Lost at Sea

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Here’s more from the “wild art” file. Another project that never got off the ground. Or never left the dock might be a more appropriate metaphor. Look at Janis’ foot—I didn’t know I could draw feet that well! This was drawn about the time of the two pieces in the previous post. For the hardcore sailors among you, the cockpit is a fairly realistic depiction of that on a vintage Tartan 27 sloop I once owned. It was a tough little boat. I sold it to a friend, and it was lost in Hurricane Katrina. Just to illustrate how bad things were, the boat at the time of the storm was in a Bay St. Louis boatyard, “on the hard” as they say. This means it was on dry land, supported by jacks. Still, it was swept away and never seen again.

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  1. Good morning, Villagers. Indy Mindy, nice! JJ, agree, nice work on Janis’ feet!
    Debbe, you can put the strips on as often as necessary, the doc was right, it will have to close “by secondary intention,” now. Which as we tell the patients means “it has to heal from the bottom, not the top”. And, yeah, wait for it, “it’ll be healed in about six weeks”. 😀
    Great run this morning, rounds went well, we are back in the office on time, everybody is happy except The Billing Clerk In My Life who is having Man Trouble. Again.

  2. All is not bad on The Dark Side. I followed a clue (link didn’t work) and found the arc beginning August 10, 2008 and learned a lot more about Gene, Mary Lou, and their daughter. 🙂 What? I was just out of the hospital, I wasn’t reading newspapers.

  3. EMB, I called Yellowstone visitor services yesterday. Apparently, the guy that manages the cameras was out of the office yesterday. The operator had me leave a voice-mail. It seems that he may not be in again today, or there is some other immediate priority. Who can know?
    I miss that small window on the wilds, though.

  4. Yep. Who cares if the word “art” is not often applied to cartoons? That’s art up there. Though I do wish you were able to devote that much time and effort in detailing Janis’s gams in the daily strips. 😉

    And I for one have no trouble believing your story of the sloop’s fate. I had a friend whose dry docked 40-foot boat has not been found to this day.

  5. Call me a philistine if you will, but if I have to spend more than a couple of seconds looking at a work to determine what the hell it’s supposed to represent, then I’m sorry, but it has passed me by as work of visual “art”. Not that I think every painting or drawing has to look like a photograph, but if it looks like a finger painting done by a chimpanzee, it’s wasted on me. No single-black-dot-in-the-middle-of-an-otherwise-blank-canvas-and-call-it-art for me, thank you.

  6. I would definitely like to know how one goes about putting the reflection of the stars in the sea. JJ has invented a new art form-the arttoon. Am I the only one who liked the abstract pictures that you had to stare at until you could see the dolphin or whatever when it turned into a 3D picture?

  7. Jerry, by my lights, once you can see the dolphin, it’s no longer abstract. 🙂

    I like most trompe l’oeil works, but I certainly don’t consider them abstract. And perhaps they are more works of engineering than works of art, but I still like them.

  8. Somewhere a solitary boat is bobbing up and down on the open seas. At least a part of me wishes that was the case. So many lost so much in Katrina, but small miracles happened all over. When we had high water in Royal Oak, there was a lot of ruined cars, basement furniture and junk, so there was not a lot of angst. However a friend of mine had an irreplaceable collection of running memorabilia that was destroyed. He admitted that had never felt that he would have 6 feet of water in his basement.

  9. I loved those ‘find the [porpoise] paintings’ [and photos, no?], perhaps mostly / I saw it faster than others did. I’ve not seen a new one in years. Weren’t most of them doctored photos?

  10. I used to know (slightly) an artist name Bill Rotsler, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Rotsler, who was so prolific that fanzines are still using original artwork of his fourteen years after he died. As most of these are in the SF/Fantasy field, he’d still be eligible for a Best Fan Artist Hugo if enough people nominated him. (The award is given based on original work first published during the preceding year.)

  11. That you, Jimmy, for posting some of your “wild art”. A wonderful picture. I’m not a boats/ocean man (not much in the way of water in these here hills) but even I can feel Arlo’s contentment in this pic. Please, keep sharing.

  12. Anyone know how to contact AT&T to get a home service call? Phone died last evening and the internet site gets as far as listing the number of the phone with the problem. Then, when I click on “continue”, nothing at all happens.
    I had a chat with one person, but he serviced only Uverse – which I don’t have – and advised me to call a POTS number. Maybe he didn’t comprehend that my phone doesn’t work.
    On a borrowed phone, I was later able to call the POTS number but it was of no help – no live persons there. I followed the recorded advice given to try to nail down the source of the problem, but no success. (Disconnected all 4 phones from the jacks, tried each one singly, but none worked.) Is it an outside problem? I think so, but I cannot contact AT&T for a serviceman to check.

  13. Jerry, the only time I could get those “stare until you see” pictures to work for me was to alter my state on consciousness with a substance that would now cost me my career and a pretty darn good pension.

    Ghost, I’m with you when it comes to art. If it don’t look like anything then it isn’t. Sculpture is the one that baffles my mind the most: Two twisted pieces of metal of random shape and finish, titled “Midtown Sunrise” or some such. Nope, sorry, ain’t seeing it.
    Sorry, darn near started another curmudgeonly rant and I promised myself to stay off that particular mustang as much as possible.

  14. I prefer my art in the realistic/impressionist range, but I don’t rule out abstract art as a whole. Those pieces that are pure colors can be awesome – a visual symphony. That said, there are only a rare few.

  15. (I tried to post this 20 minutes ago, but got “page cannot be displayed” notice.)

    Mark/TT: Thanks for the effort. I tried your first and found “chat not available”. Your second is the place wherein one gets to enter a phone number and click “continue”. It simply does not continue!
    Perhaps the chat site will be available later.
    Now we shall see if this posts….

  16. Lilyblack: Thought of you on my way to work around 6:30 this morning. Don’t know how dark it is during your morning runs, but I sincerely hope you have more sense than some of the runners I see – but just barely. Too many seem to think that having a couple of reflective squares on their shoes is enough, even though everything else that they’re wearing is black or appears black in the dark.

    The dog walkers aren’t much better. One time all I could see was a thin white line floating in the air with two red dots at the bottom – black dog, human in dark clothes, reflective leash.

  17. Ruth Anne, I don’t have any black or navy running clothes, even shoes. My shirts and tanks are either red or yellow or white, and my shorts are bright warm colors from red to chartreuse. Neesh wears a reflective orange vest, and my shoes…well, let’s just say they are bright. A saying goes among us female runners, “the brighter the shoe, the better the runner.” 😀

  18. Mark: I’m not sure I know what that site is supposed to do, aside from letting people vent.
    FA: Don’t bother; I choose to avoid other than land lines.

  19. Bryan:

    I’d have to have one in front of me to see what works. If you can relax your near/far focusing muscles and look at infinity through a painting, try that. That is one way to see 3D if a messy photo is really 2 taken from slightly different points and then superimposed. Your left eye is looking at the green image and your right at the red image, and the mountains or whatever are pointed up at you. I love those.

    That, of course, is how 3D glasses at the movies works. First encountered those at the ’39-’40 NY World’s Fair. One implicit prediction from that fair came true, partly courtesy of NYC’s own Robert Moses: AUTOMOBILES RULE!

  20. Cxp, sounds like someone may have cut your line (digging) in your neighborhood. Is there a customer service phone number on your monthly bill? I know you can’t call without a phone, but if you have any neighbors with landlines, maybe you could see if they are having the same problem. You are probably surrounded by people with cell phones. Hope you get assistance soon!

  21. I’m chiming in late, but I have to add another to the chorus admiring this piece of art. (I like the term “arttoon”.) I think what makes this picture so special is that we know Arlo and Janis so well, we can feel their contentment. I dares ay that it is a perfect expression of their relationship.

  22. Jerry: I thought all day about your comment of how the reflection of stars got into the sea, and came up with two possibilities…1. an awful lot of inking around tiny little uninked areas, or b. Wite-Out™.

  23. Granny, that seems a good thing to check out. Likewise, I’ll take a peek and see if anything seems to have chewed up the outside line…certainly have enough fauna with chiseling choppers to make that a possibility.

  24. My Mom seems to be doing well enough that I should be able to amp up my gym work and again become a Weapon of Weight Destruction.

    “Sweat is fat crying.”

  25. Good morning Villagers…

    Lily….thanks for your advice, and reminder that it has to heal from within. I keep it covered at work along with a finger guard on it.

    GR 😉 thank you for a very lovely, poignant song…it stirs memories. Jackie should be on her way to Port Aransas or was it Aransas Pass outside of Corpus Christi…we would always take the ferry from PA to AP to get to South Padre Island….oh, the memories of those days.

    Indy Mindy….I watched the half time of the Super Bowl in which McCartney played, and he did the same thing with “Live and Let Die”…..it was superly done…I can just imagine what it was like in person….dang girl, you could have picked me up on your way down to Hotlanta 🙂

    And GR, that is good news about your Mom….thanks for sharing.

    ya’ll have a blessed day

    good luck, cxp, on the land line

  26. Ah, that’s right; I forgot about Jackie’s trip. Hope she is having an excellent time.

    Going to see the onc guy later this morning, to get my Mom’s final report on her treatments.

  27. How does that cat know the stripe is red? Cats, like most non-primate mammals, cannot tell red from green. Most birds tested, as well as turtles, have 4 different color sensitive cones, so can distinguish colors we cannot. Fascinating article on this 25 or so years ago in Quarterly Review of Biology.

    Then again, all cats are grey at night.

  28. Good morning, Villagers. I have a friend with a 600 foot long light cruiser, or a 1/500 scale model thereof 😀 USS St. Louis, to be precise.
    Great run this morning, Nine miles, as we had no surgery. Weather was wonderful. I love October.

  29. I agree with many others that the above art would be great on a t-shirt!

    c-ex-p, get one of those cheap cell phones and stick it in your sock drawer. That way you won’t have to answer it every five minutes, but in the event that your land line dies you will be able to call out for service.

    Ghost, I’ve wondered for years why people get so excited over abstract art. One of the best descriptions of it I’ve ever heard was off the show “Kate and Allie”- “Did you see the picture over the fireplace? It looked like they dipped the baby in grape jelly and let it crawl across the canvas.”

    You watch The Blacklist? Great show!

    I hope your Mom gets a good final report!

    Debbe, I also hope your finger is healing well!

  30. cxp’s problem set me to thinking. I found these figures:
    40% of homes have no landline service.
    38% are wireless only.
    06.9% have only a landline.
    02.2% have no service.
    14% decrease in number of landlines in the last ten years.

    Are these factors causing an overall decline in service to landline customers?

  31. We have both. Land line gets used by older friends, the hospital, and my parents. They have to, because neither The Boss Of My Life nor The Man In My LIfe will pick up their cell unless we are out of the house

  32. I have to have a landline, and will, until the ICD manufacturers create an affordable way to transmit reports from my device over a cell phone.

    The only other reason to keep it is I don’t know how or whether I can send/receive a fax with my printer/fax/scanner over a cell phone or the WiFi…

  33. I dunno, Justin just doesn’t do it for me. Maybe this was an off-day, I’ll follow him for a while. Just in case, I put him in my “Annoying” folder along with Crankshaft and Safe Havens . 😛

    Myself, I prefer Brooke McEldowney. I was reading in my “Pibgorn Midsummer Night’s Dream” book last night. Ghost would like to know that it has two scenes, two, with Pibby (as Puck) nekkid in bed with Oberon.

  34. Gotta agree Brooke is excellent in his style, I follow both Pibgorn and 9 Chickwood Lane on a daily basis. Just don’t get Ghost started on Pibgorn.

  35. Lucky Oberon.

    I’ve been doing weekly reads of 9CL, but it may have jumped completely off the track for me when she shot down an attacking Luftwaffe fighter with a Luger. (At least I hope it was a German and not an Allied fighter. Martine doesn’t seem to care much who she shoots.) Unlike Japanese fighter planes, German ones were well armored. Not a non-zero (no pun intended) chance of that happening, but close to it.

    Of course, there was this case. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Owen_J._Baggett

    But that would have been more like shooting an enemy pilot across a room.

  36. 1. ‘Arlo at the Tiller’ = best choice yet for a tee [size M]. Like others, I’m good for > 1 tee.

    2. One thing in common w/ Bagget, I was stationed at Mitchel AFB, but during the Korean thing. Learned some stuff / USAF bureaucracy there, but also married my Cornell U. sweetheart, best possible person.

    3. Justin Thompson of Mythtickle reminds me of other cartoonists, some of whom used to appear in Mad Magazine.

    4. Brooke is different enough to be hard to compare w/ the others, esp. in his large elaborate scenes.

    5. Justin is a much > insightful strip > I first thought. At least half the strips are about foibles other than Justin’s parasitism. E.g., Justin’s wit, often at Dad’s expense, wife’s goofy radio audience, Dad’s weight, humanity’s overall hopelessness.

    Peace, emb

  37. Yes, sandcastler, I heard a program on the radio within the past year or so that confirmed that phone companies are not putting money in the old infrastructure of landline wires. Instead of repairing the old technology, they are financing new communications such as fiber optic, etc. I plan on keeping my landline, but use my cell for all long distance and when I am away from the house.

  38. Back home again in Indiana. I was on the phone with a friend as traffic crawled its way through Louisville rush hour. As I was driving straight through, I kept the car in the I-65N lane and chatted away. When I hung up, I took a look around to see what progress I had made. I suddenly realized all ofor the exit numbers were small again, and I wondered aloud if I had crossed over into Indiana already. Just then, I ran over a whole slew of potholes. Yep, back in Indiana.

    Trip was fantastic – until the last evening. My friend hadn’t been able to reach her mom all day. They lived together, as she wasn’t in great health, and frequent texts and phone calls kept the very close mom and daughter up to speed. We called in a welfare check, and the worst had been realized – my friend’s mom had passed away while she was gone. My friend is doing okay considering, but I really wish Indiana and Alabama were a bit closer neighbors.

  39. Just tried to get a forecast on The Weather Channel and found them running a show titled “Secrets of the Earth: Gravity”.

    Shhhhh…don’t tell anyone.

  40. In my opinion neither Indiana nor Alabama would enjoy a closer proximity. Anyone care to take bets on whether The Last Ship will have a second season on tv? I know that I’ve lost interest. Stephen King is said to be working on a sequel to The Stand. Look for that one in your local landfill soon.

  41. Good morning Villagers….

    Indy Mindy, I am so sorry for your friend’s loss of her mother. So sorry. A prayer that you two are safely home (as Louisville is a concrete puzzle) and for your friend……..Amen.

    Emb, you’re so funny…and that’s good. Can you explain why they chase the “red” dot?

    OK..told you about the new Verizon cell phone tower that went up about three miles from me. Wellllll…..it’s 4G or something like that, and my old cell phone won’t pick up it’s signals….anyone here care to enlighten me on this? I am not happy!

    Happy Caterday…………….

    GR 😉

  42. Debbe 😉 3G means “3rd generation” and 4G means “4th generation”. As you’d guess, 4G is newer. It uses different antennae and equipment with different frequency on a tower. 4G is faster and can carry more data than 3G. (If you have a 4G smart phone, that would be a “good thing”. If you still have an older 3G cell phone, not so much.) Newer phones should be able to work on either 3G or 4G. (Mine does.) Older “3G-only” phones would only be able to use 3G service off a cell tower.

    So your older phone is probably 3G only, and the new tower in your area apparently supports 4G only, meaning Verizon has decided there are not enough customers in that area that are still using 3G phones to justify their expense to provide both 3G and 4G service on the new tower. (And they have decided they don’t mind p.o.’ing all their customers like you with older phones in order to save $$ by not having dual equipment on the new tower.)

    At some point, carriers will likely decide it is not in their interest to continue to provide 3G service at all (and there might be 5G or 6G or whatever by then). Sort of like the decision MS made about Windows XP support.

    Does your phone not work at all now, or does it just not have a better signal now that there is a new tower nearby? If the former, you phone may have a problem. If the latter, the new tower must be 4G only, and your phone is still having to operate off the same, further-away 3G tower as before.

  43. I know that’s aggravating, hon, but $#!+ like that happens all the time in communications as the tech improves. A couple of years ago, I bought a new radio scanner because I knew that in this post-911 and post-Katrina era, emergency responders were changing over to digital comm systems that are interoperable. The main system in this area has changed over but has also encrypted their signals, so that my scanner will not detect them. I basically now have a $500 Uniden paperweight on my desk at home.

  44. I gave up on The Last Ship after about 3 or 4 episodes, because I felt like I’d seen it before. So I don’t know if Captain Kirk, ur, Captain Chandler, ever escaped from the Romulans, ur, Russians, or if Mr. Spock, ur, XO Slattery, had to come rescue him in a shuttle craft, ur, RHIB boat, and get him back to the UFPS Enterprise, ur, USS Nathan James.

    And Stephen King is going to write a dystopian novel? What a fresh new idea! You hardly ever see any books (or movies or TV shows) about TEOTWAWKI. Oh, wait. Tell me again, what was the premise of The Last Ship?

  45. 1. Mindy/Indy: thoughts and prayers. The shock of wife’s death, just 12 days after diagnosis of acute leukemia, was hard on lots of people. Actually, she and I handled it well, all things considered. But others who had seen her up and around in Oct. or Nov., not looking all that great perhaps, were blown away. Those 12 days at Sanford Health Fargo were 17-28 Dec, which have become me the 12 Days of Christmas. One manages, esp. when surrounded with lots of love and support. I was and still am.

    2. As usual, I’m out of the loop. What red dot do cats chase? They probably chase it because it’s brightly colored and it moves. Were it an equally bright green dot, they’d likely chase that, I expect.

  46. MS is always sending out updates. Isn’t Explorer an MS product? Why can’t they update it as they update whatever it is they’re changing as well?

    No! TWS told the SECRET? Man, are they in trouble now….

  47. Good morning, Villagers. All going smoothly here. Ten mile run this morning, and rounds went well. Office is clogged with allergy sufferers, I must have given ten shots this morning already. “I want Dr. X’s miracle shot.” No prob, lady, we buy it by the case. 😀
    Ghost, I agree, dystopian novels are a dime a dozen. Reminds me of when my dad took me and my mom to see “Waterworld” and they flashed a sign up at the end, urging parents to answer questions from their kids with a handy-dandy answers card provided in the lobby. My mother asked me concernedly if I had any questions: “Yeah, why were they so dirty?” “What?” “The waterworlders. They were all dirty and they were surrounded by water.” No satifactory answer was offered to my ten-year old self.

  48. On comics, I know about Mythtickle, but for some reason have just never started reading it. Maybe I should?

    I read Pibgorn years ago, but gave up on it because of Brooke’s wandering story line. I’m about to that point with 9CL. If a comic is supposed to have a story line then please get somewhere with it instead of dragging on for so long I forgot where it was going in the first place.

    Lily, when my kids asked me that question I told them that nobody wanted to bathe in salt water, and getting the salt out of the water was too hard and expensive. That answer worked for them.

  49. “Mommy? Mommy! I have a question about Waterworld the movie. If the melting of every last bit of ice on the Earth would raise sea level by about two hundred feet, where did the rest of the water come from? You know, the water that would submerge our house in Denver and everything else on earth but the top of 29,000-foot tall Mt. Everest.”

    Good luck, parents, with selling your kids on the idea that climate change could change Earth into a “Waterworld”. Science, people, science.

  50. TJ, that might have satisfied me as we had visited the seashore and I hated getting the salt water off my body and hair.

    Heh, the DS is going on and on about the “glacial slowness” of this arc. What are thy comparing it to? I don’t personally know of a strip that moves with lightning swiftness over an arc. I suspect they are comparing it to the joke-per-day, like *shudder* “Garfield.”

  51. Debbe, You know that car wreck that you have to watch although you don’t approve of it? It comes on at 7 o’clock and I just might cheer for Notre Dame.

  52. According to an article I read in National Geographic, the annual rate of rise in sea level over the past 20 years (although accelerating compared to the previous 80 years) has been just 3.2 millimeters a year. So I think any kiddies who were terrified by the possibility of Waterworld conditions occurring in their lifetimes need not worry too much, no matter where they live.

    Except perhaps in New Orleans. And they don’t seem to worry too much about anything there. Could give a whole new meaning to the term “Mardi Gras float”, though. 🙂

    And of course, those on The Dark Side are always getting exercised and all lathered up about something. On The Bright Side, I suppose it does show they are continuing to read A&J, else they wouldn’t be making that complaint.

  53. A thing about today’s cartoon…it pretty well nails down Meg’s age and, by derivation, ML’s (and Gene’s) age. Of course, remembering that they are living in the comic world space-time continuum, several months from now they may still be the same age as now. Or a couple years older.

    As far as Meg being homely looking, have they never heard the story of The Ugly Duckling?

    And now, my no-TV policy is about to go on a temporary hiatus for another College Football Day.

  54. ghost, and while the news is pointing out ice melt at one pole, i saw a headline for a story that said ice formation was at record levels at the other pole.
    enjoy your football.

  55. Another toxic effect of the upcoming national elections is that, for the past couple of weeks my home landline phone is suddenly showing two dozen or more calls per day from “Unknown Caller”. (Yesterday, twelve of them were from the same number over a four-hour period of time.) And none of them leave messages on my machine when it answers.

    Since almost everyone who actually needs to reach me has and routinely uses my cell phone number, I’m very tempted to Spotify up a gangsta rap “song” and record some particularly obscene and repetitive excerpt from it, at high volume, in place of my answer message. But with my luck, the first call I’d get would be from a church lady wanting to get an update on my Mom.

    “No, Sister Smith, I don’t know why you heard music on my phone line when you called. And no, I don’t know what “that” word means, either.”

  56. I just saw another Matthew McConaughey car commercial, this one featuring a longhorn. He seems to have gained some weight and is looking better (McConaughey, not the longhorn), but the car is still dugly* looking.

    Better luck to Bama today, Mark. Sorry, Aggie fans. Also, sorry TCU fans. WV is putting a hurt on the Horny Frogs, and it’s getting late in the game to be trailing 41-27.

    *danged ugly

  57. GR 😉 I think what PO’s me the most is if I upgrade, it’ll put me into another two year contract…I don’t even know what tomorrow brings let along a two year contract…thank you so muck for the details…..

  58. Back when I could go to the gym regularly, I was able to do 20 curls and 25 bench presses (using an exercise ball for a bench) with 15#. Then, medical and other issues intervened, and the last time I tried, I was able to do about 17 curls and 20 bench presses. Now, because of transportation problems (no working car) I can’t go at all. I’m planning to buy my own exercise ball and a pair of 10# weights because they’re probably about the right size for me now.

  59. GR, I was going to make your turnip soup tonight – went to two places – no turnips! Oh well, squash and onions and BBQ chicken will have to do. I have saved the recipe and plan to try it when I find those elusive turnips!

  60. Sideburns, I do 50 reps with each set. I go for endurance, not max weight. The Boss Of My Life impressed that on me when I slightly tore a biceps when I was first starting to do upper extremity work

  61. Dear emb, Please accept my sincere sympathy for your loss. You have written before about how wonderful and loveable your wife was. It must have been very, very hard to carry on without her, especially with so little warning. You are still thinking of her all the time, even though it’s been a few years.

    I’m feeling the same way about my dear Chris. It will be three years tomorrow.

  62. Debbe 😉 If you need a cell phone for only voice service, and don’t use it a great deal, go to Wally World or some other big box store and check on a no-contract, pre-paid plan, one where you buy the (reasonably priced) phone upfront, and then buy your call time as you need it.

    Back in pre-digital days, in 1997, I got a little Motorola MicroTech flip phone I loved. I even had a neat hands-free kit for it installed in a car I bought in 1999. When the original phone went south on me, I went on ebay, bought a used one, and had my service transferred to it. I did that a couple of more times and continued using MicroTech’s until 2007.

    I suppose you could still do that and get your service from Verizon with no contract. If so, you’d have to make sure the particular phone you got was compatible with Verizon or whatever provider you plan to use.

  63. Charlotte: Yes, it’s on my mind much of the time. I’ve not joined any grief support group, largely because I’m surrounded by supportive folks much of the time. But it’s still lonely. Fortunately, no unresolved significant conflicts. We’d gotten to the point where we did not differ on much of importance: politics, faith, finances, food, taste in furnishings and décor [mostly second-hand eclectic]. Both well-trained in the sciences, both faithful/skeptical UMCers but very supportive of and active in the UMC, locally and at district and state levels, both good at integrating [note we didn’t say reconciling] science and faith. She liked drama > I, was active in local community theatre on and off stage [achieved life’s ambition to play Eulalie Makechnie Shinn, the Mayor’s wife in ‘Music Man’], watched shows on TV, which has been largely idle since Dec. ’10.

    Neither of us had imaginative or adventurous cooks at home, but her skills blossomed with an appreciative husband to feed. All 3 of our ‘kids’ [now early to late 50s] became good cooks, as did two daughters in law, who once thought Yorkshire pudding was a dessert. Actually, they’d never heard of it before marrying into the family. Both of us loved reading and writing, and copy-editing; my major problem now is copy-editing my own 2 monthly columns for our local daily.

    She actively aided in chaplaincy at the local hospital’s rehab, and was also our UMC’s parish nurse. Neither of us pretends to know much about the afterlife, if any, nor were either of us worried about it. If Elohim* is just and as powerful as is claimed, there must be one, to right the injustices of this life. [Anyone who reads this blog likely is among the more privileged of today’s 7 billion humans, so should not expect seats on the 50 yard line.] We are in Elohim’s hands now, and will be then. That is enough. We also prefer James 2:14-18 to the faith alone notion.

    *The Hebrew name of God used first in Genesis 1:1, not the distorted notion of a current cult who await the arrival of ‘the Elohim’, aliens who will come in flying saucers to save humanity.

  64. Dear emb, I like your fine essay on your wife and your marriage. Your life has been spent helping other people, both in work and in leisure, and in retirement. The world needs people like you and your wife.

    Chris and I were not believers and didn’t go to church. Our seven children gave us entertainment enough to keep us turned toward home, rather than the world outside. Chris worked long hours, often driving to far flung construction jobs — he tested concrete, soils and site preparation — when he got home after work, he wanted to stay home! Although we would get to Boston for concerts now and then, early music; Bach was his favorite. I think that music fulfilled our spiritual needs.

    The “children” also in their fifties, all healthy, and are useful citizens; grandchildren are progressing through college now. We’ve been very fortunate.

  65. Charlotte, you have been blessed in this life. Maybe the grief isn’t as raw now, but three years is not such a long time ago and I’m sure you still feel your loss keenly. Anniversaries are hard. They bring many memories from the mist. Be especially kind to yourself.

  66. Dear “Anonymous” — what a sweet letter. You are most sympathetic and your message is comforting. Thank you.

    (I’m sure you are “someone”.)

  67. Good morning Villagers…

    Love today’s comic….my white cat is always staring me in the face until I rub her ears, neck, chin…..on and on and on 🙂

    And a special good morning to you Miss Charlotte….you are so insightful (you had to be with seven children, and I say that in good taste), and I enjoy reading your posts.

    GR 😉 The reason I have Verizon and stayed with them is that I am on the “family plan”…my sisters decided since I had that plan, I should put Mom’s cell on my plan. So that is why I stay with thhttp://www.gocomics.com/arloandjanisem….I get good service when I am in town, just not out here in the country….maybe I’ll check into upgrading….something simple though.

    Jerry….it was one bad train wreck.


  68. Something happened to my post…there’s a website….that’s what happens when a cat crosses your keyboard as you’re typing and hit submit…..I guess 🙂

  69. Debbe 😉 Yeah, phone contracts are a pain in the ol’ patootie. On The Bright Side, a new contract should get you a simple, low cost (or even free) phone.

    I have my disabled friend on my plan, as she absotively, posilutley needs a phone at all times, and the contract on hers ends next month. I gave her my iPhone 4 when I got my iPhone 5, and it’s getting a bit long in the tooth, so I’ve been shopping for a new one for her. I’ll probably get her a new iPhone 5s, as the new iPhone 6 would be a little too large for her to use easily. I could give her my iPhone 5 and get myself a new iPhone 6, but then I’d have to replace all my iPhone 5 accessories, so…

  70. Good morning, Villagers. Silly auto-correct wanted me to change that to “Vi lagers,” whatever that is. Wind sprints done for the week, Neesh is happy to see me back. The Man In My Life is making cinnamon brioche for breakfast and the smell is killing me, but I virtuously am sipping my smoothie, trying to decide what to wear to church.

  71. Whoever is running that spambot here must have a pretty high opinion of us. The Oakley Crosshair is a $200+ pair of aviator sunglasses like all the cool pilots wear.

  72. Ray Bans here. Used to wear the 57mm aviators, now I step out in the Club Masters. Love the Club Masters’ retro styling, getting too old for the NASA test pilot look. 😉

  73. Good morning Villagers…

    Learned a new word today from TDS….and all this time I thought Luddites meant we were fans of Ludwig 🙂 Must have missed that day in History class!!!

    Mark..couldn’t help myself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56HSPQHSqEE

    GR 😉 you are such a giving person.

    Gotta go, worked this weekend. The Boss was out of town and it was not a very structured weekend….chaos. I am sure I’ll be asked about the hours the teens put in. But, Hey!! I’m not the farm manager….and my point of view doesn’t count…wasted hours. The FM put two teens into the pit at the other hen house to scrape poop off the beams….and then left them there, unattended. I get a phone call from one of the teens at 4ish and was told that Andrew did not come back to the hen house…I told them to go home. I am not happy they were not supervised. Anything could have happened and thank God it didn’t.

    gotta go….Ian’s sick today, and my sister-in-law is working with me today…arrrgghhhhh!!!!

    ya’ll have a blessed day….I’m going to try.

  74. Ghost, one of the neatest experiences I’ve had was sitting in a temporary bar in the German Alps in February with 200 of my closest new friends singing Take Me Home Country Roads. 🙂

    I would love to have a cool pair of Ray-Bans or even Oakleys, or Foster Grants (but not Foster Brooks) but as I have problems with contact lenses and I’m too chicken to get laser surgery I am doomed to wearing prescription sunglasses. Yes, I could get frames bordering on cool, but I can’t afford to be that cool.

  75. Good morning, Villagers, and what a beauty it is here! Did seven miles this morning, we got to, er, had to do a gastrectomy this morning and just got back to the office. Crowded schedule, allergies still rife, I have had to give two shots already. Front office grumpy, but then they usually are on Monday morning, can’t imagine why 😀

  76. Debbe 😉 Nah; some people are so nice (and so deserving) that you just want to do things for them.

    Jean dear, I have just added “a temporary bar in the German Alps” to my list of things one doesn’t hear every day. And yes, sunglasses are available with prescription lenses, even the wraparound Oakley’s. Check on-line; you might find a decent price. Then you could be one of the cool kids, too. 🙂

  77. Jean and Ghost: One of the funnest nights I ever spent was when I was a teenager visiting Lajitas, Texas and sitting in at the bar while an Austin band jammed. When they tried to do “Ring Of Fire,” they overloaded the fuse on the generator and everything went dark 😀

  78. Hey, I showed “Lost at Sea” to The Boss Of My Life and she quoted me the following; It is my choice for Poem Of The Day:

    Sunset and evening star,
    And one clear call for me!
    And may there be no moaning of the bar,
    When I put out to sea,

    But such a tide as moving seems asleep,
    Too full for sound and foam,
    When that which drew from out the boundless deep
    Turns again home.

    Twilight and evening bell,
    And after that the dark!
    And may there be no sadness of farewell,
    When I embark;

    For tho’ from out our bourne of Time and Place
    The flood may bear me far,
    I hope to see my Pilot face to face
    When I have crost the bar. -Alfred, Lord Tennyson

  79. I guess I’m with Arlo on the TV remote. Except more so. The remote I have (from the cable company) has 42 buttons on it (not counting the 10 “number” buttons. Of those 42, I have only used 12 of them. Ever.

    I was looking at the “Lost at Sea” vignette (above) when I had a thought…I wonder what Janis would look like if drawn by Brooke McEldowney of 9 Chickweed Lane. Must have been the outstanding job Jimmy did drawing those legs. 😉

    Lily, if I’d been at that bar when the lights went out, I’d have just figured I’d passed out.

  80. Lily, thanks for the reminder on the poem. That was one of my mother’s favorites. I remember it because she kept it inside the cover of her Bible.

  81. My pet peeve is people that can’t tell the difference between HD and standard definition TV. I have watched football games with a 10 second delay on my laptop rather than suffer through the fuzziness of SD. I have since figured out how to hook up my laptop to the TV.

    When my mother-in-law moved, the cable in her condo was paid by the association. She got a regular box and when I got up to help her the cable company said that they would charge her to hook up the new box to get HD channels. Since she was already happy with her setup, I decided that she did not need HD. When I visit, I just get closer to the TV.

  82. Thanks, Mark! Even without googling “Molly Teal”, I suspect I may know how she earned her daily bread.

    Talk about making the dead rise…

  83. Good golly, Miss Molly; wishing we could lolly.

    Loon and I will be off towards New Orleans early AM. Will be at Tulane University for two days of educational exchange, guessing this is like a software update. 😉

  84. My son ran the Detroit Marathon Sunday and finished with a time of 3:23. Since it was his first marathon, he had to be pleased, but humbled. When he finished he told that the last 8 miles were so difficult. I told him “Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt numerous times!”. But I added: “I also ran a couple of races were I really ran my best that day. You’ve raced before and you are smart enough to figure it out”

    A lot of runners never really figure out how to get faster as it is so much harder to do that most accomplishments in your life. Since I had to quit running in 2006, I had never gone back to a marathon. I cannot tell you how much that I miss it. But I do have some great memories and plan to run/walk a few 5Ks. Just enough to keep the joints moving, but hopefully not hard enough to jar them. Right now 3.5 miles a day walking is doing me a lot of good.

  85. Oh my, sand. N’Orlins…where I always want to go when there’s serious studyin’ and learnin’ to be done. NOT. N’Orlins is also a good place to get your hardware updated. Or so I’ve been told.

    Perhaps you won’t have too much trouble finding something good to eat there. 🙂

  86. Update on my recent lack of phone service:
    This morning, I actually got a handset out to the back of the house, undid the box, and plugged in the handset. Not a peep nor dial tone resulted. Good – that meant the problem was outside the abode and, hence, AT&T’s problem. I used the phone number available on the ‘net to phone it is – a slight adventure in itself – between 10:50 and about 11:10. They promised a serviceman would come Wednesday afternoon to see what was what and to remedy whatever was wrong. OK. The MBH and I went to a church meeting at 12:40 and returned about 2:15 to find the phone ringing. I answered and heard nothing at all. Replacing the phone got to the usual set of faulty messages on the main piece ( “Check line cord” and “Extension in use” are the favorites.). Trying to see who/what had called, I managed to get the normal message and then a dial tone!! There was service again, and 2 days before Wednesday. A few minutes later a pleasant chap rang our bell and introduced himself and said that he had found nothing at all wrong with the line and that he had been the caller upon our return home (so why did he not say something?). Our service is, apparently, back to normal. That may or may not be good, for it means that whatever caused the outage a week ago still has not been fixed; will it recur?

    The adventure in getting to a person was enhanced by the inevitable menu entries NOT all doing what was being listed. At some level, I remember #5 seemed to be applicable to our problem, but pressing on #5 merely got a repeat of that menu! A few rounds of that and similar on a different menu caused my to hit 0 in the hope of finding a human. The 0 worked and it was smooth going after that.

    Thought you might be interested. I thank you for your input. [Yes, I used a borrowed cell phone to call it in.]

  87. Just FYI, CEP, the box where the phone lines come in and connect to your building is called the NID: Network Interface Device. As a general rule, if you have a signal at the NID, the fault is inside the house and your responsibility; if you don’t, it’s up to the phone company. The same thing goes for Internet connectivity if you have (as I do) ADSL. If you can connect your modem to the NID and surf, it’s up to you to call in an electrician to trace the fault; if you can’t, it’s up to the phone company.

    At least, this is how it was back when I did tech support for a major ISP, but I doubt that it’s changed since.

  88. 1. Miss Teal confirms my mantra, “> a handful is wasteful.”

    2. “I wonder what Janis would look like …” [Above.] Reminds me of the cover of ‘The New Yorker’ for Sept. 22, 2014. Look at it closely. I wonder what she would look like from the front.

  89. Hmp, I suppose this falls under the category of “what else causes abdominal pain and nausea?” but that woman looks like she has had her nose broken and cauliflower ears. I know, I know, “The point is the intricate tattooing and we’ll get back to you when you have sold a cover to The New Yorker.” >:(

  90. Trapper Jean, here is my opinion on the eye surgery. I have known one person who had permanent benefit from it and he was still in his 20’s when he had it done. I am one of the many people that I know who had little, if any, improvement. My surgery was done by a promanent doctor in JJ’s alma mater. We made many return trips and, on several occasions, I overheard him telling patients “This happens in about one per cent of the patients.”

  91. I’m probably in the Fifth, no pun intended. I think those top decile folks are the ones about whom we used to say, “I didn’t even know he/she drank until the time I ran into him/her when he/she was sober!”

  92. Look again. The woman has nothing on, as far as we can tell from the back. There should be a front view on the inside front cover, but there isn’t. ‘Playboy’ used to do things like that.

    Lily, I don’t like her nose or ears either, and am not much pleased by the artist’s style. But the illusion is neat.

    Peace, emb

  93. Difficult to say based on the physical evidence…just because the dress plunges to her waist in back does not necessarily mean it does so in front also. The artist has conveniently used her right hand to block the view of any protuberance which might settle the question. Personally, I take that as the artist’s intent to let the viewer decide, and I suspect none of you will be greatly surprised by what I have decided.

  94. My eye doc tells me I have nascent cataracts in both eyes. Hopefully I will live long enough for it to become necessary for her to surgically correct that. I’ll have to wait to see (no pun intended) if I will need corrective lenses afterwards. One good sign…My Mom had hers done several years ago, and she not only does not wear glasses at an age when many would have trouble seeing anything at all without them, she has 20-20 vision in one eye and 20-25 in the other.

  95. I was going to post a comment earlier, but for some reason I was unable to access the comments section for a while. When the comments section reappeared, I found my name was no longer appearing in the comments box. I wonder if the fault lies with my server? In any case, the comment I wanted to make a bit back concerns the story arc of Gene and Mary Lou going to Paris. I was wondering if anyone else in the village thought that Gene may run into Ruth (remember her?) when he goes to Paris. I seem to remember that the Arlo and Janis strip had a short series in which Gene and Ruth talked about going to Paris to study (actually, it was only Ruth who was talking about going to Paris to study). Anyway, I hope this comment goes through because I’m curious as to whether anyone else had the same thoughts, and also so I’ll know I am cleared to post again.

  96. Good morning Villagers….

    Good golly, Miss Molly…..loved the comments made under the pic, especially the one that said she looked like his third wife and he’s only been married twice 🙂

    GR 😉 you’re slipping….Nodak’s second post definitely would be eye candy for you…

    faninjapan…I vaguely remember that story line, maybe some of the readers here can bring up a date, I remember Ruth, but you pose an interesting query (there’s ya a $50 word 😉 )

    Mark…you’re starting to capitalize….hand improving?

    Worked my scrawny butt off yesterday….no help, packed, stacked and wrapped 204 cases all by myself (there’s a song there)…24 cases per skid…I’d do it again just so I wouldn’t have to listen to my sister-in-law’s _itching.

    ya’ll have a blessed day

  97. I’ve never been accused of being koi before! 🙂 Also, I would not shave the sides of my head that way. I’ve seen it done but it just doesn’t appeal to me.

    Jerry, that’s the thing, if I could get over my paranoia that just as the doctor got the laser thingie to my eye he’d sneeze or hiccup and that’d be all she wrote there’d be the fear that I’d be one of the small percentage of patients it wouldn’t really help.

  98. Good morning, Villagers. I have been trying to make time to post this morning, but it has been too busy! But it is settling down now. The pollen count is going down, maybe the hay fever will, too. We got to watch The Boss Of My Life do a needle sinus aspiration and culture. Looked like a movie torture. Six shots this morning and counting, I still hear sneezing and nose-blowing in the library.

  99. Before I had my cataracts removed, Ghost, I was excessively nearsighted and had astigmatism. Now that I have ocular implants, my astigmatism is gone, and I’m slightly far-sighted. My ophthalmologist was a tad disappointed because she didn’t quite leave me with 20/20 vision, but I’m fine with it. Yes, I need reading glasses, but the local 99¢ Store carries them, so it costs me almost nothing to have a pair for use, one in the glove box for emergencies and another with some other stuff for a different kind of emergency.

  100. That is, without a doubt, one of the loveliest pieces of pen and ink I have ever seen.

    Put that up on ebay, and it’d go in a heartbeat.

    Just sayin……

  101. Good afternoon, villagers.
    I just finished up a lunch of reheated pineapple pork chops over Cajun rice. I made the original last night and it heated up pretty good today. Way better than my usual lunch of a frozen/nuked burrito.
    I’d love a nap about now but have meetings instead.

  102. Dear Fan in Japan, I can sort of explain why your name disappeared from the “Leave a Reply” box; you did nothing wrong. Perhaps accidentally, the “cookie” that makes it possible for us to see this site and recognizes who we are, got deleted. This happens to me and I usually don’t know why. But you can type in your name again, and AutoComplete will finish it for you, maybe, when you begin typing.

    Yes, your comment came through all right; maybe no one else noticed. As for Gene’s long-ago friend, I doubt that we will ever see her again … I could be wrong. No, it didn’t occur to me that Ruth might show up, when Mary Lou talked of going to Paris; I do remember Ruth well, for I have been reading Arlo & Janis for … what, twenty, twenty-five years? Since it first appeared in the Boston Globe. And JJ has reprinted some of those stories over the years, too.

  103. I’ve long wondered / Ruth. I’d hope that by now she’d found ‘M. Right’ somewhere on the Left Bank, but maybe she’s been through several companions of one persuasion or another by now. ‘The French don’t care what they do actually, as long as they pronounce it properly.’

    GR6: ‘. . . the dress plunges to her waist in back does not necessarily mean it does so in front also.’

    That’s nice, but ‘the dress’ in back is actually untattooed skin. No textiles show. She’s nekkid in back. Tattooed or not, there are still unclothed naughty bits in front, either here and here or there, unless something is glued to her skin in front. Like the artistry or not, it is one clever cover.

  104. Just got back from Texas’ first plywooden boat show, which was also its’ first wooden boat show so far as any of us know! We all had the flu (guessing) and exposed hundreds of others, not on purpose. Mom had her first 911 attack, meaning we were up on raised condos on stilts (hurricanes) and her 93 year old system was not up to climbing. Scared the heck out of us but impressed the EMTs no end after she recovered and passed all the tests, said her heart and system was better than theirs.

    So, we dragged our infamous “stuck in the mud” in Florida Bay in Everglades Red Scamp down and sat mostly and sold books about her to benefit the American Cancer Society fundraiser. Our friends dragged over 100 similar small craft there and for a first year effort it was a huge success. Actually, that would be a huge success for any year!

    Jimmy, that is a fantastic, fantastic sailing tee shirt if I ever saw one! And your feet are great. I see nothing but good in that drawing. Please include it in your tee shirt selections and I will personally drag them to every event we go to in 2015.

    Love, Jackie

  105. Well, I got through one day’s emails and answered but I am dog tired. My coon hound is collapsed on floor behind me and the 10# Rottweiler is going to lick me from head to toe. That didn’t come out too well, but he misses me. I can’t even get another day of A and J read, that is tired!

    About Ruth, I remember her well! Surely JJ wouldn’t introduce her again with happily married Gene? This isn’t Apartment 3 G or Mary Worth or even Rex Morgan, all more or less soap opera strips with plots like that.

    Wait, I DID catch up on 9CL which is easily done weekly and that one is definitely a soapy sudsy sin-ario.

    Time for bed, I can’t do puns like JJ even when I am not punchy!

    Love, Jackie

  106. Yes, my dear Ghost, you slipped a bit there, but can’t be so perfect as you are 100% of the time. I too could see there was no actual dress. Emb is really clever with his comments today, and I’m glad he sent the link to the New Yorker … I wandered here and there and much enjoyed Adam Gopnik’s LONG article on Scott Fitzgerald, till I got tres fatigue and couldn’t finish it. (The keyboard doesn’t have accent marks.)

    Welcome back, Jackie — we were beginning to wonder if you had sailed off the edge of the world, glad you didn’t, and had a good time.

  107. Lilyblack, does enjoying Charles Addams comic panels count as reading The New Yorker? Thats as close as I have come.

    Debbe, yes the wrist is better. How is your hand, and Ghost how is your finger? For people who stay in touch by computer, we have had a bad run on our keyboarding gear!

  108. FaninJapan, glad to hear from you again. JJ seems to be hinting at upcoming changes,but, as they used to say on the radio, only the shadow knows and, frankly, there are times when we aren’t sure about the shadow. Severe weather predicted for the British Isles, but a look at the Abbey Road cam shows that it’s clear, calm and cold in London at the moment. Took my son to dinner this evening and he isn’t sure whether he will return to Hawaii or move to Orlando. I’m hoping for Orlando. The drive to Hawaii is a killer.

  109. Good morning Villagers….

    Evenings have been full of adventure here…been babysitting my nephew-in-law’s girlfriend’s 2 year old son from 3ish until late, like 10:30 the night before. Not to worry…it’s been so nice out that I get him out in the sun, feed pulled grass and clover to my other nephew-in-law’s horses here. Let him run, ride the trike…then feed him. Last night while changing his diaper he fell asleep during the change. Put him in my bed at 7:35 and I was asleep in my recliner by 8ish. Only one more night…but heh, it’s family.

    Bryan…yup, if I saw my white cat get up and walk like that I’d swear I was having a flashback 🙂

    Mark…the finger is slowly healing, the finger guard I wear at work is invaluable.

    Jackie’s back….glad you are back safe and your mom’s OK.


    GR 😉

  110. Good morning, Villagers,a great morning, a great run, and a great couple of hours in the surgical suite.

    Mark, I do enjoy the New Yorker cartoons generally, allowing for their maddening bias. I get them in my fb feed, so I don’t consider that “reading the New Yorker.” Actually, I have found some very interesting essays in The New Yorker, (I first read Anthony Bourdain there) but what I object to is that they always go on for far too long. You think you are almost through and there are still five pages left to go, none of which adds much to the essay. It is humiliating because I feel like I would be “Shallow Susie” if I quit reading before the end, but at the end, I feel duped into wasting my time.

  111. Mark in TTown – So glad your hand is getting better. I had seen your original post warning of limited typing abilities, I keep forgetting to congratulate you on your recovery.

    Debbie – Thank you. She is doing okay.

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