF, the last three concerts I went to were Tom Petty, Trans Siberian Orchestra, and for $10, about five years ago, I saw The Marshall Tucker Band. A small community puts on a Turkey Trot Festival, yes they race turkeys (last year, no turkey race…Avian Virus). Any hoo, the one year they brought in Marshall Tucker. It was an outdoor concert, bring your own chair. I was right up front, had seen them before with Charlie Daniels. My son, Ian, was there, and his friends ribbed him….hey, ain’t that your mom near the stage dancing? Ian was afraid the cops would arrest me as I was the only one standing and dancing. Hey, that’s what concerts are for, right????? Besides, I didn’t bring a chair 🙂

    Jackie, I would love to see Springsteen…but, I don’t think I can handle the crowds anymore and ticket price. And I loved Freddie…check out his “I want to break free” video…you’ll love it. Maybe it’ll make you feel better.

    Mark, I remember that song 🙂 And is your Mom doing better?

    Some crazy weather coming in….50’s today, high 60’s on Tuesday….that means windows need to be opened more and fans running…..still no new reports on the virus in a 12 mile area. Keep saying prayers, please.

    Happy Caturday to all…..

  43. And the strip of 01.30.16 reinforces the idea that we all have a past –

    and that most of us have a past that should remain in the past.

  44. That is old Rolling Stone article. Lots of their recluse dead I suspect.

    Today heard a Grateful Dead song called Truckin’ which could be played on any current Cout try station and was WAY better than.modern country. Interesting.

    Mark, I need to look and see where I am supposed to be in April but want to go see Buffet in Birmingham? I can afford a couple of tickets except whoever is wanting over $700 for his that must be special?

  45. The year was 1970 and song still sounds fresh to me.

    Just saw a photo I wish I could post here of Keith Richards. It is on my time line Mark if you can do it. It’s about our music icon thread we’ve had going here.

    By the way, those Billy Joel tickets are quite well thought of by the tour. Tulsa is outrageous.

  46. Saw Arlo Guthrie last week, Jack Williams a couple months ago, Beth McKee earlier last year. Next definite plan is the Gamble Rogers Festival April 29 – May 1.

  47. The only live groups I have seen in the past 40 years have been orchestras and choirs. I quit rock concerts before I started when I realized how freaking loud they were. So, today I don’t need hearing aids unlike too many of my peers.

  48. Debbe, ultrasound showed blockages. Mom is to see vascular doc tomorrow. My brother is taking her, so I hope to know more tomorrow afternoon. Weather app says high near 71 today.

    I think the last live concert I saw was Fleetwood Mac, when they played in Nashville before Christine McVie took her long time out. I saw the Moody Blues once at Oak Mountain with the Birmingham Symphony, and once at Starwood Amphitheater near Nashville. Both were great shows with a good (well-behaved) crowd in both places.


    Grant me the senility to forget the people

    I never liked anyway,

    The good fortune to run into the ones I do, and

    The eyesight to tell the difference.

    Was trying to remember something – will have to settle on the above.
    Prayers for Debbe’s girls.
    Get well Jackie.

  50. emb: I read your words at face value, and they sound innocent. But you Rarely introduce a new post of the day in that manner, leaving it Feeling like a targeted comment. Then you continue with a weather report, stoking a new round of climate angst.

    I have to say, the number of times, in the last five years, I’ve been told, ‘you’re not smart enough to see the difference between weather (short term, local) and climate (long term, global), therefore your opinion doesn’t matter’. So in fairness, I believe it is necessary to point out your observational bias at work. There are a lot of US residents feeling relief with this thaw. Maybe they prayed for it, and we can see God’s hand at work? If we choose to.

  51. Debbe 😉 Yep, pretty hair, sexy mouth…Gracie was hot. And you know what? Judging from that RS photo, she still is.

    Technically, that “bare pokie” is not a pokie, as a pokie has to have something through which to poke. Also, it’s not a “nip slip”, as it was obviously not an accident. (Yeah, right…like all female celebrity nip slips are “accidental”.) It appears to me to be just a good ole boob flash. 🙂

    Would have earned her mucho beads at Mardi Gras in NOLA, too.

  52. SF: My experience was similar to TruckerRon’s. Teenage years are when we start to find our own sound, and in that period I was convinced that orig. 50’s rock, and 60’s Britpop, led to 70’s AOR glory. I can’t bear the thought of, shudder, disco; even though ABBA has something undeniable about it. So I’m the guy that thought ROCK peaked in 1974, even if I didn’t get there for ten more years. I was sheltered, and enjoyed this stuff in headphones. I was rural, and couldn’t get to the big arena shows. But our local vaudeville era theater had been rebuilt, housed our local symphony, and became a stop for what would now be the college/casino circuit.

  53. Along comes Nightranger, yeah comparatively laughable, but ‘Sister Christian’ is an OK ballad. Wasn’t old enough to drive, junior high girl I bought the second ticket for didn’t want/couldn’t get permission, I never found out, took the bus into town. I COULDN’T HEAR FOR THREE DAYS… WHAT…. WHAT?… I CAN’T HEAR YOU OVER THE RINGING IN MY EARS… NEVER MIND…. So, I went back to headphones, ticket prices skyrocketed, and by the time I felt old enough to deal with that funny smelling smoke, and had enough situational awareness to feel comfortable in any setting, I found my interests elsewhere. Still love that music though, and as time went on, some new artists did good work, then some original artists did some last-hurrah work that turned out to be just a second act, and started making real music again. It’s been a wonderful ride.

  54. So yeah, there it is. I may bring down the average age here, but please don’t think I’m a snot-nosed [insert insult]. Everyone my age says I think/act like an old man. Not fitting in has kind of been a way of life.

    too long; didn’t read [TL;DR]: Don’t know your area or constraints, SF, but refurbished theaters with history are awesome.

  55. Apparently, Giada has a new show…”Giada Entertains”. If she keeps cooking in that oversized flannel shirt buttoned only about two-thirds of the way up, she certainly will. I once heard a guy say he’d been watching her cooking shows on TV for years, and he still hadn’t learned how to boil water.

    Man cannot live by eye candy alone.

  56. Nope, I guess I cannot let it pass. Tried to look at other pages, internally forced to return. Wishing for world peace in general often flies under the radar, but capitalizing Deo with the implied message grace only through Him is rarely received as non-sectarian. Even if it is the truth.

  57. Morphy: The remarks are relatively innocent. But, I’ve lived in N. MN since 1958, and don’t think I’d still live here if the winters averaged what they were like in the early decades. I have posted in the Village, maybe 15+ YA, that I used to tell people the ‘January thaw’ here came in March. This year it looks ~ there w/b 3 of them. It’s about 35F out right now. We’ll surely get more bare pavement and decreased snow depth on the ground today. Have not seen -40 this year, used to get that and colder every winter. Global climate change or not, from a selfish standpoint, I’m grateful. But I worry about my home town, and also JJ’s.

    Symply: Last live music, aside from BUMC [which can be quite good], may have been the Bemidji Chorale’s pre-Christmas concert. Very good group, most often at FLC recently. Has been at other churches [not BUMC, I think] and often on campus. Next one w/b the BSO [outstanding for a largely unpaid orch.] in early Feb., and the G&S Very Light Opera Co.’s “Iolanthe” in the Conn Auditorium, Mpls., in late Feb. or early March.

    All: Most Villagers know I’m a critical Savoyard [G&S nerd], and generally a fan of classical music. Actually, one of the students who lived with us taught me that popular singers could actually sing [e.g., Peter, Paul, and Mary (who is now in the Land of Honey Lee), Chad Mitchell Trio, Clancy Bros. & Tommy M.], but there seems to be less of that lately. She, BTW, is 67 or so, still in touch, as are several others.

    Peace, emb

  58. Hey y’all we have caught two more cats in the cat trap to neuter spay but first we caught four of the totally domesticated orange idiots we just did! We are after their three predecessors and the last litter, along with Hoochie Mama, the appropriately named producer of all the kitties.

    My personal spay and neuter program.

  59. Even if we report that an atheist said, “Thank God,” we use a capital G, no? I happen to be a somewhat unorthodox but committed United Methodist, but it seems to me “Thank God” is just standard English usage. And I’m guessing “Deo gracias” would be standard Latin.

    Peace, emb

  60. emb: now I get to hear your real voice, and it sounds good. Resist the urge to hide behind other articles. The following is a reply I was forming prior to updating the page, so it is now less relevant. I include it to help explain where I’m coming from:

    Look, it’s not your message or opinion with which I have a problem. It is the duplicitous nature of your delivery to which I react. That kind of proclamation/denial comes across as a manipulative tool.

    Out of fear for his safety, and a temporary shortage of faith, Simon Peter thrice denied Him. When that rooster sang, the gospels do not record, he [defecated] his [robes] knowing he missed the opportunity to proclaim truth.

    If you believe your opinion proclaim it. If you fear the room doesn’t want it, don’t. Strike that balance for yourself. Nobody else would know. Going halfway does not help your message, or the listener, but hurts yourself when you realize the disappointment of ‘I could have done better’.

  61. Really believe that either. How about I respect everyone’s faith., should they have any and not care how they express it?

    Seems fair to me, it’s yours, not mine, I am happy you have it, I will never believe but I will not try to change or criticize yours?

  62. Jackie, there are many things in Wican (?) that have merit, and some were adopted by missionaries looking to expand the flock. This really cannot be disputed. If my conversation is disrespectful, I apologize. I’m trying to work with emb in his chosen world. Yes I believe personal religion is an expression of free will. I’ll try not to take much longer.

    Deo gracias may be standard Latin, my education didn’t cover that. Gracias appears Spanish. In modern American style English saying grace and giving thanks are synonymous, leading me to the assumption there is a lost, shared root. Latin is a language for the Romans, Jesus and the people he spoke to used other languages of the area. For my convenience, I appreciate the long train of studious people who have translated the Word through many iterations, eventually resulting in the NSRV used in my church. Although I had been instructed through the KJV, and sometimes slip into that outdated language.


  63. Debbe:

    “Jefferson Airplane…..ahhhh, the seventies….”

    Wow, you must be a good deal younger than I.

    I associate Jefferson Starship with the seventies and the Airplane with the sixties.

    (Parenthetical comment: The sixties were unpleasant, and I’m sorry that I had to live through them.)

  64. got it, c xp, thanks. I looked at Wictionary, which of course had _an_ answer, I was looking for more. Like is having the queen’s grace, a royal way of communicating ‘she says thanks’. I suppose a lawyer with a historical bent may be more helpful.

    OK, emb, we will simply coexist in the village, truce? I had the vibe there was an irritation. I tried to address it in I way I had not observed used. I hoped you would recognize there are others who believe similar to you, that do not stand on the temple steps to be observed by others, but will engage in a discussion of unknown trajectory when the subject arises. I apologize for taking up this fine, really it’s beautiful out, Saturday afternoon. I have become the irritation, so will recede.

    thread relevant [TR sometimes stands for this]: Arlo taking a moment to add to Janis’ bath enjoyment, instead of interrupt or divert? Pure magic.

  65. I actually only know a couple of warlocks and witches, but I never discuss religion with anyone. It’s like politics, best not discussed. I try to avoid that too although I am never not amazed at what we vote for and elect. I mean back to the beginning we’ve had debatable presidents.

    My mom won the prize, I had a beautiful portrait of Jefferson in the office, I think his most famous. Mama wanted to know if it was Mike’s ancestor. Despite being on $20 bill she had no idea what Jefferson looked like.

  66. Thanks for jumping back in. Silence is communication, I prefer words.

    A thought on my handle I hadn’t shared, because I didn’t make the connection. I’ve never visited NOLA, but that was Paul Morphy’s home. He is entombed in one of the famous cemeteries, and at one time was still famous enough for his home or apartment to be a tourist item.

    Question for natives: NOLA is easy to type, but it just _sounds_ wrong. I have a feeling it’s like saying ‘San Fran’ when you mean ‘The City’. Am I close? Or is everyone just really happy with all the attention, even ten years after Katrina. Kind of like ‘call me anything but “late for dinner”‘.

  67. Time to go get in a bubble bath a la Janis but with unsweetened iced tea and no wine. I love wine, there is some white something from New Zealand or Australia in fridge. I have never tasted anything from either and I have two cases in there. Assorted. It will stay like that.

    Dickens wandered off and in looking for him I had to see just how bad my yard is. Shreek ! Screem! Hissy fit! Spit! Spit!

    Have been trimming mums two or three minions were assigned to do going back to early fall. Found none were planted, just stuck into plsnter. Twenty of them. Plus a dozen huge overgrown ones. The rest can wait for morning.

    I see no evidence of plants that were to be planted. Did they throw them away? Can’t find the bulbs although there is beginning of large bulb hole.

    Bath time. Wine time or at least tranquilizer.

  68. Jackie, there are three kinds of ‘minions’ in my world: all the variety that fit the term before 2010; the hilarious little yellow guys I enjoyed before my children outgrew ‘kids stuff, dad’; and your own particular sort. At times, I’ve thought they have been a blessing. Other times, I think they can’t possibly be all that bad, Jackie’s being unkind. (VERY out of character, you barely ever even reach ‘bless your heart’ level of unkindness.) But then, the evidence smacks you in the face. Sometimes no help at all, or just tell me you don’t know how, would be preferred. Enjoy the bath, heads can roll later.

  69. The current pair show promise. I talked them through wall papering and wall prep and changed paper to an easier one. And by gosh they did it and can paint decently, sand and fill holes. I can teach, I know how to do most repairs, so if they admit I can teach simple methods.

    Goal for tomorrow, I teach them simple pergola and bird feeder post design. Wisteria can take down telephone poles and one is a wisteria pergola. There were rumors kudzu could survive this far north.

  70. Is there anywhere with water and soil kudzu can’t run over everything? I thought it was like herpes. Good for you if you’ve never been introduced, But once you’ve got it, you’ve got it.

    Sometimes I don’t like the metaphors in my head.

  71. I once questioned whether had Jimmy had minions who read all our comments and gave him a daily précis. Jean dear promptly linked me to a video of three cute little yellow critters singing and dancing and engaging in tomfoolery. Not being a moviegoer in recent years, I had never seen them before. (I have since watched their movies on TV.) Yes, there is much to be learned in the village.

    Not a native, but my impression is that the term “NOLA” is widely used within the Crescent City, at least by the local media. But what do they know?

    It is also my impression that kudzu is no longer as ubiquitous in the Deep South as it was a couple of decades ago, and neither are armadillos. I have no theory to offer as to why, although a friend swears the recession of the armadillo population is due to fire ants killing their young. Perhaps the ants are killing the kudzu as well.

  72. Kudzu’s overrunning of the South is more evidence of what can happen when you introduce a species to a suitable environment with no natural enemies. In England, the big problem seems to be American Gray Squirrels, which are pushing the native Reds to desperate levels. Maybe the armadillos are destroying the kudzu, since they dig everything up in a search for food.

    They used to say cockroaches would survive a nuclear war. With kudzu’s reputation, it might make it too. I’ve seen a videogame called Plants VS Zombies. Maybe somebody could do Cockroaches vs Kudzu. Could be a million-dollar hit.

    Was channel-surfing and landed on the Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction. Saw a 1953 Corvette convertible go for $485,000.

  73. Thanks, Ghost. I’ll loosen up about NOLA, those San Francisco purists always seemed a bit touchy about it. Along those lines, I’ve known from a young age that NEW or LEE-ans (damn yankee) could be a single, two syllable word. But the one that gets me every time I hear is Louisville, KY. First time I stayed, the evening news was on, but I wasn’t watching. I had the vague idea it was a report on a wolf attack, but I didn’t know people in KY/TN used the word lobo for wolf. Once I looked at the screen, I understood it was local weather, _and_that’s_how_they_say _it_. (with a mouthful of marbles) I really felt like an outsider.

    The Crescent City is nice. Feels somehow more lyrical than their City by the Bay, too.

  74. Armadillos live just fine in southeast Texas.

    Kudzu can create impressive landscapes. Remember driving in Mississippi twenty years back marveling at the undulating kudzu artwork.

    Those of us on limited budgets can buy a day pass to Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction fit around $50.00. It allows you access to all the indoor displays, all cars under tents, and a seat on the auction floor. No worry about an accidental bid, you have to be precertified to get a bid paddle. The average man auto auction, Silvers, is usually held in Phoenix at the same time.

  75. Well, my late husband was a huge fan of Andrew Jackson as well. Along with George Washington and yes, I own museum quality prints of all three presidents that once hung in my office so perhaps that anecdote involved Jackson. There were once advantages to a husband who worked his way through high school, college and first year or so of marriage as a custom framer and art gallery manager.

    Unfortunately I ended up having to do my own framing until oldest daughter “borrowed” all my framing tools which I discovered were REALLY expensive to replace.

    Don’t have any $2 bills so it must have been Jackson. Native Americans hate him. He isn’t hung in my house now.

  76. Mark, Plants vs Zombies is a delightful game, of the class known as a “Tower Defense Game.” The zombies try to get into your home to eat your brain and you have to use various plants to block them or fight back. (Conceptually, the plants are defensive platforms, hence the term “tower.”) And, the music for it won an award the year it came out.

  77. Kudzu has been around long enough for natural selection to have altered the genetics of whatever native plants it competes with, enabling them to compete more successfully. It has also been around long enough for natural selection to occur in species of herbivores, perhaps particularly plant-eating insects, better adapting them to using kudzu as food. Many plants produce substances that discourage herbivory, but many insects are able to feed on this or that protected species of plant. Milkweed’s latex is such a deterrent, but monarch butterflies can handle it, and are themselves protected by the latex incorporated in their bodies. A naïve bluejay will upchuck if it gobbles a monarch caterpillar, and thus learn to leave them alone.

    That happened in Hawai’i, perhaps over just a century or two centuries ago, in a native species of leaf roller moths in the genus Hedylepta. The species that originally fed on the only native Hawai’ian palm, genus Pritchardia, gave rise to several new species of Hedylepta that feed variously on wild banana and coconut palm, both introduced by the original settlers of Hawai’i some 1500 years ago, and on ‘improved’ banana trees, the commercial kind. This info was first published in a two-volume encyclopedia on Hawai’ian insects, and later summarized by its author in a profession journal I subscribed to at the time. I wrote a couple or three articles on that sort of thing for The Bemidji Pioneer years ago.

    ‘Deo gratia.’ Thank you, c x-p.

    About $2 bills. I think during or after WWII, there were complaints in a town / difficulties with troops from a nearby army base. Supposedly, one month the army paid them in $2 bills, and the complaining at least lessened.

    Peace, emb

  78. “In England, the big problem seems to be American Gray Squirrels, which are pushing the native Reds to desperate levels.”

    True enough. I was in England 8-9 mo. in ’52-’53, and never saw a European red squirrel. BTW, don’t confuse them with our red squirrel and chickarees, genus Tamiasciurus. Their red squirrels are a tad larger, a somewhat more orange color, and are smaller members of the same genus as our gray and fox squirrels, Sciurus. Monica Shorten wrote a book in the ’50s, “Squirrels”, in the Collins New Naturalist Series. Good, readable lay level introduction to the critters.

  79. Good Morning Villagers…

    TR, I’m 62, and I think we’re about the same age, are we? And you’re right about Airplane, it was from the mid 60’s to about ’72 they played under that name…..I just dragged them around with me through the seventies….along with the white rabbit 🙂

    Thank you Old Bear for the prayers…going to be rather warm here the next three days…that means windows get open more and more fans running. And the virus is airborne. I still feel it’s here…but I pray I am wrong.

    Mark, will keep your Mom in my prayers. And that group did an outstanding job on ‘Time’. Have you seen either perform, Pink Floyd or Black Jacket Symphony?

    Running late…

    Oh, and GR 😉 thanks for the lesson on ‘bare boobs’ 🙂

    Have a blessed Lord’s day…..

  80. Debbe: Yes, this tour is celebrating the 50th (!) anniversary of Alice’s Restaurant. Opening the show was his daughter Sarah Lee, who has a lovely voice and the family sense of humor. Will definitely be looking for her music, especially her children’s albums.

  81. GR6: ‘Is natural selection what led to the love of Spam* many Hawaiians have?’

    No more than my love of sardines on toast, or my late wife’s of ‘Pride and Prejudice.’ But it probably has something to do with a unique feature of the human female figure, and of our tendency to ‘like them’, as Janis says.

    Peace, emb

  82. Good morning Debbe. Have not seen the Black Jacket Symphony, but would like to after seeing their video. They are supposed to perform the Eagles’ Hotel California here in a couple of weeks. Did see Pink Floyd on their last tour. They played at Legion Field in Birmingham. It was a great experience, and wish I could do it again. Thanks for the prayers for my mom.

    Like the snow cat. Good use of the kibbles.

  83. Ludwig went out to excuse himself as we say in the south. He covered it up and made a snowman with Kibble eyes.

    I had a cat named Marigold who was orange and would copy what I did gardening. She’d dig holes and not for excusing but to garden, put a marigold in her hole and put dirt back on it.

    Minions not coming today. I need to go feed cats and dogs. Lost my phone and it rang awhile ago. It was in bed?

    Gal is on Facebook recently.

  84. Debbe:

    Were you actually addressing me when you wrote “TR”? I was the one who mentioned the sixties, and, yes, we are both 62, and I will be until mid-May.

    Now, to borrow a line from “Taxi Driver” – “You talkin’ to me?”

  85. Ruth Anne:

    About four years ago, I saw Arlo in concert at the Midland Theater in downtown Newark, OH.

    Overall, good show, but I couldn’t escape two thoughts/feelings:

    1.) I was in a live version of “Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment.”

    2.) I was watching a part of my youth that had become quaint. That was mildly disturbing.

  86. Rick, both good thoughts. I NEVER go to casino shows of oldies acts and got dragged to one on a cruise by my late husband who liked cruises for some reason. It was a doowap act from 60s I think and I found myself amazed they could still sing, still do the routines and where did they get the sequined tuxes and were there ANY of the original group on the stage?

    Have the same feeling about all oldies acts. I admit to being dragged to Branson one Christmas and hated it. I never cared for most of the entertainers when they were alive. Oh, you mean Andy Williams wasn’t stuffed on stage?

    So, I am a snob but would make exceptions for some acts like Stones. Stuffed can’t move like that.

    Haven’t wanted to relive my teens yet on stage.

  87. Hi Debbe and all… yes, I am still around lurking. It is usually so late when I get on-line that I just enjoy reading about everyone else’s adventures. Guess I should bring everyone up to date…

    Am working too many hours, but not quite as many as I was at first. I can see some improvement in the department but still have a ways to go. My assistant told me that she was thinking of leaving until I came back. I have great respect for her and know that I need her help. And I let her know that! I was afraid that I was going to have to let my male “minion” go but he has improved a lot in the past couple of weeks. So we shall see…

    Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of my friend Jerry’s passing. It wasn’t as bad I was afraid it would be – it is becoming easier to focus on all the good times.

    And, of course, it helps that I am so busy. Don’t have time to think!

    Hey – Rick and Trucker Ron – I got you beat! I graduated in 1961. And here I am – starting my third career. Life is good… I am blessed…

  88. Gal I too graduated in 1961, married in 1966. How did I fit all that living in those few years? I guess I started early, about 1956 which is about when Elvis started too. Elvis left the building a LONG time ago but you and I are still here, Gal. We’ve outlived Liz and all her husband’s too.

    Lost count on how many careers I have had but learned something useful in every one. Having good people to work with helps, especially minions. Learned that one a long, long time ago.

    You look great in your photos I have seen on Facebook. You must have gotten good genes too and a heavy doze of whatever women like us got fed! I love you, you know. Keep on counting and I don’t mean just those beans.

  89. On today’s Wikipedia front page, below the fold, Today’s featured picture is a very nicely shot specimen of Aplysina archeri (stove-pipe sponge) from Haiti, that want’s everyone to know, “WE’RE NUMBER ONE!”

  90. Never saw the video to this before – surely it’s been posted here before, but just in case certain parties need a pick-me-up before Monday starts.

    Debbe – Thunder is well. Fur is growing back over both wound sites. Yay! She was in heat all last week. Thought it was too early in the year for that; I was wrong. A solid week of howls and caterwallering – accompanied by Blacklight, howling in solidarity. Ugh! I am calling a place tomorrow to schedule surgery and get her some shots. The boys outside are looking really rough, don’t want to worry about kittens AND rabies. (And ignoring my minions who think “little rumbles of Thunder” would be cute. I am only supposed to have one kitty inside. I am not having a whole passel of them.)

    Work still sucks. Mine not as much as the poor manager around the corner, but it still sucks.

  91. Anonymous:

    Speaking of the Stones, my wife and I saw them in 2015 when they played in Ohio Stadium. Good show, but, more than anything else, it was an oldies concert. At least it was actually the Stones and not just one or two of them.

    We saw Sir Paul in Columbus in 2015. Also a good show and not as much of an oldies concert.

    Then, in 2005, we saw David Bowie in Columbus. Good show; oldies concert.

    We’ve also seen Todd Rundgren and Arlo Guthrie recently.

    All of the above makes me glad overall that Jim Morrison passed when he did.

  92. Galliglo:

    I taught literature and composition for thirty years and am now a compliance officer.

    And I thought that I was doing well by having two careers.

    Congratulations! You beat me.

    May I ask you to tell us about your three?

  93. My careers to date:

    Sears – sold shoes, paint, and then ran the gas island at the auto service center in B’ham during college
    Technical writer – variety of products for computer industry for 17 years
    Trucker – picked up and delivered freight in lower in 44 of the lower 48 states plus British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Alberta provinces until back/heart problems
    Volunteer Chaplain – giving psychiatric patients something to think about at Utah State Hospital

  94. Oh gosh, Rick… I guess when I threw out three, I was thinking of 1st, just a member of office staff, 2nd a income tax preparer, and 3rd financial administrator. Oh, and there was the call center worker, but that was only three months – until I earned a $500 signing bonus!
    But I have worked in several industries… A university… A political subdivision where I got to meet a lot of local, state and national politicians (where I learned TOO much about politics!)… Customer service with a national retailer… Real estate sales and insurance… A commercial general contractor (I was assistant treasurer there)… A small contractor (sloppy work and not overburdened with ethics – I got out of there!)… A car dealership…mental health center. And in between I worked on installing accounting software programs and training employees and free lance accounting and office organization consultant. Gosh – what a trip down memory lane! Loved all my jobs (except two)… Loved my coworkers… Learned everything I could, and then moved on.
    I have not had an exotic life, but I have lived!

  95. Trucker Ron, and Galliglo, I admire the life experiences you have had. You have really grabbed hold of life.

    Debbe, thank you for asking. You’ve probably been sound asleep for several hours — I hope you sleep well. I’ve been kind of “hibernating”, that fall I took onto the concrete cellar floor kind of took the starch out of me, but I’m recovering well and have been driving the car, which I hadn’t for four weeks. Called my dentist about a lost crown, as I assumed, but to my dismay she reminded me that it was my own tooth, original equipment that I’ve had for more years than I care to say. It’s an upper front tooth, embarassing to talk to people with a big gap. It’s too far gone to save and it broke right off; I need a root canal before she can put a crown on it. So they called the specialist, a women I’ve gone to 3 or 4 times. Her office said they had time to see me, so now I was unexpectedly driving in traffic two plus miles to the next town over. The driving went fine and so did the root canal. A long time in the chair but not too uncomfortable, and Dr. Steinert is so expert, it didn’t hurt a bit and was all completed in that one visit. The only painful part is paying well over a thousand dollars, and the crown will cost about that much too. I’m grateful that Chris left me well provided for.

  96. P. S. to Dear Debbe, I am glad your weather is warmer, although the virus is worrisome. Hope all will go well. Unusually fair and warm here too, good for getting the dental work and Monday I plan to do some more errands that have waited too long.

    Love from Charlotte Christian (my real name).

  97. Jackie would take some doing to list all the things I have done because I began my first self employment in 1956 at age 12 with my own custom gift wrapping service, specializing in oil field contractors, way more than baby sitting which I did as well. I did some custom Christmas decorating way back then too and did that off and on until.about six years ago.

    Sold my first art work at age 13 but never did that much except all those window display pieces I kept doing up until about 10 years ago. If I still did that I’d do Arlo and Janis for Valentine’s and rip off Jimmy. Last ones I did were Betty Boop and Garfield probably but I did originals too. I did get paid to cartoon but not after college except these big foam core cartoons and displays.

    Let’s see, I am at age 14 so far but kept doing this for money until quite recently.

  98. Ghost, yours and Debbes dancing skills leave me a little awe struck. I missed that. My late husband liked to dance to big band sounds when I loved rock and roll and then he stopped dancing altogether, so I did too. That seems to keep telling me Priscilla Presley and I had more in common than I’d have previously thought?

    Which ties in to my thought on Rick’s comment on rock and roll super stars. Unfortunately Elvis lived long enough to become a parody of himself. He had a great talent and voice that could have been better used. I shudder to think what he’d have been, had he lived. He made fun of himself for money even when young.

  99. Charlotte I am always so glad to see you on Facebook and here.
    My caps are postponed again, they are down at dentist’s office forever but he won’t install with the Plavix and the carotid problem so it is good thing his Temps are so good, no one can tell. Good dental work costs more than heart surgery and plastic surgery combined.

    But missing teeth or damaged teeth are both obvious and embarrassing. And can kill people far easier than they realize.

  100. Millionaire Widow Lady was an especially good ballroom dancer. I remember once at a Mardi Gras ball (any excuse to wear a tux) when we literally danced the night away. She was incredibly light on her feet, even more amazingly so when I later found how much her long, strapless beaded ball gown weighed. (Don’t ask.) Less formally, four of my fellow managers (all female, of course) are good dancers, and one in particular is an especially good “fit” when we dance. And all are good “fast” dancers as well, which is both fun and great exercise.

    Do I act my age? No, of course not.

  101. I don’t know Ghost, you and I don’t seem to have anything in common. Although I do love men in tuxes, most of mine have been pouring wine in my glass, I never cared enough about the Houston social scene to participate.

    Mardi Gras ball gowns could be so heavy chain mail weighed less. Beads are heavy even small ones sehete is a sown into sheer fabric. I wonder whatever became of some of my stuff like that?

    Unless I wore a lace tunic I’d be hard pressed to come up with a cocktail party ensemble.. Lake living never necessitates one. In fact I doubt there is a social “scene ” here. Far cry from New n Orleans where Mardi Gras parties and balls began before Christmas and Houston where there weren’t enough Saturdays in a year for the charity balls.

    Do your rich Widow ladies need a social pedigree and invitations?

  102. Good to see a newsy message, Charlotte. Did we know of your fall? I don’t recall it herein, but could have missed it although I check in several times per day. Such a fall as you describe might have been a lot more serious; I give thanks that such wasn’t the case.

    My dental work is now north of $16K; I wonder if I will be able to chew before July 4th – no, I am not kidding. If you’d like to compare notes, say so and I’ll email you!

  103. Galliglo:

    Impressive! ~ far better than mine.

    Your comment about politics reminded me that I once ran for state representative.

    I’m glad I lost.

  104. Good morning Villagers…..

    My sincerest apologies Rick and TR, I think that’s twice now that I’ve done that….and there’s nothing subliminal about it, it’s just that I’m not exactly Quick Draw McDraw at this time of day.

    And my start of the day at work didn’t help either….I pulled a distressed hen out of her cage, only to have her die in my hands…it really upset me. Then my thoughts went to my Mom. Sigh.

    Miss Charlotte, glad you are getting around much better. And yes, dental work is not cheap. I worry about Ian and the fact his upper front two teeth have had root canals, and if he doesn’t get crowns on them….he will lose his beautiful smile, and his grin.

    Gal, you have been well educated in the field of “jack of all trades AND master of all” 🙂

    For those of you in the south, take cover tomorrow…it doesn’t look good for us up here either.

    Jean….Jonathan found one of my roosters I stashed before they were ‘culled’. His name…Mick, told you I would and I explained to Jonathan why. He is beautiful, and a big boy, what is odd is his feathers are a light goldish color. I left one hen in the cage with him. Maybe we will get a golden egg out of this 🙂

    Mark, loved the video….and Indy Mindy, those boots, wonder what Nancy is up to now.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

  105. Even though I have had a lot of different work experiences – and enjoyed most of them – I do have one regret… financial security. Staying a long time in one or two work environments builds up that retirement equity. I am afraid I went for the here-and-now.

    So, here I am… still working full time +. But – God has always taken care of me and He always will.

  106. For a long time I chased the bigger money now jobs. At about age 40 I finally started working toward retirement. It took a lot of planning with a lot of “what if” included. The single best thing that I did was put a very small monthly fee in a disability insurance policy. That step alone replaced most of the job income that I lost when I retired. That plus my pension and social security (disability) meant that I retired at 59 making about twice what I made when I was working.

  107. Daughter in law is in labor. I have a weekly sales meeting that hopefully I can quickly get through. My wife and daughter are up there and via text, I got an update from my son before they did! Since it is the first grandchild, I do want to get up to the hospital, but my boss probably doesn’t quite understand why. They have wi-fi so I can continue to work, if necessary.

  108. I’ve been “absent” from comments lately but still checking in daily. l Not much to say other than my injured elbow has healed nicely and I even have a “new” vehicle, a 2015 Chevy Equinox. It’s quite fancy compared to my last two vehicles, a 1975 Oldsmobile 98 and a 1998 Chevy Blazer. This is “my” first first new vehicle this century. (I have bought two for wifey.)

    I hope the good Lord is as good to all of you as He has been to me. I have been blessed and protected. God bless us everyone.

  109. My goal for the day is to walk past a television set without hearing the word “Iowa”. I have no reasonable expectation I will be able to realize that.

  110. Solution: avoid turned-on TVs. Only place I encounter them is Sanford Health Bemidji. Fortunately, there are none at the PT gym formerly known as Peak Performance [where I expect to be about noon].

    Peace, emb

  111. There’s a turned-on TV at our local rec center’s exercise room for seniors, but it’s always tuned to ESPN (no choice, that’s how they arranged to get it donated) so when I’m alone there I always turn it off. I much prefer to listen to my iPod; I load it up with podcasts from my favorite NPR shows.

    Actually, I’m a bit of an oddball there–I’m relatively young (many are over 75), appear to be in good health (cardiomyopathy is invisible), and I don’t like to gossip. They’ve mostly learned to ignore me, which allows me to ignore the fact that I’m working up a sweat doing things that I don’t much like to do.

  112. Yes, I like Elvis, no I had not heard that. Is it an out take from Vegas act?

    My long dead aunt and cousin were rich Elvis groupies and headed up a fan group, spent lots of time with Elvis and band in Vegas and touring. Don’t know about aunt but minor cousin dressed and looked like Priscilla in her teens, we figured she was rich toy for the boys, they were very inner circle. Not aunt who took kid along but it was scandal and gossip of family. Ironic thing is the son and grandson looked like Elvis and did impersonations, including coming to aunt’s funeral in costume.

    OK, I am from the south and anything is possible. I have to write the book but maybe it should be a fiction not presented as truth?
    Even when it is true southerners sound weird!

  113. Mom just returned from vascular doc. He said ultrasound showed severe blockages in left leg and bad blockages on the right leg. Has ordered CT scan of both legs to be done Wed. He is concerned whether surgical intervention is possible to save the leg. She is to return to him next week after he has time to review the CT scans. I hope he can save it, because I fear if she loses it she will have to go to nursing home.

  114. Jackie, truth can be so much stranger than fiction. Investigators, lawyers, judges, publishers, and critics hate to admit strange coincidences can happen. But they do. That’s why life is rarely boring. Yours less than most.

    Mark, and more villagers, it’s good to have the pros and tech we have today to help us in our needs. Sounds as though each is being followed up well. Best wishes and prayers to all. Keep us posted.

  115. Mark I am so sorry about your mom. My mother in law saved her leg but it continued to the grave and she did end up in homes. I could not lift her, nor could nurses, they used a crane of some sort. My aunt who did not have weight but diabetes and the blockage was told surgery would not work, she refused amputation and of course died a attempting surgery. I say this not to depress you but because doctors are telling the truth. I spent more time with aunt than her children did.

    Son in law designschool legs but few people will use them, especially the elderly. Would I? Yes but I am stubborn and won’t give up. I would acrept amputation and walk again. You and your brothers need to consider all of this. Your mother will I suspect refuse amputation, as my aunt did. She was wrong, I loved her very much but hers was based on vanity. She was vibrant, intelligent, funny and had no other health issues. She could have lived.

  116. Jackie, mom will be 87 in July. Don’t think Medicare would pay for any artificial limbs at that age. She had minor stroke several years ago and has been on 4 leg walker since a fall about 3 years ago. There is me, my brother and one sister. Brother is about to have lumbar fusion for ongoing back troubles. I work full-time and my work contract specifies that work from home does not allow for adult/child care during work hours. Sister has severe osteoporosis and lives in TN, where her husband works. Mom has one brother, but he lives in KY and is caring for a wife with terminal cancer and aftereffects of severe stroke. So some type of care home is only choice for mom if she can’t get around on her own.

  117. It seems that many of us are of the age when we have similar experiences especially with our mothers. Some with fathers also, but it is common for wife to outlive husband. My 90 year old mother is now in a nursing home. When she went in I didn’t expect her to live very long, but she is improving. I do have a question. I was discussing, or trying to discuss, making medical decisions on her behalf if it should become necessary. Although I have not asked her to change anything, as it stands now both my brother and I have that power. The problem is that I would do what my mother wants, but my brother will not agree I’m sure. There is a more immediate problem though. When I was talking with her she suddenly said “I don’t feel that I am competent to make medical decisions now.” She wouldn’t say anything else about it. I am certainly not wanting to have her declared not competent. I am reluctant to discuss this with my brother at this point as he may rush to an attorney. I’m not looking for legal advice but I would like to hear from anyone who faced something like this.

  118. Mark I hope I didn’t sound harsh, I didn’t mean to. None of us are prepared to care for aging and ill parents. I kept feeling sorry for my mother in law and wanting to bring her here. Big surprise, right? Her nurses at home, her doctors, my doctor’s all said the same thing: “Don’t do it, she will kill you.” She thrived on ill health and hospitalization, was rude to nursing staff, unappreciative. And very obese and just kept gaining. She loved the attention illness brought. Yes, she could have lost weight and exercised but she loved food, especially sweets, juices and junk food.

    In 48 years married to her son I never saw her do anything besides sit and watch television or old movies , so, we end up with results we ourselves bring on. I keep telling myself that. Your mom needs to be where she not only gets care she needs but her children are not to blame either, you’ve all tried, I can tell. Don’t end up going down yourselves.

  119. Jerry: You may not be looking for it here, but I suspect that you really do need legal advice. I’ve heard too many sad stories of family members who refuse to accept and follow a loved one’s wishes and destroy relationships in the process. I would hate for your mom and you to go through that.

  120. Jerry: I’m seconding Ruth Anne. Many of us have stories of what already happened. It sounds like you are at the beginning of one. Seek out a consultation now. Consultation is not action. And any lawyer in this field already knows the dangers they’ve seen others endure. Your beloved mother has already said as much as she will likely ever admit, don’t wait for more. Responding now may save regret later.

  121. I did not mean to sound like a TV commercial. But I guess in this case I agree. I don’t know your time zone, so I suggest getting an appointment before close of business Tuesday. A good professional can ease your fears, and make a plan, even if no action is taken now. You will feel like you’ve accomplished something.

  122. Agreed. The aunt I traveled with for years as part of our minivan across America caravan (pun) had no documents in place when it all hit with TWO lawyer sons and a dentist son and seven nurses, doctors and dentists in the grand kids! NONE.

    And she was not competent then to sign of course. My daughter the ex-Parkland Hospital patient advocate snooped around until a hospital employee broke HPPA and told her. Doctors and staff could not legally discuss her care with family.

  123. Gal, being at one place for a long time is no guarantee of useful retirement benefits. I worked for over 30 years for a company that then went bankrupt. They were “allowed” to keep the pension fund underfunded and I will be lucky to get 50% when the paper work is done. In addition, there was supposed to be other benefits that were not part of the pension fund that are now part of the unsecured creditors list. I suspect I have to work until I die.

  124. Gary: Scary feelings are involved. You have my sympathy. And you gave me a new charitable giving idea, if it’s not already out there.

    During our recent 1.2+ B lottery, I would fantasize on what I would do. I mean that’s so much, I do not believe a selfish hedonist could do it all easily. It would take real work to lose it all. So, after the reasonable self, the reasonable for those close, the reasonable giving, comes the selfish self, the generous for those close to me… now what? There’s international aid, scholarships, medical research, you know the list. Scholarship felt important, but there are many, really rich people doing that already. Anyway, I know a billion dollars doesn’t fix everything, and means testing is messy. But if I could add a couple hundred a month to the wallets of people taken by systems outside their control, and keep IRS hands off, that would feel pretty good.

    Tune in tomorrow to see your hero make the sun rise in the west.

  125. As to consultation, no objection to lawyers, but your hospital may have a staff person specifically assigned to consulting with patients, relatives, whomever, about advanced directives, ‘when I am no longer competent, . . .,’ and such. Ours happens to be the former hospital chaplain, and a good friend. His wife, also an M.Div. and good friend, is Assoc. Pastor at one of Bemidji’s several L.C.s, and a splendid preacher. They are both good cooks. Life is hard. [Bemidji is half LC, of various stripes, half RC, and the rest of us.]

    ‘And she was not competent then to sign, of course. My daughter the ex-Parkland Hospital patient advocate snooped around until a hospital employee broke HPPA and told her. Doctors and staff could not legally discuss her care with family.’

    HIPPA can be a problem; we hospital volunteers run into it often. Whom did you see in the bldg. today that you cannot tell anyone you saw? Whose condition do you know that you cannot tell your pastor about, even though you think they would want him to know? [You are supposed to get their permission IN WRITING.] Fun. Elaine, RN told me that law was largely written by insurance lobbyists to make their clients’ jobs easier. Nah, responsible firms would never do such a thing!

    In the early ’50s, before HIPPA existed, but not politicians, Bob Taft was running against Ike to be GOP nominee. Elaine is immune now. She told me, but I never told anyone: Taft knew at the time that he was terminal, at the hospital where Elaine was a student. [Of course, we all are, but he knew it would be soon.] Ike won anyway; maybe Taft knew Ike would, and for Taft to step down would make things difficult. Maybe Ike knew. We will never know, but I think Elaine’s info was accurate. To my knowledge, this never got into the history of post-WWII American politics; more important thinks did, but not always, I suspect.

    Peace, emb

  126. When we filled out the paperwork for the vascular doc’s files, we made sure the names of all three of mom’s children were on the cleared to discuss list. And no, I don’t think you were harsh, Jackie. Just realistic. But I’ve had experience with the long-term caregiver thing. And at this point in my life, and probably my brother and sister’s, we just can’t do it.

  127. I guess I didn’t define but my family was all furious at hospital and doctors, staff for refusing to tell them anything without realizing their mother had signed nothing designating they could. So we had two mad lawyers and a lot of mad family in medical profession who should have known what was needed.

  128. Yes, Jackie, that was an outtake from Vegas. The background was, as I understand, prerecorded which is why it just keeps going. I first learned about it, years ago, because I liked to listen to a local “oldies station,” that had been a Top 40 station back when I was young. (The effect was that they were still playing the same music, although they had a different name for it.) Most of the time, when they played Are You Lonesome Tonight, it was the straight version, but they’d slip this in once in a while so that you never knew which one to expect.

  129. But unfortunately all medical staff no matter where, offices. Clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, physical therapists, dentists must all give a sixth NOW. .And when it’s your mother or father or child, we’ll then you give more than one, you give a fxxk what is going on and want to know.

    Perhaps you have yet to lose someone you love?

  130. And the talk about Elvis reminds me –

    I work with a fellow who was stationed in Germany when he was in the Army, and Elvis agreed to have his photo taken with him.

    That was impressive as heck – seeing my co-worker and Elvis, both in uniform, side by side.

  131. General Question for those more experienced here: I’ve long thought there was no up or down vote available here. No way to add or subtract ‘karma’ points. I now see the pound or hash sign next to each post is a hyperlink. Does it serve a purpose beyond serial counting posts?

  132. HIPAA privacy regulations seem to be predicated on the idea that one can trust one’s life to one’s medical providers but not one’s medical records. Life is rife with examples of the unintended consequences that accrue from regulators regulating professions with which they have little or no real-world experience.

  133. Actually, Mourphy, that # does serve a purpose, and if you’ll open it in a new tab, or new window, you’ll see that it opens up this page, with the selected comment at the top of the window. That way, you can send somebody a link to a specific comment rather than making them scroll down looking for it.

  134. Hey Ghost. I was forming a new reply to Go Figure, but refreshed before posting, and found you.

    I knew HIPAA, was all CYA for the industry the next day. If protecting my information means I need to add my full name to a hand written list, where I can see everyone’s name who has visited in the last four hours, including everyone currently in the waiting room; then something is messed up. My physicians office let that continue for months.

  135. On the HIPAA thing: More problematic was taking my daughter to the pediatrician. Since you need to list the _patients_ legal name, there was a list, on the counter, unattended, with 30 children’s names on it. Maybe it doesn’t matter to adults in general, but kind of worrisome for parents.

  136. And consider what forwarding all those nice-looking emails to multiple friends without deleting the other people’s names does for the scammers who are harvesting email info to launch a mass spam attack. Or those cute quizzes or like and share items you get on FB.

  137. Mark: yeah, lots of ways for info to get abused. It’s one of the reasons I don’t post hyperlinks. I’ve never followed a bad link from this page. But it happens. So I’d rather give page names, or directions, and let the other person go for themselves.

    In my case, being rural, 4G is my link to this beautiful, virtual world. I have to be careful about data usage. I can spend a whole weekend doing my thing for less than 100 MB. On bad link can burn that in less than a minute.

  138. All the physicians’ offices to which I carry my mom have either eliminated sign-in lists entirely or the sign-in is done on sticky labels which are peeled off as soon as the sign-in is completed. Of course, I understand that in smaller communities, half or more of the people in the waiting room know each other and even sit there and discuss their conditions with each other and compare surgery stories.

  139. Ghost Rider 6: Sorry if I was vague. I was referring to when it was put in place and for some time after. My daughter hasn’t seen a pediatrician in years.

    emb: I did not intend to ignore you. In the flurry of posts, I missed yours. I’m curious who you rank first? And was his war fighting in Cuba necessary or fomented Hearst News.

    Obviously the most recent Anonymous was me. My information was lost juggling windows while testing out the #’s

  140. The real anonymous is laying in bed with the Adventure Dog and my oldest cat Ashes and my youngest cat Sylvester and cat Skipper. If I moved my leg or comforter I might find more. I need to go make sure doors are double locked and lights on or off, aso needed.

    Greenslevees is playing. I have loved that song all my life. Hal changed that to Green Levees for some reason.

    Worked on beginning to clean flower beds and trim crepe myrtles.
    Found where last two sets of minions hide bulbs and iris. Some were ruined, some may grow. I am planting. We found some things, are organizing. Got bird feeders cleaned, filled and hung on porch, got animal foods stored in storage deck box on porch, stored dog food with dogs, cats with cats.

    Tomorrow we put down posts and mount the big metal bird feeders and hang some. Put down pots for wisteria vines. Stone patio going there. Going to sleep. Good night.

  141. Jackie, levees aren’t part of my usual experience, so any time the word comes up my mind goes off with Don McLean in his Chevy. Singin’ bye…

    Always pictured it as an earthen berm, never considered whether it had grass or flowers on it.

  142. By the way, our favorite small watercraft sailor has explained many times that Anonymous is ‘ironical’ to borrow a word from Robin Williams. Please, if naming you is too forward on my part, tell me. I’ll be confused, but would obviously respect your wish.

  143. Huh, today I learned ‘ironical’ _is_ an accepted form of the word. When I saw Good Will Hunting, I thought Robin’s character was being _sarcastic_ when he said, “I was being ironical, Jerry.” I guess the joke is doubly on me! (triple since it took me nearly 20 years to get it)

  144. Of course not, the entire world calls me Jackie, or at least the parts of it where small wooden boats get built.

    Yes, levees have grass and the big ones have roads atop the entire thing where Southern kids used to drive in the 50s and 60s before we worried about someone dynamiting the levees. Think “Oh, brother Where Art Thou” with George Clooney where they are in the car on top of levee. That was shot on Ghosts side of the Mighty Mississippi but near where I am from on !ouisiana side.

  145. When I go to the dentist they greet me by name –
    hand me a sheet to check to see if Info has changed-
    sign on the bottom. But then I have been going to the same
    dentist 33 years (the scary part is that is 1/3 of a century)

    Happy Ground Hog Day
    By weather report 6-8-10inches of snow coming.
    so maybe early spring?
    6 weeks more winter if he sees his shadow-
    month and a half if he does not.

  146. Good morning Villagers….

    Jerry and Mark, you have my sympathy. All of Mom’s daughters were on her list, and number 3 sister’s husband was, what do you call it…..he did all the paper work with Medicare and Medicaid. When Mom died, the house was never signed over to any of the children, now it goes to Medicaid.

    Suffering from overexposure to chlorine from the hen house. We have three ‘foot baths’ with chlorine powder in tubs in the packing room. The foot baths and hand sanitizer are to be used every time one enters the hen house. There are two foot baths at the entrance. Upon entering, you spray Lysol, then step in foot bath. Enter second zone and change shoes, put on hazmat gear, step in second foot bath.

    Any hoo, all three are in the packing room, and I have a serious cough and sinus congestion. I can’t stop coughing. Called doctor…getting antibiotics and cough syrup just so I can work…I will be so glad when we can be declared “Avian virus free”. I hate to think of wearing a dust mask all day….besides they are too big, the Boss is going to try and get small ones.

    I called the Boss and told him I would be a little late and why…he had already discussed this with Jonathan as they were experiencing burning eyes….so one of the foot baths is going out on the steps.

    Oh, and I just read on whether.com….the groundhog died a few days ago.

    Be safe to day……

  147. And yes, I was Go Figure….just not feeling good and down and depressed, I am sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings…..but, in reading all the above it just brought back sad memories…..now I will go away……

  148. We’re a lot tougher than we sound and our feelings will survive so you don’t have to leave on our account, Heck, I’ve been known to skip over much longer posts than yours. I’m one of the reasons why the longtime clerk of the circuit court in Escambia county is now collecting a pension so I have a reason for saying I don’t need legal advice but thanks anyway. If a legal confrontation with my brother becomes unavoidable then so be it, but I think that I have the bases covered for now. Who is on first and I don’t know is catching naturally.

  149. We welcomed Lukas Harrison into the world at 3:42 PM yesterday. He was 7 lbs 1 oz and 20 ½ inches long. My son said that they would call him Luke.
    So now I can say, in my greatest James Earl Jones voice, Luuuke, I am your Grandfaaaather!
    Mother, Father and son are all doing well. Exhausted, but well!

  150. emb: Regarding the painting… I do believe the lad is being punished by having to drag/carry that stone with him for the rest of the school day. He’s weeping and the teacher is holding a cane with which the lad may already have been spanked.

  151. Debbe I cannot imagine doing once what you do every day. You are a brave, courageous woman and those two words are not the same.

    Steve congratulations.

    Kids have gone to pick up two more altered cats, males I think. We have two more caught and I am waiting on call from back up vet. We have overwhelmed my normal vet.

  152. There is also a TV commercial for a gym that is for “normal people.” In a prospective client’s memory, the key to the bathroom/locker room at a body-building gym is a giant millstone on a rope. The point of the ad is, “we aren’t a typical gym.”

  153. Steve – Congratulations to your family.

    PSA: About to be very sad and weepy here, so skip now if you wish. I’ll be brief.

    Tomorrow marks two years since mom’s passing. It could have been an hour ago. I still am surprised how often I flash back to her final moments. She always made me so crazy, and so angry. And yet…
    Even though the nurse said she was gone, and she was no longer hooked up to any machines, some residual reflex kept her gasping for air. I had no idea the body would keep fighting for so long after it was given the word to stop. A tiny voice somewhere around my heart kept screaming, “Stop! I take it back!,” but I remained silent. I watched her slow, like a music box winding down, until she stopped. I owed her that much. I also stood alone and watched them close and lock the casket. I owed her that too. I am so much my mother’s daughter.

    Sleep will be long in coming tonight.

  154. Mindy darling, if you need to talk to someone tonight you can write me on messenger on Facebook. Last year was my trial by fire, like I hadn’t had enough? I will listen, you can cry, I’ll listen. Love.

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