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Still mining the near past, from October, 2014. Not long ago, the remote control was to cartoonists what the smart phone is now, a well one could always return to during a dry spell. One of these days, I’ll learn. I told you I’d have something definitive about the Kickstarter thing, and I do! Sort of. It will begin Monday morning! Unless something totally out of my control prevents it, and I don’t think it will. Tell you what: I will keep you updated with special weekend posts. I’m doing all I can on my end.

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  1. We FINALLY got rain last night. 2 1/2 inches, which matches the total for the last 2 months! It has be 90°+ off and on for the past week. Our AC compressor pipes have been freezing up due to the furnace blower. Unfortunately we can’t get a HVAC unit for another 2 weeks. I have turned the thermostat to 79° and the compressor doesn’t freeze up. Microwaving dinner as it’s still a bit warm to heat up the house.

    My prayers are with all of the fine men and women in blue. Disrespect for them and lack of trust between them and the ones they serve results in anarchy.

  2. “If we continue with an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth we will end up a blind and toothless nation.”-Martin Luther King, Jr.

  3. Keep in mind, the only people who want and hope the law enforcement system falls are the criminals and those who wish this country harm. It is not driven by race or religion at its base, only those who do not want protection for the law-abiding and deterrence for the law-breakers.

  4. Consider any one of the groups, large or small, to which you belong. Then imagine that some other member of that group does something that attracts the wrath of someone who then randomly shoots you and eleven other members of your group from ambush in retaliation, even though none of you were involved in the deed that attracted the wrath.

    Such a heinous act is beyond reprehensible and encompasses a “thought” process most of us cannot begin to comprehend.

  5. Ghost, I agree it’s difficult to comprehend, but it happens on an almost daily basis. Look at the assaults/knifing/shootings that attend large or small group gatherings. Anything from a birthday party or family barbecue to major entertainment events are attacked by those who see the attendees as fair game for whatever twisted hate they have. It’s evident in those who would disrupt political events by violence and those who murder church attendees in peaceful assembly. I have no answers except these: stay calm, wait for the facts, be careful, and act appropriately and with consideration for others while protecting yourself.

  6. Read my comments on yesterday’s blog. I called Glen to tell him how much he meant to me. He knew officers there and is upset of course.

  7. Just got my acceptance notice from Port Townsend Wooden Boat Show a few minutes ago. September right after Labor Day but I must leave earlier. I get three show passes with the entry and a crew pass to parties plus mine. It’s a fun show.

  8. Ghost and Mark:

    Such behavior is indeed common, and is even advocated, at least implicitly, in scripture: Psalm 137:8-9, “8 O daughter of Babylon, who art to be destroyed; happy shall he be that rewardeth thee as thou hast served us. 9 Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.” [KJV] “Little ones” are presumably innocent children.

    That one was relatively easy to find, in my hard copy of Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. There’s another, but I haven’t time to explore because I don’t have specific words that would narrow the search down. God is angry because Saul or somebody did not slay all the men, women, and children in some city or town.


  9. eMb, just off the top of my head, I would disagree on you word “advocated”. The verse seems to be saying that some peoples are to be negatively rewarded [presumably for their sinful ways] and that those doing the “rewarding” are going to feel good about doing so. It’s like saying that the Nazis would smile as they killed innocents, not that the killing of innocents was a desirable thing.

  10. Next chapter in the saga of my teeth:
    Last Wednesday, the regular dentist took his first peek at those space-holders – “abutments” may be a better term – installed a month ago by the surgeon. The site had finally stopped bleeding so I felt I should see him in spite of continuing soreness. He did what he did and said he’d try to have something in place in a week or so. OK.
    Last evening around 9, I noted with my tongue that the sole sore space-filled site seemed to be missing the actual space-filler. How? When? And where did it go? I feared I knew the third answer.
    This morning I went back to the regular guy’s office and saw a cohort of his since my man was not in. The cohort verified that the abutment was gone and told me a replacement was required. Agreed. The office did not have one, so he called the surgeon’s office and got me a 1:30 appointment.
    Again, my man was not available, but his cohort was. After some fairly painful shots of anesthetic, he poked and prodded and cut and finally screwed in a replacement abutment. The question of where did the old one go arose quite naturally. He volunteered that we ought to find out; not a difficult decision. So, it was off to the local hospital for a couple xrays after the tedious check-in procedure. The xray tech was very pleasant – a high spot for the day.
    A while later, at home, I got the call from the surgeon’s cohort. Indeed, I had swallowed the first abutment and it was in my large intestine. He had already spoken with my favorite gastroenterologist, and cited my gastroenterologist as saying that it ought to pass normally over the weekend, but that another xray should be taken Monday to make sure. So, I am left in a state of suspense wondering if, on its journey through me, the abutment’s very thin, long screw may have done some puncturing. That could lead to a serious case of peritonitis….
    Sacra vaca!!

  11. OMG, c x-p, what a fine kettle of fish! And what a saga of misadventures, starting, what, months ago and still not resolved! The Villagers will be worrying until we hear that all is well. One good thing, I’d say as a complete amateur, if it’s made it through all those small intestines it should be smooth sailing for the rest of the trip. I am wishing for the very best results for you.

  12. Thanks, Charlotte. It has been close to 6.5 months since I could chew, and I do miss the good things of the table.

  13. That’s the other Bill Murray film that I often show to the patients. Most of them appreciate Richard Dreyfuss in “Mr. Holland’s Opus” as well, though they mostly like the music.

  14. Good morning Villagers…

    …and a GM back at you, Old Bear

    Steve, I like to throw that sultry word around, also like to say “those hens sound like there’s a fox in the hen house….wait a minute, I am that fox in the hen house” 🙂

    Good advice on the A/C, and that’s what we did, let it de-ice and put in new filters. Seems to be running fine, we keep it at about 78, but come evening with the sun glaring at us directly from the west, it works a little overtime.

    Happy Caturday ya’ll

  15. Just got back home from errands, hair, toes… now I am trying to cure my headache before chores.

    Beautiful day here in SE Ohio. Several rainy days earlier this week but, thankfully, no major storms or flooding. Our poor neighbors across the river in WV have had more than enough! They have been devastated. Those mountain valleys were rivers of flood water! There was a video on the news of a house, drifting down the rapid current, on fire!

    Prayers for all…

  16. Garbage day is Friday but with the 4th on Monday, all of the pick-up days got pushed out a day. When I went out today to add something to the pile and I felt a wonderful cool breeze as I walked out. With the AC problems and the 90 degree+ days, I can’t begin to tell you how great that feels.

    Debbe, we ended up having to get an entire new HVAC system as the the blower on the furnace was shot and the system was 25 years old. Probably could have kept the AC condenser, but figured that it would be easier and cheaper in the long run to do it all at once. Turning 60 this December, it makes me realize that if we stay at this home, I probably (and hopefully!) will not have to replace it.

  17. OK, someone mentioned the naziis. I’m going to say something which may make everyone angry although that is anything but my intention. Let’s start by acknowledging that their are bad cops. I’m not talking about crooked cops, that’s another discussion. I’m talking about those whose temprament, maturity level, parental teaching, life experiences, etc make them a bad choice for carrying a lethal weapon and having legal authority over people that may be a challenge to deal with and/or the officer may have some basic distrust and/or dislike for. Have you ever known anyone like that? I know plenty right know and a lot of them carry guns and make racially prejudiced statements. The bottom line is that it’s not that easy to find a good law enforcement officer. I worked with plenty of bad ones myself along with some that were outstanding. Now, I have never been black, BUT it appears to me that that particular segment of the population is constantly told by the media that cops, all cops, are bad and whether they are black or white they cannot be trusted. It’s easy for me to look at some of the videos that I’ve seen and suggest ways that I may have handled the situation, but of course I wasn’t there when it was actually happening. I can only say that I never had to draw my weapon on anyone and I never got shot or ran away from a situation. Why did I mention the german WWII army in the first sentence? Because some of them and I have no idea but certainly some of them must of been basically good guys. Given the situation though our guys naturally felt that anyone of the other side that they saw had to be killed. Well, given the indoctrination, some of the folks out there are looking at law enforcement officers as naziis and treating them all as such. I could not disagree more strongly, but I can try to understand it and hope that somehow the word gets out there to Everyone that there’s a different way. I hope that I did not offend anyone as that was certainly not my intention.

  18. Jerry in Fl, agreed. Here is something I was sent on Facebook that I think needs wide distribution:

    Yes, there are segments of society who are taught to distrust all authority, whether police, military, government or even teachers. And police see most people at their worst. With the current level of anti-authority rhetoric some people are getting scared. Fear plus hate often equals violence. Folks need to step back, calm down, and think.

  19. Jerry, Trucker, Mark, and Ruth Anne — very level-headed and well thought-out comments. You are right about these situations, and you have lots more real life experience than I do. I must add that the shooters and bombers who began this violence have got to be mentally ill. They aren’t thinking rationally. I wonder a lot about the killings in Dallas … the Boston Marathon bombers … apparently they can’t think through the consequences. Let alone the lack of empathy with their victims and their families, and their own families, don’t they realise that they themselves will end up dead, or in prison until they die there. They will be dead forever! They can never come back to their life on earth. How do they figure this?

  20. Jackie is safely in Holland, Michigan in lovely hotel. Posting photos and reports later.

    Jerry that was indeed a thoughtful post and I totally agree.

  21. Mark, I’m sure that the technology exists to broadcast directly to my brain. I don’t know if that has ever been used in a movie. I’m sure that it is warmer in Holland than when I was there in May. I didn’t even go out to see the windmill. I did buy a pair of wooden shows. They’re stuck on my refrigerator door.

  22. We had Flat Cat which I bought multiples of as they got lost and wore out. Real looking cats made of rabbit fur which they quit making completely. We got down to a two or three inch square which I swore I’d put in a locket so she could wear down the aisle.

  23. Where is everyone? We are waiting for table in very popular brunch spot and on waiting list for tickets to touring Broadway show The Million Dollar Quartet.

  24. Cool, so you might get a chance to see the show that was going to be in Birmingham? About the time Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins were jamming together?

  25. My son’s Father-in-Law is a retired Royal Oak police officer who now works weekends at headquarters taking non 911 calls. He has really enjoyed it as a way to work but without the stress of being on the beat. The last 3 days have been wonderful with food coming in, phone calls and pictures drawn by kids. It really restores your faith in thee community.

  26. Old Bear said; “If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you.”

    I saw a sign in a store last week reading, “If at first you don’t succeed, do it the way your wife told you.”

  27. Debbe said: “I like to throw that sultry word around, also like to say ‘those hens sound like there’s a fox in the hen house….wait a minute, I am that fox in the hen house.’”

    Not saying it was you, hon, but when I looked up “fox in the hen house” in the dictionary, there was a picture of a foxy blonde wearing a sultry expression and an orange string bikini. 😉

  28. Jerry, have you been removing cookies from your browser? Or clearing your history? Or installing a new browser? There are lots of things to make a computer to “forget” something.

  29. Not me, but I’ve been getting some help from the next generation. The hp is moving much faster, but now it doesn’t do some of the things that I’m used to.

  30. Reasonably well. There’s a high probability I’ll be called in for a job interview soon… it’s the only position I’ve applied for that (1) is full-time, (2) isn’t 8 to 5, M – F, which means I might survive the hours. With my funky heart condition I can work about 6 – 7 hours a day providing I get a nap in there somewhere. This position has about 20 regularly scheduled hours each week, plus other hours as needed to counsel with the patients.

    I was told by the guy who’s retiring that of the 11 candidates (as of Thursday), only 2 of us had the requisite classroom training (CPE) and I was the only one with experience in a psychiatric hospital.

  31. Trucker good luck. Jerry glad you are doing much better. I loved the 70s today up here. Love this country and the towns. Miss my orphans.

  32. A friend of mine posted this yesterday:

    I would like to share an experience with you about drinking and driving.

    As you well know, some of us have been known to have had brushes with the Authorities on our way home from the odd social session over the years.

    A couple of nights ago, I was out for a few drinks with some friends at the Bonefish Grill and had a few too many beers and some rather nice red wine. Knowing full well I may have been slightly over the limit, I did something I’ve never done before: I took a bus home. Sure enough I passed a police road block but as it was a bus, they waved it past.

    I arrived home safely without incident which was a real surprise, as I have never driven a bus before and am not sure where I got it.

  33. Good morning Villagers…

    Thought I’d better check in and say good morning.

    Steve, spoke with the gas station/mini market manager the other day regarding our A/C. She said hers went out last summer and it was going to cost $4,000 to replace. I had to pick up my lower jaw up off the counter. She settled for two window units from Wally World. Ours is cooling, but it ices up….maybe a shot of Freon…let my husband take care of it. Got too much on my plate.

    Hope the Boss checks in today, Ian and I need help in prepping the hens house for this consumer inspection. Let Ian pack the better part of the morning, and I looked for dead. Curtain backs are horrible, and the beams are too. Dire need of scraping, can’t get it done while packing as egg blocks form up front, and on lines. By the time packing room is cleaned, it’s too hot out in hen house and I don’t want to get my Miss Prissies worked up.

    I can’t convince Ian that we can go in early and do some things…..he is really struggling emotionally. And I’m trying to stay strong for us both.

    Have a peaceful Monday

  34. I thought I’d check in and let y’all know I haven’t melted yet, though it’s been hotter’n blue blazes here, and the humidity is ridiculous. I stay inside a lot.

    Yesterday my sister and I did go to a movie. We saw The Secret Life of Pets. I heartily recommend it to anyone, with or without children! We laughed til we cried, especially at the Pug. Somebody did a really good job with that “character”.

  35. Speaking of Michigan, there has been another shooting, at a courthouse in Michigan, with fatalities, including two officers. Let me say this about the phrase “waving red flags”. Officers see several people in the course of a day that are waving red flags. I know that I did. We already have complaints about the number of people incarcerated in this country so that isn’t the answer. The anemic mental health system needs a big improvement and that is rarely mentioned.

  36. Here in Utah our state hospital has won all sorts of awards… but it has NOT expanded its capacity for far too long while the state’s population has soared. It’s long past time that the politicians and bureaucrats faced up to the increased need for proper mental and medical care.

    JFK pushed for it and some headway was made… but during the following years someone decided that the mentally ill really needed to be “understood” and released from their hospitals and allowed to refuse treatment. That led to increasing homelessness and criminal behavior by those who were trapped in their own minds by illnesses not of their choosing.

  37. Jerry in Fl, most problems of the public mental health system are due to the court rulings of the 1970’s that closed institutions and forced patients on the streets with inadequate supervision and an inability to care for themselves. That creates dangers for both the patients and the communities they are dumped on. And these days, it’s next to impossible to get someone involuntarily committed for evaluation, danger to themselves or others or not.

  38. TruckerRon, you nailed it. And I keep getting FB posts about treating homeless veterans before spending money on other groups. There are programs in place for treating these veterans. But you can’t force someone to accept help where they don’t want it. And in the case of mental illness or addictions, they can’t accept breaking the barriers that keep them on the street due to their illnesses. And that is true of the general homeless population as well.

  39. Debbe,
    Late to comment, but if your a/c unit is freezing up, clean the filter first. That is often the problem (reduced airflow over the coils).

  40. Today’s “The Norm 4.0” (for Jul 11, ’16) may have gone one up on our esteemed JJ!

    Some time back, before these characters wed, they were pretending to be dating intensely for the benefit of the gal’s parents – who wanted this guy for a son-in-law. The pair faked a truly passionate smooch after which the guy thought (paraphrased) “Hey…if this is only an act, why the tongue?”!

    Just thought I’d add some levity here.

  41. 1. I believe that The Norm 4.0 / Jul 11, ’16 is more explicit than anything JJ has written, but nothing more explicit than he’s drawn.

    2. In 58 years of marriage Elaine never said that to me. And no, don’t infer that the occasion never arose.


  42. My friend and I are enjoying the late snack, cheese and wine hour. Dickens turned his nose up at the less expensive brie I bought at Aldis in Quincy, Missouri. He is waiting for the good stuff in Canada.

  43. Jackie, Gully likes brie too, but prefers Camembert. If you’re near a Trader Joe’s, take a good look at their cheeses, as they sometimes have a goat’s milk brie that’s very good.

  44. I did. Dickens will eat no orange cheese, only aged white cheddar from Canada or England, sometimes he will eat an American white cheddar or provolone bit he loves dill or smoked havarti but dislikes smoked gouda.

  45. Trucker
    I was the only one with experience in a psychiatric hospital. 07/10 10:16

    That sounded ominous. You were on which side of the desk? 🙂

  46. My kids are cheese slobs not snobs

    Tippy (AKA Hoover) eats anything.
    Skeezix prefers orange Sharp Cheddar (Shredded)

    Both come running when they hear the package rattle

    the others it is “meh” – and I have tried other styles.

  47. If brie or camembert is in a shopping bag and not in a wooden round but just foil, you will be missing half by time you get home. He has a sensitive nose. Has not started drinking wine yet but kisses you passionately when you get in car to see what you ate in restaurant, despite it being your nail salon.

  48. Old Bear: I’ve been on the volunteer chaplain side of things, mostly seeing to it that patients’ rights to religious services and materials are protected. I dispense no drugs, give no medical advice, or anything else that would upset the hospital’s administration. I do a lot of handholding and praying with the patients who will settle for an old trucker’s company.

    My favorite activity there has been a class in which I show films and quiz the patients regarding the choices the characters are making… what do you think will happen? was that a good choice? It’s based on the aphorism regarding smart men learning from their mistakes and wise men learning from the mistakes of others.

  49. Trucker I was pulling your leg 🙂

    There are people that will talk to a layman and not to a professional
    You are a caring person – and that is always evident.

  50. GM Debbe

    Zen Wisdom with a twist

    7.    If you think nobody cares if you’re alive, try missing a couple of car payments.

    Stay cool – there are little hand held fans with spritzers attached for your personal
    cooling system – unfortunately using them means you would be working one handed.
    I never did figure how that worked.

  51. You may have heard of the Baker Act and think that is an effective tool. I can tell you from personal experience that it’s a waste of time. The psych wants to get rid of him as fast as possible so you didn’t mean what you said about killing people did you? Ok, you’re good to go. Waving red flags? They’re handing them out on every street corner. I met a lot of crazies and killers in my career, but only one guy that scared me. One glance at him and you would understand why. I was also sure that he was a multiple killer and was not even being investigated. OK, enough sunshine and buttterflys. Tomorrow, tomorrow, or today if you prefer.

  52. Jackie, the cheese you get in a wooden round is called a wheel of cheese and if it’s been cut into sections like a cake or a pie, they’re referred to as wedges. And, just to be complete, the big blocks of cheese that are cut into square (or almost square) slices are bricks. I know, because my Dad was working in supermarket delis long before all of the meats and cheeses were pre-sliced and pre-packed. Even if it was wrapped and labeled before you ever saw it, the clerks had to cut, weigh and package it on site.

  53. Good morning Villagers…

    Thanks Rusty, we have replaced the filters, with the good kind…don’t know the brand though. Didn’t freeze up yesterday evening…signs of good things to come?

    Finally talked Ian into going in early…big deal, a half an hour, still it will be like pulling teeth to get him out of bed.

    The Boss is going to stir the pit early this morning, I may wish I had not not gone in early. It was 87 degrees in there when I left.

    Two Corporate men came in yesterday and swabbed everything for salmonella…thought they never would get done.

    Gotta go, scrubs to fold…..and yes, I do all the laundry for the hen house, and believe me, I do ‘reimburse” myself when I go supply shopping…..or I add an extra hour on my time card every week.

    ….and it’s Tuesday

    love ya’ll

  54. Having one of those can’t sleep nights that resulted in one of those life changing epiphanies. A good one that involves getting my boat picked up, going home on time, getting Lezlie on her plane, going home and back to gym to work my buns off literally and get fitter so I can sail her, getting help learning to sail her so she gets used and among get other things getting back onto a healthy eating program and stopping the added calorie intake.

    We all need those sudden epiphany moments.

  55. Debbe, I do, didn’t know that he did. You may remember that the Village helped me name him and now it seems like the only name that we could have possibly used. Like the others he definitely knows his name. If we tried any of that “here kitty, kitty” stuff they would thing that I must have lost my aluminum foil hat. 🙂

  56. Debbe, from an episode of Mash. They were watching a movie, I think, and the film broke. So they started doing entertainment bits, and one of them did an impression of Father Mulcahy. Finished up by using one of his favorite expressions.

  57. I don’t know why but I traveled with ghosts. At the Maritime Museum I joined as member, got invited to show my boat in their wooden boat show. As I turned and left the manager remarked that he was with me on this trip, not knowing there was more than one spirit she said “you are an extraordinary woman and have been shaped and made who you are by your life and passions. You will never lose that.” That was a lovely comment for a salty broad.

  58. My cats don’t seem to like cheese, but my dog Buddy does. He has rather plebeian tastes, though. Plain old cheddar makes him happy. I do make sure not to give him too much, as his vet says it’s not really that good for him.

  59. GR6, also made the 30,500. Thanks for posting the quiz.

    Did you try the “2015 IQ” test listed below the vocabulary test? I did, and it is a bear! Made 265 [= “nerd” on the site] on whatever scale they use, obviously not the usual IQ scale.

  60. Actually, I haven’t had time to take it yet; perhaps tomorrow.

    On one of the blogs where I found mention of it, the blogger, who makes her living writing articles for dead tree and digital magazines, scored a 30500.

  61. Trucker, I don’t believe GR told us his score. My 10:27 post was my own score – just omitted the “I” as I was addressing GR.

  62. Re-did the 2015 IQ, too, and got 275. Guess a changed answer helped….

    I note that there is also a 2014 IQ, and that not all choices appear all the time when one goes to the vocab site.

  63. TruckerRon, if you had any experience driving in Canada, Jackie could have used some advice today. She and her traveling companions got stuck in an hours-long traffic jam near Kent-Chatham Ontario. She called me asking if I could find anything online to help. By the time I found the Provincial Highway site with the 511 number to call for assistance, she had gotten through it. So, they should be close to the boat’s current owner soon. Jackie said they plan to take a different route back. She’s an adventure traveler all right. The pickup has built-in GPS, which her dealer still hasn’t activated for her. Her old GPS, which she took, doesn’t have maps of Canada, possibly showing Here Be Dragons at the edges now. So they are relying on the old-fashioned way, paper maps.

  64. Tippy of course has a white tip on a gray tail.
    His tail is different – it is roundish in front but flat in back

    He is the smartest of the crew – and really was not supposed to
    be an inside cat. At one time we could not get within 10 feet of him.
    Eventually since he was the last outside cat he was allowed on the closed back porch
    during the coldest time of winter (Below 0). He must have been talking to the others
    because he kept trying to sneak into the house.
    After getting his hair mats out ( he allowed that mostly) (and the others taught him grooming) a trip to the vet for some snipping he wormed his way into the house. He is not a lap cat but stays near – he is a bed cat – gets on the bed when I do and stays all night.
    He is expressive – (but not howling – just “meh”)
    Knows when he has done wrong and follows directions – sort of.
    He is long hair gray & white. Unlike any other cat we have had – he was dropped off or his daddy was just passing through. Not a neighbor tom.

  65. Mark, I ran the western provinces (Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia). Our drivers based in Detroit covered the central provinces, including Ontario.

    All I could advise her would be to plot her course in advance with Google maps and to use the 511 periodically to look ahead, same as I would do. Their 511 site should show the #1 menace to travel: summer construction projects:

  66. We are in Perth but not Australia. It has been a bad day driving. We were never lost, Lezlie is good navigator. We will be in Ottawa tomorrow to get boat paid for but can’t leave until money clears. Good ight all.

    Next trip I go with redundancy, truck GPS, a GPS Mark recommended and better maps. Tablet and one cell not wotming

  67. GM Debbe

    Zen Wisdom with a twist

    6.    Never test the depth of the water with both feet.

    If you can get into the hen house just as the lights come on you could miss
    a lot of the heat – then you do not want to disturb the girls just when they are doing
    most of their business.

    Or there is the slim chance — go in with red lenses on Flashlights 🙂

  68. Good morning Villagers….

    I too like paper maps….been a long time since I’ve done any traveling though. When really younger and we made our journies to Florida though, we just followed the big green road signs.

    Boss showed up yesterday, and left his little granddaughter (6) in the packing room with us. I had fun, she wanted to help. Meanwhile, he stirred the pit. So much to do.

    Old Bear, getting Ian in at the hour would be like pulling teeth. I’m lucky he’s going in at 7. And yes you are right….their first meal starts at 6:30…..light on at 5:30, don’t understand why they wait and hour to feed them….but they still have them on a 2:00 am, half hour feeding with lights on. Still getting around 190 cases and they will be 45 weeks on this week.

    Been going in and checking on Dad every night since my one sister is on vacation. He repeats himself so much, and I just listen….I don’t think he’s consuming enough liquid…going to gently lecture him this afternoon. He has cats, loves cats. When it comes to sell the house, and they excavate the back yard, the new owners will be surprised at the small wooden boxes he made to bury his furry friends…and there a lot of them over the years.

    gotta go….happy hump day to those who work monday thru friday 🙂

  69. GR 😉 I love Mowtown too……

    Last Friday morning on our way to work, the rain started and it rained very hard. Could barely see. As we reached the end of the gravel road and reach pavement. the cemetery, where Jason is buried, is just off the pavement on the left, I said “Good Lord!….be with us” AND the rain just stopped….coincidence? or a sign? I choose to believe in signs. On that same day, my BIL (who is back to living with us) came in from the outside and said he saw the puffiest, whitest, brightest cloud he’d ever seen, again, coincidence? or sign?

    I still remember your seeing the most beautiful sunrise with birds flying in that sunrise, and in the background, S&G were singing “Homeward Bound”…..and to this day, I still feel it was a sign and your sister was trying to tell you that all will be well.

  70. Ghost, remember they are always with is in the part of us they helped shape and create. They live on in us. You understand that I am certain. Love, Jackie

  71. Debbe 😉 I remember that sunrise, too, hon…and always will.

    And y’all do keep a watch on your dad…the combination of a urinary tract infection and dehydration resulted in my mom having to take an ambulance ride to an ER and an overnight hospital stay not long ago. They can get rather fragile as they get older.

  72. Debbbe, that’s a funny picture, but the one to the left of the cat at the rugby game is unbelievable. Here’s hopeing that we can have a day without a major tragedy somewhere in the world.

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