…and whole milk!

Last week’s eclipse with associated travel and general disruption played havoc with my summer schedule here, abbreviated as it is. However, I’ll try to get back on track today. Longtime visitors know major hurricanes usually are noted here ever since Katrina. Now, we have Harvey, and I don’t have anything to add. It is truly awful. I can’t imagine what metropolitan Houston will be like going forward. We probably will talk more about this, but I stand by my statement: I don’t have much to add. It’s overwhelming.
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  1. We had a nice rain yesterday afternoon and I-696 flooded. It was due to a power failure to the pumps in the area. I-696 is pretty much underground for a few miles and when the power goes out during a rain storm, this will happen.

    I did not know this and was pretty much stuck for 30-60 minutes. As we started to move, I started to see headlights. Cars had turned around and where going back up the entrance ramp. So I was able to turn and get off the highway. A 45 minute drive took 3 hours.

    Still very tame by Houston standards.

  2. I have tried not to watch tv but it is on sometimes, to my distress. I just contributed to the Red Cross. Today Ghost and I will contribute to Salvation Army and probably ASPCA for pets.

    If you can please consider donating to a safe charity to help Houston and Texas. This drawfs Katrina unfortunately.

  3. In Nuclear Medicine Department, waiting while Jackie has a bone scan, idly wondering if if she will glow in the dark tonight; it will be OK if she does.

    My main source of distress is that The Muary Povich Show is on the waiting room TV. How in (insert name of deity of choice)’s name can that be considered entertainment?

  4. Ghost, the same way people used to go see the 10-in-1 shows at carnivals and fairs.

    Ten-In-One — One of the two “classic” form of the midway show (the other is the “single o”). The Ten-in-One was a show featuring (approximately) ten acts or attractions, lasting a total of about 40 minutes. Similar shows had been playing circuses for decades. But in the carnival setting of the 1904 Canadian National Exhibition, ex-wrestler Walter K. Sibley took several of his existing ‘single-o’ attractions and packaged them together for a single admission, and the next year he expanded the show and presented it as the ‘ten-in-one’, where it came to wider attention as a distinct type of attraction. Features included a variable mix of acts: born freaks who would display themselves, lecture briefly and sell pitch cards or novelties, “made freaks” who would do the same, performers like magicians or sword-swallowers, and curiosities like an “electric chair act.” Typically, there would be a “ding” or “blowoff” at the end for additional profit. The bannerline could feature each attraction in a spectacular and dazzling array, and of course the showman could change out one banner for another as acts came and went. Of course, a showman might have a “Five-In-One” or any variation.

  5. I’m sure the Salvation Army is already cranking up their disaster relief teams, but this may even be a bit much for them, and they have years of practice. I’m waiting to see if our corps is going to get a call. We have a canteen that can be used, and we are part of the Southern Territory. I am not sure the disaster area is in the Southern or Western territory, some parts of Texas are southern and some are western.

  6. Twelve years ago today, I was hunkered down with my mom, my sister, and my brother-in-law, riding out Hurricane Katrina. Not being at home, I was not there when her winds dropped a 100+ year-old- oak tree across the center of my house. Now my mom is gone, my sister is gone, and my house is gone, but I am still here. Non deficere.

    My heart goes out to those who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Katrina, and all other natural disasters.

    God bless you, Ursen. Based on prior experience, SA is the relief agency to whom I prefer to donate. I would urge all of the Villagers to do the same to their preferred agency.

  7. Not hard to figure out why I like today’s [T 29 Aug ’17] ‘Dustin.’


    A current pet peeve is ‘impact’. Hate to admit it, and have not checked into the history of its misuse, but it may derive from the phrase ‘environmental impact’. Maybe I’ll ask Anu Garg.


  8. I donated to the Red Cross, Houston Humane Society and will donate to Salvation Army as well. I set up a Houston Humane Society donation button through Facebook in Dickens name.

    I did donate to a fourth site one of my friends set up on Facebook for an approved charity. These are paid through approved secure links, no individual gets any money.

  9. The Dustin comic linked above is a canard. I had already let this pass without comment because Mr. Johnson gave us a new post. There are other more pressing topics. And I just don’t like it. But there seems to be some persistence of purpose. If it is not joy, it is at least desire to appear elevated above such pedestrian use of language.
    Take an item from two weeks ago, The Nauseous Coaster. Remember a roller coaster is inanimate and has no digestive system. It cannot suffer nausea. Therefore it can only figuratively be described as nauseous. The rider who was nauseated by the roller coaster experience has vestibular and digestive systems in distress, and is literally (accurately) nauseous. I hope this helps to illustrate the figuratively vs. literally dilemma so that clarity is achieved.
    However as an intensifier, literally has been used figuratively for literally a couple centuries and more in both speech and prose by respected persons on both sides of the Atlantic divide of anglophone culture.
    Although to be truly pedantic the particular use of literally referring to a spoken comment is itself figurative regardless of exactitude. Because to be literal the referenced item must first be written using letters, not just spoken. Or is that taking the topic much too literally?

  10. Jimmy:

    I’m with you.

    A catastrophe of truly biblical proportions is beyond my ability to discuss.

    All I can write is that I feel is a great sorrow. I have no other words.

  11. Charlotte: ‘Emerita?’ A nice distinction, to which I have no objection. It gets nasty, however, when some male chauvinist pig [I believe it was a member of Congress] asks some LLB or LLD if she is a ‘lawyeress’? Happened sometime in the last decade or two. When it comes to college grads, I just use ‘alum’ and ‘alums’. Peace,

  12. When Tuscaloosa was hit by that massive tornado my end of town had multiple groups set up in the parking lot of a destroyed shopping center. Among the first and best was the Salvation Army. Also in there were a number of faith-based groups and multiple local (alabama) restaurants who brought their mobile catering setups to feed those who didn’t have power, water or gas.

    Seeing the photos of all those who are turning out to help in Texas gives me hope for this country, in spite of all the mess some have tried to stir up. God bless all those who are helping and give them strength to cope with what they have to do.

  13. It seems that “Restless Pedant” not only believes that language is whatever “the people” make it, but that such change is inevitably good. In the long run, language clearly is whatever the people make it. But language is also a vehicle for communication. That communication is of many sorts: informative, poetic, legal, rabble-rousing, edifying, and deceptive, to name a few. Note: “Restless Pedant” is a new username here. S/he may be a new poster, but may not.
    Many words have related but distinct meanings. If two or more such words are used interchangeably, clarity is lost, and the language is poorer for the change. In particular, it becomes less informative and edifying, but perhaps more rabble-rousing or deceptive. If we decide the only non-elitist route is to let the majority rule, we can perhaps look forward to the following sorts of dictionary entries: figurative: obs.-see literal; effect: obs.-see impact; theory: obs.-see guess.
    “Pedant” has also renewed the question of motivation, which I thought we had laid to rest. First: once bitten, twice shy. I’ve consistently ignored structure and usage bits here for weeks, and will likely continue to do so if I continue posting here. Second: I take no “joy” in pointing such out, but I do enjoy copy-editing, and copy-edit for free for several grateful people. As I wrote earlier: “Please broaden your perception re copy editing, and please do not impugn my motives.” That “Pedant” brings it up again when I had already clarified my position suggests the possibility that someone is motivated by personal animosity. It may be, to paraphrase another’s post above, a “mess [that Pedant has] tried to stir up” To quote “Pedant”, I just don’t like it. Perhaps “Pedant” wants me out of here.

  14. OK, I had to look up ‘canard’. I thought I knew but wanted to be sure. And the definition made me laugh…it is both an unfounded rumor and a stabilizer. 🙂 Words are funny.

    Restless Pedant, you sound very familiar…is that you, Dan ? Regardless, nice to meet you.

    As for beginning a road trip, there’s the Muppets’ song “Moving down the road…”

    Have a good day, everyone.

  15. Good morning Villagers…..

    Dad’s A/C went out, but not complaining as it is a partly cloudy day with temp right now at 70 degrees.

    Picked three more red tomatoes off my two plants….yea!!! Farmer’s Market is wanting $5 for a watermellon…don’t think so. May check out the cantelopes…they are almost out of season.

    Better go do my running before ACDC man gets here.

    Mark, thanks for the grins.

    later gaters 🙂

  16. Oh boy…Dad’s getting a new A/C and Heating unit. Yet we need it, but I’ve got to stop watching the heartbreaking news, 24 hours a day on the tragedy in Texas.

    My prayers and thoughts and empathy and sympathy and $ are being sent to those poor souls who have lost everything…but they still have a life to rebuild from….and their faith and love for one another will deliver, not overnight but in years…let’s not forget them.

    Stop and think why everyone wants to come to America….we are one nation and we will become one nation…again…

    God bless America, and God bless the United States of America.

  17. Ditto Debbe. It’s now raining very hard and we’re having frequent thunder. I don’t expect it to get worse than this. There has been no wind to speak of here. If anything does happen Elvis will survive because at the slightest sound of thunder or heavy rain he goes to my closet. It only takes him a second to open the door and he’s in there now.

  18. Reading back, I realize that I don’t always use subject, verb and object, We don’t grade for grammar here, but I’ve made peace, at least in my mind, with the citizens of the village. You post about whatever and however you like and I will do the same.

  19. Dear Jerry in Fl — You have the right attitude and I agree with you. Let’s all relax and not criticize each other. We come to the Village to be friendly.

    Dear emb, you go ahead and be a copy-editor all you want; you are being helpful and we are learning things.

    Darn it, I meant to look at the Old Faithful site today but I got distracted. Now I probably won’t be able to find the link. I can’t seem to find a list of Favorites either on this Edge browser (Windows 10 on desktop computer) or on my Apple iPad — either Safari or Google, or both. The darned iPad was entertaining at first but now it’s just frustrating most of the time.

  20. Jerry:

    Do that all the time. Good conversational English, learned from Dad, whose 10th gr. education [ca. 1884-95] stood him in good stead re grammar, vocabulary, and geography. They didn’t push the Oxford comma back then.


  21. Still livin’ on Tulsa time today…stayed over last night to see if a stat test could be scheduled for today; looking less like that’s going to happen as noon approaches. We did meet with the surgeon’s NP yesterday and the oncologist Tuesday, and it appears Jackie’s surgery is a “go” for 9-25-17. Lots of consults and medical releases needed from other docs in the meantime, so it’s not like we will just be loafing.

    We will try to work a little fun into it, starting with volunteering as check-in staff at the Arkansas River race in Tulsa on Labor Day. Jackie assures me there will be lots of damp bikini babe racers needing to be checked in, and since alcohol is inevitably involved, many of them will likely be having trouble keeping their suits adjusted. Sounds like fun to me. 😉

  22. I don’t know who the Pedant is, but then I’ve missed a couple of days in the Village because I have been visiting with my lovely granddaughter. Whoever they are, I hope they don’t let the door hit them on their way out of the Village.

    I don’t argue about people’s grammar here because mine isn’t that perfect, and I’m just happy that Villagers use words instead of the way young people text these days. B4 is a Bingo call, not a word!

    We might be getting our share of Harvey, and if so it ain’t much. And I’m not going to whine because we need the rain. Still, I am sorry for the people in and around Houston, and I will find a place to donate to.

  23. Ghost, there is video on YouTube of last year’s event. You can watch it and get an idea what you’re in for. Looked like fun when I saw it. But I’m working my normal 9 hour Monday that day. Time and a half, here I come!

  24. Ghost and I try really hard to provide a touch of jocularity to an often dour blog here. It is often depressingly somber.

    How can a blog dedicated to humor be so unfunny? We are letting Jimmy down.

  25. Here’s my contribution, when scheduling surgery my mastectomy they asked if I wanted to have reconstruction? I said definitely and I wanted a matched pair.

    She looked at me and said we will have to reconstruct the good one too, they don’t make replacements large enough to match your natural ones. We all laughed at that one.

    Ghost is looking forward to meeting with the plastic surgeon, picking out what he likes. He said Rich Widow Lady let him pick lingerie but picking out his favorite breasts is a new experience.

    I want permanent pokies sewn in to replace the ones I am losing.

  26. Uh-oh. Here comes Irma. Who let the dogs out? Tippy is still growing. He weighs less than Elvis, but looks at least as big because of all the hair. Ragamuffins can get up to30 lbs without being obese. Tippy and Spunky chase each other around the house . He’s still young and she, being so small, is a kitty at heart.

  27. I’m trying, in vain, to get an answer to my questions about the Kickstarter campaign. I pledged for a book, an original strip, and two drawings, and have received nothing. Please contact me.

  28. David:

    Good to have straight scoop / history of my favorite window treatment.

    Site’s author and newlywed Abigail Sawyer needs an update on New York’s ‘RCA Building, better known as Radio City,’ but I’d have to join Twitter to write her. I grew up in Manhattan, and Universal Pictures’ home office, where Mom worked from the late ’20s until ’62 or so, was in the RCA Bldg. for many years. I met her there often. Radio City was one name for the complex of bldgs. in Rockefeller Ctr., but I never knew anyone refer to the RCA Bldg. as Radio City.

    The famous movie palace in the next bldg. N. on 6th Ave. was the Radio City Music Hall. First saw ‘Fantasia’ there, and later ‘Random Harvest’, w/ Greer Garson and Ronald Coleman, and a few other shows. And of course, ‘The Rockettes’ [now in my dictionary]. Greer had Rockettes legs and was a great actress.


  29. During my Young Americans in Concert tour we got to see a showing of Peter O’Toole in “Murphy’s War.” The movie was preceded by a Rockettes’ performance. Later that evening we put on our concert in Carnegie Hall, so I have played it once.

  30. I’ve been spending a lot of time on the road lately, due to traveling to medical appointments for Jackie. I wouldn’t mind anyway, but with Jackie’s new F150 King Ranch pickup truck to drive, I *really* don’t mind. I’m not saying it’s awesome, but it is awesome! Jackie says it’s the best-riding, most-comfortable vehicle she’s ever ridden in. As for me, the sound of that V8 engine is, well, let’s just call it an automotive aphrodisiac.

  31. Sweet Ghost and I are home in our own bed tonight but I have an early appointment so we seem to spend too much time commuting. I decided to do it in comfort. Bullet Ghost’s SUV was just getting too many miles put on. We never used the Honda van, so I traded it in.

    Ghost is going to get jeans to go with the pickup. That makes me smile.

    He is fun to see loving that truck. I understand, I loved Trigger so much. I drove my old F-150 Old Blue for about 15 years and it looked and drove like new. It had a big V-8 engine too. I love Ford pickups but these King Ranch ones are the equivalent of Mercedes or Jaguars in my opinion. Better than Cadillac or Lincolns.

    Perfect for a big man like Ghost. Plus it adjusts for a short person like me.

  32. Jackie and Ghost, it feels right to address you together, your response to adversity has been good to read. I have likewise been buoyed by 3 or 4 other tales of overcoming obstacles over the summer. It was good to read each of them, apologies for not naming everyone individually. Just know I have worried, prayed, and cheered in turn. And sincerely thank you all for sharing.

    My humor has been tried here, and failed many times, so I won’t. But much laughter has come from surprising turns found here, and I hope it continues. Mark has credit for many of the latest laughs, and debbe keeps up her furry contributions, so good to see. It was the former GR6’s combination of narratives and one liners that hooked me to the comments section of Jimmy’s blog. And I know his brand of ‘non deficere’ [sp?, sorry] will have him back in top form. Jackie has often been the common link to so much content here, I feel like I am somehow not doing justice when I describe her as truly authentic. I hope you know that is meant as a high compliment. To other voices not touched on and thanked, it is not a lack of gratitude that omits your names, but fear of droning on to long. Those who may be reading and not posting, you too are missed. I hope the shorter days and coming holidays bring you back. [more follows]

  33. I am not TRPedant, from ‘pedant’ and style I will assume masculine and refer as ‘him’. Maybe sexist, maybe profiling, if I’ve offended, I’m sorry. I assume he is the one Anonymous from 2weeks back and not the others that have been accidents, could be wrong. He caused me to write out some responses that I chose not to post, similar to another contributor I am forbidden to address. TRP’s approach was different from how I saw each of those issues, though I cannot dispute the points he made. What I found predictable was the response, because I have experienced it.

    Defying the prohibition placed on me because, well, I am a free man. I was taught to treat people as equals, and that addressing them directly is polite, even and especially when you disagree.

    emb, instead of flouncing with the empty threat or rhetorical device of ‘maybe he wishes me to leave’ [paraphrased, any mistake is mine]; would it be simpler to moderate the elitist need or desire to correct others? It is the Radio City comment that causes me to ask. Maybe it is a French Duck, but…

  34. I have spent less than a fortnight on the island of Manhattan, and would feel best if I had directions and a map in hand if I needed to return. The holiday season of AD1999 was special to me, but it does not qualify me as an authority on things Gotham. What I do know is a few things about the former Radio Corporation of America, and its subsidiary the National Broadcasting Company created to provide content for the equipment it wanted to sell to the home consumer. Radio Corp. occupied so much space at Rockefeller Center that a cute and loosely applied associated reference to various buildings collectively, but especially 30 Rock, became ‘Radio City’. The music hall was easier for patrons to locate when they named it ‘Radio City Music Hall’ in reference to it’s proximity and related business.

    I am not correcting your personal experience or questioning your memory. I am hoping you can see that other people experience the real world around them and retain memories that differ from yours. I acknowledge you are a special person of some importance. But are you so special, or so important to tell Abigail Sawyer, a woman you have not met, ‘You are wrong’ instead of ‘Is that right?’ That is part of what causes people to describe you as elitist.

  35. Please do not blow up or flounce or sulk or accuse me in the circular way you accuse others in assigning motivations to you, because that is in turn assigning a motivation. I guess I can beg and place prohibitions too. Nope, that’s not fair. Just consider it, and keep it to yourself if you like. Or go ahead and deride me, that works too.

    Of course, if you have family that are Rockefellers or includes any of the USNavy admiralty that leveraged the change of American Marconi into Radio Corp., then I bow to your history and retract my comments. [I yield the remainder of my time back to the chair. Apologies for any eye rolls suffered, hope no muscles were strained]

  36. Forgot to give appreciation to Jimmy for the 31AUG daily, engaging The Dark Side in some of the most pleasant sharing. At least when I read it.

    My daily commute often includes the Seven Dwarfs ‘Hi ho!’ Complete with the long held out first phrase and whistling. Long trips with children usually was a checklist of things to get at that gas stop before the freeway. Singing started after highway speed with whatever campfire style sing along came to mind. I do remember ‘Do your ears hang low…’ being a favorite.

  37. Morphy:

    I have often wondered why Jimmy’s daily site has become known as “The Dark Side.” Perhaps it was different at one time.

    I have been reading the posts for the past several months and have found it to be congenial, usually apolitical, and topical.

    By “topical,” I mean that the posters talk about the day’s strip and offer memories and thoughts that the strip engenders. There are no continuing conversations.

    I like Jimmy’s blog for its chat-room attributes, and I like the daily site for its contemporaneous nature.

  38. Today’s real time strip is right on the money. A trip to one of the big-box stores looking for one item feels like a treasure hunt with a faulty map. My own opinion is that the management keep changing their layouts to maximize the time we spend in their stores to encourage impulse buying.

    Have a great Friday, everybody.

  39. Morphy:

    Thank you for reminding me that I also saw ‘Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs’ when it premiered at the Radio City Music Hall. I was either 7 or 8. Thank you also for confirming, in 2 ways, that you were not the ‘Pedant’. As to what people called the RCA bldg., my mother and her coworkers were obviously not the only New Yorkers that I heard speak of it. No one in my limited experience called the bldg. itself ‘Radio City.’ Of course, that’s only 20 or so years experience in the ’30s-’50s, + occasional visits since; maybe everything has changed since then. I am not likely to find out in this life.

    Note also that ‘You are wrong’ has no relation to how I would have addressed Abigail if I had Twittered her. I learned, very early in my 36 years of college teaching, much more effective ways of correcting students. In fact, used those ways constructively with 2 different women just yesterday, one of whom [at church] puts up with me weekly. What hell she must put up with, having me bellow the elitist Oxford comma at her.

    At worst, they may regard me as an affable old fart. [The other is a therapist at the local hospital; I do not know which one she is by sight, just email.]

  40. Checking in. Loon and I are in Dallas with family. Thinking we might reload to Austin were Loon can be near a major client of hers.
    We along with 152 other homes in our community evacuated by rubber boats on Sunday. Spent four days in the evacuees center. Made it to Dallas Wednesday night thanks to both friends and family.
    First chance I’ve had to post. My phone took a major water hit, go figure.
    Cats are doing okay for all they’ve been through. They got professional grooming yesterday, Loon getting hers this morning.
    Not certain when we will able to return to the crime scene. All roads are still closed in our neighborhood.

  41. Sand,

    The Austin area is a pretty nice place to live. I’m not big on cities, so I live in the ‘burbs. Culture is different on different sides of town, but you can find somewhere you like easily enough. I live near farm country on the northeast. Hill Country to the Northwest & West, the most affluent suburbs to the southwest. Round Rock and Georgetown, both north of Austin are growing towns and some people there never go into Austin. Directly east of Austin varies between gentrifying city and rural. Southeast is similar to the northeast of Houston.

  42. Morphy, thank you for the sweet and kind comments about Ghost and me. Yes, I consider authentic a fabulous compliment.

    Ghost was what made me stay with the Village blog and fall in love with him. He is also totally authentic, he is what he writes and says. One of most highly principled and genuine people I have been blessed to know.

    And yes, damned funny. His one liners can break me up at odd moments. Very odd.

  43. Good afternoon Villagers…..

    We’re debating on more leftovers for supper (beef and noodles/mushroom soup or veggies’ soup with fresh ‘maters) or just a lovely, loaded pizza 🙂 I picked two more red ‘maters off my two plants this morn.

    decision made….it’s pizza, half cheese and the other half fully loaded……hmmmmm

    later gaters….

  44. Great pictures, RA! Makes one want to dip the toes right in.

    Debbe (3:49) What kind of cat it that? It’s nose seems really pushed in, as in some dogs. I suppose I could look it up, but you seem to have cat knowledge to spare, so….

  45. c x-p: Thanks – I’m so glad that getting decent video and the sound of the water is possible with even simple, relatively inexpensive cameras these days. Now if we could just have smell-o-vision!

    I’d say that cat is a Persian. It’s possible it wouldn’t meet some of the standards of better breeders, since I’ve read that they try to avoid such extremely squished noses and the inherent health problems.

  46. I’ve seen the Rockettes and Rockefeller Center and enjoyed both. I’ve really enjoyed my visits to NYC, certainly more than New Orleans or Atlanta although they have their good points.

  47. I’m enjoying the many cross-currents of thoughts and stories today! Good news that Sand and Loon are safe and dry — wow, they must have some stories to tell. Right in the thick of things. Wishing good things for Jackie and Ghost.

    I hear that Old Bear and his wife are safely back in Minnesota from their exciting New England trip. It was lovely meeting them and they are nice interesting folks.

    In my early teens (1940’s) I saw the Radio City Music Hall show and the Rockettes. I was tremendously impressed with the space, the decoration, the whole experience. Cannot remember what the movie was! Maybe it will come back to my memory somehow.

  48. Ruth Anne – I have sent multiple messages to that e-mail, as well as on Kickstarter. At this point I can only assume he simply walked away with my $250.00. What a scam where a well-known creator can simply ignore his promises to people who fund him in good faith.

  49. Hey everybody, we are survivors.
    Our Sunday started with a rubber raft doorside pickup. Transported to a dry ground consolidation point for boat delivery to trucks on a flooded roadway. Transfer to uber tall pickups for delivery to a staging point, where we were transferred to a flatbed trailer for delivery and in processing at a local high school. Then marshalled on to city buses for transportation to the George R Brown convention center.

    We signed in at a police checkpoint, frisked for weapons. Then processed into one of four large exhibit halls based on: children age, pets, etc. Bottled water and EMR’s were distributed. First night we had no cots. Second night we took turns sleeping on a single cot. Life improved after that, plenty of cots and real meals in styro boxes.
    Escaped on Thursday with aid of a friends son and Loons brother. Now, homeless, fugitive refugees.
    Word today, it will be approximately two weeks before water drops and we can get inside our house.

  50. Good morning. Today’s birthday boy quote, extracted from The Writer’s Almanac:

    Roth, Joseph (Brody, Ukraine 2 Sep. 1894-1939), Austrian nov., jour. Last novel had been published / Netherlands; Nazis destroyed the entire first printing of the book just after it had come off the presses. “We all overestimated the world.” Wr.A.170902

    Yesterday, of course = anniv. of the invasion of Poland by Germany and the USSR. Peace?

  51. That’s very odd, John. The book has taken longer than expected but the other rewards went out in good time. JJ isn’t a scammer. Hope you two are able to clear up the mess soon.

    Ruth Ann, those are great photos in your flickr stash. I snooped past the water falls to the crocheted dinosaurs- Cute!

  52. Sorry to say that “formerly dry” Sandcastler’s experience is replicated by tens of thousands of people in Houston AND other areas of southeast and coastal Texas. My daughter, the nurse, is in Houston this weekend working on recovery efforts. I can’t imagine what she’ll encounter.

    Hope all the Village residents have a peaceful and restorative weekend.

  53. Good morning Villager……

    Watched your video Ruth….very soothing for a bedtime tune…they have sounds like that on clock radio.

    Sand and Loon, glad you’re save…how’s your fur babies?

    Cxp,,,Ruth Ann wins…I do believe it is a Persian….never into Persian though…it’s the face!

    and this is one for all…..

    http://i.imgur.com/VGQQ2PI.mp4 🙂

  54. @ Sandcastler. Oh no, raft at the door, so your place is really ruined? Did you get stuff up above the flood? My brother and wife and two dachshunds can’t get home, they live near Gessner and Briar Forest, but luckily able to stay with friends. he was able to boat in and get more clothes, etc, but house still dry. I have an apt near West U, behind ch13. I’m on a top floor and have half my ceiling ripped out from massive pounding rain leaks, but go out and around, you wouldn’t know there’d been a storm, except everything closes early with the curfew and Kroger has rows of empty shelves. My five acres in Wharton is under water but cabin up on pier and beam still dry, my neighbor on a slab, last I heard, had water just about to get in. A friend who also is flooded out, near Kirkwood and the Bayou, is a pediatric ICU nurse in the med center, they put her and son and four guinea pigs up for a month in The Whitehall downtown.

  55. When I lived in Nassau Bay we had three hundred year floods in about a year’s time. Homes went under water to roofs, cars under water, businesses flooded. That was in 1980s.

    Of course the oil industry had crashed and the shuttle blew up next but devastating floods had already ruined homes and economy. The extent of this current flooding is my experience magnified a million times. I so grieve for Texas.

  56. Tfdpka sandcastler™, I’m sorry to hear of your awful experience from the flood, but happy, of course, that you and Loon and the animals survived. And it’s also awful that, as DiA pointed out, your story times tens of thousands if not millions is now Houston’s and coastal Texas’s story.

    I hope you were able to move the VP9 and other items to high enough an area in your house to have stayed dry. 🙁

  57. We were a little late posting today due to electrical issues at Jackie’s house. When I turned on the hallway light last night we’ve been using as a nightlight the bulb (or perhaps the entire fixture) blew rather spectacularly, tripping a breaker that took out most of the light fixtures and wall outlets in the house, including the one powering the wireless modem and the AC thermostat. Since, as Jackie has told me, the wiring here was apparently done by Rube, Goldberg & Murphy Electrical Service, the fact the breaker box is located in the refrigerator alcove (BEHIND THE HUGE FREAKIN’ REFRIGERATOR) was not really a surprise.

    Anyway, Ray Our Handy-Dandy Man has now restored full power to the house, and in much less time than it will take for countless people in the Houston area. As I’ve always observed, if anyone thinks they have it bad, they should simply look around…it won’t be difficult to find someone who has it worse.

  58. Sand glad to hear from you. Glad you are safe, hope recovery goes as smooth as possible considering the magnitude of the disaster. Sorry about your loss. John glad to hear you weathered it fairly well.

  59. We will be headed to Oklahoma City tomorrow morning for an early afternoon visitation. The father of Ray Our Handy-Dandy Man passed away Thursday morning, at age 94.

    Jackie will be hand-making a funeral wreath to carry with us, because that’s what she does. I will see that she gets there and back safely, because that’s what I do. We will go back to OKC Tuesday for the funeral, because we are Southerners, and that’s what we do.

  60. Good thoughts out to Sandcastler although his ability to read this is unknown at this time. His situation reminds me that when people say “there but for the grace of God go I.” Well what did you do to earn God’s grace that the other person didn’t do and therefore paid the price?

  61. I think this line fits quite a few people on both sides of the political and religious spectrum:

    I am not conceited. I am merely acutely aware of my incredible superiority.

  62. The Creator and Ruler of the Universe is not a genie in the lamp or a member of a restaurant’s wait staff. The pathetic thing is how so many confuse Him with Santa Claus and believe that if they’re “nice” that they’ll get whatever they want.

    And those who make that mistake are doubly wrong when, because they don’t get what they want, they conclude that He has let them down or doesn’t exist.

  63. Trucker: Also well said. Whether Elohim really cares that much about ruling is moot, as are most things about ‘him’. I doubt El is so insecure as to worry about praise and sacrifices and such by mortals, here or anywhere or anywhen. What if some of Elohim’s ‘children’ are strictly grazers or browsers? El would have to be satisfied w/ a sacrifice of veggies, which is how Cain supposedly got into trouble. Fun.


  64. At the risk of offending some, God’s grace is a gift. It is not earned, same as with any true gift in this world. If it were earned, it’d be payment, and not a gift.

  65. Mark well said, unmerited favor, where our country USA has dwelt for a couple of hundred years. Now we are beginning to think it is all our own doings. Dangerous thinking indeed.

  66. Any skills, any talent, any knowledge we possess is a gift to us. It is not ours of our making nor do we own it, we must give it back freely to others. If we have learned or improved that talent or gift it is with the help or gifts of others.

    Those who think otherwise are egotists and self aggrandizing people, thinking like the creature in the Ring, “Mine, mine, mine.”

  67. Agreeing with JM: the knowledge we each have – be it academic or sailing, cooking or growing the best crops – is something we ought relay to others, especially those less experienced. Part of that is providing [gentle] correction to those headed in the wrong direction. No, I am not “pedant”, but ducking anyway….

  68. The best thing to do is ask them what are you feeling, what was your experience, and how can I help you now? And then listen respectfully and keep any and all promises you feel prompted to make. No platitudes or advice are needed at this time, just empathy and acts of service.

  69. Oct. ‘Sky & Telescope’ came recently. Article about lunar craters had a similar photo [but full], with discussed craters labelled. Large one below ctr. about 6 o’clock = Tycho. Bright one about 1030 = Aristarchus, bright ancient Greek who championed heliocentrism.


  70. Absolutely no communications! Mr. Johnson, please contact me – John Nielsen backer #112, Kickstarter campaign, $250.00. Word is that all the rewards other than the book have shipped, but I have received nothing. Please provide me with tracking information, send/resend the items, or refund me.

  71. I mentioned here in a post long ago that I was visiting a small town in Japan near the headquarters of the company that I represented. During the visit, I was told to wait for a supplier that was also visiting and it turned out to be the ex-boss that had, in my opinion, unfairly let me go 3 years before.

    Today I saw a story online about the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital that overlooked the stadium. My niece’s son had been a patient there. But Iowa reminded me of that ex-boss, so I Googled him and found out that he died 3 years ago. Certainly mixed emotions as while we did not see eye to eye on many things, I refused to hate the man. He may have done me a favor as I ended up with a decent career path. He was also a source of a lot of stories that reminded me of how not to do my job.

  72. Well I’m baaack.

    Had a great trip in NE – lots of traveling, lots of visiting.

    Had a get together and saw people that we had not seen in years –
    it was just like we saw them last week.

    Really enjoyed meeting Mizz Charlotte & her daughter.

    Long drive back all safe and sound.

    As I might have said before my Grandmother catered at RadioCityMH. We went to a Christmas show (’48?’49?) & we went in the side door bypassing the lines.

    Glad to hear Villagers are safe – If we can spare a prayer for my brother. He found out he has
    stage2 Rectal Cancer. At his last Colonoscopy the Doc said come back in 5 years – my brother
    opined maybe 3, the Doc said 5 so he left it at that. He should have gone back in 3 or at least four. Just be aware YOU are responsible for your health. If you have concerns – insist.

  73. Posted on Craigslist here: 1 ton wench – $100

    Make up your own jokes. Folks ought to look up words before posting if they aren’t familiar with them.

  74. Old Bear, Marge and I enjoyed being treated to lunch and meeting you and your wife. Glad your trip was lots of fun.

    Steve in R.O. that’s a crying shame about your brother — hope he can overcome this in spite of the rotten advice of the doctor.

    Mark in TTown, that is so funny about the green glass bowl (bowel) !

  75. Today’s ‘skinny-dipping spot’ comic reminds me: When our kids were young, Elaine often attended kaffeklatches, most often w/ other young faculty wives. Amazing the intimacies and such that she heard there. At the time, BSC had only one female biologist, and she never joined the men in the ad hoc coffee room [state then would not set aside fac. lounge space in a new bldg.]. I heard re more ‘headaches’ and such than you could shake a stick at. Neither of us did that to each other.

    Once in a while said something sure to embarrass one of our kids in their hearing; still regret those, since I remember them all too well from my own childhood. I forgive my mom; that sin was as common as dirt.


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