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Judging from the appearance of this simple Sunday cartoon from May, 2007, I was in a hurry when I drew it. Believe it or not, it happens. Its saving grace is the joke, though; I like it. It’s humorous and—I like to think—original. That’s what you shoot for. Many times over my career, I’ve had conversations with people who ask a variation of the question, “So, you could, like, draw six months ahead and take six months off?!” Technically, the answer is, Yes. The question almost always is asked with the breath of incredulity, and I know they’re wishing they could work that way. Perhaps they could. I can’t. I can’t get so much as a week ahead, and I do try. For 30 years, I have tried. At least I am reconciled to the fact that’s the way it is. I’m just lucky to have this gig at all.

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  1. My father was a syndicated columnists, writing six columns a week for most of his career. He managed to take vacations (and sick time) by writing what’s called “shelf columns” – bits and pieces of his opinion that weren’t as timely as his regular, newsy fare. (Newspaper editors could “keep them on the shelf” in case of mail delays – remember those? – or unexpected illness etc.)

    He also persuaded some famous and not-so-famous friends and family to write “guest” columns. But with his column being primarily news-oriented, he never took more than two weeks or so off.

    Maybe you should get going on the “guest cartoonist” bandwagon, JJ!

  2. I would imagine there are still some mail delays, such as when a big storm hits and power is out for several days. Although I suppose you could just get into the car and drive to some Wifi-enabled coffee shop.

  3. Funny JJ! I used to tell my husband’s customers to poke him with a sharp pencil if they needed too.

    Mark, who did your father write for? Have always loved columnists and still have a few friends writing them.

  4. Jackie – My father, Andrew Tully, wrote Potomac Patter for the Scripps-Howard Papers in the 50s and 60s, National Whirligig for Bell-McLure Syndicate in the 60s, and Capital Fare for McNaught Syndicate in the 70s and 80s, retiring in the late 80s.

  5. Boise Ed, as my SO has proved on several occasions it is much easier to find a Wifi connected McDonalds. They live about every third exit on the I system and have a better menu.

  6. Back home; all went as expected, if not better. Vision in right eye is blurry but that’s undoubted from all the drops put into them this morning to dilate and numb them. But it already seems it’s going to do well.

    And, ah, Jackie…no…panties? Well, okay. Not the message I expected on the way to surgery, but it surely distracted me from what was about to happen. And thanks for the size bulletin. As your unofficial weight coach, you realize you will now have to keep me undated on that. 😉

    If that offends you, remember…I’m still on drugs. 😀

  7. Checking in, my weight coach isn’t going to be happy but I just ate a fried oyster poboy at Dupuys Oyster house and yes, I ate the French bread. No sides. Fastest thing they do. Going back tonight for either grilled or baked on half she’ll before I head home. Open since 1869, hope that guy I recommended the grilled oysters to likes them! He was asking for grilled fish.

    Off to look at boat, overcast and raining.

    Live to entertain, life long habit. Get well all of yall.

    Love Jackie

    P.S. loaned my truck to pet sitter who is truly tiny. She said it was like
    Driving a semi compared to her mini car. Neighbor finally called out of no sinews to find out if gypsies had taken over the kingdom like Jimmy Buffet sings about. Gypsies In The Castle. Love it.

  8. Checking in, my weight coach isn’t going to be happy but I just ate a fried oyster poboy at Dupuys Oyster house and yes, I ate the French bread. No sides. Fastest thing they do. Going back tonight for either grilled or baked on half she’ll before I head home. Open since 1869, hope that guy I recommended the grilled oysters to likes them! He was asking for grilled fish.

    Off to look at boat, overcast and raining.

    Live to entertain, life long habit. Get well all of yall.

    Love Jackie

    P.S. loaned my truck to pet sitter who is truly tiny. She said it was like
    Driving a semi compared to her mini car. Neighbor finally called out of no sinews to find out if gypsies had taken over the kingdom like Jimmy Buffet sings about. Gypsies In The Castle. Love it.

  9. Back to trucks again? My lady just got back from FL late yesterday and due to Subaru malfunction had to take the F150 to get her from the airport. So I asked her today if you could have any truck at all what would you take? F150 4X4 extended cab 8 foot bed was the answer. Why? Because our current one is faithful, and a 4X4 would be better in winter, and I can haul full size sheets of plywood and paneling in the bed. Camper top too? Yup. So it continues.

  10. Jackie, oyster poboys are so scrumptious that your Unofficial Weight Coach will grant you a one-time dispensation for eating one, providing you have the grilled oysters this evening and think of him while you are slurping them down.

  11. I love grilled oysters! Many years ago I enjoyed eating grilled oysters at my oldest sister’s house near Parris Island (brother-in-law was a Marine drill sergeant [gunny]). We had a bushel of oysters, oven mitts, and oyster knives. We cooked individually, standing around the barbeque scooping the oysters off the grilll, popping open with the knife, then dipping in a little sauce or straight off the sauce. I had a butter sauce with Tobasco that I remember was especially good. The hickory smoke with the charcoal added a nice flavor.

    That was the same trip that I went to a John Denver concert in Savanna with a Marine corporal. The concert was good, my date was cute, but I don’t think the Marine was impressed with the newly graduated high school senior. I’d guess she went with us as a favor to the gunny.

  12. The only way I could ever eat oysters was fried. Just looking at the raw variety makes me think of the joke about the world’s bravest man being the first to eat a raw oyster. I’m Southern, I want my seafood cooked. Off the grill sounds good too, anything smoked is usually excellent. Butter up your french bread, wrap it in foil and throw it on the upper rack for a few minutes. MMM, it picks up the smoke flavor and also the taste of whatever you are cooking.

  13. Boat is fantastic, owner is indeed oil man and owner of another legendary southern company and very much married. But all I after is the boat and this one is beyond perfect.

    Very traditional, lots of wood where it counts and gelco. Never saw a cleaner bilge and engine. What is it this phone doesn’t send what you type,

    Heading back to Monroe and lawyer’s tonight but still hope of oysters, perhaps not in famous 150 year old oyster house.
    Coming back In April.

  14. I never quite got this one. What is the implied antecedent of Janis’ “they”? It wouldn’t make sense to think of Arlo [or of any husband or male] as coming with a screen-saver.

  15. CE-P: I think she was talking to Arlo, and he started “resting his eyes,” so she had to wake him up just like one does when the computer screen “rests” and the screensaver comes on. So, yes, Arlo’s eyes are the metaphoric screensaver.

  16. I had a hard time with this strip when it ran originally. I see the idea of it now, but that metaphor is stretched about as far as it will go — and then some. Boise Ed comes the closest to making sense. We have never used a screensaver; maybe that’s why I didn’t get the joke. Our son Bill, the energy-saving engineer, advised us, when we got our first computer, to simply turn off the screen whenever we got up and left the desk. The on/off button will not wear out, and we’ll save electricity. And the dark screen is restful to the eyes and unobtrusive (my opinion, not Bill’s; I don’t know how he feels about that.)

  17. Dear Jackie Monies, I am glad to know that all is well with you; you are having a good time, seeing boats, meeting new people, eating tasty, healthy food. Makes all your friends here feel good!

  18. 🙂 Referring to a male as a “screensaver” got me all kinds of good-natured grief once upon a time. Back in my factory days, I ran a pair of machines with slightly different cycle times. Fifteen seconds or so isn’t a whole lot of time, but fifteen seconds every forty-five seconds add up over an eight or twelve hour shift. Other shifts hung the paper up on the side of the machine, but nothing irks me more than constant interruptions while reading, so no joy there. I opted to people watch. The guy across the aisle from me ran a drill and a washer – he was in constant motion. If all was quiet in the rest of the aisles, I’d default to watching him. Well, not so much him, but the movement of the parts. He had been on the job for so long, there was no wasted effort, and the parts seemed to float along. Another guy up the line noticed me watching the drill operator. He hollered out something to the effect of checking out drill guy’s backside. (Did I fail to mention his posture while working was much like someone working under the hood of a car?) I hollered back, “No, he’s my screensaver! Something to watch while I’m bored.” Much laughter ensued, with the retort, “OH is *that* what they are calling them these days!” The story spread, and thereafter, much to my chagrin (and occasional delight), one or two fellows a day would come by to waggle their derrieres my way for a “screensaver check.”

  19. Ah, factory floor humor. You’re probably fortunate that was all that got waggled at you, Lady Mindy. Seriously, as I’ve said before, I greatly enjoy watching the fluidity of motion of anyone who is expert at a task, be it machine operator, trash collector, or belly dancer.

    Well, perhaps some more than others.

  20. Done it again and not eaten dinner. Bad me. The state of Louisiana has erupted into spring and azaleas, dogwoods blooming . Still I feel ghosts everywhere. Need to call my motel and confirm a room. I guess they are favorite hostel for Duck Dynasty vendors getting their pitch in to Willie. Licensing deluxe.

    Not only does Duck Diner sit in their parking lot but warehouse and factory is down the street behind. While I like beards I draw the line at that type. Sorry if someone here has one.

  21. To show yet again how times have changed, I was just reading an account of the apartment building that exploded today in NYC, and a line in the report was about a tourist “who had just taken a photo of his food at a restaurant known for its French fries when he felt the explosion next door”.

    Who, just a few years ago, would have thought that taking a photo of your French fries in a restaurant was normal behavior? Of course, we used to think people who “talked to themselves” were nuts when cell phones with headsets first became available.

    Jackie, perhaps the Louisiana State Policeman who stops you doing 90 will turn out to moonlight as a boat captain.

  22. TR, a two electron gate would have a weight equal to 2 x 9.1 x 10^-31 kg. Based on internet spec an iPod weighs in at ~ 0.088 kg. Just facts. 😉

  23. Good evening Villagers…

    Not read any of above….

    I cannot believe I ‘concked’ out in the first quarter of the Wichita/Notre Dame game (hey that rhyme), to awaken to the beginning of the KY/WVA game…can’t, well yes, I can.

    My mom is doing better after they took her by ambulance to the hospital Congenital heart and lung failure She had filled a gallon jug and more by the time I left before my younger sisters. Lasix? is what they gave her.

    Came home, slipped into something warmer, power nap and my mom is doing better

    Oh, and husband is over at his brothers….for the night 🙂 Sometimes it’s nice to be alone.

    Good night…gonna eat a gro;;e

    You doing OK GR6 😉 ?


  24. Guys I am back in Monroe, LA and no arrest warrants. Have been stopped but only in Texas and I will not say how fast I was going.

    Only arrested once and that in itself makes a great story but too tired to tell it well tonight. The Texas State troopers kept apologizing to me, I spent afternoon in their office because they didn’t want to book me and I was translating to all the Mexicans who were being deported. Troopers wanted me to stay, I told them they needed a Hispanic trooper. And the National account in my showroom still placed his order.

    Don’t need a captain. I suspect even Ghost could drive this boat. Can you navigate on water?

  25. Forgot to say that thanks to Sands advice I found out McD has a healthy menu with grilled chicken wraps a small fruit yogurt and I stayed at about 600 calories. Poured the sweet tea out truck window.
    Why is sweet tea ubiquitous in South?

  26. Debbe 🙂 Doing well, hon. Eye is still blurry and dilated but getting better. I go to see the doc for post-op tomorrow afternoon.

    I think you meant your Mom has congestive heart failure (CHF), where fluid collects around the heart and lungs. (A friend of mine has problems with that.) And IV Lasix is what they usually treat it with. Sounds like it’s working for her, and glad to hear that.

  27. Because. Jackie, in the South we like us some tea in our sugar.

    “Even” Ghost? And yes, I can navigate anything and the box it came in.

  28. The important part is the ability to read “up-to-date” charts and tide tables for water depth. Nobody likes paying to be pulled off ground, holing the hull on a reef (shell or coral) or having to repair or replace a damaged screw. Also helps to have someone handy with deisel engines and hydraulics. Navigation is important if you’re trying to make it to Easter or Pitcairn island. Can’t miss N America, S America, Europe, Africa or Asia. Probably even able to find land for Australia and Antartica. 😀

    Should probably stay away from Bermuda, just for grins!

  29. Just got a military-grade compass and am awaiting arrival of the maps I ordered. Going to brush up on land navigation. If EMP weapons take down all our GPS-based devices, I’ll still know how to get from A to B. Assuming I’m not too old and decrepit to walk from A to B. 🙂

    Back in the day, a cousin was navigator on a P-3 Orion out of California bound for Hawaii that lost all its nav systems passing the Golden Gate Bridge. The Aircraft Commander let him decide whether to turn back, and when my cousin said continue, the AC told him to give him an ETA and bet him a case of beer he couldn’t hit it to within 10 minutes. My cousin, using wooden sailing ship tech, both got them to Hawaii and enjoyed his case of beer.

  30. Jackie, you are just as spunky as ever — good for you. Glad you disposed of the sweet tea! Ghost has the right idea I guess. I have heard of sweet tea, even up here so far from the South, but I never had any.

    Dearest Ghost, I’m very glad that you are recovering well. Take it easy now, you won’t get overconfident will you? Dear Debbe, sad that your mother had to go to the hospital but it’s a relief that she is getting good treatment. That sure is a lot of fluid to get rid of and will make her feel lots better. Wishing for good news tomorrow.

  31. Overconfident? Moi? 🙂

    Jackie, an OP surgery center RN I hadn’t seen since last year commented this morning that I had lost some weight. Even though looks is the least important reason to strive to get to a healthy weight, when people start noticing is when it starts to feel worthwhile.

  32. Trucker Ron, thanks for the link to the music video, it was astonishing! The music was good but I was just blown away by the spooky and beautiful camera work. Must say, I am glad my dreams are not like that at all! They are quiet and ordinary, never scary.

    Mindy from Indy, Your story was awfully entertaining; I liked it a lot. Come to think of it, I worked in a factory one summer when we were first married; I ran a right-angled gluing machine; not kidding, it was a box factory. But I have no entertaining stories to tell, not like yours anyway.

  33. Waitresses would come with tea to table and ask “Sweet?” And I’d reply “Hardly.” Mama always claimed to be sweet. I come from a long line who can stand their spoon up in tea or coffee, the sugar bowl never leaves the table nor has a lid for easy access.

    I drink neither coffee nor use sugar.

    This boat has twin nav systems and every electronic you might want, front thrusters and twin diesels, two a/c, galley with stove and oven, compressors, flying bridge, can be run from any level including back deck. Everything replaced within last year and marine survey higher than asking price.

    I am either insolence or feisty or out spoken depending on who you ask. This is less than a second home and about 10 % of one of my uncles motor homes but then he has many piles of income I don’t

    Love Jackie

  34. P.S. Never much wanted to travel in anything that big on land, although we did travel in 30 ft. Motor home company had converted to a sample show room. Cheaply converted, I might add and poorly maintained.

    Hardly the same as a converted Blue Bird that couldn’t get down anything but an interstate.

    Actually I cannot navigate and I’d end up i either Cuba or Mexico as I’ve had no nav classes. I have trouble with red on the left and green on the right.

  35. Charlotte in NH
    I had to fill in at inspection table occasionally one place I worked – the women talk outrageously
    just to see me blush. And I was a Army Vetran.

    thanks for the Trib. Pics

    “Did you watch Nova tonight?” I rarely watch TV. –
    @Most of Broadcast TV is forgettable , PBS is OK

    “The Bible’s Buried Secrets” If they are in the Bible, are they buried?
    @The Buried Secrets are the analogical finds that coo berate biblical time lines and stories.
    The KJV translators mistranslated the Hebrew word for ‘young woman’ as ‘virgin’. There is a perfectly good Hebrew word for virgin, used in the Bible often. What’s so great about being born of one? If an unfertilized egg somehow had two sets of chromosomes, it would be XX, and therefore female.

    @Because of the XX someone theorized Jesus was a woman – but that was a little far fetched.
    The bible can be ,by some, interpreted as the direct word of YHWH but it was written by men,
    compiled by men and edited by men. Sometimes for their own ends.

    “Strong arguments linking Bible dates and Egyptian dates.” If true, good. That should be a help to real scholars.
    @ that was the gist of the program – scholarly research.

    “Finally found archeological proofs.” Of what? Why should a person of faith need proofs?
    @ I did leave that hanging – kind of deliberately. Rather than enumerate the conclusions
    presented. We should have Faith but not blind faith. Blind faith leads to drinking kool aid.

    You can watch the program on line about 2 hours long

    Please do not take offense – I try to present this as a scholarly discussion.

  36. Good morning Villagers….

    Thank you GR 😉 for correcting me, and you are right. I always confused the two diagnosis.

    And Miss Charlotte, that was a lot of fluid…she was ordering breakfast and said she wanted two slices of bacon…the nurse said she could no longer have bacon nor salt….”what” she said. I told mom…”that’s what put you in here, Mom!” She’s a feisty German. What upsets me is the nursing home didn’t catch on to this swelling.

    Work clothes in dryer, and its PAYDAY.

    Worked with the older lady from house #1 yesterday. She has been with this family owned business for twenty years. She liked the hours when her children were young. She’s 67. She too had a family emergency yesterday. Both my mother and her brother were in the emergency room at the same time. They buried her brother’s wife the day before. And he’s not doing well, and wants to go home to his wife. So sad.

    gotta go……

    and you know what, when someone does notice positive changes and acknowledges it, does make on perk up…..good for you GR…..uh, you’re not driving are you?

    ya’ll have a blessed day

  37. Car’s warming up…..

    Indy Mindy, went back and reread your story on ‘factory work’….thanks, girl, for the grin.
    Heh, if you’re not doing anything next week, you can come down and help out at the hen house, it’s high school spring break, temps in the upper 60’s, and young screensavers to watch 🙂

  38. Mindy from Indy, that’s the best screensaver story I’ve ever heard. Much more enjoyable than flying toasters!

    Debbe, prayers for your Mom. You’re right—the nursing home should have caught that. One way to do it is to weigh her daily. The increase due to fluid will be apparent. Prayers for your coworker’s brother, too, for the best possible outcome there, whatever it may be.

    Meg helping Gene brings back good memories of my Dad and me. Thank you, Jimmy!

  39. Good morning all. This is weirdest hotel room yet. Even weirder than the one in Lafayette. Why is America traveling? Stimulate economy?

    It is 39 here today. I brought in wrong suitcase. Think I left winter wardrobe out on mama’s carport a week ago.

    Need to go back to sleep until spring comes back.

  40. Debbe 😉 The only thing I’ve driven in the past 36 hours is my recliner, hon. 🙂 My BIL is my driver. Post-op office visit is early this PM.

    Didn’t want to stir the pot, but I wondered about the nursing home not catching that degree of edema, especially if your Mom is little like you. Also, are they not weighing her regularly? That fluid weighs something (1 gal water = 8 lbs) and the scale would register it.

  41. You know, you are all sweet, like the tea, except for me. But I am just natural, not saccharine . Just drinking water now of course

    Skin looked better but still need a face lift

  42. Forgot to say I was dazzled by the wood paneling and teak deaks, bright work and Sunbrella coverings. My marine consultants had more pertinent questions! So, I need to send some emails, Good thing I was told not to buy it. You know what women are like,

  43. I almost said, “A smile lifts part of your face,” but that struck me as too saccharine for something for Ghost to say, so I didn’t.

  44. Debbe’s egging on.
    Jackie has been found.
    GR6, is reclining and plotting.
    Denise is.
    Village in mention.
    Have a great day one and all.

  45. You know you are I south when there are grits on breakfast buffet. I count those as whole grains even if not stone ground. And Coke products exclusively in every cooler

  46. Johnny Carson said about his time the South during WWII that if you went to a clothing store and bought a new suit, you’d find grits in the pockets.

  47. re: Old Bear 11:50PM that’s why I like to watch John Ankerberg sometimes, he gets into the real language translation and stuff, like the manger in the inn wasn’t a Motel 6, but the family home, and how the Genesis week didn’t really need to mean seven 24 hour days … .. ..and speaking of noticing weight loss – I’ve always been socially unsure about that, when does “you’ve lost some weight” become “wow, you used to be really fat?”

  48. Entering the door of my financial institution the other day, I obeyed the sign and removed my cap.* As I stopped to hold the door for a nice-looking younger lady who was leaving, I as usual unconsciously brushed my hair into place with my hand. “Don’t worry,” the lady said in her best sexy voice, “your hair looks fine.” With an accent on “fine”. Leading me to wonder if she would have flirted with me like that if my figure were less trim. In other words, I don’t think anyone would be offended by “you’ve lost some weight”, no matter how much they’ve lost or no matter how you express it. 🙂

    *Apparently, if one walks in wearing a hat and/or sunglasses, one will be subject to being wrestled to the ground. I’m not sure what would happen to an Orthodox Jew who had just come from his ophthalmologist with his eyes dilated.

  49. Jackie, I went back and checked, and I am now below my last official weight-in at Weight Watchers. So I will be resuming meeting attendance next week. I know you’ve been busy and on the road, but I still encourage you to join WW. I very much believe you are the type person who would do very well on the plan, whether you attend meetings or just use the online resources.

  50. In high school, I read a sociologist who opined that humans wore clothing much more as a means of protecting themselves from climatic conditions than to protect their modesty. I didn’t quite believe that at the time, but one look at the way modern people dress, especially those of the female persuasion, lends credence to that view.


  51. it’s archeological finds (that is what I wrote – dumb internet)
    Also left out the most damning Bible was written by committee (s) of men.

  52. I am sure they can tell – but since Hebrew is written right to left, was it started by left handed
    people? Just seeing how left handed people have trouble writing left to right.

  53. Old Bear, some texts, so I am told, go like this.
    .tefl ot thgir morf seog enil enO
    While the next goes left to right.

    Some will claim our written numbers are actually right to left.
    467, from largest unit to smallest.

  54. Mark, traditional Chinese does follow right to left. Much of the simplified Chinese follows the western left to right. Can make for great challenges.

  55. sandcastler, I wrote like that in junior high -algebra. The teacher wouldn’t explain/ I couldn’t understand. Finally I decided if I was going to be confused he could be as well.

    I got in trouble big time.


  56. ‘Standing on the corner, Watching . . .’ is definitely better as spring moves into summer. Actually, some lovelies [and not so . . .] really push the season.
    ‘how the Genesis week didn’t really need to mean seven 24 hour days’:

    I suspect the writer really meant plain days, but: 1. didn’t know any better, which is fine. 2. and the sequence doesn’t fit what we’ve learned from the fossil record, which is also fine. It’s not a scientific treatise. It’s also funny, which the Jews understood and their captors probably not, and many 21st C. ‘religious’ people also not.

    In Gen. 1:1-2:4a, in Babylon, with their captors in earshot, the priestly writer [if I have it right, the one who referred to the creator as Elohim, the first name for God in the Hebrew Bible, the plural of ‘El’, but treated grammatically as singular, with exceptions] uses previous oral tales to create a seven-24-day story and justify the Sabbath [which is tomorrow], and to subtley mock the polytheistic idol-worshippers around the exiled Israelites. It worked; you don’t hear much about Marduk anymore.

    The writer and everyone around, captors and captives, lived in a small, flat, three-story world, with fire below, the waters around separated from the waters above kept back by a hard dome [firmament], with holes for rain, and the abode of God or [some of] the gods above. No reason for him to suspect otherwise, and no faithful reason to blame Elohim for the text. ‘The animals’ [mostly mammals, but not whales–created the day before, with the fishes and birds] and ‘man’ both male and female were created on the 6th day. Elohim was happy about what he’d done, but tired and had to rest on the 7th day.

    Gen. 2:4b-25 is an older, ‘dry’ story, with a different sequence not divided into days, with the man created first, then the animals, in no meaningful sequence, and the woman last. It is written by the Yahwist, who names God Yahweh, or Y*w*h. Some naïve Christians and maybe some orthodox Jews ‘know’ that men have one less rib than women [I’ve seen it in letters to the ed in our local paper] because Eve was created from Adam’s rib. Even if she were, why should all their male descendants lack that rib? Middle school genetics.

    There were Renaissance priests who would not look through Galileo’s telescope at the four moons which showed that not everything revolved around us. Faith?

    Peace, emb

  57. Sorry: ‘four Jovian moons’ [Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto]. [Speelczech recognizes only the first three, but I’ve seen all 4; Callisto is there.]

  58. Old Bear, it’s not hard for anybody from Uncle Sam’s Navy to make an Army man blush. One of the reasons we spend so much time painting things aboard ship is the fact that the paint keeps getting blistered by our language.

  59. The view depends on where you are standing.
    We are standing on the shoulders of many giants.
    The ancients were standing on the shoulders of a few large men.

    The ancient Israelites were not as monotheistic as they were supposed to be
    until the contract was reread (between JHWH and the Israelites) it is all explained in the program. (No commercials).

    Then I wonder what archaeologists in three thousand years will think we worshiped if they came
    upon the sculpture garden in Oslo Norway – MOMA in NYC – or the Spoon & Cherry in Minneapolis.

  60. Old Bear: Archaeologists in 3,000 yr.? With our varied forms of record-keeping, each now distributed physically worldwide, and maybe space-wide later, they should have clues other than sculpture. If so, they will realize that not all sculptures are idols, and that some 21st C. thinkers had integrated their concepts of the transcendent to include our understanding of the much larger, older, more complex, more enchanting physical universe that we live in today. In 5,015, they will doubtless have an even deeper understanding of it, and maybe even of its relationship to the transcendent. Unless they have somehow lost all current history, they will likely still credit Darwin and Newton among the giants on whose shoulders we and they stand.

    It was Newton who wrote that he stood on the shoulders of giants, no?

    Peace, emb

  61. My new lens is aligned properly. The incision is closed and healing. My visual acuity is continuing to improve. My eye doc is happy with the outcome so far. I am, too.

  62. Great news GR6 given that we are on the cusp of sundress season. You may learn you were you’ve been missing some of the offerings.

  63. “You may learn you were you’ve been missing some of the offerings.” s/b You may learn you’ve been missing some of the offerings.

  64. Well, that is truly eye poppin’ news, Ghost. In truth I am happy you are doing so well so fast. Clean living?

    Sand, you need that J. Buffet tee shirt, growing older but not up. My collegiate team, Domino

    Much happier tonight, both my broker and lawyer were both happy to see me when I dropped in and totally shocked, Pleasantly it would appear, broker loves both boats I am thinking about. I’ve known him for years and my lawyer’s uncle taught me to drive Then found out my estate CPA is a classmate from Tensas. South has a lot going for it besides sweet people, sweet tea and grits.

    And to improve my attitude three grand dukes or whatever they call Knights of Columbus and two Baptist deacons invited me back to eat with them at restaurant next Friday. The Baptist said he’d always wanted a grandmother who wore leopard skin pants. I had just told him the reason he didn’t know me in high school was he was still in grade school when I was there. Funny lunch.

    Made up for over spiced and indifferent shrimp etouffe which I didn’t eat. But still laughed a lot. I told them the entertainment was worth it.

    Think I will stop, I am tired tonight. All that laughter is exhausting

    Love Jackie

  65. emb
    We hope things progress upward – but the only permanent writing is in stone (or plastic?)
    Without equipment tapes are just ribbons, CDs are mirrors, MP3s are trinkets.
    Vinyl and 78s could be made to work – but what language?

    “I’ve learned…. That the easiest way for me to grow as a person is to
    surround myself with people smarter than I am.” Andy Rooney

  66. All of America is traveling! I know better than try without reservations. Finally in hotel, another suite and this one has pool sized jacuzzi which I am using alone. I am that tired.

    Forgot to say I have decided to join WW and get my personal trainer back as soon as I get home. My stockbroker looked like he’s had a face lift and taken 20 years off his age by hard training with personal trainer three times a week. I have four months and then I will have to do on my own for 2 or 3 months.

  67. This blog has been unavailable, at least to me, for the past several hours.

    I’ll hold you to the WW decision, Jackie. I don’t think I need a face lift, but the smart diet and moderately hard training on my own has definitely paid dividends.

    Debbe 😉 I hope your Mom has improved.

    sand, I’m already working up a plan to validate your sundress hypothesis.

  68. GR6, et al.: I, too, have not been able to get this site on Internet Explorer for about 5 or 6 hours, it seems. Now, using Mozilla Firefox, I got here, but could get the comments only by clicking “102 comments” and not by clicking the latest contribution. That’s better than nothing.

    Anyone have a clue? JJ?

  69. Good morning Villagers…..

    Yes, it is good news that my Mom got to go ‘home’ to the nursing home. She was dismissed at 4ish. My baby sister took her back. Have not been able to talk with her. Had problems at #1 hen house.

    I stopped in as The Boss wants me to check on ‘the teens’…and the three adults. And it’s the same old whinning and drama….Davey (remember The Boss’s ex son-in-law) and Andrew were yelling at me as soon as I got out of the car. “Debbe get in there and tell them to get going, they’re driving us nuts.” The teens were standing at the doorway, and as soon as I turned around to look at them, they scattered. I’m tiny, but mighty….but I did go in and talked to them.

    Left to go home, turned on the highway, about a half mile down the road I turned on my right blinker, car behind me turned too……didn’t like it, followed me all the way down to the gravel road, then turned around…..unmarked state cop didn’t want to get his car dirty. Then Rachel calls to tell me there’s an unmarked state car going up and down the highway. Got to watch those rascals….I guess they are wondering what all the activity is about at the hen house.

    THEN, ‘Skittles; (Dakota) calls me at home whining about another teenager (who I feel suffers immensely from short person complex). I let him whine, came up with solution, the ‘kid’ will come and help me pack eggs tpday. None of the other teens like him, and I really don’t either…he’s got this big chip on his shoulder that I just may knock off today.

    (note to self: take prescription bottle of anti-stress pills with you today.)

    Husband still at his brother’s, watching ball games. So I fixed scrambled eggs with cheese and smoked grillers wrapped in floured tortillas for Ian and me….I don’t like eggs anymore…ate about half of it. Fell asleep in recliner…again. Woke up, and went to bed at 11ish. Dang I lead an exciting life.

    Thanks for letting me share that with ya’lll

    Happy Caturday……………………

    GR 😉 and Denise, I have a wonderful brother-in-law who I am sure will be looking into why the nursing home ‘missed’ this call. He and my sister live right in town too.

  70. Nancy….will be cheering Arizona on tonight…..I should still be awake at tip off, it’s the last quarter I have a hard time staying awake 🙂

  71. Debbe and Ghost, that’s welcome news you both have on the medical front! I get the feeling, Debbe, that you are kind of everybody’s Mom, go-to person, calm head, and wise woman all rolled into one.

    In today’s real-time strip, I can see how Meg and her Mom have some personality traits in common1

  72. sand, speaking of winks: there’s a television commercial for an apple ale that features a crusty, dour-looking fellow. At the end of it, his eyes twinkle and he gives a barely-there wink. For some reason, that just tickles me no end…

  73. One side-effect of my eye procedure is that my right eye has been slightly teary and its pupil has been somewhat dilated since Thursday. I’m not sure how widely known it is that moist, dilated eyes can be a sign of sexual desire/arousal. (That was very evident in the case of one of my lady friends. She never did figure out how I could tell.)

    I’m not sure, though, how a woman who was aware of that would construe a long look from me right now. “Hi, I’m Ghost, and I’m partially attracted to you”, perhaps?

  74. Oops, the commercial I mentioned above is for a hard apple CIDER, not an ale.

    Ghost, I knew about dilated pupils being a sign of arousal, but not about moisture. Hmmm, have to keep that info on file…

  75. Good morning, haven’t been able to get in here today. $trance stuff. On way home and in a good mood. Need to get my hair done and have three broken nails, I know it is not a tragedy in scope of things. Decided to go with WW online because I travel too much. Just added another trip this morning.

    The McD trick works and do not have a clue why I had not remembered.

    Ghost I know other tells but that is your department.

    Love Jackie

  76. My current way here is to go to the A&J site, try going to comments, fail, copy the A&J URL, go to OF site, which is in my favorites, watch [OF was winding down, nice], replace the OF URL w/ the A&J URL, go there, click on comments [which is where I’ve gotten the FAILED msg before, and here I am.

    Being here, I just went to Favorites, then to OF, and copied the URL so you’d have it. No predictions of course. If it goes as it did last year, they will open to the public in mid-April, but won’t start posting predictions for some days [weeks?].

    Peace, emb

  77. Debbe, thanks for the good wishes for Arizona. Go Cats!! I’d surely like them to at least make it to the Final Four. I am just back from an extra choir rehearsal for our concert tomorrow afternoon, and a number of us (including me) had on UA colors.

    Also to Debbe: You do lead a hard life lots of days, but the Tales of the Hen House are as good as any soap opera!!

    To everyone: I couldn’t get to the comments on any computer yesterday evening, was gone this morning, but now it seems to be working properly.

    Evan: Laughing hysterically. Thanks!

  78. Perhaps Arlo does indeed come with a screensaver.

    It seems, though, that it activates only when Janis’ factory-installed endless loop reaches the pre-set limit of words.

  79. Apparently there be dragons in the blogosphere yesterday and today.

    Did I mention my ophthalmologist told me I had to put on an eye patch when I go to bed. To protect my eye, I suppose. Unless she has a Hathaway Shirt Man fetish.

    Other tells, Jackie? 😉

  80. Another oops: “Anonymous” at 10:52 a.m. was me. I couldn’t get in on my phone so I went to the desktop, which doesn’t know who I am, it seems. 😉

  81. Using Chrome, I am getting by going to history and picking a visit early yesterday. Then I just scroll down to the most recent posts. Went to the Northport Wally World and while walking through the parking lot, saw a P-51 and F-22 doing formation flight as part of the air show. Too cold and overcast for me today, but plan to go tomorrow. They also have a Marine Corps Osprey demonstration, B-25 and B-17, grand finale is the Blue Angels.

  82. Bob’s doctor provided him with an eye patch to use after his surgery but it was clear and taped on. No resemblance to either the Hathaway or Brenda’s mystery man, plus he pulled it off in his sleep at least once.

  83. Well, this one sentence came through all right. I had said it was easy to get on the site — my computer is quite uncluttered; I use Internet Explorer, nothing fancy.

  84. Something is playing games again (rather, “still”). It is nigh unto impossible to get here.
    Bet it’s been a while since you heard/read that expression….

  85. Also got here circuitously, but nothing much to report. My giant bowl of red seedless grapes, in bunches of 2-6, is all ready for UMC Palm Sunday ham dinner* tomorrow. They are well-received; usually about 10% to take home. Buncha culls to throw out for the birds tomorrow morning. If I threw them out now, the deer would get them, and they are a royal pain, even though I’m a mammalogist [@($}&%%$&# speelczech!]. Happy P.S.

    Peace, emb

    *Too many people are away or doing their own dinners Easter. Bah Humbug!

  86. Finally managed to get here, we will see what prints, if it does. I am for eye patch, with or without shirt, but beard required, clothing optional, sea captain mystery man, I am telling you I loved the sea captain’s ghost in Ghost and Mrs. Muir, does anyone remember the t.v. show? It was Rex Harrison in movie of course, very discreet ghost too.Favorite Rex Harrison role actually.

  87. Gee, it posted okay! Jackie, yes, I remember The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, although it was so long ago I don’t remember much about it. Wish I’d seen the movie, but I didn’t. I do love Rex Harrison!

  88. What, Mark? No Rex Harrison so Charlotte can see him too? I do have this thing about the sea I admit. Wait, you were Navy right? But mine were always the Jimmy Buffett ones that lived in days of sailing ships, not the modern ones so much, the pirate looks at 40 or in my case more than 40 I am afraid.Not the yacht club insignia look, the sea wolf or Kris Kristopherson, smart and disheveled. Not fair to let Ghost play the fantasy game alone.

  89. Sorry, Jackie. I was in the tech Navy, dealing with high-tech (for 1970’s communication gear). As for looks, my ex told her sister that I looked like the photo of Bill Gates that appeared on the cover of Time in the 1990’s. But I am 6’5″ and although 60, look younger, such is genetics. Guess at some point I will have to try for a self-portrait to post on FB so the new friends I have not met will know what I look like. Only fair since most of them have their pictures there. Good night all.

    I think this is the photo she referred to:

  90. Good morning Villagers….

    Aw, Nancy, sorry for AZ’s loss, but Notre Dame gave KY a run for their money…..glad I slept through the second quarter, I’d never would have gotten to sleep….I would have been wound up tighter than a nine day clock….2 points arrgghhhhh…….

    Also Nancy and Denise, thank you for your kind words. And yes, life at the hen house is like a soap opera….glad you enjoy my postings. And yesterday was productive, on all fronts. I do tell the teens when they do good work….and they did.

    Again the temps are in the upper 20’s here, told the teens not to come in until noonish to clean…let the hen house warm up some. It was 52 degrees in there when I showed up at 3ish to check on the teens.

    Mom is getting feisty with the nursing home staff. Both sisters had to go in and set her straight on a couple of things….like the doctor told her she could no longer smoke. She was allowed to go outside at least 5 times a day to smoke…she had to be accompanied by a staff member. She is throwing fits, says it is her right and they are denying her right to smoke. The staff is following doctor’s orders mom was told. Then there is the issue of the salt. My baby sister asked her “Mom, how did you feel about the last 48 hours?” “Lousy”, Mom said…..then sister told her to keep up the old ways and she’d be back in the hospital and may not come back out.

    Gotta go……

    Ya’ll have a blessed Sunday…..

    Evan, I remember that strip and it was funny then and still is…

    GR 😉

  91. Trucker: Thanks. Preserved for possible future use.

    Charlotte: “Capital sigma”? I don’t get it. S and T, as abbrev. for days are ambivalent, so I use Sigma for Sunday and Theta for Thur. At the bottom of my blank pp. for writing, there are 3-4 lines of symbols that I can insert. Here, the program auto. adds the special i in naïve. But it cannot otherwise read minds. Peace, emb

  92. Debbe, when my stepfather had open heart surgery back in 1970s he came to Houston, thought Debakey was going to operate personally. I doubt he was in room but anyway, he had multiple valves replaced. They told him to walk daily and to be at 2 miles a day by X days and go home to Louisiana. He was upset they weren’t keeping him in hospital, instead came to my house and took over daughter’s room and literally went to bed, mom was bringing him meals and spoon feeding him for a month, bringing in a urinal. I told her to call her cardiologist in LA that this was not what he was supposed to be doing.

    I was cooking salt free for him, he wanted his normal food. I told him he was to be eating a special diet and that wasn’t it. He declared he would rather die than eat the diet and not only wanted salted food but wanted a salt shaker and put even more on it. Had he still been smoking he would have done that too.

    My mom would not drink water, not eat low salt, forget no salt, wanted her bacon and eggs and normal meals she always ate. Let’s not go into my mother in law who nursing staff and all doctors forbid me to bring home here because they told me she would kill me from her demands.

    Says Jackie who is drinking water and nothing else now, has a bottle on her desk top, has her blood sugars down to totally normal without insulin. Just took forever to make me decide I wanted to not only live but to LIVE.

    Mark I am still laughing at you and the six foot five Bill Gates in the high tech Navy. Good thing you weren’t in submarine service as you’d be awfully tall. Or does that matter anymore?

    I am more like five foot one, used to be two but I have shrunk. I am a darn long way from being tiny again but intend to make it there again. There are too many people cheering me on not to try. No one gets anywhere if they don’t try.

  93. Jackie, I don’t know if there is a height limit for sub service, but I had trouble enough with low overheads on the Oklahoma City. Besides, I preferred the surface Navy to the underwater version. If the ship sank, at least you were at water level when it did, not having to ascend from whatever depth the sub might be when it had trouble.

  94. Jackie, I loved both the movie and the series, too. There’s just something about those courtly, sea-faring men.

    I agree with you, Debbe, that praise is important for employees. Sometimes we even need to do baby steps on that. Commending them when they do something small well, or even just better than the last time, makes them want to try harder the next time. People often fail because no one else believes in them, so they lose the ability to believe in themselves.

  95. And the accents. God, I love the accents. Surely I have told you the story about last year telling one of my British designer friends that I could be married to any of them, it would just be the same man. He looked up impiously (he on boat, me on dock) and said, “You’d be able to tell, Jackie. Different accents.”

  96. Anyone who likes basketball who is not watching the women’s tournament is missing some great games. While I would love to see Florida State, my alma mater, in the Final Four, mostly I’m for whoever has the best chance to beat UConn!

  97. “You’d be able to tell, Jackie. Different accents.” This true, and there was a woman on some recent site who imitated several of them. She was right on for some, but I hadn’t heard several she did, and she owned there were more. Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Edinburgh, West End London [actual residents closest to “received pronunciation”], East London and more [= Cockney], Somerset [Zummerzet], are amazingly different.

    A good place to hear several is to listen on MPR and other stations to the live broadcast of Nine Lessons and Carols from Kings College Chapel at Cambridge U. at 0900 CST 24 Dec. ’15 [1500 GMT], rebroadcast on MPR at 1700 CST or so. The readers are different every year, but usually vary widely.

    “Great Courses” lectures on history of religions in America = 24 half-hour lectures by a Brit historian who pretty much uses the “received pronunciation” but who someone might spot as being from Shropshire, Manchester, or whatever. I listen to these in the car, and am about halfway through: religion in the Civil War. Lay and clergy on both sides believed God was on their side. Considering what side “won”, it might surprise some who is “winning” now.

    Peace, emb

  98. Rex Harrison made me start thinking about British accents of course. My Fair Lady and teaching a cockney street girl to speak. Being American, I butcher it, my English is as bad as Miss Piggy’s French. In fact I do probably speak English like Miss Piggy.

    I remember working on a college summer stock performance in 1960s and all parts played by Southern actors, we were incongruous I know. We got to use the Broadway costumes as it had just closed on Broadway.

    No one will ever mistake me as anything but Southern woman but when I was over in southern states so long, hearing the accents was just delightful, the women especially who have a melodic voice. Had entire table of garden club or church ladies near me in one restaurant, very upscale bunch of it was so sweet hearing them carry on.

  99. I’m back. In addition to the same problems of access to this blog others have experienced (using both IE and Chrome), my area had a near-24-hour telco DSL outage from yesterday evening to this afternoon.

    Speaking of groups of dressed-to-the-nines Southern ladies, during my freshman-sophomore summer break I worked at a motel where one afternoon a month a local ladies’ bridge club met in a banquet rooms to play. Naturally, I was working the front desk when they left and, for some reason, stopped in the lobby to speak to each other. All forty of them. At one time. The next time I was exposed to that level of noise was a few years later on a flight line when a flight of F-4 Phantoms cranked up their engines.

  100. And speaking of bridge, I had never played until I got to college, learned the game, and got somewhat addicted to it. (Probably about a .25 GPA worth of addiction to it.) I seemed to be pretty good at it, but I wondered if that was just because I was accustomed to playing with them same group of players. That same summer a group of state social worker supervisors stayed at the motel for several weeks while auditing their local office. They were players and invited me to join them a few times; I was happy to find I could hold my own with them.

    Later, I figured out one of the lady social workers was trying to seduce me, but I was too young and dumb to realize it at the time. Pity. It could have been a real Mrs. Robinson moment. But that’s a story for the summer of the next year.

  101. Try working the Dallas or Atlanta gift markets back in the heyday when the bus arrived from Mississippi-Louisiana-Alabama and the interior decorators and hospital volunteers and socialites with a wedding to plan descended. You needed a knife to cut the honey and syrup factor. I have seen 16-20 “buyers” arrive from one medium size hospital gift shop and all try to put the stuff they personally covet on the order for wholesale discount!

    More “Sisters” and double names than Carter had liver pills.

    Ghost, glad you are back. You obviously missed my obsession with the Ghost of Captain Gregg in the classic movie and Rex Harrison or you would have laughed at me for my fantasy life.
    Shame on you.

    Love, Jackie

  102. Hi, Jackie.

    By the summer subsequent to the one mentioned above, 19-year-old Ghost was much worldier (ha!) than 18-year-old Ghost. So when I met a 26-year-old high-functioning alcoholic trust fund lady with hungry eyes, the was no hesitation. I did her for my summer vacation.

  103. Yes, Jackie, I noted your fantasy. (Well, that one, anyway.) You may recall once suggesting we collaborate on a book, and I suggested the working title of “Ghost and Mrs. Monies”. I seldom denigrate any woman’s fantasies…and never when I’m in them. 🙂

  104. I drove from Royal Oak to West Lafayette on Friday. I made quite a few trips on the old 2 lane highway from Fort Wayne to Purdue and now there is a 4 lane highway. Unfortunately, I had started drinking fluids for my marathon on Saturday and there were NO gas stations. Also, my phone had very spotty service so I wasn’t even sure where anything off the highway.

    The race started at dawn, about 19 degrees. I have worked with and taught runners on how to run marathons and I made the terrible rookie mistake of walking way too fast for the first half of the race. The last 8 miles were agony. My little brother, who has run/walked a few ultras walked with me for Mile 25. Once I only had one mile to go, I was able to push through all the aches and walk as fast as I did earlier in the race.

    I am pretty sure that this is my last marathon. It is not worth the potential injuries. But I am glad to have trained for it. That part really felt great. Of course if Boston offered a Father/Son entry for when my son qualifies…..

  105. Glad to be able to access the site. Havent been abke to since yesterday! Tried both IE and chrome. But I am happy now… All caught up on posts. No major medical issues or drama – the Village is seemingly content. Yay!

  106. Made it to the Air Show today. Was cold and overcast till about 1pm, then sun came out. Blue Angels put on a great show, lots of interesting aircraft on the static displays, too. Ghost, saw a C-47 gunship with the Spooky nose art, took some pictures. Also 2 Ospreys, a B17, B25, P51 and F22 all flew.

    Good night and pleasant dreams, all.

  107. Good morning Villagers….

    I totally agree with everything you said Denise….and I’m sorry Michigan lost to KY, dang it.

    Ruth, I forget which year it was, but both the UConn men’s and women’s teams won the finals.

    And if KY takes the final….it’ll be the first time since 1976 when Indiana did it, that there were no losses. I think KY is 41 and 0…not sure.

    Oh, those were good basketball days….old Bobby Knight. Wonder what he’s doing now. One does have to admit, he was good at getting those players to win.

    Going to be a long day, had a short one yesterday. Today I have to pack, then go over to the other hen house start inspecting, and start cleaning the packer….that one I am not looking forward to… never gets clean properly. Egg yolk everywhere. They would just throw water on it and leave it at that. It’s so dirty, it smells. But mine doesn’t 🙂

    gotta go……

    ya’ll have a blessed Monday

    Steve, a big hoorah for you. Glad you can still pull it off. Congrats.

  108. Good morning all, up early again. Yes, Steve, you are inspiring. Don’t we all need that in our lives? Left piano music playing all night, unfortunately cannot hear it in bedroom! Now it’s harpsichord. Love harpsichord

    Debbe and Ghost, you are always inspiring, thought I would start your days off on a positive note.

    Wonder why I like the early morning hours when light has just arrived? I always have, the birds are just up and out in feeders, no one is moving or making noise yet.

  109. Jackie, find some of the combinations of piano music with nature sounds. Great to sleep/wake to. Especially rain/bird songs. Or waves hitting the beach.

  110. And get a small set of computer speakers that plug into the wall outlet if you are listening to music via your phone. When you travel, put the speakers in whatever room you want to listen in, plug them in and plug the input into the headset jack on your phone. Then enjoy your music. Simple, uncomplicated and whatever price level for speakers you want.

  111. First, I am going to have to learn how to use the phone and tablet, Mark. I am totally not tech knowledgeable! Should have hired someone to teach me. Were it not for you all I would not even know how to find anything on youtube and had no idea it existed I think.

    Real blonde, of sorts. It is a soft frosted look now, unfortunately natural frosting.

    I also own a Sirius radio apparently?

    Used to listen to the nature sounds all night on my CD player, had big collection of the soft music and put it on a loop to keep playing over and over. I was married to someone who did not share a love of music quite as much but then he was seldom home, so I could listen on my own.

  112. Hair color no excuse, Jackie. I was blonde as a child, then went brown. Now look brown except under strong light, then turns more silver. Got my mom’s hair color. Dad went completely white before he hit 70.

  113. After viewing the daily offering I am thinking of lamb chops.

    Loon is into headphones. Inserts the ear buds to her phone, places cans over them. Thus can be on calls and stream music from her tablet at same time.

    Great acoustical concert.
    Rosanne Cash and Friends: Early American Guitars:

  114. Best lamp chops ever: came from New Zealand, was prepared by an English chef, all in Xian China. The following morning had breakfast with officials from the local providence to kick-off an exhibit. It is those lamb chops that stick in my memory.

  115. Mark,
    I have an old cassete tape in a clock radio that wakes me every AM with exactly what you described. Great piano music, Beethoven, etc., with bird sounds and waves hitting the shore. I don’t need it to sleep but it is nice to wake to in the AM. Not sure what the tape is. It’s decades old.

    Prayers and blessings for everyone.

  116. Lamb chops, rare. Only thing better is mutton chops, rare, 70 yr. ago, Keen’s English Chop House, midtown Manhattan.

    Got here today by standard route! Grateful.

    Peace, emb

  117. GR6, one must adapt when staying in at a Golden Lotus in western China. Was also the trip where the homemade dumplings (Chicken, pork, and shrimp) all tasted identical.

    Told long ago it was okay when eating in a village to ask for seconds, just never ask what it is. 😉

  118. Except my comments about lamb chops, rack of lamb and healthy eating all vanished? I don’t think I said anything more offensive than normal in the comment.

    Maybe I did?

  119. Except my comments about lamb chops, rack of lamb and healthy eating all vanished? I don’t think I said anything more offensive than normal in the comment.

    Maybe I did?

  120. March came in like a lamb leaving like a lamb here. Well yesterday was a corker – Wiinndy.

    Congrats Steve

    Hard to find lamb in this area – grew up with it – was easy to get in North Jersey.

    emb – nice thing about watching on computer – you can watch till you nod off and then come
    back later. There was no NT stuff in that program.

    I’ve learned…. That it’s those small daily happenings that make life so
    spectacular. AR

  121. Boy, was I happy this morning when I got to this page right away! I kept trying all day Sunday — the 29th — and never did reach it. I really missed you guys an awful lot.

    Steve in Royal Oak, you sure are an inspiration! Hoping you have no ill effects from the tough workout.

    Ghost, thank you for the interesting stories from your earlier life. Lots of fun to read about. (How is your eye today?)

  122. I miss all of you terribly as well, so we are bonded it would appear. Heading back to Louisiana for a day or two, then back here. My next scheduled trip is back to Louisiana for the Bayou Teche Wooden Boat Show down in Franklin, LA. New boat is far from finished, I will probably take something I already own of course. I go to this one for the friends and a good time, a great Cajun party. Nothing to impress anyone with, just a wooden boat so I have excuse to go.

    Have changed color and name on my micro-cruiser and have to notify company before it is too late. She is now known as “Cowboy Cookies” and will be dark chocolate brown with a mocha cockpit and lower bottom edge, tan sail and brown or mocha travel cover. The other boat remains “Bottoms Up!” and color is not determined yet.

    Think I will take my Kiwi Duck, “The Wooden Duck” because I can throw it in back of my pickup truck and not use a trailer.

    Life should be a series of adventures and trying new things. It keeps us mentally and physically awake.

  123. Was that inspiration or perspiration? Just thanking God it was not Expiration! Thank you for the shout outs. I could have walked a couple miles today, but instead I was raiding the Peanut M&M jar. Maybe tomorrow. It is supposed to be 70° by Thursday. I definitely will be out walking then!

  124. Steve must have foreseen the…

    Thought for the Day: Aspire to inspire before you expire.

    Also, in case you haven’t heard, Steve, the FDA has reclassified Peanut M&Ms as a vitamin. 🙂 Speaking of which, I’ve heard that there are now white chocolate M&Ms but have not seen any. Anyone tried them?

    Miz Charlotte, the results of my eye procedure have already exceeded my expectations and yet continue to improve.

  125. Speaking of trying new things, 42 might not really be the answer to “life, the universe, and everything” but it IS the number of days I have left as an employee. Looking forward to my series of retirement adventures!

  126. I will give you the recipe link in a minute, guys. Code? Yes and no. They are large chocolate chip cookies I am famous for baking my entire life. People have been known to come from foreign countries to sample them, the official food of Sail OK.

    The boat will instantly be recognized as mine by everyone in small boating world and it was that or “My Time”, so this has a touch of humor and a fun pun about it. She will be known as Cookies I feel sure, just as other boat has already become Bottoms. Also a pun, of course.

    The color scheme is to resemble dark chocolate and brown sugar, although I did consider Brown Sugar as a name too. Love both versions of that song.

  127. Used to make my own dumplings, pot stickers, now just usually pick up a lot of bags when I am in a good oriental grocery but Houston was the heart of great dumplings for awhile. I can remember going to small restaurants that did almost nothing else. However, Oklahoma being a trifle shy on almost any kind of oriental food, I have resorted to doing my own, along with Spring rolls. Actually had frozen ones for dinner last night. I could eat them for breakfast too, one of those things I like any time.

  128. To the Village: Isn’t it interesting how out of sorts we get if we can’t get here to talk to each other for a day or two??!! And isn’t it fun to get sympathy (see below), shout-outs, answers to questions, recipes, youtube links–all kinds of things from people all around the country and sometimes the world that you will probably never get to meet in person, but with whom you have become friends. I love this place.

    To those who sent sympathy for UA, thanks. I mean, really–10 of 12 three-pointers in the second half?? That’s insane. (Or In Seine. I saw those on Facebook, OB.) Now I’m going to root madly for Michigan State as the only upsetter left.

    LOVED the TV Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Ahhh–Edward Mulhare…. Do you look more like him or like Sean Connery, Ghost? Either one is good.

  129. Ghost my love, what about the accent? We from the South just cannot get the accents right.

    I grant you a good vocabulary and correct word usage perhaps, but what about the voice?

  130. Good morning Villagers…..

    That was me Nancy, who asked about Knight. Now that I think about it, I do believe I heard he was a commentator…..and yes, go Michigan 🙂

    Never made it to clean the other packer….got to #1 and all the teens were just showing up. There was too much drama between the older guys and the teens for me to hang around. Besides, Marleen and I had just packed 201 cases…..


    ya’ll have a blessed day

  131. Lord have mercy, Great White, one of my all time favorite groups!. Actually my favorite is “Once Bitten Twice Shy”.Think I will turn off the classical piano and listen to yours AND mine. I promise Debbe, I will come visit you and you can kick the teenagers to the door for a day or so and we can go road tripping.

    Used to play GW full blast in my little red sports car, blasting down the road. Not too late but maybe I would have to skip the convertible part?

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