Thor Shoulder

May 26, 2015

This cartoon from five years ago today was drawn while I was in Angouleme, France, on a short visit. I remember, because I gave the original to friends at the cartoon school there. They graciously gave me a corner of a room and a computer to produce a week’s worth of material while I was there. I’ve always envied women’s purses, not the little “clutches” but the big utilitarian sacks. It would be a handy thing to have. I know, I know. There are “courier pouches” and “man bags” out there. (I actually saw some in France.) However, I confess to being too insecure in my manhood to carry one. Also, I’d lose the damn thing inside a day. I did take to carrying a backpack one time, which in theory would be the same thing. However, it was clumsy, and most days it contained only a few pencils and a sandwich wrapper. And I lost it. Thank heaven there’s usually a woman around to put things in her purse.