And now there’s “no huddle”

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It’s May. Down South, that means football season is just around the corner. This cartoon from 15 years ago is the sort of thing that earned me a reputation, which I say is greatly exaggerated. I have been doing a lot of things lately that interfere with my normal routine. On the whole, this has been good for me, but it hasn’t been good for this Web site. I want to give you a date when I will return more or less routinely, but I don’t think I can do that just yet. Perhaps by the middle of next week or the beginning of the following week, I will be able to return with the promise that I will try to do better. How’s that? It’s the best you’re going to get right now. Whether we like it or not, the Web is going to be very important to cartoonists in the future. I haven’t put years into this site to just let it die, not intentionally anyway. I will be back more regularly and soon. Hopefully, the oft-touted new design will be out someday, but that’s not entirely in my hands. I’m not sure where we are on that one. Be that as it may, thank you all for coming in the past, and please continue to check in. I will try not to disappoint you.

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  1. Yay, Jimmy’s back! I imagine Janis in the last panel above is using her “1940’s silver screen vamp” voice. And the grin in today’s real-time that Arlo gives Janis is a classic!

  2. “hunch women’s conversation is much more interesting.” Wife reported on such from kaffee*-klatches back when she was a youngish faculty wife [age 30s-40s]. The things other women revealed were outrageous; she managed to keep the conversation out of our bedroom. I know, for instance, why one found she could not use “the pill.” And other things I cannot divulge here.

    Actually, the guys [dept. was mostly male then] alluded to various things I wouldn’t think of revealing, in part because I rarely had the problem. Their major complaint was headaches. Wife rarely had them.

    Peace, emb


  3. Not many have yet discovered we’re back yet. For every day that we’re down we probably lose someone for at least a week, maybe permanently. We welcome some new visitors though. Come on in and sit a spell. Debbe, we have been worried and we hope that you are ok. When I’m having a tough time, which is more often than you know, I say “Don’t let the b——s win!” and, in the long run, they won’t.

  4. Jimmy we do worry when you don’t show up regularly.
    “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” – but ” out of sight out of mind”
    Can you get the comments time extended when you don’t post so we can talk behind your back?
    Don’t let us hang – we want to know you are OK.

  5. So glad the site is working again! I miss it so much when I can’t get to it. Have been worrying about Debbe, with this awful avian flu; hoping she is doing okay at the henhouse, and at home too. Glad to see Jerry, emb, Galliglo (saw you on Facebook), c ex-p, Denise, and Old Bear.

    Enjoying Lilacs here in NH, wildflowers in our lawn. Bumblebees foraging in the Ajuga (Bugleweed — spikes of little bright blue blossoms.) They cover large patches of the lawn — it’s a groundcover.

  6. I too (via email) asked Jimmy to consider extending the period of time (currently one week) that Comments remain open, as the blog is effectively shut down when he goes more than a week without a new post. Perhaps he will have seen that request by now, as well as the similar comments above.

  7. I can’t speak for others, but I checked in every day so that I’d know when it came back up.

    Tuesday morning, I went down to the VA for a laser capsulotomy. That means that the capsule behind my implants (from cataract surgery several years ago) was starting to fog, and they needed to cut off the scar tissue with a laser. Right now, my right eye has black floaters, but that’s normal and they generally go away within a few months. In a few weeks, I’m going down again to look into the laser with my remaining eye.


    I cite the above cartoon for two reasons:

    1) We share Janis’ concern as expressed in the 3rd panel. My Dear Old Dad was fond of saying, “You could have been dead in a ditch!” if I was overdue. (Naturally, I used it ironically on my own children and it has become a family proverb.)

    2) This is yet another example of Our Humble Author’s ability to write convincing female dialogue, even though he is not female. A gem.

    We are coming up on THIRTY YEARS of Arlo and Janis. Let’s keep ’em coming, ya hear?

  9. Hey Sideburns – I see you are posting under your real name! At least, I suppose it is your real name… unless you are in the Witness Protection Program… No – that’s sandcastler*! LOL

  10. Gal, I think sand claims an expunged record, so perhaps he got that instead of WPP. 🙂

    Verizon has purchased AOL for $4.4 billion. That is flat-out amazing. I mean, who knew AOL was still a thing?

    Actually, the truly amazing thing is that 2.1 million subscribers still use AOL dial-up for InterWebNet access. Holy moly…with all the crap that many web sites include on their home pages today, how long would it take to download one of them?

    Two tweets from Marko Kloos:

    “In its heyday, AOL was the country’s leading provider of busy signals.”

    “(Kids, ask your parents about “busy signals”.)”

  11. Well, I for one am glad Jimmy is OK and some of the rest of you as well. I have been checking on everyone here and saw Ghost and Gal and a few others I knew, usual suspects on TDS.

    Four more days until I start my bigger adventures, spent several days at my lawyers and today signing a sheaf of paperwork. Since wills, DNR, trust funds and powers of attorney, guardianship, etc. are no fun on any day I made sure to wear mint colored jeans, a lavender tee, hot pink clogs and a bright multi-floral designer jacket. At least I was sunny. My lawyer looks like Legally Blonde but aged a bit. Ghost would like her.

    I would put a link to my cruising vessel on here but I would be suspected, even though it is on an international blog and website! So, it is 40 feet long, Ghost would not approve, multi-story.
    Will try to check in sometime after first week in June is yacht doesn’t sink or the BBC doesn’t report two dead bodies on a blood splattered yacht adrift.

    By the way, I did donate entire body to science and use of any parts they want. Still say we should all do same but I know not everyone here agrees.

    Love, Jackie

  12. It sounds, Charlotte, as if your spring is at about the same place as mine is right now. I picked up tomato and pepper plants today along with a few perennials. They will get hardened off a bit, then into the ground they go.

    Joe, I didn’t realize that could happen with lens implants. Good to know!

    Thinking about you, Debbe, and hoping all is well.

  13. I exchanged photos with my four-years-younger-than-me cousin in San Francisco. (He was ten when I last saw him.) Holy moly (again)…there may be something to this “family resemblance” thing.

    Your outfit sounded interesting, Jackie. Were batteries included? 🙂 A forty-foot, multistory yacht? Sounds adequate for two people. If you don’t want to post a link, what’s the boat’s name? I might be able to find it on the InterWebNet.

  14. I know you are going to ridicule me Ghost and not say nice things but I will link for you.

    Actually not the sailboat, don’t have it until July. There is a photo of it in my column last week, however. Much smaller only 24 feet, with sails and motor.

    Outfit came with sunglasses for anyone out in the drizzle.
    Lawyer had on polka dot navy silk dress and pearls. No question who looked classy, her or Brittany Spears here.
    Love Jackie

  15. Just wanted to check in and let everyone know I’m OK, also. Been checking daily and I was a bit worried about out leader. Glad to hear he’s OK too. Rain here. Plants are beginning to make tomatoes. I have a small garden in three large barrels. Only grow tomatoes and cucuzza, Italian squash. They grow long vines on anything they can reach. My daddy used to grow them in tall oak trees. They are similar to zuccini and can be cooked with most anything. I prefer them with a red spaghetti gravy. Grass can almost be seen growing with the rain and Louisiana heat. I agree with everyone on JJ’s letting the blog stay open, if it’s not too much trouble. I and everyone else seem to look forward to the comments even if we don’t join in often.

    Blessings and prayers for everyone.

  16. As usual, my link is faulty. is correct. The sailboat “Magic” is in my last week’s or this weeks’s column, along with Cowboy Cookies and the recipe for the cookies.

    Yeah, I kept checking in and lurking around. I worry about everyone, especially when depression if brought up, as it was. I am very happy, despite just donating my body and all my assets and money to something.

    Love, Jackie

  17. Today I wore khaki shorts with brown shoes and a green flowered shirt. I drove the Accord to get a massage today because it gets better gas mileage than my Cadillac. Afterwards we felt like getting bar-b-que so we went to Sonnys and then stopped by Bed Bath and Beyond before heading home. But then, nobody cares about the details of my day and I don’t need to comment because I am ” some people” and get mentioned whether I post or not. Not that it bothers me, but aren’t we getting kind of silly re Lilliblack’s last comment?

  18. Thanks Jimmy. Missed the “new” retro strips. Thanks for updating and giving us the chance to talk again. I’ve been checking every day.

    Jackie, why not a picture of your lawyer? I’m sure Ghost isn’t the only one who would appreciate it. 🙂

  19. Well, if we are going to discuss outfits, ditched the work clothes for a strapless, “tulip-skirt” dress (Dollar store find, woohoo!), and strappy sndals. Tulip skirts are rather revealing if not careful. Do not recommend wearing if dining at a booth table. Steak, medium-rare, and salad.

    Jerry – Hawaiian or Panama Jack?

    LOVED Arlo in today’s real time. Ha! However, I miss Luddie. Than again, I’ve leveled up my “crazy cat lady” status, so no surprise there.

    Hope our missing members check in for roll call soon. We are going to have to come up with a zip code soon at the rate we are going.

  20. I tried to post yesterday but found that comments were closed on the video game.


    When the mouse is away, the cat will play.

    (Sure would have been better on the correct page.)

  21. Jerry darling, you brain/mind must be rather crowded, your life is too exciting. I am off not to return for as long as possible. I do miss many here. You are not among them. I doubt that you are real or else multi-bodied? One for each side? You left out church references.

    Goodbye, I am taking JJ’s book with me to BC because my friend being English is a worse or equally bad punster. He is a fan of Jimmy’s because I send him the cartoons. In fact, boat plans drawing are called “cartoons” if they are sketchy pencil or pen and inks and not drafted totally to scale. But that isn’t why he names some boats for cartoon characters, he is huge fan, especially of Walt Kelly and Pogo.

  22. Awww… We are not only the Village, but also family… Spats and all! Perhaps we are a tribe?
    Even tho we spat, I love you all!

  23. Either it rained tonight or I was spat upon. It’s getting hard to tell the difference. Good call Ghost. I think that Billy Shakespeare said something about a loud breaking of wind in a crowded elevator, “Thou does protest overly much” or something like that.

  24. Found a new (to me) word in a crossword puzzle recently: tussore.
    I looked it up and found a few other spellings, but none rang a bell. Anyone hear of it before?

  25. Looks French and maybe related to the original French word for bundle, referring to a bundle of grapes, eventually becoming the bundle that a bride takes into her marrage.

  26. Good morning Villagers….and back at you too Jerry 🙂

    BB King died! Now the thrill is really gone. Loved him and Lucille. Actually saw him perform twice. Will dig for my cassette that he and Clapton taped. Can’t think of the name of it.

    Ian really pulled a ‘boner’ yesterday….thought he was changing my oil, only to find out he drained the transmission fluid. Had to drain the oil, as it was overfilled. Then had to have it towed as my Isuzu has a ‘closed’ transmission…not even a dipstick to check it. One day if you hear a loud pop from S IN, it will be my son’s head coming out of his a$$!

    Really missed all of you this week, this place is very therapeutic. Still struggling, but better. Thank you all for sharing and caring.

    The hen house is fine, egg shells are thin, therefore making a mess. My Miss Prissies are a year old now. The Corp and The Boss have really ‘beefed’ up the bio-security since they have discovered a backyard flock in Northern Indiana had the avian virus. What is puzzling is the strain is from the Pacific flyway. Seventy-seven birds (ducks, chickens and geese I think) had to be culled. Everyone is concerned.

    GR 😉 you’re keeping early hours…saw your comment this morn on TDS 🙂

    AND…Andrew came over and apologized to all of us…we’re family my husband said…Ian accepted his apology and all is good, Andrew is back at work and even picking me up for work since I don’t have wheels.

    ya’ll have a blessed day


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