Fancy-Schmancy Feast

March 3, 2012

I pay a premium to feed my herd of cats good canned food. It actually comes in varieties with names such as “Primavera” and “Tuscany” and “Florentine.” They seem to appreciate it for a while, but then they’ll expect a change and stare at the fancy stuff until I relent and buy something cheap with lots of gravy. No matter what the price of the cat food, they love that gravy. No telling what it is. I once Googled whether cat food is safe for human consumption. (Hey! What is the internet for?) Guess what? It isn’t recommended, for a variety of reasons. One is, it contains “non-harvested” animals. This means if your dairy cow drops dead in the barn for unknown reasons, you can unload it on the pet-food manufacturers. Everybody’s happy!