Snow Fun

Water, in all its forms, is interesting to depict. Owing to its reflective nature, it often is best represented by negative space. A lake can be understood simply by drawing a line of trees on the far shore. Snow, as on the coats in the last panel, is “drawn” with the mere absence of dark. But to me the more interesting thing about this cartoon from two years ago is the tracks in the snow. Arlo and Janis always walk single file, as they do above in Panel 4, because it’s conducive to dialog and to the camera’s point of view—at least I think so. It’s the same reason people on TV so often sit on the same side of the breakfast table (as do Arlo and Janis, now that I think of it). Anyway, the tracks in the snow were left by two people walking side by side, and for much the same reason they walk single file. Side-by-side tracks better fit the format of visual storytelling. Artistic license! Don’t sit down without it.

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  1. No surprise / title: ‘San Martin proclama la independencia del Peru by Juan Lepiani’. Fine, but what allusion is Melcher making? ‘Two chickens in every pot’? ‘What this country needs is a good 5-cent cigar’?


  2. Oops! Posted my 2 cents on the Windows 10 debate on yesterday’s thread, but as long as I’m here …

    Drawing a blank on which of our three-letter regulars posts links to but I have a question for you: When I follow my link to that main page, rather than to a specific cam, sometimes what comes up is one of the service dog cams (with its alternates). Those don’t appeal to me so I tap (on my tablet) the icon for another cam, but frequently it seems like I have to try several different ones before I’m allowed to escape. Does this happen to you?

  3. I always thought that Janis was slightly quicker than Arlo and that while he was slightly behind, they were still sort of side by side. I have flashbacks on Face book and I have a picture very much like frames 1 and 2. Since I go around my building 6 times at lunch and 4 times at 2:45, i leave footprints like this. Today I will delay my lunchtime walk to watch the ceremonies from Washington

  4. emb I am guessing it is a reference to a television game show or a television show like Oprah or Ellen where the guests in audience all get a gift like a book or a product just for being there. I don’t know if anyone ever gave cars although Oprah might have.

    I suspect it is making fun of our new president who did a reality TV program himself. I think the reference is to everyone in audience being given a new car at inauguration as prize.

  5. Thank you, Jimmy! I believe I asked you about drawing water a few years ago. Now I get my answer, and I understand better: negative space, you say. One doesn’t draw it; one draws around it. But how do you know the shape of what you need to draw around?? My, complicated. Thanks again!

  6. Jimmy, my husband and I tend to walk like Arlo & Janis in the last panel. He does not walk a very straight line. If I’m beside him I get walked off the sidewalk or path, or bumped into people, trees, or whatever else is beside me. Hubby’s brother does the same thing, my SIL tells me. Must be something in the genes! 😉

    Charlotte, I’m so happy that your computer is back to being what you want it to be!

    Good wishes and prayers for all Villagers who need them, and hugs for everyone.

  7. As a floral designer we too worked with negative space. It is an area one plans for, it does not just happen by not being filled. Thus it becomes an element of the design by virtue of its relationship and interaction with materials used.

    This is a hard concept to learn in any dimension.

  8. Well, we’re getting a good bit of snow here. Started yesterday, forecast says it’ll keep coming in waves until at least Monday. Of course it means nothing special, it’s winter… but Al Gore is screening his new movie, “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” up at Park City and the Sundance Film Festival. We’re just catching the collateral snow down here in my valley.

  9. I just loaded all the ingredients into slow cooker for black bean and ham soup. With cornbread to be baked and the salad is chopped.

    Got out three packages of bone in pork chops to make tangy tomato pork chops with noodles.

    Next up is chicken thighs with smoked sausage chunks. Served with brown rice.

    Remember I am not a crock pot or slow cooker user but I like going to gym which is 25 miles south and coming back here to eat rather in bad choices down town or on “restaurant row.” So I am working on healthy high fiber low fat low sugar meals ready when we get back from gym. I am trying to encourage a friend to go along for company and so someone is along in case I need a driver.

    Buying Taste of Homes cook books and cooking magazines. The recipes are from “real” people, call for sensible ingredients you already have. For instance I have every ingredient for next three recipes except canned mushrooms and dried thyme and that is because I just used them and didn’t restock.

  10. Just read that IL will be considering a 1-cent/oz. tax on soft drinks, a la Cook County! That is horrible. Consider: I can often buy a 2-liter bottle – that would be 67+ oz. – for 79cents. If the proposal goes through, on that 79cent purchase, I’d need to pay 7cents sales tax plus another 67cents tax = 74cents of taxes on a 79cent purchase!! Confiscatory, IMHO.

  11. @Ghost

    Based on the time of your post, I can only imagine to what your are referring. Don’t expect it to get any better for, say, four years or so.

  12. c ex-p, perhaps they bumped into a snowy branch while walking side by side, and got drenched?

    And those ridiculous taxes intended to change our behavior don’t do so. People who want soda will continue to buy it, but at the expense of something else, perhaps more needed but less-desired.

  13. I am doing my best to give up soda with no push more than knowledge.

    I am afraid Ghost is referring to his friends illness guys. Not our country.

    But could be.

  14. C x-p wins! He was the first to call out the joke. I’ll admit I didn’t have it right away. That’s no snow-angel, may have been a love-tap/tackle poorly received.

    Mark & c x-p, changing morality is best done through logic and most important by modeling behavior. Taxes are always about money, no matter how they try to sell it.

    GR6, sorry to read that, if new ageists are right about sending strength, then strength sent. Hope it comes through. I took you to mean your friends experience, not our national one. Are they the same?

  15. Mark, I went to steamphotos you linked specifically to look for the Cascades crossing for the Empire Builder line. I had wanted to give it mention yesterday, but wrestled with verbosity. Couldn’t do it justice in less than six column inches. Historically, there was at least one literal ‘switch’-back before a tunnel bore. Current tunnel requires air handling. Don’t recall if there are two previous tunnels, one has had a cave-in again recently. Guess i should stop guessing, look it up, and link:
    Also, travel by auto on I-90 east out of Ellensburg, WA approaching Ryegrass Ridge, there was an *enormous* wooden trestle passing overhead. I do not know if it still stands.

    TruckerRon, I remember it used to be commented frequently, every time there was a Global Warming Summit (back when they called it that) any where in the world, that location would get snow. Rainmakers were jealous. I know it is just a logical fallacy of reinforcement, it is just weather. But that doesn’t stop me laughing at it. It’s like a strong muffled voice snickering, ‘foolish mortals’.

    Thanks all for thoughts on Windows 10.

  16. On our subject a couple days ago of successful dialect and incorrect accents. If you haven’t spent time around it, the Chinook Jargon roots of most Pacific Northwest place names, slang, lingo and such appears strange. As if it came from a different people’s language. Because it did. And they continue to wrestle with the Latinization of their tribal names.

  17. Sadly, Jackie, you were correct the first time. Rather than watching an inauguration today, I was watching my very best friend of many years die as I sat by her hospital bed holding her hand. Between that and having had about six hours sleep in the past forty-eight, I don’t really feel like going into the details, although I may later.

    All I know at the moment is that that are now three huge holes in my soul, all created in the last three years. Not a good average.

  18. c x-p, My best guess on moist becoming offensive happened late 1990’s for a certain agegroup and below. So where Nora Ephron’s romantic comedies didn’t make an issue of it, it was definitely in play before ten years ago.

    But if it started with very young girls and grew up with them, or from an adult joke I never heard, is still up in the air. Would be very interested to know if it crosses the gender line, because I have not observed that.

    Did your sampling show awareness of the issue? Or surprise like yours?

  19. So very sorry, Dearest Ghost. She must have been glad that you were there for her — I hope she knew and felt your love and your sorrow.

  20. Ghost, the only thing worse than being there when someone you love is lost is not being there. I’m sorry that you continue to suffer the grief of loss.

  21. One note of interest on the railroad tunnels. The Moonville tunnel in OH is supposedly haunted. Tried to get to it about a year ago and high water forced me back. Will try the alternate route in a year or two.

  22. Ghost darling, you have never left my thoughts since you went on your mission. You are the best man I have ever known and yet do not know. I have hoped against hope this would not happen to you again.

    Three important women in your life gone so close. That is a terrible loss. And yes, I think I and others know what a gentle heart you hide beneath the bravado of the tough guy. You are both loving and loved. Don’t lose that.

    Is there anything that I or anyone else can do to ease your burden? Would that we could. And I mean that most sincerely. I worry this is one bridge too many that has crumbled beneath you.

  23. Ghost, I am sorry to hear of your loss. Glad you were able to be there for her at the end. Please take care of yourself, because you are welcomed and appreciated here.

  24. Just got off phone with Debbe in Indiana, told her about your loss Ghost and she and I cried together for you. But this is for you GR6 from Debbe. She said to tell you how much she loves you and how she wished she could just hug you and hold you and take away the hurt.

    She said to tell you that those who die in the faith of the almighty will be taken into his kingdom and received with open arms. She asked me to send you a song, Homeward Bound by Simon and Garfunkel.

    She said to tell you that your friend is another who is homeward bound and she will meet your mother and your sister when she arrives and they will be together.

    But mostly we talked about how we wished we could take away your pain and how much you were loved. Debbe loves you GR she kept asking I tell you.

  25. GR: My faith teaches that we are here to learn how to love God and each other. The love you and your friend shared shows that you both were and are making the grade. I hope you’ll someday soon be able move on and focus on the good times you shared and cherish your friendship and memories.

  26. Ghost:
    Sincere prayers for you and your missing (not lost) one.
    The holes never disappear but they eventually shrink in size – filled by the love of those around you.
    As long as we think about them and talk about them our loved ones are never really gone.

  27. River is way down; some hippos may have moved to a bigger pool out of webcam’s view.
    ‘She said to tell you that those who die in the faith of the almighty will be taken into his kingdom and received with open arms.’

    Since it seems to be ok to do religion here when it’s reassuring those who are grieving, let me add a different but encouraging scriptural insight, James 2:18. ‘Show me your faith without works, and by my works I will show you my faith.’

    I suspect Elohim is less concerned with the beliefs of those who arrive than with what they had done by way of loving their neighbors [who include those who live on the other side of the tracks, or the International Date Line].

    Peace, really

  28. Rick in S,O
    Watch the WW&F website to be sure you get a steam ride. Because it is an all
    volunteer organization rides are just weekends, and sometimes they have trouble
    getting a steam crew Sunday.

    I believe “gardyloo” is a corruption of the French.

    If you have an option go with the Linux.

    When I said reboot I meant we have to shut down restart programs,
    And if that does not work shut down and restart computer.

  29. Strange that those with the most spiritual souls who would reach out to those in need are often those who would not be welcome in many church congregations nor sanctuary. Funny how life is but the most devout and annunciating of us seldom live the life. Our sanctuaries are not built by man, our laws not written by man, our souls belong to no human.

    We walk a winding and rocky road where landslides and floods and fallen trees block our way, yet we go on. We reach our hands out to those we can, both human and animals. We know not where the road leads nor where it ends for we follow spirits who are wisps and breaths on our skin. We have no map.

    Do not tell me of your books of fable and lore for we follow those before time itself. We are old souls when we enter your world.

  30. Mark and Old Bear, thank you, had more, but excuse me.

    emb, you have proven the capability to read and cognate. I believe your memory is intact. You are therefore obtuse beyond measure of any protractor I’ve seen. Many, and I, have discussed politics, religion, sex, indeed all the forbidden subjects of dining, taxis, and barbers. I believe I am the only one to have called you out on the HYPOCRISY of an ill will signed in peace. You are acting as a snotty little [foul word of your choice] to invoke this argument in a message of grief or condolence.

    Debbe had a kind wish to send, and I assume Jackie did so faithfully. To pull her quote from the many above and mark it, when she will not reply in person, is unfair on any level. It is very much a case of speaking behind someone’s back. As for your James, prior works of any greatness do not excuse present behavior. That is why I never invoke my own.

    I had let two items pass in maybe the last seven weeks, as they only affected me. And further, you and I have shared humor twice, and parenting once since that time. I believe we have even been conversational. I had considered that matter closed, if not agreed. I find that arrangement satisfactory in many areas of life.

    But sir, the second line [first of your own words], of your second section, of 20Jan 10:50p CST was tastelessly sandwiched and smothered in the gravy of goodwill. If no one else was, that is fine. But I, sir, am offended.

    I am laying this aside to consider before posting. As I have recently made a tasteless addendum that was neither entertaining, nor supported a point, this may be prudent. Thank you by the way Jackie, for having brushed it aside.

    Yep, I’ll post it; and take what comes. Apologies to GR6, and only him, for these words at this time.

  31. Morphy I never argue religion for it is a lost cause before one begins. I claim no religion but I allow those to say what they believe for they do believe or so I assume. I often feel they err but I make generous allowances.

    I know Debbe sincerely believes and I repeated her love and faith for Ghost for he too believes and it will comfort him I hope. To bring comfort to others at a time of grief should be our primary goal, not to reinforce our own beliefs. Our beliefs matter little at such a time.

    Expressing such in offerings of floral beauty often brought me comfort for my beliefs lack the conviction that brings surety to others. But it is a gift I possess that I can offer to others in their sorrow that some mysterious force gave to me. It is only mine on loan.

    Truly we should all reflect on this. All we have or possess, our bodies, our intellect, our talents, all are only briefly ours to use on loan from some ethereal universe that existed for millions of years before us. What is us will pass in a blink of time and return to become another form over and over and over for eternity as we live again. We know not what but we will return.

    Allow those that grieve to choose their own course and let them determine the result of that eternity. We should not exhibit the hubris to determine it for them.

    Personally I grieve with each in the way of their choice for I grieve for them, not for me.

  32. Well said Jackie. And I could easily be wrong, but I took emb’s statement as aimed at me, obliquely. If it was not, then I am at fault. If it was he should not quote someone else. Though I believe he is simply going to claim misunderstood innocence.

    I do not believe we are under any prohibitions here, beyond good taste. I think domaucan1 is the only poster to not have been provocative in some manner. And I only feel that way because I like his genuine good nature. I have only his words to judge by. Someone from a different worldview could easily find fault even there.

    I give wide allowance for views different than mine. Say the moon is bright and full. Great. Observe the moon is new and dark. OK. Attempt both in the same breath and I will comment on it.

    it is not the belief he may hold, it is the inconsistent nature. And a heavy dose of haughty attitude. I deal with many people who will shake your hand, to pull you close enough to slap. emb is not that level of ill intent, but the technique is the same.

    I would acknowledge emb did share a brief unencumbered sentiment earlier, and it was nice too, before dragging others into a lapsed dispute.

  33. Morphy I think Jimmy places no limits on us aside from politeness and a modicum of decorum. Any agreement to not discuss religion or politics arose from the Village itself.

    I am guilty of moderate sexual provocation, attempting to gauge myself by Jimmy’s limits set in the strip. Not that I am the youngest here but someone has to carry that burden. I figured Ghost and I pulled that straw so we were the most obviously single and participating. I assure you we were practicing tact!

    Frankly I would rather discuss sex than either politics or religion but in today’s world we could discuss all three simultaneously and be talking about the same people. But that has been the way of the world since recorded history began, sex, religion, politics, intrigue, murder, theft, on and on. Vices seldom change nor do sins, only who does sinning and against which gods.

    Now food, there’s a wonderful and controversy free subject. Right. Try to publish a church sponsored cookbook to see acrimony, war and snotty attitudes over recipes! Religious beliefs out the door over jello recipes.

    My point is I have no objection to any topic but others may. I do try to be on good behavior usually.

  34. Someone is bending over backwards to read ‘HYPOCRICY’ and arrogance into a genuine offer of condolence. I forgive him because I must. He still chooses to misinterpret a post of months back just as he misinterprets my post of yesterday.

    I genuinely grieve for Debbe’s loss. But also felt it needed to be noted that, for many of the faithful and for many ‘nones’, salvation is not a matter of doctrine, or in too many cases, desperate fear that ‘I do not have enough faith’ or ‘I am not sure I really believe what I am required to believe under pain of condemnation to eternal fire’, but rather of ‘works’, in the best sense. I value James’s insight, but note that Luther, a ‘faith alone’ sort, thought the Book of James should have been left out of the canon.

    His animosity disturbs me, but does not surprise me. His name is legion. One of his roles here reminds me of someone those who have long posted here may recall.

    I have better things to do.


  35. Last night I was busy until I collapsed into bed and slept until 4:30 this morning. When I awoke I was overcome with grief as the full impact of the death of the best friend I ever had hit me. Where does one turn for support when one is alone in a hotel room in a strange city in the middle if the night? In my case it was to The Village.

    My sincere thanks to all who gave expressions of sympathy and concern and to the others I am sure felt if did not expressed them. I was especially touched by Debbe’s message and the fact she remembered the significance of “Homeward Bound”, from the morning at sunrise when it was playing as the formation of geese crossed the highway just in front of me when I was on the way to the hospital to visit my soon-to-be gone sister. Jackie, when you next speak to her, please tell her that for me, and that I love her, too.

    I’ll be pretty busy for the next few days, which will be a good thing, but I will be in touch when I can. Again, thank you for being there when I needed you.

  36. To all who are sending Ghost messages of comfort, thanks from someone who you did that for recently. Ghost has had an especially tough time over the last couple of years. I hope that things will get much better for him now.

    We miss those who we have lost, but they have received the ultimate healing, in my opinion. They no longer hurt, are ill, cry or have the prospect of death ahead of them. It is now up to we, the living, to comfort each other and help provide reasons to keep our own lives moving forward.

    Blessings and peace to all.

  37. Ghost, wish there was something I could do in reality rather than virtual mode. It makes us feel so totally ineffective to not be able to do anything. We can’t take you a casserole, send flowers, give you a hug.

    You are always in my thoughts and what passes for prayer with me, first with your sister, then your mom and now. You have dealt with far too much grief.

    Should you need a friend just whistle and I will be there. I am a good friend. Will pass on your message to Debbe. She is at her dad’s indefinitely and has gained weight, taking better care of herself.

  38. This is something I posted on FB 2 years ago, and I probably copied it from here:


    If you can start the day without caffeine,
    If you can always be cheerful,
    ignoring aches and pains,
    If you can resist complaining and
    boring people with your troubles,
    If you can eat the same food every
    day and be grateful for it,
    If you can understand when your loved
    ones are too busy to give you any time,
    If you can take criticism and blame
    without resentment,
    If you can conquer tension without
    medical help,
    If you can relax without alcohol,
    If you can sleep without the aid of drugs,
    Then You Are Probably The Family Dog.

  39. Ghost, I am just now catching up on comments. Mere words cannot express the grief and love I feel for you – as you travel this difficult road again. Sift through all the extraneous verbage posted above and hold on to the love. May I add my cyber hugs and repeat the wish I could deliver them in person.

  40. Morphy, will you just shut up! And get out of the Village with your insulting remarks. We are here for civilized conversation, not splitting hairs about religion.

  41. I love Windows 10.

    Not a fan of Edge, though. It’s too slow.

    Chrome is still my browser of choice.

    For those of you who want to eliminate Win10 and return to Win8 or so, it can be done.

    I created an install disk for my Win8.1, just in case.

    If you did create an install disk, check eBay or Amazon for earlier Windows versions. Other sites also have them.

    You can still get Vista or XP, too.

  42. Already upset for Ghost who has suffered such loss. I could not sleep last night and stayed awake almost the entire night.

    This has caused me much depression as well. Reading this will upset Ghost I know but he needs comfort and we can do nothing.
    Damn it, I do not care what you do or do not think about your particular brand of Christianity or who shall or shall not get into heaven.

    Just say you are sorry for Ghosts loss as most of us did and that we love him and would help. That is appropriate.

    Get yourself a box and a street corner and do your preaching there. Not here.

  43. I am weary; I am sad; but I am home. I will now have to pull myself together tomorrow so I can assist with the arrangements on Monday.

    I’m sorry if my loss was somehow the cause of discord. Believe me; no one regrets it more than I.

  44. Actually Rick, I have used Windows 7 at work for years and am comfortable with it. Had Windows 8 and hated it. We went up to Windows 10 and it didn’t improve things. Just have to stick with it and get more experience on it.

    I have NO idea what happened here. There are a few posts here that I scroll past without reading. Please don’t take offense, but I was taught if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. We had a few contentious times here at A&, but have quickly gone back to our congenial, sometimes off the wall and funny ways.

    Peace be with all of you, especially those of you who are hurting, either physically or emotionally.

  45. Returned from Mississippi this afternoon after a brief visit, I was apparently close to a tornado during the night, but slept through everything and awoke late to sunny skies. It turned very cloudy before I left. In the deep south this has been the winter that wasn’t. I returned home and in my mailbox was an invite to my 50th high school reunion. 50! It’s not possible, but then I’ve been saying that a lot lately. Is it ok to laugh at the chump in church?

  46. ‘Is it ok to laugh at the chump in church?’ Which one? Current BUMC pastor is unusual, but hardly a ‘chump’.

    Beats crying; there are enough occasions for that in church. Yr. of Elaine’s funeral [2011], I went to 13 others. Average more like 6-8/yr. One, unexpected, this coming M for a 40-something who did checkout / hospital cafeteria. Mostly, it’s older folk, not necessarily my elders. Should look up my older son’s standard benediction, which speaks to this.


  47. ‘Life is short, and we do not have much time to gladden the hearts of those who travel the way with us. So, be swift to love, and make haste to be kind. Go in peace; to love and to serve the Lord of compassion. Amen.’

    He got it from a couple of nuns [not ‘nones’] at a conference of some sort, and they didn’t know its source.


  48. Ghost you can do this and I know you will with grace and beauty. Please remember the love. Make it beautiful for her and for you too. The beauty and peace is as much for the ones that grieve or more so. It can help you to say goodbye.

    That is how I remember my mother’s and Mike’s funeral. The beauty and grace we created as our last memory of them, not the pain of the ending.

    The most beautiful funeral we could give them to go away in, the most beautiful music, flowers, dignity, love, memories for everyone that shared it. The last thing we do should be an act of great expression if we can do so.

    And we all wore red and red nail Polish for mama, as did mama, despite the funeral director saying it wasn’t done.

  49. I know that you did it, Jackie, under much worse circumstances than mine, so I know I can do it, too. All she wished will be done. Non deficere.

  50. Ghost, Ron: ‘Amazing Grace’ is a neat hymn, and that was an interesting version.

    I was long troubled by the 6th verse. Singing for ‘10,000 years’ didn’t sound like a desirable version of paradise. Found out much later that it’s an anonymous addition [see UM Hymnal, p. 378.] No idea why it was added, nor why it is retained. Does Elohím really want to be praised continually? By how many sentient spp. from oodles of planets that have completed their spans in our 13 BYO universe?


  51. “Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace….” (From the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi)
    God bless you Ghost.
    God bless us every one. God bless the USA.

  52. Ursen:

    Thanks for the tip about Moonville. Until now, I had never heard of it, and I live in a county adjacent to Perry County. I have also canoed on Raccoon Creek that flows near Moonville.

    We’ll be sure to visit.

  53. Jimmy, thanks for the nod to coffee today.

    GR6, I am glad to read you had rest. It makes everything less complicated, if not actually easier. It has become a familiar path for you, and that is sad. But you know the route, we’ve seen you traverse it in a style few are capable of, and come out well. Strength to you while you do it again.

    It was not right for me to not be available for response. I chose to not try to squeeze this into a busy weekend schedule, and wait for more focused attention. I hope that is respectful.

    Jackie, loved your Jello recipe observation, I’ve seen it happen. Don’t have the recipe to hand, but it results in a full seven color rainbow layered desert, separated by thin white layers for definition. The acrimony divided the congregation by pews and aisle, if you knew the players involved. Lord help you, if you sit in the wrong delegation.

    My point in saying everyone talks in various provocations is to illustrate that is normal. Just like in life. The false idea that emb cannot write as he wishes is in his own mind. We are all free, until a webmaster halts us, to write as we like. And should be prepared for others to have opinions, too. That he feels the need to snivel about it is insulting.

    emb, I am named by a handle all here recognize, even when my finger slips on filling it in. I believe you have done same in past, all recognize it as an error of communication. When noticed, we correct the record; as I did in less than 120 seconds, apparently. No one is fooled by your display of ignorance. I hope you choose to return. I am still offended, but until it rises again, I would be quiet about it, as I have several weeks. I honestly enjoyed the humor of Babar. I am not an all or nothing type of individual. I prefer to take as I can from what is freely offered. What you choose to offer is on you, not me.

    TruckerRon, your poem made me miss my dog. Your punchline came unexpected, even though it sounded familiar. A melancholy sweetness, thank you.

    Charlotte, it does bother me that you are offended. I am sorry to disappoint you. That is an apology, not a dismissal.

    I am confused if anyone believes I hold any soul excluded from heavenly grace. I believe I’ve said no such thing. To my mind, separating an individual from grace is quite impossible. Rather, at the end you will find evil separated from the individual, leaving grace intact. It is a wonder to witness. Twice, I have seen it go loudly with fear; usually it is quiet and with a relaxed smile.

  54. Now that we have heard from Ghost I will call Debbe tomorrow to let her know. She will indeed be touched her good memory of the importance of the song helped you.

    Debbe is herself not having an easy life right now, not that I believe her life has ever been easy. She wants to move down and help me raise chickens. I think I need a bunk house built on that spare foundation in back yard for displaced Villagers. I would love Debbe as I love women with courage and strength.

    Echoing Old Bear, I doubt any here in the Village would not stand with you, beside you or behind you Ghost. You are loved as no spirit I have ever encountered. Just tell us.

  55. Jackie:
    Avocados have the highest calories of any fruit at 167 calories per hundred grams.
    But I am sure you knew that. From a list if Fun Facts-
    And last but not least:
    Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they
    are always there.

  56. Steve, you wrote “…I was taught if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.” I rank that in importance right up next to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

  57. No Morphy you were denying heaven to no one. I did understand you correctly.

    When my beloved cousin’s young beautiful wife committed suicide months after the dream wedding I designed for them, he used my bridal bouquet on her casket. One of most beautiful compliments I ever received.

    Family whispered and friends talked that she would not be in heaven. I could not go but the beautiful white flowers I sent said what I believe.

    “The angels will open their arms to welcome her and enfold her in the protection of their wings, for heaven will not be denied to one who walked in love, beauty and peace. Surely a soul so gentle and fragile belongs for she harmed no person, no creature in her life but brought only joy and kindness.”

  58. Jackie, that struck me speechless (for a time at least, congrats), well shared. It did cause me to look at my words a third time, before posting.

    Apologies to others, not involved.

    I have reconsidered a point. Concerning an earlier post [21Jan2017 7:48a CST], again a round-about shot facing someone else instead of addressing me. I’ve waited to see if I could keep the promise I had made. I cannot.

    emb, I truly tried. But I cannot let it pass. Legion has meaning. I believe you are well aware.

    In this context, that is the *absolute* worst insult I have ever received, and I have worked alongside many salty men. In all my years I have never been called a demonic plague. It is inexcusable. Repeat that, inexcusable.

    This blog is published, as in public. I now demand a full retraction, no weaseling about being misunderstood. And use my handle when you do it. This is a direct challenge. If I held a glove, you would feel it. I will not drop this, to the point of being barred.

  59. Suicide is hard for most to deal with. Those who would speak for God do so at their own peril.

    As chaplains at a mental hospital, we all too often have to deal with suicide and its effects on the other patients, the staff, and the families involved. A few years ago one of the most effective and popular workers at the hospital chose to make a one-way walk into the West Desert of Utah…

    The point for us is that no one knows in full the burdens others are carrying. We cannot see the unshed tears as they hide their pain. We cannot comprehend how they are thinking, what they are feeling. We can only see the results when they reach their breaking points. That’s why we chaplains leave all judging up to the Creator. We focus on helping those left behind to find peace.

  60. Ms. Charlotte, I like you from what I have read here and on FB. But in this case, you have overstepped the bounds. Please reconsider what you said and calm down. Morphy is as valuable to this site as all the rest of you.

    And in any case, it is not your place to be ordering us about here. We might act like children sometimes, but we are not your children to banish or punish. If it were possible to punish those here, some of us should have been spanked and sent to bed without dinner.

    Morphy did nothing wrong, and emb’s quotation was not appropriate for the situation. His following comments were unnecessary and in this case, probably hurtful. Whether intentional or not, he was quite thoughtless.

  61. Ghost,
    I am sorry thisis so late, just checked in after a few days. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope we can meet in person some day and talk airplanes.

  62. Trucker, good florists are a tiny bit like counselorso for we often deal with people at some of their most stressed times. I have lost track of how many suicides I have helped bury far too many, many of whom were children. One month there were twelve from one large high school alone. Once it was a lonely tween who hung out at my flower shop because we were kind to her. We would have tried to stop her had we known.

    But I remember the first one, a teenager from our little community of NASA. I heard the story from his mother much later. His coffin had been shoved in a hallway in the mortuary with equipment and boxes. Not knowing what to do I placed the flowers at his feet on the floor.

    His mother came to view his body and she said it was dark, all flowers were dark and sad but the golden basket at his feet was hit by the light from the door and glowed brightly. She told me it was like her son spoke directly to her, telling her he would be OK and she would see him in heaven. And she was more at peace.

    This is not our call, not our right to judge, to say what is true, what is faith. I only know what I did brought solace and messages to those left behind but not from me.

  63. Subject change: anyone here have a bluetooth headset of the kind where the ear buds are connected by a wire? (Not the over-ear type.) Sometimes there is a sort of plastic collar that rests at the base of your neck. I understand these are rechargeable. Do you like it? What are the pros and cons? I would plan to use it for music and podcasts. Any recommendations that won’t break the bank?

    P.S. to sand: replacement tablet with new SD card working perfectly. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  64. Steve from Royal Oak:

    I, too, use Win7 at work. Because we purchased on-going support for it, I imagine that we will be using it for quite some time. That’s fine with me. It works well, and everyone likes it.

    I’m not sure why, but, for some reason, I had no trouble moving up at home to Win8, Win8.1, and then Win10.

    I don’t really think about the system I’m using. Using either one is just automatic.

  65. I have nothing unusual to apologize for. In the text, ” ‘My name is Legion,’ he replied, ‘for we are many’,” the demon [I don’t believe in literal demons] is merely pointing out to Jesus that he is not the only one, there are lots of others. And that’s all I was pointing out. My irritant is not unusual; people with an unjustified chip on their shoulder are a dime a dozen.

    Frankly, I’d forgotten the source. [I think my nemesis will not believe that, since he clearly despises me, and considers me evil, deceitful, and a weasel.] If I’d remembered, I’d have not used it, to avoid raising hackles. “A dime a dozen” would have sufficed. That’s all I have any reason to be sorry for.

    I am not sure why he has singled me out for his anger. He would of course claim righteous indignation, a concern for others that I’ve supposedly wronged, and my variously enumerated personality defects. He may even think those are his only motives, all above reproach. Introspection might help him find others. This post may even suggest one, because he has achieved one goal, I suspect.

    This is clearly about a recent visitor to the Village, which has long been a refuge for mostly civil conversation, and for insight into what interests other civil folk. It no longer is, for me. I may be back some day.

    He demands that I address him personally. I don’t take orders from bullies, and think this is not a place for contentious personal exchanges. I’d rather he not address me personally here, but cannot enforce that. I will, for my own protection, save any comments by him or any of you that I find it prudent to keep. In a recent post, he claimed that something I wrote referred to him. It did not, but that claim MIGHT be [not necessarily is] an example of ‘ideas of reference’.

    Shalom, and I mean that. Also, God help the Village.

    Bye, and I mean that.

  66. emb, I’m sorry this discord is happening. We seem to have be rattled by what we have witnessed. I would like to apologize to all injured by what I have done or failed to do. I hope we see you again soon, emb.

  67. Jackie, after the arrangements are made tomorrow I will let you know the date and time of my friend’s interment. Since I can’t tell her directly, please pass that information on to Debbe, so she and you and any other interested parties can be with me in spirit at that time. Also, please tell her again how much I appreciate her thoughts and prayers. And that I am doing the same for her.

  68. Absolutely will do so. And yes, you know we will be with you. I do not think we will be alone.

    I will play beautiful peaceful music I love and Dickens and I will send good thoughts and prayer to both of you. I do not think we will be alone.

    In fact I do not think we are alone even at our most solitary. Hold on to that as you go through the next few days.

  69. Left this page and turned on my music for the day and this is the song that began to play. I have never before heard it and it is beautiful. I share it with you for I too find messages in music.

    “Last Present” from the album Dreamland.

    For you Ghost and for your friend.

  70. We haven’t heard much from Jerry lately. I hope this latest wild weather system misses him – and the rest of us in the southeast!

  71. Me too and you my friends. I just did the weather channel and Florida is in the red zone. Have a plan today and watch the sky’s as we say here.

    Jerry said he slept through the Mississippi Tornado so I suspect he was in Hattiesburg? He reported in from that one.

    I have friends in area of Georgia hit. That was deadly, eleven killed. Everyone watch and seek cover.

  72. Heavy rain today. It has stopped for the moment. There has ben some thunder, but no close lightning. I am at almost the highest latitude and altitude in Florida so I can’t say our experience speaks for everyone in northwest Florida. There was even a few brief moments of sun about 45 minutes ago. AS I sit here the wind is picking up rapidly, very rapidly. The sky is also getting darker so our turn could be approaching. I wanted to make another comment but perhaps the weather warden needs to make his rounds.

  73. A bird just flew (or was blown) into the window beside me. H e seemed to be ok and flew away. We are under some combination of tornado watches and warnings with the nearest tornado that I’m aware of at the moment being close to Dothan, Al. We are at the center of a dark red area which includes everything surrounding me. A quick trip outside shows predominate low lever winds from the wnw with higher winds moving more directly out of the west. Ground level winds are blowing out of the west one minute and the east the next second.

  74. Lost I have seen several caboose set up in train museums and it was the crews home where they ate, slept, rested. So yes, I believe that to be true. And sensible.

    My four year old grandson was born loving trains so we visited many and he watched video sitting in my lap. Real trains, not just cartoons.

  75. Welcome, everybody! Here in sunny Southern California it’s 51, on its way up to a high of 58, and a low of 46 tonight. There’s projected to be around 1.37″ of rain today, with possible thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow, and about a quarter of an inch of rain tomorrow. Personally, I’m thrilled by the rain because we really need it, but the cold that goes through it goes right through me. One nice thing, however, is that the cold gets my appetite up, and I’ve gained about a pound or so this month. Maybe with luck, I’ll end up with a little bit of insulation by the time Spring comes.

    BTW, I prefer the Jewish form of the Golden Rule because it’s much easier to live up to: Do not do unto others what you wouldn’t want them to do unto you.

  76. That’s wonderful and much older sideburns. Seniority of rule.

    Ghost, I just got off phone with Debbie who will of course be with you during your friend’s services, as I am sure will others here. She agreed that you will not be alone. We would be there on either side of you if we could, holding your hands.

    She assured me over and over that those you loved will meet her in heaven and greet her with love and welcome. She believes this with all her heart.

    Please keep in touch here. You are much loved, like a spirit who inhabits our hearts. Isn’t that what spirits are supposed to do? Ghosts?

  77. Jerry, I never realized how bad those Florida storms (that aren’t hurricanes) could be till a friend who has lived down there for a decade described them in detail to me. Wow! Are you a Floridian born and bred? If not, what was the biggest weather challenge where you used to live?

    Sideburns, your low is almost my high today here in Michigan. We’re experiencing our January thaw, which sometimes waits till February to show up. I hope you manage to gain a little more weight and warm up. It really does help.

    Ghost, thank you for keeping us in your thoughts; you are in ours.

    Thinking of the caregiving Debbe is doing now, too. I was my Mom’s sole caregiver her last nine years. Sometimes only prayer and the certainty that time brings change can get you through.

  78. Debbe is doing better herself where she is. She is gaining weight she needs and finding peace and tranquility. She has no phone, no computer, no tablet. She is lonely and she misses us.

    I would send her one but she’d have no Internet server where she is. Anyone have ideas? She would like to communicate. She also has no car. Ideas?

  79. As an only child I knew I would take care of my mother in her last year’s and I am so glad I did. Mike was an only child, his adopted sister left the family long ago and was estranged, so we took care of his mom her last year’s but in retirement and nursing homes. I did much as Mike disliked his mother.

    There is a wonderful essay on this by Irma Bombeck in one of her books. I will find it and post here.

  80. Jimmy, I notice Arlo requires a checklist, for what a Luddite does by accident. Nice.

    Heads up. Two lengthy posts inbound. Mark’s has precedence, only because it was written earlier.

    Sorry for the interruption.

  81. If any do not want bible references, please skip this message. I wanted to respond to Mark, who gave guidance.

    Mark, I am more comfortable comparing gospels than remembering the finer points of Pauline letters, so I did need to reference 2Tim2:23. Knowing it was to Timothy gave me a heads up. It is my habit to read in context, building to a quotation. That is why I’ll generally refer to chapters. I have met many cherry pickers, unwilling to read more than suggested. So I hope you understand when I admit v.22 can be a bit of a sticking point, and distracts from v.23. Continuing on, vv24-26 gave me guidance as well.

    It is one of the confusing aspects of Saul now Paul, where his message reads differently depending on occasion. His advice in Eph6:10-20 is a bit more imperative. [laying aside questions of authorship]

    I have been faulted for this, but in discussions I will tend to leave Paul’s advice, worthy as it is, and resort to gospel. If I can reference a red-letter edition, for someone to read themselves, sometimes they will return, eagerly sharing thoughts on the next parable. [must add, I am discussing real-world interactions, nothing refers to any villager]

    Sheepishly realizing while I type, I just did the exact same thing. Posting anyway, for humor.

  82. emb, that is regrettable, I did not intend for you to leave. But I will not visit a place where I or others are treated in your manner. I was in fact prepared to view this blog as a suburb of the dark side, and simply enjoy Jimmy’s work without reading further. I may still do so, but I’m not given to martyr-hood. It may turn out the village will be relieved of both our presence.

    I do know that dealing with you has interrupted at least four different exchanges I would like to have had, and those moments have passed. Recovering them would be tedious in this format.

    To be clear your post is not satisfactory. If Morphy were not a borrowed name, I would be pursuing legal action, this is an interstate public display. Be clear, public defamation must be stopped. In that way you are correct, weasel and other descriptives could have been worded better. I regret they were the kindest forms I had available to me at the time. I need improvement here. That is a limited apology, directly to you, emb.

    I would point out, I was describing your actions, not stating you were in fact a lesser mammal. If any can illustrate to me how emb’s words can be read as he claims, I would be interested. And give presumptive thanks for your efforts. I will at least check for that.

  83. Morphy you fascinate me with your layman’s knowledge. I have a friend in your neck of the woods who studies the zbible and Christian religions most seriously and knowledgeably.
    Biblical quotes do not bother me so much as preaching does. Man preaches through words what he believes, it is called witnessing I believe. I find it tedious for whatever gods and spirits exist, I found long ago.

    Change of topic, the Chinese laundry is back in operation, as boring as I find that, I must do it. Dinner is ready, those pork chops disintegrated in the slow cooker (with the tangy tomato sauce). The wide noodles are ready, the cooked baby carrots, the southern green beans with potatoes and cornbread.

    Comfort food. Tomorrow it is eggplant stuffing with roasted chicken and salads, veggies.

    I have metamorphosised into my mother totally.

  84. emb is correct about the 10,000 years verse of Amazing Grace. Chris Tomlin wrote a wonderful version of it and explained it in a video. Here is the song by Chris. (I’ve sung it, but Chris is SO much better!)

    The last verse in his version was:

    The earth shall soon dissolve like snow.
    The Sun forbear to shine
    But God, who called me here below
    Will be forever mine, will be forever mine
    You are forever mine.

    Smigz, I read once that the Golden Rule was a part of nearly every religion. I would guess that some folks follow it better than others!

    It was foggy and 45°-48° here so I went for another long walk. Last week I walked 13 and signed up for a marathon and this week I was able to get 15 miles in. Doctor is ok with it as he wants me to keep moving! No pain, although my feet hurt a little bit. It is exhilarating. Tiring, but well worth it.

  85. This song is for Ghost and any of us who need comforting tonight. This is one of my favorite musicians playing one of my favorite guitar pieces, Julian Bream playing Recuerdos de LA Alhambra by Francisco Tarriego.

    The grief and sadness of loss echos from the strings, mixed with love and beautiful memories. There is hope and joy for perhaps returning I think for it is not a depressing song, but one of great longing and desire for a time, place, person. Listen to the strings talk.

  86. Something you may not have heard, Amazing Grace in Cherokee.

    I live in the heart of the Indian Nation. My town Eufaula is the capital of the Choctaw. The Cherokee capital is Tahlequah to the north of me. Many of my doctors have been there and I love the city. Our tribes have been here longer than have we, the non-Native residents.

  87. It’s bedtime in NH — good night to my friends in the Village. Sleep well. Dearest Ghost, you are much in my thoughts. You have the courage to get through the next few days and we know you can do it.

    Jackie, I too wish we could do something for Debbe. She must miss her cat (cats?) terribly, and all her things at home. At least she has peace and quiet. Please give her my best love when you talk to her again. Love to you too, you are a remarkable woman.

  88. Thank you Miss Charlotte. Yes, I would send her a phone or a tablet to use but she would not have a cell phone service or an Internet server and without those the phones would be of no use.

    Just read the most remarkable essay by one of the women in the women’s March about why she marched for those who could not. Her point was that the upper class to middle class women who opposed knew no one outside their personal circles. Think about what we take for granted.

    Cars, health insurance, comfortable lives, phones, computers, modern homes, conveniences, take those away and could we even cope? I doubt it.

  89. I could live without most of the things you mentioned. Once upon a time I’d have been comfortable in a cabin as long as I had good books and lighting. But take away my heart medicines, and I’d be bedridden within a few days, probably dead within a year, definitely dead once my CRT-D battery depleted.

  90. Trucker you and I are from a group who are much more resilient than the SUV driving soccer mom’s the author was addressing. I didn’t give background of her essay. It was a response to a particular Facebook post going around today.

    The author nailed it because I know the friends of mine who posted it. They don’t even know women who don’t have it all because they are “beneath” them, not part of their social experience.

  91. To Ghost, sending you strength and courage and peace for today. You will be guided by the love you have for your friend I know but you need support for you too. Stop every once in awhile and just breath and empty your mind.

    Just breath and slow everything down.

  92. Good morning, all. I’m feeling somewhat better today, although in this case “better” is definitely a relative term.

    Again, my sincere thanks to all who have offered expressions of concern and support. Rest assured, those have been of great comfort to me.

    More later.

  93. I haven’t driven a rig since my SCA, yet I still have dreams about trucking at least once a week. Last night I had two of them… in one of them my wife was upset with me because I was trying to park it in our backyard which is physically impossible in real life (trees, fences, property lines, etc.). The dream about taking it through a truck wash was much nicer.

    Sorry, Ghost, but I never found or even dreamed about a cleaning crew in orange, crocheted bikinis… All the big chains my company had me use had only all-male crews; the office staff was almost always all female. I guess being sopping wet and dirty for hours doesn’t appeal to women.

  94. Trucker I have not owned a flower shop for thirty years (although I worked in them, sold to them and stayed involved with shows until about ten years ago)

    I dream about flower shops all the time. Nightmares or reality? Hard to say!

  95. Perhaps a “Bikini Carwash” might be a good retirement investment for me, TR.

    Actually, some years ago a local carwash had an all-female staff. (Why does that sound familiar?) But not bikini-clad, which in some of the cases was fortunate (Bless Their Hearts™). A few of them, however, did do justice to their work “uniforms” of (very) cut-off jeans and t-shirts, especially when their labors caused their t-shirts to get moist. (Apologies to anyone offended by that word.)

  96. The air we breath. We share that with every single living thing.

    Think about that. It is not ours. Just loaned, a gift. What are we doing with the gift?

    My late husband said he would not want to live in my mind for five minutes. Wonder why?

  97. Very short cut off jeans and tee shirts or faded denim (thin) short sleeved shirts tied beneath the breasts is probably still uniform of those who wash Yachts. Bikinis weren’t allowed by marina management as I recall.

    Chemical splash didn’t seem to bother us. I do wish I had a picture of me then. I was in my forties and so fit, worked so hard.

    Funny what we look back on.

  98. Jackie, I expect you will be well on your way to becoming that fit again by the time I see you. 🙂

    I didn’t say, but the nearby gym I had been using folded last week. Due to circumstances, I have not had time to find another, but someone recommended a new, local branch of a small chain. I was using one of their gyms in a nearby town at the time my sister was ill. On the days I went to visit her when she was in long-term acute care in another city, I would be there at 5 AM when they opened; work out; go home to shower and change; and hit the road to see her. So I never use the excuse “I don’t have time” for not going to the gym.

    I am trying to put my gifted air to its best possible use.

  99. Morphy, I would like to ask a favor. Would you refrain from mentioning emb in future posts? I ask because those posts have made me feel very uncomfortable. I feel certain that, out of kindness, you will do so. If you feel you are unable to grant me this favor, I will have to stop reading any of your comments to spare myself distress.

  100. My day will be devoted to helping my friend’s son (who is my First Godson) and his family complete her final arrangements, since I’ve had more recent experience with that sort of thing than they have. They are on the way from out-of-state now, and her sister and I will meet with them at the mortuary when they arrive.

    I located her space in the family burial plot early this morning and had the cemetery supervisor flag and clean it up. As I had hoped, she will rest next to her mother.

    I hope everyone here will indulge me as I post these updates. Somehow that helps me.

  101. So glad you are there to help. This is a time of great stress and confusion to most people. Make that all. Even experienced ones Ghost. Post away.

    I better not have to reverse that much body abuse before I meet you Ghostly one. You would be attending my memorial no doubt.

    As my Weight Watcher’s friend said, “But won’t I look good in those purple hip huggers?”

  102. This is one of my favorite hymns in instrumentals. I was raised on hymns played on a gasping pump organ in the hallway. My grandmother sang only hymns or tragic songs from the end of century. So, I truly love old hymns.

    Turned on Pandora and this began to play. It is not just a God we near but the eternity that is our world. The visuals in this recording make that clear, we are the earth, the water, the dust in the wind, the trees, the flowers. All of that is what we were and what we become, never dying, never completely gone.

  103. I’ll continue to Weight Watch in memory of my sister, who had great results and was a Lifetime Member and Class Leader. But I will not go so far as wearing purple hiphuggers. Or any other color.

  104. Ghost, it helps us, too. Most who frequent this spot have experienced losses, and your words are a catharsis. There are many ways to experience the death of someone we love; sharing and celebrating that love is a beautiful one.

  105. Ghost: I know from experience that the process of writing about what you’re going through can make the passage easier, so up-date as much as you want. Since I have never been the one with primary responsibility for such arrangements, I suspect I will learn things – and selfishly hope that by the time I need to know them they will have been long forgotten.

    “And, in the end
    The love you take
    is equal to the love you make.” ? Paul McCartney

    Sounds like you should receive an abundant supply.

  106. Smigz, very refreshing to be addressed, and so well put too. I am not immune to the concern for the distress my words cause. Indeed the very reason I may no longer post at all. To my mind, the only occurrence I have addressed emb out of blue, was to appreciate a humorous turn. I thought I was free to do, and could find friendship. It did not work. I will not promise to ignore what I consider offensive, and find it more respectful to name someone than to speak vaguely. Which is why I appreciate your words so much. I can say metaphorically, if emb were to stay in his lane as it were, I would have no cause to pull him over. I have no wish to be village cop. But I choose not to draw my blinds either.

    It is the best I can offer. I could not ignore a kind request without answer.

    Almost posted, had to add. Demand for retraction remains. Named, and in the same public manner as the offense was given.

    I still feel I am shouldering the blame of a former shade. Can someone direct me to the archive where I can learn what this is about?

    GR6, good to read you, and to see your humor already is amazing. You are providing guidance to another family when they need. Very impressive, sir.

  107. Morphy we had a troll. Some of us knew and some believed she was real. Then some decided that I, the most public of people was also a troll. Because I could not be what I said. Me, who guarded the gates against trolls for thousands of Facebook and Internet groups!

    I left the Village because I felt I was causing unrest and disent. I came back. That was the joke that I am anonymous for even my Facebook pages are public and I use my own name.

    Argumentative posts may appear as trolls. I never argue, just mildly outrageous but I am in person too.

    Tone it down, dial it down, say it’s good enough for government work.

  108. Jackie, I had observed that process. I guess I would have to consult archives as to whether I was yet active or not. Keep in mind before reading next, I have miss stepped in past, none are perfect, and I have thanked you personally for letting it pass.

    The way I recall that passage you were in the midst of frantic level activity. There was a contributor who actively doubted anyone was capable of such activity, and would not accept your ample evidence. I had my doubts on both sides (sorry) but did not understand the importance. Perhaps I should have spoken on your behalf then, and did not.

    Is That supposed to be me? Or is there another?

    I really do appreciate your advice, and Second Timothy, and similar requests for quiet. But I have been offended in a way I am unable to communicate apparently. Being identified as a plague of demonic possessions is not something I am willing to abide. And I do not believe a claim of ‘not what I meant.’ I felt the meaning was quite clear. Demand stands.

    Reread and saw in yours, I think your person is just fine. Keep doing it.

  109. No, we had an earlier true plague, if not demon, a true troll. Her “name” was “Suzy”, if it was a her. She is over on The zDark Side still.

    I am opposed to people who use “handles” or alias and have always been. I believe you must stand for all you say or do under your legal true name. That comes from a journalistic background and a legal one. My bylines were always me, as were my adjudication. Only I was responsible..

    Sorry Ghost, I will remove you from this statement that follows. I think you have valid reasons.

    People should never hide behind alias or Internet handles. It is easy to say things you know are inflamatory if no one knows it is
    you. When I over step it is a real person doing it.

  110. Hmmmm, troll you say. Didn’t Mountain Mindy experience trolling at some point?

    TR, dreams are strange and seem to get stranger with the years. For me people, times, and places comingle for little good reason. Some involve people and units from Vietnam at base camps in Desert Shield. My mind is scrambled!

  111. Mine involve almost all dead people whow move from time period to time period and place to place.

    I no longer have the snake dreams which mysteriously ended wih
    Mike’s death. Mike was a Sigma Nu and they are known as Snakes. I would only agree with that for James Carville who joined Sigma Nu on his second go round at college.

    Anyone else here a Sigma Nu?

  112. Jackie, thank you for more information. I am familiar with Suzy’s work, as well. One of a few reasons I never felt the need to contribute there. I am trying to work out what prior [erased evil, but acknowledging it] wrong is being credited to me.

    You have a good reasoning for your policy, and acknowledge others feel differently. Count me among those happy that my real name is not called out as demonic. Try as we may, not all will agree with us. Nom de plume is an ancient tradition,as well. Self-restraint can be exercised under any handle. And should be expected. I’m still working on it.

  113. Dreams can be wonderful. I still dream of the house that I grew up and just the other night did. However the house was renovated after we left and this dream was kind of a mix of when I lived there and what it has become. I have had dreams about where I used to work and of course the occasional walking into a classroom late in the term realizing that I have not attended class all year.

    The most pleasant and beautiful dreams were of my parents. Both times it was about 6 weeks after they had passed on. Those dreams gave me great comfort.

    I had a nice dream of my Father-in-law and I could tell that it upset my mother-in-law, because she had not dreamed of him. I told her not to worry, someday I’m sure she would. About a year later she was worried sick about one of her kids and couldn’t sleep. On the day when a decision was to be made, she finally took a nap on the couch. That was when her husband came to her smiling, saying everything was OK. She started to follow him to the garage when he stopped her and said “Oh you can’t go back there, I’m still working on something”. Then she woke up. Minutes later she received a phone call and the “crisis” with her child was averted.

  114. Jackie, sandcastler™ is a real person. My handle is used at all points I post on the internet. Further, as Jimmy could attest, it is my public email account for friends, acquaintances, and family.
    In the early years of the internet handles was what everyone went by. Carry over from Ham or CB radio? I’ve no idea. Even gamers back in the old board game days had handles. My guess, we early internet cowboys all migrated to the internet range from those other ranches, bringing our handles along. Over time some grew up and rediscovered their real names, others didn’t.
    sandcastler™ is a carry over handle from those days. Its meaning is now a might obscure and out dated. At one point it described what I did for that thing called “making a living.” Today, in some form of retirement? I still use it, for it feels like a good pair of boots or a sweat stained hat.

  115. Morphy, I use my real first name and a slang term for my hometown, where I was when I started posting here. There were more Marks posting then, so I wanted to distinguish myself from them. I have now found out that the T-Town is not only used for Tuscaloosa, AL, but Tulsa, OK. Trust me, I use it for Tuscaloosa, where I was born and spent around half my life.

    My quote of Timothy was not to ask you to change, but to not mix it up with emb to the distress of others. Obviously you were quite distressed yourself and I would not want to be referred to as the inhabitor of the Gadarene swine either.

  116. I have two real friends whose alias I know for Internet and Facebook and I respect them.

    On most of the yahoo groups I monitored we went to not only real names but where from. It was relevant when discussing boat building and sailing comments.

    This type blog is a good example of real names being used being an advantage. If posting under your true identity presents that big a problem, perhaps we too are presenting “alternative facts.”

    One of most upsetting thing to me was finding Mike had corrupted his boating “handle” that I had given him with love and affection info a different variant he used to hide his own activitiesi on sites.

    Perhaps I am a bit prejudiced but my attitude on this remains unchanged since 1961. I too have such a handle but I only used it one place that required it. “Storyteller.”

  117. Dreams. I don’t remember most of mine. When I’m stressed I’ll have the school dream where you’re unprepared for a test or haven’t attended all term. The most recurrent dream I have is flying. Sometimes they are really pleasant, but there have been some really scary ones. In the dreams I am actually flying. I’m not in plane. Never have figured out the significance of these dreams.

  118. Jackie, dear, no need to accuse ‘alternate facts’. Handles are simply an easy way to identify exactly who you are talking too in a crowded room. Without the need of a curriculum vitae. It is shorthand while being respectful. You have personal reasons, great. We have ours. Also fine.

  119. Mr. Ghost, how old is your Godson? I ask because I remembered you visiting him and he sounded quite young.

    Losing one’s mother is difficult at any age (I am preaching to choir here) but is even more difficult the younger you are, especially for young men. I have been worried about this since you went down at Thanksgiving for I had connected the dots a bit with time.

    Post whatever you like and feel no need to reply if it bothers you. I know you will do all you can.

  120. Her service will begin at 10:00 AM tomorrow.

    With plans tentatively made for her service tomorrow, her family was delayed and did not arrive from out-of-state until 3:00 PM. Yet, with what her sister and I accomplished this morning, everything…her casket selected; all arrangements with the mortuary made; flower arrangements picked out and ordered; excavator service scheduled; and many other smaller details taken care of…was complete by 5:30 PM. I would have bet almost anything that was flatly impossible, but somehow it is fitting, in that she believed anything was possible if you wanted it badly enough and worked hard enough to make it happen.

    Her wish was for a small, private graveside service with her family and closest friends attending, and that is what she will have. Still, there will be hymns performed a cappella and additional music performed by a saxophonist, including How Great Thou Art as pink (her favorite color) helium balloons are released at the end of the service. I know she will approve.

  121. Jackie, I actually have two godsons. First Godson is my friend’s son, and Second Godson is her grandson.

    Of note is the fact that I was a formal Godfather, not in the sense of being at their christenings, but in that I was requested in both cases to rear their sons until they obtained their majority, should anything have happened to the parents. A responsibility not lightly taken on, of course, but one for which I was honored to be selected, and one I would have gladly undertaken if necessary.

  122. I need to give Bullet a bath, so that he will look presentable at the cemetery tomorrow morning. He is still covered with out-of-state crud accumulated in my heartbreaking travels of late last week. The local weather for tomorrow is expected to be near perfect, one of the reasons for not wanting to wait until Wednesday for the service.

    Jackie, what of the proposed addition of a Mustang to your stable?

    I once served as MC for the dinner and entertainment MC for a state-wide women’s club meeting. The theme was Western, and there were lots of (tight) Western shirts, (tight) jeans, and cowboy boots in evidence, so I didn’t mind. So I kicked things off with an announcement: “The hotel requests that whoever left the brown mustang by the pool please move it. It’s eating up the landscaping grass.” The ladies thought that was hilarious, but of course, alcohol was involved.

  123. Yes, Ghost I am still getting a Mustang. Allstate still hasn’t paid off truck. They are offering less than owed with me putting down $10 grand and paying out $10 grand.

    I am trying get to decide convertible vs. Hard top. Same correct, etc. I need to do in January before Mustang money from Ford goes away.

    Hated to ask your opinion on top. You have too much.

  124. Ghost: the plans sound lovely but I must admit the balloon release makes me cringe. What goes up, etc., and depending on where they come down they can be a terrible threat to wildlife, especially sea life. Mylar balloons are also a danger to power lines; I just read about a fire (and power outage) caused by a small one that escaped from a floral arrangement. I have read of butterflies being used instead.

  125. My thinking is similar to yours, R.A. Butterflies were preferred by her son but not available in our non-metropolitan city. A mere handful of latex balloons will be released to hopefully minimize any potential adverse effect.


    You may not believe this because you consider me a deceitful liar, but I had no thought of calling you a demon. As noted earlier, I don’t believe in demons, but expect you are real. I’ve known the expression since I was a kid in the late ’30s. Asked Mom what it meant, and she said a legion is a large number of soldiers, and it just meant there are lots of others like you.

    I was raised Catholic, unsuccessfully, and we had no Bible in the house. [I did not say that no Catholics own Bibles. I actually know one couple that does, and uses it before grace at meals.] The Bible was that big open book on the altar which a priest read from, perhaps with his back to us. The text in Sunday school was an age-appropriate abridgement of the Baltimore Catechism. [I now own an adult version, but have not referred to it for ages.]

    I did not get acquainted with Scripture until after joining the UMC in ’59, at age 29 or 30, and then only gradually. I’ve known about the origin of the phrase for perhaps as little as 40 yr, and it still comes to mind as a neutral statement that some thing or some one is quite common. I also do not believe the event, if there was one at all, is an accurate account. That does not mean it is worthless, just that we have to use it wisely. No further discussion of religion needed here.

    I no longer wish to communicate with you on this blog or in any other way, and, as an 87-yr. old unipolar depressive, do not wish to spend my last days in court. Please have mercy.

    Peace [and I mean that], but also, Goodbye.

  127. Butterflies sound lovely.

    Ruth Anne I did not say but I was guilty of first balloon release in Houston that anyone knew of. A close personal friend, very close who fought cancer with all she had. It was her son I was thinking of when I wrote Ghost above.

    He refused to cry or mourn for his mother. We we nt out to cemetery with one balloon for each year of her life to send messages to his mother. He was so angry, mad at his mom, hating and a using her. We finally got him to release the balloons, we were doing one at a time. Then he began to cry. It was heart wrenching.

    I have felt guilty for environmental damage I did as a ballooning but not for this one time. And yes, I am a certified Ballonist. I once did a design show, four hours of balloons and four of funeral designs. Most difficult I ever did. I am sorry I only did one.

  128. Jackie, my last convertible was a ’72 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu, red with a white top and white interior, and sometimes beauty queens in the back seat. (In parades; what did you think?)

    I had and drove it regularly until 2005. (Katrina ate more than just my house.) I still miss it.

    To me, the determining factor would be storage. If you can garage it, or at least keep it under a carport, survey says…Ding!…”Ragtop”. If not, the hardtop.

  129. Emb, I appreciate the retraction, if not the tone. And wish I had stopped there. The point of the nom de plume and prior works and all of this is: words should be sufficient. They certainly are dangerous enough. I desire to stand on no ones shoulders, including my own. Let my words be good, or bad enough.

    peace to you as well.

  130. OK Mr. Ghost, I have two located in Tulsa, one of each variety, both black. There is also a red and white convertible. I have looked at all Mustangs in Oklahoma virtually in both meanings of virtually.

    I have carport as part of my Boat Palace AND A drive in garage with doors where large boats were built. It will garage either Mustang or Honda. So one in carport, one inside. Both open onto that large rock driveway I have put in.

    I miss a convertible. I had one until I moved to Oklahoma and a stick shift five or six speed I forget which with moonroof similar to Cougar, very fast after I came here.

    Look at 2016 in the $35,000 price range red white and black black.

  131. Jackie Monies:

    A few years ago, I commented on this blog that I was considering buying a Mustang. Well, plans change.

    About two years ago, I finally gave in and bought a 2015 Camaro RS, crystal red metallic tintcoat, pretty well loaded. It’s not an SS, and it’s not a convertible, but I’m having the time of my life.

    I have wanted one since I was 14, and, 47 years later, I finally bought one.

    My advice to you: If you can swing it financially, buy that Mustang, and enjoy every minute of it.

    Mrs. Rick and I drive somewhere nearly every weekend. It’s like being newlyweds all over again.

  132. For those of you who have Facebook accounts I have a special request posted on the A & J Facebook page. Any help will be appreciated.

  133. Ghost, I’m so happy for your friend that her service will be all that she wished. I’ll be thinking of you and of friendship tomorrow morning.

  134. Yes, I am happy you are doing as she asked. Even the balloons. Go ahead and release them my friend. I have done enough damage to our universe, we will just add them to my footprint and debt.

    And at 10 a.m. I will be listening to beautiful music and sending all the good thoughts I can toward Mississippi. Thanks to you I can even visualize her services. I will light candles in her memory and pray.

    And if you ever decide you will accept my gift of flowers there are enough pink flowers in my workroom for memorial silk flowers for your sister, your mother and your friend.

  135. Yes, Bob, I’ll look on Facebook.

    Smigz, I too will think of them tomorrow, with love and sorrow. Good that the weather will be nice for the service.

    As for the Bible story which seems to have caused dissent, I’ve been very puzzled by the whole thing. I saw nothing bothersome at all! Have not read the Bible much. Don’t anyone explain it to me, please! I can look it up if I want.

    It’s a shame that emb has been so disturbed by a non-existant insult. I hope we can all settle down and recover, back to the good feeling we had before.

    Love to all the Villagers from Charlotte Christian, Derry NH

  136. Charlotte, it was not non-existent,

    A correspondent used the male 3rd-person pronoun ‘he/his’ three times in series, and wishes to claim one of them different than the others. The matter is settled. You show bad form to bring it up. Please drop the matter.

  137. Ghost and Jackie: Not to make light of the situation, but maybe we should start a new trend – instead of releasing either balloons or butterflies, how about ladybugs? They’re generally available at garden supply centers and they would take care of any aphid problems in the landscaping. Besides, they’re kinda cute 🙂

  138. emb, I respect your effort on this request. Sincerely, thank you. Can you see the mistake of a few minutes past? Will you continue in this manner?

  139. In thirty minutes, I intend to request the webmaster block both IP addresses belonging to the user names Morphy and emb. Unless there is a better suggestion?

    Perhaps that will succeed where I have failed.

  140. This blog has long been un-moderated. I have no idea if any moderator will monitor, read or act on this:


    Two contributors to this blog have proven unable to keep the peace of the community.

    It is in the interest of many to block access from addresses associated with the usernames:


    two usernames, and as many addresses as necessary, please.

    Similar message has been sent from my logged email account to jimmy @ arloandjanis

    You are now free to mock my efforts. Really wish this had gone differently.
    Thanks emb.

  141. Oh for heavens sake. Here I am looking for some way to make a positive contribution to the rights of humanity and I keep being told to put in a valid e-mail address which I was.

    This group is under normal circumstances self moderating. Which is more than I can say for any other group I have been involved with. Put on your big boy pants and pull them up and stop trying to pee on each other’s foot. Go to your time out corner and face the wall and don’t say anything to each other!

    My last nerve has been stretched like Bill the Cat”s tongue. You do not want a Southern lady having a caniption fit nor a cattywhompos fit or even a little hissy fit. We are scary.

    Y’all be nice now until Ghost’s friend’s services are over about noon tomorrow. If you still feel morally obligated to flail each other with frozen fish, cow patties, fowl words or big list all quotes you can go at it again at noon tomorrow.

    High noon Tuesday at the Village corral. Just don’t be surprised if you are met by a large crowd of women damn tired of the raging hormones and the unholy debate.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  142. Charlotte, I have teased on this blog. This is not one. You were not named in my email to Mr. Johnson. I will leave it to the village to decide how to name me. Completely with you in sentiment Jackie. I felt it was my last option. I hope tomorrow is the solemn celebration of life it should be.

  143. Ghost dear, Debbe and I will be with you in the morning, as will Ruth Anne and Nancy and Laura and Smigz, Charlotte. I will get on Facebook and make sure I contact some of the others to make sure they know.

    Each of us will observe this in our own way. Being Southern I went and had my hair and nails done because I never attend services without being done. It shows disrespect. I will wear pink in honor of your friend. I made a chicken casserole because that is what you do.

    Chicken with eggplant stuffing. And iced tea. And I am wearing my bracelet that says “Courage.”

    Love, Jackie Monies

  144. I really do not understand why people treat other differently from behind a screen.

    Would you do this at a cocktail party?

    I am glad I have not partied like that.

  145. I just caught up with things here, and I’m just going to pray for peace, tolerance, and understanding both here in the Village and everywhere else where anyone desires to just get along with others and allow them to be different and have opinions of their own.

    Ghost, you and yours are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Now to go to bed and try to dream about something other than trucking tonight.

  146. I am in bed with Dickens and cats. I have my pink outfit all organized. I know what music I will listen to. I will go outside and sit in my gardens on a stone bench in the sun and fresh air. Prayers and harmonious thoughts will go out to Ghost, his godsons and their family.

    I hope the Village will do the same.

  147. Webmaster: I’ve not authorized “Morphy” to make requests on my behalf. Please ignore his request re me. If you have issues with me, please deal with me directly, not with any unauthorized agent. It is true that I’ve said goodbye, but please allow me the chance to drop in if necessary [E.g., if a factual error concerning me is posted, or if someone addresses me.] I don’t plan to post here often, but todays TIP BlogSpot might even tickle the funnybones of those who eschew TIP.


  148. I have not read the comments section in several months. I am glad now that I did this morning because I am fascinated by this “Morphy” character.

    Do we all remember LilyBlack? That was an interesting bit of fantasy. Now it seems we have much the same, albeit of a more aggressive nature.

    I’m not really sure what is going on, but I did notice that “Morphy” has some issue with EMB. How can anyone have an issue with EMB? He seems to be one of the kindest, most thoughtful gentlemen I have ever (virtually) met, and I cannot see how anyone of similar sensibilities could take issue with him. This leads me to conclude that “Morphy” should find another forum for her/his comments.

    Sue away, Morphy. Swing for the fences.

    And EMB, please stay. Your presence enriches.

  149. I wish this place had a reset button. Morphy, if you wish to vanish from this site, do so. I will miss your contributions but you are able to make your own decisions. But in asking Jimmy to block emb you are as wrong as Charlotte was to demand you leave. Let things settle down and work out in their own time.

    Later, folks.

    Ghost, may this day bring peace and comfort to your friend’s family and to you.

  150. I often will glance at posts because I am busy (especially at work) and some I just don’t don’t understand. I still don’t know what happened here, but hopefully the situation will resolve itself.

    BTW, I don’t live in Royal Oak anymore, but have spent 25 of my 60 years there. I do live close by and my son still lives there. Since I have been communicating with Jimmy for about 12 years, I decided to just keep the name.

  151. I hope this lands on “Snow Fun”, because I have no need to broadcast. I know the page has moved on, but if Mark were ever to come back by:

    Thank you, and I agree.

    There is nothing I can do in print, probably nothing I can do in real world, to change some of these things. Posting under any name would be immediately recognized. My signal-fist is unique. I enjoyed peoples sharing more than they obviously are willing to say, if they even see it. There are other things to do.

    I have enjoyed all, but you took a moment, so I wanted to do same. Thank you.

  152. Sorry you seem to be moving on, Morphy. But I hope you will come back eventually. We need more variety in posters. The Village is poorer for every genuine commenter we lose. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

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