Happy Valentine’s Day!

How’s your Yiddish this Valentine’s Day? Actually, when I was an unremarkable boy growing up in a southeastern mill town, I had quite a little vocabulary of Yiddish—or German—words, although I didn’t know it. Klatch. Bagel. Kvetch. Schlemiel. This was, of course, because television production in those days originated almost exclusively in New York City, and those early productions owed much to Vaudeville and even used many of the actors and comedians from the Vaudeville circuit. They made the outside world seem like such an interesting place! Then, it all moved to Los Angeles, and it didn’t seem that way anymore.
I know I have been scarce of late, but I’m recovering from the dreaded “flu-like illness” which has plagued me for what seems like an eternity. Updating a Web site doesn’t exactly tax one’s physical limits, I know, but an instinct for self preservation seems to kick in that prioritizes sitting in front of the television and having someone deliver a steady flow of soothing warm beverages. It’s working! I am recovering, thank you.
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  1. And sometimes you start to feel better, but not until you’re totally well do you realize how bad you felt. I substitute teach and am often around various snarfing and snuffling – I almost feel it starting in me, but I use a lot of Zicam and it seems to stave it off.

  2. Go to yesterday for a lot of hugs and wet smooches from me and Dickens who are on way home. We wished you all a lot of love on wrong retro. Love, Jackie

  3. David, felicitations on your wonderful news!

    Jimmy, sometimes the most one can manage when sick is to cradle a warm mug and whimper softly. I’m glad you’re up to posting. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Jimmy, and to all the Villagers and readers of this site!

  4. Hi Villagers, and Happy Day Before Half-Priced Chocolate Day!!

    Yes, the knee surgery went well, and I spent two days in the hospital sleeping and walking the halls with Ivan the Therapist before the doctor let me come home. Three days later I had “the flu-like illness” and was miserable. Happily that cleared up sort of soon, and now I’m walking around and doing well. Still can’t drive, and our insurance company (Geico) has said NO to in-house therapy. Their bean counters don’t think I need it. Also, while they’ve decided it’s okay to pay the doctors bill, they’re still thinking about the hospital bill. bah.

  5. Jean, your absence caused the most concern since…well, mine, I guess. Wonderful to hear from you and to know you are doing OK. Don’t let the bean counters grind you down.

  6. Jimmy, a lot of that going around. I got my usual flu-shot and, knock on wood, have not had any flu-like symptoms. I did start to feel a little congestion over the weekend and this morning. I am leaving Saturday for Japan, so I am hoping that I do not come down with anything. It’s hard enough to withstand 14 hours in a plane, but if I can’t breathe and have a fever, that might be difficult. I have gotten colds a few days after coming home, but that is mainly because I feel run down.

  7. Jean so glad you are home and we’ll as can be expected fighting insurance benefits. Is not that sun? Not.

    I am in Missouri in a car wash getting Helen Wheels bathed.

    Bubble foam bath with perfimes.

  8. Yes, I now have internet access…so much to catch up on. Haven’t even checked my email….lot’s of deleting spam for sure.

    Dad’s napping to Bonanza. Got him a pedicure yesterday, Ian cleaned big porch off for this weekend of 60 plus degree weather. Got the swing ready for him. He is doing well, and is spoiled, pretty wobbly when he gets up, and I watch him as he walks…shuffles…but for 85, he’s doing good.

    so much to tell you all about the railroad relics dad has collected over years. Some of the residents have started a facebook page with pics on the city’s railroad station complete with bag of mail hang there waiting to be grabbed.

    Good to be back, have some catching up to do…glad Jean’s doing well and thanks to Jackie for letting you all in the know about me the past couple of months.

    Smigz….still working on that cross stitch 🙂

    love to all………….

  9. When I was growing up, my mom often said she would know Orlando had gotten too big if she ever went to Morrison’s Cafeteria and didn’t see anyone she knew. She and Morrison’s have been gone a long time and the downtown she knew would probably be barely recognizable to her now. I guess it’s not too big yet – well, yes it is – because we still have that small world thing going.

    I reported for jury duty this morning and was put on a jury; we heard opening statements, and then we went to lunch. After lunch we were told there had been a mix-up scheduling witnesses and the case was being dismissed. Before that happened, on the way to lunch, a few of us got to talking and we realized that one of the guys had worked with Bob and my brother many years ago at a local TV station. Then the other woman who ate with us said that her daughter had also worked there. Made me smile – so did getting home early.

  10. A reunion! Is it odd to worry about people that I don’t “know”, that I’ve never met? I do, so I guess maybe I’m more than a little bit odd. Sandcastler hasn’t been in recently. Does anyone know how Simply Fargone is doing? Mindy & John from the old days?

  11. One of my favorite “strange” sayings that I enjoy telling people is “Didn’t we go to different elementary schools together?” I am sure that everyone here went to different grade schools, but we share a common bond. a togetherness.

    There are a few friends of friends that I have never met on Facebook, but frankly I feel closer to them than anyone I know. At least there I can get an occasional picture or video of the “stranger”. There are a few that have slipped the cloak of anonymity, but for the most part, if we were in a crowded reception hall, we would not know each other from Adam. Of course once we opened our mouths….

  12. Simply is doing well. He looks good, has found a great love, has an interesting life and from all appearances is happy, happy, happy.

    And is quite loved it appears.

  13. And Jerry…how are you?
    Ghost, the cake turned out very well 🙂 I saved a good-sized piece for myself and sent the rest down the road to my sister’s family. Report from this morning said it was half (3/4 including my piece) gone. As the teenage boy was home, I imagine it is completely gone by now. It is great when the cooking turns out well.

  14. Would you believe that I dreamed of you guys last night? Ghost, Jackie, and Debbe; probably others; can’t recall anything more specific, you know how dreams melt away in the morning. What a thrill to see these dear friends today! Delighted to see Debbe’s lively posts, and so glad Trapper Jean is okay — I was worried, like everybody.

    I was going to say, last night, to David in Austin that I well remember the rocky time after the transplant and how concerned we all were. It took a long time for you to feel really better and as though you were on the road to recovery. Glad you are feeling so good now!

  15. The latest issue of Food Network magazine (a gift) arrived in the mail today. It’s tagged “The Italian Issue” and of course the cover features a big photo of toothy, toothsome Giada, wearing a thin blouse with 40% of its buttons undone (the math was easy to do), and preparing some, ah, kind of food, I guess, I don’t really remember.

  16. Miss Charlotte, thank you for the kind thoughts! It has been an interesting few years. I’m glad things are approaching a more even keel. (Threw that nautical expression out just for you, Jackie.)

  17. Home again-! Heading down highway 9 toward house, tub and bed.

    But I had a really fun Valentines Day. The best part is I wasn’t arranging roses!

  18. Ruth Anne, my iPad is rather less than a year old. I wouldn’t have chosen an Apple product, but I won a gift card in a raffle (I don’t gamble, but was automatically entered as a subscriber to a Public Radio station. They were fund-raising and the gift card was donated as a prize.) I was thrilled to win a $500 gift card and decided to get the iPad, which I never would have done otherwise. The store only sells Apple things. I sure have had a sweet time figuring out how to use it, with some family assistance; but the family isn’t here most of the time! I’ve always used Microsoft and that’s what my desktop PC is. Has given my Senior Citizen brain a great workout, a good thing doubtless.

    There is How to Use the iPad available but I can seldom find the exact thing I need help with, and when I do, or just noodle around, it might as well be written in a foreign language. Obviously you and Bob are more experienced than I. You are sure to choose tablets that are best for your needs.

  19. Dear Old Bear, thank you for asking about our blizzard. Yes, the weather was awful, for two days and nights. Thank goodness I didn’t have to go anywhere, and daughter Nancy got through the snow all right and brought needed groceries. (I am careful to keep well stocked up, so would not go hungry even if snowed in.) Many people lost power, couldn’t go to work, schools were closed; but it could have been much worse.

    Wasn’t it you who commented that your son lived for a time in Deerfield NH? Did you visit him there? It’s only 15 miles or so from my home in Derry, though it’s farther by road. My father lived there as a boy and remained very fond of the town and the people; it’s still quite rural, whereas much of Southern NH is built up and much changed from its rural character. I believe that strict zoning has kept out supermarkets, housing developments, big-box stores, used-car lots, pizza places and fast food drive-ins, tattoo parlors (Derry is a paradise for the latter, and I’ve gotta say, the other features I’ve just listed.) I mean, Deerfield doesn’t have them at all, and I haven’t inquired how they were kept out. I will ask my cousin, he probably knows. Where does your son live now? And if I may ask, where do you live? Oh, we have a lot of snow on the ground, maybe a foot? My tenant Tim has been heroically shoveling my long driveway. He shopped for me today, with my list and money, and got the requested Nestles Dark Chocolate Morsels. My favorite, and just the thing for Valentine’s Day. Glad that Derry does have supermarkets.

  20. Mizz Charlotte

    Talked to son today – he too said about 12″ but he works from home so did not have to go out.
    Other than clean walk.

    Yes! We have been to Deerfield a very nice rural area. Went into Manchester a few times.
    Son now lives in Concord not far from The Capital.

    I live south of emb west of The Twin Cities

  21. Happy day after Valentines. The day worse than the actual day, the first day of complaints begins. Florists nightmare.

    Me, I had a great day. Good morning.

  22. Ever notice how the silliest little things can make a day better? Sun shining through a window, a squirrel in the yard, a flower by the roadside…Jimmy and the Village do that for me. Thank you all!

  23. I started a new picture today. The sun is back and warming up the studio, shining through the jewel orchids and fairy roses…it smells lovely up there. 🙂 Even if I can only work 30 minutes, it was good. Hope everyone else’s day is lovely And that Janis’ cold doesn’t devolve into worse!

  24. I will say, those people who told me they-or someone they know-had knee surgery one day and were up and running around better than ever two days later were either lying or trying to be helpful. Two weeks later, and while my knee works fine, it is still sore and I’m still not walking quite straight. Hanging in here, though.

    Steve, my Dad used to say “Oh him? Yeah, I know him. We went to different schools together”.

    It’s good to be back in the Village and see others back, too.

    Ghost Sweetie, thanks for the song! I love it!

  25. Smigz: How about a voicemail that canceled an appt., followed by an unscheduled 2 hr. morning nap, followed by the cup of tea that is next to me? Things to do, still, but bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to do them. Peace,

  26. Trapper Jean I had a secretary that tore her meniscus and had arthroscopic surgery. She was out for a little while and I casually mentioned to a co-worker that people usually are back on their feet sooner. Well that got back to my secretary, whom I treasured and she was very hurt. She started to explain how painful it was and how hard the rehab was. I immediately stopped her and apologized profusely. I told her that I was dead wrong and that EVERY surgery is unique and that it was stupid for a layman like me to infer that the recuperation should have been sooner. I was doubly mad at myself and the co-worker, but I realized that if you have something on your mind that might hurt someone, keep that thought to yourself. Glad that you are on the mend.

  27. Jean I refrained from speaking my mind but I was a workmens compensation adjudicator and you NEVER see miraculous recoveries there.

    Personal observation, I had both little toes operated on at same time for bone spurs and fused. Famous surgeon assured me I’d be back on tennis courts in two weeks when club doubles opened for women’s league.

    RIGHT! The most painful surgery ever. Three months before I could wear any shoes.

    When he went to Federal prison for selling drug prescriptions I cheered. I asked him after surgery why he lied? He said because if he hadn’t, I would not have done or only one foot.

  28. Trapper, by great coincidence, neighboring female friend, 70+ years, had a knee totally replaced yesterday, along with a little extra work to help straighten the leg. She was told this morning that she’d be coming home today! Yes, a PT-type person and a nurse will be calling on her each day for a while, but no week or ten days in a specialized recovery place. Just HOME!

    Things have progressed a lot since I had my last knee done almost 6 years ago. Incredible.

    PS: She is definitely not athletic; not even close. Of course, trapezes and trampolines are out for a while….

  29. cep:
    When I had my hip replaced, I was only in the hospital for a day and a half, then home for PT visits for 2-3 weeks and then I went to PT center for 3-4 weeks. I was fortunate not to have pain and was back to work in less than 4 weeks. Because I timed it around Christmas, I probably could have gone back to work in 3 weeks. I have a job where I can work at home and was sending emails after about 2 weeks on matters that were somewhat urgent.

    A good friend who was a former college football player had his hip done a few weeks before and went to a specialized rehap facility, but the Surgeon’s nurse said that if I could recover at home, that would be healthier as those places are often full of germs. My wife worked from home for the first 2 days but when she saw me cooking dinner on the 2nd day, she went back to work. I was very very fortunate.

  30. Good for you, Steve. How long ago was this? I have heard that hip jobs are usually easier on the patient than knee jobs, but I have zip desire to find out.

  31. Yep. I’ve had both, and hip is easier than knee. I’m still putting off the second knee. No time before Europe in May and a convention in Arkansas in June. After that this summer, I rather suspect, depending on whether I get much relief from the second joint fluid injection (if my doc’s office can ever get the stuff).

  32. I had my hip done in December 2012. The nurse told me that I would be dancing with my wife on Valentine’s Day. I told her the Doctor was a miracle worker as I could never dance before. Sorry about repeating that story.

    If my Doctor told me that I couldn’t wear High Hooker Heals, I would have told him that it was none of his business! Of course I’m a guy.

    Back to my earlier post of the day. Every surgery is different and every patient is different. I have heard that both knees or hips were easier. My Doctor told me that I was lucky. My lifestyle would be improved, without pain and only a minimal number of activities that I could not do. Any kind of back surgery might eliminate the pain, but almost always restricts the number of activities that one can do.

  33. My surgeon is a her, Air Force reserve major.
    Her hobbies are guns and competition shooting, running mountain cross country races and defense fighting.

    I love her. She tells the truth, how the cow ate the cabbage. She says I will hate her for about six months.

  34. Not being able to wear “Hooker High Heels” is almost the reverse of this old one:

    “Doctor, will I be able to play the piano after my wrist surgery?”

    “Of course.”

    “That’s wonderful! I can’t play it now.”


    Sounds like my kind of surgeon, Jackie, should I need the services of one. I’ve vowed to keep my original joints, as I’ve become rather attached to them, and so far that is working out for me.

  35. Just talked to Debbe this afternoon bearing many good wishes. She is still at her dad’s who seems to be failing and becoming weaker, more frail.

    Ion her son was with her this afternoon.

    Debbe is already having Internet problems. She says it will be several days before she may be able to get back. She sends love to all.

  36. Last Monday evening, we went out for dinner. When we got back, my sister Marcia stepped on something in the living room that slipped out from under her foot, lost her balance and went down. On her way, her head hit the outside of my left knee, taking me down along with her. I managed to control my fall enough that I literally landed flat on my back. Marcia was OK, and quickly got back up. My knee was hurting and because of my osteoporosis, I was worried about the possibility of a break. Also, I knew that there was no way for me to get up on my own without putting any weight on my left leg, and Marcia isn’t strong enough for this.
    Most people would have to call 911 for something like this, but help at times like this is one of the things we pay our Association Dues for. Marcia called the Main Gate, and in a few minutes, Security was here, ready to help. After examining my knee and finding no obvious signs of a broken bone, I was pulled up to my feet and helped to a chair. Before they left, they had me sign a card stating that I had refused their offer to take me to a hospital for examination and given me an ice pack to help with any swelling. I don’t know about any of you, but if I had seen this in a movie, or read it in a novel, I wouldn’t have believed it, but there it is: more proof that the truth is stranger than fiction.
    The next day, I messaged my doctor, letting him know what had happened so that he wouldn’t be surprised to see me limping in on my Thursday appointment. He sent back some general advice, and told me to take it as easy as I could until I’d seen him. It’s a good thing that it’s my left leg that’s hurting, because once I get in the car I don’t need it for driving. If it were my right knee, or I was still driving a stick shift, I may not have been able to manage it. I’m now taking Tramadol twice a day, and much more mobile than I was.

  37. A very unlikely series of events…which can hurt you just as badly as a likely series. And which fortunately appears to have not been as bad for either of you as it could have. Kudos to your Security team.

  38. We live in Leisure Village, a gated retirement community. That kind of service is just one of the things we pay our Association Dues for. There’s a commercial ambulance service near the main gate, and if I’d needed to go to the ER, that’s how I’d have been taken.

  39. Oh Jackie would do that Mark! You know me too well.

    Walmart and other stores put lingerie on sale either for or after Valentines. All bras my size gone but made out like a bandit on lace thongs and boy lace cheeky shorts. If you have to ask, don’t!

  40. Good morning all. I have a lot to do today. That’s OK, it is all good. I got in late last night and left Black Jack out in drive. I need to go unload him and then go see if paperwork for registration has arrived.

    If I find cats tore my top I will cry.

  41. I had arthroscopic surgery on my knee four years ago, and it worked fine for a while, and my recovery time was just a few days. This time the damage to the bones was much worse, and I really did wait too long to have the surgery done. I really didn’t expect to be running races the next day, but I was hoping to be walking a bit easier. Of course, if the insurance company had allowed the in-home therapy it might have helped.

    The post-op visit is this afternoon, and hopefully I’ll get the staples out and be cleared to get out and do stuff, and can begin going to therapy.

  42. Good luck Jean. Did you have a full replacement? I will do full replacement on both knees, one at a time.

    I live 50 miles from nearest physical therapy availability.

  43. Where are we all? It is sunny and beautiful here in Oklahoma today, in 60s.

    Trula is out planting pansies and spring onions, bulbs. Tulips and daffodils and flowers are bursting out of ground.

    Dickens and I are going to run errands in Jack, maybe put top down?

    Beautiful day in sinning Oklahoma is what Hal said. Insolent computer chip.

  44. I’ve had a look at my X-Ray results: no signs of a break or dislocation. Aside from that, I’m moving easier now than I was a few days ago. Good thing, too, as Marcia’s away for the weekend, and guess who has to walk her dog.

  45. Late to the party today. I wrote this Monday, and I don’t think I ever got around to posting it. If I did, perhaps it will be better the second time. 🙂

    “The latest issue of Food Network magazine (a gift) has arrived in the mail. It’s tagged “The Italian Issue” and of course the cover features a big ol’ full-color photo of toothy, toothsome Giada, wearing a thin blouse with 40% of its buttons undone (the math was easy to do), and preparing some, ah, kind of food, I guess, I don’t really remember.”

  46. Had a nice salad for dinner. Picked up some DVD’s at a Goodwill store this weekend, maybe I’ll watch one of them and see something worth spending time on on TV.

  47. I went to music club this evening and listened to some very lovely music. The music teacher was a professor emeritus from Arkansas State. His students were youngsters in junior high and high school. They are so talented for ones so young. It was really enjoyable.

  48. I was not here because I was at work – some of us do.

    Jackie and others – if rehab is not near bring rehab home.
    With MIL we did exercises with elastic straps, soft weights, and a dowel.
    We also had a little platform to step up and down.
    The idea is to keep stretching. The therapist came once a week to record progress.

  49. Trucker:
    Like emb said “politics”.
    I am confused by the article – as I read it a retailer is miffed because Utah
    is objecting to the fact that the federal government is stealing Utah’s land?

  50. Old Bear:

    Some people seem to believe that Utahns can’t reliably manage public lands. Supposedly we’re wanting to sell everything off to greedy corporations and ruin the “pristine” lands that all the non-Utahns want to visit and vacation in. They simply don’t trust conservative Mormons to “do the right thing” in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

    Example: Back in 2013 when the National Parks were closed during a budget battle, Utah stepped up to the plate and not only reopened and ran them, the state did a better job than the feds had been doing both financially and in terms of customer service. BTW, the feds still owe Utah around $1.5 million for that.

  51. So, the fact that Utah is trying to get the president to find a way to reverse Obama’s national monument designation (or at least to shrink it down from 1.35 million acres) offends the critics who see all federal land in the West as their personal playgrounds. To put things in perspective, Bears Ears is larger than Connecticut and Delaware combined.

  52. Yah Washington knows best – just like Moscow 50 years ago.
    The Towns are giving in to the Counties – the Counties to the States and the
    States to the Feds.
    As someone that studied it years ago stated – “For every Dollar sent to the
    Town you get Ninety Cents of direct benefit, for every $ sent to the State
    you get 50 Cents d/b, for every $ sent to the Fed.Gov you get 10 Cents d/b.”

  53. Neighbor with the knee replacement did get home as promised. I emailed to ask and to hope she was, at least, semi-comfortable. Her reply was that “comfortable” is not in her current vocabulary….

  54. Current TIP BlogSpot is different from yesterday’s. TIP comic is the same as Thur.


    Looks like it’s ok to discuss politics here. NB: I haven’t; I just named it.

    But, presumably, being a citizen lucky enough to have been born here [albeit in an ‘Eastern state’], I’ve as much right as anyone to talk politics here. Fear not; no current plans to join the fray.


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