Learnt Offerings

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Here is another A&J comic from the recent past, 2014 to be exact.

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  1. Ok, Ghost, you are into dark things. I still look like an older angel, not like a dark witch.

    Angel off to pay two veterinarians and collect two neutered cats.
    We caught three possums last night. Minion took them far into wooded area. I hope if they have babies they are in their pockets and not waiting at home for their mamas.

    The new three story kitty Victorian is on porch and kitties running in and out. Two captured kitties moved into fancy litter box with house appearance, so we set it up as a kitty house too. The Big Mama and Sylvester mackerel tabby cats I just was given think they are in heaven and one is living in canopy bed and other in a new wing chair.

    Crazy cat lady decorating. No cute kitschy stuff, good decor and live cats.

  2. New minions is an out of work oil field pipeline welder with a gift. He can wallpaper beautifully and put anything together! Of course my portfolio may drop to point I can’t afford minions?

    I will get him to weld a good oilfield grade smoker on a trailer when house gets repaired. If you’ve seen one, you know what I mean.

  3. For those of you who like snacking on cheese and crackers, do a google search on fromage forte to find a great way to use up the last little bits of the cheese. Each time it’s a little different, but that’s what makes it so good.

  4. Morphy,(Sorry to be so late with a reply.) Not sure what my Morphy number would be but I have played chess both socially and competitively for over 50 years. My best friend, Dr Phil LaHaye taught me the moves in 57 in college at SLI. I know Jackie knows where that is. It is now ULL. Since there are very few tournaments in Baton Rouge, I play most of my games by server on the internet through the Correspondence Chess League of America (CCLA) and the U.S. Chess Federation (USCF), but not much in the latter organization. I would be glad to help anyone interested in playing and joining CCLA since I am currently vice president. I much prefer mind against mind and don’t play computer chess at all. CCLA is non-computer. I think chess is the greatest game invented by the mind of man. I once read a fiction article that pitted Morphy against Fischer. It wound up a draw at about 1000 games. They were both great but suffered from mental problems. My chess playing ability does not cause me mental problems. I am just a long time patzer.

    TR., Reference to Ziggy: I didn’t know he was still around. Thanks for the link. My favorite Ziggy is where he says “I prefer things the way they aren’t!” I feel the same after having grown up in the 50’s.

    God bless us every one.

  5. That is what I’d ask too, just a line. You don’t want me and the Adventure Dog going to all the egg houses and Tru Value Hardwares in Southern Indiana! We have good clues and if needed I can pick Mark up in Alabama so I end up in right location.

    We love you.

  6. I had an interesting little trip this morning. I was driving west on I-10 towards Pensacola. Now I have to admit that I am always driving too fast, but I haven’t received a ticket for speeding since about 1970. I had just passed an unmarked car parked under an overpass, but I knew that he was looking the other way so I didn’t slow down. Hold on. This isn’t going where you think. About a mile further on I was passed by a Lincoln town car. It was cream colored and just like new. My last Ford product was a ’94 Crown Vic and it will remain the last, but I appreciate a nice car. The car went ahead until it was probably 150-200 yards in front of me and I was no longer looking at it. I was approaching an area of mowed grass in a wide median and past that began a wooded area between the eastbound and westbound lanes. Suddenly movement in the median caught my eye. The Lincoln was out there spinning around. He hit a bump, all four tires left the ground, he landed and went backwards into the trees. The brush closed and he was gone, disappeared. I’m thinking “did I just see what I thought I saw?” Of course I did and not only that but the car is nowhere in sight and I’m the only person who saw the accident. I pulled over, grabbed my mag light and went to find it. I knew where it entered the woods but I didn’t see it until I was almost on it. It was up against a large live oak and wedged backward under a low limb with the car crushed up to the driver’s seat. Two guys climbed out of it with big smiles on their faces because they knew that they were lucky to be alive. I called 911 and ended up wet and dirty, but I would do the same anytime.

  7. Domacain I got the last two cats picked up and paid for just now. I have a surgery reservation for Tuesday with the small animal vet and a bring them in and we’ll work them in with backup vet who I really like too. I am still 71, he is 61 and primary vet is in 50s, I know you’re ahead if us. All levels and ages represented. Docs daughter stopped in when she saw my truck just now at clinic, she manages it, so she’s maybe 40 or so. Can’t believe there was the day when women weren’t welcome.

  8. Jerry, Bless you for helping. I know what it would have been like to have been left in my former car on it’s side. Kind of scary now but at the time I was just happy to be intact.

    Jackie, I was in Auburn’s vet school form 1963 through 1967 and there were four females in the entire school of about 280 members. Now the vet schools everywhere are 75 to 80% female. I’m not sure if they were unwelcome or just didn’t not apply for whatever reason. Louisiana had 9 spots at Texas A&M, four at Auburn and 1 at Oklahoma State that was kept for females before the Auburn spots opened in 1963 because T. A&M was all male at the time. It was easier to get accepted at medical school in LA than vet school back then.

    Debbe, Please come back. We care.

    God bless us every one.

  9. domaucan1: Quite alright, Unix time started shortly after I did, and doesn’t recognize sunrise/sunset. By that I just mean the internet is make believe, and someone’s always up. I’ve been in and out several times myself.

    on point: I learned the game from my father. Hard to tell accurately from a child’s point of view how organized or haphazard that may have been. Followed two or three years of games when I asked. It was a really big deal for me, at eight years old, to win, what I’ll chose to take his word for, was a fair game. I was so proud it was my ‘show and tell’ at school the next day. But, without a circle of players near me, or maturity to know there were probably dozens within 20 miles, if I would just ask, my skills were not developed. Even as an adult, ‘do you play chess?’ is usually met with a change of subject. I wonder if you see the same outside of those you already know play?

    As an outsider, I’m also surprised. I thought correspondence chess was buggy-whipped by the chess engine. Though no one would admit to getting a little electronic kibitz, a level of trust was lost. My perception was that gave rise to rapid-chess and faster. You’ve shown me otherwise.

  10. Good for you Jerry. And good for them that they were in a durable car. Some people talk about angels protecting us. Folks, sometimes we are those angels, don’t pass the opportunity to somebody else or you’ll never know how good that feels!

  11. domaucan1: I didn’t question your assessment of Morphy’s psychology without refreshing my memory. Wikipedia can be flawed, but it presents any difficulties he may have had, were put forward by his sister, after his death, to sensationalize for profit. I don’t trust the internet in general, but they do provide several published references.

    HAL (I like that) keeps wanting to capitalize ‘internet’ , I think he is a little self-assured?

  12. My annual Pubic Service Announcement for guys: If you think that you’re “gonna git some lovin’” from your sweetie on Valentine’s Day by buying her a ginormous $99.99 Teddy bear, you are almost surely wasting your money. Unless you get it from the ginormous $99.99 Teddy bear itself, in which case…EWWWWWW!

  13. Ghost Rider 6: Siri has a much better personality. (Huh, HAL doesn’t recognize her name. I’m not surprised.) Also, the fiction trope of crazed chess manic was used as foreshadowing in that story. It may have even been Morphy’s opera game reenacted that he played with Frank. It’s been used in other movies. Actual incidence of psychosis among chess players v. general public, I don’t know, but it sells fiction. Nerds used to be really easy targets.

  14. Nope, wrong again. Roesch and Schlage played it in Hamburg 1910. I would say the opera game had a part in _Bladerunner_ but my bating avg. tonight is pretty bad.

  15. We were hit with rain, freezing rain, sleet and probably other crap today. My boss suggested yesterday that anyone who could work from home today, do so. The streets are still a skating rink. Hopefully the sanders will be out overnight.

    Debbe, I hope your absence is not because of bad news for your girls.

  16. Debbe was herself quite ill. I am more worried about her and pneumonia and exhaustion.

    Incidence of high functioning autism in chess masters apparently high. Think Rain Man with a chess biard. He’d know every possible move before a man moved. Haven’t looked at wiki but I was alive during Bobby Fisher’s reign on the news reels. What, you thought we had CNN and FOX?

    HE WAS WEIRD. Not a geek. Weird. I was married to a chess player. We had many sets including some beautiful boards and carved chessmen. And then he never touched one again.

  17. I never could get involved in chess. The game just did not “click” with me. My favorite games came from SPI, Avalon Hill and Mayfair, to name a few. Of those, my favorites were the Great Battles of the American Civil War series by Richard Berg, B-17 (solitaire game where you were trying to get one bomber over the target and return without losing the aircraft), Rail Baron (think Monopoly with railroads instead of hotels), and Empire Builder (where you built your own railroads using wipe-off crayons on the map.).

    I really miss those games, but the first two companies have been out of business for 20 years or more, and the games are mostly out of print too. With the exception of the Empire Builder versions.

  18. Learned chess in high school but could never get enthused about playing it for some reason.

    Learned contract bridge in college, loved it, but have never played since.

    Learned about women in the AF and have never stopped playing since.

  19. Morphy, I believe Hal is correct that the Internet should be capitalised. Also can be abbreviated as ‘Net. (I’ve seen this done, and do it myself.)

  20. And yes, I am very concerned about Debbe’s health. Pneumonia is serious enough in its own right, but I suspect her respiratory system is already compromised to some extent due to environmental factors. The needle is rising on my Concern-o-Meter, and I’m hoping we hear from her soon.

  21. If we unite in the information we have about her I will actually drive up there. You think florists can’t find people? Ask a florist, even if the person never gets flowers. I could find people.

    I am worried about pneumonia and all those chemicals she has breathed, coupled with chicken dust and feathers. Florist was my retirement career after workmens comp adjudicator.

  22. Jackie, ask Old Bear. Debbe posted her work address so he could mail her that Chicken Poop lip balm. You could send a letter to her there if she doesn’t come back here in a timely manner.

  23. I remembered that and her love of going to Tru Value. Hey, I LOVE Tru Value. Bought an outdoor fireplace, a fire ring fireplace, a new table for patio, some great giant soup cups for microwave and think I went in for a pet water dispenser. They hadn’t unloaded the truck yet. Oh and two really comfort

  24. Does someone know for a fact that Debbe has pneumonia? I’ve had pneumonia four times and expect someday it will get me. Do we know the name of the chicken**** outfit that she works for? We cannot lose contact with her.

  25. Oh, you have got to see today’s “Non Sequitur” cartoon! It is rare to see an idea that I wouldn’t have thought of or haven’t already seen elsewhere.

  26. Good morning Villagers….

    I am sorry for having caused concern for some of you. I’ve done some thinking since my last post regarding THE post, and ….

    First there would be no way I would target Mark nor Jerry for the personal problems they are experiencing. I have personally been there with my Father having surgery and having a stint put in so that he would not lose his legs. My Mother’s life in a nursing home, only to die alone.

    Second, no….Mark does NOT owe me an apology, sir. And I’ve apologized already for the

    guised post.

    I usually don’t drop in here after work. Feeling down from that morning’s distress (I had a hen who had a blowout) she was still alive when I pulled her out. As she laid in my hands, she started shaking and quivering…..then she died in my hands. I had tears in my eyes as it brought back a flood of memories. The postings made me even more depressed. Yeah, I know there is a scroll button.

    Sister and I don’t agree on headstones for my Stepdad and Mother….no life insurance on Stepdad and Mother had a little. She wants us to all pitch in a $$ to get head stone. I said why not get one that lays on the ground, she didn’t like that idea….so I told her, in a hundred years, who is going to give a #### who is buried there. Then the loss of the homestead to Medicaid because of the nursing home wanting reimbursement

    I love this Village, and will remember to scroll through.

    Physically, I have bronchitis, on antibiotics, and two of the three pans of chlorine dust are out of the packing room. And I wear a dust mask more than before. I am feeling better. Tired though. Don’t want the teens coming into the hen houses as they would not follow proper bio security protocol. Thus, the seven day work schedule for the past month.

    Now it’s all said and done…let’s move on…..let’s play ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love, Debbe

    Jerry, you are a hero…thank you.

  27. Indy Mindy…my thoughts and prayers were with you yesterday. Are you OK? I too am my Mother’s daughter….sometimes she drove me nuts, but this nut didn’t fall too far from her tree.

  28. How the other half lives [well, maybe not half]:


    What about polluting the lake, one of many on the upper Mississippi? What watershed do the storm sewers up here empty into? Same difference.

    Many drive fewer miles when they use this parking lot, and many carpool, and many live in the dorms or in private housing within walking distance of the U. A larger proportion walk to school than did when we came here in ’58, and none then biked. I was one of the first to bike to campus, and was considered a young oddball prof. Now bikeracks are all full.

    Peace, emb

  29. re:

    Jerry’s car wreck rescue from yesterday afternoon….

    We had a similar wreck, caused by snow, thirty-odd years ago, except no trees trapped us in the car. Brand new Oldsmobile totaled, but we had one door we could walk out of. Our oldest daughter was in her teens (now in her fifties) had the only VERY slight injury. But my point is that cars went right on by us as we tried to flag down help. Finally a police officer, Sheriff or State (can’t remember) saw us and it all turned out fine from then on. Jerry: on the behalf of the people you helped THANKS.

    Indiana SAM (Steve Moore)

  30. Ah shucks yal. Debbe, glad you are still kicking around and making the big bucks. Locally we have a new type of mosquito borne virus. At least that’s what the fish wrapper says. I haven’t seen any mosquitos since summer.

  31. Morphy, ICCF(International Correspondence Chess Federation) allows chess engines, CCLA does not. I’m sure there are some unscrupulous individuals that use them but, since we are a bunch of friendly,trusting people and the prizes are small, I think that most people play their own games. It would be indeed a hollow victory to win a game with computer assistance. I say that using computers in correspondence chess is like putting bull dozers in the NFL and calling them over-sized football players. I have given up play in ICCF because of the computer use.

    Debbe, Glad you are back. Be careful with all those chemicals and I hope your girls can weather this latest viral storm. I’m afraid international travel has caused us problems with our animal population and do not agree with USDA’s proposal to move the Foreign Animal Disease Laboratory from Plum Island to middle America. There is too much danger of escaped disease agents and other problems. I think it would be cheaper and safer to “fix” the FADDL at Plum Island but nothing is logical when the “gomment” handles it.

    God bless us every one.

  32. At one time I wanted to learn to play chess, but husband#1 cured me of that. He was a fanatic about playing formal games in the style of the Masters, if that makes any sense. A friend said not to worry, that my slightly erratic style was just fine, but by then I had given up. My Dad taught me to play checkers when I was a little girl, and I stuck with that. One thing husband#1 never understood is that checkers is just as much a game of strategy as chess.

    Jerry, you are a good man.

    Debbe, I have bronchitis every winter, so I sympathize with you there. Do take care of yourself or you might have half the Village at your doorstep with chicken soup!

  33. It’s a good thing I checked before I clicked Submit Comment, or we’d have had one too many A Nonny Mouses. Husband was tinkering with my computer the other day, and the name field was blank. ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Trapper Jean, Considering Debbe’s work, I doubt chicken soup would be on the menu. How about a nice bowl of spicy chili with a side of sour cream instead? That’ll open up the sinuses without any extra meds! And some sweet cornbread too.

  35. Oh joy, greatly relieved that Debbe is all right. Dear Debbe, you have plenty of problems but you are a strong, hopeful woman and will overcome whatever life is throwing at you. Take it easy, dear. I’m glad you share with us and we try to help.

  36. Domaucan1: I like your style and views on multiple subjects. For chess, I think the game is prize enough, and so don’t compete for more than nods. It’s not the victory, it’s the interaction. When that interaction involves an unseen bulldozer, well, we used to call that cheating; and that was a label you _really_ didn’t want. Society changes, even if I am reluctant.

  37. Jerry-let me add my thanks to you for helping. Most people pass by because 1) it’s easier not to notice and 2) there are risks to self involved, including lawsuits by those you try to help, injury to you from the conditions encountered when you try to help, injuries to you from those in the accident if the car was stolen and they decide to continue on their way with your vehicle. I applaud your decision to go to their aid anyway. I know it was not easy for you.

    Debbe – glad to hear from you again. I am a lurker more than a poster, and don’t have time to lurk more than every few days, but I enjoy your comments. You may not realize your importance to the Village. Take care of yourself and don’t be a stranger.

    Morphy – interesting to hear from a new voice in the Village. I’ve played chess occasionally, mostly back in college, but also a lot of other games. Lately it’s been dominoes with the other seniors at the Rec center in Conroe – maybe once a month or so. I don’t play very competitively. I was amused during the last year or so to see that my 4 to 5 year old granddaughter likes to play games the same way I do: She wants everyone to win! When we play “Match” and she gets ahead in finding matches, she tells me that the one she just found is mine so we can be even. Last Christmas I got her a game that was designed for teamwork by the players to reach the goal and she loves it! I sense you are a lot more competitive than I am, but that’s okay too. After all, in most encounters someone has to win, and we need all the brains and talent we can get in this world. I don’t like those who push themselves up by putting other people down, but I think most of the Village has that opinion, and if you feel the same way you will fit right in.

    Back to work now. And ditto domaucan

  38. A short review of villagers comments shows the same level of interest I see In Real Life (IRL) when I propose a game.

    But Ghost seems to have the most fun with his chosen endeavor.

  39. domaucan1: Your experience would suggest a Morphy number of 5, possibly 4. But Baton Rouge may indicate a –3– through unrecognized channels. Makes you wonder how close we really are to those who came before.

  40. Dad taught me chess when I was in the early grades. I took to it to the extent of plotting out the published games’ moves on my board whenever they were found in the Sunday NY Herald Tribune. Can’t say that I was any good unless playing equally inept opponents. Most fun I had with the game was in college against a Russian exchange student who, it became obvious, was SERIOUS about his game. Of course, I lost, although it took him quite a while and I was actually ahead in pieces when the end came. My suspicion is that he was spending a lot of time trying to figure out what kind of strategy I was using when, in truth, I wasn’t following any pre-set plan!

    Glad you’re back, Debbe. Indeed, Jerry is a good guy for that action on the road…. When I posted at 1:35a.m., I had not gone back to read the earlier posts first. I reiterate my enjoyment of the cartoon mentioned at that time.

  41. c x-p: I’ve had the same feeling in the late stages of a game many times. Every time, without exception, if I have the courage to ask: My opponent thought I was the strong player, and they were lucky. Clink glasses, reset board, try again.

    domaucan1: like fantasizing over a lottery win, if I could play an M3…. even if it were a hopeless loss, I could open a new link, and pass out M5’s like candy. Yes, son, I remember the day I met him, over those 64 squares. My voice quavered, he pretended not to notice. I drew White. With a sweaty palm, e4, and we were off! Twelve moves later, yours truly was a wreck. A pile of junk! Here’s your M5. Pass it on.

  42. Judy, I recall learning a valuable lesson regarding competition in my management class: Know who you’re competing against and why! We played a game involving Teams A and B making several “trades” and being able to take all the points while the other team lost points if you succeeded in fooling them. Only at the end of the game were we told that we were all part of the AB Corp and that we’d squandered resources. My team accidentally won by dealing honestly with the competing teams.

    This article discusses the importance of not destroying your company when maneuvering for resources or position against other divisions of the company.


  43. Taking Valentine’s cupcakes and cookie trays around to lots of people and businesses I love. Doing it early to.not put off until the end. Red heart trays and chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with big icing swirls. Hypocritical on my part to give them out but people love cupcakes more than a basket of apples.

    Got my new driver’s license, the best I have ever had except the redding of face. I look sunburned or wind blown. Hair and smile great.

  44. Debbe – Yesterday was wretched. First delivery from new distributor was a nightmare. Imagine – using a twelve foot long, dot-matrix printed invoice/bill of lading (triple carbon copy, landscape orientation), with no methodology of locating a specific item EXCEPT Open. Every. Flipping. Tote. And. Search. Ridiculous. I even managed to break the desk phone in my office at work. Slammed down the receiver so hard, it quit working. I beat on it some more this morning. I can now answer a call, but can’t dial out.

    Today was better-ish. Newest minion is fine with my instrumental music interests. Papa John’s for the win. ๐Ÿ™‚ And Thunder is currently using me as a cat tower. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I am awful at chess and checkers. But my all-time least favorite game is Candy Land. No matter what I do (even cheat!), I lose. I even managed to somehow lose a turn while playing the freebie computer version from a cereal box!

  45. Happy Birthday, Mark.

    First rule for dealing with recalcitrant electronic equipment is actually the same as for mechanical equipment, Lady Mindy…get a bigger hammer.

    Jackie, I hope you weren’t sailing it when it ended up on the trailer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Well I did enjoy Tuna Fish Casserole with Mr. Kellogg but right below it was Cats, Oct Cats and that is my absolute favorite given all of us cat lovers here, the words are equally funny as tuna.

    Wish I could have ever seen him live.

    No Ghost, only one person has ever sailed a motor less Scamp onto a trailer and that’s a good friend of mine from Ausrealia, another legendary boat designer. This was her launch and she was rigged for me by the editor of Small Craft Advisor magazine and the designer of the boat, two different friends.

  47. Thank you Ghost, and emb. I had never thought of putting a song about tuna to the tune of a hymn. They seem to have matched the words to the music well though, and it’s funny.

    I have heard a version of Old Time Religion done for laughs by someone from Science Fiction Fandom, what they call a filksinger. They changed the verses to represent various pagan deities and it is pretty funny too.

  48. Thanks Galliglo. I am enjoying your FB posts. Good picture of you and Jerry there. At least, I’m guessing that is Jerry, who you had written about here.

  49. Lord help Hal, I may have to stomp him. I typed Garrison Keillors name and he changed it to Kellog. I typed Australia and I’ve no idea what that is. And typed name of song which is a singular cat with no October in it.

    My left foot went numb. There are four fat cats laying on it and an adventure dog behind the knee. Overflow has laid on right foot. The idiotic Big Mama cat just ran out front door. I assume she was named for Queen Latifah in Chicago.

  50. Mark you are actually quite interesting you know. I had friends in SCA and not the boating group of mine but the battle fighting ones you hung out with. Looking at the photos in the article, the guys look pretty hefty too. Did you all get injured in battle?

    I figure all this is as “real” as history and what little we know of early man, meaning up until about 1700s, I don’t think we have much detail on wars, battles from dark to middle ages.

    What person were you?

  51. I was not a fighter, but did serve as a Marshal, who acts as the referee to help prevent actual injury. I did not take part in field activities at the Wars I attended, but it was fun to watch. I was part of a Viking “household”, which was a group of like-minded people who would go to these events together. Most events have single-combat tournaments, where two individuals will fight with the winner taking two out of three. These are set up like most sport tournaments with the field getting smaller till the two finalists meet. At various times I helped with cooking, registration of attendees at events, herald (walking loudspeaker announcing things), washing dishes and much more. Very wide variety of people involved in this too. Only time I’ve ever danced. But it’s been over 20 years for that too, so I doubt I could remember any of them now.


  52. Thank YOU, Mark. Yes, that was Jerry. Been thinking of him a lot, since the 30th was one year anniversary of his passing. So thankful we had time together.

  53. Thank you, Indiana Sam.

    Good for both of you, Galliglo. Glad you found each other and made the most of your time.

    And thanks to you, also, Domaucan1. Glad you got through your accident and made it back here.

  54. Ran across this on MPR’s classical webpage. The man with the camera/mobile device, left [stage R] of the guy with crutches is Matt Goinz, a BSU music grad, baritone, who has been w/ Cantus for a couple of years. First time I saw him on stage here, he was being a grip, but then he came out a did “If I were a rich man” from “Fiddler on the Roof.” Blew us away.


    Peace, emb

  55. I note with sadness the passing of comedian Bob Elliott at age 92. He was the “Bob” in “Bob and Ray” [with the late Ray Goulding]. I really enjoyed their radio programs in the late 40s. In the early ’50s, they went on TV for a few years, but we did not then have a TV set. One of their humorous commercial ventures was providing the voices of the Piel brothers (Piel’s Beer), Bert and Harry. I enrolled my uncle in their fan club, a move said uncle did not fully appreciate since he was employed in a significant position at a different brewery!

    Bob and Ray were subtle wits of some quality. Probably most of this Village never heard them under those names, albeit they worked here and there [including TV and movies] until about 1980, I think…doing this by memory enhanced by a little Google info.

  56. c x-p: I remember Bob and Ray, but could not have given their dates. Must have been late ’40s. They were funny, for an intelligent audience. When I left NYC in ’47 for Cornell in Ithaca, I had little access to radio. Families owned one, and most were not very portable. No TV yet, and my family never bought one. Was amazed, actually, when Elaine and I were in a prof’s house in Ann Arbor, early ’50s, that they had 3 radios: one in the LR and one in each kid’s bedroom.

    I later saw enough TV to not want one. We finally bought one, to put downstairs in the rec. room, to placate the Group Home boys. To me, LR and TV are incompatible. The Group Home, BTW, was one of the worst decisions we ever made. It lasted 11 mo., aged me 10 yr., and that was not the worst of it.

    Peace, emb

  57. Bob and Ray started their humorous routines at Station WHDH — AM — in Boston, so Bob’s death was big news in the city. A nice long obituary in the Boston Globe filled in any half-forgotten facts. Chris and I listened to them a lot and enjoyed their dry wit. They seemed to improvise their back and forth conversations and they did it awfully well. We listened to that station most of the time, for we couldn’t get very many in our area! No FM radio of course. We were really in at an early stage in the development of radio. It was entertaining to hear the progress of developments.

    Chris always had a radio in the car, so he could pick up stations I couldn’t at home in NH. He drove all over New England and beyond, to job sites that needed testing — buildings under construction, concrete plants, asphalt plants.

  58. c e-p
    Loved Bob & Ray
    Piel’s was a NY beer?
    Commercial I remember was for Buick Service. The car had a long bungee cord
    (before bungee cords) that snapped the car back when it was time for service.
    That was late 50s early 60s(?)
    Their humor would suit the Village

    Garrison puts new words to all kinds of tunes.

    emb – remember when they would put a car on the ice then have a pot
    to guess the time of “Ice Out” when the car sank?
    My first drive on a frozen lake was Lake Bemidji. Before you got tenure.

    Happy belated Birthday Mark

    Thank you Jerry for stopping – My father was found because someone saw
    (and reported) him drive off the freeway and disappear in the woods.

    My son is Odd the Far Traveler (in SCA). He says he will leave his grave stone blank –
    when people walk by they will say “isn’t that Odd” ๐Ÿ™‚

    say “Goodnight Gracie”

  59. I have jested that our tombstone will have the usual stuff on one side and “please turn over” on the reverse….

    Hmmm. We already have purchased the gravesite; maybe we could also get the stone earlier than needed. After the purchase, we became probably one of the few couples who have danced on their own graves! [Well, gravesite, anyway.]

  60. O.B. I am guessing Piel’s was a NYCity beer; it was certainly advertised there a lot. My uncle worked at Genesee’s works near Rochester.

  61. Good morning Villagers….

    Mark, a happy belated birthday…and Daffy and Bugs were the ultimate cartoons. I’ll have to U-tube some for a good laugh. Wasn’t Mel Blanc the original voices? Your remark about putting tuna into a hymn reminded me of an album title…”You can’t tuna a fish, but you can tuna piano.” And right now I can’t remember the group. REO Speedwagon comes to mind.

    Judy, thank you for your kind words. My mother always told us girls to treat people the same way we would want to be treated….and believe me, there were times I had to bite my tongue ๐Ÿ™‚

    And Miss Charlotte, you are to be admired also. You always have something uplifting to say. I always look forward to your posts.

    Cxp…I love that idea…that you and your wife danced on your graves……what a treasured memory.

    Old Bear…..what an idea for a headstone….too funny.

    AND it’s payday Friday.

    Indy Mindy, tomorrow I’ll tell you what I did to the calculator in Mom’s bridal shop.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day.

    Jean, I’ll take chicken and dumplings….but Mark is right about the chili…I love it semi spicy with a big dollop of sour cream…mmmmmm

    Jackie….bring me some cookies and cupcakes ๐Ÿ™‚

    Indiana Sam…at first I thought your post was some sort of military code ๐Ÿ™‚ …told you all I wasn’t Quick Draw McDraw this time of day….especially if I overslept some.

  62. Thanks to all for the birthday wishes.

    Old Bear, that idea for a marker is a good one. So you have an Odd son?

    Debbe, yes, Mel Blanc was the original. From the story about the gentleman who just died, he was hired to replace Mel to voice certain of the characters for Warner.

    Everybody have a great day, or at least pretend it is.

  63. Debbe ๐Ÿ˜‰ Actually, I think “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” is almost the ultimate slow dance song. (Teddy Pendergrass [RIP] did a great version of it, too.) I thought I’d end the current series tonight with THE ultimate slow dance tune. Stay tuned.

  64. From today’s A.Word.A.Day:

    The hardest thing about any political campaign is how to win without proving that you are unworthy of winning. Adlai Stevenson, governor, ambassador (5 Feb 1900-1965).

    Peace, emb

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