No second opinion!

It isn’t easy depicting Arlo and Janis in the act of kissing. They don’t really have lips, or even mouths sometimes. Arlo’s nose gets in the way. And kissing is really kind of a silly act when you step back and observe it objectively, something admittedly difficult to do. Anyway, I think it turned out as well as could be in this old strip from 2004. We’ll talk about that boat next week.

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147 responses to “No second opinion!”

  1. I like that Janis immediately suggests that it isn’t necessary for Arlo to survey other women for the quality of his kisses. 😀

  2. Kissing is one of those things that if you’re told you are good at it, you immediately want to get a second opinion. And a third…and a fourth…

    But perhaps that’s just me.

  3. JJ is master of the technique of suggestive omission, if that’s the right term. Leave lines out where you don’t need them [e.g., 2 Apr. ’04, panel 1] and the viewer will fill in the details. It may be that some, say somewhere on the autism spectrum, will find that difficult.


  4. It can’t really compete with yesterday (St. Paddy’s Day), but today is National Sloppy Joe Day. Other than at Wally World, where apparently every day is Sloppy Joe (and Jane) Day. (Present company excepted, of course.)

  5. My sloppy Joe post disappeared. I do not care for the sandwich but my late husband loved them.

    There is a fast food chain called Maid Rite which serves a version of them. They were founded in 1926 and actually were first to offer car hop service, later copied by others. I ate in one of their more popular locations, featured in Food Networks “Feasting on Asphalt”.

    They were terrible.

  6. Getting to read comments a little early today. I took the afternoon off work today, and STILL worked 42 hours! It has been a busy, stressful week.

    But… made it thru a one-day audit OK (auditing a couple of grants that we had), got notification that we got a $90,000 grant, made it through a Board of Trustees meeting… I DESERVED some time off!

  7. Probably some of us are checking in on the college basketball tournaments, whether seriously or just as a matter of curiosity [me] to see how accurate the ratings were. The NCAA tourney has been a festival of upsets, including a #15 seed taking out a #2 seed today.

    In the NIT, little Wagner College (Staten Island or Richmond County in NYCity), ranked a bottom #8 in its quadrant of 8 teams, took out the quadrant’s #1 seed a day or two ago.

    In the Division III tournament, things are going more-or-less as expected.

  8. One of the things I love about A&J cartoons is that a lot of them can be taken multiple ways.

    For example today’s newspaper comic (18 Mar ’16) (Arlo at computer laughing –> ludwig & broken TV) . In the comment section, here are a bunch of people trying to explain it . . . and several of them have valid (working & funny) explanations. Who (besides JJ) knows what the “real” explanation is, but then again, if it works (makes sense to you) and is funny, who really cares……
    (lock the joke down to only one possible explanation and it would be less funny to less people.)

  9. Jackie, I’m 6’8″, remember? Of course I played basketball…to watch real, team, basketball you should pick up a couple of the women’s NCAA. Right now the Baylor Lady Bears are playing high quality and are almost 30 points up on their opponent, Idaho. I’m watching the women’s game on TV and OU vs Cal State Bakersfield on my phone.

    CEP, if they aren’t very careful, OU will be the second #2 seed falling to a 15 seed. A VERY close game with about 3:30 minutes to go. At the moment only a 4 point OU lead.

  10. Jackie, I only played in PE class. Couldn’t get it in the basket most of the time. Thunderstorms are arriving now.

    Thanks Galliglo. Now I have to learn how to clean and wrap mom’s toes to help them heal. Biggest hurdle in healing her is getting her to cooperate with the program.

  11. I tried playing BB in a church league during my HS years and was lousy even at that level. As one of my more sarcastic cohorts told me, “You jump too low and run too long in the same place!” He was correct, but his comment was not meant to be humorous; he was not friendly. I could claim to be an accurate shot from both inside and outside, but that was not enough, even with reasonable height [6’4″].
    In college, I kept the official score on quite a few occasions, alongside the rep from the other team. Such made it a lot easier to identify who just did what and to whom.

  12. Additionally, I tried intramural BB on a faculty team while about 32-34 years old against guys who were 18-21 years of age and who were in shape. The games were on Monday nights and my knees didn’t work well again until the Thursday night or Friday morning thereafter…still think those games led to the need for replacements a few years ago.

  13. Sucked at basketball, decent at baseball, the game about which some wag once said was slow and simple enough for any idiot to follow, and for just about any idiot to play.

    Perhaps Maid-Rite Corp would be better served by a motto other than “Home of the Loose Meat Sandwich”. For some reason, the image “loose meat” brings to my mind is scattered road kill. Of course, I suppose it could also make one think of “free range”, but I doubt their sandwiches are made of free range beef.

  14. Found everyone. Was wondering why no one was posting, JJ did a posting midstream.

    Sloppy Joes are about the only food from my years of confinement in a religious education system that I will still eat. Actually, I make a mean SJ,, if I say so.

  15. ‘They were terrible.’ Had a Maid Rite in Bemidji, for decades. One of our two dozen BSC/BSU houseguests waited table there in the ’60s. Maybe 15 yr. ago, Maid Rite moved from its downtown location [Was there a fire?], about a mile N. on the main drag through town, lasted 2-4 yr., got replaced. Don’t remember if its replacement is still there. Ate there twice, maybe 30 yr. apart. They were terrible. Peace

  16. Wrote an interesting post about a legendary women’s basketball coach named Linda Harper at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Linda died two years ago but we rode the school bus together until I got a car at 14. She rowed a Jon boat across flooded river and climbed a muddy river hill in gum boots to get to school.

    Sports and basketball took her from that run down shack on the wrong side of the river. It brought her both fame and infamy as the first scandal in women’s basketball recruiting, yet she is a legend as one of the best women’s coaches ever.

    Our paths never crossed after high school, yet I followed her career and cheered her success. I am no basketball fan but I am a huge fan of people who overcome all odds. Tried to copy her obituary here and lost post.

    No one will write such an obit for me. I am sure she earned the praise. Poverty wasn’t all Linda overcame.

  17. Good morning Villagers….

    It’s a dreary Caturday here….rain, cold….where did that 75 degree weather go to?????

    Mark, good to see your Mom is home…’re a good son to take care of her. I pray Ian is there for me when I need him.

    Ya’ll have a blessed Caturday…..

  18. I can honestly say I have never been interested in any sport, much preferring to curl up with a good book and a cup of Earl Grey tea, but when I was in high school there was a little termagant of a PE teacher who was sure I should play basketball for the women’s team and never understood why I didn’t want to. She made my life miserable for the several years I had to take PE classes and was furious when I took the opt out choice my senior year and never stepped foot in the gym again.

  19. Trapper: People don’t understand us.

    I reported above / snow here in the Cities. At the time, there was no snow on the ground in Bemidji, and there still doesn’t seem to be much. But Lake B. still has thin ice on it, and seems to have a new dusting of snow. The lakefront webcam is on 24/7/365, but is fixed and wide angle, unlike the OF cam and the Cornell Savannah GA G.H.Owl cams. If you save this site, you can check on Lake B. forever. A few weeks ago, on a weekday, there were scores of cars on the ice near the left [west] shore: unofficial student parking lot. Come summer, there w/b dragon boat races. Peace,

  20. Good morning all. Thank you for the good wishes for my mom. Today’s new experience was unwrapping the bandage from her toes and then applying Betadine and new bandage. With a chorus of oh, oh and take it easy the whole time. I don’t know whether they are truly that painful or if she just anticipates it will be and reacts to what’s in her mind. Either way, it got done.

  21. Mark does your betadine have any kind of substance like salve in it to make it stick on and adhere ? When I had toe surgery mine did and there is one for wound care on large animals, like horses, that saved that six inches cat gash on my right breast and the cat bite on my left leg that got septic from the deep bites.

    I know it is same one they use on humans since I compared, although my human one included honey substance according to surgeon who compound ed it.

  22. Subject: Fairness. The item below is from John Zech’s ‘Composer’s Datebook’ an MPR feature I get online. The whole C.D. is about Gounod’s “Faust,” with one comment by Edith Wharton. “Wharton, Edith, (1862-1937). ‘Gounod’s “Faust” became a worldwide success, and was quickly translated into many languages. In Wharton’s fictional New York performance [In her novel ‘The Age of Innocence’], for example, the real-life Swedish diva Christine Nilsson sang the role of Marguerite, the pure German maiden seduced and abandoned by Faust. As Wharton puts it:
    “She sang, of course, ‘m’ama!” and not “he loves me,’ since an unalterable and unquestioned law of the musical world required that the German text of French operas sung by Swedish artists should be translated into Italian for the clearer understanding of English-speaking audiences.”
    Comp. Datebook. 160319

    ‘The Age of Innocence’ was published in 1919 [serialized] and 1920 [book]. Wharton was then 58, and had already published a dozen novels or novellas. The 19th Amendment became part of our Constitution in 1920. At age 58, the genius who penned that delightful sentence was first able to vote in a Federal election. Peace,

  23. Well behaved women seldom make history.

    I have been debating that statement as to what constitutes a well behaved woman with a man on line who takes issue with my statement. He is among a rigid mindset on women.

    Edith Wharton was brilliant and not well behaved. I love her.

  24. Jackie, what constitutes a “well behaved woman” would seem to me to be so subjective as to make reaching anything like a consensus somewhat problematic. For instance, I suspect the man you are debating and I would likely be far apart on that.

    Not to mention on what constitutes a “manly man”.

  25. That wasn’t the Edith Wharton link but if anyone wants to come build boats with me and sleep in a 19 60s vintage beach camp and cook seafood, come along! Jimmy, this is right up Arlo and Janis subject matter if you’d like to help out!

    Mark if you see this, please post my Edith Wharton post from Facebook! I can’t and don’t know why?

  26. Anon, could you use a 34-ft. sailing vessel in good shape? My friend decided it was time to sell. Sleeps six. Presently located in a tributary of Chesapeake Bay….

  27. Trapper J
    My son had a problem with a coach also – never gave him decent
    grades because he did not go for FB or BB. New PE instructor = good grades.
    Later he did video of BB games so was involved.

    Had whiteout conditions on way to work this AM (West of Twin Cities)
    slippery roads – 3inches of snow, gone this afternoon but chilly.

    back Monday.

  28. “Anon.”

    “… women like the Duggar bunch on reality television.” He might, if he had any idea who they are.

    A WBW is a WB person who happens to be female. She need not be pretty, but is nonetheless beautiful. Is not ordinarily violent, loves her neighbor as herself, feeds the hungry, cares for the sick, leaves the world a better place than when she found it. Likes to learn, uses what she learns for good, enjoys good conversation, listens well. If she is affectionate, she means it.

    I was married to one for 58 yr. and know lots of examples, most of whom are not widely known. Many have been my students, some my teachers. The public figure who first comes to mind has a Chicago university named after her, Eleanor Roosevelt. I know three female pastors who fit, and may meet a 4th at a Mpls. UMC tomorrow.


  29. emb – One of my customers is watching the eagle eggs in DC with his young grandson. He has kept after me to watch, so I’ve been watching off and on some this afternoon. My cousin the vet has rehabilitated a blad eagle, and I had the privilege of seeing him up close. Amazing. Her home probably qualifies as a small zoo. She specializes in raptors and exotics. I not only need to send her a thank you card for everything she did for grandma while I was in Illinois, but need to visit and see who all is new.

  30. Weird. Had to divide and post.
    Zero interest or talent in basketball. My bestie and her family are nuts for all if it. Just don’t mention Indy trading off Manning. They are still miffed. I love racing. Specifically nascar, but anything going loud and fast will do. And rowing. Fell in love with that during the last summer Olympics.

  31. I need to learn to row, it is best way to get from a boat to shore. Just small tender and two oars. My 12 foot sailboat came with special 9 foot take apart oars.

    But I think you were watching racing rowers in special skinny boats called scull which have sliding seats and special mechanical set up.

  32. The man who disagrees with me would agree with you emb but he knows who the Duggars are. Your religious views are about two miles closer to heaven than most of middle America where women still belong in a class that serves men as handmaidens.

    Your students would not accept a “woman’s place” I suspect. But I could be wrong? I often am.

  33. Jackie, there is a blank spot on your FB page that says attachment unavailable. Can you hum few bars so I know what to look for? That is, at least the first few words.

  34. Good morning Villagers….

    The high schools I attended in little ole’ Loogootee did not have girls’ sports….it was all about basketball…Jack Butcher, the winningest coach in Indiana…..times have changed now, they do have girls’ basketball.

    Never played basketball, but I did play softballl. I was third base and usually 4th or 5th batter. Still have my softball glove.

    AND it’s still cold and rainy. I think the sun will be out tomorrow, but don’t tell anyone.

    Mark, so glad you have your mother home.

    And congratulations Gal… deserve more than a day off…..bonus maybe 🙂

    A blessed Lord’s day to all……………….

  35. Debbe – thanks for the kind words But my organization is a non-profit and we actually DO live the walk, and not just the talk. I am a hard nose about Agency funds, and proud of it!

  36. Happy Spring to everyone. Glad to hear that many are improving health wise. Prayers for everyone who needs them. Thanks, Rick, I replaced my wrecked Blazer with an Equinox. Birthday yesterday for my carriage.

    God bless us every one.

  37. Something strange here. I clicked on Ghosts link and read it, agreed, looked down below and there is a big honking ad for a life size statue of a garden statue, nude, wearing only a sheer fabric across her loins. The Bather. She was in front of a beautiful fountain water feature with about a dozen large frogs around the parapet spitting water into fountain pool.

    We know that Ghost likes frogs sounds and we know women but why this particular ad?

  38. We had a few days of Spring last week, but now seem to be heading back into a short winter for the oncoming week. Don’t know if we will get ice or snow, but it’s always a possibility.

    emb, no, no-one ever seems to understand why tall people don’t want to play basketball. If I remember correctly I told that PE teacher I couldn’t play because I might ruin my manicure.

  39. Indy Mindy, I’ve also never understood the fascination of watching cars go around in circles very fast. 🙂 Have you ever read Sharyn McCrumb’s books “St. Dale” and “Faster Pastor”? Both are set in the NASCAR world. Sharyn is a fan and friends with many of the drivers. I might not care for racing, but the books are good.

  40. Trap:

    When I was in junior high and high school, I was one of the taller people in school, and people who didn’t know me wondered why I didn’t play basketball.

    It’s simple.

    I wasn’t any good.

  41. domaucan1:

    Glad to.

    By the way, how well do you like your Equinox?

    I have been considering buying one with all-wheel drive.

    I have thought about the RAV 4 and the CR-V, but they just don’t appeal to me.

    The Ford Escape is also a possibility for me.

  42. Ghost, now why would I get a nude woman statue in a garden sitting on a pool surrounded by spitting frogs? Could it have to do with my buying habits on net and things I write?

    Clearly the frogs represent my search for a prince.

  43. About NASCAR, I have never understood it although open road racing like through villages in Europe seemed exotic. So, when I was calling on Lowes in NC I flew in first time and saw that big track with the condos and stadium boxes and had no idea what it was.

    My boss could not believe I was serious.

  44. Sitting up to my armpits in foaming bath bubbles and froth is so deep it touched my shoulders in parts. Is Jimmy out in neighbors yard looking through the plantation shutters?

    Time for gardening strips too. I am trying to leave today and get a few hours down the road to Texas but I have to go through piles of mail on desk. Lost bills and my new diabetes testing equipment.

  45. Regarding NASCAR – I love to go fast. I can delude myself I could do it. Not that I could. On a nice sunny day, put on a snowsuit and motorcycle helmet, sit in your car, buckle your belt as tight as you can, turn the heat on full blast (inside temps reach 130+), and sit with your arms straight out for three or four hours. Nope. But it is the only major sport where you compete against ALL your competitors EVERY time. And equipment failure can ruin anyone’s day. Most importantly, I love NASCAR because it holds their competitors to a higher standard. They *get* they are role models. Due to the potential deadly consequences, drug use is not tolerated and violators get a lifetime ban, no exceptions. If they screw up in life, not only must they serve the legal penalties, but NASCAR, the team, and sponsors have the option to give penalties as well. One year a driver popped off to an officer during a speeding stop. He not only was fined by the city, NASCAR fined him, his sponsors fined him, and his team BENCHED him for the last five races – even though he was in contention for a championship! And every race starts with a prayer and National anthem, and both are televised every time. But most importantly, tune in pre-race on Veteran’s day. They love our country. And they do as much as they can to give back.

    Yesterday/today was not a good day. Just crawled into bed when my primary third shift called, saying she was headed to the ER with a possible heart attack. Of course, NO ONE was available to work. So back in I went. Because he really is an old softie, my second shift guy (who complains noon is too early to be at work – a fellow night owl) agrred to come back in the morning, on his day off, to let me go home. His timing was perfect, he pulled in just I was finishing up the paperwork. In bed by 10am, just woke up.

    And last night, two county officers were shot serving search warrants. Tragically, a twenty-seven year old father and husband lost his life from his injuries late this morning. This is the first time I recognized a fallen officer. Not that I knew him, but I believe he’d been in or answered a call before. After a brief stand-off with SWAT, the bad guy is no more.

  46. Rick: For what it’s worth, we have enjoyed our 2004 CR-V. When we were shopping to replace our old Blazer in 2011 and considered another one, we didn’t like the newer design. By then all the comparable cars seemed to have too small rear windows but it was before they all had backup cameras. We ended up with a Hyundai Santa Fe which has been quite satisfactory.

  47. My daughter had several Hyundai Santa Festival and they were good to travel, ride in.

    Still in Oklahoma. Found lost stuff. About to throw clothes in suitcase finally and clean sheets on bed, go back to sleep and leave in morning. Not feeling well. I hope that tear running down left cheek is pollen response. But it could be pain?

  48. Rick,

    I really like my Equinox but I really liked my 1998 Blazer. I’ve always been a GM driver and mostly Chevy. I did drive a ’75-98 Olds for 24 years This is the first “new”(it was a demo) car that I have bought for me, (Wifey has had 2) this century. Not sure about the other models but the Ford should be comparable. My neighbor across the street has one and it looks a lot like mine. Good luck on the car buying. I didn’t have to shop since my daughter-in law’s father is sales manager for a local Chevy dealer and he found the Blazer and the Equinox for me.
    Prayers for everyone whether you need them of not. Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum.
    God bless us every one.

  49. Debbe, we watched basketball all day yesterday, with friends. Today we had church (in choir) morning and concert (in choir) afternoon but are watching now. We like it, but understand not everyone does.

  50. Good morning Villagers….

    Llee, you are welcome, if I can put just one smile on one person’s face I feel I have put a little joy into that life….smiles are the true makeup one wears on their face.

    Indy Mindy, that is tragic about the police officer. Prayers for his family.

    About Nascar….been to Brickyard 400 twice and Talledega once. I had more fun at Talladega watching the people exit the porti-potties as fast as they went into them….after 3 days in that hot Alabama sun, you know they were ‘ripe’…the noise of the cars was deafening… I don’t even watch them on TV.

    So yesterday was spring? Did some spring cleaning in the hen house yesterday. Ian and Dakota work well together, they scraped all the aisles, Ian used the blower and his new full face respirator, and Dakota cleaned out the cooler. All in all, it was a good, productive day. Came home and collapsed in recliner.

    Nancy, IU plays N. Carolina I believe…need to check out brackets…..go IU 🙂 It’s been many years since IU has made it to the Sweet 16….it’s been many years since they even made it to the playoffs….wonder what Bobby Knight is doing these days?

    And it’s Monday…..passion week.

    ya’ll be blessed with His grace.

  51. Gal….many years ago in Corpus, I worked for a children’s foundation that raised money for children’s heart transplants…..and yes, I was very enthusiastic about it….I loved it. You have to believe in what you’re “selling”, and it was very rewarding, my heart (no pun intended) was really into it.

  52. Mark:

    Same here. I usually get it from the Seattle newspaper, but can’t get it there either. However there is another Seattle paper site and I can get Crankshaft, Beetle Bailey and Sally Worth.

    Guess that I will have to check back in later today.

  53. Cute take on a 17th c. Dutch painting, but, IMO, the artist misses the point of the Hebrew Bible text. Don’t have a Gideon’s NKJV handy, but I believe it says three men or three strangers, leaving it up to the reader to infer angels, if he [of course, in a most patriarchal society] chooses to do so. The wings and nightshirts are imposed on an ambiguous text. Peace,

  54. I went to the break room where a copy of an actual newspaper was on the table and looked at today’s strip. The conversation between Arlo and Janis could have come directly from our house. For that matter, it could happen at work as because I mention going to church, everyone asks me about how they determine the date for Easter.

    My favorite post on Facebook is when people take a picture of the full moon on Good Friday and wonder how rare of an occurrence it is.

    Now the Orthodox Christian Church celebrates Easter later than the Roman Catholic Church. One reason is that they follow the Julian calendar rather than the Gregorian. The other reason is that they always place Easter after the Jewish celebration of Passover. So this year their Easter is May 1st.

    Hopefully I did not botch up the explanation. Of course my wife puts my socks in my drawer, so what do I know?

  55. Mark: Thanks, emb

    A Chesapeake peregrine is incubating. So far, only 2 eggs. More sticks on the Chesapeake osprey nest. Savannah owl nestlings are a sturdy pair, no longer need brooding. Peace,

  56. You need to remember, emb, that an angel is a messenger, and if they’d had wings, Abraham would have recognized them right away. That other picture, Mark, makes much more sense when you consider that, although Abraham’s costume is clearly wrong.

  57. emb, welcome. I right-clicked on the image and Chrome asks search Google for image. When I did, up popped that response among others. Much more fun and educational than playing slots. You always get something and it costs nothing. Win-win!

    Jackie, sorry you are having trouble getting away. If I had known how lousy a work day I was having, I might have run away to join your boating circus! Sunny but cold here, glad to be indoors.

  58. I can still name, in descending rank, the nine orders of angels as I learned them in college*. Of which, by the way, Angel is the lowest rank.

    *And no, it wasn’t a seminary.

  59. GR6: Didn’t know there were 9 [and, of course, doubt there are]. Who came up with 9, and what was their source. Somehow doubt it’s scriptural, but would like to know if it is or not. And what college course would teach that?


  60. Ruth Anne:

    Thanks for the memory jog.

    About a year and a half ago, my wife and I wanted to rent an SUV to haul a ton of wedding stuff from here to Denver, and Enterprise offered a Santa Fe.

    We liked it quite a lot.

    I’ll put that one into the mix with the Equinox and the Escape.

  61. Oh dear, Jackie. I wish it was easier for you. Let’s hope that you are now relaxing at some nice motel, and that tomorrow will be better. May you have a good night’s sleep.

    Much love,

  62. Ms. Charlotte I left out that the trailer tail lights went out in Dallas rush hour, my truck tells you that so the turn lane change wasn’t working. Like they pay attention anyway?

    So I knew and had a LA Quinta picked out at various points on I-35 in case I had to bail. Sure enough I got pulled over by a Texas trooper. They audition those guys! I told him I knew and was checking in at next town where there was a LA and an auto repair like O’Reilly which I did. He warned me and no ticket.

    But this has happened over a dozen times with this trailer. We worked on it two hours this morning so I could leave.

  63. Jackie
    That is the way with electrical systems that get dunked in water.
    About the only way to get around it is to put a set of the removable clamp
    on type on the transom of the boat so they do not get dunked.
    (Hint – remove the lights BEFORE backing in the water 🙂 )

  64. Good morning Villagers…..

    Sitting here looking at the full moon….and don’t know what star lies to the north of it…nice to look at and contemplate today’s adventures.

    For three days now, I have tried to get into my email….the little circle around the word ‘loading’ just keeps on spinning….after about five minutes, I throw my hands up in the air and #%^ it.

    Jackie, be glad you’re not pulling your boat up here….we’re supposed to have wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour…..what part of Padre Island are you going?

    Be safe……

  65. Nancy…both IU and Kansas play late at night…arrgghhh. Must take nap before games. Would love to see Duke (the team everyone loves to hate) ousted 🙂

  66. I am awake and going to O’Reilly or Autozone. I knew this town had them, they are across street from each other, one reason I stopped here.

    Not a handy person. Light switches challenge me at times.

    This is going to challenge me. Not a bear in his natural environment.

  67. Side: “You need to remember, emb, that an angel is a messenger …”

    Amen. I’ve known that for a while, since shortly after I became a Methodist. I’ve met several, I think, mostly recognized after the fact. No wings, mostly female [contra scriptura and tradition]. Married one. Cannot, of course, prove that, but have letters, a box of them, mostly written in early ’11, that suggest I’m right.

    Debbe: Jupiter, I think. Watched it from my Mpls. aerie last evening. Peace,

  68. By the way, I have been trying to talk to Hal so I can quit typing. It is interesting. I will dictate one to you all this week and you can see for yourself. We don’t speak same language apparently.

  69. Jackie, Hal speaks English as a second language, having been designed and built in S. Korea. And the English he understands is probably newscaster speak, rather than Louisioklahoman. Same reason our hospital’s dictation system can only handle certain physicians, but not others. It can’t understand enough of what they call English to bypass a human transcriptionist.

  70. A physician once told me that if he didn’t know how to spell a word, he would write the first two or three letters and scrawl the rest. That may explain a lot.

  71. This crowd is ahead of the game once again. I just noticed this entry for today on our trivia calendar:
    “According to Christian theology, there are nine different choirs of angels. Those closest to the material world are known simply as angels. Can you name the other eight groups?”

    Their answer: Seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominions, virtues, powers, principalities, and archangels.

  72. We just watched an Atlas 5 rocket launch from the Cape. Pretty good view from our backyard even if we are 40+ miles away. Beautiful clear sky – we were able to follow it easily until the first stage burnout and a little bit after that. Bright moonlight meant no worries about stumbling in the dark.

  73. A little late in the game, but just wanted to say I enjoyed the St. Patrick’s Day strip! That’s my birthday, and coincidentally I’m also a leprechaun ! Thanks, Jimmy

  74. Jackie has had one adventure too many. The island had a big brush fire, as did the other side where I was. When the fire department answered my 20 gallons of gas on and under my truck the driver was still in her office attire. Coincidentally she had managed convenience stores for 11 years and was appalled at the stations blatant violations and lack of safety requirements.

    Good night all. Love, Jackie

  75. Good morning Villagers….

    Emb…thank you for the info. It was a spectacular site yesterday morning on our way to work. The full moon was setting in the west, and it was a brilliant orange/red, while the sun was rising in the east in its full color too. Almost twisted my neck taking in the view.

    Ruth, what a view you had too….and 40 miles away at that.

    Re doctors’ handwriting…..don’t they take a course in that, like Scribble 101 🙂

    I once left a handwritten note for the teens at work…they tried to tell me they can’t read handwriting (cursive) that they can only read the printed word, they weren’t taught cursive….I thought, give me a break, how would you sign your name? The little idgets aren’t fulling me!

    Moon still shinning through my window……maybe a repeat this morning of the sun rising and the moon setting….it was beautiful….

    ya’ll have a happy hump day…..

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