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Last week I showed you an old Sunday from 2009, featuring Ludwig at the game console. Since then, I ran across this one from 2008, which I like better. I think it has run on the Web site before, but here it is again. Apparently, Ludwig was just learning to play. He made a lot of progress in a year.

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  1. Ref yesterday’s discussion of organic foods…

    From “Nutritional quality of organic foods: a systematic review”, a study of scientific literature published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2009:

    “Conclusions: On the basis of a systematic review of studies of satisfactory quality, there is no evidence of a difference in nutrient quality between organically and conventionally produced foodstuffs. The small differences in nutrient content detected are biologically plausible and mostly relate to differences in production methods.”

    I suppose it comes down to a personal decision as to whether you can justify the price differential for no apparent significant difference in nutritional quality.

  2. Jimmy ALWAYS makes the point, doesn’t he?

    As youngest says about the oldest, “She drank the Koolaid.”

    I used to make yogurt because you couldn’t buy it in a store. Used to bake breads for same reasons, ditto, ditto, ditto, not because I believe it is better for you but maybe it tasted better or you couldn’t buy it?

    About gardens, I put all the organic material I can into soil, enrich it all I can, etc. without being finicky and then I throw on the organic fertilizers! It is like I told my helper yesterday, yeah, I learned how to measure the mixtures of materials, the per centages of fertilizer, make the rows with levels and strings and do it right, all before computers. We pruned and cut and thinned and did it “right” but does it matter when it is a “hobby” of sorts for me, not to create a “yield”?

    America’s farmers do a fantastic job of creating yields and crops.
    I am just playing.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  3. Someone once told me, I think only half jokingly, that the only reason organic farmers can raise pesticide-free crops is because they are surrounded by farms that use pesticides.

  4. Up the hill and across road from me is an abandoned organic truck farm, set up with probably government funds as a rehab project for a neighbor who was shot in line of duty as deputy. I may be a little vague on details? I am not sure whose idea or approval it was but it is now abandoned and lying unworked. It was beautiful in the beginning.

    Organic farms are hard, hard demanding farms. Not that all farms and farming is not. Ask Debbe about eggs when you casually crack one to fry in the morning!

    Love, Jackie

  5. Good morning, Villagers! *tries to remember when she last had an egg for breakfast* Great run this morning – wait for it – “it was like a fall day!” Blessed phrase! Passed the garbage trucks gearing up to start the day and waved to the guys. They waved back, vaguely surprised. I guess not many running girls wave at them.
    Jackie, I like the sensation of going out and cutting basil or picking tomatoes for diner, And I like all the free zucchini! Gardening is good for the back, the legs, the tan, and the soul. But you cover up, girl, I’ve taken care of too many medication-related skin reactions to be casual about them.

    Dumb question of the day:”Now that I have quit taking Coumadin, yesterday, can I take an aspirin now? ***NO!!!***

    Heh, The Boss Of My Life says I am fierce when aroused. 😀

  6. Yeah, I remember what happened the last time we saw Gene and ML “go to the river”. And the aftermath. 😉

    Seems some Darksiders are still beating the dead horse of “somehow they will buy The Dock from Gus and continue to operate it”. Didn’t Gus pretty well torpedo that idea when he decided to sell?

    And as far as Janis continuing to obsess about G&ML being “unemployed”, I’ll say this–There are two things I’m reasonably sure of…as good a business man as Gus is, he will realize a butt-load of money from the sale of the property; and Gene’s and ML’s 49% “sweat equity” share of it will net them a butt-load of money as well.

  7. Here’s an interesting factoid, Munchkin…a 4-oz margarita has about the same number of calories as 6 strips of fried bacon. 🙂

    Last evening, I was at the local Kroger store, shopping for salad makings. The “organic” version of hearts of romaine lettuce was three feet away from the “regular” lettuce, and priced 13% higher. I imagine the mark up on most other organic produce items would be even higher.

  8. Most of the cats I’ve known completely ignored the boob tube. I still remember, however, back in the late ’50s, watching our cat jumping up at the screen and trying to catch ballet dancers. I’m not sure what she thought they were, but she sure did want to get her claws on one.

  9. Lily- You got me thinking and I cannot remember ever putting any form of sugar in a marguarita. Tequila, lime juice, cointreau (or similar orange liqueur, I’ve actually been favoring Patron’s lately). Granted there is a bit of sugar in the liqueur but I couldn’t imagine it adding too many calories.

  10. {comes in, staggering, and dripping with sweat, muttering swear words}
    I’m back. Approaching 80% unpacked. I was way too much stuff. (Arlo is SO right.) managed to wrench my knee in the opening hours of the move. Up and down those steps a few dozen times every day just about killed me. I still have trouble lifting my leg up. The saga continues…

  11. Sideburns, I used to have a cat that…um, wait, no I didn’t 😛

    I like a lot of things about the new Apple phones but that new way to pay makes me nervous. I just know some bright crook is going to figure out how to hack it

  12. GR6, did you not know that chip sets have a built in expiration date? Oh, wait, that information is only taught to EE PhD’s, disregard that first line.

    Lily, I fully agree. Had my cellphone hacked in a hotel room in Russia. The credit card I use for my Starbucks account went on a whirlwind shopping trip in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Is actually not hard to spoof a phone; all the knowledge and tools are freely available on the internet. Those e-watches are also another gateway into your phone. Let a bad guy get your bank info, you will have a worse day than the one JLaw had when her boobies went free range.

  13. Concur about the “pay phone” feature. I’m already thinking it’ll soon be so bad I’ll have to DC the use of my debit card and go back to using cash. Which will be yet another good reason to not walk around all oblivious and defenseless.

  14. Arlo’s mantra, “If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.” Maya Angelou

    Too tired to comment but we need more individualists and fewer following whatever is fashionable or politically correct.

    Love, Jackie

  15. Some may remember I was once Houston’s only woman auto salesman, selling Lincolns at a dealership where the biggest problem was often people wanting to plunk down full payment in cash, check, American Express or debit cards (although they were actually Merrill Lynch cards, not bank usually). This happened far more than a “normal financing person” would think.

    We are actually doing such a thing this week, so I can tell you that hacking has definitely changed the security on such a transaction. You can still do it but it takes a lot more security clearance and prior approval than before.

    Quite a few years ago a 17 year old waitress and a 18 year old convenience clerk spent over $5000 on my American Express card in 36 hours before Amex notified me. (They wouldn’t prosecute the thieves, by the way, who were caught on tape, etc)

    Your money can be hacked/accessed faster than you can know about it and in large amounts. Like Ghost, I am thinking about going to real money after lecturing mom about carrying large amounts and losing, etc.

    Love, Jackie

  16. I like to run a monthly budget (which will likely be very handy to have if and when I ever retire), so the thing I’d miss most about using my debit card is that it makes it very easy to track your purchases and expenses. But hey, paper receipts worked just fine for a long time before hard cash morphed into plastic.

    What with all the cat lovers around here and all, animals of the canine persuasion seem to get their shrift shortened here in the Village. So for Jackie and Lily and me and other dog lovers, I’d like to post something I ran across on the blog of a guy who goes by the handle LawDog.

    Here’s to Nog, the Slightly Bemused

    About 36,000 years ago — more or less — ol’ Nog was out on a hunting trip and stumbled across an orphaned litter of those four-legged barky things and thought: “Huh. Wonder if the kids would like to play with a couple of these?”

    …And things were Never The Same Again.

    Hoist a pint to the memory of Nog — who never knew that dropping a couple of puppies into his pockets for the kids would literally change the world — and give any doggies in your cave a good belly-scritching.

  17. Good morning Villagers…

    Welcome back, Indy Mindy 🙂

    Work is grueling, been cleaning the rust off the steel rod conveyor that brings in the eggs from the hen house….seems the condensation we experienced during the clean up rusted the rods and we have to individually use steel wool pads to clean EACH rod…that’s 130 feet of belt. Can’t have rust on eggs as that is contamination not to just our eggs but other eggs at the Corp. And the FDA can shut them down…..under pressure (there’s a song there 😉 )

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

    GR 😉

    Keep cracking those eggs, Jackie….supply and demand

    today’s grin is eggceptional:

  18. GR6:

    I don’t know about the truffles or how they are going to pay for the trip, but I’ve thought of someone they might meet there. Does JJ do triangles?

    Yes. There was a woman at Arlo’s office once.

  19. Good morning, Villagers: A lovely morning, and it is gradually cooling off. We had an interesting morning in surgery, helping a new surgeon on the staff wti a big case, and Little Lily got stuck holding retractors. I must have done well, he asked The Boss Of My Life if he could *borrow* me for a case Friday. She said no, she needed me at the office, but it made me feel good.

  20. No, no, no! Ginger, Mary Lou wants to open a bistro! Not be romantic, she wants to go to Paris to study how a bistro operates and what they serve, etc. She wants to stay in the restaurant business with an even newer, trendier restaurant than one they got out of!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  21. A bistro? Which on the Gulf Coast would be a very hazardous business venture. Remember, “Feed the rich and grow poor, feed the poor and grow rich!”
    But I have to admit, it would be a very entertaining arc. I *love* Paris, the most beautiful city in the world!

  22. Personal admission time, when oldest daughter wanted to go to restaurant/culinary school Mike and I still had contacts to have gotten her into Cordon Bleu or the CIA (Culinary Institure) which was new then. That’s the one where all the Food Networks chefs go to now or went. She blew up at her interfering parents and ended up going to school at University of Houston which actually has a well regarded hotel school in the Hilton School.

    She had ability to have gone to her dad’s second alma mater, the University of Hawaii’s hotel/restaurant school but turned that down too. She refused to leave Houston and her party buddies.

    I find the current thread on Mary Lou and Gene and family very close and familiar, sometimes uncomfortably so. Our friends and customers for close to 30 years were mostly restaurants or serious amateurs cooking and serving.

    The Dock and Mary Lou and Gene is so true and real that I suspect Jimmy either has close friends or worked in restaurant business earlier in life.

    I got as close to Mary Lou’s dream as the restaurant equipment supply office and $250,000 later had basic kitchen equipment but nothing to cook it in or serve it on or with, such as tables, chairs, plates. Forget the food!

    So I poured my money into a floral pot instead, a business just as financially precarious and physically exhausting!

    I’m off for the day again, so maybe goodnight?

    Love, Jackie

  23. A high concept bistro on the Gulf Coast? I dunno.

    I am reminded of the two farmers who were talking about all the vagaries involved in farming when one asked the other, “What would you do if you won a hundred million dollars in a lottery?”

    The other one thought a moment and replied, “I reckon I’d just keep on farming until I used it all up.”

    And didn’t ML and Gus have a conversation about her trying an upscale menu at The Dock that turned out to be less than successful?

    “Youth is wasted on the young.”

  24. emb, I thought at first it was, but then the “Yes. There was a woman at Arlo’s office once.” threw me off a bit. But now I remember the arc in which one of Arlo’s female co-workers was rather seriously crushing on him. She had a dud husband, and Arlo looked a lot better to her by comparison, as I recall.

  25. OH, thanks for the clarification. Makes me feel a little better about my NOT going to France. And yes, Paris is only a part of my soul’s calling to go to France. Sigh.

  26. Sorry, I haven’t driven away yet and snuck back in to peek!

    It has always been an observation of mine for last 55 years of eating out that diners, drive-ins and dives or dumps could be totally successful with owners/cooks who made money and craved to be “upscale and respected” and opened white table cloth menu “divine seating only” places that failed spectacularly.

    Or the maître-D wanted to be the owner/chef instead of the help and took his life’s savings and put into such a property, to have it plunge like a rock. We used to joke that everyone would be COD for at least first year to see if they stayed open that long.

    My opinions of restaurants are based on years and years of being in the industry. And believe me, the spouse of anyone whose marriage lasts in the restaurant business is in it too, whether they want to be or not!

    And in a family owned business, like Gus’ the kids, the grandkids and anyone else connected. I had a couple of friends who moved their dogs OUT of food service areas during meals or if a health inspector might be around!

    Love, Jackie

  27. Ginger, my big regret lately on France was not being able to go with a group of my friends who built quick canoes in Loire Valley and went down the Loire by canoe, camping along the way and eating on local economy. Not a glamorous trip in bistros, but sure an adventure! Their host was a boating friend who lives there, my Aussie friend who designed a fast built canoe to be done with local materials and a group of free wheeling senior citizens who never lose their zest for life. Well, a couple were under 40 maybe?

    Love, Jackie

  28. Yesterday, yet another A&J strip was reproduced on CIDU (and a royalty payment sent to J.J., I’m sure.) The strip was from 8/30 and featured Arlo singing The Coffee Song.

    A poster included a link to a YouTube video of Frank Sinatra singing this song. You won’t see Old Blue Eyes as this was just a recording with a picture of the record label. That is the most interesting part. Columbia promoted the use of their needles (later to become styluses) for “perfect tone.” RCA Victor did the same thing on their recordings of the era. I thought the village might enjoy seeing the label and hearing the song.

  29. Yes, Jackie, I’ve seen eateries tank when they moved to a new location, or simply because they over-renovated their original location. I recently mentioned Goldie’s Trail BBQ of many years ago in Vicksburg, which moved from their “shack” on the river to bluff to a modern building across the street and somehow the ribs never seemed as good. I haven’t been there in a long time and I understand they have moved again. I hope the ‘que is now like it originally was.

  30. Here is Frank Sinatra live on stage at Maracana Stadium, Rio Janeiro, Brazil in front of 175,000 people singing “The Coffee Song”.

    And I hope that went right? It was largest group to ever assemble in Brazil for a solo performer. I guess soccer games get more people!

    Why don’t people understand JJ’s humor? That was a totally hilarious strip. That was my point about the comment from Maya Angelou about people trying too hard to be “normal”. Arlo is not normal but I love him. I would have a crush on Arlo too, were he real. Oh wait, I had a crush on the “Mystery Man” for years and he wasn’t real either, was he?

    Love, Jackie

  31. Jackie, I have been to France, twice, the first time three years ago for just a long weekend in Paris (stayed at the George V) the second for nine days, where we spent two nights in Paris and a week meandering through Burgundy on a lovely barge staffed with wonderful people. They would gather to see me off for my morning run (one of them called me “ma petite chien”) and applaud when I got back, especially when I got lost and had to catch the barge at a later stage. The waiter said, “Surely, ma petite, you will have a brioche today? It is for the honor of the kitchen!”

    Ghost, I have had that said to me often. Once right before Fourth of July night where there was going to be a big party, an elderly patient asked me, “So, sweetie, you gonna get fancied up and go to the party and pick yourself out one of those cute guys? I know one of them that said he was dying to ask you.” She was talking about her grandson, I knew, and he had asked me. It embarrassed me, so I just said, “No, I am just going to stay home and read,” even though I was going out to dinner with my adopted family. She looked at me with surprise, and said, “Oh, if I was your age and looked like you, I wouldn’t get home till dawn. You are wasting your youth, honey.” Then she stumped off.

  32. I can never hear “George V” in French without thinking of a many-years-ago TV episode of McCloud, who was in Paris and needed to remember the name of his hotel. He said (to himself), “Did George swim? No, George sank.” And nodded with satisfaction.

  33. Lily, dearest, I must point out to you that you are living a fantasy life unknown and unavailable to the average person or member of this forum. The George V is one of grandest of the grand hotel. The barges down the French rivers fall into same category. It is wonderful you are getting to do this, unfinanced by yourself.

    But what will happen when the ball ends and Cinderella has to go back to the reality?

    My guess is you will say you want to end your life at that point when your adopted family is either gone or no longer enabling your escape from personal responsibility. That is of course, totally wrong but what I’d expect.

    The rest of us are working in convenience stores or chicken farms or whatever but no one is taking care of us, much less providing the luxury of such a life. I say this because among many of my “lost friends” were women who traded their lives for similar “care and luxury”. It doesn’t matter if such an arrangement is with a man, a woman or a duo/couple. A woman or a man should be responsible for themselves. And go on with life.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  34. Debbie – Still afloat. Will see what comes of tonight. How goes it your end of the state? Got a nice, disgusting shower at work with all of our roof leaks. We finally found a use for all of those plastic corrugated signs corporate keeps sending that we have no use for. 🙂 You should see the jerry-rigging.

    Speaking of jerry-rigging, the metal dryer vent that goes outside is a mangled mess. I added an end piece to “standardize” the end, but ended up with the same end for both wall and dryer, and less than three inches to bridge. I had one last little piece that would work with one end, but not the other. I got mad and popped the rivets, wrapped the piece around both ends and duct taped the silly thing. Ha!

  35. Jackie: Maybe. I am loving it so far. I don’t plan to live past fifty anyway. What would be the point? 😀

    I do have a backup, you know. A degree in Lab Science. But I don’t want to go to work for the hospital, I just wanna live here and be happy

  36. ” I don’t plan to live past fifty anyway. What would be the point?”

    Wife lived 30 yr. beyond that, full of joy and other stuff for both of us, and I’ve lived another 4, with > to be thankful for > not.

    Why not?

  37. You know, Jackie, and Lily, and others in this forum, that we cannot make *specific* plans for the future. We do the best we can: taking good care of our health, saving money, buying insurance, making good choices in schooling, friends, and employment. We just don’t know what the future will be like, but it will come gradually, and we’ll be able to get used to it and deal with it.
    If we had known in past years that illness, hard luck, all those bad things, were waiting, our hearts would have sunk past no return. But we got through them one day at a time.

  38. Ghost: What’s clear to the writer isn’t always clear to the reader. In “Does JJ do triangles? Yes. There was a woman at Arlo’s office once.” As soon as I mentioned triangles, the office bit came to mind, so the “Yes.” was a one word answer to what had been a real question.

    Lily: Some old and saggy women are the neatest people. The ones I know tend to be still happily married. You won’t be as saggy as “Jennifer 44D”, subject of a song in the ’60s, I believe.

  39. And it may well be that Lily’s predictions for her life will change a little here and there as the days and years go by, and she will find unsuspected feelings; growing older can be pleasant and happy, in spite of our doubts about it.

  40. emb: I always see your OF alerts an hour late. 🙁 But I decided to look anyway this time. You’re the expert here…. are all those smoke flumes (well, it looks like smoke maybe) from other geysers? It looks wet there- from rain? Or the eruption? Or maybe even dunking from fire planes? (Wasn’t Yellowstone another place with fires?) And Ludwig is a MUCH better video gamer than I! The nephew has given up on my ever learning to play Halo or any of his other games….

  41. I am 71 and my other half is 84. We gave been “seriously” together about 5 years, although we were friends 5 years before that. I can honestly say that I am grateful that I have lived long enough to outgrow my youthful ideas and prejudices. I am happier now than I have ever been. I am finally at peace.

  42. Very good. I am sometimes at peace, and particularly so when helping people who enjoy that. No single significant other at present, but who knows?

  43. Llee: OF is one geyser in the Y. Geyser Basin, apparently the greatest concentration of geysers in the world. Most of the white stuff is steam but it’s got dilute chemicals in it you don’t want to inhale. I and family were there once, in ’62, and ran into very few smells. OF is neither the world’s most regular and frequent geyser nor is it the largest, but it is the largest frequent regular one. The basin is well above a large mass of hot magma, which has coated thousands of square miles with ash every hundred thou. yrs. or so, but not to worry: there are plenty of instruments monitoring it, and there w/b plenty of warning. When mega-volcano blows, there may be little loss of human life [if people behave], but it will do billions of $$ of damage. If it happens before the 2016 elections, Fox will blame xxxxxx xxxxx.

    There are informative websites.

  44. That’s neat, emb. Thanks! It is cool how the ….smoke? makes all kinds of patterns against the background. Have decided it is rain- and a cold rain- at the park. Folks are hurrying past as if trying to keep warm.

  45. WOW! The rain clouds were making their own neat patterns and then WHOOSH it erupted and seemed to clear a path! Rain clouds on one side, clear skies (pretty much) behind it and man oh man it was neat. 🙂

  46. Mostly steam, not smoke. Just missed and eruption, and folks are leaving under umbrellas. It’s rained lots out there last couple of weeks.

    Possible light frosts, mostly in low spots, tonight here.

  47. I would like to vouch for the great benefit, blessing, and joy of living past 50 – every day is a gift, and as Charlotte said, we live life one day at the time. I believe “older and wiser” is a good thing; wrinkles are okay too. Most of all, compassion and love for others eclipses all that other stuff that seemed so important in our youth.

  48. Heh, you guys can sing the praises of sag all you want. I know what I see every day. Old age is not for little Susie. The Boss Of My Life is 56. She says I can live here as long as I want. Our casa is free and clear to The Man In My Life and his will (I’ve seen it) gives it to her along with a pot of money. I suspect I will last to 50, but not more than a year or so past that. You all don’t believe me, but I know. And it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m having my fun.

  49. Lily, if you don’t want to live the final 30 years or so of your life, that’s fine with me. I just wish there was some way you could have transferred them to my sister. She would have loved to have them.

    I would have loved that, too.

  50. LillyBlack, you can always do what a friend of mine did: when he reached fifty, he started counting in the opposite direction. Instead of heading toward his second childhood, he’s on his way back to his first.

  51. Sideburns, nice of you to post a photo – it avoids my imagining your appearance. The site also showed your interest in computers, but I can barely operate email, so that part wasn’t helpful.

    Age: Mine lies between those of Galliglo & eMb, albeit not exactly halfway. Had I expired at, say, 50 years, a number of benefits would have been missed. Not the least would have been the increase in wisdom I truly needed (and still need)! On the other end of matters, our financial position then was typical, but now is far better than anything I could have imagined in younger days. My wife/kids would have been left with a 5-digit mortgage and little income (wife worked in daycare although having a degree and graduate work in education; daycare pays peanuts). A neighbor taught (by example) a lesson around that time and I adopted that policy for the benefit of others – perhaps the Almighty was using her to relay the lesson to me.

    Yep, as far as I’m concerned, the years since 50 have been nicer than the years before 50 in almost all respects – and the major exception is probably not the one you are suspecting!

  52. Good morning Villagers…

    Denise, I meant to thank you for your kind words of encouragement…and you are right, personal derailments does make one stronger. That last cleaning of the hen house almost killed me. I physically got down, and have no energy, picked up an upper respiratory infection. Feeling much better, and as we all know, if one doesn’t feel good physically, it does affect one’s outlook.

    Gal, we women are like wine….the older it is the better it is 🙂

    Well, I do believe with this front that went through chased the dog days of summer away…it will be a low of 45 degrees tomorrow night….where’ my flannel sheets?

    At least it won’t be so hot as we continue to clean those stinking rods off, individually, with steel wool pads then applying a thin layers of mineral oil…..arrrgghhhhh. Spent about three hours inside the hen house yesterday, (and yes, I do use a dust mask) monitoring belts, rolling those stinking little eggs onto the belts and rescuing a couple of hens with their heads stuck in cage partitions. I cleared out my ICU cage to nurse back to health some distressed hens. I’m such a loon (and that’s a compliment Loon 🙂 )

    GR 😉

    today’s grin….

    ya’ll have a blessed day

  53. Dearest Ghost, your words about your sister brought me close to tears. Very sweet and heartfelt.

    Sideburns, my dear husband tried that for a couple of years, causing much amusement to the family; but sad to say, it didn’t end well. He’s gone now and I’m left behind.

    Debbe, on a much happier note — so glad you are feeling so much better! You sure do cope well with all the problems that darned henhouse throws at you. We all missed your tough and humorous outlook on life, and are happy you are bouncing back.

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